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failed unlock need new idea
Blue screen of death
XP Multipliers
AMD Multiplier's
Amd Xp Fried????
I think it is a superchip!
OverClocking More with pc2700!
Is this right?
800mhz tbird O/C
1.4GHz AMD Duron Processor
My AMD 1900+
T-bred will not come out March 20th!
What does this mean
AMD Cpu codes question
is 1200 normal for a 900 duron?
hey paul
CPU random freezes!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLS HELP!!!!!
Vapo/LianLi pc70/kr7a Voltage modded
AMD XP 1700+ w/ watercooler no post but w/ hsf it does!
killed my 1700?!
No Thoroughbred Until May!
Anyone ever make a Amd Keychain??
Setting a specific multiplier value????
Road maps anyone
I just unlocked my first Cpu (amd 900 @1136)
I got a question,can someone help
how to overclock with my msi k7t pro(6330)
Overclocking MP's
Best settings for tb 1.4 and KG7
Cracked Duron
Am I dreaming?
Can you have a partialy unlocked XP?
T-Bird 1.4 Overclocking Question
Drivers for a CPU
need info bout cpu,s and mobos
Amd 700 duron
Amd K-6 400
1800+stabilty question
Which XP?
My VCore
what does a burnt tbird look like
AMD Athlon 1.4
Atjlon (original) cache setting
unlocking 1800xp
Fatal Error in Prime95
How can a 1.4 T-bird OC'd to 1.6Ghz be better than Athlon XP 1600+?
What is the difference between Athelon and Duron.
Cant Oc to 1.4!
i can only run at 1050
Local Store carried only AGOGA and AGKGA
going to upgrade to 1800+. What batches overclock the best/highest
Need help unlocking my XP
LOL T-bred has no pits!!! ?!!
Upgrading to dual duron
overclocking 1.4 athlon
CPU Heat Probs
All XP1800+ Owners I have a question.
O/C question
a true 2G Athlon XP?
Best Stepping for XP-1700's
Do I really need SSE and SSE2?
How to Burn-In properly an XP+ Cpu?
Can I do the "pencil trick" prior to...
Need more FSB!
Cheezy Bois wont let me step?
Stability Tests
XP2000+ fried or MOBO or RAM?
Lockup problem Help please
Unlock in Process
Did I get a good stepping, or did I screwup?
Thoroughbred out on the 20th of March
unlocking question
1800+ OC problem with 3dmark
Athlon 1.4 dumb question
Hmmm amd k6 mod help
Oh man, Multiplier hell!!!
Whats The Best Stepping For Athlon XP's?
Do you know...?
No DuronMP !
Where is the best place to order Athlon xp cpu/motherboard combos?
Hey AXIA, where's that AMD XP 2100+ ?
Rig #2 running stable at 1088MHz and climbing.
New to the forums, no general forum i c.
unlocking the xp 2000
Amd1900+ Oc?
Overclock lockup
What can I use to unlock my Athlon XP 1600+ ?
How long will this last?
Golden Socket and Voltage.
little black risers?!?!?
XP 2000+ AGOIA OC results
makes since?
Should my friend splurge on 2GHz AthlonXP?
what is limiting my OC?
Overclocking question
Is this good?
Are the XP2000's good overclockers?
help unlocking a duron morgan 1ghz
Newbie Guide
Possibly got MP for XP price
T-Bird vs XP
How can i find out what stepping?
Anyone Got a Page with AMD Processor w/ How Much Heat It Pushes Out?
Dual Athlon T-Birds?!
Running a T-Bird 1.4/266 with a Fop-32
Athlon 500 o/c help?
Athlon 900 AQGA is this one from Dresden?
Ga-6vtxh+ & XP 1900+
want a AMD T-shirt where can i get one
mobo thermal diode ?
Duron 1G and Morgan 1G in the database, how come?
XP 1600+ Unlocked. No POST > 11x
Burning In
I give up!!!!
Possible BAD BIRD?
My AMD XP 1900
Overclocking fun gone with AMD XP
AGNGA "9" 1600+@1725mhz...
AMD Tbird OCing Problem
141x12on multi>almost
1855mhz and rising!
Heads up! Defective batch of XP 1700+'s
First Attempt at overclocking successful... Why does bios say 2000+ only?
The Thoughbred is not comming?
makin this amd into a keychain :D
unlocking my xp
Unsucessful unlock!
Overclock Duron 800
XP-2100's are out now.
156mhz fsb whats everything else at?
XP combo finally arrives!
What is That?
will overvolting a palomino, or any cpu kill it even when its not hot?
cpu wattages
what is wrong with this picture?
Pls Help Wrong Clock Speed
XP2100 here for sure!
Question about unlocking the XP
HOw High
XP core voltage
pretty interesting article on xp1600
XP2100 - The limits of .18M overclocking!
XP2100+ out march 4th, 1.4Ghz Duron out March 18th...
A discouraged for unlocking the multiplier
XP unlocking tip! Easier restart if you screw up!
What a 1700+ can do at 3c
Why unlock XP??
PR Rating
Clawhammer on the brink
can't unlock?
What will a bad unlock fry
broke on thought to the amd side!
overclock 1800+,
Help with T-Bird
well i was workin on my moms computer when.....
a short question...
this sucks.
Can anyone tell me what happened???
CPU pins.
Will a copper shim really help preserve cpu
Just something interesting to look at.
XP2100+ new to anyone else?
Simply cannot overclock reliably! Read please
How idle is idle?
Cheap Morgan or TB/XP for Video editing?
Clawhammer and Sledgehammer are shown to the public.
how come my durons multiplier dont work
Help!! AMD 1700xp @ 1265????
How much does I/O voltage matter?
can Overclock FSB without unlocking?
Will any defogger kit work
The definitive way to OC your PC
unlock xp with highspeed pc kit
Which sensor to believe?
Today i got my new cpu!
AMD ATHLON XP 1700 266mhz
XP-1800 and XP-1900 In dual mode.
AMD Athlon XP 2000
Help..overclocking Thunderbird 900
amd + 500mhz = intel?
OC'ing n00b needs help please
agoga stepping xp 1700
AMD thouroughbred
XP unlocking
Pre-unlocked AMD XP?!?
I really need help
110 Ghz chip
XP mhz
vcore fsb and multiplier
Newbie Questions
Better for gaming?
Request Your Code!
Little bit of help?
Stalling after OC'ing
reinstall of windows for sse to work?
1.4 Duron hitting store shelves next week!
Dual Duron or XP?
WOW check out this oc!
Uh Oh I let the magic smoke out
issue with my XP
Is my duron cpu weird?
Tbird core chipped?
Why is it green?
AMD K6-2 Overclock :D
Trouble getting past the 1575 barrier
Is this actually safe?
is a an OC Tbird better than XP
find out stepping
Which amd cpu to get
AVIA Stepping code\problem??
1400 T-bird overclocking
1.0 stepings
AMD Changes its strategy! - XP2100 will come! **ALL AMD FANS SHOULD READ**
duron 1.3
Better overclockers: MP or XP
Difference in pencils
Opinions on XP AGOGA stepping...
Unlockers Post Here!!!!
how come xps are so hard to unlock :(
HELP on Unlocking XP1800
O/C amd classic 700
Can't Unlock my Duron 1.3 help!!
Newbie just want to compare temps
Quick question!...
How does it work again?
how's this for an oc?
2000+ 1900+ or 1800+??
Cpu Ratio ???
AMD 1.4 @ ? What do YOU have??
1.4 gz amd proc
stupid question?
How to cut a bridge?
O/C a k6-2 400 mhz???
DUAL Athlon XP?
Unlocking 1900+ .. Worth it?
Tbird 1.4 o/c
worth the wait?
Good HSF for O/C?
900mhz can't pass 1000mhz :(
1600xp/1900xp-whats the difference?
How to overclock with out frying?
amd xp 1700, soyo dragon plus multiplier
Got me an Athlon XP1800
WTF unlocking my XP
FSB and temps
I know it has been posted before
strange warning, what's it mean?
No Future for Itanium -- DOA?
newbie overclocking an amd athlon 1000
Intel multiplier unlocking
better magnifying glass needed
Return from RMA my beauty
L 1's 5th bridge
Failed xp2000+ unlock( sort of!!)
That familiar unwanted smell :(
how can I get a higher multiplyer?
where are all of u gettin your AGOGA?
My DUAL XP-MP 1600+ Journey with the MPX
WARNING: How I burned up my 1700 XP
Newbie Needs Help with AMD 1.2 T-bird
bridge CUTTING dangerous?
got arctic silver on motherboard,how to remove?
OC Battle Of The Mobos
should I up the voltage?
1.4 t bird can't overclock past 1.6
Appears like it boots at 166 fsb, but video cuts out. Any solutions?
the grandparent of athlon XP
OC Question... Cooling problem or Voltage problem?
release date of next duron?
raid driver updates
crappy memory results
AMD classic NEEDS help!!!
finally got my steppings
More on the FA311 NIC
L4 pencil= 1.85v duron???
Can you use two AMD XP cpu's?
Clawhammer mobo??
I want to speed things up a bit
xp1700+ limiting OC
AMD/VIA Roadmap! (VIA's KT333A the final verdict!)
Dead XP-1700 @ 1900+
Unlocked 1600 didn't help..
could XP run in dually, or only MP??
Installing 1.3 tbird
Unlocking and overclocking AMD duron 1.2
stepping question
Have you ever unlocked an XP?
Dissappointed... Temps still high
Auto-protection on AMD Athlon?
Thought I was seeing things!!!
XP to Speed
taping over my L1
tips on Overclock
Overclocking Athlon XP 1700 Where to start
my first attempt at oc'ing ,
Athalon XP vs. MP ????
Help me to figure out how to tell from Athlon or T-bird?
Better HS Needed?
good o/c
AMD Athlon commercial, first I've seen - ever.
New XP2k steppings.....Good/Bad?
What to use to unlock
Bartons, Clawhammers, T-Bred's OH MY!
Best XP Value
1900+ @ 1.76Ghz..Good, Bad?
Will the AMD AthlonXP 2000 T-bred be a very good value?
To shim or not to shim
CPU cooling with WPCREDIT
What went wrong!?
Unlocking the XP
VCore on 1700+ question
xp 1800+ unlocked somethinks wrong
my eXtreme Perfomance project Prize
AMD 800 Questions??????
Amd Xp 1900+
Athlon advice needed
Anyone bought a non-retail Xp from pricewatch?
Unlocked XP 1600 finally..
Question on fans reving on overclock
Help buying Athlon laptop
Voltage Issues :(
help newbie
unlocked Athlon 1133
About to unlock
1.4ghz reads as 1ghz help....
Is a CPU shim necessary?
Safe Running Temps and voltage for my Tbird
1.3ghz good upgrade for 900mhz?
fsb tips w/o unlocking xp?
Let me get this straight....
The 'OFFICIAL' Thread on unlocking AMD CPUs!
OH! My God!!! She lives?
Athlon MP's: 1800 or 1900?
stublity tests
failed fan=smoked athlon
How am I doing??
O'clocking 1200MHz T'bird
Cracked Core
Have I ruined my chances of unlocking my XP
Athlon 1200 fried at 1.85 V/1440 MHz
OCing XP 1700, your input?
I'm NEW!!!
XP unlocking?
unlocked xp1600.only get certain multipliers?
should i get a copper shim for a 1.333 tbird?
What does the ddr stand for
ok... i give up... why unlock L11???
My Duron 800 Tests.. Anyone?
Duron 1GHz Overclocking
1.4 t-bird 266 bus with pc 100 ram
lets play "mess with this guys Vcore"
Can I Use?
question on unlocking..........
AthlonXP install incredibly easy
Keep getting 11 or 11.5 on xp unlock?
Duron problem
XP's I/O Voltage.
Getting Set Up!!!???
Dead CPU or Dead MB - XP 1600+/Soltek SL-DRV2
XP1700+ stepping, how does this look
Motherboard Question for AMD processors
HELP....XP1800 problem
Athlon 1200 Question
Abit Kt7a 133?
Front side bus overclocking
MP vs XP
Unlocked XP's.
how to overclock
my next CPU and board
Weird Sound on OC - Duron 800
Shim for XP=good or bad?
What Can I Use To Unclock The Athlon XP?
XP1700 w/17x Multiplier
Best OC with XP 1800
what exactly are t-breds, bartons, etc..
lower vcore=lower temps? hmmmm
Clarity on Duron 800
XP 1800+ Overclocking
XP Vcore?
AMD to use PCI-X in x86 64-bit
this doesnt look rite?
why lock multiplier
XP2200 Coming Soon...
HELP!!! my L2 CACHE is stuck at 64k!!!
Problem overclocking Athlon 1.3 Ghz.
antique help
Unlocking XP Help
Is my CPU damaged?
Whats the highest you got your ATHLON XP with water cooling??
---Help a Newbie---
Is unlocking a Duron Morgan the same as the Duron?
computer hangs
clocking how do i do it
Comments please on my sandra scores.
Factory unlocked?
Hey, Im planning to Oc my comp. Help.
CPU Temp Monitor disappeared??
When is the Thoroughbred coming out?
Best stepping codes for retail XP1600?
Vcore won't go down?!
Which are the best Athlon XP I can get ??? AGOGA ???
multiplier probs w/ unlocked xp1800
Athlon XP 1600
XP1600 K7S5A mobo, can reach 147 using cpufsb, but can't boot WXP using bios at 150
OC with out unlocking?
Question about new amd 0.13 mircon chips
Adventures in unlocking, thanks to all who helped!
AMD Background (Desktop)
Upgrade to XP1600
ARGH!!! Lockups!
How to unlock?
Can I use my old Thunderbird heatsink on an XP?
Continuity check on the XP unlock?
How long do you let the paint dry?
Duron 1200 vs T-Bird 1200
finally got 145fsb
well i finally unlocked it.. help
OC an XP2000+ ?
Dead XP.....
First overclock attempt
amd FSB prob
Any ideas
Fingernail polish, silicone grease, or superglue?
To scrape or not to scrape?
What CPU do yall recommend?
quikc Q about the 1800+
this is my first over clock is it ok ?
How do you use a conductive pen?
why can't we....?
Going To Try An AMD !
Plz Help Ahhhh!!!
1600 from newegg!!!
A little haging expirience & heat
Need Help Plz!!!!
OCing amd 1800 + FSb settings
1.33 tbird wont boot at 1.53
The best tool to apply defogger paint?
How far will an Athlon 750 overclock?
How To Oc This Computer?
XP worth the extra $$$ over Tbird??
My Cpu
Yodums has switched to AMD Power!
Whats a good MB for the AYJHA T-bird 1.3?
Unlocked 1700+, but can no longer raise Bus?
ME AGAIN RE: Unlocking Materials
T-Bird 1.2
After the Unlock ??
How does a 1.4tbird oc to max compare to a oc 1800xp
XP2000+ overclocked to 2056mhz
Program for % CPU load
1 Last unlock question
undervolting an athlon
AMD Stepping?
5 minute guide to unlocking an XP
Survey What is the highest you got your xp2000+ cpu.
Need Help O/C Duron
Successfull AMD Unlocks anyone???
266mhz bus CPU work on 200mhz MOBO??
Yet another AMD XP Question !!!
Xp 1900
What'd I do?
How do i OC an Athlon XP 1600???
Duron Lockups
is my chip dead.?
Overclocking Help!!!!!!
overclocking my system == HELP ME¿?¿==
is it worth it?
Hows this tbird clocked @ 17+ , 18+ and 1900+ compare
AMD temperature question
Partially Unlocked XP (I think)
Motherboard Voltage problem.
Duron on a Dragon+
T-bird question.
MP vs XP?
question about stepping.