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how do i find out if my cpu is DLT3C?
OMG!! Why am i hittin 68-74 degrees
Athlon XP-M Compatibility
How fast will this chip go?
quick question
New MB and CPU
Oh look It's twins!
AMD Courts Gamers for 64-Bit Chip
Most Overclocked
Xp1800 Jixib
xp 1700+ week 302 vs week 312 and..
Barton VS XP
3200 a good buy?
3200 a good buy?
Fried It!!
Cheapest chip for o/c below 1700?
Sound like I hit the wall??? (1700+ Question)
Xp2500+ Aqxea @2492mhz
How high will it go?!
A64 or AFX? Differences?
New Processor 1700+ (results)
Hands down for that kid!!
Anyone heard of this 1800 Stepping?
ok this is wierd..
Barton 2500+ AQZEA
what about these settings?
W00T 2500+ @ 2500mhz
TBred XP2100
AMD Athlon XP 2500+ Stepping?
Athlon 64 @ 2.8ghz does SuperPi in 30 seconds
Is 58 C too hot for a 2500+ Barton running at 2.2 at 1.75v core?
It's a long shot!
Which new CPU for my old socket A board?
hmm weird problem, help please
2500+ vs, 3000+
Duron 1.4 benchmarks
Barton 2500 + NF7-S rev2 = unstable oc?
Possible solution to the 2200+ and other Tbred in old mobos
a long question
Barton 3000+ OC Q's
So who wants to try an apple (bred)?
New package Amd Cpu. How to mod.
Athlon64 Release
xp1800 dlt3c JIXHB
I have a 133 Mhz fsb duron??
Athlon to Athlon XP
what do you guys use to fill the laser cuts?
Amd 1700xp + Msi Kt4 Ultra -sr
1800+ juihb dl3tc refusing to oc properly
Need new cpu....Barton or TBred?
1700+ Pal0mino left in the dust?
CPU Hardware ADD-ON
How to kill a T-Bred B........A major goof
Barton 2500+ first overclock
Looking for Athlon64 FX Data Sheet
AMD types
Found some Applebreds
Barton Won't do 9.0 Multiplier
AMD advice needed MB + CPU
Is this pushing it??
sensible way to close L1 bridges
Got 2x 1800+ from neweg- KIUHB DUT3C 0325's
amd xp barton
wtf is wrong with my 1700
Overclocking an older 900mhz duron.
how to find out if cpu dead?
question about stock speed ,
Problem with 2200+
New processor: 1700+
AMD Classic
Aqxea 0334spmw
1800+ Great Start then bleh
Considering Overclock
Best Time to Buy a "-hammer"
New Xcal Barton gauranteed stepping.
Broken CPU? - Help me!!
New Athlon Unlocking Method
2500+ Aqxea 0331
Don't think this has been posted, Duron(applebred) review.
Not unlocked: Only 2100+ and higher T-Breds and 3000+ Barton post higher multipliers
Did I hit the limit?
Amd Spec Help
New Durons : anyone got one?
What does the "3000+" stand for?
whens the 64 coming?
Overclock AMD Athlon to 3.2Ghz
New Processor
Rather disturbing method of removing silver heatsink paste from an XP
All multis above 12.5 reset CPU to 1100 MHz (nForce2 + T-Bred B)
check out my LATEST OC!!
How do I disable the CPU interface?
Question on OC'ing Bartons
My First Overclock :)
Best Ram to use with a moderately overclocked xp1700 ?
xp2600 - 266 & 333
What Prime95 settings do you use?
OCing my old athlon t-bird..help!!!
HELP, Athlon and Biostar wont' boot,,, again,,
333fsb @ 400fsb
What a difference of a few degrees makes...
2100+ won't do 2200mhz?
2100+ won
How long has your Barton been stable
amd 533mhz restarting automatically
Barton socket wire voltage mod.
AMD retail fans vibrate?
Athlon sockets - where to buy?
2.4ghz AMD?
Amd Sucks!
Do K7 1100s o/c any good?
The ID.10T CPU test
i have no idea what went wrong
Is my PSU too small for this overclocked AMD CPU?
AS3 question....remount?
2100 or 2500
how do i unlock a 1300 duron?
8RDA+ 1.1 w/ Barton 2500+
before 2.3ghz ok, now after xdream>slk800u NO GO?
Leaving CMOS jumper on clear by accident
Xp 3000+ 333fsb!
Can't pass prime 95 at 2.2ghz on water
Having SERIOUS problems with my 2500
Safe Temp?
frustrating overclock
1700+ Types
New Barton in The Nebulous !
Help with overclocking.
Is it me
wow, lapping and ceramique really work!
2500 identified as garbage
overclocking AMD 3000+.....
What's the big deal about Athlon64 pricing?
Thunderbird 1400 multiplier
Buying new CPU
Bridge blowing on new packaging
2400+ o/c & BSOD
I screwed up!!
I screwed up!!
I screwed up!!
Why Can"t I Go 200????
Temperature and Voltage...
Help OCing a Barton 2500+
CPU-Z glitch
Can't find my lockup problem
Who's going to be the brave soul?
System overheats
Guide to overclocking/about overclocking
Athlon 64 available in retail Now!
TEMPS for antiques
Stepping of the CPU help
Help on 1700+ Proc
I thought this was known for a while now?
Running 2100+ going to downgrade to k7 1100...no post?
Newbie wondering about his cpu
My first overclock.....
Socket A for 533fsb?
What's the second number?
quick question b4 i buy
Need 2 new CPU's
Who wants to see an Athlon-FX51?
1800+ from NewEgg
Wholly CRAP
please sir can I have my Mulipliers
AMD 1700+ Jiuhb question
Excaliber 1800+....Initial Results Inside
OEM CPU Stepping?
FSB above 200 won't post with a multi below 11! (DLT3C 1700+, A7N8X DLX 2.0)
Temperature readings...
1700+ JIUCB 0325 DUT3C what do u think?
Video lockup. help me out!!
how fast for a 1700xp "b" JUHIB, DU3TC?
Safe Temps for Mobo and Cpu OC'd?
Noob asking for help
Noob asking for help
Newegg & Barton 2500+
Athlon Optimised Programs
Opteron Multiplier Adjustment
What do you guys mean by Volt Modded?
Thunderbird 1.4g clocking question
Barton 2500+ AQXEA 0331 SPMW
new to the world of bartons
how can i get another 100mhz
Barton 2500+ AQXEA 0331 SPMW
AIXHB Question
i think i need a volt mod
best place to get 1700+ JUIHB DLT3C ??
best place to get 1700+ JUIHB DLT3C ??
Barton 2500 = 2200 Speeds?
getting me an opteron :D
2745mhz with 1700+ ?
Advice on my 2nd computer to play with
2 xp2800 bartons from newegg, different colors?
Might be getting an opteron 244 in the next few weeks :D
Opteron 146 spanking P4 to its knees
athlon fx questions
Just picked up 2500+ with AQXEA-0330-XPMW stepping
Some help!!!!
DLV4D Bartons?
Suggestions for new system
64bit on its way! expected price anyone???
some advice please
How many volts can a 1700+ DLT3C handle?
Transform AMD Duron Into AMD Athlon XP CPUs
2400 OCing problem
2500 or 2600 ?
Q on cpu temps
any burn in time for retail amd cpu with given pcm?
Thoroughbred vs. Barton Overclocking
Whats the safe range for PCI/AGP slots to be oc'd at?
Athlon 64 Video
Overclockers illness... What should I do?
athlon 64 3dmark tests
Athlon64 e-mail from AMD...
Turn new Durons into XP's
Nforce 2 unlocking barton??? HELP
HELP!!! Did I crack my cpu hav
Palomino unlocked from the factory?
defective CPU parT II
Advice on my XP2500@3ghz
2200B results
Blazing non-OC'd CPU
1600+ Thourobreads out apparently!
13+ multipliers
the new Athlon 64 entry-level $416.. :(
eXcaliberPC 1800+...
Strange Problem setting Voltage on my processor?? Any Suggestions?
My New AMD system
1700+ dlt3c misbehaving >:-(
Athlon nt???
Where to buy Barton 2500+ & NF7-S?
check out the nf3/a64 benchies- w00t!
Steps to overclock my CPU
What's wrong with my 1700+??
Trying to stabilize barton 3000 @ 2500mhz-ideas?
My CPU died, anyway way I can fix it?
BARTON AQXEA, the reality
New to forums-but need some help!
New Excaliber 1800+ DLT3C
2500 barton temp
1800+....2300MHz out of the box
multiplier or bus speed?
2800+ barton
New underclocked 1800xp?
DL3TC stepping?
Where did all my mulitpliers go?!
WHich Barton 2500+ ?
barton 2500+
voltage upped to 1.86
xp3000 BARTON CORE (400fsb)
Is this a Tbred A or B
How is a Athlon 64 in a true 64?
Any new B cores from Newegg
2500 barton help
OCing for a Moron?
T-Bred B Cache Issue..?
did the 5th l3 bridge, now system will not boot
Anandtech opteron review!
Real physical difference between xp2600/266 and xp2600/333?
a7n266-e & 1800+ palomino. will the wire in socket trick work???
DLT3C 0319 dies after just 7 days of use
What is the difference between Palomino & Thoroughbred
this poor dlt3c 1700+
Hot News!!!!!
1.33 thunderbird won't change multiplier???
CPU Only For "Good Boys"
processor usage when in bios question
1700+ Dlt3c + vapochill pe = crushed vcore
AMD 2000+/ MSI KT4 Ultra
K7N2 Delta w/nForce 2 chipset
2500+ Watercool OC: Still has potential!!
Barton 2500+
My Processor is displaying weird results.
What HSF do you have ?
Thorughbred B questions
a dilema
New AMD 64's... kind of....
What exactly is a "Y" chip
1800+ Dlt3c Jiuhb0321xpmw
Do you have to cut the bridges to unlock an XP?
another stupid problem
more stupid problems :(
xp1700 b multi problem
Who cools for more than the price of the CPU?
Need help overclocking my Athlon 2800+
does this REALLY WORK??!
Experience required: 1700+
Overclocking my Athlon 3000--expert opinions needed!
My Barton 2500+ turned into a 3200+ ?!
getting over 200fsb
Fake Athlons On Sale !!
Voltage for my CPU?
help with amd atholon 2000+ over clock
I can get AIXHB's
AMD's Athlon FX beats Intel's Pentium 4 3.2 GHz in almost every way
dlt3c jiuhb 1700+ stepping..
2500+ not being detected correctly
overclocking question..
Lets See If My New PSU Proves To Be Usefull! In Aiding My Overclock!
Blowing L3 bridge with batteries....
XP 1700+ - multipliers 11.5 and higher innaccesible
2.3 Ghz and beyond w/ Barton 2500
Newegg XP1800's
Athlon 64 benches and comparisons
Is a barton better then an tbred for encoding?
New *Super Rig*
Dual Opteron Review
XP 2400+ stepping question
So are Tbred-B cores already unlocked ?
cut bridges using electricity on TBred B
shoud i?
Athlon or Athlon XP?
Windows98 make amd processors slower
need some help
My1700+ DLT3C résults!
XPs, MPs, and other assorted CPUs
Server CPUs
palomino temperature..
Dumb Question
Burn in - High voltage, low temp, low speed, then what?
Multiplier translation
Everyone please read and help
never oced an amd
help me trouble shoot my OC
I think I just broke my cherry
Overclock FSB = lower temp?
1700 DUTC3 high vcore?
Need Newbe Mobo Help
Change Multipliers without Modding your chip
The Best Overclocking Motherboard!!
NEED European shop for 1700+ DLT3C
Where can I buy a 1700+ B DLT3C
Biggest 2500 undervolt
XP2200+ Capabilities
Always at 100% load
1700 and what motherboard?
Whats the best overclocking CPU for AMD???
Opteron low end. Why?
HELP quick!!
I'm ordering a 2500+ tomorrow/sunday...
How high do you think a 1700+ DUT3C could go with my setup?
Raw Speed--> 1700 or 2500?
Overclocked 3200+ Results?
2600+ experiances please
How HIGH have you OC'd your 2400+?
Barton 2800
losing guarantee of AMD proc
Cutting pins off an AMD CPU???
DLT3C or DUT3C ??
What would you guys do?
What should I expect?
I.. can't... remember!!!11oneone
1700+ dlt3c chip
1800+ with a7v333 wont oc
How do I (pin mod?) Volt mod my Tbred 1700+ ? (ASUS board here)
AIUHB 0327MPM, what's the 0327MPM about?
Barton 2500+ vs. Thoroughbred 2600+
2600+ help please
Hihg FSB only when hot?
How Do Yu Attach H20 Block To Amd?
Is 2.05V for a DUT3C Tbred B?
XP1700+ @ 2.6GHz 8RDA+ owners help!!
Unlocking the Barton 2500+
which version has better potential for overclocking?
CPU/DRAM Ratio Question
game exits to desktop
how to tell a 1700dlt3c??
Advise + info needed
Question about barton 2500
Go Further?
help me build a budget rig
Mobile XP Question
**Help me find the Sweetspot**
thoroughbred on K7T266 Pro2, any chance?
Duron 1.6Ghz Review
temped at getting an amd...
is this enought cooling?
12x133 1700+
1700+ overclock question.
unlocking multi by socket
1700+ blacks out...
Overclockability of a not very overclockable chip
is it ok to overclock a amd 2500+
Quick Question on Xp 1800+ B Stepping
Maj. differences between Tbred A & B?
Any Athlon Slot A overclockers out there?
MP mod for new XPs?
Who has OC'd a 3200+ Barton???
L3 Bridge mod...
AXDA2500DKV4D Y864937200242 AQXEA0330VPMW stepping is good or not
AXDA2500DKV4D Y864937200242 AQXEA0330VPMW stepping is good or not
More 1700+ Results...
Good OC at low voltage?
best chip for undervolting
Why has CPU got hotter
So far so good.
2400 O/c
telephone cord mod ?
xp2100 overclocking help
Sanding CPU's
n00bish question: why wasn't multiplier locked
Barton 2500+
Barton 2500+
What is the true FSB of the Xp 3000+???
Bartons !!
DL3TC and voltage
2100+ Palomino core totally useless or oc'ing?
Should I buy a new Processor?
barton 2500
My xp 3000+ won't oc past 2.41 ghz. Is there anything else I can do?
need some basic help plz
A7N8X rev.2 & Barton2.5+ stuck with 166fsb
1700+ and 2100+ help
1700+ results with a little tweaking.
how's the new 1800 DLT3C ?
L3 bridge tampered. Why?
Why do people do this?
How many 2500s have hit 2.2GHZ?
What can I do with this?
Recommend me a heatsink + fan!
Asus A7V (classic kt133) & 2400+
New stepping!
Overclocking the Duron 1.2GHz
overclocking 2500+ to 3200+
1700+ DLT3C or 2100+ DUT3C
Wait for appalbred or not?
Athlon mobile laptop w/ pointing stick
my barton overclocking...........
n00b here, question about xp 2100
Abit NF7-S + AMD 1700 - System not working >.<
Overlocking Athlon XP 2600+
More Volts needed than before, why?
AMD Duron 1.80GHz
Need a stepping for a 2400xp
so new I dont know where to start
L7 Bridges
L7 Bridges
It won't even boot!
stepping question
new to overclocking
damn i got a bad barton :(
How to go past the 12.5x limit on 1700+ ?
1700+ A?
need help o/c 2500+ on a k7n2
strange problems
i need some help :\
Need Overclcoking info
1700+ & General Comments
alright, thats it my 1800+ can't be OCed
I need a new prosessor...
1700+ Kuihb
1700 Overclock to 2.5 on air Need help with stability
Sorting out the AMD K8 mess o' chips
QUICK! I need the cheapest/best oc'ing AMD I can get!
2600+ questions
overclocking an older duron 800
My new 2000+
TBird 1100 Palomino cooling problems
AMD to migrate Athlon XP to 754 pins
Seems Like AMD is repeating its past.
CPU speed control knob?
Overclocking 1700+ on Soyo KT400 Ultra Platinum
How are these temps?
New Chip New OC (2400+ AIUHB)
Temperatures, again
Maximum safe VCore for TBred B?
Highest everyday voltage with Prometia
Highest 1700+,2100+,2500+ Overclocks
Upgrading laptops?
Could someone talk me through overclocking my XP2500+ with NF7 Mobo?
Help with Barton 2500+ please
How high should I expect to OC a 2400+ AIUHB (TbredB)
why ppl buy a 2500+ if 1700 can oc more?
Is it worth it?
My Overclock.... I NEED HELP!
need more vcore
Quest for 2.7 GHz
Maximum Voltage
Newbie overclocker here HELP! --> XP 2500+
AMD Athlon 64 Video
my 1700+ exp
2600+ Overclock on lower end mobo
Has any1 scored 18-20,000 3dmarks with a 1700
This Dut3c overclockable? is it an a or b?
Do I have a A or a B?
1800 DLT3C vs 2100 AIUHB
chip vs. chip
1200 MHz only at 900
upgrading to xp 2500 have 4 steppings to choose from?