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changing multiplier on xp2600 (333MHZ) help
just unlocked, NEED HELP!
New Kid In Town!
My first CPU overclock
1800+ Tbred in. Pics and OC-Results as time goes on
New AGOIA chip... hot
post or mbm5 ?
AMD Event Minneapolis, MN
Looking for place to buy Golden Finger Device
AthlonXP 2600+ 266FSB AIUGB
more stability?
PR Rating or Performance Rating??
very slow xp2000
Simple Unlocking Question for xp2000+
Barton rumours suggest to a 400MHz frontside bus
Locking my Duron?
T-bred a T-bred b or palomino?
gold leaf
Air cooling and modding athlon xp 1600 ;) fun fun.
Athlon XP 2400+ easiest unlock
Would a 2100+ be golden?
Best way to burn in cpu?
Overclocking method?
Anyone know if those new Tbred lower speed chips work in duals or not?
11 x 177fsb or 9 x 198fsb?
The Definitive Guide to Unlocking Palimino XPs (Expert/l337: Version)
cpu fsb decision.
AMD...you think this'll happen....
running a 1600+ oc'ed, won a 2200+...sell or keep?
unlocking, unconductives
Does CPU temp effect FSB overclocking
Overclocked cpu = 3000 point loss in 3dmark help please !
AthlonXP 1600+ for $29
2800 stepping
Unlocking with KT266 and Tbred 1800+
AMD 2600 266/333 difference
3DMark2001 7100??? Am I doing something wrong?
Amd 64 Chip New Name
T-Bird or Non T-bird
FAQs Above^^ need changes?
Ive Broken The Heat Barria
XP 2000+, palomino, thoughbred-A (680) or thoughbred-B (681)?
help xp2400
Killer Overclocker Board
Leafing pen for unlocking?
How do u guys read your temps
XP 1600+ Unlocked 12x Max Multpiplier?
XP1900 too warm still with ax-7
MB chocie
AMD rumored to respond to P4's 800MHz with Barton clocked at 200MHz
unlocking kit
AMD Athlon-64
Things not good for AMD
Hammer official name released. Athlon 64
Are all T-breds unlocked?
So, is it my processor or my power supply?
AMD Duron 950 help help
am I hardcore enough to play with you guys yet?my mom says i am :D
XP 2000+ temperature ...
First Question/OC1800+
1700 t'bred question
XP Unlock Botch Job Recovery & How to Unlock Properly
Which Athlon XP can work with ...
AMD will become the world's "number 1" chip-making company
Am I seeing things?
AMD to produce Hammer Chips for Apple!?!
amd duron 950 clock yes or no?
NEW 1700+ TB stepping..
Anyone else have problems with DEFOGGER?
newbie needing advice on which chip to get
Xp 2000+ + MSI kt7 turbo
Thermal Diode
vcore on tbred 1700?
Argh! xp
How can I find out if I have an Agoia?
fsb decisions
What's Quantispeed Architecture?
ocing 2200+
DUAL 1800 PM's
XP cpu vs Athlon 266fsb temps
Unknown CPU?
Time to ask the AMDroids,
pads on AMD cpu's, should I remove them?
Buy now or wait even longer?
link to CPUID please for WinXp 1800+
1800+ locked highest achievements?
conductive material for unlocking
Are there any programs to take advantage of 3dnow!, etc for amd CPUs?
7aiv5 Unstable in W2000
Moving to AMD need help :D
what stepping for 1700+
Intels Hyper Thread = Bad News for AMD??
Overclocking a 266fsb to 333fsb?
Difference? Tbred And Pal
Whats the difference betwen an Athlon XP and Mobile one ?
Help Dual 1800mp Amd 's
Too Hot?
Is it worth it
what's neweggs deal? has anyone saw?
XP2400 unlocked by EPoX bios ??
Bartons.. when?
So Much for unlocking
K7S5A no boot, no beep help
How much is it worth
Overcking the Tbread "B"
XP 2800+ How high can you push it?
Anyone got a 26oo+ or higher ?
Killing a r9700 and wd hdd?
New AGOIA 1600
What a pain these green ones are....
Now At Newegg Xp 2400
How many chips have you killed?
2400+ Won't Unlock
Do games/often used programs use dual cpus?
found amd 2800 for sale but
xp temp reading
2800+ at newegg!
agoia 1700+ stepping/oc'ing
AHHH, HELP! I'm thinking that I might switch to Intel's 3GHz!!!
1600+ AROIA YR for $50US at Best Comp
Fastest AMD Athlons in this Tower?
so the T-bred 1800: are they ver B?
Whoever said 1600+ Agoia Z= Zero OC was wrong!
Athlon 750 Slot A
Anybody know how to do wire wrap mod on athlonXP chips?
where to get 2400+ AUIGB stepping
best method for shorting bridges
Unlock xp2400 question
First Amd Rig
2800+ Is Out! at newegg and p-watch!
Locked out of Bios
Help Me O/c My Duron 950
t-bred compatablity?
Post your highest FSB with 2400 & up chips (or any other tbred b if you have one)
Upcoming Technology
How can i check if my chip is a Tbred
Thermalright SK-7 and Smart fan II.. wicked.
Xp 2800+ In Stock....
AXP1600+ Unlocking problems..
newegg selling xp2800?
1700 tbred or 1800 tbred?
What do i upgrade first ???
AMD FINALLY getting their stuff together. 2800+ Cpu INSTOCK @ newegg
Lower voltage
$3,700 to build the best Gaming PC I can, in the Next 2 days. HELP.
AMD out of Pals
Soyo Dragon + and new 1700+ Tbred
Whats the best way to Use Prime95?
2800+ with dual DDR
OMFG!!! newegg has AIUGA 1800+ cpus!!!! tbred B!
For those with the new .13 micron xp 1700+ processors
Worth the cost? Upgrade XP1900 to an XP2100?
Anybody notice newegg??
AMD athlon 1900+ Palomino or Tbred?
Zalman CNPS6000 -AlCu
Above or Below 2200+?
333fsb 2600+2700 post some info here for us.
Is "AIUGA" a T-Bred "A" or "B"
Need Advice on a CPU Upgrade
New xp2700+ Benchmarks
XP2000 running at 1.8v
to cool or not to cool
XP 1600 overclocking problem
Overclocking an XP2200+???
how well do 2400+'s overclock ?
Thunderbird or Palomino
Should I get a XP 2600?
advantages of 333 chips?
AthlonXP 2800+ with 512KB
best K7 for OCing
Burn in ?
2400+ Retail With AIUCB Stepping?
Best Overclocker?2600@333 Or 2700@333?
Barton may be coming sooner!
Please help...2400 OCing problems after unlocking
decisions, decisions.....
Temp Readings
Nforce 2 boards avail. at newegg!
Core Voltage... This isnt right...
I got my AMD XP 2700 ten minutes ago. can't post photo...
How is AGOGA Stepping ?
1700+ w/ rirga 0235 stepping.. any idea?
Xp2400+ .. best bang for the buck?
amd chip steppings
2600 & 2700 "aiugb's" at Newegg
Temperature Measuring.
why hot?
How to unlock my xp2200?
Have I knackered my 2400+
512kb Cache Athlons ??
Which city do you prefer Athens or San Diego
Question on a hs/f?
Super easy method to unlock xp2400
Where to get that $5 unlocking kit???
Finaly got it together
Fast And Cheap
am i pushing my chip too hard?? plse help!
Changing to 1/5 divisor manually ?
crap.. comp won't boot...
How good is this stepping
Look at this 2400+ and Mobo I just purchased!!!!!!!!!
anyone here have the XP 2700 yet?
1600+ Agoia "z"
i need a fan/heatsink that doesn't make nosie...
XP+1600 multipliers
Athlon MP
AMD k6-2
Vcore voltage
Chaintech 7aiv5, 1.4GHz AMD
Unlock for smp
This is an ok o/c eh?
Volcano 9
AMD temps too high
This info has to be wrong !
Freaking PLZ Help.
1600XP says 1050meghrz
A 2700+ has finally broken the illustrious 3ghz mark and then some
Help a noob out!
corsair pc3200 cas2 enough bw for athlon xp 2100???
Unlocking XP with superglue + pencil
Got my 2400+
AMD L2 Cache
Intel or AMD?!? Help Plz!
new to overclocking
2.3 Volts?
Would Vodka work as substitute for Rubbing Alcohol??
AthlonXP 3000+
Amd Cpu Temps
Changing CPU clockspeed
Mobile AMD XP's, whats the difference?
XP 2800+ availability
NE1 know the voltage for amd?
Info on Awesome Gamer PC
AMD ddr 1200 Tbird problems with 166 need help
Anyone going to the nothern VA AMD realitycheck tomorrow
NForce2 mobo hits Singapore
OC'd 1600+ What are your Temps
O/Ced Athlonxp 1700+ speeds/cooling
Unlock Question.
the 2600 and 2700 have been in stock for 3 days at newegg? amd doing something right?
Should I get Athalon XP 1600 vs. Duron 1.8Ghz
What kind of overclocks are you guys getting with 2400+'s?
UNREALTOURNAMENT2k3 causing restarts when overclocking????????
what is the CPU ratio supposed to be at???
So, yah according to Newegg 2700,2600 are the same
AGOIA "9" good Ocer??
2600+ 333
Removing defogger
Bad CPU?
To XP2400+ owners: SSE problem?
tried unlocking
Has anyone of u crushed the core of the 1600+ ?
intel faster, but why AMD better?
how can i add multi setting in my bios
Athlon XP 2600+ 333 and 2700+ 333 are on Pricewatch!
Arctic Silver 2 vs 3
A7v333 & Raid
XP2100 goes wayy hot! helpie please!
1800 tbred??
Which 100MHz fsb Duron was the best at getting to 133fsb?
Xp 1800+@2.2V Vcore, is it insane ?
2100 unlock and ABIT AT7-max
1.3 Duron, may it R.I.P.
AMD in Detroit Next Week!!!!
athlonxp pinout
What is the best overclocking KT333 board, bar-none?
I got the coolest friend EVER. lent me 350 bones for a XP 2700....
FSB or mult
did I botch my unlocking attempt?
2 unsuccessful unlocks
2200+ TBred won't unlock??
Newegg has 2600+ and 2700+ 333FSB in stock
333fsb CPUs at Newegg
How fast have u got ur 2200+?
Anybody got an unlocked XP2100?
Athlon bad stepping what to do?
Major Heat Problem!!!
Super easy way to unlock XP2400+
XP chip question
working out xp numbers
2600+ 333fsb at spartan tech
XP 2000, AGOIA 0219WPGW, Any Good?
aroia "9" XP1700
Recommended Voltages for AMD Oc'ing
AMD Event - Raleigh, NC
Help overclocking further on locked 1600
Amd xp multipliers
Overclocking a KT400
What do I need to do to reach ~2GHz?
help! Cant get the 2400+ stable with the FSB at 140....
OC'ers with 1600 agoia 9's
Hardwire my AMD 1000
Which CPU Should I Go With?
1600+ stepping question
2700+ on Pricewatch
difference between tbred A and B
Coolest, quietest AMD CPU?
Stupid Free RealityCheck CPUs!
stock vcore on xp1700 AROIA
Newbie Overclock Question
volcano 7
Just bought a 2400+!
Got my XP 1600 from Gameve, nice
Hey guys I have a few inquiries..
Help, I made a mistake
first run with 1700+ agoia 41f!! wow this is fast not even really pushing it
FSB Question
XP2000+ stepping
OC 2400+ XP... Cooling Solution?
cleaning the CPU
I think i have hit my limit, suggestions?
Got my amd :)
Is there any way............
some claw/sledgehammer pics...
Where to find ... answers on AMD
Newb to unlocking
unlock 2000xp
Just got my XP 2400 processor- Is the multiplyer unlocked??
Fry has 1700 & 1800 T-bred
Will My Mobo Take XP's ?
You guys got to read this LOL!!
Getting started
2100+ unlocking
Got a Duron 1.3Ghz? Please read!
2600+ w/ 333 fsb supposedly arriving at NewEgg today!
How good is the T-Bred 1700+
weird problem eith voltage....
AMD xp2700+ for sale here?
[COLOR=orange]Sticky:[/COLOR] Whats the best heatsink/fan combo available (Air Cool)
Please Post AMD Stepping and Overclock
random restarts , cause of cpu?
it is good overclocker?
Overclocking palomino 1700+ question
Duron 950
Are all "Thorough Breds" unlocked on Kt-400s?
My xp 1600. seems decent. suggestions?
New HSF and retention for hammer!
FSB with better mem...
where to find....
Why can i POST at like 2.45 but windowsXP wont boot?
Just a thought
Is This Good??.
AMD 2100+ Retail CFM?
raleigh amd convention
Turn on techtv now... there gonna talk about the 64bit hammer after the commercial br
Stepping order of importance?
Brand New XP 1600+ 0226Z
Program that shows pc info
How is this for stepping?
How much Power?
New XP 1600 I got today, Any Good?
Wireless Nic Problem
T-Bred A's and Palomino steppings
Dude! I'm gettin' an AMD
When overclocking FSB...
How much FSB can a DDR2100 handle?
Urgent....quick question....
Unlocking the 2400+
same stepping on XP1800
2400 or 2600
palomino/tbredX question
AMD Event Attendance
Updated AMD Chart!
problems with o/c
What temps
Breaking Records! XP2400 @ 2.82GHz
XP 1800 bridges Please help
A New O/C King? The AthlonXP 1800+ T-bred B!!
Overclock and then reinstall OS?
I hate to sound like a noob but...
I just want the truth!
A little help for a person who's been gone for a while, please.
how high FSB
NEW- AMD Clawhammer socket754 cooling design
why the nforce2 will be what saves amd....
Fastest 266fsb cpu:...?
oem's have xp2700
i would kill for this
Unlocking Help Available
Trying to overclock a AMD K6-2 500 Mhz
help me Break 200 on my FSB, from this Pic can you gimme any Advice?
Newbie to AMD
Duron RIP
AMD Event Phoenix AZ
CPU Burn in method I discoverd
She's finaly playing nice
Nforce2 w new 2400+ or higher cpus...
Wierd crap..check this out..
NO JOKE, Amd XP 2600's with BOTH 266 and 333 FSB's! Link inside.
What is "Folding"?
Help Please!
How to Clean
Help, I can't get it to work. A7V8X w/Athlon XP2400+
Tbred Q
My XP2000 finally unlocked
Got a T-Bred 1700 yet?
1700xp unlock or not
YEAH BABY, my highest overclock!
1700xp and dragon plus
AMD mobile...only stationary
unlocking xp2400+
Volcano 7+ Retail HS/F?
How High without unlocking?
333fsb 2600 speed question
Help me go higher
How far can I push this Athlon? Help a 'folder' out!
Why is this happening
Would the vcore need to be increased if I overclock the fsb but stay at stock speeds?
AthlonXP 2600+ Hits Price Watch!
stupid question maybe?
AMD Convetion=Roxor!~
Mobile CPU?
2600+ to utilize 333mhz FSB? xbit thinks so
voltage question? need responses ASAP!
another celebration for AMD with another award
my 2400+ stepping
Overclocking the Duron
I'm such an idiot!!...
XP 1800+ running at 100x17
What's the default vcore for a 1.2 TBird?
How much of a temp increase did you see when you raised fsb to 166?
OC a Athlon 750?
i guess i can call it a dead cpu
general o/c questions
Boots and it turns off
TB Advantage over Palamino?
T-Bird overclocking... the hard way ;)
Voltage question about XP's and changing voltage on them
FINALLY!!!!! 1.9Ghz.....my poor ears lol
wow, 2.8ghz p4 is amazing
Fianlly 2.3Ghz :)
Is there any way....
1700+ Thoroughbred????
2400+ are here
got my 2400+unlocked(12*190) 3dmark
unstable IE
thinking of upgrading CPU.
2600+ on EBAY!!!
What is "Prime 95"?
Still going...
Which Motherboard to buy?? Please help me!!!
AMD 2600+ Has officially landed on Pricewatch
Is it a good series for o/c?
overclocking athlon 2000XP
need help on using Arctic Silver 3
Self introduction, and a question
XP's cooler than tbirds
Athlon 2000XP
AMD slot a overclock
Really ****ed With My 1600+ :mad:
HELP! i have to pre-heat my processor
This is interesting.
n00b Question
Omg!!!!!!! Mobile Tbreds At Newegg!!!
2600+ on Pricewatch
Haha frys electronics
New CPU Burn-in
Whats the most 2800+ can use
Ordered 1600+ of NE what stepping will it have (GAME)
Volcano9 Temps & AMD Stepping Q's?
whats a good board for my xp1800?
About the AMD contest age limits.
MP's as single cpu
Unlock Question!!! Noob!!
Overclockability of 2400+
Is The 2600+ The Last 266MHz FSB Processor?
Is the AGOIA 0221 good?
AthonXP 2600+ siting...for sale, possibly in stock
Now XP1800 as XP2000 in Auto!!!
Questions about my AGOIAs...
CPU Idle Friend or foe?
Just got my 1600+ agoia0226 Z
well got my new score check it out (3dmark 2400+ radeon)