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t-bred 1800, 1700, or palomino 2100
What is the AGOIA?
Help Dead 2000xp
Dead CPU what to do?
XP1600 On-Die or Thermistor Temps
Just got a 2400....... some questions
Not pleased with the AIUGA 1800 Tbred
How accurate is SiSoft SANDRA's temp readout?
unlocking, your kidding right?
DO I or don't I? Sisters comp has AGOIA Y I have AGOIA 9
1700 tbred?
best stepping for TBRED
Barton with 200fsb stock!!
What Tbred to get?!?
AMD CPUs lines???
duron 700 unlocked!!
Where to get conductive pen for unlocking?
TBred 1800 AIUGA 0247
XP cpu scaling and powerdraw
XP2400.. stepping any good?
conductive stuff
DURON 1200 at 180FSB
Another question about XP1800 Tbred Rev b
Tbred or Palomino?
Help! Cant overclock a XP2400 !
memCore on the A7V333?
OEM vs. Retail AMDs
Core voltage
which one will clock best
xp2400+ AIUGB 0244 experience
Cleaning rear window defogger outta the pits...
Unlocking problems
Xp1800 Riwga0234?
explaination for burning in ?
2700+ just wont unlock.
Tbird 1.33 ayhja owners, what kind of voltages are you running
who runs their chip at 100% all the time
5th L3 dots got very darkish in color...why?
Places to buy Tbreds
New Athlon MO processor
n00b questions about CPU OC'd temps
XP1800 Question
duron 700 overclocking
Oddball Tbred-A 1700 RIRDA?
Overclocking and unlocking a T-Bred
Important Please Help
TBred XP1800+ AJUGA Stepping
AthlonXP 1600+ or 2200+ or what?
unlocking my 2700+...I have a question
tbred 'a's not unlocked in nforce2's?
poverclocking XP1800 @K7T266 Pro2-RU MS-63080
Were have all the stickys gone?
2100+ .18 micron stepping question.
1700+ Problem
tbred 1700 heat questioin
does it help to burn in cpus????
A couple unlocking questions
2600+ die and mobo testing
Which 2600 is desireable for overlocking?
arrggghhh- so close to 2100 on a xp1600
What is the best unlocking kit, thats also very easy to use?
Did I mess up ??
ew biostar mobo..1/6 divider??????
T-bred A/B comparison/facts
Can someone help explain some settings for an AMD 2400 and 2600..
Longevity of an OC'd pally/tbred-a
What's your o/ced Tbred temperature?
Please check out my post(on another forum) and make sure I know what I am doing!!
Overclocking the XP. Need Help
Athlon Systems Unreliable??
how come my mobo won't let me overclock...?
Thoroughbred XP 1700 and 1800's unlocked on KT-333 boards?
AMD Is Starting
i need help!I need to find out if this cpu is good
Is a 1700 tbred a good overclocker!!
Squeezed a little more
C0 Cores 682
XP2000+ Overclocking dud?
Upgrade? PLease help
Got it running,now help me tune it
Pinky got bored
Burning in Burns all Your...?
higher fsb= less oc?
How do i unlock my Duron 950?
tbred-a vs. tbred-b
Got my new Epox, but no go
high fsb question
which CPU..plz quick
Grr! I can't quite hit 2000Mhz ... Can you help?
Duron and Power supply fry
Palimino or Tbred?
L11 Bridges.. And voltage question
L3 Bridges on an AGOIA xp1800
T-bred 1800+w\KT266a Pro 2 RU doesn't work?!
Whats the lowest multiplier you can get for an XP?
rirga, agioa, agoga...etc?
Athlon 900mhz OC'n Experience
AMD Overclocking Failure!!!!!
unlocked 1900+ agoga, kd7-r,3200 help overclock!!!
1700+ AIUGA Burn In
Conductive Pen Brands?
Hammer question.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i burned my cpu
Dang! Beat by a pentium!
Static Frag
Can updating the MObo drivers help with OC.
WooHoo, 2000 !!
new burn in utility
which one? 1600 agoia or 1700 rirga
XP version C?
Finally hit the 2Ghz
xp 1600 agoia 9 how high?
overclocking Duron Morgan 1.3
Duron 1300, how high can they go?
AMD on Screensavers.....
how do i ding out is its a ????G? or a ????C? thingy stepping
Has anybody.....
Quicky: T-breds from Newegg
oc ????how to
Buying a 2400+...
XP2400 Low Performance.
Got Tbred 1800 AIUGA week 41
Are my CPU temps too high??
450mhz K6-2 O/C to 533mhz
Pally 2 GHZ club
What's holding me back?
is this normal
New Personal High on the XP 1800 Thoroughbred, 2397 MHZ!
WooHoo - XP2600+ at 2397 Mhz AIR COOLED
XP2600/333 Running At 2.25GHz!
Why are my temps so high? Games are crashing a lot.
What do you suggest I do with this rig?
Burn in test????
Just as I get really happy I read the front page
Proof that 'BURNING IN' works!
unlocking xp 1600+
q bout unlocking
can someone help me please
help:building AMD gaming CPU
Nforce2 and 200+ fsb ??
Some CPUs come unlocked from factory?
XP1700+ unlocking problems
Aiurb 3000+
Plans to upgrade but when?
One of those T-Bred As
Unlock 2100 Palomino? Confused w t-bred...
what type of cpu and how high?
1800+ Tbred Overclocking Questions?
Just Finished AMD Computer Overclock (!??!)
Help with cpu upgrade, 2000->2400 XP
Burning In...
What's the diff. between these two CPUs?
XP model 8 = TBredA, B, both?
New 1700 AIUGA
AMD Rep on radio, now
Difference Tbred A and Tbred B?
need help wi a stupid chip
New comp for $1200 help!
Found AthonXp1800 with IHS looks like P4
How many TBred 2000+ steppings are there ?
Any STDS ?
New Avatar Rules - PLEASE READ !!!
Best OCing CPU
AIUGA 41 Weeks? Or only me alone?
AMD 2100+ OC Problem
How much will proc help overall performance?
Where to buy Tbred 1800
Locked or unlocked. That is the question?
1600 0226 "Z" raising the multiplier or the fsb?
2600+ $389 At Best Comp!
I had it with this tbred(a) 1800!
Will there be 1700+ Tbred Bs?
Benefit of 333 FSB?
FIC-Sd11 OCing
Should I Trade?
So I have a cyrix 266.....
Please Help - !! Help !! Help
KT133A board, getting a new processor?
Xp 2000
HELP! XP2400 and ASUS A7V333
AMD XP1800+ does stepping matter?
All confuzzed ? ? ?
Finally Unlocked my Athlon 1900+
What happened to all of the stickies?
Just installed AX-7 heatsink and 80mm fan and CPU temp is much higher? Ack! Help!
18oo+ Tbred Queston !
Does anyone else have a hard time Overclocking with 2000 Pro and AMD?
Wire trick to unlocked Tbred CPUs?
Man the AMD reality check was a waste of time
Help, no post on 2100+ palomino, asus a7n8x.
xp1800 @ 166fsb
oh how i love 1.92ghz....
how high voltage is livable for axp?
Need tips on Rig for OCin
Problem in Vcore
KT400 / NForce2 and Palomino's
don't have one
Can someone give me a way with something?
What does unlocking mean
2600 OC results!
Tell me about RAM & AGP voltage
1700+, Aopen SIS 745. can only overclock to 1.55 gighz?
175x11 or 185x10
Jewel I never knew
Overclock results with 1700 tbred/a7v333
Time to Replace My P2 350
1700+ Tbred A. Damnit.
Initial tests on 1800 Tbred A
XP 1900+ Palamino Ocing ?'s need help
Upgrading a T-bird 900 to Duron 1.3?
Poor scores in 3Dmark 2001 with XP2400
ax2000 DMT3C-AGOIA 021SPBW-94476030172 any good?
How many watts does a XP1800+ Palamino use?
$350 to burn... What CPU/MB/RAM?
XP 2600 initial overclock.
Mobile 1600+ = tbred B?
What are the dimensions of an AMD CPU?
Albatron boards great DDR potential for Athlons
AMD TBred Question
$3000 Rig!!!!!!
Overheating Protection on XPs
How do I unlock my Athlon Thunderbird - 1333 MHz (266MHz/256k) ?
Aiugb 2400+?
The road to 2 gHz with an XP2200+
Tbred A Voltages
Which one?
Xp1800+ 0.13
Is It Unlocked Yet ?
CPU temp. readings
anyway to guarantee a certain stepping (AUIGB) on 2400+ ?
hi m8
Xp 1700+
I got 1700+ T-Bred A today..
Is overclocking an AMD EASY??!! Need help getting a 1700+ t-bred...
Unlock your XP- It's SO easy!
Barton motherboard support
Quick question
Which is better?
AGP ever gone out first
all you xp1800 tbred owners...i have a question
advice for 1st box
Which CPU will yield a better overclock?
Symptoms of a bad CPU?
I Have Problems
Good OC?
Your experiences with the highspeedpc unlocking kit...
Help me With My new Rig
something is wrong..think it might be the cpu..
Back From the Dead - Wanting AMD again
AGOIA death?
LockUp after a few min and then fails to boot for a while.
Changing FSB 133 to 166 will it work?
How this AMDXP rig sound!!!???
T-Bred 1800+ From Newegg?
Need lots of help!!
New Tbred 1800
Multiplyers above 12.5 on xp palomino?
AMD Clawhammer
Holy Cows, the Price on the XP 2700 went up $50!!
AMD XP 2700+ Clocked with 400MHz FSB
Need some advice....
Help me spend my Xmas money!
*** Help ***
AMD spec sheet (AMD XP SFF CPUs)
Just bought a 2400+ and 8RDA+
Here Is A Tricky One!!
Dead XP 1700+
Reached 166MHZx10 at 1,6V with T-Bred!!
Win2k won't let me overclock!!
Did I do good? Unlocked 2600+ at 2261 Mhz
T-bred Faq
How do you unlock the Tbreds
Tweaked my t-bird
Is it worth it to get a 2400+
1700+ tbred a AIUGA voltage
Quick and simple question
XP1600 or Xp1800?
Persuade me WHY AMD over INTEL!!!!
Hurricane 2.15 laptop board?
XP 1700+ Pally Problems
Ppl, I Need To Unlock My 2400!!!
Uh oh!
AMD Athlon XP 1800+
ABIT AT7-MAX2 w/ 2600+ 333 FSB
how to unlock?
Newbie needs advie
1/6th PCI Divider on nForce2 Mobo
the x-mas dillema:is tbredB worth 3x tbredA?
i need to oc' my 2000+ without unlocking
L5 unlock pics?
Problems with unlocking kit! It's ****ing me off!
AMD XP1800 Tred, Plus Prometeia Overclocking results.
PCI to FSB ratio/divider Help
Clawhammer Benchies
O/C'ed AMD vers. Real Deal
How anoying, 1600+ won't run at stock speed anymore
my xp 1600 wont post with voltage above 2
Dual Athlon XP 2400+'s? Does it work?
Need some help with overclocking an AMD
Unable to adjust multiplier
T-bird 1400 C to 1400 B?
Is my CPU dead? (XPs as MPs)
Please Help!
Tbred stepping question.
Mouse freezes after FSB adjustment
what happen?
My XP 2400+ is NOT 1800+ !!!!!
Help overclocking XP 2200+
Contest between friends: My 1600+ vs His 1800+
New safe voltages?
are the k6 and k62 the same socket?
Not sure why ( overclocking )
Newegg tbred 2600/333- questions
[OC] Athlon XP Tbred multiplier >12,5
pc2100 @ 320mhz..but it blew up lol
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ Overclocking
CPU Ratio settings and more !
comp won't post @ 13.5*152 @ 1.75v
Durons discountinued?
AMD Temps running High?
Next Great XP Overclocker????
XP2400 Performance low?
the xp 1600?
Rubbing Alcohol flammable?
2600 Amd xp@333mhz?
Anone know the New Athlon XP Forumula?
Athlon XP 1600+ Stepping AGOIA
Is this a good temp
good place to buy a 2800+?
Can I upgrade the Athlon 900 in my laptop?
what kinda Retail HSF with 2400+ ??
cannot go higher
Should i get a t-bred xp 1800+ or a regular 1800+?
AGOIA any good?
Regarding the use of dead components...
TbredA and kt7a won't work
XP 2400+ O/C Results (and progress..)
1.2 Duron
2100+ Palomino or 2000+ Tbred
Any 17 or 1800+ version B sitings?
Anyone seen a 2100 tbred ?
XP1600+ or XP1800+?
got my new TBa 1800+ from newegg
Good demonstration on why Athlon XP is better than P4
Duron 1.1 reaching 1.36 locked
XP 2700+ here
Tb 1400C to TB 1400B
Upgrading Question
1600+ 10.5*133 --> 8.5*166...A Given
XP1900 and 2000
Question on 1700 or 1800 Tbreds off newegg
Low mmx -sse/3dnow! scores with performance test 4.0
Suicide Run - Tbred 'A' at 2.00v
To all of you that push AMD over Intel
Is my performance any good ?
Hammer Boosts 100 Million Transistors!
How Much O/C From XP2600/333?
Amd 2600+ oc to 2.280.170
How do I identify Tbred B's?
Overclocking help- maybe mobo prob..
Best use for a dead chip!
Updating Shuttle Ak31 With New Cpu
What a crock!!!
1700+ Tbred overclocking
Help me pick my upgrade
What is the difference between an Athlon XP and an Athlon MP?
XP 1600 AGIOA No 10-10.5 Multiplier
T'breds 1800XP flavour in the UK
Dead 1600+
dirt cheap TbredA 1700+
1600 AGOIA XP, or 1700 t'BRED ?
XP1800 finally
Tbred 1700+ AIUGA
What multi?
Athlon 2800+ a good idea...or get a 2600 or 2700?
Help with XP2400 please
1600's on Newegg!
Finally hit 2Ghz with my XP1600+!!!
1GHz AXIA YR Overclocked To 1.78GHz! 100% stable
ruined chip after unlock?
Unstable system at 150...what do you think?
Computer noob needs help please.
AXP multiplier trick
Around what 3dmark2001 score will i get?
noob ?'s about xp tbreds
CPU hung up
Best processor under $120
Whats the real temp
2600+ Unlocking question HELP Please!!!!
Multiplier control greater than 12.5x?
Is it worth..
Unlocked 1800+ Wrong?
Checking an Unlock on AMD XP
Overclocked 2400 to 2800
Palo's, T-Bred A, T-Bred B
Clawhammer VS XP
What is the difference?
unlocking morgan 1300
can anyone post me some o/cs for the 2600?
Online US store that ship to canada?
1700+ @ 1833 ?
what cpu is this?
Unable to use Default settings with 550 Slot A
2400+ steping
changeing fsb speed's
New to Volt Modding
Barton pic!!, and 400Mhz FSB?
2400+ stepping at newegg from now?
64-Bit Has To Be Better Than 32-Bit Because 64 Is More Than 32
xp vs throughbred
Duron Overclocking
what tbred unlocked when? The answer is here.
TBred "A" or "B" Buy now or wait?
Best place to buy AMD CPU's
Should I Buy XP2600/333 - And This Setup?
where to order mist silent twin ?
Is it possible...
Sandra temp readings
T-Bred 1800+ 166 Questions
Help for an OC newbie...
AMD is Quitting
Sis Sandra Software
AMD Reality Check event, Boston
from 1.3 to axp1600+, good?
AMD 64 bit processor
any Tbred B's at 2200+ floating around yet?
newegg 1700+
now THIS is air cooling.
AMD chips done?
Effect of Dual Channel DDR on OCing
1700+ and 1800+ tbreds unlocked?
Can't set X.5 Multipliers on an KR7A-R
Where to get it
are there any dissadvatages to using a shim?
Big Problem please help quick!
24oo+ @ 2876Mhz !!! [Prometia co0led]
Tbred Steppings Thread
Chip or Memory reaching the limit?
Will a 200 watt PSU work on 1ghz athlon?(EMERGENCY)
A7N8X + 1800+ tbred-a good oc?
Answer to many questions about XP1700+
Unlocking XP1800+ AGOIA tonight, power question
My AMD system is finally running. Got a 1700+ T-bred. Have Q
Crazy Tbred 1700+ (=> 2800+)
DDR333 or DDR400 for nForce2
Upgrading CPU
tbred a/b
Who has the 2800+ ?
which is the right temp?
1700 Tbred provide better o/c?
2400+ @ 2365Mhz --is this any good
My 1st OC
2 xp1600 dual amd
Quick and simple question :D
Coolermaster HHC-001 Fan
Overclocking a 1700+
My AIUGB XP2400+ (0244) arrived today!
Cpu Temperature
Hardcoding multiplier?
dangers of fsb overclock
Targeting limitations!
difference between tbred and agoia?
Common Blue Screen Problem
Temp 2nd
Dead Duron?
KG7Raid compatible w/Thoroughbred CPU??
UberNoober Cpu diagram?
KX7-333R and Tbred a 1700+
1800+ or 2400+
"burning in" - does it help
Help Immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which CPU??
Xp Or Mp
XP 1800/Retail Heatsink-Temps are Very High??