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newegg $49.99 Tbred 1700's are B's
2100+ AUIHB "9" 0301 Its not worth the money!!!
T-Bred B 2100+ AIUHB 0302
is 1.75V safe in the long haul?
is 1.75V safe in the long haul?
Epox 8RDA+, AMD 2100+ ... OC Help
2100+ Aiuhb 0203 90$
Will Newegg Do This
Overclocking 2100 tbred b
An explanation please....
Keep AMD or switch to Intel?
Which is better JUICB Week 51 or JIUHB Week 51?
Thermal grease is needed for OEM chips, right?
1700+ Weird Overheating
Possible to set vcore on XP chip itself?
Can you tell me Whats Going ON?!?!?
NEED URL for CPU UNLOCK (socket wire method)
new blood
AMD 2400 Unlock?
Got the bits!!!
are all t-bred 2100 t-bred b's???
1800+ Tbred B or 2100+ Tbred B ?
Accessing the higher multipliers on a tbred
xp1700+ JIUHB0251 tested
500 Mislabelled AMD Xp's
Some 2400+ t-bred help, please
1800+ oc results
1800+ oc results
JIUCB 1800+, EP-8rda+ and hyperx pc3500
Time to get a new processor?
XP 2100 Temperature
actual speed of AMD cpu's
2100P or 1800TB??
AMD 2100 Over heating with Koolance
AMD XP 2100@ 2.9 ghz.
O/C XP1800 model "A"
How hot is too hot
Does this look legit? Newegg sold out!
Need advice quick....Plz Help
And yet another 2100B results thread...
To Heck with Air Cooling!
Does newegg 2100+ tbred b come unlocked?
New Tbred 1800+ with no SSE!
So what are the odds of getting a AIUHB 2100 nowadays?
Not Great Results With 2100 B AIUHB Week 50
2100: truth be told
xp 2000 tvred-a overclocking-clarification need
check out this review of the pally 2000+
Just got my xp2100 cpu... now do i need to reinstall the OS?
Mobo for 2100+ TB B
has anyone had success overclocking the 2700xp+??
My newegg 2100 stepping
New System arriving tomorrow, but what settings???
How to get an higher vcore??
Xp 2100+ Aiucb
Can't get past 170FSB on my system!!
XP2100+ TBred B Heat Problem?
My 1700+ T-Bred O/C experience, pretty darned good!
OMFG!!! 2507mhz
which Athlon XP to buy for quiet air cooling in high ambient temp room?
excaliberpc 2100+tbred $89 ANYGOOD?
AthlonXP 2500+ AQUCA ?????
What am I doing wrong?
Xp2400 O/C?? :(
Overclock This !!!
another TbredB 2100
Just got my 2100 b... :(
1700+ for $49 at newegg.com!
Limited sample on the Bred B's
FRont Side Bus Question
Need motherboard/memory advice for 2100 Tbred B
T-Bred or no??
1700+ TbredB JIUCB?
1700,1800 most recent steppings from newegg
Yess! My 2100 Tbred B Week 50!! Stock 1.6 doin 2168 so far.
toasted my 2nd XP2000?
can't get 1/5 divider to work on xp2200
Unlocking multi higher than 12.5X on my T-Bred 1700+?
1.33ghz O/C with SK-7 & 84cfm Tornado fan
1800+ T-bred @1.9v??
2200 unlocked 12.5 and below
1700+ Aiuhb
T-Bred B0 Coming Out!
Need help Please (New system)
This Newegg 2100B is insane!!!! 2412mhz STABLE(AIR)
help me overclock!
266 vs 333
1600+ Agoia or 1700+ Tbred A from newegg
Uhh which one to keep?
Is there a way to get my 1600+ higher than 12.5 multi!?
1800+. A7N8X, Strange Temps...
TBred B 1700+ @ 2400 !!!
TBred B 1700+ @ 2400 !!!
need advice+input 2600+ AIUHB
2600+ 333
Barton 2500+ Benchies
High VCore??
DRAM Speed setting
1700+ or 2100+ Tbred-B
I want 2gig or more!!What to get??????
Lowering Vcore
just installed 1800 tbred!
XP2100, Tbred or Palmino?
*sigh* 54c load??
can't decide...
Unlocking L10 bridges.
gotta love best buy
Vcore ?
Here ya go !!!
duron to xp2100: do I need to reinstall windoze for SSE?
2 overclocking questions
Ummmmmmm what does this mean !!!
2100+ unlock upwards?
TBred & Palmino identifier
Sandra benchies
The Newegg 2100 is RUNNING!(fast too)
xp2000+ @ 1800mhz
Wish list !!!!!!
will 2 volt kill my Tbred
424 MHZ OC in 2 days on 1700 JIUCB so far
Volts vs. Overclock vs. Temps - t-bred B
amd 1700 highiest oc
unlocking... again....
Unlocking XP2100
Prime95 SUMOUT error occured
SiSoftware Sandra Standard ?
If you can feel the warmth...
odd coldboot problem.
1600+, whats the highest OC so far?
Fatal Error:
What shouldn't you do while OC'd?
Want 2100 Tbred
amd cpu multiplier
Complete newbie wants to Overclock!!
Calling all experts....
Unlocking Xp1900
AS3 useable?
12v for my tbred a?
Overclocking temp range.
Highest overclock for Athlon 1.4
2400 Aiuhb
tbred 2400+ in a 8kha+ experiences
Barton speeds???
Is this XP1800+ T-Bred a keeper?
2100b and 8k3a's
Tbred and KT400 overclocking question
Another 1700+ tbred b results thread...
XP1800+ underclock problem?
2200 unlocking :(
I just realized something about AMD + IBM
Athlon Xp 1800+ AXDA1800DLT3C
WHat kind of OC should I expect from an AGOIA 2000+?
anything over 152FSB and it freezes.(amd 1800+ tbred A)
Couldn't Raise Fsb
how much voltage r u guys pushing your 2100+?
what 1700+ are showing up at newegg now?
Burn in Q
can an XP2400 run at FSB 166?
How do I change Multi on Pol AMD XP, which bridges?
This is to easy...
Soyo kt400 Oclkd to 1817 (1800 +)
The Performance Difference?
Whats the order??
AThlonxp 1800+ 166 fsb problem
Q about RAM timings vs CPU Type
To the newbies - Burn In!
Has anyone done the WireWrap mod for increasing XP voltage?
1700+ Riuga....
Overclocked the 2700+ amd
problem with high FSB with my 2100+ Tbred B!
2100 b L3 bridge unlocked
Unlocking Help?
Athlon XP question :) TBRED V Palomino
I burned my XP!
what should I believe in?
best stability test: UT2003?
Tbred 1800+ results
Highest temp w/variation recommendation?
Is my CPU Toast?
Does AMD 3-Year Warranty Cover the HSF?
will this work?
what are the stock voltages on the tbred 1800+?
Whats Holding Me Back ??
Latest 2100+ tbreds from Newegg is AIUHB too...
is this a safe voltage?
silver laquer
Tt Smart Fan II on coolermaster's heatsink?
FSB and Mem. ?
how to burn in your cpu?
Help me spend some cash
GoogleGear TBred-B 1700+'s
A little something about thermal paste
Burn In.... Progies ??
XP-2100 Thoroughbred! NEED help!!!
Overclocking XP 2100
Abit KX7333 & 2100 Tbred B AIUHB
WTF?!!, PinkStuff forming on PCB?!...
questions on 'CPU fast command decode' setting
Thouroghbred XP2100 A's In the UK
what purpose?
Can't overclock for some reason?!
Hope 4 a 2200
xp2600/333@2457 on air
Removing sticker from 2100 B
Barton, Opteron ands Athlon 64 news
Another 2100+ B Overclocking result!!!
XP2100 B's High OC's
Tbred-b 2100 AIUHB0249
ARG! The curse of the 13.0X Multiplier!
Help me unlock my XP2100 TBRED to get 12.5x and below
NEW Tbred B 2100+ from newegg... PROBLEMS!! HELP!
What's a reasonably safe max PCI speed?
Funky -12.0 and -5.0 voltage.
Unlocking T-bred 1700+
1700 tbreds mp unlocked?
Omg Cpu Craps Out @ 150fsb
which one is a t-bred b?
What Percent of AMD Sales from Overclocking Market?
Just got a JIUCB Week 51 from newegg, how do they OC?
For those looking for a air cooling solution on the new Athlons
new overclock freezes
How's this overclock?
Is this a good stepping.
Some advice on a new motherboard/processor combo, please
New to Overclocking, Question about 2400+ stepping.
AthlonXP 3000+ Out February 10th, 2003
Is this a silver conductive pen thinger?
April is Hammer time!
New CPU!
Higher multis
tbred o/c.. not 100% stable.. what to do
Can T-bred B Multipliers Be Hacked?
Need Help, OCing 1800XP Tbred A on Asus A7N8X DX
2100+ T'bred B for International Shipping?
How long should I let Prime95 run to make sure its stable?
Another question about my setup
T-bred 1700+@2300MHz
How do you increase voltages on new XP cpu's?
Are all the new XP's unlocked?
epox 8kha+ - which t-bred b?
one of the highest amd overclocks with a $60 chip....
PICS of my XP2100 T-Breb B up to 2340mhz
Mislabeled XP's
my overclock results.
To all those who got TbredB XP2100s.....
Tbred B 2100 unlocked?
Just got my XP2100 tbred b from newegg!!!
2100+ TBred=back up @ newegg!
Need Advice
this: AXDA1700DLT3C or AX2100DMT3C
AMD's New CPU RoadMap just updated
How I easily unlocked my first CPU
just got 2100+ (from newegg) see results !
This Tbred B craze is making me crazy :)
Need info on windows and Vcore
My heatsink is stuck to my CPU!!!!
x1700+ throughbred or the xp2100+ palomino? need reply FAST!!!
Been a long time guys... But now going to shop a new amd system.
Where is the code on a 2400?
Upgrade ??s KK266R, 2100+
Just got my 2400+, AIUGB 044xpbw, good chip?
AthlonXP FSP or Multiplier?
Is a tissue a "lint free cloth?"
Got this XP2200 T-bred(A), Is this worth even trying????
Lowdown on the 2100+ retail from newegg
My 1800 Tbred Benchies
cant get new chip to boot up?
Please suggest a safe vcore for Tbred B 1700+, air-cooled!
Newegg 2100 arrived. AIUHB, 0248MPMW , did I get a good one?
Difference 2100+ & 2200
1800tbred. whats on the core?
non tbred-b 1700+ from newegg?
2100+ T-Bred B Overclocking results
Too less? ... my JIUGB 1700+
collected OC results from newegg's 2100B
How do I know if I have Apollo KT400 chipset?
BARTON - 7th Feb
t-bred b's good prices
How far can i go with 2400xp+
Could I have a little help :-D
Green AIUHB 2400+ TbredBs
How far do u think i can get this 1800+ Tbred RIRGA? (35-36C full load)
Upgrade from a XP1600 to a XP2400??
XP=B stepping?
2800 news
Issues With Xp/mobo/and Pro While Oc
CPU Roulette
I wouldn't order the TBred xp2100's anymore......
CPU dead?
2100 AIUHB from newegg
help overclocking xp1800 on epox 8HKA+
What is CPU stepping exactly.
If the cpu fits
locked 1700+ tbred a???
2800+ out in Denmark
XP Bridges Cut?
Newegg prices go up on 2100+Tbred
Few pics of some cooling/ocing
Lets hear the highest OC'ed XP T-breds. AIR COOLED!!!!
New motherboard, cant OC AGP as much??
System failed mem test. No... Sys failed CPU test ASUS!
Amd 1800+
2100 or 2400 on a7v133?
Best Mobo for T-bred OC?
My new 2400+ cpu
1800+ Aiuga 0249
trace tape
1st try unlocking SUCCESS!
Anyone have a dual proc sys OC'ed?
What's the highest recommended vcore for a Palomino?
Tbred Cs?
Please help: How do you remove Conductive Paint from CPU?
1600+ @ 2200+
with a 1900+ how much can i get it to?
How high can an XP1700 go?
2 new 1800 T Breds
Newbie Needs Oc Help!!
its official, Newegg has 1700+ Tbred B in stock
What creates more heat???
Is my ram holding me back...?
Need af guide to show unlock of XP2400
Just got my A7V8X mobo, and PC2700 Ram
Compatibility Issues Between Abit kx7-333 and Tbreds?
1800Tbred Max Voltage 1.85?
regular 1700 tbred B at newegg????
Ordered a TBred A 1700+ from newegg.
Don't physically cut any bridges!!!
ECS K7S5A + Xp2000 at fry's for $99, whoa.
Phase cooling AMD
newegg showing Thoroughbred 2100+ @ $97.
Just got a XP 2400+
got my new comp up!
AMD "sells out" of 2800+
Blast from the past
My AMD1800+ working as a a 1.1 something ghz???
OC XP 2000+ locked
has anyone...
DDR Faster Then SDRAM ???? = LOOK !
Boards with 1/6 Divider?
Cannot OC XP2100+
Reason or Rationale Tbred Bs Showing Up Overseas First?
Increasing L2 cash on Duron ???
INTEL vs. AMD = The Best for Gaming ?????
Need help OCing my XP2200+
Which T-breds are unlocked by default?
1ghz tbird questions
Is this a good gaming system ???? PLEASE TELL ME
FOUND another XP1700+ Tbred B
who has the 1800 aiugb 0245?
Temp range for T-bredA
xp1700 tbred or 1800 tbred?
w00t! Just ordered a 2100+ Tbred B from newegg!!
Well ain't this a .......
2100+ tbred dies! what to get?
Unlocking a 2200+. What to expect?
[oc] 1200@1494 :)
mobile AXP?
Repairing Win2k installation if I'd change from Intel to Amd?
Tbred B 2000+ overclock with standard multiplier
Bartons, Opterons, all those hammers, WHERE?
hetsink will it fit??
Chipped 1800+ Pally works in one pc and not the other, Why?
Just received a 1700+ TBred B!
where to get conductive pen?
New Palomino Unlock Method?
Greenie..... is on the way
TBred-B 1800+ on techbargains?!? & 1700+ TBred-A for US$55.21 shipped!
Have you guys seen this? HARHAR!!
2100+ retail or tbred for same price?
Am I locked or Unlocked ??
unlocked 2400+?
So what stepping TBred 1800s does Newegg have?
Tbred Bridge Cutting
I have TWO JIUCB 1700's Coming!
What are the best 2400 steppings?
Got my new Chip! What do the specs mean??
OCIN cpu
Mobo socket jumpers for multiplier?
Ok I got the latest 2400+ from NewEgg and it is ......
I did it!!!
Why ????
XP 2600 333, Cant get past 2.17g!
Help me troubleshoot an old Slot-A?
the b's r out
tbredB 2100 at newegg! $92 bucks and im broke!
Tbred 1700+ LOCKING problems!
How much is too much when it come to vcore and an 1800+ Tbred?
Need help understanding unlocking.....
1800+ Tbred what are you guys seeing for OCs?
Worth the upgrade??
Need QUICK help...power up but no display
at what point is it just dumb?
Is this a good stepping?
duron at 180fsb
Welleverybody wish me luck!
Athlon XP 2100+ Thorougbred quik Q?
Athlon64 & Opteron Have 400MHz FSB!
tweaking for prime95?
something wierd about my unlock..fast responce please
multiplier and fsb ...unlocked?
FSB Question
Amd core cpu temp
xp1800 at ne
which 2400+ unlock method?
Undoing Unlock
burn in
1800 Tbred B + A7V-133C
AMD teams up with IBM to produce 45nm chips processes.
If I use a conductive pen to unlock my 2100..
High temps on 1800 Tbred???
Engineering sample XP?
Help 1600+ @ 166fsb no go.
what is considered good 2400XP price on newegg
Aiuhb 0247 2400+
1800 Tbred and Epox 8k3a+?
xp 2700+ and fsb overclocking...arg!
Axda 1700+
how come????
How to calculate cpu wattage
Check this out!
Omg 1600+ All Gone @ Newegg!!!!
Tbred 1700+ to 2000+ w/ L3 cut
Incorrect Multi Readings
How hot is to hot.
Quick unlocking question
good cpu ?
New XP1800 TBredA Question
how long should i wait / the joy of a new rig!
64 Bit
XP2000+ and A7V266E
unlock athoon 2000
Is you cpu locked or unlocked?
How does this sound?
2000+ stepping?
KX7-333R + TBreds + unlocking
KX7-333R + TBreds + unlocking
What is a good battery of tests to run on my new Comp?
What is the ideal TBird voltage? Fry voltage?
2600 stepping AIUHB
core differences?
xp2100+, unlocking a must?
AMD XP 1700+ overclock to 2000+
Tbred 1800+
XP2400 or XP2600 333FSB
I am having slowdowns on my system. Please help!
very confused very very confused
Interesting 2400 OC results comparison
Good stepping?
I think its unlocked?
Stepping. 2400+
correlation from steppings to oc ability
Tbird 1.0 ghz OC question
Tbred + copper-base HS?
Need Help Newbie!!!
which chip?
first low speed tbredB if found in circulation!
tbred volt
How much faster will I be now??
2400+ overclocking questions?
HD corrupting...HELP!
Fried chip OR bad mobo??????
Detailed Hammer Info
Opteron is for sale !
IF u have a RIRGA stepping of AMD thouroughbred then come here!
Newegg's 1800 Tbred steppings???
got my AMD 1800+ thoroughbred.... is this a good overclocker?
Xp cpu and Slk800 heat sink opinions wanted
Tbred 1800 AIUGA 0247
tbred voltage hard coding info.
VCORE 1800 Pally
Just got my 2400+ in and ......
Airga 2400?
Just got my 1800 tbred from newegg
did i fry my cpu/system? please help!
Duron + Durablilty !!!
cleaning an Athlon CPU???
How much overclock are you guys achieving with your setups?
shuttle ak32 unstable, help
What's the deal with.....