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Help OC Barton 3000+
L12 modding 1800 DLT3C
Barton 2500+ OC crapping out.
which one is better, xp2200, or xp2100?
Last week 1700+ was made?
[Opteron] Can i run 1 CPU until i can buy a 2nd?
Heh... I just recieved a week 42 unlocked barton. (XP-M)
Overclocking a locked Barton 2500+
RAM sticks that do 220+ FSB so they can be used with locked Bartons
Need a bit of advice - Athlon XP 2500
AMD Duron 1.4 ghz....
Itís over. All AMD CPUs except for the expensive FX will be multiplier locked.
overclocking barton 3000+
Will you stay AMD if multi/fsbs stay locked?
First Overclocking adventure - not so good.
Barton cp2500 msi = burnt?
Steppings guide
crazy high temps
Considering a 2500+ ...Need some advice
3 stepping codes for 3 different chips which should I get?
Want new CPU
does a good stepping carry weight across dif XP's?
I want A good OC
Tell me the good news... 1800 came in
Locked 2500+ vs. unlocked 2600+
Voltage pin-mod and locked processors
k6-2 500 and windows XP
Fastest Gaming Performance Possible
AMD Locking Question
2700+ vs. 2800+
help with 2800+ oc
AMD 2100+ Palamino
random reboots
2600 xp
Barton 2800+...2500+ or keep the 2700+ TB?
Stability with different multipliers on L5 modded XP
AMD sequences for that represent unlocked or not?
Is this 2500unlocked ?
need help by tomorrow.
Best 3dmark chip, under $110?
I Need budget computer
1800 tbred-b dut3c jiucb question
this 1700 t-bred's dlt3c right?
Do AMD ATHLON XP 2500+ Barton's come with the thermal paste?
You want more security..... Get this
Would 2500+ Barton help me?
Thoroughbred or Barton?
post but no boot with A7N8X-X and 2000+
Tom's Hardware and AMD's weeks
K8 IHS removal
How To Overclock.Total N0ob
Whats the life on an oced 2500 barton? (11x200)
amd (64-bit) chips, in chess engines
An over looked Barton gem.........
Ahhh! Help me! 80 C ??
Socket pin mod... HELP wanted please...
found a cpu!! let me know!!
speed for under $60
1700 dlt3c question
Unlocking Question
my sig..
Unlocked 0344 Applebred
Amd 2700+ User Defined
new barton 2500+
Hope this isn't sacreligous but how do I un-oc my cpu?
Time to Choose Cores...
need some info on upgrade..
what could i get from this setup with 1800+?
Chaintech ZNF3 + AMD 64 3000+ = Cooking!
bought a barton 2500+ and an35n ultra
Any hope for extra cache on Thorton 0339?
AMD 2600 on Asus A7N8X Deluxe
Athlon 64 3000+ worth buying yet?
KIUHB, anyone have one? Know o/c results?
Capabilites Athlon1200?
heat doesn't matter?
how to enable 512KB cache for an unlocked green thornton
Cache problem driving me crazy!!
Just got a 1800+ and......
2500+ Barton
DDR question for Barton 2800+
Which to take Throton or TbredB
Weird Problem
Help! Super Glued contacts
AMD Barton @ NewEgg.com
REAL men underclock!
Prime stability weirdness
Some problems with my OC
1.33 athlon running at 1.40+ couple of questions
Weird goings on with my 2800@3200 speed
Quick Question: Whats better Thunderbird 1.0ghz or Duron 1.3ghz.
is it worth the extra 200 bones for the 64 3200?
MP? wats an MP
Building dual-opteron server soon
unlocking help
Just for verification (unlocking)
Opteron goodness in every bite
Prolly been asked a million times
Barton 2600 - Hit an OC wall---why?
testing somethin
newbie lookin for help
Locked 2500 OC potential
2600+ unlocked is much love
Strip to unlock Barton's and ThoroughBreds??
anybody know if this site is selling DLT3C's?
Post your stable BartonXP 2800+ CPU Overclock Speeds
amd 1.6???
finally hit 2400MHz
Why do the bartons have a higher PR rating?
Overclocking help
Thoroughbred A or B
Thorton vs Thoroughbred
Any info on strange stepping code?
Athlon 3200+
Barton@2.4 /high vcore on air
Processor Support
Did I find some unlocked Barton 2500s?
2000+Thorton or locked 2500+Barton?
Meadia Net Tech's unlocked barton review
Lol - check this link out...could this mean AMD....
XP2200+ AIUHB 0325... My results so far..
My overclock
sync or async
2226 vs 2336
50C and Below ok?
how do the durons perform
Getting IN Deep with AMD's OPTERON!!! nice read
Barton 2500+ into 3200+ mod? Guy making money on ebay
My system, does it make sense???
Shuttle SFF and heat
small chip on 1700+ Core
Barton 2600+ not overclocking?
New Athlon 64 Machine Benches lower than P4!!!!?!?!?
is it dead?
Got a new tinker-toy JIXIB 1800
Duron 1.6 A core or B core
Barton locked? What is locked?
Barton 2800+ and DDR
the wire unlocking trick, WHERE??
AMD 64 table/description
2800 question
About to put together new setup, would like some advice
Take a chippin' keep on tickin'
XP-M 2400+ Barton
Socket 462 till 2006
got my 2500+
Just got some new stickers in the mail from AMD
Isn't FSB important?
2500+ Or 2800+
Woot Woot
Replacing my 1800 T-Bred
Barton 2500 won't go fast
Is this locked
2500 Barton @ 217*10.5??
2400+ Voltage
Best AMD for the money
A64 question
DLT3C 17/18 00's
A64 (clawhammer) stepping codes?
Post 2100 TB-B O/C results here.
0347 2500+ Oddity
1800xp @ 2.4ghz
2003 week 47 CPU
Barton 2500 question
Are all AMD 2500+ CPUs A Barton?
Adjust Multipliers in Windows?
Scorched Chips
best 1700+ oc steppings
Is the Duron 1.6 a fairly recent processor?
A64 OverClocking (where to start?)
Amd 2400?
What Happened?????
2600+ Barton
AMD 64/ "64-bit games"?!
2300MHz @ 1.65V, then a brick wall..?
Recommended CPU for overclocking for KT333 board
Athlon 64 IHS removal?
i think i found a good 2100+ stepping today
1800+ stability question
AMD overclocking help needed
XP1800 pally question
Locked ? Athlon 2400+
Advice on 3000+ 333 or 400 fsb
overclock XP 2600+
vcore question
Barton 2600 with 256 cache??
Whats The Ideal Temperature for my Barton 2500 @ 3200 ??
Cheap Agressive Cooling
Confusion with xp 2600
amd thornton 2400+ question
site with unlocked Bartons raising price !
duron 900
XP3000 advice
higher fsb from which chip?
Athalon XP or Duron
CPU reached 85C
heat problem
amd bashing?
I need better 2d speed... no joke!
XP2600+ new to oc'ing
another locked 2500+
Barton 2500+ vs Barton 3000+
barton XP2600+ stock fan/heat sink o/c
Duron stepping
which cpu should I get?
My new 2500
Athlon MP's
Confused on which CPU I should get......
Barton 2600+ 0341 locked !!
No SiSandra gains on my 1600+ after setting fsb to 200?
Reached a new high OC / max for ECS mobo :)
I have finally done it!!
Pasive cool an tbrird?
XP1700 DLT3C is a GREAT CHIP!!!
Whats the Point of the Opteron 1XX
what is the difference between the 2200 and the 1800??
Xbox2 to take 64bit AMD cpus?
whos got the fastest AMD here???
AMD Athlon 64 3000 512K cache $234
2600 question
12x Multi
2500+ overlcoing with now voltage changeing
Finally...a decent overclock!
Opteron at 240FSB. How?
New 2500+ steppings question
Is there any chance I could still get a unlocked Barton 2500+?
XP2600 Barton
CPU running at half speed...
NewBie Q
Palamino wont go over 144 fsb on NF7-s?
How Much is too Much?
3dmark 01se score
Post your barton fsb settings and what board you are running
I'm lucky my duron uses such little voltage
What Does A CPU Consist Of?
My 2100B @ 2.7 well ALMOST!!!
Socket a mobo with best vcore adjustability?
Barton sadness :(
T-bred v. Barton
Duron 1.6...is this thing relatively new?
Good Overclocking Motherboard for 2500+
Actually a Barton???
2800+ pre week 39
$200 for motherboard, processor, heatsink, and PSU
My 2500+ Barton.
ram and cpu
Wtf happened :(
Unlocking my 2100+(pal)
Duron 1.6?
SiSandra questions.
What if Microsoft bought AMD.........
Your thoughts on this processor selection please
xp1800+ DLT3C:JIUHB:0311MPMW from excaliberpc.com
Thinking of building a relatively cheap AMD system
1600+ not effected by vcore changing, sugestions?
Can't run barton 2500+ with 2x 256mb Corsair ram (noob)
Athlon 64
1700+ is terrible
OMFG Please help!!! I feel I've wasted £600
help needed configuring puter
dif. between Athlon FX and 64
Some help, please
What CPU to get?
AMD Processors prone to easily dieing? Help!?
2100+ tbred, spasing out?!
can this be right?!?
AthlonXP 2400 locked?
How can my AQUCA 0306 Barton be locked?
buy the 2500 or 2800
Duron vs. 1700+
When is the NEW AMD 64 bit coming out?
XP2500 mod disaster
Opteron/FX question
AMD64 3000+ is out for 268.75
2100+ Tbred B and Asus A7A-266
best overclocking cpu/mb for 2nd setup
OC'ing Question
OC'ing Question
rolling the dice with a 2500+
best oc cpu under $100
what is best week for 1800+ tbredB
Thorton on ebay
New To Overclocking
Burn in question
Is This good enough?
Unlocking 256k L2 on Duron1.6
AMD 1.4 needs to be over clocked.
1800+ question
AMD Athon XP 2200 or AMD XP Barton 2500
Is it Possible to unlock the GREEN Thornton xp2400
AMD question
overclock help :-)
Not to shabby
Barton 2500 - mini-success story.
the switch from 2700 xp to barton 3000
My very first Overclock project, need help/advice
Going to buy a 2500 from Fry's tomorrow.
Unlock 1800 Thoroughbred
Thunderbird Overclocking Help Please
Is anyone buying 1800+'s anymore?
XP 1700+ or Barton 2500+
Which of these should I get?
Athlon64 Machine
tbred b 2000 oc's
Voltage question
Would you upgrade CPUs?
Will the L12 mod work on a palamino?
suggestions new cpu
2200 voltage
best mobo for amd xp2800+?
64bit ?
free motherboard with A64 3200
Help overclockin an xp2600
Which Stepping for Barton 2500?
Barton 2500 temp's
2400mhz too much for XP2400? no way!
A7N8X Rev 2.0 Deluxe
My OC Question?
Applebred Durons
amd box
How is my JIUHB still alive?
Why did my AXP fry
Barton Steppings from online resellers
All my new parts come today except...
The Opteron vs. Athlon 64 FX thread
Worth the upgrade?
Hard Lock question
2500 Barton
Stepping Choices
New Laptop w/1600+ mobile athlon
Socket 939 is the one to get?
Thanks to all of you - my Prime95 stable 2606 MHz overclock.
temperature question
Anyone know where i can still buy the 1700 or 2100 t-bred
2500+ or 2800+??
Whats the difference?
some of my new BARTON 2500 work
Barton2500 0340SPMW @2415 Unlocked!!!
Applebred Versions?
AMD XP 2000 on a shuttle AK32E ok to OC?
AMD AthlonXP Barton Multiplier question
CPU Core Voltage
HELP - 1800+ "Unknown CPU"
Duron 1.8
wow, OC at low voltage!
AMD K6-2 Heatsink?
AMD Re(newbie)
Building a new system, tell me if this sounds like a good setup...
Brown & Green Barton2500's
Peltier? Purpose?
New AMD Rig, I need your opinion..
Question for getting new cpu
Nooblar here lol
Overclocking 2500+
What's the Thorton?
2600+ unlocked
max speed?
POLL: Tbred-B or Barton?
How hot is TOO HOT for an XP?
Need some advice!
Oh no! Another newb question!
athlon xp 200+ and MSI K7N420 PRO
so... where is the Athlon 64 3000+?
Athlon64 FX-51 for $270!!!
Upgrading nessesary?
Anyone know some...
local Fry's only had locked Bartons ...
Cutting Down on Overclockers
Recommended unlocked t-bred for light overclocking...xp2100+, 2200+?
Athlon XP 2200
OC ability of AQZEA 0341 2500+
Just got my 2500+ barton from Fry's
nForce3 is not going to be PCI locked!
Should I have put the paste on
Does 8RDA+ post all multis on unlocked 2500+ (It doesn't on 2000+ & lower T-Breds)
Changing from 2700xp to Barton 3000
Sandra benchmark is wayyyy low
prime95 help please.
How much voltage is too much?
please help
Any ideas on Overclocking results for my new kit?
Barton 2600+ OC..
Bring me up to speed
Trouble Ocing..
64bit confusion
this may be old but...
True core speed (slot a)
Applebreds from Edison NJ, newegg.com
Barton 2800+
O/C problem
I need more MHZ!
questions about the new locked durons
Overclocking My AMD
word on that unlocking strip
New Athlon
bang for buck
Help!!! Wire Trick
how do I tell if it is unlocked?
Unlocking Question
Is the barton 3000 400 fsb a good chip
Ecs k7s5a 1800xp plus is it worth it
oc'ed 2500 with lock
highest fsb
166fsb chips have high fsb issues still?
Barton 2500+ AQZFA SPMW - Buy or not??
FSB Question
Extravagent technique for connecting the bridges
Barton 2600+ 0326 Unlocked?
Just curious
Which core is better?
How does this look?
chipped 1700 still works
locked 2500 or unlocked 2600
XP 2500+ Barton AQXEA0331 or AQXEA0334 300pcs found in this store
Is 1.62 to 1.66 voltage ok in my OC barton 2500+ to 3200+
xp 2100+/2200+ tbreds unlocked still available?
Retail AMD chips
Unlocking the Bartons...
XP2500 @ 2310Mhz
Replacing 2500Barton with another 2500Barton or 2600Barton?
Need help for my 2500+ fast!!!
Athlon 2500+ green vs. tan
Opteron stepping OSA144CEP5AK
do not get AQXFA 0337MPM
website for what everyone has oc'ed?
Unlocked Processor
Bartan +2500 OC to +2700 2Mhz
~2500Mhz on a Barton 2500?
maxing out my 2500,ITS GOOD TO BE BACK!
Any special recomendation on OC a Athlon 2500+ Barton??
So I got an AQXEA at a comp. show
R.i.p 1700+ Dlt3c..
Barton 2500+ AQZFA 0335 TPMW, locked or not?
Need some advice Barton or Thoroughbred
30k go amd
Ahlon Xp 2000+
Good Processor?
THIS is the reason AMD is locking its CPU's....
burn in theory
Athlon XP 2700+
1800+ @ 2.4ghz at 1.66V-1.68V
help guys,fast!! about 2 buy
Changing Barton 2500+ Clock Mult. on really cheap Motherboard
Amd Athlon Xp2100+
With the current situation on Barton's, what do you recommend? Thoroughbred?
Question on Oc need help
Help Unlock 2100+
Stepping Codes
NF7-S Ver. 2.0 OC Help
Could My XP2100+ Really Be Maxed Out On My KT7A?
Athlon 64 rig at CompUSA
stepping question
Multi on my DL3TC
locked barton OC results thread
Any place selling guaranteed pre week 39 Barton 2500+ chips?
Xp2100+ @ 2.3
Help battlefield crashes!
What is the coolest Athlon XP Processor?
Whats holding me back?
just hand picked a 2500 barton.
tell me if its locked
XP2600+ @166FSB ~2.1GHz
Athlon XP 2400 Overclocking - Results
Prime95 Word of Advice
new discover
Hapy camper w/ my "Applebred"
Opteron and 64 Q's?
AMD CPUs - Any chips that are worth the overclock
Speed Strip
Can i get a higher fsb
Does this overclock well?
Getting the most from my CPU
Is my 2800+ maxed @ 2.4ghz?
Barton 2600+ Unstable
2800 barton any good for OCing?
AMD "Pally" chips not for north america?
Hi, please help quickly!
so how does the barton 2600+ overclock?
help to identify a 1700+
Is my new Barton 2600+ locked? and a couple other ???'s