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Well my new system is finally up after 4 1/2 years!
Did I reach my limit?
xp overvolted death
why still so hot?
Athlon XP L2 Data Cache 256 or 512?
Hardware problem =(
axp2000+ unlock question
Going to get a 2400+
Which motherboard is better ?
I Want My 2400+~~~~
Quick question... have a 1600+ agoia... should i get 2000+ agoia?
oh boy
What would happen...
Xp 2400
CPU relocked itself!
Newest Stepping of AMD XP 1600+?
Unlocking info; quick!
CPU burnout?
Default 900 T-Bird values?
CPU upgrade/overhaul help :)
WOOOHOOO orderd a 2400+
Will Thermalright SK7 & 84CFM Tornado get me over 1.9GHz?
Looking for websites with Slot A Athlons...
Processor And Board
good temperature
cpu too hot
xp1800 or xp1900 thoroughbreds
XP 2200+ Probs hitin 2ghz @ 166fsb how come?
May Not See Hammer Untill Q2 2003, A SHOCKER!!
Will the 2400+ work in my board ?
My AXP 1600+ is AWESOME
Can XP's be used in dual processing boards?
XP2000 oced to 2100+ on stock hsf, should i go higher?
why does pc mark report a diffrent clock speed than it should?
is there anywhere that will just sell a Unlocked CPU?
Is there someway to enable SSE on Morgan?
locked xp1800 results.... please help
tbreads really come unlocked for 13x and up
Thanks to all
cooling programs
Willing to replace some stuff to OC more..
Compare Processor Temps
Does anybody know which amd cpu's will have the higher fsb?
Is this XP2000 a good Overclocker
Unlocking a 2000+
Whats a good mobo reasonably priced?
unlocking mishap
Where are these 2400+ in stock at ????
AMD Overclocking Guide 'TweakTown'
axp 1700 unlocking mishap
ratio clock
fsb and multiplier
XP and DivX enc !
Lapped slk-800 and read some directions on AS3..dropped 2-3C
finally did some benchies
Sorry...another question..Whats the point of raising the voltage??
What point should I raise the voltage? How long should I "burn-in"?
Ok..I get it to 162 fsb, 41 pci..then this!
160 MAX fsb?!?!?
Xp unlocked?
Just unlocked. Woowoo!
AMD OC Guide Now Available
Help with cpu!
Geil Pc3500 Ddr433
Help!!! Plz
XP1800 toped out@1700...XP1600?
Multiplier over 12.5?
fsb and cards
Can you enable multis <13 on Duron 1300?
Can sub-zero temps harm my AMD???
Just unlocked my 1600+ AGOIA Y 0212. 1723Mhz def. voltage Very impressed.
I have a magical self unlocking cpu?!!?!
Please help me ????
Lowering Multiplyer
Too hot?!?
broken ZIF socket :-( need comments!
13.5 multies and up are unlocked!!xp2200
Boot probs...
Sandra...what do the tests mean?
theres about 10 AMD 2400's on ebay...
AHHH!! i need to know EVERYTHING!!!
---Stepping Explanation---
Okay, I need a proc now...
burn in's
Ohh darn, guess my 1600+ isn't stable at 1900mhz after all :(
w00t! Just got my boad back, started overclocking...
2400+ in 'da house, prelim. results here...
How do I OC my processor?
amd xp 2400 unlocking
revA or revB? which one i have?
TBird, TBred, Palomino, TBred2: ARRRRRGGGGG
what happend to newegg?
What to expect out of a XP1600+ AGOIA Y 0212??
Aroia Y XP 1600+ Unlock Success
A7V333 overvolt help...need 1.90v
Woo! Yeah!
xp2400 is at newegg.com!!!!!!!!!
Gave up unlocking xp2000
Need youre help on deciding what to buy!!
CPU will boot, but not into windows?
Unlocking xp1600 with green chip
Buying new CPU(xp1600) what stepping?
what's the lowest you had your VCore on a XP?
2700+ & 2800+ may be closer than you think...
Anyone have a 2400+ yet?
resurrected my cpu! is bare metal surface safe?
amd is a-ok!
Omg, I was reading through THG (first time) and can you say biased?
ahhh!!! did i kill my cpu
can a cpu frie a motherboard helppp
Do the XP2200 come locked.....
1600+ AGOIA O/C Results!!!!! (locked) (pics)
upgrade to XP
XP 2000 and A7V333
Help from those who know.
WTF?? Expert needed... (more than me...)
System hit by lightning!
AthlonXP Prices to go up?
Burning In
AMD revises 4Q forcast, stocks take a hit
xp 1600 unlock sucessful?
Check this out..... (Not a Beta this time)
man what a n00b!
are the 2400xp and beyond supposed to OC like the 1600xp chips?
i'm a n00b to your board
YO YO guys i have been gone for like ages need help
Overclocking AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Quick Multiplier question
Back in Business (mobo died)
Uh oh, did I kill my mobo or processor?
How many dead CPUs by unlocking?
ok, tell me if i broke my processor
AMD 2200+ and KG7-Raid
XP 2400+ at Accubyte?
T-Bird 1200 Power Consumption
Help! Beginner wasn't paying attention!
My XP wont post....but runs stable!?!
XP 2800+ overclocking
Bought an XP1600, now what should I get for the rest of the components?
cant overclock 1800!
An AMD what-a-hertz?
is the upgrade worth it???
NO POST! is my cpu dead?
AGOIA AGOGA What exactly does it mena
Just got my 1600+ today(@2200+!!!)
Doh! Agoia Y 0208 sucks :-(
Need some help overclocking 1600xp, FSB problems
amd 2000+ at...?
XP 1600+ AGOIA and then what?? (Stepping)
Thinkinf about getting XP 1600
PR Question...
unlocking ?'s
How High have you gotten your unlocked xp2100 processer
AMD 2800=Zero interest cause it's not out till next year.
i ran my 800 with the pump OFF! now it only half works im confused
How much faster is an AMD
XP 2800+ 'Review'
XP2800+ Benchmarked!?
Just got a ne XP2200..
1.4tbird on my 1.2supported msi kt7?????
Fastest AMD xp processor in PC2002
New Athlon Xp
Absolutely AMAZING XP1600+
THAT Hot AMD is back
Newbie needs advice
Tell me if you Athlon or Duron failed because it was over-volted
AIRGA "9" 2200+ Won't do over 1.9Ghz?
You amd xp buffs read
Which CPU?
AMD MP 2200+ purchase considerations
2100/2200 No Boot Problem, and Why Raising Multiplier To 13X and Higher Hasn't Worked
AROIA stepping
Short Term Upgrade
UPDATE: Need Beta Testers!!
CPU Overclocking Problems.
just some advice
Question on Overclocking athlon XPs
Question on XP1600 overclock on my 8K3A
How do I know if a chip is "bad"
Amd Sledgehammer Bench!
How do i know when i Have unlocked my Xp anthlon?
Sanding the slk-800, and a lot of cfm!
KG7 Raid & XP2200+
3dmark 2001 SE score too low
how to overclock
bridged L5 != MP!!
New Rig
New AMD XP 2200+
1600+ 's from newegg??? what did you get?
MP overclock?
2 different Temp readings....which to go for?
overclocking amd thunderbird 1.33ghz
AMD 2200XP+ Overclock Results
CPU temp too high?
I been reading for a week and I cant find out how to unlock a XP 2100.
buying tested ram can save $ & time
Need Beta testers:
I heard of an Aleternative Way to unlock 2200+ how so?
duron overclocking
CPU Temp and Fan speed
how high can amd thunderbird 1.33ghz go?
---Newegg Catchin' on?---
wanting to unlock but still scared
Just have to say how much I love the 1600+
My 1G Axia wont ulock all the way!?!
Finally got it fully unlocked
I Killed Her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What temps are normal for my retail XP 1700?
Just got my new rig!
new 1600+ running hot....need new fan
HELP...COMPARE stepping codes xp1700 / 1900
hrm, need some inputs on my 1600+
What would happen if my L1 bridges were shorted?
Unlocking a CPU.. general question..
hullo first time over clocker just had a simple question
w00t guess what I got in today!!
-lead on xp 24-2600 for sale-
Lets Talk About The AthlonXP 2800+ Here!
Hitting wall at 1720 w/ Agoia Y
is this a bad sign??
Purple ADFA T-Bird
help overclocking
AMD 1600+ AGOIA Y+MSI KT4 ULTRA is being crap
Grrrr wont oc
Unlocked 1st try wute!
Finally got 2.3Ghz on the XP2200
What is the best colour Crayola to use to fill in the pits?
Would I be able to unlock my CPU this way?
Agkga = Bad?
Does anyone know if...
Noobs Succesfull Overclock Thanks Guys!
my phone call to newegg.com
can't get 13!!
Will not recognize my chip correctly !
So how am I doing with this overclocking thing? (Pics might be Large)
xp2400 and 2600+
Got my 1600+, wondering about the stepping
overclocked my duron but...
vcore and cpu life?
Just got my stuff, is this a good stepping/week?
Amd Verses Intel
How much to Overclock?!?
How far can I crank up the cpu volts
KT7a: xp1600 or xp2000 ?????
HELP ME! with the WORST O/C'ing 2200XP ... 13mHz OC!
2800+ shipping out tuesday!
Athlon XP 2000+ Configuration
FYI - new AMD EPOX nForce2, with 3x DDR400 capability
Best Sound Card and NIC for overclocking?
On my way up!
OC results with new board!
might wanna hold offon 2600 buying.10-1 amd will release 2700+ 2800
Will new Tbred be factory unlocked?
Going on Spending spree for CPU an otherstuff
PLL number- anyone have it for the Aopen MX3W pro-v
Never burnt in any cpu's
what voltage to run 200+ at
Just set up my xp1600 =) w/pix of benches (big)
---My 1600+ TBRED---
Yuch!, how do I remove that waxy heat goo?
Hammer Time
OC Duron 1.2 Ghz on SiS735 mobo
Is my CPU defective?!?!?!Would apreciate any help
highest AMD oc'
any 1 know for sure?
Why is AMD so hot?
Running into prob overclocking 1700+
newbie with amd cpus, some general info on how to overclock them
XP 2100+ unlocking
Help me configure a low budget AMD system
I realize that has probably come up before..
Unlock Failed
Release dates!!!
How High is your XP 2000+
Any1 tested xp1600 AG0IA 0212 K ?
I get my 2400+ on Monday
AMDXP2100 OC'ers... Speak Up!!
Problem with 1600+....
Unlocking xp2000+
Xp2200 at 2.294Ghz - Extreme? Maybe.
Can I hit 2.0 Ghz and how would I do it
Can't OC!
CPU Utilities
What to do with my non-working XP1800
Pulling pins out of my XP1800=
What cpu to hold over till barton
Overclocking Advice
where is the XP 2600???????
Duron 1300
1G t-bird at 1.2 hows this?
Athlon vs XP
How High could I go
How high have you overclocked your Athlons?
CPU running stock won't pass Prime95!
Strange XP 2000 temp change
Dont try this at home!
Burnt CPU??
My new PC
When will the 2600+ and 2400+ be realeased?
166MHz FSB Problem...
AMD Opteron will NOT support Palladium
Unlocked XP Green problem?
reduce voltage
Fastest Duron + Gf3 ti200 Performance
First OC'ing experience was great but still got ?'s
3DMark scores
AthlonXP 1500+ AGOIA!!!
a xp 2400 concern
Damaged CPU....
anything news on the new AMD CHIP!!!
Unlock XP2100+ WITHOUT cutting L10 Bridges it actually works !
What the heck is happening to AMD?
o/c thru bios w/ xp1600 chip?
problems, big ones
Crayon to Unlock XP
1600oc'd but what now?
1600oc'd but what now?
What is the bottleneck in my O/Cing
if Deatstar13 was amd president!
XP1600 AGOIA Y 0211 any good?
yippee!!! at last
Can I do this?
Understanding Multiplier Circuits
xp 1900 stepping................good?
Got my new xp 1600+
Dua Dua Dua.. Intel bites the dust!
Amd Thunderbird Temperature
First OC a success
xp 1800+ AGOIA "z" 0227
overclocking cpu
Factory Unlocked CPU!! :D
Cpu and Voltage article ?
Building new AMD system, need input please.
cheap unlock
overclocking duron 1200
Better OC by RASING the multy???
xp 1600
Overclock maxs
New AMD system
tales of unlocking an xp
xp2000+, bad oc.
Unlocked XP's memory bandwith, any good?
Yay, got my CPU today...
xp1600 agoia "Y" unlock
OC help
AthlonXP 1700+ & DFI AK-75EC Mobo
Is This AROIA YR Unlocked?
Intial overclocking results with a XP2200+
AGOIA Y 0213 at googlegear 4 those looking
Unlocking AMD XP?
Thunderstorm Blew Out My CPU!!!
XP2200 Multipliers 13 and above
A7V Bios and FID(3:0) curiosity
At last, Morgan 1.2 relocked to 1.3
Much better use for a P4
Much better use for a P4
Fastest 266Mhz FSB AMD?
first overclock. XP2000. do these numbers look right?
Dumb AMD Question
Strangle problem! Any ideas???
Mobile Athlon XP question.
Where's da chips??
I need a barton...
The mystery multiplier
too much superglue!!
XP: Unlocking multipliers above 12.5
Just got my xp1600 from newegg
Whats highest you got with 761 Chipset
2200xp unlocking
Is it my power supply or my RAM voltage?
I need a MOBO
She's back up.
new unlocking 2200xp has it worked on 2100's with any success?
overclocked my 1600xp how am i doing?
I can't Have 1800mhz Stable how come!? with my 1600+ AGOIA Y
how low can I go?
how high should a XP 1600 go
i dont want a CPU war. i want to know why.
Help a confused child with XP Naming...
Best HS/F For O/C 2100+
Want to make my first AMD rig, throwing around a few ideas and need advice.
Want to make my first AMD rig, throwing around a few ideas and need advice.
seems not many ppl know this
Stepping question...
Newbie overclocking question
whats up with this cpu
My Duron died a strange death
Just got my tornado fan
AMD Overclocking
UPDATE!!!:Beta testers Needed....
Unlocking the 1600+, a few quick questions..
2400+/2600+ available at Ebay!!
Thank you Crayola
Chipset - OC coorelation
SSE2 in Barton!!????
MP overclocking
help me choose
Chip numbers: AIRGA any good?
burning in question
MP or XP?
Hard time overclocking..
unlocking question
Is it okay to leave my OCed computer on 24/7?
Suggested Heatsink for XP2000+
new 1600xp stepping
First Signs of the 2400+ and 2600+
Ok..I know I said I wasn't going to OC..but I lied.
I think i have killed her captin!
Amd Barton
166fsb, 512k cache, what's it all mean?
unlock failure?
Can't Overclock my 2100+ on dragon lite
pply who switched from AMD air to AMD water... post results
13+ multi's?
will unlocking help my overclock?
Best XP for OC
Help!!!! Can't O/c At All !!! My God!!!
XP2200+ FSB Overclocking and temp
Updated AMD Roadmap, No hammer for awhile now!
I've read the info... but now I need help with my 1600+
My volcano keeps getting a tatooo:)
unlocking verification
Buying Questions
How do YOU overclock?
Beta Testers Needed....
XP 1900 in XP333
noob question .....wut's AGOIA???
my 1600+ can't o/c............
a bit of a sticky situation
my bios dont recognise my 1600xp?
Cpu is overheating and I don't know why
question on thermal grease..
duron overclocking
AthlonXP 2800+ Still On Target For October Launch!
Is this AGOIA Unlocked...........??????
Serious problem with AMD2200 and Soltek 75DRV5!
Chances of Exchange on dead 2000+
Help Unlocking
Unlocked, but cant get all multipliers?
Dead XP2000+ from Newegg?
whats so good about the 1600+ ?
2200+ ease of unlocking.
Fan Temp Sensor
CPU Problem
Locked or Unlocked? you tell me
Barton Review.....lol
Unlocking an XP
Unlocked CPU!!!!
for those of you who are gonna get a 1600+ from mwave
XP2400 or Higher
---New Stepping From Newegg?---
1900+ AGNGA won't overclock?
inadequate cooling for xp1600?
12.5CFM fan for 2000+?
clawhammer = pentium4? what gives!!
does the 2 pin method work?
XP1600+ undervolting & overclocking !!
HOT xp1800
Asus A7V333, and ram, and voltage, a few questions
good XP 1600 stepping?
Doesnt This Picture Make You Smile?
WOOOOT! new XP1600 +KT3Ultra2 +MushkinPC3000 at 181FSB/1900MHZ Air COOLED
Amd T-BIRD and XP Blueprints
How about some input
How to MP the Athlon 2200 XP
Finally 173FSB, but problems with 3dmark 2001.
AMD Hammer
XP 1600 Color
do I need a shim for a cpu?
Want 2+ghz, but also a quiet fan!
Stats proggy
Amd Xp 1800 oc help
Need some serious help..
why wont my xp2100+ run like it should!?
no performance gains really
2400+ at a whoping 2.5 Ghz
Got a new motherboard and overclocked my xp 1700!
1600+ OC to a 2200+...how does this work?