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AMD Barton-core Athlon XP on market in October
XP2600+ how to unlock?
Which one u would recommend 1900, 2000, 2100 or 2200
AMD T-bred Core See-through?
AMD Athlon +2000 and Abit MB
It appears unlocking the CPU on the tbred rev B is done via bios
Advice on burning in AMD XP
AMD XP 1600 Overclocking Results
Voltages a bit off....Normal or PSU problem
1800xp running at 1150mhtz
Can a 1.4 T-Bird OC to 1700????
The coolest unlocked Duron...or My Athlon went bang...or "Tis not my fault honest"
Anyone know where i can buy unlocked cpu's?
post here if you are around 2GHz
K6-2 at 550+ or K6-3 at 450?
Raise...or Lower The multiplyer??
How big is the fan?
Xp1700+ Aroia Yr
Weird Problem with 1800+
System Crashes
OK OCing doing a little better now..1.65
OC settings w/DDR3000, XP1900 & KR7a raid
2400 + Review
1600+ just won't quite run at 2ghz
Stupid Athlon Cracked in Two!
Better unlocking materials!
anybody has the MSI k7T266 Pro 2A?
2000+ Limit???
Is running Prime95 for 48 24 hours enough?
yackity-whackity-smackity-AMD is killen me!
anyone had any good unlocks with 2100's?
quick reply plz
Power Supplies
About to build a new setup..MP?
xp 1800+
Unlocked from the factory?
cache upgrade
best upgrade from a duron 700?
I got a-thinkin again
warrenty void if fsb is increased?
BIG PROBLEM with slot a
Ran into a wall with my 1600+
after unlocking whats the limit?
What happened????
L1s only on xp2100
Location of XP bridge animation ?
Overclocking my Athlon Xp 1900+ help.
t-bird and multiplier
Now this is funny
difference btwn palomino and Thoroughbred XP
Random Restarts with 1700+ @ 1.7
CPU & Prime95 Question
Did my Tbird 750 finally die, or is it something else?
quad opteron pic
Aroia Xp
Shim Maddness
problem with slot a upgrade
3DMark...why so low?
2200+ T-bred?
What should I expect?
xp1600 are they all agioa
2400/2600 not till oct 1 !!!!
when to upgrade
xp1600 or xp2200
BEST CPU for overclocking?
Can't get to 1800 with 1700+ AGOIA 9
to unlock or not to unlock.
Whats stoppin us !!!
OEM or Retail?
Volcano 7 not 7+
xp 2100 what my limit
My luck...
How much thermal grease?
using artic sliver to unlock?
Vcore readings?
All About Which Bridges Do What, Stop Misinformation
i gave in
HELP! Why aint I booting!
Not fair
Is this Tape safe to use near cpu core? Need responce ASAP so i can finish.
you may remember me as the 1900+ destroyer..
I can only use my 12.5x multipiler why is this?
Defoger Paint Question, Need quick responce!
Amd Xp 1800
how do you know you've unlocked it
where can I buy silver conductive grase local?
DOA athlonxps from newegg???
Clear sticker on processor
Defoger Paint Question
Amd Rocks!!!!!!!!
Need help QUICK please help...
1600+ Agoia problems
Some OC'ing ???'s about new Rig.
<N00b needs basic instruction>
are 1.33 Athlons locked
Unlocking 2200
XP 1800+ and MSI K7T Ultra and KT3 Ultra m/b
Can you read this??
Overclocking help!!!!!!
Upgrading my cpu
Athlon XP1600........!?!?!?
Bad news unlocking a 1600+
This is an amazing overclock: not mine
Talks about new AMD chip
Telling Unlock on Gigabyte 7RVXP mobo
Where to get MP processors
cleaning sticky stuff on cpu?
What kind of OC for Ahtlon Xp 1900+ Agoga -Y stepping
Thoroughbreds and shim
Anyone got a gigabyte ga7vrx? need help with 1\5
I think I am ready can you give me a hand?
Arg...Where can I get defoger paint..
1\5 and xp2600+ questions,plz
The Hammer??
Non Oc'ed 1600 idle temps 71c
1/5 multiplier
XP1600+ code decipher Quick!
xp 2400 + 2600 tbred preorders eta 10-1
When will XP2400+ & 2600+ hit retail?
Can someone de-mystify the whole AMD XP thing?
Yo Guys You Have To Read This Check It Out
2200+ at 2030 Mhz. Is that all?
Soyo K7V Dragon + tbird 1.4 OC problems
Unlocked my XP first time, wooohoooo
AMD new stock heatsink????
Quick Stepping Question
Curious about steppings
Athlon XP AND Abit KT7A Raid v1.0 ????
A pic of my CPU..agKga??
is 2 ghz possible with air? and an xp 1600?
Trying to unlock my 1800+ please help!
What is the best heatsink out?
Help My cpu is way to hot
My AROIA 1600+ on AIR @ 1853.65 STABLE
I can still only get my 1600+ up to 150 stable
New stepping?
Athlon MP 2200+?
Help me pick an AMD CPU and its cooling with only $110
my 1600+ still wont go above 159
Newbie stupidity...
Agoia Y
Problem Booting
converting to AMD ... maybe
Clockspeed for a 2200+
Newegg Rules! 3 days for my XP1600...
unlocking, but which way is best ?
Green or Brown?
xp 1600+ finally unlocked
Agoga Y Xp
Clearing the CMOS after unlocking my XP
XP2200+ stepping
OK I tried to unlock but dont knoiw if it worked
System restart at 143 FSB
Help please....
what does this 1:1 mean in the bios ?
If you OC to much..could this happen?
Need help with 3d mark
Check This Out 2200+ Review
need some help with my cpu
socket question
How can i get more outa my XP1600+?
1600+ steppings at Newegg???
Tom's Xp video
UPDATE from my 2gig 2000+ unlocked !!
Unlocking Testing Q
Can your video card limit your O/C?
1600+ reports
Overclocking Question
XP1600 @ 1900 (some volt. ?'s)
temp problem with new 8k5a2+ and xp1600
Xp1600 overclock...temps at 166?
XP 2400+ 2600+ Where to buy???
Burning in to the Extreme!!!!!
Screenies of my 2 gig cpu
XP unlocking (first timer)
How do I get from 156 to 166, Don't want to corrupt HDD
Move from Athlon 850 ---> XP1600 on an SDR board worth it?
need help posting pics on this furm ????
open case / closed case CPU temperatures
Can someone help me?
Help a newbie with a xp1800
AMD K6-2 400(ewww...I know its old)
is the 1600+ agoia z any good?
Barton Question For Smart People!
64 bit AMDs?
What should the temps be??
AMD returns to the game big time
Overclocking athlon 1800+
weird unlocking problem...
Pit filler Question
Filling Athlon Xp Pit Question
Gap Filler Question
XP1900 Question
2200xp question !
is it too hot?!
where can i find agoga/agoia stepping?
AMD 1800+ question
How far can I Overclock Athlon Xp 1900+?
Is Using Krazy Glue Allright to fill pits?
Clawhammer systeM:
Aroia Y 0213 1600 owners
Athlon Unlocking stamp??
Unlocking - some bridges?
Athlon 550 to 600
AROIA, Y maxed at 140FSB, why?!?
Unlocked my 1800+ AGOGA Y.....Partially.....
FSB question
Need some help with vmod guys this is urgent
nid help how to overclocked my duron 900mhz
Look at this XP2200+@2062
Whoohoo! 1600+ tbred!
Is it too much heat for burnin?
What have I done wrong
unlock problem
Z serial on AGOIA
Heat outputs
How can I tell if I have AGOIA?
Duron Multiplier
Unlock Problems
xp1600+, XP Rev B, or Hammer?
1933mhz off of a AGOIA 1600+!!!!
You Guys Have To Read This Im So Happy :)))
Yay! I think...
Silver Lauer or Conductive Grease for unlocking?
does an Athlon cpu oced to the next class preform like it?
Conductive Greese or Silver Laquer?
old mac--poof new amd xp 2600
xp 2100 with the agoia steping
Anyone ever converted XP to MP?
benchies, lemme know what yall think
Prometeia and XP2200+ Thoroughbred?
Would like to try out the XP1600 any suggestions?
I'm new...is this a good thing?
Ordered 2 1600+'s from newegg... both aroia... :(
Do you think it's my mobo?
Athlon 2600+
New CPU isnt running as fast as it should
REAL OC speed for xp 2000+
Writing on the Athlon XP
This thing is a beast
keeps resarting
How is this for an xp 1800?
Need advice on overclocking my 1700+
XP 1600 from Newegg...how far will I get it to go?
What is holding me back?
AGOGA Core...Crap or not? I'm thinking crap..
No Post on a 1600 with soltek kt266a board.
The best stepping codes for Athlon XP
I need EXTREAM POWER EXTREAM PERFORMANCE I NEED..............Help with this!
strange BIOS problem - help!
Get Thoroughbred B core, or wait for Barton?
Unlocking Horrer Stories
is the fsb dependent ont the cpu in any way??
1600+ or 1800+?
no more worries about burning out procs ...
How far could I push this 1600+ given my system stats?
Sandra CPU temps
Introducing The AthlonXP 1600+ Thoroughbred!
vcore needed to get an 2200 to 166fsb and how to do it?
Just got my 1600+
I just did it!
No fair, I want to get my Athlon 1600 up to 2 ghz!
the best overclockable cpu besides athlon xp 1600...
Simple Question
Updating the BIOS to o/c?
Problem solved!
So wot can u tell me about my XP2000+?
new to O/Cing
what speed are these cpus??
Need some help with comthin guys
what steping is the best?
AMD 2700+ will use 333Mhz FSB and maybe more
Urgent help, please... overclocked too far!!!
Unlocking a 1600 XP
What is your specs and best OC?
Why Did You Pick AMD over Intel?
Just ordered a T-Bred Rev B XP2400+ hehe!!
help me build my first AMD system
maximum limits of overclocking
Abit-Kg7-lite does it support 2200+ ?
unlocked xp2200+ and a7v333!
my 3dmark2001 score sucks
upgrading CPU and Windows
133/100 overclocked
AMD may be forced to sell XBox chips at loss.
Opionions on this MB with my 1800+
Unlocked and Overclocked
What gives!
For the athlon t bred B freaks out thier :)
Dead CPU? Will it heat up?
Question concerning T
Is there something wrong with my XP2100
xp 2100 @1911
agoi ? is my chip overclockable
Unlocked 2200 stats/ anyone?
1600XP question on a DFI AK76 761 chipset based board
why the heck are t-bird's more expensive the XP's?
AMD CPU Colors!!
1600 came in today!!!!!
What's the final verdict with the AROIA 0213's???
Would Tbreds die like Woodie Bs?
Changing CPU and heatsink
1600+ from newegg and well????
Sanding L1 bridges on green XP?
LOWERING voltage on my athlon 1400?
Die size
Locked? Unlocked? My XP2100+ is @ 1843
Simple Overclocking question...
Neon XPs!!! ?...
XP2600+ and KX7333 Question
K75SA is messed up for me. Help
Duron :p
XP2800+ By September?
XP2400+ @ 166FSB = 2.5GHz! on AIR
All 2600+ discussion Here
New 2600+@2.8 GHz!!!
AMD at 2880Mhz!!!
wierd prob wit my friends comp :|
Whats holding me back?
Will Closing the 5th L3 Mod Work On Tbred 2400 & 2600??
2600+ reviews! beats intel 2.53
which chip to get?
Duron 1.3 vs XP 1600+
AMD releases 2400+ and 2600+ today
New chips!
AMD @ 2.5Ghz?
need advice
---RIP to my 2nd 1600+---
best xp stepping
Whats burning-in really do
just unlocked my tbird :)
Want to Overclock without Unlock....
Overclocking Athlon MPs on the Tyan S2466 board
Tbred 1600+ .13micron core!
Taking My New! 1900+ T-bred For A Spin!
i got am xp1600 from newegg today!
Actual AMD release dates
ECS K75SA, AMD 1800+ XP - Problem
unlocking a cpu to lower the multiplier
why does the 1.4 athlon cost more than 1600+?
whats the highest anyones taken an XP2200+
Just wanted to see if it would do it
help. I want to change the multiplier but no bios option
How will this system compare?
Vid card problems when CPU overclocked
About the new clawhammer and opteron cores
Finaly got my 2200+ up to 2ghz.. but...
Updates, info, and news on AMD???
AROGA stepping?
just unlocked a 2200 and says 1700 and...
Need advice,Please
lost my o/c!. grrrrrrrr
CPU Throttling
Power Down Protector
---When Do Lower Tbreds Come Out?---
volt mod for a7v266/e is it good.
Time for a new CPU....
yet another newbs question...
Voltage question
another newb question...
Anyone want to help a Canadian?
A little something about amd's future (and a even littler something about nforce2)
XP 1600+@2009 MHz
Newbie Question, please help
Is Newegg still shipping good steppings?
gold paint to unlock my xp???
Need Help Bad!
happy got 1900xp@1788mhz
Athlon XP thermometer
Processor questions
Weird results from an unlocked xp1800 AGOGA
newbie question
Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+ specs
i dont think this is a good stepping on my cpu
Is CHanging the fsb on the mobo same as in the BIOS
Wise ol Fourm, Please help!
Decrypting XP+ Numbers
Which cpu!?! 2000+, 1900+ Agoga, or 1600+ (probably agoya y)?
Prime95 error
how do i use cpufsb
Amd 2100+ Overclock Help!!!!
what does unlocking mean...?
Whats going on with my 2200+ and A7V333
Stepping Codes
highspeedpc athlon xp unlcoking kit
thermal pads or Artic Silver?
Please list 2100xp temps
Cleaning my CPU - Isopropyl Alcohol
What is wrong with this xp1700?
Am I too HOT!
No clue???
Please I Need Help On Burning My Cpu
Fried AthlonXP1900+
Ok Athlon Boys Heres An Amd Desktop Pic
Please Help!!!
WooHoo 2GIGS finaly!!!!!
What is this?
Burning in your cpu?
AGOGA any good? How far can it be pushed??
XP2200+ Max safe voltage
2400+ and 2600+ is coming soon
The Green Agoia Y 0212 Thread :-)
How fast? Morgan 1.1
The best HSF?
I just got my Agoia Y 1600
Same Dresden that makes AMD chips??
A stable overclock?
wow i never though it could happen
Man walks up to a Clawhammer and benchmarks it.
read this PR?
AMD has got me confused
what Step best for highest overclock Xp1700+ or 1800+
Plz help on Athlon XP 1700+ XP O/c
How to read stepping code on cpu?
Please help - orderes AGOIA - got AGOGA - send back or not?
Green AROIA-Y Update!!!!!
Overclocking Front Side Bus
cutting L bridges with voltage
I guess I'm an overclocker now.
What am I doing wrong
Best program ever?
need help with my 900 tbird
WooHoo! 1600+
Will the XP1700 be the next great overclockers
Add me to the 2 gig club =)
AthlonXP 2600+ Come Out August 21st!
3 ghz club?????
unlocked CPU overclocks...
I got my 1GHz AXIA to boot @ 1.65GHz!
Please Give me your ADVICE soon!
Voltage low
It Doesen't Get Eny Better Then This !
life sux
Do you really notice a difference with the faster cpu's?
Doubts about CPU Voltages and Burning In
333 MHz FSB for upcoming chips
XP1600 from Newegg
Hammer compared against Itanium?????? Draw your own conclusions
xp 2200 on a board that says it can only run a 2100?
PLEASE talk me into getting a 1600+ from newegg.com
Highest Duron FSB?
AMD Athlon MP
Athlon XP 2400+, 2600+ Information
What's wrong? my cpu or kx7-333?
Help Please! Tried Everything And Need Help! Problems With Bulding A Computer!
What on earth is a SUMOUT error in Prime?
1600+ over 2 gig (pic)
Xp2200 @ 1962
Tbreds any good?
R.I.P. My first XP1600 AGOIA
greenie VS. brownie
really need advice
oc xp 2200 questions and concerns...
XP1800+ Very High Temperatures
my friends xp1600 arrived, but what do the numbers on it represent?
prime95 error
The bus of the mobo compared to the bus of the CPU
13x Multiplers Where They At???
1600's from Saturday
Slot A CPU's
AGOIA, AROIA... how to be certain which stepping is best
Ok, I give up!! CPU Heatsink/fan, going all new!
Ok, I give up!! CPU Heatsink/fan, going all new!
CPU not up to speed?
Please Help! Cpu Wont Turn On
Just unlocked my XP2200
over 12.5?
1600xp z hit 1.810
KT133 mobo and Athlon XP
Quick unlocking question
I got it
Agoia K
Unlocking my1900
Help Fast!!!!!! I Cant See A Thing On My Other Computer!