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What Frequency Does The AthlonXP 2500+ Barton Run At?
1800+ B-stepping
Slk-900 for 49 buck. Is it worth to get one?
if you could have your choice of stepping....
1700+ tbred a voltage question?
8RDA+ and 2100+ TbredB 2100+ @ 233x10
Looks like IBM is doing some backstabbing!
xp 1700+ not easy overclock?
Overclocking Noob! Help please.
Computer will not boot up now :o(
Help with xp2100b(3rd wk) and Chaintech Zenith temps!!!Very High
overclocking XP 1700+ Palomino
What is the safest way to unlock a 2100 T-Breed b
Wire trick for 2100+ AHIUB 0250
Should I trust MBM5's cpu speed reading?
TB xp 2400+ with epox 8k3a+ help
Can an unlock go bad?
What heatsink should I use for a T-Breed 2100 B ?
Need Opinions
chip off
Can somebody help me
I"ve never overclocked before and I need help.
What board to get? pref. 1.9v+
overcloking strategy
safe to use pep66 without fan on k6233?
xp1700+ B @low voltage...?
2100+ T-bred b @ 2500mhz
"Burning in" question
Is it all 1700+ JIUHB 0302 hit 2.2G EZ?
Guys, need help, I messed up
TbredB 2100+ will not post above 166 FSB
Install smart fan on slk-800
Future CPU Process Transitions!
Is Barton worth it ?
Should I wait
Bandwidth question
Did you geta 1700Tbred today?
how do i RMA to amd?
thinking about switchign to tbred...
got two questions...
Foobared my Palo 2100+ Proc.. suggestions?
2400xp overclock?
Tbird core voltage?
soyo KT-400 and AthlonXP 2600+
Can I use Tbird shim on Tbred?????
Steppings!! FINAL...!
After bridging the L5 - Dual 2100+ XPs
8RDA+/2100XP tbred B Scary Experience
XP 2100 AIUHB 0302 unlock L3 Bridge
Using Prime95 to test for CPU stability?
AMD features
Help New XP 2100 Won't Boot
OMG! Fried :(
Which Tbred should I buy?!?!?!?
getting 2100 probably this week...
Thermaltake Volcano 6
Am I feeding my Tbred too much voltage?
What week 2100 are Newegg giving out now?
Blowing Bridges on 1700 Tbred B - lil Help
New 2100+ system -- couple ?
is this a fairly good overclock?
WCPUID keeps crashing :(
Exact same but different?
PICS of my 2100+ OVERCLOCK
Athlon MP
Weird 2100 B
2100+ Tbred: AIUHB stepping
13x and UP for 1700+ Tbred-B?!
Question about the 5th l3 bridge
will my thunderbird 1.4 do 166 fsb?
Got a 2400+ from Newegg. A or B?
Feedback on XP2100 AIUHB 0302
400W PSU for $10.00
Durons are being Phased
2100XP 51*C FL = overheating?
She's here, tips needed :)
Which AMD Cpu? Starting from scratch
AMD-761 and T-BRED B
Athlon XP 2000+ Unlocking?
XP2400 Speeds please
What to do with these CPU's
My 2100+ (Palomino) can only go to 139FSB stable, why is this?
Need some advice
will a tbred work for me?
Does overclocking make the llife of your cpu very short?
2100+&*RDA benches at 225mhz dual channel *56k*
2100+ Excaliver or newegg?
oh my
fsb question
Tbred B 2100+ Arrives!!!
tbred 2100 at new egg..
Woohoo! My first successful unlock!!
hrmmm, thermal paste is no good?...
Barton Question
Got a question for guys oc'ed over 2.6
Cheapest CPUs in the UK
cpu driver
XP1800 Tbred-B experience-results ??
Workarounds For Inaccessible Multiplier Ranges
Aiuga 0248
xp2100 tbred (unlocked??)
just got my tbred..
XP 1700+ + 8K3A v.1.1
Total n00b questions:
Hmmm, on my XP1600+ the bottom row of L1's is interconnected/grounded. Help me out ;\
Aiucb Xp2100
TbredB 2100+ OC tips...
Stepping, XP2100+
Safe Voltage for AMDs
Speed Kills!!!!!!!.................my wallet
XP2100 or XP2400 ??
How long does your cpu last?
What Stepping Can You Get the Most Out Of ?
Why don't you 2100+ owners...
The AthlonXP 3000+ Is Over $1000!
FSB Settings VS Multiplier
Im about to CRY (comp probs)
Tell me what i want
Heatsink & Fan for Barton 3000?
Survey for 1700+ and 2100+ T-bred B Owners
I think I killed it.
2100+ @ 2570mhz at 2v water cooled.. going for 2700mhz.
1800 Tbred OC?
Other Methods to unlock TBird?
12v spliced from psu to core
X13/14 with wire links
Mr B's Pally Unlock Procedure
Multi OC..
safe vcore ?
Fooling mobo into thinking T-Bred A is a Palomino?
Taking off the Heat Sink!!!
I need to decide: JIUHB 302 or JIUHB 252
A7n8x Juihb 0203 Multies?
xp 2000+ tbred b HELP PLEASE !
Chip Surgery!
Will Barton 3000 work in the Asus A7N8X Mobo ?
green tbred unlocking...
Low Speed Tbreads and nForce 2 motherboards question...
Low Speed Tbreads and nForce 2 motherboards question...
How are these MARKS?
XP2100 - Connecting 5th L3 bridge DIDN'T get me lower multis
XP 2200 Code help
default voltage for k6-2
guaranteed stepping ?
Barton Review!
Which Stepping on CPUs Overclock the best ?
Underclocking a CPU ?
Finaly Unlocked Green AMD
This can't be as good as it gets...
Help me pick one!!!! 0250 or 0302
overclock my new 2000+ tbred A and 8rda+
A useful overclocking tool - Maybe...
thank god
2100+ 0250 Question....
My Very First Mobo Volt Mod for 2100+
2100+ Blown Bridge
My Final 0248 Overclock!@!@
2100+ not unlocked?
Tbred's auto unlock?
ALL AMD Fans Read This Thread! quick >>>>
RMA'ed my 2100 and this is what I got back..
Is it a Palomino or T-Bird
Fake Poll.....Newegg 1700+ orders.
I'm impressed by my new 2100+ 0302 so far..
Why my XP2400+ appears as an XP2000+??
Which? 1700xp
MP and Xp
Who said AMD does not overclock good?
How do I increase my FSB by 1?
How do I lock PCI bus?
Amd xp 1700 ax1700dmt3c
Strange problem need suggestion
What default vcore 1.85???
Just hard lock the multipliers for KT333 boards
Palomino Overclocking? Worth the trouble?
Looks like they released them bartons
My 1700+ can beat up your 2100+
2100+ Showing differently!?!?
check out price watch
2000+ TBred B
what stepping should i be looking out for?
Holy Crap! Cheap Tbreds galore!
A new experience
2100+ Aduax2100umt3c
Wrong reading for XP1700 T]Bred B?
Prime95 Experts, Lent me some tips!
I hear 1700+ tbred can be 2700+
my xp2000+ is pala or tbred ?
Need Help OC AMD 2200+ XP in bIOS
Thunderbird 1.4 or Duron 1.3
Whats better 1700+ jiuhb week 51 or week 50
nforce2 or not nforce2? that is the true question to this topic
AMD's Official Release Dates for both HAMMERs and BARTON
MAX FSB on 2100XP is 149!?
I will buy a Amd Cpu but which one is best for me
production dates for the XP 2100+ ?
Which xp processor to buy?
Prime95 a Bug-Infested Spawn of Win95?
2000+@1.85 maybe more?
Help!!! Did i kill my chip
2100+ B (post Your Results)
Is my memory the problem?
How to fool my chip.
Got my processor! Did I get the correct stepping?
how to change my ratio to push my FSB higher?
Overclocking my new 2100+ Tbred B
Need a LIL OC help fellas
1700+ JIUHB 0302 How's yours doing?
What power supply for your xp 2100 Tbred
2100dut3c,auihb-0302rpuw**Chaintech 7NJL1**
Gigabyte 7VTXE tips and tricks
2100+ AUIHB 0303spew @2700mhz @ 2.0v!!!
Thunderbird 1100 AGNGA Question
safest vcore for tbred's?
1700+ "aiuhb"
need to buy a cpu NOW!
Bartons hitting stores in E-Town in two weeks
Xp 1700 Aiuga 0249
a little o/c help
Yay Jiuhb 0302 9
CPU Temp Utility
Mounting cpu using holes in MB, How ?
problem with antiques...K5->K6
Tbred Upgrade Problem - Help
fsb 166??
XP 2000+ only running at 1.3
How much would you buy my computer for?
xp1700+ ECSK75SA
256 or 512 cosair EPOX,2100
1700+ Oc
Just comferming
Am I safe??? Need answer fast!
Would it really be worth my money and time to upgrade?
happy camper got my 2100 t-b
AMD PR Rating, how stupid?
Help!!! Overclocking 2100+ Tbred
black or green we still love ya!
P4 vs AMD help me out
This is what I just ordered, any comments?
Overclocking tool?
Brown 2100 Tbred B's????
AMD 586 won't boot
Deciphering Code on 2100+ Chip
Overclocking 2100+
Blistering! The Duron 850mhz overclocks to...
AXDA2100DUT3C for $95 good or bad
CPU mod to enable hi multi's on 2100B ?
What's the WORST 2100+ T-bred you've seen?
ADUAX2100UMT3C What kind of Thoroughbred is that?
AMD OC'in Guide
What can I CLEAN my CPU with????
Xp 1800 Voltage
my 0301 2100+ prelim results
Xp 1700
Xp2100 0249
Ordered 1700TB on 1/22..
Where to buy Tbred 2100
Found this online. Old news, but funny.
Chipped Core?
AIUHB 2100 XP Tbred B's from 0248-0250's any good
Another Sweet 2100+
I just cannot believe it
CPU Interference
AMD 2100XP+ T-BRED B, Good Stepping
low tbreds are unlocked right?
HELP unlocking
unlock my xp
1800 and 1700 step A owners I need your help!
Building New System Need sujestion.
Wtf????? Barton Preorders!
NooB Overclocker: Epox 8RDA+ and 2100+ AIUHB
Just Clocked My 2100+ AIUHB
Need a little help with my 2100+
how do i ?
help for newbie!!
Just got another 2100+ "T-bred-"B" 0249 AUIHB "4" from newegg!!
Are the mobile XP's T-Bred B's?
My New System (2100+ 0301)
XP2000+ Overvoltage Control
smallest cooler for durons?
What is Best Stepping for 2100, 0250, or 0302?
Where can I find WPCPUID?
Aiuga 2200+ O/c
Check to see what exact AMD proc you have
Please can any one help me to OC my XP2200
a poll maybe
xp 2000
more multies!!! fast question!!!
DURON 1200 as fast as 2.8Ghz Pentium...
New xp 2100+AIUHB 302 NO MOBO
2100 tbred B's auto unlock?
Athlon 64 review and benchmarks
Stuck at 12.5x140!
Should I Unlock?
AMD vs Pentium?
OK, got 2640mhz out of my XP2100!
Where to find a 2100+ AIUHB
When will HammerHead come out?
safe temp and Vcore for tred-b?
2100+b & 8rda+
How long do you run Prime95 and then say your OC is stable?
This going to be a dumb question.
1800 aiuga 0249 greeny
2100+ Survey Results...
heat problem
how to unlock a xp with 0.13 micron?
Asus A7V-333 Support TBRED?
has anyone gotten 2.3ghz+ out of an 0302 2100+ ?
O/C Newbie questions with xp2100/8RDA+
JIUHB week 51 versus JIUCB week 50
2100+ AIUHB 0250 @ 2.4GHz w/ 1.8v :)
help fast
T-Bred 1700 Jiucb
Best 2100 Tbred B stepping
How to tell T-bred A or B?
XP2000+ overclock help!
Question re: RAM voltage
Help! Monitor driver wont load when i set FSB to 166!
Tbred getting irregular temps & shutdowns
Tbird Dead?
2100+ AIUHB some help needed
Successful unlock?
Temperature measure. Why Celcius?
2100+ Type & Unlock
Toooo Hot?
Tech Support PLZ!!! help
'Nother Barton Review
cheap cpu for grandparents computer
Moderrate Success OC with 2400+ and 8RDA
Unlocking a Duron 1.3GHz
How to unlock the voltaje on XP 1700
Durron Unlocking
any mobo supports full 5x - 20.5x mult range?
Amd athlon multipliers..???...
whats ram timings?
XP 1700 TBred from NewEgg
Heat Problems :(
More Barton OC results!
2000+ XP @1.92GHz
Need Help OCing AMD 2200+ XP
im getting me a new amd cpu
tbred "A" and 8kha+
FSB stepping vs. multiplier
fill'em up
Tbred B 1700/1800 with SLK-800 - How Far?
Gettin new rig, need advice.
Vcore and OC
palomino vs t'bred A
On CPU diode
oc duron1.2
voltage 1.675 - 1.85?
what ram works best 2100 tbred
Need advice guys
my new 2100+ AIUHB 0248 Burn in help
Whats the lowest t-bred B?
Simple burning in question....burn for so long, then give it a break?
performance of diff between 0250, 0301, 0302?
killed it
Just got an xp1700 from newegg and....
nailpoish to connect the bridges
unlocking the 2600+
I want to have >12.5x muti
2200+ 200fsb to 2800+ what gain
Need help with my red hot 2100+ tred B
Barton Speculation
XP2100+ unlock stuck, please help
Barton Q's
amd 2100 Tbred and vcore HELP
How safe is this?
Bad unlock, Stuck at 6.5?
2000+ TBred
2100Tbred B Owners
ALL multipliers unlocked ( 8RDA+ & T-bred B 2100)
Barton Review.
Wire Unlock Question...
unlocking XP 2600+
Pally To Tbred Change?
I need a higher clock mult
Unlocking lower mults on tbred Bs
How well can you underclock?
Newegg - 1700 or 1800
Slightly wierd Jiuhb
Would I benefit? 2100+ pally to 2100+ tbred b
unlocking T Bird
Where to buy 2100+ 'b' cored Tbreds
Is it Nessesary to unlock CPU (XP 2400)?
What Is Aiuhb?
Just ordered an XP2100 from newegg.com
Too HOT?
2100+ Tbred B Owners Post Your Stats Here
Which steping can OC more
Well so far my Week 50 2100 doin 2.4 almost 2.5!!!
Need Help OCing AMD 2200+ XP
What can I do to overclock this: 2400+ T-Bred/A7N8X
Maximum CPU Upgrade?
Problem with Tbred Socket voltage Mod
Weak 2100+ T-bred, or failing power supply?
SLK-800 or watercool?
need help with xp2600 AIUHB
CPU Diode Temp???
Need some help with 2100+ Tbred AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
3000+ Barton Very Very Soon Now! :)
2Ghz clawhammer in time for Christmas.
voltage guide?
no USB while OCed
Thoroughbred B 1800+ question
AIUHB 0247 ADViCE Please
A question about how i fried my old system.
2000+ Unlock WHY WONT IT WORK
Xp2400+ .....
How do I spot a 1700+ T-Bred B?
SoCal fry's have Xp2100+ & Soyo Sy-KT333 combo For $139. I don't it's A or B?
Another Barton Spotted
AMD Barton 2500+ arrives the true power of a 512K L2 cache is revealed
pc2700 or pc3200 XP2100Tbed+b
Opteron clock speeds official!
Need Help, 1.9ghz seems max for 1800+ Tbred A
Why can I access and boot all my multipliers???
cpufsb error?
Lapping an AMD?
1.3ghz duron? Setups please.
2100 Tbred B Good, Memory Bad
help! athlon xp1700+ TBred won't post
AGTIA 0220 XP 2100+ palomino???
Burnin Program: Toast or Prime?
potential of xp 2100 Tbred B w/o water cooling?
L3 bridges and the amd tbred 2100+b
HELP!!!Lowered FSB but still corrupt
Woot! 200X 10 and climbing XP2100+ B
If you have xp1700+ AIUHB, AIUGB, JIUHB, or JIUGB. please post here
RMA'd 1 2400+ CPU to NewEgg got 3 2400+ CPUs Back?
Checking Multipliers in DOS
Overclocking help: My first new system:
Slowing down Athlon XP 2000
Thinking about doing this, just for fun.
TBred "B"s, 5.5-12.5 multis question..
First overclock (XP1600 AGOIA 1202), having problems!!!
N33D H3lp
What are the best XP chips now for a big oc on nforce2 board
Athlon XP 2100+ T-bred....again
Brand New To Windows.....
266 or 333?
2700+ problems and questions
Help me get my 1.4 to 1.7
How high with your AIUGA 0248 T-bred A?
I cant overclock as much as i was with more Voltage?! (AMD 1800 tbred RIRGA)
2600+ vs Barton?
So many decisions!!!!
Barton price's and launch official!
Ok, it's official...I'm addicted to overclocking...
burn in
XP2100 TBred B AIUHB Multipliers?!?!?
AMD 2000+XP clocked speeds
2600+ or P42.6
What to buy?
Question about FSB speed and PCI/AGP Devices. - A7A266 + 1800XP+
XP2400 Luck
My stepping?
FSB Spread Spectrum
Need a Little Help - Newbie Overclocker
Guarenteed 2100 Aiuhb!!!
Who's gotten past 2500 MHz?
amd 1700 will it support?
XP 2100+ Unlock
Which is the better buy?
Err.... mis-read CPU speed?
Abit NF7 w/ XP 2100 Overclocking Problem
Conductive paint in L3 pit on 2400+, can't clean it out. Problem?
Gonna Try to set the underclock record
What the... my athlonXP disguised itself as a duron!
Finaly Pushed My Chip To 2000+
How fast is your AMD system? Can it beat mine??
ok, got my XP2100 to 2551mhz on air.
YES!! But NO!!!
How religously to follow Prime95?
Help Me It"s An Eergency
is 1.85 vcore safe?
Info please