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New Tbred B JIUHB 0310 11X166fsb out of the box.
when will they just give in?
Multiplier below 13? Palomino 1733 XP/MP 2100+
Cant unlock my Palamino
1.3 Duron
1700 + Tbred A or B chip?
Are these steppings any good? XP 1800+
AMD misses big chance (and $) with no MP Athlon64
AMB misses big chance (and $) with the Athlon64/Opteron …
Do bartons run cooler?
Amd 64
burn in?
Jiuhb 0321
0320 1700+
High Temps
2000+ oc problem
Chip failure,what is causing this?
XP 2000+ OC problem
overclocking a 600mhz duron .....
2500+ ???
Rip Amd 02/49-03/28
need another 1700+ DLT3C where can I get one?
WOOOHHHOOOO!!! im so happy!!! yippie yay! yipppie yay!! tip in here.
low volt
questiona bout opteron, ath64
the guessing game!
Really Stupid Question Time v7.3.1
pc info
unlocking a 2100 palamino
shop with good 1700+ stepping (dutch)
Wierd voltage conflicts....
WEIRD sounds?
XP 2400+ doesn´t work as MP
quietest 2.5
Ways to fry a CPU while bridging?
AMD duron 1.0 on epox 8KTA3L+
DLT3C 0319 in Canada
2400+ overclocking limiting...
My Thoroughbred is boiling hot. Why??? (+)
cpu temp
AMD Naming Convention Formula, anybody know it?
Unlocking a Barton 2500+
First Post..any place that's sell pre-overcloked MB's
Processor not listed at correct speed
Whats Your 2500+ Stepping and Mhz?
1.2 athlon with 100fsb??!?!?
Barton 2500+ FSB
which CPU...? need help quick please...
I want to upgrade but dont have much money...
have yours done this?
1700+ O/C with Water Cooling
XP3200 please help
Rediculous Duron Antics
Where to buy thermal pad???
Where can I get some conductive silver lacquer?
Is unlocking the Barton 2500+ like unlocking a 1700+?
coolest running amd?
Quick Question......Maybe
ddr voltage
Is it only heat that makes the tbred oc bettter than barton?
xp2300+ ??????????
Question about the inside of a cpu
2100+ temps...
2400+ AIXHB [0321 SPCW] @ home
Dumb reviews ...
My Overclocking Nightmare, is there any solution?
Very funny problem here
a64 at mml2
in need
so that's what a burning cpu smells like
over 12.5X don't work on Barton 2500 on NF2
overclocking AMD K-6 400mhz proc
anyone got one of these?
Bad CPU or motherboard?
What can I get by oc'd XP1600 Palomino
AMD 2500+ Barton HELP ME
overclocking without pci locker and only divider
1700+ DLT3C or DUT3C?
retarted friend
upgrade time
is this anygood
Plz HELP!! is it overheating?
AMD Temp?
how much voltage is needed?
when should i "upgrade"
Stupid A64 confusion...
Which motherboard?
Would loading a Dead CPU on a mobo kill the mobo?
Fan for SLK 800
voltage and temps for 2500+?
what are the odds of cracking my 2500+s die?
o/c help
prime 95 on 1700 b
i want to overclock my amd 900 mHz cpu
Overclocking without unlocking AMD CPU
Tips On Choosing TB???
SLK-800U w/ Tor 80x38
Is this how you compare two power supplies with same W?
How to mod XP1700 DUT3C from 11x to 15x multi?
Who sells the Barton 2500 and advertises the stepping?
is this mobo good to o/c?
Stepping for 1700 JIUHB
hello again
Oh god no.. WHATs WRONG!!
How does amd NAME the chips?
Watercooling is hurting my O/C
cpu running hotter
IUCB DLT3C 0312RPMW is this cpu factory unlocked ???
My best overclock yet....
is this good?
61C high diode temp?
Questions to ask AMD
memory problems???
Unlocking question
Which Heatsink For My Amd 1700+, Literally buying in 5 Minutes!
Best Place to buy Thermalright HSFs
Barton CPU die is falling to pieces??
Which Barton 2500 should I choose?
Quick, Should I make this trade?
How do you guys know which CPU is good for OCing?
Which power Supply For My amd1700+
Device Manager
Stupid Thing
Anyone Have this 2500+
2800+ actually displayed from FSB x Multiplier
Unrarring Is Way Too Slow Help !
Highest OC on a Barton 2500+ and how did you do it
Xp1700 - Xp2800
OK...Changed some settings and now Im getting a 4133 on 3DMark2001SE
join the 2100+ team :D
How long will she last? Pally 1700+, 65C, 24/7?
new 1700 installed
AMD Temp??
Asus A7v266-E xp1800+ JIUHB stepping
Not much has changed, has it....
Hi, what are some of the most important thing to look for when purchasing a CPU?
will this system make it?
2100+ TBred B on 4bit multiplier mobo
1700 0319 from Newegg
What is increasing the FSB really supposed to do?
athl;on xp 1800+ JIUHB DUT3C
What should I expect from this set?
Good weeks for 1700 DLT3C's
What impact does overclocking have on heat, noise level, and power consumption?
Just got my new CPU
AthlonXP 3400+, 3600+ & 3800+ Will All Have 256KB L2 Cache!
atlon xp dekstop cpu in laptop!!!
AMD 2600+ with 266FSB???
New system ordered-whatcha think?
2400+ help
L1 BRidges what pencil?
New @ this.. virgin XP 2700
Just wondering something about the voltage ...
AMD Athlon XP under Win2k does not throttle down!?
My newegg.com 1700+ Tbred is here! What do you guys think?
AMD make a profit?
Good heatsink for A7N8X
Which XP2400+ to buy?
high multis on xp2000+
ordering 1700+ from OCUK...
Which one should I keep?
Where to buy a Barton 2500+
Resonable limits for this chip
bases for a good oc
Noob needs help again
summer = real test?
Any diff b/t Pal vs Barton installation? this good stepping?
overclocking xp2600
2100 Tbred B
Overclocking my T-Bird
high bus speed/video problem
Wire process question?
Ordered a 1700+ from Newegg ^^
Gain from tbred 2340@180 on kt333 to barton 2340@200 on nforce2?
problems with my 1700, need suggestions
dont forget about your 5v rail
Ive read a lot of people say that memory should be ran by speed...
Barton 2500+ goodness
Newbie @ Overclocking
2500+@ 2340MHz 1.6v wunna help?
Dl3tc ?
I just OC'd my new 2200!
Sorry im new
OC'ing XP1700 on asus a78nx deluxe. Help a Newbie!!!!
Turning off?
Did I waste my money on the Barton XP2800?
OC'ing the Barton XP2800+
Overclocking a duron? Possible? Worth it?
Apple's 64 Bit G5
Pin/Socket mod for multis a failure?
overclocking athlon xp 1800
Should I OC my Athlon 1ghz? If so... how?
Riddle me this overclocking (FSB) question
1700+ temps
Blowing L11
Guide to numbers on AMD CPU's.
new CPU ?
Heatsinks, OC, and Temperatures
1800+ OCing?
Barton 2800+ O/Cing
2500 aqxda help please
O man!!!
Any way to flash KT3 Ultra2 with WinXP/NTFS?
Should we OC?
Post your AMD "PR" rating.
Barton 2500 problems
Need help OCing 2200 on KT3 Ultra2...
Insane idle-load temp differences 2500+
How is this mobo :)
I have never OC AMD CPU's before question
Temps Dropping with OC
2500+ or 2600+?
1700 temp question
Read, if you plan to buy new rig soon. AMD vs INTEL
Coolest AMD MP processor?
How much performance FSB200 => FSB220+
Whats the current AMD hot CPU?
Need Overclocking Advice on a AIXHB Xp2400
I just ran 3DMark2001SE...Is a 2373 any good???
Upgrade CPU.
GRRRR!!! I'm really starting to HATE this Barton AQXEA 0321!
Why doesn't Barton benefit from more cache; what effect will this have on Athlon64?
How good is a 2100 running @ 2.2ghz @ 1.7v @ 37c-load ?
AQXEA 0322TPDW '9' o/c results
CHANGE TO ANY MULTIPLIER SETTING!! without any cutting or blowing!!
Need Help with my 1800+/ memory veterans help
XP2400+ @ 2.5ghz
lowering my vcore
How much voltage can CPU take?
Barton 0322
Prometia coming soon, need advice on new cpu
what's wrong with my overclock???
Cracked cpu?
weird stuff after wire trick
The Newbie's Guide to Overclocking.
Processor with no thermal paste???
2400+ Aiuhb 0301 Spyw
AMD 2800 barton or 2700 tbred??? asus or abit mobo?
Which of these would be the best stepping TbredB to get?
I need real input
What could be holding me back?
AMD Athlon 600MHZ Slot
Higher FSB Vs. Higher Multiplier
Are Dynatron CPU fans good for overclocking?
Thermal Grease Question
Need reccomendations on new chip...
Cannot oc my duron?
good 1700 from newegg?
Help with a 1800+
P95 stability changed
Tbred A, how much voltage do they need??
Is this overclocked enough?
New cpu
2400+ L1 bridges uncut, still locked?
Who sells XP1700 Tbred B's that takes Paypal?
Tbred Bridges
My maxout for 2500+
1st time overclocker advice sought
Intel 2.4 vs AMD 2500+
Complete New Sys. Recommendations?
help cpu performance decrease!
What is the best Duron to O/C?
AMD T-bred 2000+
Help! New Combo's
Athlon 64 to ship in August?
Am I Ready?
Which fan to go with SLK-800/SK-7?
summerie of the opteron's performace
New CPU.. @500+ AQXEA 0321 and a few questions
Next Option....
On-Die in XP chips?
Upgraded today need you guys!
Barton 2500+ AQUCA Stepping users?
help the newbie!
AQXEA XP2500+s are good
1700+ 0319 DLT3C story, need advice
Operton rendering
O/C Barton 2500+/A7N8X-X
is there something faster then prime?
Need definite answer re: higher multis for 1700+
2500 barton and case option
Is my CPU toast?
amd p4 ps?
Opteron fpu question
Unlocking when L1 dots cannot be used
Help me figure the OC ability of my chip.
Ocing...Whats the problem here? 1600xp
Ocing The 1700, When will a PSU limit you?
Help me please
Does 8RDA+ recognize Bartons
please sign the petition!!!!!
is it unethical to RMA a slightly defective CPU?
best place to buy a 2500+?
ok this is weird..
AV33317 Bios for A7V333
XP2700 Unlock Question
Technical Information?
Damn I was lucky!!
Why can't AMD seem to succeed?
post here if you got your 1700 from newegg.com (stepping)
Got my 1700+ today but not working
2200+ Tbred A limit
Damn... 1700+
Max and good temps for Barton?
Good stepping for 2400+
Help i'm getting upset
Best price on SLK-700
Building new system - what to buy
Whats YOUR PR rating?
Hard Drive Cleaned - Oclking DLT3C 0319
Overclocking XP2600+ Barton
What causes loss of L2 cache?
New T-bird "B" 2000 @ 1267MHZ --- Help Please??
A bit of a scare, and some side effects?
How to remove CPU pins for keychain (1600+)???
what are steppings????
will someone explain multipliers please...
i am sold!
Which stepping of AMD XP 2600+ is BEST for OC?
weird xp2400 problem. please help!
Ocing my 2100+ further?
Best overclocker
Vcc Pins
2500 help please
my new 2500+ AQXCA
1700+ & 1800+ stepping
Processor Identification Script
Ok guys, i'm officially freezing cold, now what is my vcore limit?
Help decide please. 1800 vs.2400
mobile AMD ?
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Hard coding mult
Hi! I'm new, and how much could I expect to OC this?
Cable Folding?
newbie: First overclock, please help
Overclocking Barton 2500+ w/ stock cooling
K6-2 heat spreader
2400 problems
This a good OCing setup?
Where Should I Buy My AMD 1700+
1700+ or 2500+ (graphics machine)
nice Barton 2500+ :-)
Man I hope this makes it to market
Overclocking AMD 1.133GHZ
Multiplier Question
trouble with CPU ratio in BIOS
64 Bit Proccsers
What happened to my XP 2100+?
svc 1700 or newegge 2500 barton
Should I buy it?
Unlocking CPU
i need muchos help
Multipliers above 12.5 on DLT3C 1700+0319- how to get?
Help On Hitting 2.4ghz
How feasible is 215 FSB?
Is this an ok overclock?
Overclocking Problems...
Overclock unlocked CPU?
Which AMD processor is the best value?
My 1st OC'd Board
Whats your FSB, voltage, and chip stepings???
Has anyone had a problem with prime 95???
bios 1005
l2 cache and performance
Is it okay to use HyperX PC3500 RAM with the 2500+ Barton and Epox 8RDA+?
Grrr, i ****ed up
wire trick didn't work
Barton retention clips
What can i expect from xp1800+
Which steppings, CPU, etc. to buy? :)
Fried CPU
Did i break my cpu?
what do yas make of this?
Best Motherboard for a 2500xp Barton
Rev. on the A7N8X - help!?!?!
Barton 2500 @ newegg?
what FSB is too high???
How can I find out if I have at-bed or a palomino?
Which Heatsink/Fan Combo for 2500+
where can i buy a Barton 2500 + AQXEA 0319
which amd for oc?
new CPU worth it for gaming?
Underclocking (gasp!)
which is better 2500 barton or 2600?
why does the database Lie?
2500 barton & 2600 TB & 2700TB?????
136mhz FSB, but can't i go higher?
What is the difference b/w 2600+ T-Bred 333 FSB 256 & Thorton 2600+ 333 FSB 256 cache
New PC needs help
2100+ fried?
Who's Barton 2500+ is unstable at 400FSB?
2200 ez to oc...
2100+ Tbred
Barton 2500 or XP 2100?
2100 vs 1700
Barton help
worth trade? Please take a look.
ok here's me!
Help me oc
2400+ or 2500+
1700+ jiuhb question
raising vcore form 1.65 to 1.775
2500+ - 3200+ Overclocking
What's the Story AMD?
nf2+amd overclocking=stuttering
amd xp 1600 to a 2400. is there a big heat difference?
what amd to get for around $100-$180
Is it safe to...
amd 1900 t-bred?
Newbie on Bios, Mulitiplayers and Voltages
2500+ and nf7-s came
Need some help
Xp 2000+
AQXDA remarked 3200+?
AMDers moving to Intel?
FSB or Multiplier
the best overclock version of the 1700+
Breaking bridge links
2500+ or 2600+ ??
Fast bus vs fast multiplier?
That did the trick
Will this work for OC?????
where is BIOS on XP
2100+ Palomino overclockability
New comp. Comments?
AMD 1700+ t-bred a or b?
Houston we HAVE a Problem
$60 1700+ JIUHB DLT3C Vcore1.5V
What Vcore Do I Need 1700 B
which processor, plz help
cpu wont work at 2800
Barton and that thing we call overclokcing
Help me choose CPU.
should i order this
DL3TC 0308 SPMW, need help to oc more!!!
Volt mod Q...
1700+ Jiuhb 0310 Xpmw
Possible CPU trouble?
Taken the 2500+ Barton Gamble...
Help Would Be Appreciated
the best fan for the SLK 800A
Lower voltage and faster cpus to come (in the distance future)!
Help with O/C XP2500+/A7N8X-X
I was just wondering.....
My result of first o/c barton 2500 and problem running with Prime95 :(
If I have the Money...
ok check this out!!
DLT3C @ 1.9v 47c load life span?
What is currently the best AMD board for the money?
AMD Athlon 1700+ Question
What is the DLT3C/0319/BPAW HELP!!!
Will this HFS work 4 OCing?
quick question
DLT3C week10 xp1700 @ 2.5ghz
DUT3C XP1700 OC's
Remember JIUHB steppings?
Which 1 2 OverClock??????
Ive got a problem
Going to blows so bridges which one
A small ray of hope?
Am I pushing too hard this P.O.S. chip???
can some one point me to the right direction
Is this right?
whats the difference between......
AMD Heatsinks?
I dunno whats up help me out.
Someone please explain this
Barton = AXDA ?
Benchmark web addresses
here's another stupid one
Athlon 2400+ overclocking questions
Poll: Decide AMD's Future!
Unlocking CPU and GPU hold up.
Overclocking Help?
My First Overclock (Barton 2500)
Todays Menu: Fried RAM w/ a side of toasted CPU.