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help. I want to change the multiplier but no bios option
How will this system compare?
Vid card problems when CPU overclocked
About the new clawhammer and opteron cores
Finaly got my 2200+ up to 2ghz.. but...
Updates, info, and news on AMD???
AROGA stepping?
just unlocked a 2200 and says 1700 and...
Need advice,Please
lost my o/c!. grrrrrrrr
CPU Throttling
Power Down Protector
---When Do Lower Tbreds Come Out?---
volt mod for a7v266/e is it good.
Time for a new CPU....
yet another newbs question...
Voltage question
another newb question...
Anyone want to help a Canadian?
A little something about amd's future (and a even littler something about nforce2)
XP 1600+@2009 MHz
Newbie Question, please help
Is Newegg still shipping good steppings?
gold paint to unlock my xp???
Need Help Bad!
happy got 1900xp@1788mhz
Athlon XP thermometer
Processor questions
Weird results from an unlocked xp1800 AGOGA
newbie question
Athlon XP 2400+ and 2600+ specs
i dont think this is a good stepping on my cpu
Is CHanging the fsb on the mobo same as in the BIOS
Wise ol Fourm, Please help!
Decrypting XP+ Numbers
Which cpu!?! 2000+, 1900+ Agoga, or 1600+ (probably agoya y)?
Prime95 error
how do i use cpufsb
Amd 2100+ Overclock Help!!!!
what does unlocking mean...?
Whats going on with my 2200+ and A7V333
Stepping Codes
highspeedpc athlon xp unlcoking kit
thermal pads or Artic Silver?
Please list 2100xp temps
Cleaning my CPU - Isopropyl Alcohol
What is wrong with this xp1700?
Am I too HOT!
No clue???
Please I Need Help On Burning My Cpu
Fried AthlonXP1900+
Ok Athlon Boys Heres An Amd Desktop Pic
Please Help!!!
WooHoo 2GIGS finaly!!!!!
What is this?
Burning in your cpu?
AGOGA any good? How far can it be pushed??
XP2200+ Max safe voltage
2400+ and 2600+ is coming soon
The Green Agoia Y 0212 Thread :-)
How fast? Morgan 1.1
The best HSF?
I just got my Agoia Y 1600
Same Dresden that makes AMD chips??
A stable overclock?
wow i never though it could happen
Man walks up to a Clawhammer and benchmarks it.
read this PR?
AMD has got me confused
what Step best for highest overclock Xp1700+ or 1800+
Plz help on Athlon XP 1700+ XP O/c
How to read stepping code on cpu?
Please help - orderes AGOIA - got AGOGA - send back or not?
Green AROIA-Y Update!!!!!
Overclocking Front Side Bus
cutting L bridges with voltage
I guess I'm an overclocker now.
What am I doing wrong
Best program ever?
need help with my 900 tbird
WooHoo! 1600+
Will the XP1700 be the next great overclockers
Add me to the 2 gig club =)
AthlonXP 2600+ Come Out August 21st!
3 ghz club?????
unlocked CPU overclocks...
I got my 1GHz AXIA to boot @ 1.65GHz!
Please Give me your ADVICE soon!
Voltage low
It Doesen't Get Eny Better Then This !
life sux
Do you really notice a difference with the faster cpu's?
Doubts about CPU Voltages and Burning In
333 MHz FSB for upcoming chips
XP1600 from Newegg
Hammer compared against Itanium?????? Draw your own conclusions
xp 2200 on a board that says it can only run a 2100?
PLEASE talk me into getting a 1600+ from newegg.com
Highest Duron FSB?
AMD Athlon MP
Athlon XP 2400+, 2600+ Information
What's wrong? my cpu or kx7-333?
Help Please! Tried Everything And Need Help! Problems With Bulding A Computer!
What on earth is a SUMOUT error in Prime?
1600+ over 2 gig (pic)
Xp2200 @ 1962
Tbreds any good?
R.I.P. My first XP1600 AGOIA
greenie VS. brownie
really need advice
oc xp 2200 questions and concerns...
XP1800+ Very High Temperatures
my friends xp1600 arrived, but what do the numbers on it represent?
prime95 error
The bus of the mobo compared to the bus of the CPU
13x Multiplers Where They At???
1600's from Saturday
Slot A CPU's
AGOIA, AROIA... how to be certain which stepping is best
Ok, I give up!! CPU Heatsink/fan, going all new!
Ok, I give up!! CPU Heatsink/fan, going all new!
CPU not up to speed?
Please Help! Cpu Wont Turn On
Just unlocked my XP2200
over 12.5?
1600xp z hit 1.810
KT133 mobo and Athlon XP
Quick unlocking question
I got it
Agoia K
Unlocking my1900
Help Fast!!!!!! I Cant See A Thing On My Other Computer!
Whats a morgon.
8kha+ and PSU
lowering multi and raising fsb(at same speeds)... create same amount of heat?
Whats the max anybody got their 1600+ to ?
what Step best for highest overclock Xp1700+ or 1800+
The AMD overclocking guide
Weird Multiplier Thing!!!
Model num diff from pol to t-bred?
couple of questions
Questions about AMD and RAM ... Please help me
what should I set this at to have a stable overclock
ago.... what?
XP vs MP
XP Steppings - who else has a "Z" chip?
1600+ AGOIA "Z" Stepping - Week 27
AMD Price cuts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2100 AGOIA not cutting the bridges
CPU is cooler now, but wont run at the same FSB speed??
Geek Question
Overclocking AMD 1300
how many ppl here run AXP cpus w/ 2.1v or greater 24/7?
wat xp speed to get?
prices plummet for amd cpus
Original heatsinks anf fans
Voltage mods neccessary?
Do Not Use The Superglue Method To Unlock
newbie help w/ agoia
Intel to AMD
can you use artic alumina as a pit filler?
Ghetto Pit Filler
what's the diff?
All 2200+'s created equal??
Cant get it stable
1800+ Unlocking Woes
Another AGOIA Y thread. ?
That was just stunning.
will 512ddr give new life
No More Xp1600 From Newegg
Blowing the bridges (help)
Upgrade XP1700 or not
XP 2100+ OC...needing help
Understanding Multiplier Code
Overclocking Amd Athlon Xp 1900+
Newbie with 2 questions.
Is this a margainal overclock?
Whats the real deal with 2400+ and higher?
M7vka Kt133 + Xp?
what's the XP2200 top out at.
Unlocking Failure: Help Me Plz!
Questions about Unlocking XP 1600+ (Procedure)
AMD XP at high FSB? how?
Pencil and tape
dilemna 1800+ or 1600+
amd and 333
xp1600 AGOIA "Y" 0213 @ 1.63 :(
1700+ OC'd to 2000+ on air but weird problems
very interesting results in amd vs intel in graphics
Dual Athlon XP?? Must I use MP chips?
Running CPU FSB syncronous with DDR timings?
My system, will it last.
Amd 1.4 t-bird 266 fbs installed into a 200 fsb mobo
Max speed of Athlon XP 1600+ ?
Week 25 AROIA YeeHaw
AMD XP2100+ FSB/Multiplier?
CPU voltage won't go up!
CPU Upgrade Help
AROIA-YR Spoted!
Oh Man Please Help.
when is this new AMD cpu due ?
Does burning-in a cpu shorten its life??
AGOIA "Y" XP1600 Overclocking Results
Let's see your SuperPi 1M time
Overclocking on 2100&2200+xp's
question on a deal at newegg Athlon 1.33 vs XP1600
neweggs 1600+ only a few left!!!$59 dollars
Agoia xp1800 "Z" hotter than hell :(
Burning-in is awesome!
Should I Reconnect the Bridges?
Underclocking the multiplier? How?
New XP processors mean new motherboards?
All Athlon MP's are factory unlocked right?
Overclocking the Multiplier and Voltage on the CPU.
2100+ Palomino Unlocking (help)
Low Speed TBreds - available soon
pencil trick +tape?
Multimeter Whaaaa?
All possible OC mods to the Mobo, and CPU
XP1700+ AGOIA "9" Overclock
xp's- quick answer
Athlon vs Duron
win xp + 1600+ problems
Fun with my XP1600+
Which stepping is better?
UNLOCKING??????????amd 1700+
It's here..
2.6Ghz Hammer
50% Overclock!
my 1600+ wont boot at 1.40
New xp2200+ in KX7-333-R Board
Got all the instructions, now I need to know where to get the stuff, to Unlock
1800+ OC Problem
2400+, 2600+ and 2800+
XP 1800+ o/c - PSU holding me back?
are there actually going to be any low speed thoughrobred's?
whats the highest you can clock an xp 2100+?
is my cracked cpu making me reboot? plz help me
How many ppl have brown 2100+'s?
My first AMD.....
Can run prime95 all day but 3d games restart my machine
Thoroughbred or Palomino, which do I have?
question to all u overclockers
Athlon XP colors?
I have never had an AMD cpu before.
SUCCESS!! AXIA 1.0C @ 1.47GHz!
Unlocking my 1800+, for use with Peltier!
1900+ all horrible overclockers
L1 Bridges
CPU temp
LMAO... allergic to Pentiums
a real P4 killer
Which 1600+ Stepping to prefer?
What's the timeframe for a hammer system to be available?
is there a difference?
Agoia Y!!!!
Bad unlock or what?
is this possible
XP 1600+ o/c Problems
Worth to slow memory for cpu?
T-Bird voltmod question?
XP survives overhaet
Litlle confused on the bridges available.
AMD 1700 + need help overclocking more!
Help, I think my mobo may be dead, or worse my cpu!!
Duron 1.1 decent for second system , read on need fdback
Overclocking K7 500 (Slot A)? GFD?
Can I go any farther?
Amd is going 333fsb after all!!
Burning in temps??
Help me find reviews of Athlon XP's with PC133 SDRAM
CPU temp
AMD Athlon ST 3000+ slated for Christmas???
Which bridge is which?
What is Stable?
Please help me I cant get up!!
Athlon 2400+ may not be release till october!
from 1.2 to 1.5?
Athlon 1600+ AROIA unlocking probs
desperate help needed! please!
amd purchase
up and running!!!!
Questions about clock speed, FBS, voltage, and TEMP on my XP1900
Athlon XP crash on Win XP Pro (no OC)
interesting aritcle?
why cant i overclock?
AMD 1600+ AGOIA overclockin
Duron not booting
What is L2 Cache?
xp2000 agoia"y" finally unlocked...
Unlocking Duron
These AGOIA XP1600+ cpus are amazing!
Help me hit 2ghz
Wierd underclocking question
xp1800/1900/2000 best bet?
Why don't people use multipliers 13.0 and above?
AMD K6-2 / 400 ACK specs.
What should I put my voltage at?
Palomino or T-bred but wait... there's more
are low-clocked t-bred's available anywhere?
getting my T-bird past 1700 mhz
brick wall
Unlock xp2100
Thoroughbredly Disappointed
Newby mistake: did i fry it?
Overclocking Blues
1800+ Aroga Y
I like the XP2200+ AIRGA 0226
From dud to stud!
OCing an XP1700+
What's the best overclocking utility???
Athlon MP
AVG OC with pc 2100 mem and xp 1600
Lower Voltage Higher OC??
can u vidpin wrap 1.333 tiby?
Water or air
Cleaning the gunk of my XP 2100
XP 1900 Stepping
How much can i OC an T-bird 1200
extreme FSB with Athlon 1.333
XP266MHz & DDR333 Mem?
Will this CPU overclock nicely?
Newegg AGOIA 1600+ Overclock Results
Its all gone a bit wrong
i think my 800 athlon slot a is toast!!!!
does unlocking the xp give u higher multipliers as well?
amd 2200 compatible with abit AT7E?
Are 1600 & 2000 almost the same?
Prime95 question
I love my new MSI K7T Turbo2 / Duron 1.3 Ghz Retail setup!
anyone running 166mhz fsb with Shuttle AK35GT2R?
Whats under the PCB on the xp's
What are your Temps on Air?
Choppy Frames?
Multi Prob
I gave up :)
o/cing AGOIA xp1600
Help with athlon 850
Help Overclocking FSB
Are there any stores that hand pick procs for steppings?
???-Very Best AXP Steping-???
overclocking question
Overclocked/no boot/reset?
I hit 200FSB!!!
1.4 or 1.4
newb overclocking
voltage question
XP 2100 Palomino Questions
Are XP cpu's faster than P4's?
question about XP2200
whats a good stepping for xp 2000+
kr7a & 2100+
Future problems with 143/143 fsb?
Need help on settings
Is this a good config for overclocking? And is this pc a good deal?
can this happen?
Someone please HELLLLLLLP!!!
its a pos xp!
2200 Xp
How do i Change The Voltage?
I'm back and badder than ever!!!
I'm back and badder than ever!!!
Update: problem with XP1800+
Duron 1.2/mulitplier question
How Many Have You Killed
HELP ME PLEASE with my new XP2200
What are your overclocked speeds for the tbred?
What are your overclocked speeds for the tbred?
ASUS A7V266-E question
XP2200 question
Best Athlon XP stepping?
My New AMD XP System! (ORDERD)
Baught Retail 2100+ with hs/f ?
Thoroughbred Secrets!
duron 900 how high will it go?
XP2100 and Shim
A little hope on the AMD Front
Unlocking Problem!!
is it good?
Crushed my core :(
t-bird problems
AMD to release XP @333FSB!!!
Problem with XP1800+
Amd Vs Intel
how good is my stepping?
So I'm trying to Unlock my Duron...
ok ok ..some advice ....please
1881mhz on a xp2000+ week 52 lol
How far have you's OCed your AXP 2100+?
agkga 'y'
my overclock is it succesful?
What should I get
AthlonXP has a Future! with a 333FSB
help with new cpu.
AMD VIA KT400 Doesnt Support DDR400!
The pen is mightier than the defogger!! I hope...
Questions about TBred 1700+ ?????
Converting an Athlon XP to an Athlon MP
XP 1900+ Heat Sink Issue Help!
Next T-Bred/Barton May be with 333Mhz Bus!!!
Settings for OC a K62-500 / GA-5AX
---w00t! I got a AGOIA 0213 Y---
When will you upgrade?
2200+ confusion (8k3a+)
Question about system w/ XP 2200+
When AMD CPU's Go BAD ! ! ! - Part II
Does the L1 lettering on the cpu carry any load?
What's the best u've had? (Stable)
Overclocking my AMD K6-2
Buring in a ATHLON XP 1600+ Agoia 'Y'
Ever have a HAIR in your CPU??
fsb question for duron 850
Finally got my XP1600 K unlocked!!!
i prolly got the worst agoia y on the planet lol
CPU overclocking problem
shuttle ms21 HELP!
Overclocking AMD K6-2
O/c = Windows Blow Up!!!!!! Help
XP 1800+ Multiplier Probs .. NEED HELP!
Heat Sink Compound
help me putting together an amd system.
tried to unlock 1600+
AMD's Hypertransport Facts!
Lol! Amd Is Soo Slow!
Athlon or Duron
need quick answer
A7V333 and 3 sticks of ram!
Under Computer properties it detects a XP2000+
i give up on uclocking my xp!!
High high temps, again.
Later Duron im Upgrading and its ur chance to be heard!
agoia and aroia steppings only found in 1600+?
Any idea of the performance gain for Hammer when using a 64 bit OS? (Very Long)
Is this normal ??? Hot CPU and high Vcore !!!
pci divider question
Athlon and nForce2 soon! maybe
Burnt cpus
Thoroughbreds at speeds < 2200+
New at overclocking, can someone help me?
overclock a 200 MHz AMD K6
MBM 5 -> The best o/c ever!
Need opinions on my Vcore
Athlon Mp
over clocking my 800 athlon
Need youre help guys
README! Everyone!, AMD Needs You!!!!
Big Prob Plz Help!!!!
Overclocking 1700 AGKGA
Is the AGOIA Y a hot chip?
Interesting Piece on the Hammer
AMD Thunderbird Question
How Come Tbird 1.4 cost more then 1800+??
Need Help 1.2 Tb ocing
Where are all of the pens? Paulines Pens!
can anybody help me?
Easiest Athlon XP unlocking procedure EVER!
bad cpu?
AMD Cuts Prices
Newbie Question concerning FSB
T-Bred as MP
Slot Athlon and GFD help please
Why Unlock
MOBO problem??? please help!
Help a Newb
"Y" finally!!!
newbie help
1200 duron
AMD Warenty
2100xp over easy
I need some suggestions!
So-so overclock with the AGOIA Y 1600?
Omg Yes It Works :))))0
If I unlock my 2100+ is 9x200 possible?
Help! OC AMD 2200+ max. 1900
unlocking confirmation
My new bios made my Athlon rig faster!
Amd Agoia Rock ! ! !
This might be a problem.
This Athlon oc well?
is this enough power