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AMD in time for BF3
Unlocked Athlon X3 445 Rana
Phenom II 925 @ 3.5ghz
Almost there ...... a little help.
Help overclocking Amd phenom II x6 1100T
Little help here
Coputer hangs when overclocked.
Anyone wanna help me with a slight overclock?
Voltages that could help stabilizing and " nearly " stable OC
next tweaking of my Phenom
AMD Phenom 2 X4 B50 freezes
Confusion over what CPUs my MOBO supports
1090T Overclocking and AMD Overdrive
Overclock Phenom (tm) X4 9750 to 2.65 but want 2.8.
side effects from upgrading athlon 2x2 250 to phenom 2x4 955
AMD APU E-350 Thermal Pads help!
clarifying 1090T Temp
Llano Results
OCing my Phenom X6 1090T for 1st time [NEED ADVICE]
AMD Phenom ii x4 925 vs GTX 560 ti (Do I need to overclock)
1090T Dropped Multiplier
Question about the "Turbo" CPU
AMD Phenom X4 9850 under clocked ?
AM8 LLano ???????
Needing overclocking help
!st post, new system AMD phenom X6 1090T
Would someone mind helping me overclock my CPU?
Need help overclocking 1090T with Thermalright Silver Arrow
Could A8-3850 pair with SAPPHIRE HD 5770 FleX?
needing Sempron overlocking help
1075T and GA-890GPA-UD3H Overclock Attempt
new system HELP
AMD Athlon II X4 640 OC Question
Most voltage you should use?
955 BE at 4 GHz
AMD Phenom II x6 1055T - OC Help
need help on overclocking AMD Phenom II x4 940 *be*
965BE OC Problems
Phenom II X4 925 help overclocking
Strange phenom X6 1090T...
Phenom Overclocking Help
Everest/AMD overdrive show different voltage than BIOS
Which Phenom II x6 is better?
Llano A8-3850 Build
Confused by Biostar BIOS
amd sempron 140 fails orthos
AMD A8-3850 Help with first time overclock
Phenom II X6 1035T 95W OEM install question
Overclocking 1100T
So I Game I Convert Videos/Music Which BD CPU Would Be Right Me
Overclocking Sempron 140 HELP!!
overclocking amd athlon 64 x2 4800+
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4800+ overclocking!
Success! (and slight problem)
AMD Releases FX Comic, Mocking Intel
X6 1055T Overclock problem
AMD Ocing with Biostar 890FX Boards
AHHHH hit a wall! AMD 955be
Introduction and advice request
some PC trouble
Overclocking AMD Sempron LE - 1200 2.1 GHz
need HELP overclocking AMD Athlon II x2 250 with Emaxx AMD880HD3-PRO
LLANO AMD A8 Overclocking attempt...
x6 is or is my x4 good enough?
Need some help with and AMD Phenom x6 1055T
Black Ops FPS Drops with the Phenom II X4
1090T Temperature is Too High to Resist
Help with a 1055T (Phenom II X6)
CPU Fan controler
Need help deciding between AMD processors
A8-3850, Too good to be true?
is thye 555be that much better than a 7750be?
BD Question
Help me with my 555BE please! (unlock core question)
AMD Build...OC Articles??
Overclocking AMD's A8-3850 Llano APU
Which CPU Should I Buy?
What's better ?
P II X4 840 3.2GHz bottle-necking my 560Ti?
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+
Phenom II 965 at 4ghz, now what?
is my cpu cooler holding me back?
OEM V'S new cpu
Overclocking problems - strange. Athlon 5400+
Can't raise my FSB above 210 for my OC
Anyone read about AMD's future APU's
Phenom II x4 965 BE OC Help/adivce
Phenom II x4 955 Black cpu temp at high OC
Help O/C'ing a UD4-1090t-DDR31866 System.
Noob new help & opinions
555BE - to 6 core, is it possible??? help please
AMD 1090T VCORE is 2.028 volts!
Overclocking charts?
Phenom II X4 965 OC
been away for awhile, what processors are OC'ing well these days?
AMD 1090T Can't get past 3.8
Bulldozer postponed again? (probably not)
Help! Trying to bringing temps down: 965BE/GA-MA78LMT-S2
Tips and help for unlock AMD Phenom X2 555 Black Edition
AMD A6, A8-Series on the shelf
Which one would you suggest for Dell Optiplex 740 HTPC ?
Need help undervolting my PC
Overclock Help!!!!!!
Is it worth upgrading?
Failing calculation tests
AMD A8-3850 APU Review - Llano for Desktop
X3 720 OC or X4 955 @ stock?
Phenom ii 550 struck by lightning!!
Another 955 BE OC thread
Getting more out of my 925?
Athlon II X3 64 435 2.8Ghz O/C Possibilities and Limits
a few questions.. x4 965 be
AMD 1090t BE overclocking past 3800
which setup for graphics work
CPU temps-read off which sensor?
Bulldozer CPU-z screenie
Voltage question!
Overclocking Athlon II x2 245
overclocking the AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition 3.20GHz
Overclocking Problem
First time OC'er, would appreciate some help.
Help Overclocking a Phenom II x6 1055t on a asus m4a785td-v evo
New Build Gaming Rig
help overclocking an asrock mb
Help me become a Overclocker!
Help: OC 1090t >4ghz + NB Freq
High Voltage or not?
Halp! Broken pin on Phenom II X6 1100T
Purchase AMD Tray CPU
AMD Athlon 445 x3 unlock
Phenom II x4 955 OC potential on stock voltage?
Not all CPUs are created equal
Unlocking amd phenom ii x2 550 to x4 b50
OCing AMD Phenom II X4 810
Did I Get Lucky?
Overheating Phenom II x4 965
Athlon with SSE2?
1090T attempted 4.5GHz @1.645v with H70 =O
OC on Phenom II X4 840 (95) watt not registering.
athlon 2 x3 455 average temps?
3DMark 11 - Low Physics Score for CPU?
Too far?
Overclocking Athlon X2 6000+
Will this work?
overclocking opinions on the phenom II x6 1100t
Overclocking my new 1090T
Problem with pc failing prime 95 and BSOD
Phenom ii core speed&multiplier
AMD 1090T CPU Limit of 4GHz?
AMD delays are a smart move. Are they delays?
Wouldnt it be funny if BD trounced SB
Clocking my AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
Need Help Overclocking AMD Athlon II x4 620
Unlocking hidden cores of amd x2 550 callisto.
OCing an unlocked X3 425?
How to oc AMD 1055t ?
Burn in?
Overclocking phenom II x2 550.
Help with AMD 955 BE o/c
955BE on Biostar A770E3 overclocking issue.
CPU Upgrade
955 BE Overclock Issue (BSOD infrequently, similar STOP)
Help a noob out please!
AMD Phenom II x6 1100T Temp ?
phenom II x6 1100t stock fan overclock
athlon 64 x2 4400 brisbane
Phenon II x4 / 8GB DDR3 1866 / Giga 790XTA UD4 (trouble O/C'ing)
Althon Dualcore x215
Phenom 2 X4 unable to turn of 3 cores?
Computer won't turn on(shut off during prime95)
Best way to diagnose x2 4600 vs M2N32-SLI?
Funny Story (is now, but wasnt at the time)
965 BE Tweaking Suggestions...?
Overclocking my AMD CPU
Need some confirmation
AMD Sempron 145 2.8ghz socket am3
Budget Build .. PLS HELP!
new AMD CPU boot issues
Asus Bulldozer Announced!
1055t 890xa-ud3 help pushing past 3.6
phenom b40 overclock
What are your Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition overlclocks?
What could be the problem?
AMD 1090T Driver Missing in Windows 7?! lol
Ambitious Newb.. full profile w.Prime95/HWmonitor img
MY 840 build
AMD OverDrive HELP !!
Help w/ 1055T OC on AsRock 880g Pro3
Phenom II X4 940 Black Edition Quad Core Processor - 3.00GHz
Quick BD comment/question
Finally...555BE full Unlock...
AMD Phenom X6 1090Τ Problem
First Build
Overclock Gone Wild
AMD phenom ii x2 560 unlocking and OCing
Over clocking phenom 2 1090t
AMD 1090T 6th Core Gone Bad?
Does amd x2 6400+ need an upgrade?
Posible to OC?
little help on 1055t
[Tech Republic] Bulldozer Benchmarks
MSI NF980-G65 and Phenom II 955 BE that can hit at least 3.8 for 185, worth it?
Might be in some trouble
AMD Phenom II x4 980 Black Edition Review
Confusion about CPU VDD and CPU-NB VDD
Phenom II X4 840 Build - Any OC advice
Phenom II P920 Overclocking
overclocking Athlon II x2 250 on a gigabyte ga-ma78gm-us2h
555BE unlocked(tri)
Help required. Do think this tempratures are normal??
AMD 1090T Golden Chip?
Core Unlock Fail?
ABIT AV8 BIOS post codes
New to Overclocking
CPU bottleneck?
Cool & qiet not functioning
EC Firmware = Hybrid = major temp increase or bogus readouts?
1100t temps
I wana overclock my amd x2 555 to 4 ghz
Thuban Overclocking
What Are Bad Stock Setting Temps?
amd athlon ii x2 255 overclocked
Motherboard CPU Temp warning
NEED HELP OC ~AMD Athlon 64 X2 4800+
New to OC and the forums
Thanks To Everyone Here On The Forums
Help me OC my 1090T
Hows my temps?
Phenom II Black Edition OC difficulties, CPU core multiplier resets
Question about multi-cores
Phenom II B40 OC (Athlon x3 unlock)
Dell Inspiron 1525
Starting 955BE OC
better processor?
Building a AMD Box
Subtle instability on an AM3 Phenom II
problem getting an old 4600+ going :(
Question about my overclock
What is wrong with my computer!
Phenom v. i7
AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition temperature
Overclocked Athlon 3000+
How to get L3 cache miss rate on AMD Opteron 6168
1090t on crosshair iii formula overclock
Cores unlocked......Now what?
AMD phenom ii x4 970 BE, running hot! need help!
Would like To Ask For Just 1 Tweak To Start Off My Ocing Experience
AMD Phenom x4 965 3.4 Fails Prime-95
AMD x2 555 won't load Windows
Looking to upgrade...
Second-guessing my planned purchase of an i5 2500k
Help OC Athlon II X4 630
Core Unlock
1100 T from dealer in town not knowing how new
Finally reached max OC.
slow 820?
AMD Confirms They Will Support Bulldozer on AM3+
Athlon II X4 635 OC Safety Check
Phenom || x2 550be temperature question
AMD Phenom II X2 560 - Some Results
OCing AMD X4 635 processor with Gigabyte 785GMT-US2H
Stock Kuma CPU-NB voltage
AMD ships Llano, the ultimate HTPC processor
Benching build- double check?
Phenom ii x4 925 rb-c2 oc settings help
Phenom II X4 C3 BE OC CH4E Help
AMD Secure Another Deal With Global Foundries
CPU Replacement
AMD G34/Opteron's LGA 1944
X2 560 ASUS M4A87TD USB3 Core unlock Graphics glitch
1090T BE Overclock - Need Suggestions
140 Sempron for my Linux Rig
Phenom II x4 970BE Overclock
Phenom II - Underclock?
Thinking of a new build, this is what I've come up with.
New to overclocking
AMD Fusion advance HTPC market GIGABYTE E350N-USB3 Performance and OC Guide
Good socket 939 board?
Overclocking AMD Phenom II X2 550 Callisto
965 Overclock?
Microcenter is having a sale again.
quick voltage question
Not sure if i should overclock or not
Phenom II X6 1055T @ 3.8GHz...unstable
amd athlon II x4 640 overclocked problem
Yet, another newbie request for help.
Unlock or Overclock?
AMD Phenom II x2 560 BE Unlocked and Overclocking
OC Phenom II x4 B55
AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition and FSB
New to this!
Damn Cpu Clock Multiplier
New to Overclocking, errors in stress testing
AMD Phenom II 975 OC
How's This System For Crysis 2 For Gaming Point
Cool & quiet with Overclock?
Help w. oc. amd x2 6000+ system
Help with Phenom II 925
Assistance for OC wanted! (Phenom II X6 1055T)
Best upgrade for...
Non stable unlock cores?
amd II 640??
Upgrading to Phenom
some 1100t results
Phenom x4 vs Athlon II x2
Overclocking an AMD Athlon 64 3200+
PhenomII 720BE 4th Core - Unique Situation?
I need quick tips for 955 BE OC
4th Core won't unlock after installing W7
Unlocked Core Temps
Overclock with Gigabyte gigabyte m52l-s3
Overclock Opinon
Phenom ii 945 overclock
Amd 555 BE bsod
CPU won't throttle down after OC
Overclocking Phenom II 720 2.8 B.E
Steps to changing CPUs?
[O/C]Leaked Box Art: AMD FX is back!
Enough for web browsing
Sempron or AMD Athlon 64?
fill me with info
The opteron has died :(
Cpu speed vs. Ram speed and needing help getting to 4.0Ghz
AMD Wants to "Bulldozer" Intel's Sandy Bridge
first time over clocker
2 cores OC'd to 4.2 or 4 cores OC'd to 3.4
Phenom II 965 OC and Cooling Help
1090T with broken pin FOR SALE!
Phenom II 555BE Overclock...
Athlon 64 X2 5200+ OC'ing questions
Leaked Bulldozer Boxart. FX is back baby
Phenom 1100 T help
Bulldozer PCIE lanes
1090T/G.skill flare unstable prime95
2.30GHz AMD V-Series Processor; ANY Upgrade options?
Phenom 1090t issue
Phenom 2 560 x2 voltage?
Is It Normal With AMD 955BE?
adding more ram destabilizes Phenom 2 OC
Tips to OC an s939 Athlon
AMD Phenom II 965 OC
AMD C-50 and overclocking
AMD athlon ii x3 455 temp question
AMD 1090T 4.5Ghz Assistance
Dead again
few x2 250 questions
How do these settings look for an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T BE OC?
Overclocking Questions
Overclocking CPU and GPU
640 or 645?
I Need Some Help
Help me upgrade this old AMD machine...
New, and need some comments on my main rig...
Phenom X3 8450 + Biostar N68S+ ; 2 cores only
Overclocking Question Beginner
My Little Rig
Any idea if AM3 CPU coolers will work with AM3+ ?
Bulldozer is it going to be worth the wait?
Intresting AMD Blog Post
CPU Voltage Load Line Calibration FTW?
1090t On the way!
AMD phenom b40 OCED bios screenshot
Help please AMD ATHLON XP 3000+ bios settings A7n8X-X
Rate a $350 AMD Build for MMO Gaming
New Upgrade. PII x4 840 newb OC pics/questions.
X2 555 BE, trying to unlock cores. Am I doing something wrong?
my 1090T results
Max voltage on water for AMD Phenom 560BE
just to clearify.1090T temps
Help Me OC 1090T
Pre-shopping research! Need your HELP!(NEWBIE)
Prime95 - SmallFFT passed, Blend crash... RAM?
Thuban HT Link Speeds
Overclocking AMD 1090T BE with 2000Mhz Ram
Need advice OCing my 1055t
The amd cine bench collection
Which Processor is better?
CPU bottleneck?
1090T Getting 0C temps.
Possible to Overclock C-50 AMD APU in Laptops?
New mainboard, doesn't overclock well? Questions...
Thuban IMC and 2000MHz+ RAM
Overclocked my 1055t. Does it look right?
ASUS TurboV Results with 1090T
1090T on Gigabyte 890fx ud5 OC help
AMD O/C Thread
Phenom 9850 bottleneck/upgrade
Insert troll-face here.
highest safe vcore for 1055 x6 on water?
AMD Phenom II x6 1100 T Temp
Just got a PII X2 560
1090t stock heatsink thermal paste....
[O/C]AMD Detailing Bulldozer at ISSCC
New GPU = higher CPU temp + harder OC, Normal?
max oc on h20
3 Step Guide to Overclock Your AMD Phenom
Unlock extra cores with x2 555BE and Biostar A880G+
New build 1090T, BSOD and random shutdowns
Is there an overclocking guide?
anyone overclocking the x6 1100t?
NEWBIE overlocking 1090T
Cpu causing blue screens
Help with 955BE overclock
unlocking a core
New Overclock
CPU and Motherboard to support it
Phenom x2 and asus m4a785m
AMD Anthlon 64 3200+ VS. AMD Anthlon 64 X2 4400+ @ 2.30GHz
New Overclocker / First Stable Overclock (:
Proud Owner of 1090T
Upgrading alittle
1055t What more can I do?
AMD writes back fast...
No CPU temp readings
Interesting rumor
Advice needed
Question on 1090T and Turbo Core
Amd Athlon IIx4 640 temp
AMD 4000+ x2
Trying to get athlon II X3 425 stable at 4ghz
First overclock on 955
Athlon II x3 450 - new Oc'er
Overclocking an Athlon II X4 640
Voltage drops
3dmark physx voltage.
S1G1 and DDR2 800
Trying to get Phenom II 945 Stable at 3.8GHz
AMD x6 T1100 @ 54C?
Which phenom II to buy?
Safe overclock?
AMD Phenom II X4 BE C3 3.4ghz to 4.0ghz Help!
Phenom II X6-specific DDR3-2000 RAM
This should make all AMD lovers happy.
How much further will this go
New systems and stock settings = high temps?
Asus Crosshair IV + Phenom 1100T
AMD Brazos
What am I doing.. Right?
x6 and ddr2 what mobo for me?
am3 unlock problems
How far can I stress my Phenom II X4 925?
Processor Grinding?
Athlon II X4 640 Idling Temperature
Athlon II X2 250 voltage issues
Athlon II X4 635 Acting Strange
1090t & ASUS M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 freeze
Core speed fluctuating in Prime95
Choosing between the 1055t and 1090t, and OC questions.
My First Overclock
My Current OC'ing adventure - 1090T + H70
First OC with 1055T. Few questions!
New to OCing, any input?
Best Thermal Paste?
Unlocked - please help
Issues in games after unlocking AMD Phenom X2 555?
Upgrading to AM3 Board DDR3 ANy + Performance
Overclocking limits of Rana cores?
Fully functional BE unlocked cpus
Safe voltages?
New here, and looking for opinions (X2 B60)
Overclocking my 1100T - Dealing with my Heat Wall
Overclocking AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
OEM AMD Phenom II x6 1045t OC
Help me pick a chip
AMD just got a fastball down the middle...
Phenom II X2 555 vs. Phenom II X4 925
Woot! First shot at overclocking looking good!
Phenom ii 550 overclock
Safe to OC the easy way?
Phenom II 965 BE first oc attempt
1090T voltage
Phenom II X4 820 - typical temps?
I done a bad thing...
I know somethings wrong, but what ?
Asus EPU + 1090t + asus m4a89gtd pro/usb3 hdd access feedback
New build. Need inputs
V Series? did AMD Sneak this out?
Max temp for this CPU
New to Overclocking need assistance
OC Phenom II X4 945 to 3.75Ghz possible?
Help With An Athlon II x4 620
New Build AMD Phenom II 1090t, need your input please.
Help Overclocking AMD Phenom II X4 945
Cheese OC, questions
best am3 cooler for AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz,
Keep overclocking CPU or maintain the memory speed?
Is low voltage causing problem
Overclock Phenom II X6 1055T
[O/C]AMD Bulldozer: Chipset 9 Series Info