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not stable anymore?
Help: How to Erase Pencil Marks on Bridge?
I am bored, so...
what's the multiplier on the xp1700
Gonna Unlock my XP1700
all if you have seen the code of duron 1.3gighz
stupid XP
t-bird with AXIA stepping
Calling AMD
Overclocking Dual Athlons
helthy temps for a 1.4 at 1.6?
AMD K6-2 on DFI board Via Apollo chipset Help needed
Win2K and AMD XP?
Max Duron temp and min multiplier
Will Golden Socket work for AMD XP?
Ripped Off Or No?
Cross my bridges for Cash!!
AMD stepping code
1000MHz AYHJARY01 @ 1733MHz
AMD Athlon 900, help plz
Dual XP Vs. Dual MP
uggh help!
i want to upgrade, please, help me!
Benchmark 850 read please
Should I wait or buy now?
Still Cant Get 1.4 Tbird past 1.54
1.4 at 1.52 what next?
AMD announces 4400 chip
all you amd 1ghz oc'ers
Just stopped working, help please
Any OC'ing sugestions or stories?
tried for 1.729 ghz
I Need Some Suggestions, Asap
Possible heat spreader idea
Amd Duron 800Mhz & 850Mhz
Best cpu/fan for nforce
I Am New To O/c.....how Do I O/c A 1.2gig T-bird?
is my fsb vs mobo causing freeze
Upgrade to what?
Athlon XP 1500 and Volcano 6cu+. How far can I go?
Is anyone using a Shim for the 1800+?
What should the temps for an 1900xp+ be?
Trouble with unlocking an 800 tbird...
AXIA - code of kings!
Specific 1800+ stepping?
How long will my cpu last?
1.3 Duron Unlockable?
Does the cpu make noise?
Newbie trying to overclock needs help
1.4ghz@1.85ghz athlon xp
Need a link please
Has anyone gone higher than 150 fsb on a 1700+ locked at 11x with aircooling??
undiniable proof 3ghz
what should I fill the pits with on my Athlon xp?
Would It Run Faster If The L2 Wasn't ECC?
AMD xp1600
fs bus and system clock
Sony AMD Laptop overclock?
how do i unclock my tbird?
Unlocking XP 1700
newbie <first time overclock> help needed
Athlon XP and WCPUID
Palomino, Thunderbird, etc...
XP 1800 temps?
XP1700+ R.I.P. 15/01/02-22/01/02 or not?
NEW Cool 'n' Quiet XP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
XP 1600 or XP 1700
SMP capability of XP2000+ CPUs
How high can I take my duron 1000?
need help w/ AMD tbird 1.4ghz....
Thunderbird/XP Comparison
Amd1700 Fsb
Connecting the Vcore bridges on the XP
voltage mod troubles (kinda)
Trying to change voltage, but not being cooperative
Duron 1000 overclocking
Is one of my pins crossed on this unlock?
Asus a7V266-E and XP1900+
how much heat is my tbird making?
Multiplier settings on chip
Need some help overcloking my 1600+
Duron 1300 and 266 FSB
how od i know when my temps are gettin in the red zone?
Agog At Agoga (xp1600 =)
multi. and fsb
any one eles got a t-bird ARGA ?
New to Overclocking scene
highest safe voltage for AthlonXP?
Ok, I'm ready, so how do I unlock an athlon XP?
Volt Mod Worked! AthlonXP 1600+
Abit KR7A VIA KT266A/Athlon XP 1600+
Give me your opinions on best combo for cpu & MB
AMD's Q1/Q2 2002 Roadmap!
1800+ temp too high???
All hail the mighty duron!
When are the Thoroughbred's coming out?
my 1333 at 1410
Help Meh overclock my 1500 xp+
cpu heat
Magic duron stepping?
Best del on an OEM XP1700+ needed prefer Cali
correct temp readings?
T-Bird multiplier
Unlocked XP+default BIOS = higher temps??
i think i crushed it! would it hurt....?
Is this normal, if not, what to do???
Cas2 / Cas3
Chipped Core (Duron)
Question about Athlon XP
stepping codes?
Unlocking XP
Pushing too soon??
whats wrong with my multipliers!?
Athlon 1600xp
duron fsb...
Anyone else have AGLHA Xp1600+?
Morgan Duron Bridges
XP bridges interactive website.
newbee Question
Agoga 1600+
CPU heatspreader plate like Intel P4s
is this normal?
Remove the 4 black circler pads on my xp1700+ or don't remove them?
Using a Abit KA7-100, but what cpu to use?
did I fry it???
yipee what i deal i got.. and nice oc
AMD Athlon needs more power?
Can you help me out?
normal operating temps?
Looks like I got a good one
can all Xp's be unlocked?
Unlocked XP 1700 Help
When's the Throughbred coming out?
AMD Processors?
(More) Overclocking problems for t-bird 1.4
buy 1900+ now or wait till 2200+ ??
why does my pc feel so slow?
Whats the best way to unlock xp 1600+
Is my cpu fried?
I need higher FSB...
Amd 1600+
Amd T-bird
Hammer 3400+ benchy at xbitlabs
Tbird Standard fsb Frequencies
Material to fill in L1`pits??? Your opinion needed ASAP!!!
XP Voltage Spiking
Any risk?
What exactley is unlocking a processor?
To Shim Or Not To Shim
What was the release day for the XP?
The sky is falling! the sky is falling! hurry!
Athlon T-Bird Multiplyer Probs
1900XP@1.75 Anyone got it higher?
XP2200 / XP2400 Palomino!
Xp 2500 .13
AMD T-bird
Duron 1.2G multiplier
morgan durons
Question about the new green XP+
Im in Big trouble, please help!
What kinga OC yall getting with the XP's?
Best way to apply Artic Thermal 2 Goop?
Whats a Shim? (seriously)
First overclock, and having a BLAST
overclocked my xp 1700+, need advice
I successfully unlocked my Athlon XP 1700+ with the good old pencil trick!
agoga-y ??
how to for all you AMD unlocking and calc
Looking forward to VIA's KT333A
xp1600 @ 11x154
woohoo! successfully unlocked my 1600
AMD Case Stickers
what muti is the 1800+ on?
What is the highest voltage I should set?
I did it!!/Yatta!!
post your case(ambient)/cpu temps for TBIRD 1.4
Increasing multiplier more than .5
It's a No-Go
overclocking fsb for the first time need some tips =)
How to tell if it is 200 or 266 FSB
Hear about the 7 Atom PC chip
My xp2000+ overclocking cpuid pic
quick question bout overclocking
quick dumb thread
Overclocking Amd
what you guys recommend me?
which stepping codes are the best for overclocking?
guess I need to unlock my XP1600...
xp vs. mp on dual mobo...
give it some time it will work!
Just wont get stable
XP 1600+ Steping?
Duron 950 voltage
How bad off am I?
my lowly O/C
? about highspeedpc unlocking kit.
? abot highspeedpc unlocking kit.
best stepping for 1800+?
Fryed amd processor ?
Overclocking XP 1700+
t-bird or xp
What is the correct resistance after Unlocking????
Got my XP2000+
Do I have to use a shim?
got a few choices to make
quick answer
Athlon 1.33 Multiplyer
How i unlocked my XP1600+ and nearly trashed it in the attempt
Anybody in Oz wanna cross my bridges?
Just a question
Best cpu to overclock?
Newbie Needs Help
whats the best amd 1.4ghz oc?
Is this "Y" stepping?
Athlon 4 chips for desktops
Why can't I sucessfully do this darn pencil trick!?!??!!?!?!?
Morgan voltage mod strange little discovery!
Help! Got Artic Silver II on L1-L4
Where to buy my XP
My Xp2000+ beats the P4 overclocked to 2.3 gighertz!!!!!
Need HELP ..... Lost my FSB!!!!
Hmm weird stepping XP1600+...
Let the buyer beware!
3dmark2001 wont work past 143fsb
Duron 800 @ 800 !?!?!?!?!?!?!
Trace tape
Duron 1500 defualt
Installing Xp1900 Do You Need To Re-install Os ?
got my 1.4 TB past 1.6GHz!!
release of Throughbred
TB 1.1 Multiplier
Gateway encourages OCing!!!!
Multiplier on TB 1.1
anyone tryed ocing a 1.2ghz 200fsb cpu on 266?
TB 1.33 or XP 1.33 (1500+), which one is better
What happens if the L1 bridges touch each other?
athlon 1.2 @ ???
Last try to unlock of xp 1600+...
Where is my 1.4 T-Bird?
One really quick unlocking question for 1.4 t-bird
Athlon Xp Vs Athlon Mp
If Your Athlon or Pentium System smells..
Wattage for XPs
4 Minute Boot Times?!
RMA and getting bad results
Amd Mp
1.4 athlon data collection also 7dxr mobos
Where can i purchase Conductive Silver Lacquer?
Intel can only dream...
AMD TBIRD 800Mhz Pencil Techniques
How much O/C ing difference between Samsung DDR and MICRON
help overclocking
green xp's
T-bird Default Vcore Mod
Understanding the code on cpu
1600mhz good enough?
I want to get my FSB up UP UP!! I have an Athlon XP 1600+, how high can I get it?
Overclocking the 1900XP
Intel speed in an XP Processor?
<--- Cpu multiplier VS. mhz frequency --->
963 what the?
noob, lots of questions please help.
Why do they even lock it?
T-bird stuck at 1600mhz
XP unlock problem
What to get?
Unlocking XP success rate
Y can't i oc my cpu from a 1ghz(100) to a 1.2ghz(133))
If I close all L11 Bridges my voltage is 1.850?
look at this reply from tech support!
Unlocked L1 never cut?
FedEx should be here anytime!!!
ATTN: Duron 1.0GHz-1.2GHz owners - Survey
Trace tape? Anyone??
A word of warning to anyone who wants to unlock their Athlon XP
GRR this Xp1600+ is having problems being unlocked...
Ready to Overclock the XP, but i'm scared...
XP1900 OC'ing Results (FSB)
Is CPU too hot?
Have I fried my bird?
Dual XP
Which fan for 1600 XP
argh... steppings
best steppings for the tbird 1.4
Had to buy the 1700+... was this a mistake?
ouch! chipped my core! CRAP!
xp steppings...which?
would a 1.2morgan be faster than my 1.2 t-bird?
Help a newbie oc his unlocked 1900+
fastest overclock uve seen
Thunderbird 1.8Ghz????
Add another one to the graveyard
my best yet benchmarks
XP unlock problem.
anyone kno where to find agkga-y stepping athlon xp 1800+
CPU Not identifying properly..
failed attempt at unlocking xp 1600!!
Stock or not for cooling?
Is this worth the money?
Choosing the best Chip
new *backup* not as good as hoped for
Can you buy a xp1500+ for 98bucks shipped?
Need to ID an old AMD K6-2 ,socket 7 CPU
XP2200 could be Palomino now!
1.2ghz@1.4ghz hot or not
1.4 @ 1.533
OC problems
Homemade thermal diode reader
t-bird 900@1102
xp or t-bird???? responce fast plz!
70c Amd?
Overclocking recommendations?
Best Overclocking yield?
2000XP @ 1.72GHZ is this right?
unlocking on KR7A
having problems unlocking...
How high
In need of tips/advice to overcome oc'ing obstacles
1 gig Duron
AMD Athlon XP 1600+ 1.4 Ghz
Need some help unlocking...
New AMD and Intel CPUs
dissimilar metal corrosion and unlocking
decisions decisions! :)
hhhmmm t/bird 1000/133
Tbird maxed at 1.5?
Opinion's needed
AMD 1600+ XP chip reads 1250+ ???
Can I possibly OC with this system?
Overclock FSB or Multiplyers?
XP1600+ not booting (PLEAZ READ!) :(
What week?
Shims and Unlocking kits ?
Trying to unlock my AthlonXP
Tbird 1300 @ 55c
Unlocked Duron@std speed
AMD's in trouble!!!
FINALLY!!!!!(im back)
volt mods
1.4 Vs 1600
RMA question with Athlon Xp Processors
Did You see new Green Athlon Xp???
Unlocked 1.2 Question
how ironic
Dudes, help me w/ oc'ing
Conductive Paste help
Dudes, help me w/ oc'ing
Default voltage for TBird 1.4?
Check out my Duron 600 o/c!!!
Morgan oc
whats the highest u oc'ed a 1.33???
default temp for non-OC's athlon 1.4?
Step by Stpe UNLOCKING Process with defogger repair kit...
Help me Overclock please
Do you expect a price drop on lower XPs?
Random hangs.
XP 2000+ watts specs?
Some overclocking questions
GFD info
database ????
Already unlocked?!
Tbird vs XP
Athlon 1.2 overclocking on an ASUS A7A266
Athlon XP 2000+ now listed on Pricewatch
XP 1800+ ... What BIOS setting to reach 1.6 ghz?
Overclock the 900 tbird/Asus a7v 200 fsb
Dark Green AMDXP 1600 chip
HEEEEEEEELP !!!!! T-bird 800MHz OC
can you help me please
AMD against Intel DDR
Is this really ocd?
Crap... with a happy happy ending.
Duron 800 @133MHz?
learning about all the briges on a tbird
1.2Ghz Athlon with Soltek - Overclocking Ideas?
unsure if my Chiped CPU is dead
Uh Oh, what did I do??
Another XP giveaway
1.75GHz or 1.80GHz??
Hehehe... But still little crap.
XP 2000 .....$340
Higher FSB
ahhhh prime95!!!
Money to burn
MP & XP: Difference? I forgot
Athlon XP's May Bend Resulting In Fried CPU
One LAST AMD Giveaway!
1.2ghz Athlon AMD & Gigga-Byte GA-7ZX Upgrade problems....
DARN!!! I am good!
Cpu overclock - guidance needed please
AthlonXP Rev.D to hit the market summer time!
Unlocked 1600+ now only 1700+???
Crap.... :-(
Need help getting temps on T-Bird down.
You gotta see this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Unlocking?
Alcohol and Tbird cores
Need help with new processor
I need the pics, and info about unlocking an AMD
broken cores?
Config Guide for Asus A7V266-E
duron 600 @ 975 (6.5*150) on kt7e !!!
new way to OC on cheap boards
AMD and Shims...Yes or No??
~~Unlocking Question~~
POWER, i need more power...
help w/ CPUFSB can't download
Never thought id see the day... kill me now
Clear this up
Higher overclock makes CS lag
My Benchmark Score - 3DMark2001
how do i know if i unlock my 900AMD T-Bird
unlocked XP....no .5 multipliers!!??
Duron BSOD?
New to AMD cpus
Why Aint My New System Turning ON As A whole?
Does Anyone Know???
has anyone used CPUFSB?
Duron stepping code
BIOS Multiplier not working....
L1 cache and pencil trick???
*Sniff* Why oh why did did it DIE!?!
This 1100 Tbird just WANTS to go faster..
Might be interesting
200 fsb vs 266 fsb question
Xp1600 + overclocking
Thunderbird vs Duron
I need help to further overclock my xp1600+
Duron 600 @ 1200 Still Running Fine!
Is this a sign of a bad XP unlock?
good cheap combo
help w/ 900 AMD
Help! Help! - Computer Unstable!
What did I do
bridges question
CPU showing up a bit slow
Any chance on using CPUidle on XP?
Unlocking question.
OC Duron 700Mhz/Abit KT7A-R
Athlon XP able to run on DUAL boards?
Petition to AMD: We want 133FSB Durons
Amd Xp1900+ & Iwill Xp333-r Mb
Stupid question for buying new Tbird
950@1150 need help
Tbird 1.2 gig with 200 fsb: stuck at 1.52 Gig
hot deal on Athlon 800 system $113,636.98
NEW K6-2 is S L O W! ! !
Original K6-III+ 550
What is unlocking
Cannot overclock as high as before
crap it burnt up my athlon xp 1900+
200W for AMD, possible?
Slower Fan for SK6?
OCing Duron 750
xp2000 are out! 425bucks! but price will drop!
Why is socket 7 dead?
highest overclock
Is it just me
The Fear
duron 950 overclock
my amd may be damaged?
Un Normal temps
Pencil Trick, Unlocking... Newbie questions.
What's the difference between Duron and Tbird??
Duron OC Recomendation
Cleaning up a messy cpu?
Unlocking ideia..
Shim, buying, guide
The God's Way to OVERCLOCK
1700 GHz Doable with only hsf?
To XP or to MP? That is the question.
900 mhz T-Bird or 1ghz Duron?
New XP1500 high!
cpu data base for xp 1800 and 1900?
My XP 1700+ ... STINKS!!! Is this common?
Confused!! AMD 1,33 adn Asus A7M266
Where can XP steppings be found?
What AMD CPU/Mobo combo should I buy?