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1600 tbredB!
anyone ever have this problem?
XP1700+ Which one to chose?
2400+ overclocking ??
do i need to cut anything
do i need to cut anything
what should the default voltage be?
This is a ?? about an AMD CPU and what stepping it is any help appreciated TIA!!!
Whats the max K6 this mb holds?
308 Xpmw
How is this Oc 2000+ xp TBrevA@ 1910 mhz fsb 182
XP 2200, is it burnt and is it safe?
I Love This Chip!!!!!
Unintentional Burn In
The Best 2100+
Has anyone here hardcoded an xp1700+ to have a multi of 18?
Interesting DLT3C's around here in Seattle.
Help me get to 166fsb PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Question about OC numbers.
Shops shipping internationally?
Hexus.net 1700+ JIUHB
is this a good one?
0310 dlt3c
Wierd problem with 8RDA @200FSB
1st time overclocking - need advise!
Question about 1700+ cpus
Canadian AXDA1700DLT3C / JIUHB0308 Available
w00t: first o'clock @ 2.30MHZ
400MHz FSB AthlonXPs Are Here!
Which the maximum overclock in that processor?
Why do so few boards read internal thermistor?
Which mb and bios can manipulate the Tbred 5th L3 bridge?
Possible chip problem
[oc] 1200@1533 :d
Thinking of switching over to AMD 1700+
New AMD Rig On The Way For A Friend...
Tbred B for me?
Gameve has Aiuhb 1800+ (yes A not J!)
i had to post my fastest o/c with Tbread A
New @ O/Cing
2100 T-BRed Vcore?
need help on an old athlon
Default voltage for 2400 TBred B?
will my SL75-DRV5 unlock my Tbred B ?
newbie needs help
RAM OC Problem?
1700+ tbred b not OC'ing well...
Why is my 1800+ reading at 1.91ghz???
Unlocking higher multipliers on Tbred using wire trick???
Barton Epox combo for $259 shipped
Need specific on k6-2
The need for speed..
Building new rig
Need help with 200fsb stability - A1 (C1) stepping
Need help oc xp2500
My continued Barton 2500 saga!!
duron wont work at 166mhz fsb...
Strange Problem
amd xp1700+ tbred unlocking?
Difference DLT3C / DUT3C ???
Overclocking method question
Surface Area
xp chips unlocked from the factory NOT..
2400+ need help!!!
Highest voltage on 1.5V 1700+?
Is the XP1700 JIUHB 0311 anygood
Has anyone seen this?!
kt7a-r v1.0 & AYHJA stepping?
Only 2600+ and my 1700+ craps out?
ok, so now im burning in, i should lower mhz low as possible and increase vcore rite?
Watercooling questions
1700 DLT3C running at 2.4 ghz
How do you unlock a 2500 Barton
Gameve thread ?
1800Tbred B
Can 2400+ chips be tbred A
Clock rate vs FSB
Upgrade from a XP1600 to a XP2XXX
Some Questions and Help on O/C!
new to this site and need help
Need to prove a friend wrong, FSB question
Xp 1700+ 0311 @ 2.3g w/1.552voltge. Up to Win Xp
1700+, 2100+, or 2500+?
Coolest AMD cpu
Copule questions about 1700 DLT3C
Winzip finding my oclocked 2100+ not stable, help
Sandra Scores?
This not right :(
1700 or 2100
Which stepping?
unlocking T'bredB 1700+
xp1800+ DLT3C
Help me Oc Problem w/ Chaintech Zenith
burn in question
What should i keep, 1800+ @ 12.5*185 or 2100+ @ 13*192 ???
OCing Help!
Amd Xp2400+
should I get the 1700= or the 2100+ for price/performance?
AMD tech tour Question
Higher FSB or Multiplier
What's the best steeping and week for 1700+?
Heres what Im ordering......but,
1700+ @2200mhz 1.552volt!!! :)
Do K6-2's overclock well??
Multiple Cores ?
how much vcore with t-breds?
How much cooler do the DLT3Cs run?
1800+ 166 jumper...1909 MHz !!!
What should I do to overclock a DLT3C 1700?
Just your opinion guys, this any good for a first try?
New 1700+... keep it or try again?
Buying a new PC!
xp 1800 JUICB WPMW or xp 1700 JUIHB XPMW, pls help me decide!
dual bartons?
n00b OC
question about 1700+ stepping.
"Palamino only mobo" ?
What's to much voltage for a 2100+
Need suggestions on a 2100+
Another 1700+ Thread... My DLT3C Experience So Far
Which one to choose...
How do you calculate PR rating?
AthlonXP 3200+ 3400+ & 3600+
Why doesn't AMD release faster CPU's, then always waiting for Intel to do it?
2000+xp TB @1.9 ghz 11.5/165 suggestions to reach 11.5/166
Barton Questions
kt7a&1400athlon problem
Buy another Chip??
0310xpmw Back in @ Excaliberpc.com!!! Go Get yours!!
should i get 1700xp instead of 2400xp?
best amd cpu to oc less then $150?
what's vdd ?
atacom not DLT3C
Barton Temps?
1700+ XPMW or 2100+ T-bred B?
xpmw back at excaliberpc
AthlonXP T-bred B 1700+ @ 2.70GHz Stable!
WPMW, XPMW, UPMW, differences
New one!!! I get a 1700+ 0311 "L" one. 2.2g at 1.525 voltage.
1.89v's safe for XP 1700+
XP1700 or XP2100 T-Bred ???
T-Bred 2100+ AIUHB..This can't be right!
I have SERIOUS problems with my CPU. Please help!
1700+ & kt3v
1700+ temps
xp 1700+ Tbred B at Googlegear?
My new 1700+ 0308 SMPW
got my excal 1700+ JIUHB 0308xpmw!
KT400A as an overclocking Platform
Shuttle XPC nForce2 overclock! Yippy!
New Idea for cooling that is better than anything else out there and no noise.
AMD K6-2 500 mhz Heatsink
what moo should i buy??
How High, 2100 B 0301
Got my 1700 tbred retail..How can I tell
Just got my 1700
amd k-6 2 450 help please!
cant get 2400 to 2.1g
Your thoughts on this potential upgrade please
Barton 2500+ or tbred B 2100+
Now how to unlock Multipliers for 2600+ /333 ?
Running Duron @ 133fsb
Does this makes any sense?
do Thunderbirds have on-board temp sensor?
Barton 2500+ O/C Benchmark Question
KD7-S Tbred 1800+ New to O/C; dumb questions!!
Getting a 2200 Tbred to run!
cpu chip reader url?
Decisions Decisions !!!!!!!!!!
unlocking 13&up
Which would run cooler?
Burn in
change in temperature?
New Overclocking Mobo
1600+ stock fan
how are all you doing with your 2400+'s?
What to do to get A7N8X to unlock tbred B?
Finally Got to 2.4!
Which 1700xp is Better ??
PCmark query
New CPU problems
L11 bridges... what do they do?
a palomino question: URGENT!!
Canadian's check in!?!?!
What 2100+ is the best?
xp1700+ DLT3C 0308 MPMW
No more odd retail AMDs?
Some info Regarding XP-1700 DLT3C WPMW
XP1700 & CPU Ratio
what happend to stickies?
Oc Help plz~
is this a good one?
My 2400xp wont oc!!
NEED Help!!!!
Can anyone post pictures on how to "Blow Bridges"??
How hot is to hot
Anyone know where to find this?
wheres the AMD cpu sticky?
Barton 2500 and NF7-S up and running, comments and questions>>
2100+ TbredB results, tell me what u think
what do you think
CPU temp
5.5x and 5.0 dont work
Athlon XP 2000+ running hot..
Did I make the wrong purchases??
help oc'ing my 2400+
2400+ questions
Are there 1700+ Tbred B DLT3C retail chips?
Need help with multi-Unlock
I thought the tbreds where already unlocked?
Which one is the "one'? 0307VPMW, 0310UPMW, 0308RPM
Prime or Sandra?
AMD 'evaluating' 400MHz FSB for Athlon XP
wow, that didnt take long
cpu speed problems?
AMD Tbred 1700 JIUHB
where do you guys get yours from?
having trouble oc,ing
New 1700+ steppings out now
Name strings
my system is under the burn-in phase.
Barton xp 3000
What's difference bet dlt and dut?
What's difference bet dlt and dut?
Connecting the L5 bridge on a t-bred...
Microsoft Processor Driver Version 5.1.2600.1152 : 2002-12-17
AMD Tbred 1700 JIUHB
xp1700+ @ 1.06v
umm please help!
XP2100 or XP2500
OCing AMD Palomino XP CPU
Are Bartons as good as p4's for vide editing?
Undervolting dangerous?
2100+@2600MHz (with Peltier)
False Advertizing or true?
XP1700+ 309 or 310 DLT3C?????
just found out what downgraded xp'are
How to volt mod a T-Bred?
requesting somes stickies
dlt 1.5v 1700 back at excal GET WHILE THEY R HOT!
Choose the best T-Bred 1700 for me
Has your tbred 2100 not hit 2.3?
best way to unlock 2400+xp??
Where is the 2.5 2100-1700?
Aiuhb T-bred
new ram or new board
2100+ blues
1700 dlt3c 0310?
2100+ 0305 report..
L Bridges
Ordered 2100+ OEM.. got a Boxed.. What to do?
Barton 2500+
Dead CPU
HELP... bios flash
L1 & L2 cache: o/c speed determinant?
Which one, Barton or T-Bred?
ThermalTake Copper Shim
Which 2100+ should I get?
What should I trust?
Quickie retail CPU question
101.2% on phase change :)
Crank FSB to 400 on 2500xp?
is this the right one?
just in case ya didn't know
dunno what to do?
WTF is going on at Xtreme Systems ?
highest o/c of 1800 + in australia
which 1700+ is better
2100 Aiuhb 0301
Prime95 Toture test improved preformance!!!
sorry but which xp1700+ chip is the right one.....
Need Overclockers help
My new 1700+@2807MHz
OC'ing Barton 2500+
pally 1600+! how do you like my oc!
My 1700 final thoughts!!!
Just got 1700xp dlt3c
It's My Birthday, and I'll OC if I want to...
REQ: Info On Athlon XP 2100+ (Palimino) Multiplier unlocking.
I hope AMD doesn't get any ideas...
AXP1700DLT3C runs hot!
1800 XP upgrade?
WTF? T-bred A core downgraded from 2800+?!!!
VCore question
Lock up at desktop
i dont get it
My Overclock Dropped????
ya gotta look
Best stepping for 2100 B and 2400 B
No sound on Asus A7V333
ASUS A7V8X 2200XP only 32 C load?
Athlon XP Guide (link)
Heat Spreader for K6 but not K7
Hows this processor oc? I just discovered processor identafier
Is the 1700+ gunna be better then a barton 2500+?
whats stepping?
Running multipliers unlocked on a K7RA-133R and TB2100 'B' chip
What the heck?!?!?
2100 Aiuhb 0302 Help!
msi k7n2 + xp 2200 overclocking
Overclock Problem post!
What is this? AMD Athlon AXMD1800FQQ3B 970303280096
1700+ update
upgrade xp processor or to go p4
Ok, which processor...
I need help wiht my athlon xp 1900+
what HS+F for cooling 78WATTS!!
Advice and Help on O/C
Best cpu for kt133a?
2100 overlock no raised voltages
how high with this 1600+?
What is a Tray Processor
Crazy overclocks
is this AXP1700 tbred B any good ?
Beginner Question
Bespoke thread on T'bred B & A cores
more voltage?
2400+ o/ced to 2800+ with air. 43c
Noob needs help with Memory
2100+ 2520mhz stable on air :D
getting ready for first burn in ever.
2100 B or 2400 B
Thursday. Friend's money. 2500+B construction.
got another 1.5v excal 1700+ JIUHB
I don't want to screw up again.
XP 2100 (Brown Vs. Green) is there a difference?
so I took back my stuff and am staring over....
2100+ Xp 0307
Hi, Im a n00b...
Overclocking Help!!
Prime95 and restarts?
(Stupid Question) arctic silver cak 488-t
New 1700 problem with 1.8v?
How long can i keep a tbred B at 1.775v??
Finally finished OC on my xp2100
Barton 2500 has open L1 bridge??
Athlon XP 1800+ How far can go ?
2100+ burn in question
Athlon 2600+ D
has anyone gotton the 2800 bartons to 2500MHZ....
Do the Bartons come factory inlocked???
Is This Right For a Athlon XP 2100+ ( Pally)
Can i unlock a pally with a 9v?
I discovered a Compaq scam
Can get an ugrade, but what to get?
dumb question
duron 1100 and fsb
burning in a cpu! What does this mean?
Athlong 2100+ safe OC reccomendations (advice please)
suggestion on hsf and ram plz
AMD Stickers
Has anyone in this forum blown a 2100xp cpu after a few months of higher vcore?
what do you think is couseing this? high mhz lowers fsb ability.
AX-7 and Epox 8RDA+
Any Benchmarks on Barton 2500+???
T-Bird or Palamino
AIHUB 0302 owners help!?!?!?!
am i doing it alright? (palomino overclocking)
Palomino 2100+ Unlocking problem
1600+ palamino or 1800+T-bred
Uh oh...
Barton question
My new 1800+
question on 1700+ rev b coding...
most overclockable Tbred JIUHB 1700+ are:
SK-7 or AX-7?
OMG the 2100+ LIVES!
blew bridges and only 13 works
Noobie question about the 1700+
amd mobiles
Need Help pls!!
64 bit windows for Opteron
CPU Temp
Question About AMD Heatsink
1700+ or 2100+ TBRED B
2400+ T-BRED heating
very successful voltage modification
Is this a Good Overclocking set-up??
My Friend Is Gonna Kill His Computer!!!
Opinions on most stable Nforce2 board.
Tbred B 2100+ Uh Oh Please Read
XP2100 o/c
2100+ or 2200+ have a better overclocking record?
vcore madness
1700+ JIUHB:0307 VPMW o/c results here!
tbreds and high voltage question...
Wire Trick for Voltage?
Wire trick & higher mults?
information please?
The 1600+ will once again become CPU of choice for ocers
Unlocking Tbred A
My 2400+ oc'ing adventure
urgent 2100+ prob
Barton 2500 o/c
2100+ palimino with kt333 overvolting itself
which core is better
Is this good AXDA2400DKV3C ?
oc results on a 2400+ b
tbred 1700 0309
New to board, New Overclock
A or B?
2100+ palimino overheating problem
Stable before, unstable now??
Can you fry a Duron 1.3?
AMD new naming scheme coming soon
How do i get to 13X Multiplier
2100+ 0307 New Egg
so far so good.
Hi, Everyone! I'm new here and I need some suggestions
confused on dlt3c 1700s at excal
XP 2100+ T'bred at 2.35GHZ where do you think I can take it from here?
Constant upgraders, I have a Question
AMD 2100 Question
New 1700+ JIUHB 0308
did i make a mistake
whats with wcpuid?!
Which CPU to replace my XP1600+
Latest on UNLOCKING Athlon XP Palomino CPUs
Such Disappiontment!!!
Mobile XP question vs a mobile Celeron
Help: o/cing a Tbred A
400Mhz Barton core
OC'd XP1800 WAY cool?!
best 2100B stepping...i actually have a choice
Do komplett stock thoroughbred bs?
XP2100+ Getting Slower.....
2100+ are the BOMB!
have pc2700 ram, what fsb should i oc to?
AMD XP 2000+ stability problem
Best HSF?
Confirmation: Cutting the 3rd and 5th L3 bridges gives all Multis on XP 2500 Barton.
I Got Tbred B 1700+ How To Unlock?
I'm gonna kill myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone here with TbredA1700@~1.8Ghz, and stock cooler?
1600xp @ 10x195 quick q
my first
Best AMD Processor for under $100 to Overclock
Cracked my 2100 core..
ASUS ti4200 64mb
strange 2100+ oclock problem
Some intresting info on the 2100+ AIUHB
New system going in, would like your opnion>>
Raising the FSB
Need your help with OC AMD XP1600+
Strange dual Tbreds problem
Best AMD for overall overclocking performance?
AXDA1700DUC3T JIUHB0309RPBW, good?
Will unlocking work with this.
Has anyone beenable to hook up hardware temp monitorin to tbreds?
What's up w/ Xtreme Systems forums?
Dumb Question - Athlon Tbird vs. Athlon XP
How do you access CPU?
Whats the Biggiest overclock you have seen?
Pathetic Newbie Questions
1700+, 2100+, 2400+
Slot A Overclocking
overclocking results
AMD XP2000+ MSI Mobo bios Settings
1800+ palamino
Slot A Golden Finger Device
Overclocking 2800+...
1700xp dlt3c
Excaliber 1700+ question
Is this the right stuff? (window deffoger)
Overclocking CPUs...
getting in bios
Chipped CPUs
Frequency of Athlon 2600
Problem, Please help AMD2100 on K7N2 Board
Athlon XP 2100+ mod
Athlon Code Reader
TBred Unlocked at factory?
is this any good?
Axda1700dlt3c 0309upmw Oc!!!
CPU Unaccessable?
whats better?
people with the barton 2500+
hell-spawn hits 2ghz
What voltage to burn the new 1.5 default tbreds?
2400+ question??
Posting without heatsink and fan? Newby wants to know.
setting fo OC?