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I screwed up!!
Why Can"t I Go 200????
Temperature and Voltage...
Help OCing a Barton 2500+
CPU-Z glitch
Can't find my lockup problem
Who's going to be the brave soul?
System overheats
Guide to overclocking/about overclocking
Athlon 64 available in retail Now!
TEMPS for antiques
Stepping of the CPU help
Help on 1700+ Proc
I thought this was known for a while now?
Running 2100+ going to downgrade to k7 1100...no post?
Newbie wondering about his cpu
My first overclock.....
Socket A for 533fsb?
What's the second number?
quick question b4 i buy
Need 2 new CPU's
Who wants to see an Athlon-FX51?
1800+ from NewEgg
Wholly CRAP
please sir can I have my Mulipliers
AMD 1700+ Jiuhb question
Excaliber 1800+....Initial Results Inside
OEM CPU Stepping?
FSB above 200 won't post with a multi below 11! (DLT3C 1700+, A7N8X DLX 2.0)
Temperature readings...
1700+ JIUCB 0325 DUT3C what do u think?
Video lockup. help me out!!
how fast for a 1700xp "b" JUHIB, DU3TC?
Safe Temps for Mobo and Cpu OC'd?
Noob asking for help
Noob asking for help
Newegg & Barton 2500+
Athlon Optimised Programs
Opteron Multiplier Adjustment
What do you guys mean by Volt Modded?
Thunderbird 1.4g clocking question
Barton 2500+ AQXEA 0331 SPMW
new to the world of bartons
how can i get another 100mhz
Barton 2500+ AQXEA 0331 SPMW
AIXHB Question
i think i need a volt mod
best place to get 1700+ JUIHB DLT3C ??
best place to get 1700+ JUIHB DLT3C ??
Barton 2500 = 2200 Speeds?
getting me an opteron :D
2745mhz with 1700+ ?
Advice on my 2nd computer to play with
2 xp2800 bartons from newegg, different colors?
Might be getting an opteron 244 in the next few weeks :D
Opteron 146 spanking P4 to its knees
athlon fx questions
Just picked up 2500+ with AQXEA-0330-XPMW stepping
Some help!!!!
DLV4D Bartons?
Suggestions for new system
64bit on its way! expected price anyone???
some advice please
How many volts can a 1700+ DLT3C handle?
Transform AMD Duron Into AMD Athlon XP CPUs
2400 OCing problem
2500 or 2600 ?
Q on cpu temps
any burn in time for retail amd cpu with given pcm?
Thoroughbred vs. Barton Overclocking
Whats the safe range for PCI/AGP slots to be oc'd at?
Athlon 64 Video
Overclockers illness... What should I do?
athlon 64 3dmark tests
Athlon64 e-mail from AMD...
Turn new Durons into XP's
Nforce 2 unlocking barton??? HELP
HELP!!! Did I crack my cpu hav
Palomino unlocked from the factory?
defective CPU parT II
Advice on my XP2500@3ghz
2200B results
Blazing non-OC'd CPU
1600+ Thourobreads out apparently!
13+ multipliers
the new Athlon 64 entry-level $416.. :(
eXcaliberPC 1800+...
Strange Problem setting Voltage on my processor?? Any Suggestions?
My New AMD system
1700+ dlt3c misbehaving >:-(
Athlon nt???
Where to buy Barton 2500+ & NF7-S?
check out the nf3/a64 benchies- w00t!
Steps to overclock my CPU
What's wrong with my 1700+??
Trying to stabilize barton 3000 @ 2500mhz-ideas?
My CPU died, anyway way I can fix it?
BARTON AQXEA, the reality
New to forums-but need some help!
New Excaliber 1800+ DLT3C
2500 barton temp
1800+....2300MHz out of the box
multiplier or bus speed?
2800+ barton
New underclocked 1800xp?
DL3TC stepping?
Where did all my mulitpliers go?!
WHich Barton 2500+ ?
barton 2500+
voltage upped to 1.86
xp3000 BARTON CORE (400fsb)
Is this a Tbred A or B
How is a Athlon 64 in a true 64?
Any new B cores from Newegg
2500 barton help
OCing for a Moron?
T-Bred B Cache Issue..?
did the 5th l3 bridge, now system will not boot
Anandtech opteron review!
Real physical difference between xp2600/266 and xp2600/333?
a7n266-e & 1800+ palomino. will the wire in socket trick work???
DLT3C 0319 dies after just 7 days of use
What is the difference between Palomino & Thoroughbred
this poor dlt3c 1700+
Hot News!!!!!
1.33 thunderbird won't change multiplier???
CPU Only For "Good Boys"
processor usage when in bios question
1700+ Dlt3c + vapochill pe = crushed vcore
AMD 2000+/ MSI KT4 Ultra
K7N2 Delta w/nForce 2 chipset
2500+ Watercool OC: Still has potential!!
Barton 2500+
My Processor is displaying weird results.
What HSF do you have ?
Thorughbred B questions
a dilema
New AMD 64's... kind of....
What exactly is a "Y" chip
1800+ Dlt3c Jiuhb0321xpmw
Do you have to cut the bridges to unlock an XP?
another stupid problem
more stupid problems :(
xp1700 b multi problem
Who cools for more than the price of the CPU?
Need help overclocking my Athlon 2800+
does this REALLY WORK??!
Experience required: 1700+
Overclocking my Athlon 3000--expert opinions needed!
My Barton 2500+ turned into a 3200+ ?!
getting over 200fsb
Fake Athlons On Sale !!
Voltage for my CPU?
help with amd atholon 2000+ over clock
I can get AIXHB's
AMD's Athlon FX beats Intel's Pentium 4 3.2 GHz in almost every way
dlt3c jiuhb 1700+ stepping..
2500+ not being detected correctly
overclocking question..
Lets See If My New PSU Proves To Be Usefull! In Aiding My Overclock!
Blowing L3 bridge with batteries....
XP 1700+ - multipliers 11.5 and higher innaccesible
2.3 Ghz and beyond w/ Barton 2500
Newegg XP1800's
Athlon 64 benches and comparisons
Is a barton better then an tbred for encoding?
New *Super Rig*
Dual Opteron Review
XP 2400+ stepping question
So are Tbred-B cores already unlocked ?
cut bridges using electricity on TBred B
shoud i?
Athlon or Athlon XP?
Windows98 make amd processors slower
need some help
My1700+ DLT3C résults!
XPs, MPs, and other assorted CPUs
Server CPUs
palomino temperature..
Dumb Question
Burn in - High voltage, low temp, low speed, then what?
Multiplier translation
Everyone please read and help
never oced an amd
help me trouble shoot my OC
I think I just broke my cherry
Overclock FSB = lower temp?
1700 DUTC3 high vcore?
Need Newbe Mobo Help
Change Multipliers without Modding your chip
The Best Overclocking Motherboard!!
NEED European shop for 1700+ DLT3C
Where can I buy a 1700+ B DLT3C
Biggest 2500 undervolt
XP2200+ Capabilities
Always at 100% load
1700 and what motherboard?
Whats the best overclocking CPU for AMD???
Opteron low end. Why?
HELP quick!!
I'm ordering a 2500+ tomorrow/sunday...
How high do you think a 1700+ DUT3C could go with my setup?
Raw Speed--> 1700 or 2500?
Overclocked 3200+ Results?
2600+ experiances please
How HIGH have you OC'd your 2400+?
Barton 2800
losing guarantee of AMD proc
Cutting pins off an AMD CPU???
DLT3C or DUT3C ??
What would you guys do?
What should I expect?
I.. can't... remember!!!11oneone
1700+ dlt3c chip
1800+ with a7v333 wont oc
How do I (pin mod?) Volt mod my Tbred 1700+ ? (ASUS board here)
AIUHB 0327MPM, what's the 0327MPM about?
Barton 2500+ vs. Thoroughbred 2600+
2600+ help please
Hihg FSB only when hot?
How Do Yu Attach H20 Block To Amd?
Is 2.05V for a DUT3C Tbred B?
XP1700+ @ 2.6GHz 8RDA+ owners help!!
Unlocking the Barton 2500+
which version has better potential for overclocking?
CPU/DRAM Ratio Question
game exits to desktop
how to tell a 1700dlt3c??
Advise + info needed
Question about barton 2500
Go Further?
help me build a budget rig
Mobile XP Question
**Help me find the Sweetspot**
thoroughbred on K7T266 Pro2, any chance?
Duron 1.6Ghz Review
temped at getting an amd...
is this enought cooling?
12x133 1700+
1700+ overclock question.
unlocking multi by socket
1700+ blacks out...
Overclockability of a not very overclockable chip
is it ok to overclock a amd 2500+
Quick Question on Xp 1800+ B Stepping
Maj. differences between Tbred A & B?
Any Athlon Slot A overclockers out there?
MP mod for new XPs?
Who has OC'd a 3200+ Barton???
L3 Bridge mod...
AXDA2500DKV4D Y864937200242 AQXEA0330VPMW stepping is good or not
AXDA2500DKV4D Y864937200242 AQXEA0330VPMW stepping is good or not
More 1700+ Results...
Good OC at low voltage?
best chip for undervolting
Why has CPU got hotter
So far so good.
2400 O/c
telephone cord mod ?
xp2100 overclocking help
Sanding CPU's
n00bish question: why wasn't multiplier locked
Barton 2500+
Barton 2500+
What is the true FSB of the Xp 3000+???
Bartons !!
DL3TC and voltage
2100+ Palomino core totally useless or oc'ing?
Should I buy a new Processor?
barton 2500
My xp 3000+ won't oc past 2.41 ghz. Is there anything else I can do?
need some basic help plz
A7N8X rev.2 & Barton2.5+ stuck with 166fsb
1700+ and 2100+ help
1700+ results with a little tweaking.
how's the new 1800 DLT3C ?
L3 bridge tampered. Why?
Why do people do this?
How many 2500s have hit 2.2GHZ?
What can I do with this?
Recommend me a heatsink + fan!
Asus A7V (classic kt133) & 2400+
New stepping!
Overclocking the Duron 1.2GHz
overclocking 2500+ to 3200+
1700+ DLT3C or 2100+ DUT3C
Wait for appalbred or not?
Athlon mobile laptop w/ pointing stick
my barton overclocking...........
n00b here, question about xp 2100
Abit NF7-S + AMD 1700 - System not working >.<
Overlocking Athlon XP 2600+
More Volts needed than before, why?
AMD Duron 1.80GHz
Need a stepping for a 2400xp
so new I dont know where to start
L7 Bridges
L7 Bridges
It won't even boot!
stepping question
new to overclocking
damn i got a bad barton :(
How to go past the 12.5x limit on 1700+ ?
1700+ A?
need help o/c 2500+ on a k7n2
strange problems
i need some help :\
Need Overclcoking info
1700+ & General Comments
alright, thats it my 1800+ can't be OCed
I need a new prosessor...
1700+ Kuihb
1700 Overclock to 2.5 on air Need help with stability
Sorting out the AMD K8 mess o' chips
QUICK! I need the cheapest/best oc'ing AMD I can get!
2600+ questions
overclocking an older duron 800
My new 2000+
TBird 1100 Palomino cooling problems
AMD to migrate Athlon XP to 754 pins
Seems Like AMD is repeating its past.
CPU speed control knob?
Overclocking 1700+ on Soyo KT400 Ultra Platinum
How are these temps?
New Chip New OC (2400+ AIUHB)
Temperatures, again
Maximum safe VCore for TBred B?
Highest everyday voltage with Prometia
Highest 1700+,2100+,2500+ Overclocks
Upgrading laptops?
Could someone talk me through overclocking my XP2500+ with NF7 Mobo?
Help with Barton 2500+ please
How high should I expect to OC a 2400+ AIUHB (TbredB)
why ppl buy a 2500+ if 1700 can oc more?
Is it worth it?
My Overclock.... I NEED HELP!
need more vcore
Quest for 2.7 GHz
Maximum Voltage
Newbie overclocker here HELP! --> XP 2500+
AMD Athlon 64 Video
my 1700+ exp
2600+ Overclock on lower end mobo
Has any1 scored 18-20,000 3dmarks with a 1700
This Dut3c overclockable? is it an a or b?
Do I have a A or a B?
1800 DLT3C vs 2100 AIUHB
chip vs. chip
1200 MHz only at 900
upgrading to xp 2500 have 4 steppings to choose from?
Didnt hurt the first time
Minor CPU upgrade, reinstall WinXP?
Barton 2500 Couple of Q's Please
need help o/c my 2400+
1700 B (DUT3C) needs 1.8v @ 2.2GHz the norm?
When I win the lottery...
What would the PR rating for a TBred-b @2500mhz
What wattage are you @
2500 Barton or 2600?
Need help oc'ing NF7-S and 2800
1700 DLT3C or 2100 AIUHB?
xp1700+ DLT3C overclock
OEM or Boxed?
Newsflash! AMD Appalbred CPU out in two weeks!
What is an AthlonFX ?_? Rumor ?_?
UNDERclocking a processor
Identifying chip voltage
AMD rumors
overclocking my xp1800+
Investors cheer AMD on hopes for new chips
Whats the difference between a standard AMD XP and an AMD XP Thoroughbred?
tbred a or b
DUT3C 1700 VC Increase available?
AthlonXP 2400+ AIXHB Rocks!
Faulty hardware/cpu plz help going broke
Post your DLT3C results here
2400+ overclocking question
Barton 2500+ .......Making progess
barton 2500+ L12 Mod
upgrading from 1800+
1700+ Question
just got my 1700s in
help with dut3c 1700 xp
Why didnt AMD see this?!?
I have a....?
Crappy 2500 barton? (AQXDA stepping)
How are your Summer temps?
A7n8x Barton 2500+ Questions
Need your opinions...
??? SLK-800 (OLD) work with BARTON???
Can 2000+ Tbred go over 12.5x?
DLT3C - % chance of being a 'B'?
~~ New 1800 - JIUHB DLT3C ~~
Quick 1700+ stepping question
www.memorylabs.com bought a 1700
Are there going to be an AMD reality Check this year?
New 1800+ vs 1700+
Barton 2500+ -- AQZEA?
what extent are hardware faults acceptable?
Not so funny....
best amd cpu for overclocking?
please help
Ahhhh!!! Help!
Barton 2500+ showing as Mobile processor??
AQXEA 0330VPMW anyone?
Two AMD Processors die in 2 days
Barton 2500?
Unplanned downgrade
AMD 3200 anyone have overclocking tips
Core Color vs. Stepping
Which would be better
Just got my 1700+ dlt3c - Results inside
how to find out cpu speed?
Cheapest ship to hit 2.5ghz?
Whats your Barton 2500 temp ? HSF ?
Athlon XP or MP?
will too high a vcore make cpu unstable?
Athlon XP 2700+ @ 2405 Hit Wall?
I have a theory...
GameVE 1700
Getting into windows....
2 barton steppings
Is a AMD BARTON 2500/FSB=266 good for gaming
Post code and CPU mahiem
Wich one of these 1700+ ?
someone teach me something
XP2500+ mobile chip ??
Bartons XP2500 Stepping
Changing Front Side Bus While computer is turned on?
OCing 400Mhz FSB Athlons ?
xp2600+ stepping...
CPU Temp question
1700 O/Cing question?
Best steppings for 1700+ & 2100+
Best place for 2500+
1800+ Jiuhb Dlt3c !!!
Barton Xp2500 O/C assistance please
1800 Tbred "B"
How Long Between FSB Increase Steps?
1700 Tbred DUT3Cs
worth unlocking 2100xp for 5 more fsb?
anyone know ex. what cpu interface does?
Upgrade to athlon 2400??? Opinions please.
1600 stepping question
What multipliers will I be able to see?
Best board for XP 2500+?
NEW SUPER CHIP! 1800+ resaults inside!
Gotta love the low voltage b stepping
Actual advantage for Nforce2 vs KT400-600
looking for 1700tho in canada
AthlonXP 1700+ question
anyone help mu cpu is way to hot (highest i say was 75 degress celcius!)
Unlocked or Not?
fsb question
Anyone ordered from Newegg recently (and what are the best steppings)
high 3dm2k1/dollar ratio and other strange figures
AMD's New King For Overclocking!! The AthlonXP 1800+ JIXHB DLT3C 0321
How's this overclock?
Is CH-5 or BH-5 better for my Barton 2500+?
Whats better when set to the same noise level, Aero 7+ or slk 800/sk7?? and 120mm?
argh cant get fsb over 145!!
so I got me an awsome deal on an 1800+ dLt3c!!!!
1700+ @ 2500mhz
Pretty Good OC for a 1700+ T'Bred A, right?
2400+ o/c problems
Barton gaining time?
MSI KT4V-L and XP 2100+
Anybody seen and nForce2 board ... that is NOT locked?
wcpuid, bios, what?
Leave the damn thing run.
Need advice with upgrades
Blue Screen of Death (barton 2500)
Barton Vcore/Temp
Amd K-6
Is there other way connecting bridges than conductive ?
I think the 1700+ is the best bang for the buck...but is there better?
Abit NF7 2.0 vs Abit NF7-S 2.0
1700+ 0310 vs 0311
xp1700, xp2500
Not up to date...
cant find my steppings
brown vs. green 2500+?
Multiplier Question
Multiplier Question
Multiplier Question
Need a new CPU.
whats amd k7 and k8?
much better now