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Help With OC'ing of New AMD 1100T
Help with temperature for Athlon X4 640
cpu-z incorrect
Over Clocking Athlon 64 X2 4800+
AMD Server
Wanted Input on 1st OC on 955 BE
!!!!!!!!!!!HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1100t or 8120?
Cannot unistall Original Win 7 hotfix for BD KB 2592546
which amd cpu?
How do you all feel about the X4 840?
new budget pc need help with capabilities
Help with Tuning an OC on AMD 955BE
Amd Athlon 5200+ New to Oc'ing
New to overclocking
Problems with 960t
So I knew Trinity was going to be good but...
x6 1090T 4Ghz - 24/7 OC attempt (with benching)
Amd 955 black over clock
new into amd x6 almost all system watercooled but no stable overclock v_v
Help with Overclocking and buying A GPU w/o Bottle-necking
Overclocking and Stability (955 Black Edition).
temps, temps, temps, what temps
1090T 4.1ghz
First time overclocking Phenom 9650
960T BE in M4A79XTD EVO OC failures
OC old setup (3500+)
Hardware Thermal Control disabled
AMD Overdrive to Overclock safe?
help oc amd64 x2 5200+
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Are AMD phasing x6 BE out?
What cooler for AMD X6?
8150 temps
Amd E-350 Overclocking Problem
ATI HD 6850 bottle-necked by AMD X4 Quad Core A8 3850?
TEC Cooling Insulation
Overclocking my Phenom II 955
Help overclocking my AMD Phenom X6 1055T
AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE Should I lock Core 3 out
K10 and 11 core temps
AMD 1100T Heat Question
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T Thuban 2.8ghz Overclocking Help
Phenom II or Bulldozer
Athlon XP3200 Increased Performance
Return of AMD FX: My OC'd AMD FX 8150 with OC'd 6990 Review - First Results Up!
AMD 1100T x6 cooling problems
FX-8150 First OC session.
Llano A8-3870K - FUN FUN FUN
Prime95 Stress Test Question.
Help!! AMD Phenom II x4 980 Overclocking
Whats a good cooler for a 955 BE
Unlocking Phenom II X2 555 BE problems
Biostar TA880GU3+ Overclock RAM vs CPU
AMD OverDrive Question.
6050e BE Pentacore
955 BE way too hot before even overclocking?
Noobie overclock.. how does it look like?
AMD FX 8150
What is up with my CPU speed?
Are these too high?
FX 8120 @ 3.6ghz
Overclocking 980 BE sabertooth
Good OC for X4 965
FX-4100 Issues
Athlon X2 7450
Phenom II x4 B55 running on high temp on Prime 95.
AMD phenom x6
12/31 1:30AM Bulldozer and Phenom LN2 Benchmarking
Unlocking The Athlon II X3 435
CPU upgrade
asus turbov evo freezes computer when tunring bus speed up
CPUID says I have an 1105T...
should i keep my 1090t phenom till ivy bridge or go with i7 sandy bridge
AMD Sempron Overclock?
X4 965 BE High stock voltage???
Overclocking help
Advice on 960T OC stability?
Unlocking 960T no post 870s-g46
Overclocking help???
Phenom II X6 1100T hitting 68C... help
First oc attempt need help amd 1100t
Need help on a Amd x4 840
I need help please
AMD FX4100
Phenom II X4 965 BE AM3 on AM2+ Mobo
Bulldozer wprime help needed
Theres one happy customer
How you can tell your cooling system correctly installed?
Will AM3+ CPU Run On AM3 Board?
970BE: changing the CPU-NB, wont post.
Unlocking The Athlon II X3 435
AMD Phenom II X6 1100T versus FX-8120 Performance Guide
[Updated 2012] AMD - My current cpu speed is (in ghz):
Is anyone here using an FX CPU for distributed computing (e.g. Rosetta)
Is Piledriver going to stay on AM3+ or use a new socket?
Suggest me a LLANO
59C An acceptable temperature?
Amd 955 BE oc Vs BD 8150
AMD Phenom II 960 3.2GHz X4 Black Edition Not Reporting Temps?
FSB/HT overclock opposed to multiplier
What are you using to monitor temps on fx?
Help Unlocking an AMD Athlon II x3 455
OC settings for T-1045
OC a Phenom II 970 BE
Opteron G34 cooling suggestions
amd athlon LE-1620 2.41 GHz processor
Voltage Rise Under Load - Phenom II X4
Overclocked X6 1075 stress test
Whats wrong with my 965 BE?
Intresting Experiment
overclocking FX-6100
1T or 2T?
AMD 1090T black edition cannot get stable OC
AMD Intros New Unlocked K-Series Llano APUs: A8-3870K & A8-3670K
Trying to hit 5.0ghz on AMD 8120 FX
started oc on athlon II 640
Help with overclocking FX-4100 quad core 3.6GHZ
FX8120 - overclock help
Please help me find the right products. ty
hello i need help with my amd 960t x4
AMD Phenom II 960 3.2GHz X4 Black Edition OC.
HT Link
FX-6100 Air overlock *New to this*
Phenom 2 940 BE muliplier problem
Problems, posible damage..
Unlocking 960t?
AMD PC Crashes When Running League of Legends
A Warning to AI Suite users
960T Report
amd chipsets
More Bulldozer Benchmarks
FX8120 vs 1100T
Microsoft comes to AMD Bulldozer rescue
Fx6100 vs 1100T
Prime95 Ver25.11 Vs Ver26.6
550 BE first time overclocking.
restarting issues in Win 7 cpu overclocked
1100t overclocked temperatures
MS releases update to increase BD performance in W7
Have a socket A setup? Want to do some benching?
bulldozer keeps throttling
Bulldozer: SuperPi32M @ 7.7GHz
Problem unlock Phenom II X3 720 in 990FXA
FX 8120 - Help Overclocking
960T idles at 39C!?!?
Overclocking 550 BE
AMD Phenom BE
suggestions on getting a better overclock
CPU Temp oddity i don't understand
AMD’s newest Bulldozer architecture – FX-8120 8Cores performance and OC 5G
2nd BD better!
AMD Athlon II X2 260u
HWBot rank 146'th
How to work out the core temp?
Prime95 Question
'Sweetspot' OC for Phenom II X4 960T Zosma?
AMD Releases New Llano Mobile CPUs
Trying to get FX-6100 to 5Ghz stable
Tickled: 960T @ 3.96GhZ without much effort.
1055t OC, need help.
Athlon 64 X2 4600+ Windsor advice
Phenom II 1090T - Actual temperatures?
Overclocking 1090T w/ ASRock 970 Extreme4
What would you do? AMD 265 (3.3 Dualcore)
FX-6100 or Phenom II X6 1100T
i need help overclocking my amd athlon 640
A8-3870k finally.
Using AMD motherboard but have Intel Rapid Storage Technology
FX-4100 Core Temp Reading? (Picture Posted)
Overclocking AMD Athlon 64 3000+
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+ / A8n32 Sli Delux
Hello im new and need help oc amd
booting up desktop and failing overclock
HELP OC 1075T to 4Ghz
Help choose between Phenom X4 965 BE and X6 1055T
Question about upgrade
learning to overclock need help
Hello new, and need some AMD OC advice
AMD Phenom II X3 710: Cpu running hot
Prime95 testing 1100T @ 4ghz
AMD FX4100 underperforming?
Bulldozer: AMD can't count their own transistors!
WOOT AM3 trade.
Help overclocking 1090t - I can't figure this crazy stuff out
Undervolt of 1055t 125W causes hissing noise
NB Issues on a 955 BE
Noob's 1st OC: 965BE @ 3.7Ghz
What ta do with my Athlon II X3 450 (unlocking, cache, overclocking)
New to OCing! Help a noob :)
1055T Overclocking with 880GM-E43 MB
can't get blendtest stable, memory related?
Anyone got an old K7 Rig? Win Prizes (contest ended)
phenom ii 720 unlcoked core votlage question
1090T overclocking, do I have a horrible chip?
Hiya All
Different temperature readings cross programs
955 BE Low Voltage & Mild OC
1100T overclocking temp concern
Overclock confirmation -- does this sound right?
5870 1gb to 6970 2gb worth it?
AMD Phenom II Black Edition X6 1100T Overclock
help me overclock im new
1055T/ M5A970 combo
PhenomII X6 T1100
Youtube: Air Mods for AMD Phenom 965 on AIR 4GHz
Overclocking Mistake :(
A Dumb OC Question
Phenom II X6 1100T compatability questions
Any difference to 955 , 965, 970, 980 from an OCer's view?
AMD Phenom-II X6 1100T Overclocking
Sabretooth 990FX and FX-8150
NEW BUILD: CPU Usage is usually @ 50-60% when gaming
Best upgrade from 720BE?
2nd FX-8120 still running hot, now what?
Does this O/C look ok?
testing overclock's stability - Phenom II x4 840
Intro/Timing question
CPU/NB going over 2600mhz FX-8120
fastest quad core??
AMD 955 BE Wierd temps
oldies: Is it worth trying to unlock cores on 7750 Kuma?
965 BE vs FX-4100
CPU upgrade or gpu?
Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe: Which Phenom II X4??
Looking to buying an 8120/8150, but I have one question...
1075T SLI problems
New cpu...struggles...
amd 555 be acc
overclocking 955 BE
Biostar Mcp6pb m2+ and athlon ii x2 260 help
FPS drop in skyrim, need 2 oc
16 core BD is out..Disappointed
How-To: 8 GHz on Bulldozer
24/7 overclock for my 955 BE?
AMD Phenom IIx4 Quad Core 3.4 GHZ 965 Black Edition---Only 1 core not 4 shows
1090T 4.0Ghz Quest
Need Some Help (New Problem)
Possible unstable OC?
Best single cycle CPU
Need an AMD cpu upgrade from Intel Q9650
Need help with OCing
8150 on air, temps after 10 minutes of P95, also what's your Vcore @?
Woe is me, (but not for much longer....I hope!)
zalman 9900 max fit am3+ ?
AMD Phenom II X4 955 OC Temps @ 4ghz Question
Acceptable Temps for FX 8120
8120 Initial OC results.
buying AMD FX8150.. should i wait for 8170?
Phenom II 955 3.6GHz ceiling
Is my OC crashing BF3? Noob, please help.
960t Overclock, thoughts or suggestions?
Pick me a Llano
HHT/multi/divider formula etc. please help
Athlon XP2200 overclock?
FX-4100 Zambezi is now $119.99 at newegg
AMD Bulldozer vs. Intel Bloomfield and Sandy Bridge
Asus 990FX & AMD 8150 Fails to install OS
Phenom II 945 successfully overclocked, but need help fine tuning.
How much salt do you put in ASUS PC Probe II?
Athlon x4 635 Overclocking
Anyone else grab one of these $50 X4s?
Manual core allocation
Cant OC fx-8150
Between a rock and a hard spot.
Phenom II X4 960T
Ordered FX 4100
Weird situation with AMD 1055T
AMD FX series and Hyper-V
Need a new cooler
WOOT! Phenom II 955BE @ 3800!
AMD FX-4100 Unlock to 8 cores ??
Which CPU?
Bulldozer on Asus Crosshair IV Extreme (BIOS 3027)
My system worth switching out for AMD?
FX-6100 on LN2 10PM EST 11/1/11 (ended)
A8-3850 & 6670
Phenom II 1100t
AMD & TigerDirect Horse and Pony Show - Miami, Friday, Nov 4th 2011
help me buy a new cpu
amd sempron 3400+ overclocking with a program
New build for an out-of-the-loopy! Bulldozer?
Disproving the ASUS-Hinders-FX Theory Once & for All
CPUz 1.58 Reading FX CPUs as ES - 1.58.7 Fixes
Athlon 250 X2 over 3.8GHz?
Overclocking a Amd Athlon 64 X2 5400+
new cpu
Clarifying my understanding of a future O.C.
AMD A6-3650 on the way ...
Someone PLEASE write an OC guide for the FX series
AMD Turion X2 (2.2 GHz) Overclocking Tips
Next Processor
Just purchased 8120 + CHV. Need some answers :)
Strange. AMD Athlon II X3 455 @ 200x11???
AMD Q3 EPS, Revs Above Reduced Expectations; Shares Up 6.3%
Biostar A780L3G + Phenom x2 560 Overclock / Core Unlock
FX-8150 assembly line shortages?
Good news
At this point i figure its either heat or my motherboard is going...
HELP!! Water Cooling
Buliding a new AMD Box
Putting lipstick on a pig?
Help AMD athlon II X2 255 ??
Safest vcore for 955be?
Help Overclocking AMD Phenom II x4 955 BE
AM2 versus AM2+
1090t Wattage Problem and Ram Question
I'll go out on a limb and assume this is bad
Bulldozer FX-8120 Update
955 won't throttle down at idle when overclocked beyond a certain amount
How much of an upgrade...
Bulldozer Fx-8120 HOT!!!
Anyone else running 8150+Noctua D14
OC'ing limit for 1090t?
Bulldozer mobo compatibility
Upgrading to Hexacore on AM2+ mobo
Nvidia card compatibility with MoBo
Bulldozer Architecture Explained
Overclocking for first time
new rig - what would you change - why?
Amd sempron 140
Bulldozer owner volunteers
Conspiracy Theory Time
Just need a little advice
Which stores have bulldozer in stock?!
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T on AM3+ Mobo
Looking for hands on info regarding Zosma 960T
My new first Bulldozer build!
Push in the right direction...
Lovin the 1090t
1090T Overclocking
Ex-AMD Engineer Explains Bulldozer Fiasco
Bulldozer Overclocks
Overclock Software??
WinXP AMD multicore
E350M1. 3 questions
Phenom II 550 BE core unlocking issues
Bulldozer owners, report your temps here plz!
Will this handle it?
Bulldozer (FX-8120) and ESXi 5
Help with new amd processor
BD normalized for clock speed vs Phenom II
AMD AThlon II X2 255. Overclocking
revise or rebrand FX into Phenom III
Bulldozer on AM3?
Problems with phenom ii x4 975 BE
Are these voltage readings... okay?
fx-6100 vs 1100x6
Need infos about buldozer series in Indonesia!
Phenom II x2 550 BE - Amazing !!!
Why are you let down about BD?
How to Update BIOS And oc Acer m1100?
dear AMD, please refund me the money i spent on my motherboard
Phenom II x4 940 BE stuck at 3.2ghz!
I am done beating on the BD
Horrendous Lag in Gaming...
Bulldozer BIOS update for most Asrock AM3 boards?
well....bulldozer ran ME into a ditch
Which is better???
Going back to the future!
I feel dumb for asking this 'dozer question...
The Day 'Dozer Debacle
Bulldozer owner discussion thread
32nm Phenom ii x4/6 (possible?)
Bulldozer dilema...
Unusual CPU Fan problem
Need to build a new rig
AMD FX-6100 Unlocking?
Bulldozer OC woes
Need Help Overclocking Please
AMD Athlon II x3 3.2GHZ OC'd
AMD Bulldozer (FX) AM3+ at newegg
BD now being sold at Tiger Direct
Cyber power press release: This is marketing at its best
Those *OTHER* Bulldozer Reviews
Phenom II x2 555BE only showing 1 core
Yet another 965be help thread :)
Will you still buy BD?
**Looking To Upgrade....Need Opinions Please**
AMD FX-8150 - Bulldozer - Processor Review
First OC: Need some clarifaction on setting FSB
Hy guys...who can help me ...with some answer please?
OC AMD rules...
6970 showing up as intel based graphics??
System Hangs On Trying to Overclock AMD Phenom II CPU
Oddity in Temp Monitoring
ZALMAN CNPS9700 am3+ compatible?
before I overclock my 435 rana
MSI Giveth .. and taketh away.
New CPU advice
chew* AMD FXLN2 live stream now
Thinking adout a couple of X6 processors.
Amd phenom 1100T overclock
help and avice on overclocking
updating my processor
Overclocking a 1055t BE
Phenom II x6 1055T OC
Overclocking my 1055t (x6)
965be Overclock...
OCing Dual Opterons?
NB/HTT Performance Benchmarks, Deneb & Thubans
New build idea's
Athlon x2 250 Overclock
AMD Bulldozer FX-Series Launch Date Confirmed
CPU OC problem (asus mobo)
amd sempron 2800+ overclocking question
Overclocking Results(first try)
Another Phenom II x2 555 BE build.
Should I buy these items(Unsure of what it is) pic attached
New 1090t tweaking
Phenom 965 OC
My monster Phenom II x2 (I think it is anyway :))
Help with 1100T, reaching 71c?
Athlon II 260 overclocking help
Overclocking 1100T
AMD 1090T BE Overclocking : How do i?
does this all look good?
Zino HD First gen upgrade (neo 6850e)
Rate my new build
Need help with oc
Project AMD code Prometheus ver 1
So, if I want to switch to AMD,...
overclocking my 965
System tweaking advice
Can't get unlocked 550 BE stable, help please.
Need help in Overclocking a phenom X6 1100T BE!
AMD Phenom II 945 Newbie need help to stable overclock
AMD Bulldozer Benchmarks (FX-8120 vs. i5 2500K/FX-8150 vs. i7-980x)
Opinions on a CPU
1100T with stock cooling
Amd Athlon ii 260 X2 vs Athlon ii 425 x3?
odd my x4 955 isnt supposed to be a black edition
Tried OC my AMD 965 to 3.8 but fails.
Socket info for new AMD FX
First Time Overclocking Results
sargas 130 stuck @ 3.2
Opteron overclock
Has anybody tried Llano?
Can my OEM system be overclocked?
Is my PC running to hot?
AMD Phenom II X4 Normal and Black Edition Question
AMD Bulldozer Breaks CPU Frequency World Record
Athlon x2 255 - OC attempts
AMD's Zambezi hitting 7Ghz
1055T Voltage Question
how to edit cool&quite???
965BE IMC issue?
processor and chipset issue
1st overclock attempt
975BE do #'s look good
AMD Sempron 140 Overclocking results
question for AMD fans
Newbie here, 955BE running at too high voltages?
Having trouble to stabilize 1090T @ 4ghz
How to OC 965...
Newbie with 1090t
AMD's First Dual-Core Llano APUs: A4-3400 & A4-3300 Launched
is this worth clocking?
AMD Bulldozer Shipments
heat issues with 975be
Which Phenom for some overclocking fun?
975BE a SIx Core???
Any one here with Phenom II?
Phenom II X6/ X4 strange core numbering?
Why are thuban voltage so high when it doesnt need to be.
p2 x4 960t
Phenom 970 Black Edition
6.8GHz out of an X4 955...
1055T & coolermaster hyper TX3 high temps?
AMD Athlon XP 2800+ - FSB?
AMD Phenom II 965 BE 4Ghz help
Is there any MOBO that will take two AMD Phenom II X6 1100T processors?
Clock Speed question
AMD Phenom II 1705T
Which is better for processing power?
Need advice: cpu vs nb frequency
Athlon II vs. Phenom II
Constant freezing/crashing AMD Phenom II X6
AMD Athlon II X4 640 OC capability. + a question
AMD to begin shipping Bulldozer this week!
1090T stock temps under load. Normal or not?
PII 925, GB 990xa-ud3, fsb limit
Phenom 2 965 OCing with GTX460's in SLI, not worth OC?
phenom II 1100T first OC help/advice.
Overclocking Escapades: socket 939 Athlon 64 3800+
955Be Ocing help
which cpu?
945 vs 965 or other BEs for my Mobo
Overclocking X4 940
Yoshi's New Build!
First time oc'ing - need a bit of guidance with my 1090T
Need further advice
AMD Updates Brazos with E-450, E-300 and C-60 APUs