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Barton 3000+ 0317 @ 2.67ghz
Will AMD 1800XPs still be produced in December?
what processor to buy.
SiSoftware Sandra question
Post your Applebred Duron overclocks
what are steppings?
JIXIB 0332 (2300MHZ@1.5V) Just Installed
XP2500 333FBS + or XP3000 400FBS
Not Aginng Well?
NF7-S What should I expect?
1800 questions
xp2400+ and ddr333
2600+, 2500+ & 2700+
AMD Athlon XP 1700+ how many versions are there???
AUGH! Damn what is wrong with my CPU?
having problems making a cd from downloaded mp3 files.
What is the highest FSB anyone has gotten stable with a T-Bred or Barton?
First XP2100+ CPU has arrived but its not mine! OC Results Inside!
Is 1.4gh to 1.466gh noticable in Athlon XP?
AMD 2400XP Multiplyer
1700+ Dut3c, what can I expect?
New XP2500
Do ya think my 2100+ is good?
temps for non o/c pally 2000+
AMD 2400+ Question For The Masses
looking for more..
3000+ help
benchmark data
Athlon XP 2600 333
2.2xp+ moding... help...
Q: Burnin @ stock or @ OC settings?
AMD Roadmap
did i miss this? a64 754pin unlocked?
why can't i go any higher?
2500 safe OC
A64 at 2.8 ghz
L10 Bridge Question...
Guaranteed JIXIB!!! Link inside...
speed strip users??
O/c Barton 2500+
Is 34C at idle to high of a temp???
Wire or Pencil with my Athlon T-Bird 1.4 and K7N2G-L ??
Newb Overclocking: Athlon 64.
Where to get the $ hole mouting specīs
Athlon XP 2000+ Stepping help
Prime errors out of no where :(
Overclocking Xp2600
Limit on PC2700
Am i oc'ing the wrong way??
Thor(n)ton - please post if you know where to get one
Holy High Speed Barton Batman! 2.8G!
Bart 2500/2800 ??
how to overclock ATI9700+MSI KT3-Ultra ARU ?
136 fsb is my limit?
Been Away...need help for new system
some barton 2800 o/c questions
Someone bump this when another overclocking marvel appears plz...
Amd +2400
Suddenly Unstable
A n00b overclocker's genereal questions.
1700+ Multiplier Help Needed!!!
Increasing my FSB
AthlonXP 2100+ Performance Speculation
Barton high temperatures
Pls hlp with new sys.. 1800XP??&Mobo??
Voltage question
Report on 1st OC attempt
Oh man this is just wronge...
how do i figure cpu wattage output
Where's The Garuntee
Thorton or Applebred?
Changing FSB from 266 to 333 on 2400
Help with OCing an AMD xp 1700
Should I push further
Which XP
2500+, can it take the heat?
Is my AMD 2500+ Dead??? running 8rda+
Barton 2500 AQXEA !!HOT!! at idle!
Geting my processor back to normal
Just got a new 2100XP and Im having problems booting...
whats the diff between the a64 a64fx and opteron...?
Greedy 2500+
Athlon 64 on chip logo. for show or for real?
Duron 1300 FSB 200 to 266?
Applebred Duron overclocking results thread
Enabling more L2 cache on Barton stepped Tbred
This might sound stupid but, How do you know your chip model?
Let's talk experiences with high voltage+T-Bred B....
Great deal on an AMD 64?
Barton 2500+ reboots win xp
2500xp overclock?
Fastest AMD processor is an XP1700?
Are you looking for 1800+ JIXIB?
The Palomino starts to trot!
AMD 64 multiplier change.....
whats in the furture for AMD
128 vs 512 L2 cache
What does BSOD mean?
need help finding 1700+ athlon XP (TB core)!!! any good websites???in UK
1800+ DLT3C NIUHB help!
11x or 13x fsb
Thanks to OC forums and members
3000+ and 3200+
1800 or 2500
Amd 3200+
wire in socket mod (?) for 2600+
ATHALON 64 vs. BARTON 3000+
1st OC attempt Temp question?
Im Confused
Best FSB for an AMD T-Bird 1.4 Ghz ??
Athlon-FX, how expensive at end of Q4?
182 fsb a magic number???????
ok so now i'm realy confused on what cpu to upgrade to
Over Clocking
My new 1600mhz duron OC
What happens if thermal compound gets off die?
which amd cpu is best o/c bang for the buck as of 10/17/03?
Having a few problems
Multiplier question
athlon 3000+ 333fsb going for 2.5ghz
Is newegg still shipping hot 1800+????
Newbie... Help on Amd 2400xp
highest safe voltage on air?
amd obliterates street estimates
new system benchmarks OK?
Amd Barton 2500 333
The AMD... K9
need help with RAM
eh? got my new 2500!
if you know about unlocking a cpu, please help!!
fsb & multiple settings confusion
AMD vs G5 vs P4
2500+ oc problem
Help Me Decide The Final Moments Before I Purchase!
How long do you think
2500+ Barton OCed to 170x11.0
Athlon 2500+ OC
Sudden AMD Death
Best value CPU?
Wierd colors?
New Barton is here
Recieved faster chip then ordered?
Quick question help plizzzzz
overclocking AMD 850
Barton 3000+ 400MHz
L2 cache pin mod
Can't... beat..... 2.2ghz...... ACK!
Overclocking barton 2500+
Need quick advice on AMD processor!!
XP2400+ stepping help
What are the secreats to OC?
2500+ Stepping, and Vendors...
****! help, stupid compaq
Which one of these processors should I get?
oc'ing a 2400+ in argentina
New system today! WOOT back to AMD!
Overclocking 2000+ T-bred
anoyingdouble multuplier on a7n8x-x bios 1006
Whats the problem?
My first overclock
2600+ q's
XP1800 OEM Thoroughbred cores JUICB
Overclocking w/ Fuzzy Logic4?
have i reached my max overclock? on barton 2800+??
Help me stabilize my +2500
My upgrade: Opinions?
Will a 2500+ work in a 266MHz mobo?
1800+ JIXHB Retail
This should get things pumping in here again
current batches of 2500 world wide?
2500+ yielding errors…
Barton Aqzfa anyone??
Time to upgrade...which XP CPU?
1800xp possibility
Automatic overclocking?
1.33 Ghz, 166 fsb, 1.0 Vcore.
hows this for barton 2500+ o/c?
Memtest86 ??? help
An interesting (yet uninformative) look at bridges--56K warning
2500+ stepping, AQXEA 0031 VPMW
XP1800+ & NF7-S 2.0 Overclocking help please
Rapid beeping
How much Vcore is too much?
Need help overclocking my 2600+ Can iget some plz?
Help Me OC this Pally
Athlon to Athlon XP?
Anyone know.....
Deciphering this stepping code?
Duron 1.4 or 1.6( Which will overclock better?)
Newbie: What AMD CPU can I tweak for 1.4 GHz, 166 FSB & 30-35 Watts?
xp2500+ oc, where next?
new system needed, whats the xp1700 of now?
JIUHB DLT3C Newegg retail.
Newegg AMD Athlon XP 1700+; stepping?
Is my overclock decent?
T-Bred A results for comparison
Xp 1800+ KIXIB ????
FX51 NOT Multiplier Unlocked
First time overclock
overcloking CPU without going to BIOS
will xp2500 work on my A7V333-x revison 2.0
anyone having problems with barton 2500 running hotter than t-bread at same speeds?
my barton2500 + oc
Strange marking on the CPU core!
PSU broke bad oc now :<
dual processor amd?
Screenshot of my Barton 2500+ OC
Applebred Multipliers (by bridge connection)
quick question
Buyer beware!!!
Athlon 2600+ too hot ?
good AMD processor motherboard combo for gamer
Getting an athlon 2700+, boxed or not?
someone else have prob w AXDA2400DKV3C
Has anybody had a case of Sudden TBred Death?
Help me decide 2500+ vs 1700+ dlt3c
Dual Channel Mode
AMD 64 OCable?
Athlon 2600+, Soyo KT400, Air, OC settings?
Lets say I bought a 2500+ Barton...
AMD64 3200+ dips below $400
AMD/P4 Questions
How low can your Paly go?
Complete Newb to overclocking
Choice: Barton 2500 or 3000+?
New 2500+ at 2400MHz, air
Will SLK900A work with Barton 2500+??
what the name of that progam that says u r cpu's clock speed
Barton 2500+.....retail or OEM?
FSB x multiplier
Will an AthlonXP 2000+ work on my ASUS A7A-133 mobo?
Will an AthlonXP 2000+ work on my ASUS A7A-133 mobo?
Question on A64 Proggy and Win xp
AMD 2500 Liked it so much I bought another one!
Should i sell my 2600+?
What are the chances a 3200+ will get 2.5ghz on watercooling?
got axp1800+dlt3c
computer lags, then cpu speaker beeps when i click the mouse..
Duron !!!!
Do the AMD64 chip numbers include OEM?
New 1800+ JIXHB
Help My A64 3200+ Heatspreader Fell Off!!!
*NEW* 1800+DLT3C 'B' results! (week 033X, any of the *many* steppings)
MP mod Wire Trick?
1700+ DLT3C vs 1800+ DLT3C vs 2500+ AQXEA vs
What should I replace my 2200+ with??
Crappy T-Bred A how to get the most?
New offical AMD forums @amd.com
small problem ..
Athlon Unlocking made very easy
Sisoft sandra???
Athlon 64 and games
NF7-S + Barton 2500+ [Newbie]
Does AMD have SNDS?
Bartone 2500+ from newegg retail
Smp system using ASUS A7M266-D
Stable 2500+ oC / Best Configuration
Barton 2500+ AQZFA 0336
Barton 2800+ max O/c ??????
Barton 2500 at 2.6 on AIR!
Athlon XP 2700+ results
2000 pally multi
newbie need help overclocking asus a7n8x
getting a new system soon, need some help on steppings etc...
mind boggling 9 flavours of FX/64!!!
need help on my new system
Dual Opteron vs FX for a home server
AMD XP1700+ question
best motherboard with barton 2500+??
How to Unlock
Barton or Thoroughbred?
Whats the max OC i can achieve?
FX Does it cook.....food?
barton 2500 noob question
thorton to barton mod worked!
JIXHB or NIUHB - which one should I get...
new 1800+, old HD, and windows won't start
NF7-S bios help
~PR-Rating for TBred B @11.5x227? Formula?
JIXIB Stepping 1800
Another 2500 stepping question
Anyone bought an Athlon 64 or FX yet?
Calling AQXEA 0330 owners
How do I raise the multiplier?
What went wrong(unlocking problem)
Will teh wire in socket trick override the L3 bridge settings?
Can you set the FSB with the wire in socket trick?
got a new 1800+ dlt3c for cheap!! ideas??
clear the confusion
AMD Xp2800 O/c what can i do?
CPU runs at lower than stock speed? Look here
Barton or Tbred B
Whats your overclock?
where2buy cpu's (uk. with stepping)
need advice with my new cpu
Rate My Overclocking Potential
Athlon XP 2500 + O/C Results Post here
Sure place to get t-bred 'B'?
New-Old rig..
What type of 1700+?
T-Bred 'A' or 'B'
new rig
Old XP1800+...what potential does it have?
Does this CPU have more potential?? Thanks
Best overclockable athlon xp??
On a bare set of bridges where are the connecting points
XP 2000 cpu NO GO!
very interesting behavior
Potential FSB noob question
1800+ Dlt3c Jiuhb Cooked
Unknown Processor Type
My processor will no longer step above 2.2, and won't take Vcore at all...
AMD XP 3200+......How Fast will it Run?
1700+ Stepping HELP ASAP!!!
You guys rock!!!!
1.4 Ghz T-bird unlocked, or not?
Athlon XP prices
mobo I have....is it a decent overclocker?
Newbie needs help!
Help a poor sap Athlon Xp 1800+
AMD 2500+ NF7-S Memory question
8k5a2+ --> NF7-S = lower o/c :(
Newer boards change multis through pins?
which is better of these two brand new bartons?
local store outof tbreds and bartons
retail cpu
increasing chipset voltage
What is the current availability of the "thorton"?
2100+ cant break 185fsb
my new 1800+ niuhb
KD7-G - 3x faster than NF7-s/2.0
Panaflo L1A w/ 1800+?
Newegg retail 1800+'s
Does the athlon xp 2000+ tbred come unlocked
cpu died??
overclocking in dual channel
installed 1900+ and now system freezes
New Durons?
Overclocking XP 2000+
Overclocking XP 2000+
Codes for new Thorton CPUs
losing overclock! help!
Quick question about 1800
Building a decent system...
Athlon 64... Is it worth it?
Does the L12 mod work for 2500+????
CPU or bios problem?
2400+ o/c
Dead CPUS or bios death?
2600+ bartons Any good?
2600+ registering as a 2000+
BAD/Broken AMD multipliers (high FSB)
Damn weird! screen jumps..
What are the advantages of the burn in process
250 to spend
Looking for JIXHB in Canada
1700+ burn in
A64 Overclocking?
Help Duron650
CPU stepping!
AQXEA Barton. Weird act.
My first time please help
Speedstrip! Makes your AMD cpu go faster! lol
Mod your XP w/ 256KB L2 cache to a 512KB L2
You think it should O/C a little better
Dual athlon 64s?
thorton modding article
highest recommended voltage for barton 2500
Help with Overclocking my XP2500
Upgrade? Trying to rationalize...
Interesting Article on the Athlon 64
air vs. watercooling vs. anything else
Oem Whats Wrong
xp2100 polamino oc'ing newbie
2500+ and newegg
How much futher could i take this 2100+
O/Cing my 1700 question
OCed TBird 1.13ghz to 1.3ghz
Barton 2500+ AQXEA 0332TPMW - 2.2Ghz only?
XP3000+ Barton only runs at 1.73GHz!
Need some pointers
Green Barton 2500+ Better?
2 sad sad 2500s
XP-2200 newbie
I think i am maxed out
FX-51 at 3.05ghz
FSB problems (high FSB)
Finding THe Problem (xperts read)
are temps of Tbred in Abit NF7-S v2 measure by CPU itself?
Equal speed = equal heat output?
XP2100+ OC'd
Need some help deciding on Athlon 64
Quick requirements question
Meet the new baby!
Has my xp2000 reached its limit?
WHy the trouble with Duron 1.2?
Couple of questions..
2800 at 2.4 Stable?
Athlon XP 2600+ onlyruns at 1.67GHz
1700dlt3c9392467270229 Jiuhb0310xpmw
Retail HSF
Barton 2500 & Wire Trick for higer multipliers
Xp2800 w/ 9700pro doesnt oc now..
Barton Rig
Which CPU?
just a few questions about overclocking community things
17/1800+ or 2500+
Axda1800dlt3c Jixhb?
CPU death.... yay
How much can AMD AthlonXP 2400+ oc?
L1 Bridges
A64+nf3 doing 25,199 in 2k1 and other benches here!!!
2500+ Barton OC Recommendation
What a difference the "L' makes
strange phenomenon
FSB and heat
New rig parts?
Overclocking a Free 800 MHz CPU
Temps on o/c 1800+ chips
Just a little help on rig
People w/ AMD Athlon 64
Athlon64 Supports DDRII! info from computex
Easier 333 to 400 mod
1800+ Niuhb Dlt3c 0334wpmw
Need Advice on 2600 xp and rig
Another bridge connecting question (search didnt help)
Multiplier range selector
1800+ jiuhb dlt3c
burn in 2400+ at 500Mhz and 1.9v?
L12 mod
Why is the a64 fx 940pin???
slow memory and OC
Is there a way to unlock an opteron?
Overclocking an Athlon XP Barton 2500+
just got a barton..wondering about the stepping..
Athlon FX @ 2.8Ghz (Mach II Cooled)
locaol store HSF deal?
Athlon Fx 3200
what is the absolute highest Vcore i should go to.
Little help please hehe
Stability Degradation???
2500 or 1800?
Quick Duron Question
need help deciding what chip to get
socket 939?
Anyone see that AMD commercial?
Help Please chaps. Cleaned heatsink pc will not boot.
swiftech mcx462-v xp2800+ got temps down to 57C LOL...and thes are good temps???
...Looks like a good one!
Ready to overclock
Is My V Core Safe
what is the diff between a64, and a64FX?
Guaranteed steppings?
Random wierd multis on 1800 t-bred B
cheap fx setup theory
Worth uprgrading to barton?
cant get above 12.5x multi on my +2500
Does the Athlon 64 do SMP?
What you guys think?
how many watts for 2.2ghz A64?
Athlon 64 FX is SledgeHammer and Athlon 64 3xxx+ is ClawHammer?
Athlon64 halflive benchies?!
Jackpot! My 2500+ is running at...
A64 Questions
2v+ 1700 dlt3c
Whats goin on here?...Hard to OC 2500+
$799 for Athlon FX on newegg
Highest everyday voltage for DLt3C?
2800+ Barton and OCing ????
Athlon64 FX Results
Is Athlon 64 3000+ a mobile processor only?
What should I keep my eye open for?
amd xp barton steppings
New memeber....some questions!
Athlon 64 Reviews
2100 0302 and what you think will happen
Does Artic silver 3 and heatsink ever need a clean?
help with barton 2500 oc
Anyone own a clocked xp2600 333fsb??
CPU's, RAM and FSB
Athlon 64 3200+ @ Newegg $465.00