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CPU giveaway processor fsb?
Motherboard Socket Jumper Volts
Heat Questions.
alright where can i buy a dl3tc for sure?
What can I get out of a 1700+ DUT3C JIUHB:0302MPM?
MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU
Something funny happened (with my recent overclock)
amd thoroughbred 2000 xp overclocking?
what chip is this?????????
Just got a SN41G2
WPMW question
How do i know if my CPU is t-bred?
AMD Athlon Xp 2000+
Yipppeeee!! I just ordered my 1700
How to change tbred multi from 11.5 to 14.5
Is 2.5ghz reasonable on a 1700+ DL3TC?
help MPs vs Barton XP
Odd issues with unlocked xp1600
50 degrees while Prime95 too much?
Barton Stepping Vote!
Who will buy an Athlon64 in the first week?
is my OC crap? or average?
XP 1700+ Heatsink
OC Athlon XP 1700+ JIUHB Help
Core color = overclock?
OC on 1700 B DUT3C JIUHB 0311XPMW
166FSB = Lower 3Dmark score
Finally! 166fsb On Ga-7vax!
amd 1133mHz
All 1800 T-Bred B's O'Cers Please post
How are my temps?
new nf7-s what proccesor??
LAN Parties: The New 'Burn-In'
Fan Recommendations for XP 1700+ 2100+
Having trouble overclocking
New overclock
xp2100+ with a k7 trillion 400 board
How much Vcore can a 1700+TbredA take?
this score dosen't seem right, need help
Hmm i Wonder Help!
Heres a Quicky! :)
1700 "b" chips in the US for under $50...where?
1700+ tbred-b owners post here!!!
2500+ 333 FSB Question! :) THX
A Intel dude needs help with AMD.. SO HELP!
I found it!
My 2100+ stepping
Need some advice on 2400+ cooling
Thermal Compound
A or B core?
Where can I find Prime95?
New to this, XP 2600+ O/C
Post overclocking sucess w/ 2400+
why wont my cpu work
Where is that article on identifying AMD cpu?
OC'ing XP 2400+
Stepping info please
Need a bit of advice...
couple questions about my new 1700+
First overclock. Now questions..
500 FSB!!! (250x2)
A7V333-X multiplier ?
Enermax EG365P-VE(FM) and T-Bred B 1700+
is a single mp better than a tbred?
Opteron info wanted
Buying combo.
2400+ Tbred
AMD 1700+ question.
AMD performance compared with previous P4
What next
Finally overclocking!
90c temps
AS3 settle in time?
bet with a cousin
1700+ access to 13X+
what cpu to get for best results in a subzero environment
Improved oc!
What is AMD playing at ?
what mobo should I get,Im ordering TODAY!!!
XP 2400 Baking??
Got my 1700 tbredb-oc results
JIUHB 0310 or 0312???
athlon xp2400: t'bred "a" or "b"?
prime95, how do I get a copy???
Overclocking xp 3000+
volt-mod 1800+
A few more questions
XP 1700 reading as 1100 on first boot up, how do i fix?
what PS should I be looking at for a good OC
Why dont AMD follow in Intel's shoes?
Emailed AMD about codes.
Cooling the 2500
Are ALL 1700 AXDA1700DLT3C 1.5?????
DUT3C still around, why, and bad?
3200+ just announced today to resellers...
temp on old Xp procs
What FSB are you running at?
my spec ok to O/C tbred b 1700+?
getting a pal2100
IRQ not less than or equal
Unlocking a Palomino 2100+ (I'm confused)
need to build a system...what's your opinion?
Total nOOb
New system - components ?
L2 cache question, SLOWDOWN?
multiplier for 1800+/kr7a multiplier question
Overclocking amd 2000xp+
Asus a7v voltage limitation?
Dut3c Jiuhb0311
Overclock side effect....ADDICTION!!!
wont overclock with gfxs card in ???
not on the subject but does anyone have the NF7-M yet?
recommend a new CPU for me?
I fried my psu while OC'ing my xp2100+. Any suggestions for a new one?
XP 3200+ Reviews
should i change
R the Recent Batches of 1700+s @ Newegg Any Good?
mad insane barton OC's
memory for OCing
Random Question
Isn't OCing funny?
Stress Test More Intense Than Prime95?
good CHEAP parts for a second / back up rig?
New Member, need help
1700+ dlt3c success rate
Can U explain there numbers?
Quick question...
Discovering what a CPU is capable of....
How do you get the pics under your names???
2600+ is tooooslloowwww
Tbred-DKV3C XP2100 $69 PCsupplyscource-Any good?
Explanation of RAM timings and CPU clocking!
Start Looking For AQXCA Stepping!
Almost had it , then i lost it
2400 ocing
Whats Your FSB
Whats the diff between a Tbred A and B?
Blast from the Past
Are we this far ahead?
Which AMDs are NOT Overclockable?
Xpmw 0308
Whats your OC for your 1700
Dlt3c Jiuhb
Quick OC question
First look at Athlon XP 3200+!!!
Hmmm....Stability Question Help
newegg or excaliber
are all bartons MP compatible? easy question, need responce ASAP please
Connecting L1
CPU Temp WAAAY to high! Any ideas?
Amd 3200!!!
tested cpus
AMD Opteron Model 240@newegg
Where to buy a B
I'm gonna make an oder, which one of these has the most potential
Which overclock would be better for me?
xp 1700
Does stepping influence preformance?
PCI / AGP FSB split
AMD temp thread
The New Xp3200 Out ?link Here
New Great Overclocking Chip ???
Where is the post of the computer in a scanner
new to AMD side
wow excaliber has "x"pmw 1700's back!!
2100+ = 2400 MHz = AIR = PC3200 GEIL = Read
2100+ = 2400 MHz = AIR = PC3200 GEIL = Read
Problems when overclocking .
Whats your OC for a 2500+
Opening higher multipliers on my 1700+
AMD 2100 and A7n8X wont post when 140
the XP name, marketing or reality?
I know the stickies were undergoing revisions, but its been like a month and a half!!
bridge gives me wo0t ?
OC performance gain
Multiplier question
Help with overclocking my 2600+ on 333 fsb and on epox 8rda
How to hard code my 2600+/333 to Multiplier 13 ?
XP1700 DLT3C Temps
My Dut3c 1700+
FSB question????
Ok.. Which one of you lunatics did this?
whose board has the most voltage options?
Rule of thumb for o/c voltages?
Whats the stepping for the new 3200?
SOI question
FSB when overclocking xp chip's?
XP2100 AIUHB 0304 Tbreb B good or what
Chipped core
Those who have 2100 pali's how fast (poll)
Athlon xp 2600 wont go above 169mhz
Epox 8k7a not supporting t-bred lower than 2000?
Cooler Master HAC-V81 - is it ok??
Its a HOT one
Is a Glaciator man enough to cool a 2500?
PC2700 Speeds
No Warranty = Cheaper CPU?
Which will give me more OC?????
my bios settings.... are they okay?
What is your vcore set on your 2500+?
Should my vcore be constant?
2100 tbreb b from newegg??
Sudden loss of stability... what the?
T-Bred and Palamino Whats the diff ?
Quick question (I hope)
How can I tell if my cpu is good for OCing
what voltage settings are safe for a SLK800/Barton 2500+?
Program better than wcpuid
HEEEEELP QUICK!!! AMD XP 2500+ 333Mhz and (PC2700 or PC3200)!
barton 2500+ oc'n
XP1700+ - Ordered 1 thing..got another...still ok??
Why in hell would my VCore be O/Ced when I boot up Windows XP ???
Barton 2500 - Whats a good clock A7N8X
What FSB are you running at???(Hard Drive Corruption)
synchronous and asynchronous ram
Is this the last of the Barton 333fsb?
Whats a "better" chip?
Could The AthlonMP 2800+ Add Life To 266FSB Only PCs?
Unlocking question
My New baby
T-bred B multiplier question...
Well looks like I did it, 200FSB. Need help still, take a quick look.
2000+ to 2800+
Underclocking & vcore....
what is a good OC for a 2500+
Error installing 3d Mark 2001
Where do you download Prime95?
What just happened to my computer?
Check out this Benchmark OCed 2500
Is 52C ok ?
Is this an ok OC for a 2000+?
1700 0310 or 0307?
Is this a safe OC???
Barton 3000+ & A7N8X Deluxe rev1.06
Whats a safe voltage for my XP2000 tbred?
AMD xp 2000
Temperature Question
my BOIS is wrong A7N8X 2500+???
New SLK800 + 2400 = 50C
vcore temp increases
How do I overclock my AMD 2500+
Which one to get?
Dlt3c Jiuhb0313 Spmw
AMD overclocking MHZ problem after power surge
got a new 2400+ HELP!
OCing my Barton 2500+
MSI K7T266 Pro2-RU
Overclocking a Duron 750MHz
2500 Barton OC
fast writes in bios??
Stupid question #54,089,234 :)
1700+ question
XP3200+ on Pricewatch
Mobo or CPU?
How well does Sandra measure thermal resistance?
OCing troubles
whats my rating?
Burning in, can my AmdXP handle these temps?
XP2600 Overclock...What's your record?
Need help building AMD based upgradeable computer! I'm a newb
Can anyone tell me how I can find out if my cpu is good for overclocking?
Bad Temps!
Same Bang for less Buck?
FSB OC Questions
Set higher multipliers without hardware mod
2400+ KT400 Unlocked or not, if not how to.
Whats the Barton 3200 coming out?
XP 2600+ With ASUS A7V8X Multiplier Prob!!!!Please Help!!!!!!!!!
Is the Barton 3000+ a good overclocker?
Memory and VideoCard Thruput: How to improve?
How do you think this will do?
Dual Lan on A&N8X?
Prime Question
Athlon = P4 chart
my 3rd Tbred 1800+ cpu...Is it love? ;-)
>>>Need 2100 tbred modding help !!!
unlocking a duron?
Plent of questions of building new PC
Xp 1700
1700+ what to expect???
Barton 2500+ rocks
Xp2100 (dut3c Jiuhb) @ Xp2700
1700+ XPMW or WPMW? 0310 :)
This has probably been asked before but with alot of searching and no luck..........
Buying a new processor. help!?!?
Wich 1700+ is better?? >> 0310XPMW or 0310WPMW
AMD Power Now
which cpu?
lan party OC loss
Joined the 1700+ Club
Unlocking my Athlonxp1700
A7n8x or 8rda?
mother board has no lever to remove cpu will it come off?
2ghz too much to ask of a tbred A?
Boxed 2100+ @ Newegg??
Question About Burn in
Just a poll for a 2100 ?
Anyone bought a pricewatch xp2200 combo recently?
Unlocking-xoxide Product
Overclocking Tips Needed For Bad Ocin Chip
Xp1800 Dlt3c
T-bread 2400+?
quick question: URL to the page where you determine what CP-core you have etc
How is this XP 1.7 for OCing?
Why can't my A7N8x run a 200mhz FSB>?
Highest O/C of a 2200+ (TbredA)
Can someone explain multiplier to me
Tbred XP1600?
Finally! 2.5Ghz!
Highest overclock on a duron 900
2100+ Good Step?
Which XP1700 is this?
Fastest barton ever!
Name String says "prosussor"
Burnen IN.
Is this a good Heat Sink
AGOIA Pally 1800+ Overclocking
what should i get?
Average OC?
What's the best anymore??
help with overclocking 1800
- 2500+ Barton - Volcano 11 - Just ordered for a buddy.
how soon do youthink excaliber will stop carying 1700 tbredb dlt3c week 10?
boot up 2nd time but never 1st...????
Whats a good high end chip to oc with?
how's this 1700+ for OC?
XP1800 DL3TC vs XP1700 DU3TC
Barton 2500+ no warm reboot
Where is that Website where You enter the Info from the CPU and it tells you everythi
Classic Athlon finally passed away
What in the world?!?!
Cpu Doa???
Barton 2800+ L1 cache problem
how can i tell if my 2100 is a tbred?
A Duron 1300mhz Overclock
Lock clock of TBred B
1800+ dlt3c @ 200fsb
4 letter code after the date?
AthlonXP 1800+ AGOGA Overclocking Questions
is this to hard on it
where to get?
xp1800+ DLT3C
Back 2 the Basics
Beware of remarked CPUs since they may not only be non-overclockable , but...
1700's, 1800's & 2100's, what about the others?
So I ordered an AMD XP 2200+ for my aunt's cpu...
L1 bridge question
OC Problem!!!
good voltage?
AMD 1700 B differents?
DLT3C...all T-BRED "B"s????
Differences in AMD 2100+
Overclocking results so far for 2400+...
Boo ya! I got 1872mhz o/c....lol can anyone get me any farther?
Got Replacement 2 Colors ? Which one is better.
AMD overclockability
2100+ Brown 0302 or green 0301?
New Athlon XP packaging prevents bridge messing
Weird 3DMark 2001SE score!
AMD 1800+ xp
tbred B chances
advice on cpu selection
Barton users come in
burn in?
xpmw or wpmw?
New steppings and pcb coming your way...
New Barton Stepping Soon!
CPU Bloopers :P , Burned , Chipped , ETC *PICS* 56kers die
Athlon XP 1800+ Tbred A and B steppings: What you can expect from em.
How can I tell if a 2200+ Thoroughbred is A or B
amd xp1700+ vs 2100+ both tbred
Barton 3000+ xp, Toast??
fsb and multiplier questions
Old chipset, what processor will work?
How to remove cpu from mobo
2400+ Aiuhb 0301
Overclocking a Cyrix MII
Googlegear 1700+ How Far Did You Take Yours?
Abit KG7 with Palomino2100+ or T'bred2000+????
When is a chip "stable"???
Is it worth it to upgrade CPU?
Where are those links again ?
Which core does this one have?
Any difference in OC between..
mobo info
my theory on the new dlt3c's
Divider Settings?
Just ordered an AMD Athlon XP 2100+
Low voltage high end chips?
prime95 error help
New to OC. 1800+ help
My new(old) 1700+
UK Chips
Chipped Core Gallery
Whats a safe +12 voltage?
Why does AMD sell their low end chips SO cheap when they are losing money?
vcore locked?
any program to test the cpu stability after overclocking?
166FSB vs. 200FSB: A Test
newegg rma question.
Which 1700+ T-breds are Newegg selling??
xp 2000 overclock.....
Newegg has the OPTERON
Bios on Ibm aptiva model 2170
what mobo and cpu is best for ocing
I knwo..very redundent thread but...some info on my stepping
Yay! Got my new barton 2500!
is this a good overclock without unlocking my amd 1800+?
Locked and unlocked processors
XP 1700+ , 2100+, or 2400+
XP 1700+@2500mhz 1.85V and XP 2100+@2500mhz 2.0V
xp 1800 Palomino AG0IA Stepping?
fastest processor on Kr7a
What CPU do I HAVE????
Somehow the computer managed to to stuff the power supply.
turn your xp1700+ to mp2600+
Best Place for 1700 Purchase
easiest way to tell an T-Bred from Palomino??
Duron 900+kt4v msi
ram underclocked??
Newegg Replaced my CPU :)
Athlon xp 3200?
1800@2048 MHz Is this a good overclock?
Newbie Question
Via Chipset with onbord sound Need Help
Best parts for a secondary AMD box?
High temps - faulty temperature sensor?
First time OCer 2100XP TB 'b' LF help
Arctic Silver voids warranties?
Athlon 1050 @ 1.4ghz
2100 temps
Tbred B's max voltage = 1.7V on A7V8x
How are the 1800 Tbreds for o/c
w00t!!! 2.4GHz!
AMD 1700+ or 2100+ for the same price! what would you get???
would a psu limit your O/C'ing
Unlocked TBredB 1800+
1700+TbredA, bridging to increase mutliplier
1700+ DUT3C not stable at high FSB.
Newegg has 1.4 GHz Opterons
Some weird 3D mark 2001 Scores
2600+@166 2400+@185 fsb what gives
XP2500+ @ 2.39GHz... Is It Possible?
How To Tell If FSB Is Too High?
Prime Results
Axda1700dlt3c 9741597280442 Jiubh 0308xpmw?
weird multiplyers
Identifiing the bottleneck
nice read about Opteron 64bit CPU
1700+ Whats holding me back ?
High CPU usage with new build of system..
barton 2500 question
newegg 2100+
WOW...this 1700 b
HELP!! Problem during burn in
ExcaliberPC.com 1700+ TBred B Questions
Anyone using a Sparkle PSU??
Palamino back from the dead?
Help me overclock my AMD 2100
1700+ np post at high fsb
XP1800 JIUHB DLT3C any good?
removing old thermal compound
Running Prime and temps are dropping
my 2100 can only do 2.25 ghz @ 1.85v... sell and get a 1700+ ?
Chipped The core Yes!
I Am now a Part of the 3 GHZ Club.
Max multiplier for 1700+T-BredA?
K6-3+ 400 vs K6-2 550
weirdness with my athlon 1800?
need help overclocking my cpu
Temp monitoring
identify my proc!!
AXDA1700DLT3C a good stepping?
What is a dangerous vcore?
replacing a 1700 with a 1700?
Amd Athlon Unlocking
Burning Jumpers on a T-Bred?
Where To By 1700+
Help, is my CPU dead?
Athlon 64 then new duron?
hitting a barrier
Anyone else have a DLT3C 1700 that can not do 2400mhz?
Athlon 1.2ghz now running 1.466ghz.Want more.....