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1200 MHz only at 900
upgrading to xp 2500 have 4 steppings to choose from?
Didnt hurt the first time
Minor CPU upgrade, reinstall WinXP?
Barton 2500 Couple of Q's Please
need help o/c my 2400+
1700 B (DUT3C) needs 1.8v @ 2.2GHz the norm?
When I win the lottery...
What would the PR rating for a TBred-b @2500mhz
What wattage are you @
2500 Barton or 2600?
Need help oc'ing NF7-S and 2800
1700 DLT3C or 2100 AIUHB?
xp1700+ DLT3C overclock
OEM or Boxed?
Newsflash! AMD Appalbred CPU out in two weeks!
What is an AthlonFX ?_? Rumor ?_?
UNDERclocking a processor
Identifying chip voltage
AMD rumors
overclocking my xp1800+
Investors cheer AMD on hopes for new chips
Whats the difference between a standard AMD XP and an AMD XP Thoroughbred?
tbred a or b
DUT3C 1700 VC Increase available?
AthlonXP 2400+ AIXHB Rocks!
Faulty hardware/cpu plz help going broke
Post your DLT3C results here
2400+ overclocking question
Barton 2500+ .......Making progess
barton 2500+ L12 Mod
upgrading from 1800+
1700+ Question
just got my 1700s in
help with dut3c 1700 xp
Why didnt AMD see this?!?
I have a....?
Crappy 2500 barton? (AQXDA stepping)
How are your Summer temps?
A7n8x Barton 2500+ Questions
Need your opinions...
??? SLK-800 (OLD) work with BARTON???
Can 2000+ Tbred go over 12.5x?
DLT3C - % chance of being a 'B'?
~~ New 1800 - JIUHB DLT3C ~~
Quick 1700+ stepping question
www.memorylabs.com bought a 1700
Are there going to be an AMD reality Check this year?
New 1800+ vs 1700+
Barton 2500+ -- AQZEA?
what extent are hardware faults acceptable?
Not so funny....
best amd cpu for overclocking?
please help
Ahhhh!!! Help!
Barton 2500+ showing as Mobile processor??
AQXEA 0330VPMW anyone?
Two AMD Processors die in 2 days
Barton 2500?
Unplanned downgrade
AMD 3200 anyone have overclocking tips
Core Color vs. Stepping
Which would be better
Just got my 1700+ dlt3c - Results inside
how to find out cpu speed?
Cheapest ship to hit 2.5ghz?
Whats your Barton 2500 temp ? HSF ?
Athlon XP or MP?
will too high a vcore make cpu unstable?
Athlon XP 2700+ @ 2405 Hit Wall?
I have a theory...
GameVE 1700
Getting into windows....
2 barton steppings
Is a AMD BARTON 2500/FSB=266 good for gaming
Post code and CPU mahiem
Wich one of these 1700+ ?
someone teach me something
XP2500+ mobile chip ??
Bartons XP2500 Stepping
Changing Front Side Bus While computer is turned on?
OCing 400Mhz FSB Athlons ?
xp2600+ stepping...
CPU Temp question
1700 O/Cing question?
Best steppings for 1700+ & 2100+
Best place for 2500+
1800+ Jiuhb Dlt3c !!!
Barton Xp2500 O/C assistance please
1800 Tbred "B"
How Long Between FSB Increase Steps?
1700 Tbred DUT3Cs
worth unlocking 2100xp for 5 more fsb?
anyone know ex. what cpu interface does?
Upgrade to athlon 2400??? Opinions please.
1600 stepping question
What multipliers will I be able to see?
Best board for XP 2500+?
NEW SUPER CHIP! 1800+ resaults inside!
Gotta love the low voltage b stepping
Actual advantage for Nforce2 vs KT400-600
looking for 1700tho in canada
AthlonXP 1700+ question
anyone help mu cpu is way to hot (highest i say was 75 degress celcius!)
Unlocked or Not?
fsb question
Anyone ordered from Newegg recently (and what are the best steppings)
high 3dm2k1/dollar ratio and other strange figures
AMD's New King For Overclocking!! The AthlonXP 1800+ JIXHB DLT3C 0321
How's this overclock?
Is CH-5 or BH-5 better for my Barton 2500+?
Whats better when set to the same noise level, Aero 7+ or slk 800/sk7?? and 120mm?
argh cant get fsb over 145!!
so I got me an awsome deal on an 1800+ dLt3c!!!!
1700+ @ 2500mhz
Pretty Good OC for a 1700+ T'Bred A, right?
2400+ o/c problems
Barton gaining time?
MSI KT4V-L and XP 2100+
Anybody seen and nForce2 board ... that is NOT locked?
wcpuid, bios, what?
Leave the damn thing run.
Need advice with upgrades
Blue Screen of Death (barton 2500)
Barton Vcore/Temp
Amd K-6
Is there other way connecting bridges than conductive ?
I think the 1700+ is the best bang for the buck...but is there better?
Abit NF7 2.0 vs Abit NF7-S 2.0
1700+ 0310 vs 0311
xp1700, xp2500
Not up to date...
cant find my steppings
brown vs. green 2500+?
Multiplier Question
Multiplier Question
Multiplier Question
Need a new CPU.
whats amd k7 and k8?
much better now
Amd Ocing Questions (for a 2200XP)
2420mhz 2100+
Chipped core?
333 mhz FSB's 2500, 2600 + ASUS A7N8X-X question on OCin
266, 333, 400 FSB values mean anything?
My first O/c System, Few questions also...
Sudden jump from 133 FSB to 2xx FSB
The chip that was dead... And then wasn't
Barton 2500 - unlocked?
No turning back?
can a bad chip fry a board?
Definative best 2500+ stepping?
HELP - what's holding back my TBred2400+?
amd xp 2400+
How to unlock a Barton? Best Ram?
hmmm amd Athlon 64 use ...
AXDA1700DUT3C JIUHB0312TPMW needs more volts then the L correct?
1700dlt3c jiuhb 0323spmw
Overvolting +5 and +12 volt rails
Which runs cooler? 2100+ or 2200+ Quick Responce plz i dont have much time.
Athlon 64's????
AMD Athlon 64 Processor Logos
overclocking multiplier jumper
my 2500 is worse than a 2200? help?
XP1700 and Shuttle AK32A
Barton or T-Bred?
Oh no!! HELP!!!
XP1700 & A7N8X Deluxe???
2100+ B Core VS. 2500+
Best Cpu fan for under $20?
trouble OC axp2500
Opteron vs. Athlon 64
OK, so I cut the 5th L3 bridge...
any idea when the thorton will come out? if it ever does?
Overclocking xp2500 and A7n8x dlx
Wierd overclocking with my new 2100+
CODES (abridged)
How long to run Prime95
TbredXP 1700 & Abit NF7 rev2.0 boards = Not Very Friendly
are retail 1700 xp from new egg guarantee dlt3c
Barton 2500+ vs Barton 2800+
Barton XP2500 or TBred XP2600 333FSB?
REsults of my fist Overclocking experience.
stactic shock?
Is it possible to fry a chip with AS3??
600 mhz Athlon (4) in Presario 700 laptop...600 mhz???
AMD Beginner
Athlon xp 2500, o/cing questions.
quick question regarding 1700
Look what Newegg just sent me
How come no one uses PC Mark?
CPU Electron migration heat/current
nf7 + 2100
Garage sale 2400
soldering onto the L bridges
Problem with XP or my 2500+???
AMD announces Opteron Processor Model 246
help this noob plz
overclocking problem!
put together my 2nd 1700+ system
"finnaly some good info"
Need some help overclocking
Need some help overclocking
Need some help overclocking
Noob thermal paste/ overclocking ?
Think i killed my barton
2ghz Opterons
Barton 2500+ at 2.7 Supercooling
Help with upgrading CPUs
1st timer overclocking dissaster. help!
KM2M Combo-L & 1800+
Please help ASAP!!
"playing w/ my old Thunderbird 750 Slot A"
Does my CPU need to be unlocked?
anyone know anything about a gigabyte motherboard i need help.
What are my chances? 1700 Tbred B @ newegg?
New to overclocking
O/C on 1700 tbred B
750 duron ha;)
Hyper transport bus of the opteron/64
looking for the best mobo for an xp2500
FSB with AMD 2500+
over clock utility?(i am a noob)
overclocking a Barton 2500+
AGOGA core
amd athlon xp 2100+
Noob overclocking a Barton 2500, help please.
To all 2500+ Barton users! Post info inside...
overclocking amd 2200+ asus a7v8x-x
noob question cpu temp.
Is 66.5C to hot?
1800+ to a 2500+ Barton, worth it?
Gameve.com 1700+
Oced XP 2100+ without unlocking
MP or XP for overclocking?
xp 2400 oc, how well?
How to increase the default vcore value from 1.5 to 1.6?
Multi mod easy w/ K7S5A?
about my tbred "A" 1800+
I thought there were no 2400+ T-Bred A's?
1700 vs. 2100
Restarts when OC'ing?
The Gremlin!
Barton 2500 or TBred 1700?
Score!! Two AMD's for free
Is this worth messing with?
Unlocking xp2400
OK getting a little upset here
come on guys
How overclockable is the 3000+
A 1st time overclocker 2600+
amd xp processers expecting another big price job or not?
1st Overclock, could use some advice.
2500 stepping question
how to unlock higher multipliers on an a7n8x?
Need help with unlucking 14x and 15x Multi's
strangeness in the neighborhood
dead cpu?
so i OC'd my xp 1600+...
Set voltage on CPU
2800+ problem: horribly underclocked?
keeps on going xp2800+
What happend to my MOBO?
RMA'd 1600+ Pally, got back 1700+ DLT3C, is it a T-Bred A or B?
Removing stock heatsink
Is it the CPU?
"safe" voltages
Question about 1800+ error
Barton 2500+ running nicely
v-core question
Sandra: Barton 2500 same as 2200?
is this right???
2100+ dlt3c?
Good Lord!
XP 1700 and A7V333 question
later stepping is better?
dlt3c's and vcore/temp
Prime95 Help
game uses 100% of computer.. didnt used to
should I over clock AMD XP2400+
Theory on how to enable Thorton cache
Can't get more that 2.41ghz??
just got my JIUHB 1700
HELP! Im an idiot!
quick heatsink question
Proper greasing of a 2500 barton
Barton 2500+: Retail or OEM?
Vantec Aeroflow (please help)
I gotta know, 2700+ Thoroughbred or 2500+ Barton?
New System ... Yeh or Nay?
Asus A7v8x + Barton 2500
Normal temp - XP2400+??
Last Socket A processor?
1800+and system erorr config
some AXP advice needed...
Crossing over to AMD.
help please got a 600mhz duron.....
Somebody sent me an Athlon 1400. I dont know who it was.
xp2800, way to go?
higher cpu/vid: which is better?
barton 2500 stepping good?
tbred A or B
Athlon XP 2700+ @ 2408
whats the best heatsink and fan for a 2400?
Was stable, but now it's not??
What is a stepping
amd 2200 fan
Best Cpu For $$252.55
help finding CPU
this a good barton 2500+?
why does this void warrenty?
Barton 2500+ & Asus A7N8X = BLAH!
2000 B
Is my warranty void?
Tell me about Athlon 64's
Barton 3000+ too hot !?
Xp 1700+ & Msi Kt4v
Finaly got my 2500+ from newegg. (stepping code inside)
174X12.5 vs. 200X11
Tbreds and Bartons don't like slow CAS???
questions on 2600+ and dual channel
Any CPU you wanted????????
what chips are not locked?
Overclocking Barton 2500
question about athlon xp temp
Tbred temps
prime 95
athlon 1700 "stepping"
something went wrong, help!
my 2 greatest overclocks!
strange overclocking problems
200FSB stable in SIS/Burn-in but not 3DMARK2K3
220x11 or 210x12?
woo 2.1vcore
dltc/dutc whats the difference?
Big Upgrade!!
Burn-in suggestions
1700+ JIUHB DLT3C 310 VS 2500+ Barton
Athlon not optimised for .net????
Do these cpu stats look OK ?
2600+ questions
are these temps good for a 2500+ barton?
Think I found my cpu's limit.
Prime 95 question
My first overclock
How to make my 1700+ a 166 or 200Mhz chip?
What 1700+ is Newegg currently shipping?
DC Question
Barton 2500 Temps too high?!!?
hmonitor or bios temperature watching ?
200 FSB and Above !!!
2500: Lucky?
How far is good on default voltage?
stability problems
er.... can't reach 2.4 and above..
L12 mod for 1700+
PSU undervolting??
1700 tbred - info? where to buy?
Overclocking Help
Need SERIOUS help on current AMD CPUs...
Is the CPU ratio the multiplier?
Thoroughbred B - DLT3C or DUT3C
From the PSU, acceptable voltages?
Stepping help with AMD 2500+
Palomino 2000+ HI multiplier problems
My setup. How high can I go?
L1 bridges on 1.4ghz Tbird
Where to buy
buying a xp 3000 or xp 3200
How is the stepping on this 1600+??
AMD 2000+ .. advice pls !
Well..guess 2.4ghz is it for me
wierd "unstability"
Is this overclock decent?
2600+ at 58deg C, crazy?
post your first overclock
Xp 3000+
cores and nomenclature
I Have an XP 2200+ T-Bred and I want to find out if it is A or B
Have you ever had this happen to you?
Whu??? 2300+???
VCore for xp2500+
1.85volts...now what?
Other little heatsink
Why not increase voltage and FSB straight up?
Problems oc'ing the 2500+ Barton
Overclocking methods.
Should AMD revise they're PR ratings for their next generation CPUs?
I don't know how to do the voltage thing
Overclocking Athlon Slot A
just switched mobo
is there a chart for physical MHz vs the + MHz
If I set a 1.475 vcore on my 2400+ what will the max vcore be I can set in the BIOS?
overclocking novice
XP 2700+ Overclocking question
diviser for ram
Tell me this ain't wierd.
2500+ Barton Only got 12x166 :(
World's Fastest GeForce3 Ti200 + AthlonXP1700 3Dmark.
Partial Unlock... Which pins didn't I connect?
17 hours of prime95.................
Going from 1600+ to the 1700+ DLT3C and Memory!!
Should I even bother?
Mem timings...
T-bred--->Barton swap, questions
Amd Serial
Pics of My Barton and My Tbred "B"
Yay!! My thunderbird is super cool!
Barton Voltages
mis-labeled 3200 as 2500?
Question about my comp upgrade.
could my xp install be my reason for instability???
what would cause this
Need some help to get higher FSB...
Switch CPU, BSOD
Vdimm...when to raise?
Can't run Prime95 at 155 FSB
Help me design a system
Barton 2500 FSB issues
1700+ DLT3C issue...
Opteron outselling Itanium?
xp 2400+ tbred
Artifacts at higher than 200FSB
Alright...my Results :( 1700+ 0310 DLT3C
Kinda Curious..How would one find an accurate C/W of his heatsink?
Worth Upgrading?
Where to place thermometer?
FSB and my cpu
Is it possible, AS3 inhibiting my OC?
saw a 2500 barton turned into a 3200 barton ???
toasted cpu?
Convince me to AMD me
SiSoftware Sandra...CPU Benchmark
clockin it old school with da k6/2
Multiplier Locked!?!?!?!
xp amd chips!
PCI lock...
how to tell if a cpu is unlocked or not
AMD HSF is pretty good if you ask me
Athlon T-Bird overclocks real bad?
my 1700+ seems to be running real hot..
AMD Athlon XP 2100+
New system goes nuts...
XP2100+ DUT3C AIUHB 0302 "B" core right?
1700+ Unlock unstable ??
Getting a new AMD
Is it a good idea to buy stock now
What's wrong with my DLT3C xp 1700+?
Looks like AMD might be saved after all!
black flake on CPU Core?
ALK-900U and the CPU...
Barton 2500 or Thorobred 2700??
1.75 Volt limit on my Athlon 2400+?
Questions for experienced OC'ers
Temps going down during burn in?
AMD.com max temps & other info
Next Upgrade?
barton 2500
2.6c . . Finally
just got my 1700+, 2.5ghz right away!
New to oc'ing question about CPU choice
looking for a Sockeyt A (amd chip) socket
New cpu?
Chipped Core (pic) think it works?
AMD 533 and mouse?
What now?
Palamino has gone mental
Has anyone pushed a Barton2500+....
Im back
Need help with 1700 Multiplier Mod
NewAgeOC.com -- Pre-tests CPUs
burning in a new cpu
Uniserver Opteron Benchies at Xbitlabs
My blower....1/40th HP
Just got my 1700+ 0310
Are low-end AMD chips still going to be around when the A64 comes out?
Newegg Raising prices on 2500+ chips.
how do i know if my system will last awhile? (also some questions casue of problems)
Fsb 333, 400??
helping a friend