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2100+ Tbred B from newegg anyone?
I Have $300 To Burn
Amd 2400+
slk-800 and tornado
Chipped cpu = restart
2500+ Barton vs 1700+ Tbred-B
Decent (cheap?) Heatsink for OCing?
Anyone know what speed in mhz (Tbred b) = AMD PR of 3500+?
volcano 7
12x175,16x133,10x180 and not faster??
1st Try ona 2100+
Overclocking 2200+
buying new rig any help would be appreciated
Is this even possible???
second hand board
quick question about box proc.
My XP 2100@ 2970 mhz, not bad for a few hours work.
unlocking xp2500
Is F@H a good way to test temps?
XP overclocking chart.
Nice Tool
I need help learning the most effective way to Burn In a CPU.
just kill my TbredA 1700
2100+ What week has New Egg been shipping
3Ghz AMD's? (thats Ghz not 3000+ and i dont meant OCed)
Wierd OC Problems...
Which one to get? (1700 or 2100)
AMD names scheme for Opteron naming
Why is this?!
New Tbred w/ DLT3C?
Need info on Tbred-C (yes C)
2100+ Multiplier remapping
Important links some common FAQ
Is 54C load running prime95 on a 2100+ bad
T-Bird questions
Voltage Question
closing 5th L3 bridge = higher multi ?
default vCore T-bird 1333?
Durons w/ 133Mhz bus?
Multipliers question/problem
tbred 2100+ AIUCB0240 and confused?
What's in your main rig, Pt 3 ? (Mar. '03) *OEM vs Retail*
Xp1700+ core at 12Volts
Whats the default Vcore of the Palomino?
Is the 2400+ AIUHB crap?
Is running Prime95 without any errors for 24 hours enough to cinfirm a stable system?
1700+ Tbred vs. 2100+ Tbred
1700+T-Bred or a 1800+ T-bred
XP's...Green or brown??
2100+ does 2.2GHz at 1.62V but...
amd xp 2200+
Retro OC: 800 MHZ Duron, How can I unlock it? Early results too.
Mobile xp 2000+ will not throttle down
What's in your main rig, Pt 2 ? (Mar. '03) *MULTI LOCKS*
barton vs. t'bred B
Getting a decent OC with 2700+
Oh...so much money...
Ga-7vaxp Ultra Help!!!
Real non-stupid overclocking questions
Arctic Silver Help...!!
1700+ breaking 2Ghz
What's in your main rig, Pt 1 ? (Mar. '03) (Please READ first, before voting!)
Crazy Cooling Idea....cheap
Wanna get an 2100+
This is the best OC I can do with my 2100+
Need help geting 166fsb
Are tbred's hungry for more volts @ higher speeds?
anyone got 1700+ T-b JIUHB0309 1.5V?
Rounding errors in Prime95
Should we start some "New" Polls??
Finally! Quegyboe has broken the 2 Ghz barrier
Who makes the best Ram?
XP2400+ AIUGB 0243 o/c
Is AIUHB good stepping??
In need of help/suggestions please.....
Interesting Question about Burning In
XP 2100 AIUHB 0302, whats the average stable overclock?
A good quite combo amd board and chip
XP2600 333FSB chip help with multis
2.3g barton possible...!?!?!?!
Some 2100+ 0306 loving
My 2100b results on Abit NF7-S
worst 2100 B Tbred EVER!?
Help understand my upgrade.. i don't
Why so hot, its and old rig?!
Peltier, or keep what i got?
Need some advice
0302 or 0307?
Recommendation on good overclocking XP chip
I thought Tbreds were factory unlocked
1st day overclock on 2100tbred b
Desireable stepping code(s) for Athlon 2100+ B
2500+ and epox 8rda+ combo
quick temp question
cpu speed test
y wont it go faster
Bottle Neck ?!?!?
nf2 with 3*512MB DDR 400 possible?
nForce 2 BIOS problems confirmed and fixed
Higher FSB or MHz?
Thoroughbred vs non-Thoroughbred
Old Socket 7 Baby
Xp1700 0308?
You burned you CPU? come here!! =)
How much more heat do reg XP generate compared to mobiles?
2100+ palomino multiplier unlocking
new 2100b hotter than my old one?
frustration=not overclockable?
2100+ stepping question
Unlocking Question for AIRGA
whats the best tbred for o/c
2500 barton rig VS 2500 xp rig...
Keeping it in the family
How do i setup my xp1800?
AMD customer service!
Bartons have throttling?
upping the 2100+ multiplier
Amazed with the 1700 XP (B-chip) 0307
XP2600 Stepping
Could this happen that CPU temp hotter then diode temp?
Confirming for Tbred 2100+
how-to run tbreds w/high vcore and live to brag about it.
Finally! Mr B shatters the 2GHz barrier!
Having some multiplier problems!
What are the signs of an inadequet power supply?
Planning on going dual Tbreds....
1600+ stuck at 6.5 mult!! help!
Tbreds and diminishing returns
multi on v266b?
Need some opinion b4 i start OC.
2100+ from the beginning
1st results XP2100+Prometeia cooling
Total N00BIE! I need help!
My RIRGA 2000+
Gamer PC 2500 or 2700
There is no way!
I'm at a loss.. lower voltage=more stable?
Stability standard?
The AthlonXP 3000+ Will Break Your Bank Account!
new 1700+ showing up as 1100??
some OC-ing help
Max sustainable temp for Athlon XP 1900+
here are my resaults so far.....
what would you prefer? 2500 barton or 2800 tbred?
1700+ or 2100+
Duron and Athlon O/Cing Experiences
barton help
O/C XP2700 via Multiplier Only?
XP2100 Prime95 sum out error
2100+ 0306 result
Need help improving my system.
Will a KT400 motherboard use the unlock Tbred multi's?
Im back to AMD, but is my 1800+ a Tbred or Palo?
how hot can my barton go?
modding vcore on tbred 2100+
Would this work on an AMD
Are my temps too high for more voltage?
is 2500+ able to be multipied at 12.5?
Beginner please read
2000+ RIRGA same Temp , diffrent VCore
are these OC'S realistic?
OC 2100+ on old mobo
did u.....?
AMD Duron 1200+ Question.....
Now that AMD CPUs cost more.. is there any reason to buy one?
2500+ what can it be clocked too?
Having trouble can't figure out the problem causer....
Any XP2100 Week 0306 overclock results??
My 1600+ AGIOA doesn't like me.
New OC Mainstram Processor?
Barton cores
14/15 multi on a tbred 1700+?
Voltage way too high
The Overclocking Sickness.... Can't shake it!
2100+ temps
Have XP2200+ Rev A should I replace it with 2100+ Rev B?
Overclocking my Tbred XP 1700+
soo close.. :)
Do I have the worst 2100 tbred b?
Beginner, what exactly is burning in.. ? Thanks
1.1 Athlon?
Just got my 1700+ Tbred today...
AIUHB 2100+ or 2400+?
no memory settings in bios
2500+ overclock worth a dang..?? YES
TbredA 1700, how much OC
Time for another system
what CPU core do i have???
2100+ Pally OC speeds
Realistic target....
The best guide for burning in your AMD cpu.
what would happen?
Hi What is the max safe vcore for a oc 2100xp 0302?
What is the normal speed Of XP2500+ Barton?
L1 cashe size.............
Newbie has some quick easy questions
2100+ TbredB and 8k3a+ temps
Barton 2800 @ 3.46Ghz?
I really dont know and really need to !!!
T Bred B Not unlocked on Kt333...?
Need help getting to 200 Fsb !!!
tbred a highest o/c
Which Reading do I trust, SiSoft or AsusProbe?
Beginner needs some help.
L1 Unlocking Kit for AMD Tbird & XPs
Should i get 2500+ Barton or 2700+ tbred?
Athlon 2000+ Help
another new 2100 thread
Tbred temps
connecting L11 bridges on a tbred
burn in through folding?
not a problem, just curious
NEED GOOD OC CPU FAN (available in canada )
What chip with Abit NF7, need advice>
T-Bred-B 1700+ Overclock
Which MP Athlon uses the tred B core?
Big 10x Barton 2500+ test
I am preety sure but not completely but....
What are you voltages for 1700+ T-bred?
Cant take fsb any higher.
Burning in lower temps.
for those with 1700+xp and A7N8X
Best burn in prog need..
some one explain barton
alternative unlocking 2400+
Thanks!! 2100+ now@2250 needed to up vdimm/vcore
JIUHB 0304 XP1700+ Running at XP2400+ at Stock Vcore :)
buying a cpu
Overclock- ? on bottleneck - fsb?
AIRGA How bad is it???
My Results So Far w/ 2100 Tbred
First Overclock... Am I doing this right?
What To Upgrade What Should I Get
2100+ and Nforce
Trouble with my 2100 Pally
Barton Just Arrived - 03-08!
Need some advice everyone!
wow...i seriously need help
THOROUGHBRED compatability
1700 + Tbred B (TRAY) (JIUHB:0307)
Amd XP2100 tbred B AIUHB 0304
How do I unlock high multi on T-Bred1700+
Tbred's in the UK
Barton MP's?
HELP!!! Fried mobo or processor?
Engineering Samples
What's holding back my 2100 Tbred
yay for newegg
need help for rdram p4's
T-bred or Palomino?
All Thoroughbreds and Bartons are completely unlocked
Does multiplier have anything to do with ram?
Max overclock 2100+ Tbred A
Unlocking T-Bred CPU
1.1 Athlon
Heres the deal.....2100B
2400+ AIUHB 0250 Brown?
2100 AIUHB 0302 at 2500MHz on air!
Unlocking XP2400+
able to oc barton 2500+ to....
2100 B AIUHB 0249 Any good?
thermal tape vs. non
Do not mean to spam. Can someone plz make a poll so we can all vote to see.
Let me get this straight !!!!
voltage temps and speed of Athlon XP 2000+
Athlon 2400+
What the hell!!!???
Is xp1700 JIUCB bad for oc?
1700+ Tbred B simple question
2000+ TB@1921 1.87vcore what do you guys think?
Aiucb 0241 2400+
Tbred 1700
My 2100 (0302) Comes tomorow burn in ??
New at OC and have a question or 2
xp2100 aiuhb 0302 in UK, 76
Help With Pr Please
Can you Overclock a 2100 on a A7M266
XP2500+ Barton vs. XP2100+ ?
How I overclock my AThlon XP2000+
Bogus Temps Air Cooling
Is my cpu too hot?
what are some numbers you got ocing xp2000+ Palaminos?
tbred 2100+ AIUHB0301?
Thunderbirds Are Go!
Why is there a 12.5 multiplier limit when unlocked?
Asus a7n8x o/cing help needed
switching CPU's
Help me on this one.
Good or Bad 2100+ here?
Really Wierd Problem...
SLK 800 installation on cpu question
what can degrade over time from o/cing
amd 2100+Evercool drivebay cooler =toast!!!
steping of 6/8/2 is???
1700+ Tbred B unlocking help
Palamino 2100+ help w/overclocking plz
New @ OC By Acident!
XP 2500+ Barton
grrr....need help
fsb and hard drive corruption
newbie questions -hope for some help
Is it possible to run an MP/XP in a standard Thunderbird board?
has anyone gotten high overclocks without adjusting there voltage????
Mobile Athlon 1,2Ghz
1700+ Tbred-B to MP?
Multiplier of 21?
2000 or 2100+?
XP2400+ overclocking
What is the difference between 195 FSB and 205 or 215 FSB?
What causes registry corruption with FSB OC?
AthlonXP-M Overclocking?
2100+ results
for pc2100 ddr owners
Building new computer.
Post your lapping results here !!!!!
Availability of 2100+ Tbred-B chips?
Tbred A and B
Which CPU? TbredB 1700+ JIUHB 0302 or 0307?
Does 54c see, hot for an an XP 2000+?
AS3 got on bridges = bad ?
2100+ 0248 211 x 10.5
need help with an underclock
Newbie AMD 2100+ Overclocking!?
Where to buy conductive lacquer?
Which is dead? Mobo or CPU??
My 2100+ OverClock :D
Over 1.850V With Tbred B ??
green athlons?
TbredB 2100+ AIUHB:0249 Overclock
Barton 2500+ Week
2100 Pally...please help
running in my athlon
2100 T-BredB 0302 WPAW, How high is this ocable?
xp1700+ palminio temp
Voltage mod Asus A7N8X
2100b or 1700b
factory unlocked?
Duron64 Poll:
help with a new cpu
Succes w/ Ocing 2000+
Woot! 2100 overclock!
wont boot
Burning in progs
MAX2 Southbridge
A question for AMD users.
Need info on 1700+ Palomino
Buy a Barton 2800 or Buy Vapochill to OC 2700?
My Old CPUs Live!
Athlon 1.1 mhz
overheating 2000+ ???
some one please help me indentify the speeds of these processors
Help ?How is this code: AXDA2100-DUT3C-AIUHB-0302-WPAW
Y.S. Tech 74mm TMD fan on SLK-800??
Conductive lacquer -- scratched L1 bridge
A little tip for anyone with an A7V333 & TBred (possibly other Asus boards too)
Is your 2100+ o/c'ed above 13.5x166?
TbredA 2000+ oc help
Do I really have to unlock the 2100 Tbred B for lower multis?
Barton 2500+ OC to 2900Mhz
Tbred B 1700+ unlocking
400mhz FSB bartons
newbie needs overclocking help
XP 2500 "Early" Results.
2100b 0301 @2.3
What do you think?
HELP ECS MB running 2100+ At 2200+
Do these temps sound right?
Athlon1.2 reading ony 900 mhz
The ULTIMATE Athlon Platform Setup!
XP2100+ Stuck at 13
best cpu to overclock
Whats the best steping now fot TB
is this mobile or non mobile?
Worth Getting a 2100 TB for a KT333?
Can everyone who got a 2100+ from newegg last few days post which date you got please
Things I have learned about overclocking new systems !!!!!
With this configuration xp2100+ TbredB what is the best
CPU's acting differently in different MB's?
the truth about benchmark ??
Lower multi's on unlocked TBIRD
Thinking of buying a new chip
XP2500's available in the UK!!!!
:d :d
Im Freaking Out!
FSB doing great....CPU not
What does 2300 mhz really mean ???
i love 2100 tbreds
not potato chips
2100+ TBredB + Corsair 3200 = nice combo
The little chip that could (or couldnt), Via C3
.18 and .13 micron
2500+ barton @NEWEGG, $180
? with xp1700b's and multi's
need help pls..
2100 0248 maxed out!!!
Recommend a CPU please.
Old Burnt Out Slot A?
2100 tbb or 2500 barton - so confused now
Brownie or Greenie?
OMG AMD 3000XP cost $625!! That's more than a P4 3.06GHz!
400MHz Barton in May
Question about Barton
bettter perfomrance from amd
Highest Voltage For TBred B?
Holy cow!
Tbred 2100+?
new 2100 and 8rda+ windows xp no boot
O/Cing question, AMD XP 1700+ Palomino
2100 Tbred B from excaliburPC
any ideas?
WOW finally got into 2ghz range
Voltage Mod for 2100+
need help oc'ing 1100 tbird
What will be the best all around decision for XP2100.
How hot is too hot?
Anyone here have personally overclocking experience with a 2500+ barton yet?
Best way to overclock with a MSI K7N420 Pro?
I got bored so I played with my 1700+ JIUHB Week 51
XP 2400 (T-Bred) versus XP 2500 (Barton)
XP thinks it's a Duron
highest FSB
XP2100 overclocking - results and questions.......
Overclocking my JUIHB XP 1700+
2400+ OCing
Just bought a XP1700+ T-Bred????
Unlocking issues
Overclocking XP 3000+
Amd Is Shipping 2000+ Tbred!!
TBred 2700+ or Barton 2500+?
XP2500 Barton
2100P vs. 2100 Tbred B
Almost a 1ghz overclock out of my 1700+tb
New Amd Chip
Thermalright SLK-900
hot palomino. problems
received xp1800Tbred.
AMD CPU without a fan on the heatsink
Which setup is better?
Safe Vcore ???????
Help with Dragon Lite + 1700 Tbred B
42-46c ok for tbred B overclocked?
unlock Athlon 2700+, etc...
2400+ at 700mhz cant change multi
CPU Lapping?
CPU "Bus Speed"? WTF is that? someone argueing with me about it...
PC2700 DDR and oc'ing
A Prime95 Problem??
1600+ to 2700+??? Hmmm.
Different colored Xp2600 chip?
man..these 1700's rock
1700+ setting
Can anyone give an example of temp differences....
Question about fsb differences
Lucky 2100+ 301
Other than temps, are there any problems with high voltage?
Gonna order a 2100+ from Excaliber,301/302/304? Which one? Your OCs and ids welcome.
2100+ (0301) Need Help!!!
YeeeeHaaaaaa !!!!!
Temperature conversion Formulae
whats holding me back?
when setting up for unlocking
Help Friend is Dumb.
2.7Ghz or more
Wtf are these processors?
Geek.com's take on AMD's situation
Air Cooled 2100 B's
Mispacked 2600 Processors
CPU speed or memory BW???
Am i pushing my chip too hard???
3000+ "barto" @ newegg
stock speed
2100+ overclocked to 2700+
Week/Stepping refer to what? I'm new @ this!
Crossing my fingers !!!
Overclocking my 2100
just got my jiuhb 1700b today!
Im fortunate
Are anyone getting good stepping on xp2100 from newegg refurb?
What was that site?
bought an xp1800Tbred
Amd Stepings?
lifetime 2100+ - stepping
Mobile Athlon XP chip data?
Burn-in experience
I read somewhere people having trouble when installing new cpu there system is slow?