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maximum temperature
Socket A? socket 462?
Voltages and Cooling.. (Xp2100+)
PCMark2002 Benchmarks - Decent?
epox or asus n2 board??
Can A Barton Do 2.66GHz With Ease?
Duron 1.2
Comp problem, comp too slow!
voltage and multiplier adjustment bridges for tbred Bs
Latest overclock !!!
Newbie!! needs help
pics of my amd rig w/lots of mods. 56k WARNING!
Should I get 2100xp 03 or 04?
Has anyone increased the multi of a XP2100 palimino?
same unlock for the 1800 as the 1600 ?
Realistic Expectaions
2400 or 2600?
1700+ reached 2656mhz
AIUHB/JIUHB - difference
How's this setup?
oc help
have i managed it?
Quick, Help Me!
Any voltage over 1.6Vcore = ISTABILITY!
i would appreciate some help here !
10 Ghz
Amd Or Intel Meltdown Urban Legend
how to get 1700+ tbredb mult above 12.5?
first post newbie
2100 Tbred B, Newegg or ExcaliberPC
Multiplier affecting Tbred overclockability??
How much oc can I get with this
Athlon 2100+ runs underclocked
Is this a good OC?
AMD Heat Sinks suck!
Anyone ever heard of one of these?
2100 tbred problem
so many bridges... so little explanation...
tbred B 2100 question
Unlocking my 2200+ to UNDERclock it
Prime95 Error
Athlon 1.333 AYHJA ?
Barton Updates?
Good Temps?
Tbred-B 2100+
first-timer questions...
need some help
what is the lifespan on a tbred A
oced my new XP2400+
barton cores
need help on my overclocking
AMD Duron & ASUS A7V
JIUHB 1700+ @ 2.4GHz!
Anyone try overclocking the 1700+ JIUHB 0307?
Aiuhb 0248 From Pcnut
Burning In...
My Free 2600 TBred
A chart for Athlon XP speed vs name
XP 2000 thooughbred results are disappointing.
need help BADLY!
Bartons available at newegg.com!
hmmm 2200B what you think?
Hit the ceiling?
I'm lost, please help me!!!
My CPU hit 70c!! :eek:
Got my 2100 Tbred in
16x133 or 13x166, can't do 14x166 or higher
Rip 1.33 Axia Y
Tbred B Vcore Issues
XP 2000+ Tbred A
help with AMD code
Tbred XP1700 JIUHB 0302 or 0303
Duron or Athlon
will an MP2000 work in a non-dual mobo?
Voltage and the life of your amd cpu !!!
Help me return my CPU!
New 1800+ Running at 1150
PC Crashes
My first rig, my first post.
A7V333 and 1700+ JIUHB:302
Is a volt mod worth it?
As everyone else I need a bit help
For the LAST time 2100+, 1700+ or 2400+??
Just ordered a new XP1700 from newegg, what stepping have you been getting?
2100+ tbredb (302) results part 2
What would you Recommend?
Entry overclock ?
what bridge for 166fsb?
finally, 2 gigs!! hooray!
What to trust ?
Moving to AMD....which 2100 do I get?
0301 or 0250 xp 2100+?
Can't get 200 FSB
CPU Ratio, CPU Voltage
Just Got My 1700+ JIUHB
What did I do?
Is This A Good OC For This Cpu? AX1700DMT3C AG0IA0207XPHW
A 1700+ JIUHB question....
This is going to sound stupid but...
1700+ AIUGA 0248 information please
Where buy a AMD XP 2100+ Tbred B in Spain
Please offer your suggestions
Correct setting of MBM for 8rda+
What's of this coolings Chosse for AMD XP 2100+
FSB problems
Do LOW volts cause a problem?
how many with 2100 Thbred B at 200 MHz
XP 1800+ unlocking and overclocking
Ghz vs Voltage Theory
memory setting questions?
AMD K6-3+ 550 question
What is best to fill in gaps between the bridges (unlocking) ?
what do i buy?
takes 3 times to boot?
xp 1700 JIUCB
What stepping TbredB 2100+ do you feel is the best?
A little help is needed
Is there a way to find the stepping of my CPU without taking the heatsink off?
multipliers i really dont understand
bios flash for a7n8x
xp 2500+ barton, good for oc?
newegg sending 1700A's out the last few days!
Cooling on XP2100 B Rev
Help with buying another AMD
1800+ temperature on MSI K7N2G (nForce2)
Idea's to get my OC higher....
2100 AIUHB 0250 brown malaysia
2100+ TbredB (302) results
My very own AIUHB!
should I overclock?
Bios seeing 1 of 2 proc?
Upgrade path - any thoughts?
My wee little JIUCB 0250
Thoroughbred B's in UK ?
Money is there what to buy?
Highest multiplier on XP1700 TbredB
2100+ t-bred B purchase
Is it dead
Do you think OC to 2262ghz is to high
What's The Best Motherboard For Me?
Thoroughbred 1700+
What To Expect
1700+ or 2100+ Hmm?
new 1700+
Xp1700+ & Fic Am35 / Km266
stable AMD tbred prices?
Acceptable voltage for xp2100+
2100+ (Diff b/w T-bred and Palomino???)
near death
1800+ Tbred B
xp2400 hot!!!!
im bored!
2100+ pally or 1700+ t-bred?
2100 tbred oc
good place to get a water cooling setup?
Is Newegg yanking chaions with their 2800 "Barton Core"
I really dont knwo what this is do you ???
Mulipliers and Boot up
What happened ?
AIUHB 0249 won't do 166 fsb! help!
Barton core 2500+ on newegg
Finally got my 2100+xp TBred HOW WHAT SPEED
VapoChilling the Barton
got my 2100 tbred today
n00b overclock question :)
got an xp1700+
Burning in xp 2100 tbred
2100+ ocing question
I know I can do better!!
Can some list the Axp 2100+ (B) steppings?
tips for burning in?
How did you guys unlock your 2100+xp
Unlocking T-Bird
Sudden bridge connection?
case badges
CPU Archive Review
newbie cpu/oc question(s)
does circuit board pen remove easily?
AMDs Phone Number?
First Sign of STDS
Official Athlon64 Thread!
Unlocking XP
Am I just unlucky at overclocking?
got my 2100 tbred :D
Can added voltage cause file copies/pastes to freeze in explorer?
Tbred B...am I missing something here?
my AIUHB 0304
what is oc for?~.~
Best AMD CPU for overlocking under $200
is my cpu unlocked?
testing TBred B L2 cache
Jiuhb 0204
Given the choice, which of the following OC's would you use?
Thoroughbred, Palomino, Barton?
AMD CPU Roadmap
Thoroughbred (Revision B) Overclocking
Sudden T'Bred Death Syndrome
Is it the ram or the vcore?
Almost blew my brand new 2400 :(
Need help picking a CPU (looking for 2400+ results)
Athlon XP Overclocking - FSB vs. Multiplier
Overclocking my XP2000+
Newbie question
I need imput !!!
Newegg Has Teh Barton!
fist time overclocking
My 0301 AIUHB 2100+ Results.....take a look......
Are barton cores bigger than T2Bs?
Best watercooling device?
Overclocked Boot up issue
Quick question
CPU Command Decode Speed
2 questions: micron process and cooling.
Barton or T-Bred?
Been awhile and i forgot. .help plz :(
OFFICIAL tbred oc'ed percentage post.
Bad overheating, where can I get a faster fan?
Can a CPU drop 20 degrees C in 10 seconds?
If i cant get 167 on 2100 should I buy a 2700?
Painted my XP L1 bridges, have ?s now...
prime 95 question
wanna see a 1GHZ oc?
is it worth it for me to upgrade?
T-Bred Bridge Question....
Is there ANY difference?
Help me Own this computer
advice on xp1700 t-bred b purchase at newegg...
Cooling question
post your 1700B oc results thread
am I pushing my luck with voltage?
2100 AIUGB owners please post
2100+ won't overclock
stability issues...
Retail xp2100 at new egg
Overclocking problem now occurring:
warning! 1700B upper multi unlock news!
2100+ tbred b
is this thing possible???
tbred b 2100+ and epox 8kha+ questions
I need help...
Factory Unlocked 2100B???
Taking my first steps, I need advice !
XP 1700+ T-BRED good overclocker?
is 0249 2100+ supposed to be better than the rest or somethin?
XP2100 @ 2.156 ghz, default voltage, input please!
Overclocking the slightest gives makes Windows halt on startup
Real quick question
Bartons at NEWEGG!!!
Other CPU databases
Where to Order a Xp 2100
Can't get settings to stick!
Burning In Question
My First Keychain.... *sniff*
2400+ is here
grrrr upgrading to 2100=problems
Need More Volts Or Ram?
xp 2100+ t-bread, how's it handeling 400mhz fsb?
Tbred isnt unlocked...
The Swiftech MCXC370 RULES!!!!!
" The Wire Trick "
Does KT4 Ultra/KT3 Ultra 2 unlock Tbred AIUHB 2100+ ?
How hot is too hot?
Looking for a DB to find avg. oc values for 2100 Tbred Bs? Any ideas where to look?
Barton XP 2800 instock at newegg. No XP 2500 though...
XP 1700 on Abit NF7 or Asus A7N8X
My Tbred 1700+ is not factory unlocked?
yet another 1/5 divider question
Very good 1700+B results!
**results** Chaintech 7njl1 and 4 2100b's
Why is Newegg selling AGOGA Stepping** 1900+ like that's something...
tbred A or B. Whats the likelyhood from Newegg?
Is the XP2600+ a good choice?
2100b lifetimes
I got my 1800+ to 1713.5!
2100 Pal core temps
2100+ 12x197
burning in programs
System wont overclock....
hittin a big wall
A7N8X dlux with Problem - Can U Help?
How much of Overclock do you think i can do max?
My first keychain...
quick question
Are all the Barton cores the same?
i said wtf!!!
2100+ tbred B unlock attempT!!
Super Pi, what is it?
Where to spend it?
question about burnin in
XP2100+ - multiplier vs fsb OCing
2001+ tbred
newegg 1700 and 8rda has arrived!! [happy dance] :D
Final qustion! what stepping am I willing to get?
Getting a Tbred B 2100+, where?
XP2200+ and XP2800+ question
duron vs celeron ?
2nd 2100 AIUHB has arrived !!
2100+ +1.85 v = wont oc
Which stepping is better?
AIUHB 0301 should be here in a few days
More voltage helps remove instabilty due to heat?
Should I Buy This???
Unlock the 2600?
When should I stop with voltage, with my T-Bred A
Xp 1700+ Aiuhb??
Need help picking a new mobo!
High cpu temperature - 2100 tbred
Which chip should I keep ?
Aiuhb 0250 Day 1
How high has this been pushed.
ordered my 2100 tbred!
Overclocking Barton
Buy Your Bartons Now???? Look
2100+ Week 52 anyone?
Can you O/C by shorting socket pins?
Is this a good deal?
Should I, or should I not?
How low do u clock your cpu using prime ???
Are all T-breds unlocked by default?
XP2100 Tbred B unlocking
I'm about to order a Axp 2100+ where should I buy from?
Bartons show up at Newegg, ETA 14th and 18th...
XP 2100 week 0248
NOOB question, soory guys, have to ask...
A little finnacial question.. (Selling An AXP)
AIUHB 0301 xp 2100+ and Vapo PE Ti
How long do you let prime95 run to know it's stable?
Thought pushing overclock hurt XP, but no!
PLS LOOK HERE, anyone know if this works??
help please!
Which is better? 2220@1.85v or 2130@1.75v
xp 2100 b 302 @ 2.3 stable not 2.4
When is hammer out?
2100 AIUHB 0304 any good?
XP 2100+ OCing Help for Newb?
Omg My Heart Is Beatin Fast!!
Tornado on Reostat HELP!
AMD and Intel, not a flame war
questions before purchasing TBRED-B
2100+ Tbred B won't run at default
Need a guide for opening an Athlon Xp (2200+)
Tbred or Palimino for a 2100?
2100XP, green or brown?
Suggestions for new Video card
xp2400 16x Multiplyer
BARTON's source of power
My 1800+ oc'ed Suggestions?
2100+ Crazy Chip?
What 1700+ steppings are people getting from newegg this week? How're they doing?
AthlonXP 1700+ AIUHB @ Low Voltage
Very Happy 2100 owner
im gonna put loctite on my cpu!
Is the Athlon Xp 2200+ OverClockable?
getting tbred 2100
xp 2400 boxed cooler quality ?
WOW 1700 b @ 2200 :)
How do our AMD's do against Xeons?
please help! quick
So how are the 2100+ 0301 stepping doing??
Which stepping for T-Bred 2100 B??
Post your XP2100b 302 results here !!!
Temps seem high for XP 2100
Memory Overvolt, how much is too much?
Will these be good to unlock tbred 2600?
1700+ questions.
1700+ or 2100+
o/c 2100+ AIUHB0304 to 166MHz FSB?
How is the 1800+ AIUGA's Doing?
How are the 2600's overclocking?
Nub help. ;o
What PR model name is given to your OCed Tbred?
Newegg 1700+ Overclocking
The last of the Paper launches
overclocked 2400 no go with video
Recommendations for overclocking w/air cool on XP2100?
What's your TBred B 2100+ Voltage?
Athlon Xp 2100+ TbredB + Epox 8K9A3+ coming soon
just got my 2100 tbred
2100 AIUHB - which week and "four letters" ?
tbed death?
Newbie to Overclocking, Few Questions.
will 2100+ XP Pally support 166 FSB?
AMD Releases Barton 3000+ Claims FASTER than PIV 3.06 GHz
XP Palomino spacer for a T Bred
How do u think this would overclock?
Which Stepping/Date of 2100 should i get?
xp1800 t-bred AIUGA
(For the technically minded) Barton specs now at AMD site
what stepping (2400)
Oc'ing Like I Stole It!
How good is the Tbred B 2100_(AIUHB:0252) to OC ?
To shim or not to shim?
AIUHB good stepping?
Locking CPU at different speed
AMD likes horses :)
can a bad unlock cause a computer not to boot??
Cant overclock after clearing CMOS?
2100 AIUHB has arrived!!
Running Barton @ 400MHz is hard.. Any solution?
T Bred 2200+ Rev. B Overclocking Results?
Which is better? Palo or Tbred
How good those T Bred's steppings perform?
Are AthlonXP 2600 or 2700 worth it??
The BEST Barton Review on the NET!
Lowering Multi up the FSB?
Barton XP3000 benchies
Barton,check this out
AMD 1700 Steping question
How to make sure I get a Tbred B
stepping question.. AIRCA 0234
Barton XP3000 kicks Intel's butt?
TBred B on this board?
unlocking 1800+
Barton Review
voltage on 1800 t-bred
Need knowledge, please read!
Building Comp from Newegg in the next 1-3 weeks.
Another question about temps
XP2000 thoroughbreds now in at New egg
A7V266e and Tbred 2100+ ??? please help!
unlocking proc?
no more amd's :(
2600+ Questions!
Barton Bench
2800+ @3.0gig
What do the Athlon numbers mean?
Need some help w/ my 2100+ 0250
2100+ o/c to 2800+ level?
FBS problem
How hot is too hot for ON Die readings?
Buy now or wait for something better????
Are Athlon XP cores all the same?
XP1700 steppings
AthlonXP 2700+ Petition
just got a 2100+ tbreb B
Speculation Of Future Overclock
Check This Out!
Which 2100+ Tbred B Stepping?
---amd 2800 Xp Bios ???---
I picked up an XP1700 and A7V-266-E mobo NOT QUITE WHAT I EXPECTED
Kick A$$!!!
Another refurb mobo load at Newegg
CPU Core, or Surface Temperature reading??
how to use AMD XP 1600+ on dual board
limited by ram?
1700+ @ 2200MHz crashed on startup.....
just got my tbred B xp2100 week 1 year 2003 L1 not cut!
What's wrong with my 1800 B?
Barton- pre-unlocked or no?
overclocking help
Affects of Intels 800FSB to the AMD's 333
which t breb b to go for
AMD in deeper trouble?
Where are the Barton reviews?
what are other methods of unlocking the 1600xp???
Argh Damn Unlocking 2200!!!
help unlock 1600+
Voltage Question...but different from most
XP 200+ locked.... voltage?
buy athlon Xp Unlocked ?
XP 1700 TO XP 2100 B big gain??
burn-in opinion
is this a damaged cpu
Sledgehammer (nowhere near "official" info...)
AMD Barton xp3000+ are here!
Watts Calculator
Expecting too much? AIUHB Tbred 2100
Pomona computer fair
Got a new one~
2000 tbred @newegg
Is this 2100 tbred a good one????
2100 Tbred B not unlocked?
2100+ B @ 2.1 volts
Newbie Looking for the Help of Master OCers
Have question about multipliers
Anyone ever succesfully set multi to 13,14,15 on a POL core?
Poll - How did you Blow/Cut L3 Bridges?
new 2100+ help
Newbie needs help with FSB
How much FSB does the 1700 Tbred B handle?
Unlock or not with A7N8X Deluxe
What are multipliers?
Overclocking 2100+ Pally
What Frequency Does The AthlonXP 2500+ Barton Run At?
1800+ B-stepping
Slk-900 for 49 buck. Is it worth to get one?