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Whoohoo Opteron released!!
Dead on Arrival CPU?
this sorta sucks..
how many watts does your cpu take up?
whats the highest multiplier I should have
Do other Tbred B behave like the 1700+ DLT3C at 1.5V ?
Can't hit 200 need NB volts?
First AMD-system, needs advice
artic silver might void warrenty
Another 1700 ?
Die color and overclocking XP1800+
XP2200 cant go past 2GHz
Is this comp ok or **** ???
1700 steppings
Joined the 1700+ Club...
Athlon 64 will support dual ddr
Any opinion on DKV3C?
2100+ Steppings
Opteron and crappy FSB
Cleaned Case - Now for the OCING - I need more.
Opteron Unlocked!!!
Opteron @ 2000Hz
haha i'm in the game!
1700 dlt3c @2375mhz @ 1.75v
yay, 8rda+ and 2500 barton on the way!
should i spring for a 1700 or wait for 2100?
Where to buy a JIUHB 1700+?
51c with prime95 running
XP2000+ oc results
Having trouble mounting Heatsink, Please Help!!!
2100+ oc'ing
looking for a new cpu
Compatibility w/ K6 533mhz
How good is this OC?
How many watts does the Opertron require?
sub par xp2800 performance???
How Hot is Hot
How to unlock a t-bred?
Can't push FSB to 200 on my 1700+
installing new 1700 right now Question?
whats my problem -xp1600-
Anyone have a Barton with AQXCA stepping?
Dead CPU or NOT? *Pic*
Time to move to Baron??
AMD CPU Shims + SLK800
2100+ 8rda+ ONLY 2200MHZ WTF!
Opteron beats 3gz 800mhz fsb p4 in all gaming tests.
numbers check please 2100
Chalk up another score in the AMD column!
1800+ tbred b
crazy day..
Watercooling any benefit?
im new here and need help...
A link to a guide to unlocking one or two of my Athlon XP's?
Q About Bartons
HELP! comp won't go in windows
copper CPU shim?
Got the 1700+, now for the cooling....
Insane temps?
66c Temp for a 1.4Ghz Athlon
1700+, blow bridges, multiplier access?
this bugs the hell out of me
Just got my 1800+ from newegg!!
Barton 2500+ @ 2300
0312 Dlt3c Xpmw - Spmw - Mpmw - Tpmw
Will this be anygood 2100xp Athlon
2100+ or 1700+
Goodbye AthlonXP 1700+ & 1800+ :(
Core Colors??
2100 Straight out of the box 2600+
Opterons are here
SPMW - better than I thought
computer rebooting
what do you guys make of this?
AMD drops older Athlon XPs
400FSB Bartons
Barton Question
Any Tips for first try at OC?
Cant even hit 2.4Ghz all of a sudden
Houston Weve Got a Problem!
Barton came in today
New to AMD's
Temp question
DLT3C or DUT3C 1700+ B vs DUT3C 2100+ B
Really Cheap 1700 w/OCers Core!
Finding the stepping
WOO! fried my first CPU!
AXDA1700DLT3C dead? why?
What products should i buy to overclock?
My LN2 overclocking vid
XP2400+ Overclocking
are bartons worth it?
Opteron has bugs too haha
Overclocking MP2000+
Any point getting anything but the cheapest XP?
Good/Bad or indifferent?
Low voltage Wonder Chip DLT3C
hahaha amd athlon wins!
Results: 1700+ XMPW 0310
How good is the stock 2500+ HSF?
Friends 1700 CPU
what can i expect
Whoops... Guess T-Breds are made tougher than Pallys were!
Barton weirdness
NewB Overclocking help or assistance. 2100+tbred
Multiplier Help?
Is this a TBRED B or A
1700+ A/B question...
I just installed a faster cpu
Post your 1700+ Tbred "A" experience, please hlep
At7-Max2 Cpu Pin Settings?
gimme more 3dmarks
Question: How much power is increased ...
How can I get the most out of my 2400+ by OC
$47. just won it xp1700+
Very Hot Cpu!!! <----
woooooooooo ~~~!
The 2800+ T Bred is gone!
More Opteron ( Hammer ) Reviews
Thermal Compound on old heatsink/cpu
This is a mighty impressive chip.....
Another day of testing chips : 1800+ 2100+ 2200+
Newbie question: Is 55c @load too high for the new DLT3C JIUHB0310 XPMW 1700+?
overclocking 2100 tbred B problem...
Amd 2500+ and At7-Max2? :)
No SSE how much of a hit?
2.2...is that Good?
AMD newbie
WCPUID=reboot why
Widespread Voltage Issues on DLT3C
XP1800 Dlt3c
Tbred buying advice
is this worth it?
Amazing T-Bred "B" Guide
It hath arriveth...Opteron done by Tom
Take a look
1600 whats the highest?
1700+ Overclocking Success!!!
?RAM QuEsTiOn?
2100+ = 2.41 GHz 1.87 VCORE! AIR! HELP!
Chipped corner
Its not dead but acting weird
A7A266 is gonna be any good
Placed my order :-)
Stubborn 2400+XP , Any Idea??
What amd cpu to get
2100+ ???
AthlonXP 1800+ AGOGA
SPMW any good?
xpmw or wpmw?
What The Best stepping for 1700 Tbred??? Please Reply ME
Hi there...im plannin on gettin a new....
what exactly is "burning in"?
quick question please
PR ratings and MHz
getting me an athlon at last.....
what can be holding me back???
is this true
AWESOME XP1700+ available:
Where do I go next???
Anyone know the CFM rating of the stock AthXP fan?
Best stepping #s for the 1700 Tbred???
1700+ Dut3c Jiuhb 0309upmw
prime95 error but not relaly
1700+ 310 XPMW @ 2.08ghz with 1.5v
AthlonXP 3200+ 333FSB Out!
2 days Till Hammer
[req help] - xp2200 + asus a7v333
1700+ from newegg
What is the big deal?????
Overclocking my 2100+
2600+Tbred or 2500+ Barton
Lookie What I Found For Ya's
just bad or awful?
how do i oc a slot a 900 athlon?...help plzzz
what's better for 2400? AIUGB0244WPFW or AIUCB0244RPAW
Opioins Wanted
Steppings on bartons
What can I do?
OCing a 2400+
Move if you so please but this is about AMD's only...
1.9 Volts - 115F Load = How long will the CPU Last?
voltage mod for a7v8x?
Barton 2500+ @ 2210
Good 2600+/333mhz stepping
Here goes . . any suggestions?
Overclocking Sandbox: Tbred B DLT3C 1700+ and Beyond
Yipee for my first OC!
Concerns about my DLT3C
1700+ or 2100+ ?
2400+ and a7n8x dlx oc help
How Do You Know?
? Doesn't Recognize New XP1800?
2400+ CPU just fried what "Cheap good Ocer" Processor should I get?
xp1800+ RIUGA tbred-a for a xp2100+ AGOIA polomino unlocked?
Dangerous voltage?
updating CPU
how high can this 1800 JIUHB 0310 DLT3C MPMW go?
my computer officially post at the slowest possible mhz
XP1700+ DLT3C UPMW... where can you get them?
Finally looked at my 1.33ghz AYHJA
Another easy question...
hit 2.4GHz on 2500+
Few overclocking questions
is this a good number
1700 DLT3C - to dump, or not to dump?
What to buy now 1700/2500/2800/3000
seating issues...
wrong mobo temp reading?
multiplier, pally, Tbred, and the B core
Overclocking problems
1700+ Dlt3c 0311 Vpmw?
My first overclock on a XP2400+is it ok
I'm an AMD fan, but....
How To Install Duron 1.3?
I know intel...but whats the deal with AMD temps/volts
need help
whats your temp and volts @ 2500mhz
just about to order.... double checking!!
Athlon 64 Preview @ X-Bit Labs
A & B question.
New Xp different core ???
DLT3C or DUT3C? WP or XP? Whats the best 1700?
Barton 2500 OCin
Tbred 1700 0311,12 and 13
4 Chips + 4 Boards + 5 Stick of Ram + video cards ?
AMD system claims top spot on 3DMark01se
What's the deal with Brownies/Greenies?
Thorton 2600+ spotted!
how does the sandra burn-in wizard compare?
Whats your PR????
Athlon Equivalence
vantec nexus........cpu fan controller
My Latest Creation!
Woohoo, my first OC!
Athlon 64 plans
Got a great 2100+ from Newegg
Freakish LOW CPU futermark scores ANY help?
which is better??? need help
tbred 1700+ and asus a7v8x voltage question
CPU "IPC"??? Low end CPU's can't match high end CPU's at the same speed??
Abit NF7-S and XP2100 aiuhb 0250 water results...
Core with "ES" on it???
AMD 1800+ Question
Help setting bios up
XP2400 Overclock?
quick question
Barton 3000
running high fsb........
2100 Your Thoughts
What would be good multiplier & FSB settings?
1700's question?
i think my CPU is making a high pitched sound
what ram timings should i use
NO more 1600's hu
Just got my 1700... not right one, help
got my 400w sparkle, still some problems
AMD ATHLON XP2400+ overclock
1700 tbred 'b' questions
Need info on palamino L1 bridge
how much heat am i putting out?
AMD code analysis
up to 2.36ghz...how far can kt333 bring me?
Need Tbred-B advice
which one should I order?
Strange Voltage Problem: 1700+ 0310X
SN41G2 Overclocking!
newegg is sending dlt 1.5v 1700's
XP Barton 2500 vs XP 2600 Thoroughbred
SO, what kind of 2100+ chips is newegg shipping lately?
1700+ Question
AMD boys welcome a new member
Just got my 1700 Tbred B..
Why can't I overclock?
The things people throw away
Asus A7V266 Temp probe accuracy
Have I fried the CPU? Please help!
Please report your Tbred B temperatures
not much talk about theXP2200 hu?
Anyone bought a Newegg 1700+ lately?
The 2100+ Stepping Thread
1700+, 2100+ or 2500+?
CPU/RAM/HD Speed...
still unstable after raising vcore
vcore=1.808 Stable.
Which PSU do you use for overclocking?
Load software before or after burn/test
A few questions...
i'll tell ya what...this may be reason enough for me to go AMD
are these good prices?
12x166 on athlon 1800. A bit unstable
Is it ok to JUST adjust multiplier and not touch clock speed?
10.5 multi/ 200FSB posts, 10 multi/210FSB doesnt?
is my rig able to do 2400mhz?
Athlon 1700+?
Stability Issues with Overclocking of Xp 2700
Unlocked XP 1700+
Overclocking a 1800 xp +
very strange 3dmark2003 CPU score
AthlonXP 3400+ VS Athlon64 3400+
Ok People!, Barton 2500+ For $129.. Lets Get Out The Rigs And See What We Can Do!
batch code help?
Fried my cpu
wowsas check what I got....
Temp/stability problems with 1700+
1700+ XP DLT3C AIUHB Retail Warranty
Does this sound like a PSU problem?
Going to order 1700+, last minute suggestions?
next price drop?
Barton & Soyo Dragon Plat
Do I really need more voltage? 'Really?'
is this a good overclocker?
2.4 xp athlon green overclocking
Who makes the retail hsf??
Stability problem
What next for this 1700+ DLT3C???
What's the BEST XP2.0+ CPU to be oc'ed?
New oc for me
stupid me...
Unlocking Job goofes up Multiplier
Possibly not reading all 512k?
high voltage=unstability?
xp2100 tbred oc problem
OC 2100+ or 2500+ and hope?
1700+, 2100+ or something else?
Build complete now a few questions
safe to go higher?
CPU Thermal throtteling?
newbie question again
Hey wildfrogman !!
CPU Code
Calling all 0312s (preferrably 0312TPXW)
I'm the ever-so-popular newb with questions...
Hard Locking CPU's
Temperature Accuracy
software for temperature report? and toms hardware unlocking palomino guide?
newbie questions
T-Bred A
w00t! 420Mhz FSB is fun!
How does change of multiplier affects heat development?
XP 2000+ Overclocking Help
2100+ AIUHB date steppings overclock
see no evil, hear no evil?
What RAM to buy for my OC`in?
2100+ rated as 1500+ in bios
How long should i run Prime 95 to test stability?``
XP2400+ Cooling question
2100+ on the move
AS3 and TBred B CPU corner metal dots
MBM5 question
amd 1700 b asus a7n8x ocing problems
Xp 2400+ AIUGB 0243
Xp 2000+ tbred
1700 tbred B unlocked with KT333 board...wicked.
Barton 2500 or XP2100 T-Bred?
ACK! 1700 tbred IS HOT!?!?!
New Chip and now questions
Newbie OCing
xp 2100 multipliers on nforce2
Preliminary report on Barton 2500+
AMD 2400+ T-bred
wtf happened to my prime95? (pic)
My Overvlock Results!!!
Not only the XP 1700+ abd 2100+ is good overclockkers§
Will an XP run in a KT7 Board
Fast question CS XP v.1 and TBed 1.7+
first encounters of the noob kind. 2500+ question.
CPU suicide
n00b questions
2100 T-Bred and Valcano 9 HSF speed<-----
CPU temps....
How well are your DUT3C JIUCB's doing?
unlocked 2500+ barton
2100+ multipliers on a kt400 soyo dragon ultra?
Hmm. I wonder what my CPU would be rated at...
prime 95 errors at same spot everytime?
feeling dumb again
Fsb Versus Multiplier
TBred B 2100+ still overclocks better than the TBred B 1.5V 1700+ DLT3C ?
First one....
Another 2100 T-Bred (pics)
newbie question
Finally got my XP 1700 DLT3C!!!
should i and will they rma it
Spread Spectrum
whats the MAX OC on an XP2200?
My TBred B 1700+ (0312)
is it ok or more
1700+ into 1800+ with wire wrapping pins!?
Friends AMD 1400+ at 60c ?
need help with K6-2 o/c
Thermal diode monitoring
Will prime error if cpu temp gets pretty high?
CPU DataBase with Bartons?
Getting new CPU, need advice
Xp2100 AIUHB 0304 MPMW
amd hurtin sales
What can you expect from XP2000+ AIRGA0228x.. CPU?
cant pass 2.08g no matter what cpu!!??
memtest question
Replacing Pally
A better PSU ??? Vcore unstable
what's the temperature limit on palamio xp1700+?
2500 OC ability
AMD noob, building lite-weight system...
Gameve 1700 !!!
Official Sudden death syndrome @ AMD?
Noob help please
Conjecture: The stepping XP.., UP.., WP.. for 1700C is not really that important.
xp2100 tbred vcore safety?
One last time what is the difference?
Athlon 750
sticky's have disappeared
AMD set TBREDB at 1.5v to hinder overvolting?
Just bought this 1700+ any suggestions?
2400 Vs 2500
Prime95 wont even run for a minute without getting an error????
server processors
Has anyone tried the xp 1700+ JIUHB0309UPMW?
XP 2100+ b 0301 speeds?
How Fast is Your 1700+ Tbred-B?
Warning: Bad 2100+ Chips!!! JIUHB 0308VPMW at Newegg
Win XP and Win Server 2003 for Opteron CONFIRMED!
were did the amd guide go to?
is this a good 2100+ oc, no BS.
xp2100 tbred (b) safe voltage?
What performance/price/overclockability?
am i burning in right
why do i need more voltage for a higher fsb?
Connecting a bridge on a green TBred?
clock mult issues
Yeah...muh CPU's chillin'....
wont boot when i change FSB
Initial results with XP1700+ 0310UMPW
Asus A7N8X Shut down blue screen
P95 doesn't mean stability.
Nf7 Temps
need help troubleshooting
What's the hieghest FSB ever achieved on and AMD
Barton 2500+ AXDA???
Barton XP2500@2316 hmmm
1700 DLTC3 Multipliers
water cooling advice
2000MHz on 1.5V?
Processer dead?
Xp1800 DLT3C JIUHB0310MPMW, is this one as good as the XP1700's?
Wire tricks for +/- 12.5x multis???
Question about my heatsink
My old CPU - need info
why cant i overvolt my a7v8x
How far will these XP1700+ go?
1700's from newegg
Temps regarding 1700+ uber-oc'ed
help unlocking barton
1700 DLT3C JIUHB0307 Results!
Week 10 1700's have been out for a While just wanted to poll on their oc'ing results.
MY 1700+ 0310upmw
Help me uncrapify this 2100+
websites that list the 3 codes
whats a good starting speed for these tbread b's
raising voltages on tbred
Gameve 1700
Sweet Sweet Excaliber DLT3C 0307VPMW
Would the 1.5V DLT3C overclocks higher than the 1.6V DUT3C, why?
Do you think mobo has to do with Vcore?
What the hell is this: 2100+ JUIHB 0308VPMW
Stuck, any ideas?
i really need your help
Can you figure out the v-core of this XP1700+with this stepping?
Dlt3c 1700+ 0308rpmw
how long do you think my 2400+ will last? 1.85v
AMD Athlon XP1700+>)(JIUHB:0310UPMW) (JIUHB:0310WPMW))(JIUHB:0310XPMW) hmmm?
PS help
Best CPU 2400+ XP OR Barton 2500
2100 Pally Tooo HOT!!! need info Please<-----------
2000+ Maxed Out
1600 tbredB!
anyone ever have this problem?
XP1700+ Which one to chose?
2400+ overclocking ??
do i need to cut anything
do i need to cut anything
what should the default voltage be?
This is a ?? about an AMD CPU and what stepping it is any help appreciated TIA!!!
Whats the max K6 this mb holds?
308 Xpmw
How is this Oc 2000+ xp TBrevA@ 1910 mhz fsb 182
XP 2200, is it burnt and is it safe?