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CPU Advice
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1700+ can't get 10 or 10.5x multiplier
i just got a Duron 1.6Ghz is it anygood?
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200FSB with T-bird 1.2Ghz problem
How far can i go?
barton 2500+ unlock any one?
Another Applebred Duron 1.6
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Successful L2 mod on Duron 1.6 0341
WOOT 1900 arrived
Couple questions
a few questions about the applebred 1.6 duron
2100 b and kt400
Issues OC'ing a 2800+ (PLEASE READ)
Whicb one?
Thorton512k or Bad CPU?
over 1.9v vcore w/air?
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Fastest FSB settings on Barton cores
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please help with 2800 OC
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pls check my system, can i o/c it properly
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AppleBred 1.8g, how to find out is it a unlocked one?
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amd 2400+
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Barton
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****help**** Amd 2800+
Abit NF7-S Rev2 could it be the psu or Audigy 2
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how good is this stepping? AQXEA03323WPAW
2100's from Newegg
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debating on upgrade..
How is this CPU
Should I keep playing with my amd?
more than 1,95V -> instability
What is AMD?
What whould a used xp1800 AGKGA be worth?
Software method to check out week code?
Latest safe time to upgrade?
Hello all, i m new here
2600 with mobo/hsf combo?
Barton 2500+ locked/unlocked
Is my multiplier locked?
3000+ is it "Unlocked" Stepping/KW/L1-L2 Cache as Macro.jpg inside
AnandTech releases internal AMD roadmap documents...
Wa hooo New Barton
ABIT nForce2 Ultra 400 NF7-S V2 $89 until 4pm Pacific today only 13 Jan2004 at newegg
which cpu for oc?
Athlon XP 2800 Question
Need AMD Recommendation to accompany my new NF7-S
newegg 2100 tb steppings?
AMD needs to change this...
Audio garbles up after 200mhz bus
what is this amd code letter
Which 1800 should i keep?
1700+ or 2800+...
amd xp 2000+
10.5x210, but wanna push higher
Please Help Quick
OC Question
1700+ Value
running 400fsb on a new 2800 333 FSB barton
Memory timings
Overclocking my 2500+...
prime95 or super pi
Brand new Barton 2500+ steppings: what do you think?
somebody tell me if my 2500 barton is locked or unlocked
What is the current status of multiplier locking?
Right n1800+ DUT3C SIXIB Week44 unlocked results
Duron 1600mhz @ AthlonMP
are these good steppings?
Opteron 144 Vs 146
Athlon XP 1900+ running as a 1500+...
Why do some people still this AMD chips run hot?
i changed my memory to 333 mhz now my pc wont start
When you are changing the multiplier, what are you a actually changing?
Lower 3DMark scores w/ my new Barton 3000 400MHz FSB??
XP2200+ 1st Time - Advice ?
OC'ing the Barton 2800+
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CPU Database: Where's the Barton 2600???
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Another 1700 hits 2500+
What would be faster in games?
I hope I didn't hit my AQXEA 2500+'s "wall" already!
XP1900 good for overclocking?
1800+ or 1700+ anywhere?
AMD Overclocking for a complete NOOB
My clockspeed record!
Ok, somewhat new, and lost ....
DLT3C voltages
Which Prime95 Settings?
Tbred 2000+ B core distribution
Arctic Silver 5 application
AMD Is Begining To Look Better And Better..
amd 2400+ and asusa7nx de luxe
Multi Help
Please Help
Its night time and the box is outside :D
XP 1800+ Which Family?
A64 3000+
How to get 200 FSB in Barton 2800+
Athlon 64 question
Anyone know where the link is for ....
Won't OC!
Higher multipliers for Morgan 1400 on KT7a?
166 or 200 fsb?
Newbie Overclocker
Highest Overclocked 2500+ LOCKED Barton ?
Newbie Overclocker
A64 Overclocking
Queation regarding my Barton's voltage
Oc'ed to 3200+, but Sandra scores like a 2800+!
stepper codes for my 2500, good or bad?
64-3200+ price drops 25%!
Toms Hardware in bed with intel?
What is OC'd cpu equivalent to?
2500+ OC's...please post
Conductive Paint?
low sandra scores w/new barton 2500
CPU question...do i have the XP2600 or XP2500..
Need some recommendations
un-natural temps with this OC?!
Numbers from my new Barton 2500+
Thoroughbred b-core or Barton
Does this look okay? Barton 2500
ment to post this here
I want 2.45ghz NOW!!!!
CPU Temp question
2100 b or 2500 barton?
MP vs XP?
BIOS Settings for OC'ing
thorton 2000+ to Barton conversion (additional L2 cache)
Stroligo was right, Socket 939 Athlon64 on March 29, 2004 (!)
Should i buy the amd 3000+ 64 right now
Can Someone Please help Me Identify
Just got my barton2500 week47 and its unlocked!!
Any Suggestions Welcome... Please? :-)
Help my friend choose.
Looking for a cheap overclocker $40-60
Prime95 and AXP1700 Stability ?
3gig ???
more input on a chip
Overclocking trouble
TOMSHARDWARE Athlon64 vs Pentium 3200 BS!
Pqzfa 0347mpmw Vs Aqyfa 0343rpmw?
newbie needs help
AMD CPU's unlocked
will this thermaright heatsink be enough for my amd 2500+?
Upping Vcore Does Nothing? Help
First time OC trouble
Help Finding Unlocked 2500+
Conflicting info!
amd athlon XP 3000+
what do u consider stable?
Confused! Morgan, L6, KT133! Please Help!
how does MP bridge mod affect overclocking?
I max bidded $80 for this 1800+ CPU, it better be worth it!!
Mobile 1700+ at newegg
Not quite hitting my mark with my Barton 2500+
mod for 166 mhz chips to 200 mhz
How long have you had a overclocked 2100?
Come On Genuis Whats the Answer ??
XP2100 Palomino UNLOCK HELP !!
Athlon64 3400+ experience.
2500 + question
tbrid 1900 locked?!
Acceptable idle and load temps?
1700 question
AMD Duron 1000 Mhz (overclock?)
How long should i wait
any1 help me cooling my 2500 barton!
which one is the best cooler?
L12 mod for barton
Athlon XP-M on a desktop MB?
barton 2500+ or barton 2600+?
what the name of that program that lets you your cpu,
How To Unlock a Locked AMD Barton - Here
2500+ barton cooling problem?
System Ordered need some help more noop questions.
Power Hungry 2400+
Overclocking Trouble
how does the new duron compares to the old athon?
Compatibility with new processor....
AMD Athlon XP 3000, Questions!!
Fx51 For 404@gamveve!!!!!
Deciding to buy a LOCKED barton over an Unlocked one
Abit NF7-S o/c
What timing to set for my memory?
help me spend 900 bux
cpu showing 2.07 GHz and will not go higher
New AMD athlon 3400+.
when you have cas 2 memmory does it automaticly runs on cas 2 to?
best memmory for amd 2500+ barton and overclock
core voltage? what and how?
should i get barton 2500+ or barton 2800+?
Would upgrading from 2100 TbredB to 2500 Barton improve video encoding?
Another "Cant get passed _____ thread"
AMD Processors
i have a duron 1.6 how do i overclock it
weird noise when running prime95
Sooo I bought a Barton 2500....
Thank you !!!
Where's the NF7-s?
Need help, I think my CPU is dieing anyhelp?
recomendations for rookie?
Ebay ridicularity
OEM or Retail?
ok decided my new system, tell me if its good
is this a 2800+ barton or not?
is the 7vtxe a good overclockable motherbaord?
what is the best overclockable amd processor?
is this 2500+ a barton or not?
i wanna buy an amd 1800+
want to buy a good overclockable pc for not to much money
Are all AMD CPUs after week 40 Locked??
How are you cooling your cpu?
Fried my CPU
need a good 1800+ or 1700+ =(
my friend asked me..WHY UNLOCKED VERSON?!
Found FSB limit of my Barton, is 230mhz
what's does "locked" really mean?
Considering 3000+
2600 vs 2500 barton
i need to chose a motherboard! help!
what the heck?
How much was your rig?
advantages to a mobile barton? besides multi?
Blue Core! axqea 0347 Blue core?
OC a 2500+ (unlocked?) CPU?
Could this be real?
My new barton wont overclock :(
what's my problem?
What are the chances of getting a unlocked barton from newegg?
Got my new system up - unstable at 11X200 though - any ideas?
Good choice for a 1700B?
week 34 barton 2500 O/C issues
Learn something new every day: FSB actually does depend on the CPU
starting over
Where is AMD stepping info ?
Need help to find the cause of reboots
TBred B?
Xp 2400 oc
133/166 vs 166/166
2500+ barton cant break 200 fsb?
What does is take to get a Mobile 2400+ to work?
good o/c?
A64 - 32bit OS vs. 64bit
Need help, L2 cache bad?
Which 1800 to keep?
boot problem
conductive silver
Jus wondering, any1 seen or bought NIUHB 1800+
2500+ voltage
Cant get my Barton 2500+ past 200 FSB
3400+ on ZipZoomFly
I just saw a DMT3C ?!?
Where can I get CPU MSR?
O/Cing ram for AMD 64?
Help! CPU Info Confusion
My unlocked Barton 2800+
New Computer
Can't get past 2.15GHz
JAWOOOOOOHLLLL!!!!! My BARTON 2800 Is NOT locked!!!
AMD slips us another new 64
2535mhz to beat
anyone have pics
overclocking 2100+...how are my settings?
AthlonXP 3000 temps
week they locked cpu
1900 any good?
barton 2500 + OC
unlocking xp2000+
overclock problem
anyone hit 233 fsb on a locked barton?
Overlocking once agin.
Can't get my 2500 stable at 2.4ghz
What's involved in building a duallie Opteron machine?
First time, need some help! New psu?
So I bought a Mobile Barton
What kinda mobo/ram/cpu combo?
Problems looking for a Barton?
AthlonXP 2500+ AQZFA 0351
cpu/memory question
thorton 2200 oc'ing
My A64 Setup
What luck, a barton multi story...
2600+ fsb locked multiplier unlocked?
Fried new Barton 3000 xp 400 fsb
Is this XP 2600+ a keeper?
Undoing a L mod on a 1700 TBREDB
Which chip would you choose for this mini
AMD Barton 2500+ Unlocked to Mobile need more help...
L12 mod on my 2500+
A Suggestion for AMD.
2500+ w/ nf7-s newb overclock
Problem with chipping the core?
barton 2500+ asus a7n8x overheating
What is better: 1.33 GHz or 1700+
Unlocking Bartons by changing L6's to 'mobile'
my locked cpu
Best buy AMD CPU at the moment is?
I traced reboot probs to increased Vcore
Cleaning AS off a 2500?
FIrst overclock,few questions
Anyone undervolting/underclocking Tbreds or Durons?
Good buy?
I bought my MB what CPU shall i use?
Barton2500 / Epox 8rda3+ o/c settings
So how much Voltage now?
My first overclock, please look.
My first overclock, please look.
Locked Barton Unlocking Idea
AMD 2800+ XP Barton
Pics of a naked chic..... I mean an chip
Prime gets stuck on a test, temps drop, but doesnt lock up
I want to get the most out of my 2500+
ratio questions
Blue screen of Death raises its ugly head
2500+ vs. 3000+
Need Some Help / Recomendations Please ?
Very strange CPU - Barton 2600+ with wrong markings?
2500+ question
should i stay at 3200+ speeds or im a capable of more?
My 2500+....
meh need help
Has this been asked? Is it worth going to XP2500 from...
mobile vs xp
My system doesn't reconize my chip?
my 2200 tbred
Old K6-2
My email correspondence with AMD - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT FOR ALL WIN2K USERS
Unlocking locked athlons
FYI: Newegg 2100s
2500 Or 2800 Xp?
Link to turn enable extra cache on Applebred 1.4 to XP chip
Worst cpu overclock
athlon 850 mobile?! work in...a Desktop motherboard?!
MSI KT6 Delta and 2500
unlocking locked bartons
MSI K7N2 Delta-L and AMD Barton 2500+ HELP!
1800+ or 1700+ JIUHB DLT3C
I'm Locked OUT!!!
unlockiong of a64 processors
Help with OCing my XP2100
Need quick reply
unlocking a locked Barton
After Callin Up Several Places (for an unlocked barton)
What kind of budget amd chip?
Average Locked 2500+ OC
unlockable locked bartons?
Got an unlocked 2500+ last night (yay!) - advice?
tbread 1700+ max temps/voltages
My First Build
System on the cheap :)
A64 3000+ review
1700 t-bred b question
Where to get the mobile barton?
Unlocked BARTON's Were did you get yours?
So I'm Calling Around 4 An Unlocked 2500+ and...
65 c on a 2500+ barton?
2100+ - Palamino or Tbred?
About to Order...
Just got this barton advice plz
just hit 2535mhz
Why is my
HELP Overclocking Tbird 850 to 1000
MSI K7T266 Pro 2 compatibility with Athlon XP 2800+
O/C AMD pride.. where's it at?
Is it OCing if you run higher FSB @ same Mhz?
Good Overclock
AMD 2100+ at 2.17 temps??
Mobile Barton
unlocking 39+ week bartons!
Locked CPUS
Problems, Help!
PC won't boot with lowered multiplier
Abit Mobo and Barton 2500+
new to ocing 2200+
Best stepping for a 2500+ barton
Need help/support for AMD multiplier unlocking ideas!
Is my CPU limiting my OC?
Duron 2000+
Applebred Duron 1.4 question those who own
Is this good or bad? Need advice before purchase...
2500+nf7s trouble
How much would you pay for a unlocked barton?
Overclocking CPU help
PRIME Errors
Thinking about building another computer
AQYFA "Y" 0343 rpmw
Have chance to buy week 6 2600+ - should I?
Bro's Rig Does not load windows
What to recommend for Graphic Design???
barton 2500 temp question
XP1700+ sees 13X as 5X?
So I'm wandering back to AMD...
Need feedback pros what week and below is UNLOCKED cpu
Unlocked Barton XP2800+ ??? here are the chip's codes
Cooling- the new cpu upgrade
Maxed out?
Pretty Neat Cpu Id/PR Calculator/Thermal Calculator App
what is better.....higher FSB or mult.?
Last Time I ask you to look I swear (soon to be comp)
problem with unlocked 1900...
strange behavior betwen locked apple and unlocked
is my barton any good
Expert Advice Needed on AMD 2600!!!
2500 at 2.3g and 1700 at 2.3g.. which will you take?
fake AMD CPUS ?? with pics..
quick barton purchase Question
adjusting multis in windows + (links)
Dlt3c 1800
Unlocked Processors for Houston
Unlocked 2800 wont post with lower multiplier ?
Applebred vs. 1800+ tbred B
possible unlock of superlock procs
When do I increase CPU voltage?
Edition 3 - What CPU to buy?
XP2500,2600 or 2800 to replace xp2700?
Speed strip for my Processor?
Abit NF7-S -vs- NF7
This a good OC for 2500+ Barton?
Overclocking laptop
fake applebred
This setup ok?
Athlon 2600+ "Barton"
Is this possible?
Aqxea 2500 barton week 0330 XPMW
2 Steppings, which one to buy?
64 Bit AMD
AMD emailed me back about the "AGP instability" issue
Has everybody given up unlocking the new Athlons?
post locked 2500+ Results
how to OC 2800 unlocked barton on a7n8x deluxe?
What to buy? 2500+ or 2600+
unlocked 2800 barton help???
I got a 2500+ Unlocked
Help Me Before I Purchase All This Stuff
Lets help my bro OC :)
barton 2500+ and memory help
Can i get some info about the 2600+ Barton?
Buying a chip
Athlon64 3000 vs. 3200
greetings and questions
2500+ Barton help
Unlocked AMD's from Newegg?
250fsb+Athlon64 3000=happy overclocker
XP-1700 vs. XP-2500
1700 or 2500?
sup guys i'm new and i just want to know
any more places to get unlocked bartons?
New PC components + barton 2500 oc'ing question
stability question