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What CPU is this? HELP
Quick stepping question
i seem to have misplaced some MHz...
When do you think the barons are coming out?
What's your voltage? [retired sticky]
Show off your AGOIA/AROIA
Before I overclock.
Can you solder the bridges to unlock an amd cpu??
Replace my AXIA1.0@1.4 against what?
why is my corsair 512 2700 ram with heatspeader so HOT!
Intel Defection to AMD
A K7xp2000 Nightmare In Europe... Plesase Help
increasing fsb+temp low+stable= can still break?
WCPUID, family, model and stepping
where can I score an AGOIA or AROIA
No Video/Long Beep Sigh....
Help with my gameing problems
ok here's a new one... AMD XP1700+ *AGLHA*
not sure if i should celebrate or cry
OC Failure??
I knew it was the ram
Where can I buy some defogger paint?
What to buy?
need more juice?
Newbie Confusion
1600+ or 1800+? for abit KR7ARAID
plz help with cpu choice.
cpu stepping
How much power do these $#@%#@$ AMD's need?
When is AMD stepping up?
Decisions, Decisions
Giving up on trying to cut the bridge.
---Are Lower Tbreds Up For Sale Yet?---
Cutting bridges on duron for voltage.
8k3a autoshutdown Problems
Xp 1900+ Overclock
NooB questions
Lets Talk About The XP2300+ And Higher!
getting ready to unlock
Urgent Help for a Newbie
Duron 1.2 overclocking
I have an AGOGA XP1800+ is it a good overclockers as the xp1900 agoga's ?
what is the slowest Thoroughbred will be ?
1800 xp
xp1800 multiplier problem
XP or MP?
me xp2000+ ust will not unlock
agoga 1800+
Too Lazy to Unlock.....
Burned a CPU, is my motherboard dead as well?
Finally unlocked and OCd my AMD
Too late to order, oh no!
R.I.P. 1.2 Duron
AMD thunderbird 1,2 in a QDI k7
partial unlock bummer
best and the worst stepping
XP2200+ Palamino Now Out!
Unlocking Morgan's multiplier
Just ordered a new 1600 from newegg, AGOIA Y?
WOHOO!!! Just got my 1600+ AGOIA
OC CPU on faster MB
Just overclocked my beast...is this O.K.?
Newbie looken for help
anyone for fried athlon?
GREAT NEW FOR XP2100+ owners!!!
What should I up my voltage to?
easyest way to unlock a XP proc?
Anyone w/ XP1600+ AGOIA "K", how well does it o/c?
Xp 1700+ @ 75c
POLL: XP1800+ Temps
Please help! Athlon XP 1800+ problem
Burn In on New AGOIA "Y"
Stepping question
XP Processors
80 Degrees C - XP1900? Is it dead or dying?
Voltage Settings
Ordering 1600+ Soon... Help
You guys, official support for 333MHz Bus Athlons! hehe
AMD optimization code for DirectX 8.1
Locking problems (Windows & BIOS)
CPU for KR7A? Morgan 1.3?
xp 2200 is good choice?
I need detailed XP unlocking instructions (website)
Good for XP 1800+ ??
could i get an opinion?or like 300?
SOYO AwardBIOS settings for AMD XP 1700+
Strange? Higher FSB needs more cooling.
My Duron
I hit a Brick wall with my Duron!!!
Duron Temperature 50.5 at 2% load!!!!
Unlocking AGOIA 1700+ (green)
xp1600 running at 160fsb?
Hammerclaw or Clawhammer NEW AMD
OC help
unlocking cpu
Overclocking Athlon XP
Overclocking AMD TB 1.2 GHZ
AMD 2200+ Needs your Help BAD! -Veterans -
My first time unlocking is tonight. Advice?
case fan?
Help needed on a good overclocking MotherBoard
amd xp multiplier question
Unlocked XP missing .5 multipliers
Agoia "k"
Is the AGOIA a good stepping for all the processors?
What about Athlon xp 1600+ AGKGA "Y" ???
uuhh im having problems
what in the world is wrong with this AGOIA Y?
Stability issue.
AthlonXP 1800 o/c or PIV 1.6a o/c?
Quick awnser...
Ordered XP1600+ from Newegg, AGOIA or AROIA?
Athlon 1600+ and 1800+
Pete's K6 OC trouble
talk about frustration!!
Is Barton is a hammer in discuise?
Weird sound coming from PS with 2 GHz XP
AROIA Y 1600+...finally
Burn in
Questions, questions, questions, please answer my questions
i think my cpu is convex.....
one of my friends' xp 1800's wcpuid thing is wierd..
Initial results of an oc AGOIA/9 1600
Amd K8?
Fix for frequest locking in XP with DX8.1 and AMD
The AMD Athlon Just Got A whole Lot Faster!
could anyone unlock my 1600+XP??
which XP model?
Agoga 9...
Having trouble overclocking my duron
I'm a big AMD fan but new P4 tips my loyalty
Duron now Running at 133FSB :)
how to squeeze extra speed out?
overclocking AMD k6-2501mhz processor
Unlocking 14x multiplier on XP2100?
Just got my 1600. Good stepping???
Highest AMD Overclock
Sweet, just got an AGOIA/9 back from RMA.
what is the best???
problems with 2200xp and my kr7a
Anyone heard/have an xp 1800 agoia?
combining two CPU.....
Is it dangerous to run at?
scared the **** out of me
Are there different versions of XP's?
Do Athlon MPs ship unlocked?
anyone know a good ocing program?
Spitfire Duron 750 @133FSB
Monitoring temps on network?
BLACK Amd Cpu? wtf?
I did it
100 mhz FSB to 133...
Will this work? O/C'ing a locked 1800+
Barton Still On Track And Current PR Rating Is Still A Go Ahead!
O/C and Memory Question
dual athlon xp overclocking questions
Athlon XP2100+ temp
Big problem.
Hammer news
arggg choices
lost all my .5x multipliers...help needed
O/Cing the 2200XP?
AMD to release new processor.....
Where to buy xp1800 good steppings?
Newbie 1800+
cant get pssed 160 fsb not have all mutipliers?
1700+? No way! What happened to my 1800+??
are xp1600 that great to dowbgrade?
Cannot unlock my Duron 800!
Is this a good score for XP1700 ??
AGOGA steping
When are the slower T-Breds coming out?
Realistic overclock of a 700 K7
Duron Morgan Core and FSB
is xp1880 equal to p4 15 ghz or 1.8 ghz?
Which chip is the P4 1.6 of AMD?
How much to expect from a locked XP?
xp2100+ unlocking
XP1700 overheating!!!
Help with 900Mhz Athlon T-Bird
green agoia
AROIA unlock gone bad
Some Durons won't do 133?
relationship between FSB & mutiplier
Something interesting on Hypertransporting
Could my PSU be holding me back?
2200 xp.can not it work
First time unlocker
Aroia, Agoia???????????
Tbird 1000 Back From The Dead!!
Where to buy Conductive Silver
is this really true?
duron troubles. looking for advice please
Unlocked Duron but a strange prob
What do I need to break 13K in 3DMark2001?
athlon hit 71c today!
what if?
Just few questions !!!!
How high will 1600+ XP go?
Reinstalling Windows xp
Goodbye dear Duron 600........
Sanded L1 in AGOIA 1800
180 fsb now!
finally unlocked my 1600+
Good defogger paint?
Unlocking the 5th bridge L3 XP cpu
Chance of making an XP into an MP
Wattage Output of T-Breds?
Help Newbie with my Duron
overclocking question
Got my new AROIA-Y
Are my CPU/Mobo freaks of nature or something?
Returned a burnt out AGOIA xp1600 and I got...
AROIGA, etc., What does it Fing mean?
xp unlocking
I'm not a Poser!
how fast are amd-k6 cpu?
Do Tbirds Support SSE?
computer randomly restarts
Found this interesting.....
overclock fsb?
To shim or not to Shim?
Whats the best t bred stepping so far ?
scores lower than what sisoft said they should be ?
Yaa Ordering the tbred tomarow
how many watts on a 2200?
AMD XP1600+ Overclocking question
Darn, another price drop for the 1600+ @ newegg.com
T'bread 1.8@2.7 or Do you have faith?
how does the amd mhz system work?
Can XP1800+ or XP1900+ run at 150fsb?
If I were to Fold...why?
new way of unlocking your tbred
Interesting AMD Map
Unlocking 'n' overclocking
XP1800+ - Best stepping and where to buy it from
1.4Ghz with Asus A7V (KT133)?
How to unlock athlon t-bird
Barton/Hammer AMD's future
how long have you had your amd over 2volts?
xp1600+ overclock what stopping it
is this ok for my cpu ?
Is this weird ???
green cpus?
Where to get Tbred?
Does this look normal?
agoia 1600+
Did this dinky little thing kill my cpu?
Where can I get one?
3dMark2001 being flakey after changing fsb or multiplier
Core Palomino Vs Tbred
Should I Push For More?
cpu ratio select
Need help my cpu wont overclock anywhere now
Dual duron mobo??
Which is better for o/cing AROIA or AGOIA??
Unlocking Athlon XP1600 with single strands of copper wire??
oc'ing issues
1700XP Clocking EPOX 8K3A+
Rookie needs help
3dmark errors @140fsb
How much has youre computer added up to all this time with upgrads and so forth
Duron 900 @ 1035 wont post any higher
Can i install..
the duron 700 that wont die is being replaced
What should the Pr be
About the t bred 2200+ on newegg
dual XP's@1.73ghz
AMD @ 2GHz or more?
Cant overclock anymore????
Was wondering.
mobile power now technology in linux?
XP1700+ help needed
1600+ stable?
is there such a thing as "burning in" your AMD CPU?
XP2200 OC Tests
XP2200 OC Tests
Want a 1600+ AGOIA? Go to SVC :)
unlocking a 1800+
Duron overheating or normal??
Thoroughbred XP 1900 or 2000
overclocking cpu speed windows error READ!!!
Warning...CPU Fan not running???
XP2200 Unlock
Tbird works in A7A266 Asus but Not in 8k3a???
whats agoia?
do athlon xps really have a bad heating prog?
XP 2200 no post
1600+ from Newegg
Help getting over 141fsb
Hey Had a cool idea
xp 1600+ unlock question
CPU Analyzer.
XP 1600 ARIOA from TCW
Check this out
Upgrading Cpu???
Bad NEWS on 2200+ Heat
n00b question about OC'ing
AthlonXP SFF cpu
cpu life?
frying a K7N420 by setting core voltage..?
what shouldi get ?
I found this interestingly funny and true.
help me,what should ii do
Getting to 11000 on 3dmark 2001 w/ xp2100+
lock ups with xp1600+
w00t!! Booyeah!! 0wn3d!!
MY lucky ass...
AthlonXP 2000+ @ 1.8
2074 Mhz on Air, inching closer to 2.1Ghz
and you say tom's isnt biased....
250 watt PSU...
When AMD CPU's GO BAD ! ! !
Athlon Xp 2200+ and 2400+
What is the AthlonXP-Max FSB with air cooling ?
Help neede with TB cores from stores in the US
How to get 13 or 14 multiplier on XP1600+
Where to get AMD CPU at the best $
XP Wont Unlock
AMD 1 gig thunderbird @ 66 mhz??
AMD 1 gig athlon thunderbird?
unlocking my xp
Anyone ordered a 1600 from newegg...
Overclocking HELP
Help my to jump my A7V
Help with overclocking my amd 900 thunderbird
Goy My New XP1600+
Athlon XP 1800+ 203F ? But didn't fry and works? Confused...
Retail T-bird 1.33 came UNLOCKED!!
Another Athlon 2200+ overclocking results
Difference Between XP & MP
AMD warns again in two weeks
Duron 700
HELP!!! I think my XP 1800+ is DEAD!!!
xp1800 @1680 Prime95 unstable
Barton to use Hammer optimisations
AGOGA Stepping, who has? 1900+
New Version of Sandra
Help With SMP On AMD XPs
Here's my results oc'ing an AGOIA and AROIA 1600+'s
Alternative way to unlock XP's ??
Locked? Unlocked?
SLK-800 running VERY hot?
XP unlocking question
Conductive Lacquer
Dead AZ11 and athlon 900
cpu just cracked!!!!
1600+ Agoia y 0213 , green?
Enermax 350w and XP1800
Xp1600 Agoia 4
Who wants to help out ?
Should I upgrade now, or wait?
Barton to use Hammer optimisations!!
Any XP (non Tbred) owner ever try to experiment w/ crazy mults?
Athlon XP - MAX FSB
what is this?
which t-bred would you buy if......
How this super socket 7 motherboard works
Soyo Board compatible with Tbred?
Can you buy pre-unlocked XP's??
1900xp AGOGA vs Retail
Which of my 1600+'s will oc further?
Low Speed TBreds?
**WOOT** Im Happy
HELP HELP wtf!!?? Comp keeps rebooting.
Checking that I understand this right
Which M/B to buy?
Woot got a new green AGKGA chip.
XP2000+ unlocking(not T-Bred)
Lower speed t-breds anywhere yet?
Quick question
overclock question
upgrade question
BIOS failure, no startup :(
Got my 1600 and it's aroia!!!
L11 or L7
L2 bridge
amd pencil trick 2
K6? would it work
Duron 1.2ghz
Morgan Core Duron
Pelts and 1800's
unlocking XP 2000+ Tbread
AGOIA must be newer than AROIA
Voltage question
XP 1.8 wont break 1.7 Hz ?? Help
Please Help, Can't get my AGOGA any higher then 1540!
Prime Hardlocks 3DMark runs without a hitch?
AMD 2200 T-bred Unlock UPDATE !!!!!
AMD pencil trick?????
Clawhammer is 400MHz FSB!!!! VERY NICE!
Noob o/c questions
XP Prices! XP2300+ soon maybe?
Athlon XP Thoroughbred Overclocking Database
Succesfully overclocked Duron 1000 on K7T
AMD Meaning Of Rolling Thunder Revealed
Need Help! Can't increase voltage!
axp2000+ overclocking
Duron is dead?
AMD Athlon XP3100+ (Barton)
What are your temps running at?
Did I fry my CPU or motherboard?
Duron 1Ghz at 133mhz?
Broken legs!
Thunerbird or XP
New PR Method for Barton True?
Is it worth it?
Cutting bridges
Need help: update, no power to mobo!
honestly what O/C speeds are you getting yor 1400 athalon up to
buying a xp1600 from here
MSI K7T Turbo with a AMD Duron 1k
Bad Chip
Performance increase from going from 1710-1800mhz?
Stepping question
how can I get this thing to go higher?
Before Oc'ing the XP
XP Overclocking Trouble
would this require more voltage?
hi, you don't know me but it's me
Overclocking Athlon XP 1600+
Time to got some more speed ;)
Wahooa! No gaps!
What lies beneath?
VERY HOT XP, need help
xp 1700 or 1800
overclocked cpus
Whats the best Tbird 1.4ghz stepping??
Will Tbreds work with SIS 735 or AMD 761 mobos?
buy an unlocked xp
AGOIA - 4 How does it overclock?
Did i blow up my CPU? *Urgent*
Will amd support TCPA/Palladium?
How low can you go... :)
Yet Another AMD Roadmap
FSB for 1600+MP
Fitting an AMD xp to Asus A7V MB.
XP2200 T-Bred @ 2585mhz?
Overclocking problems
Prime95 Question
problem unlooking a 1800+
Major Problem This Cant Wait
What is holding me back?
Succesful Unlock?
dumb question
Info on AMD Hammer
XP1600 from newegg what stepping?
News on Hammer, thoroughbred and Barton
Xp1700+ half unlocked?
Time for me to get a KT333 mobo, but which one...?
AIRGA Stepping is for XP2300+
Duron AMD's Celeron?worth buying?
Very Quick AthlonXP Question;
Stuff arrives tomorrow
Required tools before OC ?
I need a $200 bang for the buck sys.
My first AMD XP overclock!!
Long Live the Thunderbird
Unlocking anomalie-now it works-now it doesn't!!!!
AthlonXP Multiplier Limits?
AthlonXP Multiplier Limits?
Amazing 1600+
1600+, how far?
Determining week
Unlock it or not?
who has Tbread??? come in guys!
Novice want to OC too
ThunderBird 1.33 overclocking
Low speed Tbreds?
locked-up,no post, switch PSU off
What should i expect to get for a oc? got my 1600 in. PICS!
Newbie overclocking question
Got an AIRGA stepping here!??