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newbee ?1600 agoia 212y ?
Now I see
it failed prime 95 instantly but it seems to be running 100% stable
where can i download prime 95
new 1600+@2020mhz on air!!!
interesting unlock side effects
Overclock Help
Any one waiting for Nforce2 to get a 2400+
1800xp @ 2000xp
Understanding Voltages
Britain Overclocks XP Cheaper
AMD tour!
Amd Event
New XP2000 greeny, same unlocking?
Amd Has been doing ok....
Better than a 1600 AGOIA???
Ordered an AGOIA 0213 "Y" and what did they send me???
cpu and heatsink
2400+ or my Video card crapping out? BLue screen
Can you go over 160 FSB with a DDR 266 board?
AMD Athlon XP 2200+
its alive...
Lets start posting out 2400xp STEPPINGS with ur OC
amd & agp
xp2400 / prometia initial results
SLK-600 + Delta screamer + xp 1600 = good oc?
Help! Upgrade Or Not???
Can't mount the cooler
I said enough was enough.
Time for a new chip...
How do precessors die anyway???
Is this voltage too high?
HELP!!! It wont boot!! :(
whats the best xp1800 stepping?
Finally got to 1.955GHz w/ my XP1600+!
ummm, my friend xp1600 fried itself err?
Fastest Duron
Desperate here, no video on AMD setup, parents going to kill me :me cries:
Agoia 0204?
Here I go, O/c my AXP 2400+
Got my AGOIA & HSF Question
finally 1885 stable
Put my system together stock 3dmark score inside
CPU changed from 2200 to 1500??
Which socket should the RAM stick be in...
1800xp overheating woes... need input
xp2400+ available in europe, I got mine today
Well i rmad my cpu i hope this time i wont get a defective cpu
Decisions.. decisions...
Fastest U.S. Super Computer Honors go NOT to IBM, Intel, but to...
AthlonXP 2000+ @166MHZ FSB without unlocking???
When you unlock it..does it say on the boot-up screen??
The story of a newbie computer computer (me)
XP 2600+ on 10/26
Xp 1600+ Or 2000+
Which bridges to unlock?
Can I say i've "primed" my o/c?
2400+ becoming available
Xp 2400
Why is AGOIA 0213 better than 0212?
Where is everybody buying their 2400+?
XP1800 -> XP2000 less results than +7fsb!
What does this setting do ?
Free case badges, they actually came!
AthlonXP PR Rating & Overclocking...
Recieved my 2400+ today where do i begin unlocking?
it ran 1.8 ghz yesterday- why not today
I was just wondering, has anyone ever reached 3 ghz with an AMD?
Overclocking without unlocking
2400+ on Ebay for $.99 w/25min left in auction.... there are 10!
My axp 2400+ came in today, its a week 40 (more details inside)
Amd Xp 1900+
What do the L 12 bridges do ?
Drop in CPU Temp
Not so distant future
AMD 2400+ & 2600+ in Canada
14X multiplier for Tbird...question
2100 can I unlock it?
weak unlock ?
Is it unlocked or not???
bit of oddity happened today....
KT-400 limitation, 1/6th PCI divider a dead feature, Abit says.
Athlon XP 2000+
This sounds like the most insane OC board around, 2.4 Vcore with no volt mod needed..
Since alot of people cant find XP 2400's yet, heres a place that has 92 in stock.
Unlocking 1700+ on AK32L
Cached pictures not showing up %100 of the time. Is it due to OC'ing?
Notebook and athlon XP
XP2000 cpu won't go to 133fsb
cpu colors
Why can we do a pin-wrap trick like intels?
VCORE and DIMM settings
crack, fizzle, and pop
XP true speed app
Where did you get that conductive material
Vcore 1.85 and 1.8?
What's the highest o/c for XP1600+ on air?
XP2200+ unlocked has multi above 15x
AMD Athlon 2000+ @ 333mHz?
on die sensor
building first comp, which cpu?
Been Lurking. =)
Just got my amd xp 2400
Going to build a file server...
1600xp only boots at 1050mhz?
How is my Overclock? on air for the moment. XP 1800...(need advice too)
xp 1600 agoia y?
1600+ AOGIA 0212 'Y' Overclock
Athlon XP 2000+ Tbred
What Ram to order (Urgent please post input ASAP)
133/266/33 how does it relate? (confused)
Please Help Me
My AROIA Y has reached its limit
Is the 2200+ now mature enough to overclock ?
More tweaking
Whats the chances of receiving a 1600+ agoia from newegg nowadays?
Hammer pushed out again
Xp unlocked and multiplier
What to expect: 2400+
Which XP to buy??
New Agoia from Newegg!
Hammer delayed (again) to 2nd half 2003
what's the default voltage on the new thoroughbred b's?
which cpu?
AGOIA 1600 y 0213 Sandra Bench ???
AHHHH... Athlon XP 2800+ on eBay!
what the meaning?
My idea for a new AMD ad campaign
Prime 95 stress test
Signs of the Hammer
deffogger paint?
which way better?
psu amd xp cpu plzz help
Where to get mobile XP's?
Christ!!! I Just Lapped My Heatsink For Fun And!!!
I need to order...any XP1600+ AGOIA0213 steppings left for me?
Why everyone is so PSU fanatic?
fast very fast
I GOT MY 2400!!! weeeeee
CPU Dead???
Ok... once and for all... AMD or Intel
Xp2000+ Oc
10 Reasons why to buy AMD Athlon XP processor based systems
AMD XP 2600's on ebay, worth it?
Heavy! over-CLOCKING!
XP question
1700+ already unlocked?
below 50c?
unlocking my xp 1800:rolleyes:
XP vs MP
166fsb on T-BIRD 1.33ghz?
Just bought my unlocking kit from HighSpeedPC..any tips?
FFT: Reason for XP being less friendly to OC
Agoia0212stiw Y8036880222 Stepping
who uses artic silver 3 for their xp?
unlocking getting a bit ridiculous
is my cpu shim too thick?!?!?
Stepping Question
amd and overclocking<a question>
Advice Please
resident evil keep me posted (1 post every 10 minutes minimum)
1700+ at 56C IDLE and not o/ced?!?!?!?
How good is this for OCing???
which way is better to overclock the 2400
Athlon Xp 2400 @2324mhz 333FSB
XP2000 dead !?
high fsb
Give it a little bashing and it seems to work :D
AMD lost another$100 mill this isnt looking good :(
Prime 95
MP question
Retail 2400+ Out?!
Poll: Highest XP overclock with air cooling.
Cant overclock my 1800+ anymore...
Has this ever happened to your unlock?
Maybe I just didn't look hard enough!??!
T-bird Temperature
my xp1800 is an xp1700???
Ok loo guys this is a pic of the 2400= stepping look!!
high fsb advice
Well what should i do that is my question
Newbie help
Ordered 3 AGOIA0213 1600's
until my 2400+ arrives help me o/c this baby
Athlon TBird @ 750Mhz DDR support...
AMD XP 1700, MSIKT3 Ultra 2. What can i do?
1.9vcore safe?
OK i need youre help eople why doesnt this thing work on this setting
running bus at 166 wheeeey!!!!!
best thing to remove conductive ink from bad unlock
This much of a temp change?
Do not get these 2400+ !!!
2400+ wherre at?
Need a str8 answer. ARE THE ALL THE MULTIPLERS UNLOCKED ON KT400's for the AXP 2400+?
Northbridge Question
Well...maybe unlocking would help...
unlocking therory help need.
are tbirds any good?
ARNGA Y 0212 1600+ Chip?
Holy Cow !
Monarch says my AXP 2400+ is in customs and will be released wednesday????
Newbie w/AthlonXP 2000+ & Questions
man the xp chips are weak damit!!!
1800+ @ 1729mhz
why hotter?
XP & MP differences
Place your bets right here! :)
athlon 1800XP
Athlon 1200 higher?
Look at this article please 2400+
will Newegg still let me return my XP1600 for an AGOIA?
hey lets make fun of a newbie!
OC'ing PCI and AGP maxes?
computer looping?(not heat!) need help!
Could my unlock be the reason why?
I hate this 2400+ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Agoia/aroia 1600
I got my athlon 2400+ !!!
pc2100 Ram..and a 1/4 divider...what can I do??
2200+ at 333fsb,nead some real input guys!
Random shutdowns
WOAH...2ghz works....
How do you take a picture of a CPU?
I Hate Overclocking!!!!!!!!
The XP 2400 and 2600 come ALREADY unlocked?
Seem so close to 187 on a 1.2ghz tbird
nOOb needs some help please!!
1600+ (Retail) from google gear
cpu relocked itself AGAIN!
How high will I be able to go?
Taking up farming. Duron questions...
ugh, fried CPU?
Current Sandra Pic..any good?
AXP 1800+ AGOIA Y 0213 any good ?
First unlocking experience
Lag spikes?
so anyone knows when the new delivery of the AMD 2400 is?
Ouch- this Hurts!!
just ordered an amd xp 2400
New Ram
duron overclocking
unlocking question......its a dooozie
so my chip doesnt wanna do 2 ghz....
Xp 1600 AGOIA 0213 aint unlockin....
Overclocking 1600+ on an A7A266
--MAX oc@default voltages--
Motherboard burn out?
Pse help: overclocking XP1800 even further
Pics of my whole shibong setup on 2 gig
Different unlocking method
XP1600+ AGOIA0213 Available
I think i just fried my 1700+
fsb*multiplier = mhz....
Amd Shatters Intel!!!!!!
My Overclocks only last a day!
First OC- Thanks for all the good advice
Question about XP's
i'm sure it's a hiccup
911 Orlando,FL!
Can the new 2400 and 2600 xp be transform in MP ???
Omg Does Fed Ex Ship On Weekends???
Do you think 2 v is to much for the 2400+?
it's here the 2600+
Too hot for me!
XP1600 AGOIA on KX7-333
2000+ AGOIA How high can I push it?
A question regarding my CPU voltage?
Conductive Paint?
Where to find XP1600+ AGOIA (or similar OC) cpu?
2400XP @ 2.4ghz on Air
need help oc 1600+ locked agoia to 166fsb
Yet another AthlonXP 1600+ succesful OC!!!
what temperature will burn the cpu?
I'm thinking about going more
how high fsb can go?
Unlocking 2400+ the same as the 2200+ right ?
Newbie OC
Unlocking the AMD XP, Has Anyone Tried...
question about stepping as I just plopped my 1600 in
1600 from newegg
unlocked 2200,can't get 12x multiplier
KX-400+ 1900+ winXP pro
What should i do with my 2000+ @ 2gig
Its Offical Im Getting My 2400+ On Monday
1600+ AGIOA 0213 OC results!!!!!!!!!
xp2400+ and Kx7-333??
my new rig and burnin?
wheres the 2600?
Best way to overclock XP1600+ OEM
166fsb on a 1.2t-bird?
Athlon or Celeron ?
My 2000XP Oc adventure :D
XP1600 AGOIA "Y" Week 8
How can I unlock Duron Morgan 1300!
New mobile .13 micron 2000+ and 1900+
ARNGA step
Who's got the fastest AMD CPU here ?
Bad Unlock Help Plz
AMD is smoking something,and it isnt intel butt!
Need help from some of you pros
Xp 1900+ Oc
question just got me an AX-7 sink
tools for cutting bridges
Good temps for my XP CPU
Anyone now the wire wrap trick for the xp 2100 pali core
CPU L2 Cache ECC error checking
Dead Athlons?
XP 2000+ and Epox 8Kha+ Queries
Monarch screw up making me mad
temp for duron 1 gig
which of these CPUs will give me the best bang with my video card?
Overclocking Newbie needs help
MoBo temps higher then actual temps?
a multiplier dilemma
Homemade Tivo
Prime95 question
how reliable is this website? (tells how to unlock ANY xp...)
What is the highest posible speed I can get with a locked XP1900?
Hmm...cranking up FSB???
Good News About The 2400+
My first attempt at OC'ing, feedback please!
Overclocking My 2000+ HELP!
Xp 2200+ and ABit At 7
duron 1.3ghz o/c 1430mhz
Specific 1600+ stepping (please help!)
1600 from newegg!
NewEgg Screwup: Got AROGA instead of AGOIA, Good/bad?
Help unlocking xp 2100 palamino core
Wierd prices, XP1600 vs Morgan 1.3
Ordered my 1600XP from Newegg
Where can I buy pre-unlocked AMD XP's?
Just got another XP - any good?
My 1600+ Redas 1700+ After Failed Unlocking Attempt
changing mult on unlocked cpu causes fryage?
What helps raise FSB?
What up with this bull???
System Clock/FSB
what is agoia?
Pathetic article
My new 2200+ registers as a 1700+ in bios and wcpuid
Successful unlock!
noob need help!!
Tbird 1400 w/ 100FSB
What should the default speed for an XP 1900+ be?
Help with overclocking and Ram Voltage
AGOIA stepping in UK
Well my new system is finally up after 4 1/2 years!
Did I reach my limit?
xp overvolted death
why still so hot?
Athlon XP L2 Data Cache 256 or 512?
Hardware problem =(
axp2000+ unlock question
Going to get a 2400+
Which motherboard is better ?
I Want My 2400+~~~~
Quick question... have a 1600+ agoia... should i get 2000+ agoia?
oh boy
What would happen...
Xp 2400
CPU relocked itself!
Newest Stepping of AMD XP 1600+?
Unlocking info; quick!
CPU burnout?
Default 900 T-Bird values?
CPU upgrade/overhaul help :)
WOOOHOOO orderd a 2400+
Will Thermalright SK7 & 84CFM Tornado get me over 1.9GHz?
Looking for websites with Slot A Athlons...
Processor And Board
good temperature
cpu too hot
xp1800 or xp1900 thoroughbreds
XP 2200+ Probs hitin 2ghz @ 166fsb how come?
May Not See Hammer Untill Q2 2003, A SHOCKER!!
Will the 2400+ work in my board ?
My AXP 1600+ is AWESOME
Can XP's be used in dual processing boards?
XP2000 oced to 2100+ on stock hsf, should i go higher?
why does pc mark report a diffrent clock speed than it should?
is there anywhere that will just sell a Unlocked CPU?
Is there someway to enable SSE on Morgan?
locked xp1800 results.... please help
tbreads really come unlocked for 13x and up
Thanks to all
cooling programs
Willing to replace some stuff to OC more..
Compare Processor Temps
Does anybody know which amd cpu's will have the higher fsb?
Is this XP2000 a good Overclocker
Unlocking a 2000+
Whats a good mobo reasonably priced?
unlocking mishap
Where are these 2400+ in stock at ????
AMD Overclocking Guide 'TweakTown'
axp 1700 unlocking mishap
ratio clock
fsb and multiplier
XP and DivX enc !
Lapped slk-800 and read some directions on AS3..dropped 2-3C
finally did some benchies
Sorry...another question..Whats the point of raising the voltage??
What point should I raise the voltage? How long should I "burn-in"?
Ok..I get it to 162 fsb, 41 pci..then this!
160 MAX fsb?!?!?
Xp unlocked?
Just unlocked. Woowoo!
AMD OC Guide Now Available
Help with cpu!
Geil Pc3500 Ddr433
Help!!! Plz
XP1800 toped out@1700...XP1600?
Multiplier over 12.5?
fsb and cards
Can you enable multis <13 on Duron 1300?
Can sub-zero temps harm my AMD???
Just unlocked my 1600+ AGOIA Y 0212. 1723Mhz def. voltage Very impressed.
I have a magical self unlocking cpu?!!?!
Please help me ????
Lowering Multiplyer
Too hot?!?
broken ZIF socket :-( need comments!
13.5 multies and up are unlocked!!xp2200
Boot probs...
Sandra...what do the tests mean?
theres about 10 AMD 2400's on ebay...
AHHH!! i need to know EVERYTHING!!!
---Stepping Explanation---
Okay, I need a proc now...
burn in's
Ohh darn, guess my 1600+ isn't stable at 1900mhz after all :(
w00t! Just got my boad back, started overclocking...
2400+ in 'da house, prelim. results here...
How do I OC my processor?
amd xp 2400 unlocking
revA or revB? which one i have?
TBird, TBred, Palomino, TBred2: ARRRRRGGGGG
what happend to newegg?
What to expect out of a XP1600+ AGOIA Y 0212??
Aroia Y XP 1600+ Unlock Success
A7V333 overvolt help...need 1.90v
Woo! Yeah!
xp2400 is at newegg.com!!!!!!!!!
Gave up unlocking xp2000
Need youre help on deciding what to buy!!
CPU will boot, but not into windows?
Unlocking xp1600 with green chip
Buying new CPU(xp1600) what stepping?
what's the lowest you had your VCore on a XP?
2700+ & 2800+ may be closer than you think...
Anyone have a 2400+ yet?
resurrected my cpu! is bare metal surface safe?
amd is a-ok!
Omg, I was reading through THG (first time) and can you say biased?
ahhh!!! did i kill my cpu
can a cpu frie a motherboard helppp
Do the XP2200 come locked.....
1600+ AGOIA O/C Results!!!!! (locked) (pics)
upgrade to XP
XP 2000 and A7V333
Help from those who know.
WTF?? Expert needed... (more than me...)
System hit by lightning!
AthlonXP Prices to go up?
Burning In
AMD revises 4Q forcast, stocks take a hit
xp 1600 unlock sucessful?
Check this out..... (Not a Beta this time)