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Where to find Asus P2T temp probe, and where to mount it?
XP 1600 O\c'ing
whats the better? =AGKGA or AGOGA
very noisy =(
Overclock and lower temps?????
Problem running 3DMark2001SE
Help me out guys
Check this out!
Question About Terms
whats this I here about the claw hammer being unoverclockible?
OC the newer durons?
My pc reboots itself can it be cause of overload?
Newb here with a question
Whats a good speed for 700 TB OC'd?
New Ziff-Davis Benchmarks: New P4 2.4GHz BARELY edges Athlon 2100+
Whats the difference between retail and oem?
What Bridges have to be unlocked for a 1.2 TBird?
Thunderbird1.4 what's the average ?
are low speed Thoroughbred's out yet?
Finally got myself an XP!
1.4 266 or 1800XP
Athlon XP 2100+ came unlocked from factory
Stepping Explanation please???
Bluescreen when I chang multipier???
Question About ???CPU???
Is this really overclocking ?
Website with interactive Bridges XP
1000c Axia Vs 2200c Agoia!
New CPU or New Video card? Which is better?
lets c whos the king of speed .. i feel like overclocking ..
My +12V dropped frm 12.22 to 12.03
What Next?
AGOIA 1700+ for $125
Bench results...what do you think?
Overclocking Athlon 1700+
Dumb AMD newbie question
must get more!
socket A'ers with cohones that want lowlo temps
How do you know!!
chances of xp1500+ doing 12x150?
What luck have you had with an ayhja 1.4?
Changing FSB on XP CPU
Advice on a new pc
help me buy a new CPU
What is causing the reboots?
Will T-Breds be harder to unlock?
help with processor choice and stepping
No more unlocking for XP's?
the new duron 1600+
T-Breds motherboard, memory question
anyone try using a 4b pencil on xp?
Which motherbard
athlon 1.33 with AXIA stepping,any 1 got experience with o/clocking it??
Does running at 1.85V+ effect CPU life?
AMD XP Wattage
Vcore voltage - what's it for and why increase it?
HOT cpu
Athlon 1.3 already unlocked?
My multipliers are screwy
XP2100 is XP2200... Palomino version anyway!
Whats diff between 8k3a and 8k3a+??
question of AMD 64 bit and AMD CPU
XP 1700+ at 2 gigs
is it possible to have more than two processors in a desktop?
T-bred unlocking? ....
xp1900 amd
is AMD makeing an XP any faster than there 2100?
Little Help Please
XP 2100 OCed to what ??
XP dimensions
T-Bird or Mustang?
Where can I get an AGOIA Athlon XP??
can you recommend a good AMD micro ATX mobo?
VERY improtant info requested
BSOD when oc'ing.. t-bird Question
How did people figure out how to unlock AMD's?
Just given a Duron @ 800mhz
1.33 or 1.0
Athlon XP 1800+ freezing in Windows XP
A Few quick questions
XP TRUE 2.2 ghz!!!!!!!!!!
Duron 1GIG Morgan Core?
what's the highest multiplier I can reach?
T-bred delayed, Palomino XP2200 to come!
Unlocking 2000+, is it the same as unlocking a 1800+ or 1900+???
Is heat the only problem with overclocking?
Dead processor?
Thoroughbred just released !!! It's here.
could i use as/2 to unlock XP?
How do i change the vcore
Sweet!! Iíve gone past 2000+ speeds.
I am some lucky guy
Transistors in a Tbird
differances between AthlonXP and MP
FSB too high?
Unlocking an XP2100+
How do i unlock my amd duron cpu
Unlocking an XP
system reboots ...please help.
What a god aweful thing to happen
Blue Screen of Death!!!
Crispy 1.33 Athlon?????
Why Can't I Get Past 1545!!!
Can someone help on my settings???
unlocked 2000+, but?????help!
PR Ratings on AMD XP Chips
differences in Athlon XP's
Does this CPU look unlocked to you?
Athlon XP 2100+ good overclocker?
O/c Ram
AXIA T'bird 1.33 - oc/c experiences wanted
When are the Tbreds...
Which is the best for overclocking?
Is it wort the time to go from a tbird to an XP
is this good? how does this compare to real life pc's?
Is it unlocked?
XP 1900 help please
Quick Q's about my T-bird *yes or NO*
athlon XP 1700+@2000+
Why run an overclocked processor?
overclocking duron 1200
Just got my XP 1900+, have a question
Athlon MP already unlocked??
which xp to buy?
Duron 800 @ 1015 crash on cold boot
1ghz Morgan with ECS K7S5A
While burning a cd.....
Can Anyone Help ?
I failed....
Where are the THOROUGHBREDS!!!
Can I overclock this?
Physically damaged chips and warranty
Strange unlocking issue...
I'm new to this - XP 1800+ Overclocking
uping the voltage and voltmods?
AMD is being like Intel Lately
Lap the core/die????
Pencilling Athlon XP(for specific multipliers)
Why is my 1.2 slower than the reference in SSandra?
unlocked my 2000 finally
Yippee!! I got my new cpu, but it looks different??
AMD 1.4 T-Bird
power outage...
Voltage for my CPU?
Athlon 1.1
What did I Destroy This time?
Which One is BETTER?
I think i just popped my XP1800...
Solder to Connect Bridges
Hello AMD FANS! Im Back to AMD!
Buying Dual Proc advice
Athlon MP in XP board>?
AMD Athlon XP 2100+ 1.73GHz Processor
Socket A & Socket 462?
Where can I buy an UNLOCKED AMD XP?
O/Cing my Athlon XP 2100+
My Updated AMD Roadmap!
Some question For Amd Hammer please answer ME
Hmmm... 1600+ is messin with me...
xp 1700+ Multiplier/FSB/Jumper questions...
O/C my AMD xp 1700+ on an asus A7A266 Mobo
Post says one speed, windows another
1 GHz Duron: Spitfire or Morgan?
XP 2000 Stepping
anyone running really high fsb's on a duron?
Grr... my Athlon won't go above 1 ghz
I Think I Need A New Heatsink??
Question about temps for 1800xp
Best/cheapest AMD OCing CPU
Decisions - Decisions
Duron 1000
increasing the multipler & core volts.
OC FSB, should I change voltages, HELP!
o/c duron and voltage ?'s
I almost lost my comp !!
Pure stomp power
i need to overclock an amd k-6 plz help
XP-1700 watercool. Which mobo?
Using AMD XP1800 in Asus A7V133 MB
Help my with my Duron 600Mhz
morgan or not?
Morgan Re-install OS??
Agoia 1600+ :)
some advice
no.2 pencils only
XP1600 Ques!!!
Is the XP 2200+ 1.8GHz Palomino comeing out soon?
Duron 1g vcore?? hlp please
Multiplier Problems on a TB 1000 on Asus A7V
i got my t-bird 1000 at 1442
XP-1700 AGOGA after Pelt and Watercool
How to verify CPU is unlocked?
Help me get my tbird to fly
Stability problem with XP1800...
Over 150fsb...how is everyone doing this?
AMD cpu's & VIA chipsets...Not good 2gether?
Welcome To The Adiction Rich_dawg
Please help me..
Is Duron lock same as XP???
Question on a 1.33 Tbird
dual t-birds? possible effective?
extreem underclocker
Superglue under tape
Duron vs. Athlon
Possibly a dead xp
CPU factory unlocked
Question about the 1800XP + I bought
Athlon T-Bird 1.2 @ 1544
spitfire or morgan
Duron Morgan 1.2question
Too much voltage?
Unlocking the XP2100?
A REALLY stupid question...
1.4 t-bird
AMD Stepping?
Why is the price of a 1ghz...
K6-x, decapped, bridges????
Stuck at 1266
Dual CPU or jnot HELP?
(NEWBIE) Heat Problems!
The "Dark Side" returns....
AMD vs Intel
the hammer
Sanding L1's
XP Unlocking Kit Review
what to do with a k6 233?
Turn your XP into an MP!!!
1.33 can't get it up!
Overclocking an XP200+
stable overclock?
Please Battle My Benches..Tbird vs XP?!?!
Thinking of a voltage mod help
Any Faster???
Anyone sucessfully unlock 2100 and get it to work
A little let down with my AMD 1600+ XP.
Migrating to AMD AGAIN! Heya!
help with ocf'ing a 750mhz amd athlon
Unlocking my 1200MHZ DURON
Overclocked 1800+@1780
Which Xp Has Most Potential For Oc'ing???
Freezing Up
fsb 346mhz rock solid
need help oc'ing my xp1900.
Thunderbird fsb oc = bad??
morgan duron vs tbird athlon
T-Bred on ASUS A7V-133 C mobo
xp unlocking attempt
is this voltage reading good?
OC'ing my AMD XP 1700+
How Hot Does Duron Run??????
.13 Check it out
Post your PCMark 2002 results
Upgrade now or later
Upgrade time. Need some stepping advice.
L1 Cache why is it locked?
did i lap my cpu right??
xp unlocking question (fast 1 word answer plz)
Was this a bad decision?
Amd 1700+ Overclocking
filling the gaps
How to unlock my Athlon2000XP
ORB fan cooler
TB vs xp's
cpu cooler and thermal compound
MPs, any more oc+++ than XPs?
Hmmm XP 1800+ or T-bred???
--Tommorws AMD Now?--
Xp cpu's with older sdram motherboards
Is this good steping?
0.13 Vs 0.18
over clocking help
how much is too much on the fsb
How long a XP1800 lasts with the Vcore @ 1.85?
T-bred is here April!
AMD XP1900+ - SK6 HSF question
Upping the voltage makes no difference...
Fried CPU or MB, need help?
AMD-Bigger Piece Of Pie In Hard Times?
Duron question
random reboots at stock
where can i get i had Mbm 5
what do i do now
Jumper Settings
Reply to 1.33 bird running hot
Which should I get?
Heat XP vs ME
Toast anyone?
finaly close to that 1.4ghz :P
hello folks..why the diff price for FSBS
newbie succeeds, looking for ideas
Athlon 900 MHz or Duron 1.0 GHz?
Tbird 1.33 (and 1.4) runs @ ungodly temps
diff cost for diff fbs same cpu?
Athlon XP 1900+ and Heat/Voltage
Why is the xp so poor at multi tasking?
Athlon 1133mhz at 58C load
New sources lead me to believe XP2200 is a Palomino too! :(
xp1800, 1900 and 2000 prices falling
question on conductive pens
XP2100 @ 1.95GHz
Unlocking Athlon XP
I need your honest opinion..backed up by experience
Duron Morgan
Xp 2100+
amd tb1.33ghz probs - is it Heat/Voltage/MB?
Just received .13 micron CPU Thourobred
Unlocking Xp/Mp 1900 or 2000
266 a problem?
athlon XP Without Hole
athlon XP Without Hole
2100+ is out!
Is this normal?
CRITICAL responces needed! - VIO & Athlon overclocking!
CRITICAL responces needed! - VIO & Athlon overclocking!
Stable At 146.7fsb Not At 150fsb
800 duron error message over 900 mhz
how high can i go
Overclocking Question
CPU Stepping ID
not sure
OC my T.bird 1.4Ghz
Question about the Duron 950?
AYHJAR Y01 - Worlds fastest Athlon T-birds?
Oem Vs. Retail Chips
CPU Usage
Lapping CPU
Overclocking 1800 problem
Slot A Athlon600 to t-bird900.....and the problems begin!
Time for an upgrade...
How does this look for my 1600+
Just Got A Green Athlon XP 1700
Unlocking an Athlon XP 1600 retail.
unlocking kits
Question about durons
Best XP bang 4 the buck
Is this too high?
amd multiplier
Gold under green XP cpu?
overclock 1700xp HELP
Sandra pro 2002
need to test
Think i fried the chip!
My CPU just came in!
Xp800 and vcores
Is this is what is crashing my comp?
Cracked Duron...may upset younger overclockers
Blue screen of death.
Its already unlocked " 1.333 athlon "
What should my vcore be set at?
2v is too much?
weird problem
What speed should i overclock to??
Overclocked my cpu!
Do Durons run hotter than T-birds
failed unlock need new idea
Blue screen of death
XP Multipliers
AMD Multiplier's
Amd Xp Fried????
I think it is a superchip!
OverClocking More with pc2700!
Is this right?
800mhz tbird O/C
1.4GHz AMD Duron Processor
My AMD 1900+
T-bred will not come out March 20th!
What does this mean
AMD Cpu codes question
is 1200 normal for a 900 duron?
hey paul
CPU random freezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLS HELP!!!!!
Vapo/LianLi pc70/kr7a Voltage modded
AMD XP 1700+ w/ watercooler no post but w/ hsf it does!
killed my 1700?!
No Thoroughbred Until May!
Anyone ever make a Amd Keychain??
Setting a specific multiplier value????
Road maps anyone
I just unlocked my first Cpu (amd 900 @1136)
I got a question,can someone help
how to overclock with my msi k7t pro(6330)
Overclocking MP's
Best settings for tb 1.4 and KG7
Cracked Duron
Am I dreaming?
Can you have a partialy unlocked XP?
T-Bird 1.4 Overclocking Question
Drivers for a CPU
need info bout cpu,s and mobos
Amd 700 duron
Amd K-6 400
1800+stabilty question
Which XP?
My VCore
what does a burnt tbird look like
AMD Athlon 1.4
Atjlon (original) cache setting
unlocking 1800xp
Fatal Error in Prime95
How can a 1.4 T-bird OC'd to 1.6Ghz be better than Athlon XP 1600+?
What is the difference between Athelon and Duron.
Cant Oc to 1.4!
i can only run at 1050
Local Store carried only AGOGA and AGKGA
going to upgrade to 1800+. What batches overclock the best/highest
Need help unlocking my XP
LOL T-bred has no pits!!! ?!!
Upgrading to dual duron
overclocking 1.4 athlon
CPU Heat Probs
All XP1800+ Owners I have a question.
O/C question
a true 2G Athlon XP?
Best Stepping for XP-1700's
Do I really need SSE and SSE2?
How to Burn-In properly an XP+ Cpu?
Can I do the "pencil trick" prior to...
Need more FSB!
Cheezy Bois wont let me step?
Stability Tests
XP2000+ fried or MOBO or RAM?
Lockup problem Help please
Unlock in Process
Did I get a good stepping, or did I screwup?
Thoroughbred out on the 20th of March
unlocking question
1800+ OC problem with 3dmark
Athlon 1.4 dumb question
Hmmm amd k6 mod help
Oh man, Multiplier hell!!!
Whats The Best Stepping For Athlon XP's?
Do you know...?
No DuronMP !
Where is the best place to order Athlon xp cpu/motherboard combos?
Hey AXIA, where's that AMD XP 2100+ ?
Rig #2 running stable at 1088MHz and climbing.
New to the forums, no general forum i c.
unlocking the xp 2000
Amd1900+ Oc?
Overclock lockup
What can I use to unlock my Athlon XP 1600+ ?
How long will this last?
Golden Socket and Voltage.
little black risers?!?!?
XP 2000+ AGOIA OC results
makes since?
Should my friend splurge on 2GHz AthlonXP?
what is limiting my OC?
Overclocking question
Is this good?
Are the XP2000's good overclockers?
help unlocking a duron morgan 1ghz
Newbie Guide
Possibly got MP for XP price
T-Bird vs XP
How can i find out what stepping?
Anyone Got a Page with AMD Processor w/ How Much Heat It Pushes Out?
Dual Athlon T-Birds?!
Running a T-Bird 1.4/266 with a Fop-32
Athlon 500 o/c help?
Athlon 900 AQGA is this one from Dresden?
Ga-6vtxh+ & XP 1900+
want a AMD T-shirt where can i get one
mobo thermal diode ?
Duron 1G and Morgan 1G in the database, how come?
XP 1600+ Unlocked. No POST > 11x
Burning In
I give up!!!!
Possible BAD BIRD?
My AMD XP 1900
Overclocking fun gone with AMD XP
AGNGA "9" 1600+@1725mhz...
AMD Tbird OCing Problem
141x12on multi>almost
1855mhz and rising!
Heads up! Defective batch of XP 1700+'s
First Attempt at overclocking successful... Why does bios say 2000+ only?
The Thoughbred is not comming?
makin this amd into a keychain :D
unlocking my xp
Unsucessful unlock!
Overclock Duron 800
XP-2100's are out now.