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2000+ Aixhb 0322?
Barton 2500 Stepping and Results
Intel P4 users who recently switched to AMD XP systems...
0310 vs 0319 1700+
56/57C while Prime95'ing
Any benefit for increasing or lowering Multiplier Other than oc/ing?
Good multiplier for a mild overclock...
Prime95 hardware failure
my 2100 is running HOT!
Is 53 Degrees safe for my AMD 2500+?
color of 1700 on excalibarpc
L3 Jumpers and razor blades?
Best Chip for Asus A7V333 M/B
What are the DLT3C 1700s worth?
Amd Bartonsssss
Barton 2500 Axea 0324 Newegg
my first overclock....OK?
Newbie Question
2600+ Unlocked?
New Proc, dlt3c or barton
Burning in
opteron performance
XP1700 with JIUHB stepping
L12 question
XP 1700 too hot???
intel guy needs help, k6-2 laptop chip
Question For Hood, Read Please mate
Cannot Boot Above 1.7V at stock
Epox 8K7A and Xp1700+
Anyone OC'ing Opterons yet?
My 2500+ Results
Just inc CPU multi to 12.5 - need help
Want to increase my FSB
3dmark2001 scores, systems, hmmmm
Where to place the Diode..??
Is there a 2600+ w/ 2.13 ghz @ 333 FSB?
should i...
1200mhz mobile athlon overclock
Has anyone encountered this problem?
How's this for a new OC system?
AMD CPUs: Cores, FSBs, Caches, etc?
unlocking a pally
need help please
it came in :)
New to AMD, need help
Athlon XP 2000+
what's a stepping anyways?
Barton XP2800....?
NOOO Death to my Tbred :-(
MB recommendations
What are the barton 2500 steppings??
Trouble running 3DMark2001SE
another multi vs fsb MHz questions
How high have you gotten your DLT3C?
AMD 2500 or 2600???
Jiuhb Dl3tc 0310 Xp1700+
Best overclock settings for 2500?
Whats the best clock multiplier setting for AMD 2500+?
1700 Stepping AUIGA - Sleeper?
cpu/dram clock ratio
need help with a XP 2200
Who thinks Intel feels threatened by K8? Enough to cause delayed boards for Opteron?
Heat output of 2500 vs. 2100 Pally
just out of curiosity, who has the fastest CPU here?
My first overclock!!
Some overclocking questions.
my thoughts about how amd can get out of the "hole"
what can I do?
my new mobo and cpu
Unlocking my Tbred A 2000+ RIRGA?
A question about FSB and Multiplier
has anyone seen this thing?
Temps Air/Water
What AMD CPU is best?
AMD 3000+ or 2800+ ??
Best Palomino
Underclocking XP 2200+ Tbred A
Is this the right 1700+?
A7N8x Deluxe, need help, not booting.
Ocing My New Computer 2 : The Barrier
Are these temps o.k?
Am I missing something?
XP 1700 (0312) from
Amd533 Compaq
Think I hurt my Tbred b 2100+
Found a good 2500+ stepping
Amd 1600+ xp strange problem
Starting To OC My New Computer
KT400 vs NForce2
XP2600+ Temp
Please help me buy an Athlon....
are bartons unlocked?
Post wont post...post wont post..why??
1700 palominp potential
Unstable Barton 2500+, how do I test it?
1700+, 2400+, 2500+ what's most likely to hit 2.5?
Is my barton voltage dangerous?
is my heatsink good enough?
0324 1700 DLT3C preliminary results
1700+ New eggs $44 ...but...
what is stable?
Anybody tried to RMA an AMD?
got another q LOL
Can you really see yourself...
3 Bartons : Which One To Keep
Going from 2.4 XP1700 to Barton worth it??
thansk for the help guys! i got a qestion too :P
1200 mhz athlon4
1700+ AXDA1700DUT3C JIUHB0312TPMW is this t-bred a or B
2000+ Rirga
good bye AMD!
xp 1700+ can't find anywhere :(
Tbred XP 2100+ AIUHB0306 - how well can it o/c?
3dmark2001se score?
amd overclocking ease
How do I pinmod the vcore to 1.6 w/o cutting L11
Is this an Antec TP PSU?
Safe temp. for 1.333ghz Tbird?
13x+ on 2500+
overclocking new k7n2 delta-l
New XP 1700 dilema.
Prime95 V. 22
ID of a AMD 2600+
Waste of Money ?
Barton 2500 vs. Tbred-b 1700
amd temperature
Worth taking GAmble?
1900+ Aiucb?
Athlon variants.
amd 2400 stalls at system start
i did it
Whats Holding me back?
Can someone post some pictures of L12 mod plz??
dlt3c o310 jiuhb
Athlon voltages
AMD 2500+ Barton setup questions
What should I do now?
Time has come...
what can i expect with pc2700?
i was wrong, its 533mhz
Noob that needs help overclockin
does anyone have a nf7-s v2 with a single western digital 40gb working?
Mobile Athlon XP, PowerNow, and clock management
worst 1700 ever
pci lock
TBred-B Core DLT3C JIUHB 1.5V Core
Future of Socket 462
Multipliers and Voltage
Newb OC help
eXcaliber PC
2700+ overclocking potential ?
good stepping
What is the best bios
problems with xp2500+
Got me a 2600+
i guess its time :(
new 1 by me
can i get a link?
New 2700+ -- Where to start???
Amd K7
my AMD 500Mhz
what xp2500+ stepping does newegg have now?
Won't boot over 2.21
New GameVE.com Barton 2500+
problems overclocking Barton 2500
Athlon XP 2700 AIUHB
barton 2500 axda2500?
Barton unlocked?
K6-2 500 o/c?!?!?!?!?!?!??!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Just got my AMD Athlon 2400+
Is this OC real?!!
Tbred 2400+ what should i expect?
Safe 2500+ Temps
2.37ghz saying i have a 2600+???
effects of chipping a cpu
Building new comp need some help :)
Tbread 2600+
Barton 2500+ , T-Bred 2600+ , was up
Amd Cpu, Whats Going On?
what AMD cpu and board to buy
i guess i have to wait
Amd K6 333
Definative Barton 2500 guide?
shopping help
2100 overclocking help needed plz
stock hsf ok for no-overclock?
new Barton 2500+ having issues
WooHoo Finally...
A VERY bad experience with AMD
Cpu Dieing?!! NO!!!
hsf question and will my amd crash ina year lol
I love it, OCing that is!!:)
New Chip, what type?
Prime 95...lmao
Testing Full Load Temp.
Rip 1700...
Anything wrong with these settings?
DUT3C for $50 or DLT3C for $73
Help!!! :(
Cpu temps @ 39 under load.
pending 2000XP + A7N8X deluxe o/c - help!!!
1.9v won't do it
1700 at Xoxide
Hey all!!
Best heatsink/fan combo for mboards w/out the 4 mounting holes?
I went back....
SLK900u Problems
SLK900u Problems
Best Chip for Under $100?
stepping code questionnnn......
is there anyway to use a socket 7 cpu in a socket A mobo
Problems with new setup..
Athlon 1200 (i think) good potential?
max fsb of kingston hyperx
1700 hangs past 2gigs why?
The 2500+ blues
Barton 2500+ vs 1700+
Is this 1700 dlt3c?
barton 2500 soyo kt400 owners
AMD planning on locking mult any time soon?
Pin mod alternative for L12?
Xp2800+ Thoroughbred -b core
death cry from my computer?
My o/c ran prime95 fine for 7 hours. How do I improve on that or is that good enough?
Amd xp 1800+ T-Bred B Ga7vac
Acceptable Barton 2500+ temps...
mobile amd xp processors in desktop systems
Athlon 64?
Dual channel poll
question about AMD
Best online store for a good stepping 1700+
my 1600+ vs 2500+ Barton
Upgrade Advice for Sept
Palamino 1700 worth overclocking?
TbredB post. When did you have to increase voltage?
You'd be a damned fool not to use drive imaging software
L12 Mod Really Does Raise Fsb Up 20+ Mhz!!!
Good stepping to get?
athlon xp3000 (Barton 400fsb) overclock?
Can I get more out of this?
How hot does a 2500+ barton run?
Fan facing?
Xp vs Barton.. i dont get it?
Ed's Ramblings Anti AMD ???
ok does the...
Having problems... 1700xp
XP 2500 heatsink question
which system is better tp oc ? AXP or Pentium ?
Help! Canot clear Bios
To OC or not to OC, that is the question.
Help! Please Help?
TBred 1700+ I'm confused
Athlon XP 2000+ and higher multiplier settings
XP 1700 system specs need your input now.
anyone see any 1700 0322XPMW's
Highest a 2100+ will go w/o xtra NB cooling?
my new overclock!
good news
Can I RMA a processor damaged by overclocking?
Cracked core?
where am i?
holly HOT BArton batman
Barton 2500 steping
do Thoroughbreds *ACTUALLY* run cooler than pallies?
My Barton is running like a Athlon
Multiplier "stuck" at 11X
3dmark brings down my mhz
L12 MOD On Xp1700+...
What is newegg sending for 2500+ steppings recently?
hey . i would like to build a specification to extreme oc .
very big, strange problem
5V line for vcore
thoroughbred or Palomino
CPU related problem or!?
Overclocking with Geil 3500 on a nforce 2 board
Nforce duel channel achievable with 2 normal sticks of 3200+ ram?
WOO HOO! k6-2 at 504mhz.
How to get DDR333 to do DDR400?
one heck of an OC wall
multiplier is giving me headaches
Barton FSB?
athlonxp 1800 1.53 oc 1.66
what 1700 are comming from newegg
athlon 1.3
Unlocking these two CPUs
XP 2400+ with 64kb L2 Cache?
ok guys 2100 pali question again
Is this a T-Bred "A" or a T-Bred "B"
Worst Hsf In The World!!!
Finally oced my Duron
TBred's a horse, what the heck is a Thornton?
upgrade to a bad overclock?
barton, t-bred, pally
Question for the pros!
Do under powered CPUs crash computers?
Has anyone got a 1700dlt3c 0324?
AthlonXP 3000+ In NoteBooks?
got my XP1700 need some help pls
well ive give in
A couple of A64 ref benchmarks
cpu for gaming only
XP1700 n00b
will this system work (good for overcklocking) ?
tbred or palomino ???
overclock a barton
nforce2 boards and cpu temps
x▀ 1500+ barton or xp 1600 th.
How can I check if I have a athlon XP1800+ T-Bred or a Palomino?
Question about impact of overclocking...
Comp thinks Barton 2500 is XP 1900
Normal Barton 2500+ temps?
athlonxp 1800 problem
Is needing 2v to run a 1700+ @2.4ghz normal?
New 2500+
remember me? the n00b? GUESS WHAT!?!?
2500+ oc
Barton 2500+ overclocking FSB instability
quick stepping question
need expert opinon
2.36GHz and climbing (2500+)
Changing Voltage by using the bridges
athlonxp 2700 on asus a7n8x deluxe
Are these good steppings?
2500 or 2100
Overclocking with Asus A7N8X Deluxe
would you prefer?
Interesting problem.
no unlocking necessary? hmm...
Thorton (Athlon FX) will physically have 512 KB of cache
what's the problem here?
what am i doing by turning my pally into a t-bred
Stock and Oc'ed barton 2500 temps please post your results
Athlon 64 Launch Date
What Does It Mean If My 3DMark2k3 Crashes To Desktop?
Who needs AS3?
Which is better
Athlon XP 2400+ for my system??
Oh have I got a good one
Just got a 2500+ from newegg
need cooling for 2500+ Barton
Is my system good for hardcore OCing?(People with MSI MOBO's HELP!!)
Spread Spectrum
2000+ Palomino vs 1700+ Tbred
Help! Pweaz!@#$$
Xp 2000+
What's diff between thorton and Tbred B?
new o/c
has anyone done the oc inside mods?
Wow, k6-2 400 is a tuff chip. 90C and was still running
Need help bad!!
does the cache size really matter?
2500+ OC results
which 2500+ barton series/steppings do best and where to buy?
New 1700 DLT3C Results
1700+ vs 2400+ vs 2600+
Whats the stats on the K6/2?
Aiuhb 0301upaw
Barton 2500 steping
Trying to overclock Xp 1700+ help plz
Disappointing performance with NF7-S 2.0 and Barton
LED Theromometer
L1 Unlocking frustration... er...
Detailed OC'ing question for Altec (or anyone)
another one bites the dust.....
Newegg's Tbreds A's or B's these days?
Best Stepping For.....
XP 2000+ - Barton 2500?
dual channel or Barton?
how to read mhz
Compatability Websites
decent overclocking rig
2500+ Barton Hardmodds
New system is up and running
A64 due date
3200 Overclock
CPU Temp differences
XP 2500+ and ABIT NF7-S NFORCE2
I think it is my processor that cannot reach over 2.3 stable in prime:(
advantage of 400mhz FSB core?
Barton Cut 3rd L12 Bridge on ┴bit nf7-S Rev 2.0
XP1700/WCPUID CPU Information
Athlon XP 2500+ Actually 3200+!!!
My 1700+ Speed
Athlon XP 2300+ is out, what is it?
What could be my problem?
New system.
15x166....ever done on a 2400+ TB??
Which pin's to connect?
Core height
Giga Byte 7VT600-L any good???
Way too Hot!
Way too Hot!
Need help, 2500+ barton
1700+Tbred vs 2400+
DLT3C-1700+ 'B'Vs DLT3C1800+'B'
Silent Ice Heatsink
Never touch a case fan running at 8000RPM
Trying to figure out which CPU I have. Just got into OCing.
any idea about DLT3C-JIUHG? A 'G' stepping
2100+ Oc
How hot is hot?
whats after Barton?
Barton AXQEA 03/24
suggestions for cheapest, but o/c'able AMD mobo?
cpu burn in!
6 of 1 or 1/2 a dozen of the other
Athlon 64 Seminar
why is voltage so bad?
IF 14*100=(1400) works then (8.5*166)=1411 should work
is dut3c any good?
how to fry an egg?
Errors when OCing my 2500
Unlocked Multi On a 8rda+
Athlon XP2500+ Overclocking
1700 dUlt -OC
266 v 333 chip's L12 mod
tbred vs barton
Opposing the 7V Trick
75*C , Hot for my non-oc 1400?
sometimes you gotta accept the noise
TB-A's are pretty good too
0319 1700+ DLT3C So far so good...
Please Help! A7S333 and XP2500+
Can i up the multi without unlocking?
12.5x to a 14x multiplier?
Desktop processor
burn in
What's the next best thing after DLT3C 1700+?
Dont like 12.5x multi?
Newegg 1700 steppings?
The final overclock on my 2400+
Can a bad CPU wreck a working motherboard?
Mounting Athlon 2500+ w/SLK-900u
2400+ vs. 2500+ Barton
I Love This Chip.........
oc question!
lag from overclocked cpus
cpu colors
Monitor crash
Would you??
my 1700 week 10 rocks:)
Xp1700+ Jiuhb Dlt3c 0323rpmw
cant find poll
tbred 1800 hates me! what to get for next project?
Only 1833MHz with Palo XP2100+ !!!!!!
What To Shoot For
how hot should a heatsink feel? I dont trust MB temps
Crucial 400 ram for overclocking
2500+ barton need help
help a bro overclock his 1700+ to its max!
Bizarro axp2500
14X166 for 2333 mhz on air with XP1700
need a temp check
Any good 2500 OCs other that 2.04 GHZ?
What is folding?
What the hell is going on?!?!?! HELP ME!!!
Buying Barton 2500+.Need Mobo advice.
Athlon 64
2100+ ocing problems on a7v8x-x mobo
will 350W Enermax hold me back
cpu damaged? HELP!!!
FINALLY! an overclock i ccan be proud of
OCing a 1700+
Barton 2500 - Now this is a rig!!!
Speedfan version 4.08, whats the bottom temp?
finally back :)
AMD XP 2600+ 2.13GHz 333MHz FSB TBred Question
Unable to OC, Low Framerate, grrr
what is a northbridge?
2600 fsb
1700 week number?
what is the software to see your cpu temp?
New Tbred B JIUHB 0310 11X166fsb out of the box.