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KX7-333R and Athlon XP CPUs
what are these...
What happened to....
is 6mhz fsb worth 100mhz cpu speed?
the new hammer cpu's
XP1700 Tbred B0 is available ?
latest o/c of my 2400+
Testing On OC UNLOCKED 2400+
K6-2 Motherboard Socket
xp2100 overclock ?
Bought new system but need MB ... help plz
AMD Athlon XP 1900+ AGOGA ???
CPU Burnin in safe limit
Newegg Has a Bunch of Refurb CPUs Now
RIAA got hacked again!
Increase Tbred Voltage Question
L1 Bridge
Conductive paint not working
Amd 2000?
XP2100+ @ 2GHz (Locked)
Newegg 1800+ tbread's
Any advice on what to buy
Hrm...1600 "9"
None still noticed oppainters 3.1ghz OC =/?
Via/Cyrix cpus
2600+ / 266
1900+ and 2000+ 0.13um
about what can i expect from a tbred a
Overclocking the 1600+
1800+ Tbred Steppings?
Urgent help needed! No startup!
this might sound kinda dumb but....
Whats yer best o/c with a 2200+?
Decent overclock speed?
When will Hammers be out?
Need to no how
Help w/ AMD buying decission
What Is The Best Mobo!?
Changeing Multipliers? No option to?:(
I found A Biggy When Overclocked High!
anyone know when the 2800Xp is coming out?
Problems Raising FSB
core codes for safe temp limit
Going with new setup...adivice please
Best way to remove core?
unlocking xp good question everybody needs to read!
180 FSB Duron Morgan... need more.
AMD Athlon XP 3000+ ???
Sisoft Sandra
My new 2600+ stepping
i want more than 12.5x on my tbred!
xp 2000+: pally or tbred?
Air cooling 2400+
Overclocking 1600+
Unlocking 2400+
What is the word on the best ocers?
My New Comp! & Setup
Help deciding which Athlon to buy for the highest speed
2400+ questions...
What steppings are people getting from googlegear.com on their 2400+ oem?
best combo for under $300
First time poster, any chance of OCing my box?
Tbred - Unlocked
Troubles o/cing my 2700+
AMD's Future?
I need help! (long post)
CPU Temps Too High?
2400 or 2600 or 2700
Decipher my core
TBird@1.65Ghz vs. XP2100+
I know that it has been posted before but I cannot find it, Tbred to MP?
KT400 unlocks locked CPUs
XP 2000+ and Asus A7v333 - Can't get past 140?
My proc is too hot!!
xp2000+ not OCed 60*C!
unlocking a xp2200+ tbred a
weird xp2600 problem
L11 on Palomino, What does it do?
Too Hot???
New PSU :D
Overclocking Help?? amd 1700+xp
How do i unlock a amd 1700+xp?
My First Bad Processor
easy way
Athlon XP overclocking
Prime95 Question??
Prime95 and Stability
Is this a good deal for an upgrade?
Fastest AMD system on futuremark
overclocking w/ MSI k7T Turbo & Duron 800
trading in my Intel for AMD...
is this Stepping good
What does this means?
OC xp2000+
Dual Athlon XP? Yes sirree.. :)
Agoia 0217 2100xp
what memory to get, and other questions?
33.9% overclock!
Question on Tbird multipliers
Are any of you holding out for the revB tbreds?
Running a Barton on a kt333
XP2600 333mhz? Do they sell these yet?
What to use to get the pins of a dead athlon?
Got my Kt-333 and XP 1800 to 17,340 tonight.
2600xp/333 unlocking higher mult's
Looking to upgrade comp from newegg, this look ok?
2600+ 333 locked
does anyone have the XP 2600, 266 version?
Not fair!
Is this good?
Need Help OC 2400+
Where to buy CPU w/ desired stepping
1700+ good overclock??
Who makes 'toast'?
1800+ tbreds @ 2ghz
Merry Xmas to you all !
Is my 1700 XP dead ;|
power consumption calculations
Umm what happenes if you DO cross the L1 bridges?
omg help me!!!
AMD T-Bird 900-CPU Proz please look
1.4 athlon chipped
My venture into unlocking with common materials
2400+ or 2600+
Epox 8k5a2+
3rd party services corrupt after O/C
Tbred FSB vs Voltage Question
Boxed (retail cpus)?
Tbred A nforce2 unlocked?
Merry Christmas
Anyone recently aquire 2400 from newegg?
New cpu question
Getting a mobo for my Palo, opinions needed...VIA333/400 or NF2 or what!
Whats the averag OC for a Palomino?
xp shim
Checking Unlock with Multimeter
duron temps
nForce2 Boards and Unlocking
some eyecandy.. :) (warning 56kers)
XP 2200 Max voltages
Do I need to unlock my 1600+ if I get an nF2 board (ASUS or ABit)
Possible Hammer news
Aopen SIS 745, 1700+ Tbred A, can't OC past 1.50 GHz?
Multiplier on 1.33 Athlon not working ?
duron 950
AMD friends help me OC!
xp 2400 or xp 2600
xp1800 tbred... need more voltage ?
Intended System... Opinions plz
good and bad
New T-Bred Look at this.
Do I have to unlock the 2600?
Retail AMD
Core Maps
2600+ 333Fsb
1800+ "agoia Z' vs 2000+ "agoia Y"
Q bout 3dmarks
Just a quick hello...
Lowest Vcore and multiplier on nForce2 Board
Oc 2400+
[OC] How do I unlock the XP 2000+
$360 for processor and ram
AMD warranties
Default Mhz of athlon
Barton Q.
Candle Wax instead of Crayon?
Questions on 2400+
Barton 512KB L2 Cache and 333Mhz FSB
AMD takes the record in 3dmark!
[OC] Athlon 1200@1500
up date
cpu / mobo prob prob
How much more of an overclock did you get with...
List of possible materials for unlocking
AND Athalon XP 1600 AGOIA Stepping
so far, so good with the new board
XP1700 RIRDA Tbred-A results
Fresh Barton 2500+ Info
Unlocking 1600+ problems
CPU Temp vs HSF temp vs system?
1600+ need higher vcore?
Tbred Unlocking
Running at 11 multi, got a 2400, is my ram holding me back?
FSB / Mhz vs. Latency?!?!
to upgrade or not to upgrade?
what would you go for
1800+ AIUGA 41 awesome
XP2400+266fsb or 2600+333fsb?
A little time always seems to work.
Overclocking my 1.2 T-Bird
multiplier question
Hrumpf... 10K marks with this?
AIUGB or AJUGB?? Any good???
question about XP's.
Screen blacking out???
Oh %@!@, I Fubared My System
overclocking errors
RAM / Overclock Question !
TBird 1gig> 2100+ Pally = +/- heat ??
AGOIA ? and or Palamino/T-bred
unlocked my 1600...sorta
ram voltage/speed on oc?
FSB vs. Multiplier
is this cpu any good?
Help this New OCer !
tbred b coding
my hair is about to be ripped out
do tbirds runn hotter then tbreds?
AMD newbie question
Should i trade away my 1700 AGIOA Y w/ $10 ca$h for 1800 AIUGA
XP 1700+ Vcore
increase voltage on tbred 1880+
newegg.com 1600+ XPs on sale again
1800 TBred question
Is 1800+ T-Bred B better than 2200+ T-Bred A?
failed unlock
Barton Pics!
Woohoo look what i got out of my XP2400 :)
Just a tad concered about my t-bird
How much testing is enough??
XP2400 with A7V333 and Corsair Memory
Super Newbie Question
Is the XP 2400 a good overclocker?
duron 1200 o/c
Unlocking with wire?
Help,Please with a cherry on top
AMD Xp @ 2.9ghz !!!!!!!!
HElp, Please
Agoga Stepping Or 0.13 Micron ???
XP 2200+ retail , quick question.
Xp1600+ Unlocking Question
XP2400 worth unlocking?
PCI speed max
Award Bios & KM266Pro MB
duron 700 @ 915
Mp or Xp
New Motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 1700 temperature
Best place besides NewEgg to purchase Tbred?
How do i unlock the T-Bred 2400+?
Advise on new XP2600
Unlock my xp1800 plz
which pc to build!
Multiplier OCing as good as fsb?!
My First AMD o/c, Some Benches & Some Questions
AMD 2400+ should i buy it or not
Help with FSB
what is an AGOIA and how do i know if it is one?
Make a 2600 use 13X multi? How?
Wonder what I can put on CPU
Graphics Card test AMD VS INTEL!
Which will overclock better 2600+(333) or 2700+(333)?
Quick question on the XP1800, 1600 and TBred 1700
SLK-800 Fan Question
Xp1700 T-Bred? unlocked?
xp1700+ AIUGA 0248 experiences
XP2000 FBS overclocking
what can be wrong with my o/c?
anything i might do to break 2ghz without spending any money right now?
dont think this is a cpu problem
Does anyone knows about this stepping
what can i do
Are the Nforce 2 mobos unlocking all multi's on 2400+ or just the higher ones?
AMD 1700+ XP T-Bred, max temps???
are thoroughbreds good chips?
These temps ok for a 1500Mhz AXP?
Hyperthreaded Hammer !!!
Burn in
Only Some Multipliers work
HOW to Unlock Tbred XP2400?
geforce 4 holding back my overclock? Please help
Got a Palo 2100+ AGOIA !!
Conductive Pen
Cannot unlock my T-bred 2200
old skool slot A athlons
AMD k-6 II +
Temps on AT7MAX2
2400 + ga-7vaxp at 166 fsb possible?
stock amd cooler
Conductive Pen or Defogger Kit better ?
Whoohoo! My 2400+s are here.
Xp2000+, only getting 140fsb - anyway to go higher?
my system, Q on heat, critics
Stock VCORE and Mults.
Unlocking a 2700+
I can't oc my amd 1600+!!!
guess the problem?
O/cing and XP 1700+
Mobile XP overclock and laptop
TBird Multi Question
Greedy for More Mhz w/ XP 1600
Just about to unlock my 1600
AMD Temp Question
cutting bridges
Future Cpu
Stock fan and heatsink?
2400+ overclocking confusion
Athlon 1400 temperatures
Brown xp 2100+
Anybody overclocking 1.4 TBirds?
k7sem settings
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Polamino ! READ !
simple question..
XP2400 @ 20 Multi??
tbred-a, multiplier and misc q's.
Overclocking ADvice. Which is better
Cheap heatsink compound, high temps?
what ddram
Swedens fastest PC 2002
XP1600+ won't OC well?
Which CPU should I concider
who else is waiting for a tbred B cpu?
strange fsb problem!
AMD Duron Processors
Big Block AMD
USBPORT.SYS - any fixes?
have I maxed-out my xp2100+?
Is there a way..
duron L7 bridges
Finally i got my XP1700+ TBRED
Amd K5 133
T-Bird steppings?
What's Your FSB?
my 2200 has finally won !
2200+ or 1800+???
Fsb vs memory usage
Newegg is selling 2800+ cpus
TBRED A's Suck
Damn there def is a barrier on my 1800+ :-(
Help me unlock my 2200+
I helped set up my bros new computer, but underclocked!
New clock speed
XP2800+ at newegg.com
some questions about hard coding a tbred
Should I keep it or not?
Where to get a 1800+ Tbred B..for sure?
OCing with tbred B
OK, so I got the defogger...
1.33 AYHJA How hot is too hot?
1.33 AYHJA How hot is too hot?
Best cheap way to connect bridges.
help with overclock
Unlocking, effect of grounding the L1s?
Help me figure out what my cpu is!
t-bred 1800, 1700, or palomino 2100
What is the AGOIA?
Help Dead 2000xp
Dead CPU what to do?
XP1600 On-Die or Thermistor Temps
Just got a 2400....... some questions
Not pleased with the AIUGA 1800 Tbred
How accurate is SiSoft SANDRA's temp readout?
unlocking, your kidding right?
DO I or don't I? Sisters comp has AGOIA Y I have AGOIA 9
1700 tbred?
best stepping for TBRED
Barton with 200fsb stock!!
What Tbred to get?!?
AMD CPUs lines???
duron 700 unlocked!!
Where to get conductive pen for unlocking?
TBred 1800 AIUGA 0247
XP cpu scaling and powerdraw
XP2400.. stepping any good?
conductive stuff
DURON 1200 at 180FSB
Another question about XP1800 Tbred Rev b
Tbred or Palomino?
Help! Cant overclock a XP2400 !
memCore on the A7V333?
OEM vs. Retail AMDs
Core voltage
which one will clock best
xp2400+ AIUGB 0244 experience
Cleaning rear window defogger outta the pits...
Unlocking problems
Xp1800 Riwga0234?
explaination for burning in ?
2700+ just wont unlock.
Tbird 1.33 ayhja owners, what kind of voltages are you running
who runs their chip at 100% all the time
5th L3 dots got very darkish in color...why?
Places to buy Tbreds
New Athlon MO processor
n00b questions about CPU OC'd temps
XP1800 Question
duron 700 overclocking
Oddball Tbred-A 1700 RIRDA?
Overclocking and unlocking a T-Bred
Important Please Help
TBred XP1800+ AJUGA Stepping
AthlonXP 1600+ or 2200+ or what?
unlocking my 2700+...I have a question
tbred 'a's not unlocked in nforce2's?
poverclocking XP1800 @K7T266 Pro2-RU MS-63080
Were have all the stickys gone?
2100+ .18 micron stepping question.
1700+ Problem
tbred 1700 heat questioin
does it help to burn in cpus????
A couple unlocking questions
2600+ die and mobo testing
Which 2600 is desireable for overlocking?
arrggghhh- so close to 2100 on a xp1600
What is the best unlocking kit, thats also very easy to use?
Did I mess up ??
ew biostar mobo..1/6 divider??????
T-bred A/B comparison/facts
Can someone help explain some settings for an AMD 2400 and 2600..
Longevity of an OC'd pally/tbred-a
What's your o/ced Tbred temperature?
Please check out my post(on another forum) and make sure I know what I am doing!!
Overclocking the XP. Need Help
Athlon Systems Unreliable??
how come my mobo won't let me overclock...?
Thoroughbred XP 1700 and 1800's unlocked on KT-333 boards?
AMD Is Starting
i need help!I need to find out if this cpu is good
Is a 1700 tbred a good overclocker!!
Squeezed a little more
C0 Cores 682
XP2000+ Overclocking dud?
Upgrade? PLease help
Got it running,now help me tune it
Pinky got bored
Burning in Burns all Your...?
higher fsb= less oc?
How do i unlock my Duron 950?
tbred-a vs. tbred-b
Got my new Epox, but no go
high fsb question
which CPU..plz quick
Grr! I can't quite hit 2000Mhz ... Can you help?
Duron and Power supply fry
Palimino or Tbred?
L11 Bridges.. And voltage question
L3 Bridges on an AGOIA xp1800
T-bred 1800+w\KT266a Pro 2 RU doesn't work?!
Whats the lowest multiplier you can get for an XP?
rirga, agioa, agoga...etc?
Athlon 900mhz OC'n Experience
AMD Overclocking Failure!!!!!
unlocked 1900+ agoga, kd7-r,3200 help overclock!!!
1700+ AIUGA Burn In
Conductive Pen Brands?
Hammer question.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i burned my cpu
Dang! Beat by a pentium!
Static Frag
Can updating the MObo drivers help with OC.
WooHoo, 2000 !!
new burn in utility
which one? 1600 agoia or 1700 rirga
XP version C?
Finally hit the 2Ghz
xp 1600 agoia 9 how high?
overclocking Duron Morgan 1.3
Duron 1300, how high can they go?
AMD on Screensavers.....
how do i ding out is its a ????G? or a ????C? thingy stepping
Has anybody.....
Quicky: T-breds from Newegg
oc ????how to
Buying a 2400+...
XP2400 Low Performance.
Got Tbred 1800 AIUGA week 41
Are my CPU temps too high??
450mhz K6-2 O/C to 533mhz
Pally 2 GHZ club
What's holding me back?
is this normal