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Random hangs.
XP 2000+ watts specs?
Some overclocking questions
GFD info
database ????
Already unlocked?!
Tbird vs XP
Athlon 1.2 overclocking on an ASUS A7A266
Athlon XP 2000+ now listed on Pricewatch
XP 1800+ ... What BIOS setting to reach 1.6 ghz?
Overclock the 900 tbird/Asus a7v 200 fsb
Dark Green AMDXP 1600 chip
HEEEEEEEELP !!!!! T-bird 800MHz OC
can you help me please
AMD against Intel DDR
Is this really ocd?
Crap... with a happy happy ending.
Duron 800 @133MHz?
learning about all the briges on a tbird
1.2Ghz Athlon with Soltek - Overclocking Ideas?
unsure if my Chiped CPU is dead
Uh Oh, what did I do??
Another XP giveaway
1.75GHz or 1.80GHz??
Hehehe... But still little crap.
XP 2000 .....$340
Higher FSB
ahhhh prime95!!!
Money to burn
MP & XP: Difference? I forgot
Athlon XP's May Bend Resulting In Fried CPU
One LAST AMD Giveaway!
1.2ghz Athlon AMD & Gigga-Byte GA-7ZX Upgrade problems....
DARN!!! I am good!
Cpu overclock - guidance needed please
AthlonXP Rev.D to hit the market summer time!
Unlocked 1600+ now only 1700+???
Crap.... :-(
Need help getting temps on T-Bird down.
You gotta see this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No Unlocking?
Alcohol and Tbird cores
Need help with new processor
I need the pics, and info about unlocking an AMD
broken cores?
Config Guide for Asus A7V266-E
duron 600 @ 975 (6.5*150) on kt7e !!!
new way to OC on cheap boards
AMD and Shims...Yes or No??
~~Unlocking Question~~
POWER, i need more power...
help w/ CPUFSB can't download
Never thought id see the day... kill me now
Clear this up
Higher overclock makes CS lag
My Benchmark Score - 3DMark2001
how do i know if i unlock my 900AMD T-Bird
unlocked XP....no .5 multipliers!!??
Duron BSOD?
New to AMD cpus
Why Aint My New System Turning ON As A whole?
Does Anyone Know???
has anyone used CPUFSB?
Duron stepping code
BIOS Multiplier not working....
L1 cache and pencil trick???
*Sniff* Why oh why did did it DIE!?!
This 1100 Tbird just WANTS to go faster..
Might be interesting
200 fsb vs 266 fsb question
Xp1600 + overclocking
Thunderbird vs Duron
I need help to further overclock my xp1600+
Duron 600 @ 1200 Still Running Fine!
Is this a sign of a bad XP unlock?
good cheap combo
help w/ 900 AMD
Help! Help! - Computer Unstable!
What did I do
bridges question
CPU showing up a bit slow
Any chance on using CPUidle on XP?
Unlocking question.
OC Duron 700Mhz/Abit KT7A-R
Athlon XP able to run on DUAL boards?
Petition to AMD: We want 133FSB Durons
Amd Xp1900+ & Iwill Xp333-r Mb
Stupid question for buying new Tbird
950@1150 need help
Tbird 1.2 gig with 200 fsb: stuck at 1.52 Gig
hot deal on Athlon 800 system $113,636.98
NEW K6-2 is S L O W! ! !
Original K6-III+ 550
What is unlocking
Cannot overclock as high as before
crap it burnt up my athlon xp 1900+
200W for AMD, possible?
Slower Fan for SK6?
OCing Duron 750
xp2000 are out! 425bucks! but price will drop!
Why is socket 7 dead?
highest overclock
Is it just me
The Fear
duron 950 overclock
my amd may be damaged?
Un Normal temps
Pencil Trick, Unlocking... Newbie questions.
What's the difference between Duron and Tbird??
Duron OC Recomendation
Cleaning up a messy cpu?
Unlocking ideia..
Shim, buying, guide
The God's Way to OVERCLOCK
1700 GHz Doable with only hsf?
To XP or to MP? That is the question.
900 mhz T-Bird or 1ghz Duron?
New XP1500 high!
cpu data base for xp 1800 and 1900?
My XP 1700+ ... STINKS!!! Is this common?
Confused!! AMD 1,33 adn Asus A7M266
Where can XP steppings be found?
What AMD CPU/Mobo combo should I buy?
HELP - oc'ing my 1.33ghz
New T-Bird 1.3 AYHJAR-Y
Yikes thats hot!
Athlon 1gig wants to go faster.....
Another way to unlock your CPU?
Which bird should I get?
why duron
Dead Athlon ...my own collection with Pic.
All AMD processors assembled in Malaysia???
Unlocking athlon xp 1900+
Sh*T!!! Just fried my T-Bird
finger+7000rpm cpu fan=lots of pain and hard to type
1.2 T-bird to 1800XP
Whats up with this?
Cant get it to work!!!!!
Lower the Multiplier when OC? Why?
Does WinME know how to use ...?
Duron 900mhz
Duron vs T-bird
A newbie that needs some help bad
Puddy Results
How can i overclock my XP??
120 extra mhz
New Sandra Results
Over Clocking duron 1.1ghz cpu
Hmm is my cpu stable?
Limited FSB w/ 900 tbird, a7v
K6-iii+ ????
xp pencil trick why not....??????????
Wattage Calculator III - Check what will be the power consumpsion of ur O/Ced CPU!
Duron Morgan core 1 GHZ
Is my AVIA Y 1 Gig dead?..
MY XP cannot BOOT!!! why?
AHH this blows
How can I be certain my CPU is dead?
Just got a 1 gig T-Bird.
AMD k6-2 overclock
could it be my motherboard?
Bridges on Duron
Athlon XP and SSE
Unlocking a XP ( How hard is it)
worth unlocking?
Ok got my Duron..
A quick Athlon classic question
A ? about unlocking a T-Bird?
Duron 1.2 v Athlon-C 1.1
prime95, making steam come out of my ears!!
Need advice on Overclocking...
stressed my cpu?
ATHLON Xp 1600 at 54 C!!
Durons at 1.2ghz, How do they overclock?
Help a starting Newbie overclock
Where can I find Athlon XP stepping codes?
Duron -- Wierd -- wuh??
Testing CPU's stability
Need Help overclocking Duron 1000
buy the 2000 or wait for the 2200?
the morgan core durons start at 1ghz correct?
What u think
another newb with overclocking questions
cpu speed vs. memory settings.
tbird 1.4
Just burned my 1500+
Help with O/C 1.1 T-bird
Unlocked Duron, yet....
How can I overclock my AMD k6-475???
Sandra Results, working now
Yeah! finally my own XP!!!
Ayhja O/c?
A new way to fill pits?
XP Multiplier????
Put Simply, XP vs. Athlon
overclocking tbird 1.4
oh snap.. look at my poor Athlon XP
Multiplier Change
Help with Unlocking AthlonXP!!!
1800+ better than 1900+??
Permanent or Reversable fillers
1.4 oc'd but I have a ?
Go with XP
AMD retail fan
o/c duron 600 to 800 @ 1.7v
L3/4/6/7 Bridges on a Duron
Arctic Silver II
Settle A bet, Dual CPU's
Bum XP1600+
200, 133, 750 ....How does this all Tie together?
Athlon MPs.
O'C and Reboots
Newbie OCer Question
Wanted to post some benches, hope u post benches of ur Durons too
Need help on buing a CPU..
Need Help w/Athlon XP 1600+ OCing
I'm torn
lock unlock??
Anyone got any tips on overclocking a 1ghz athlon
Good OCing???
Overclocking Epox-8KHA+ w/XP1800
My first computer
Xp1600 @ Xp1900+
Conductive Ink Horror!!!
XP Install Help, Please
1.2 axia
Amd Duron @ 1064
Anyone can teach me how to oc my Athlon
Where can I get defogger inthe UK?
K6-3 450mhz @500mhz (but its wierd)
It's been a couple of months, anyone care about the AMD ratings
unlocked xp?
AMD to Deprive Athlon XP and Duron of SMP Support
Amd L1 Cache
Help overclocking AMD Athlon 1.133ghz
Help overclocking AMD Athlon 1.133ghz
XP 1600+ won't OC past 1533MHz
AMD & XP OC'ing!?!?!
AMD OC help. New to the AMD Crowd
Some questions
athlon 850 asus k7v
New version of Sandra gives me HUGE memory scores! L@@K!
my stupidity
I got my XP1600 @ XP2000 !! BUT ...
Going OEM with AMD CPU
performance problems
Did I fry My 1400 266 ?
Computer keeps reseting and freezing
Little help here, from the AMD hardcore peeps here
overclocking a k6-2 550 to higher...
Coolest running CPUs
Amd Xp
core code?
How to slow memory down
temps for an athalon@1333?(newbie sort of)
PCI Clock/Divider
chiped cpu
XP 1800+ unlocked
ANOTHER stupid question from an overclocker newbie -
when did MP 1900 come out???
Looking for cheap cpu pricing
Curiosity [Almost] Killed The T-Bird - HELP!
this is for the AMD hardcore...
Info On Stepping And More
questions /w FSB
AMD K6-2 450Mhz@600Mhz Asus P5A-B Problems
MP & XP: Difference?
How do I unscribe to this forum???
Updating CPU Duron ~ Athlon
software fsb?
amd cpu`s overclocking!!!help!!!
FSB vs. Multiplier - This makes no sense!
I fixed my FSB problem!!
Dumb question.. what socket are the XPs?
T-Bird 1.4 or Board
overclock an AMD K6-2 550, how?
Tradeshow = 1.4GHz Duron / XP2000 Athlon
Replaced Enermax with Sparkle and HUGE temp increase!
AMD XP - Performance Oversell!!!
K6-2+ dickering limits
138FSB & no post?!
can u convince me
Would you reccomend AMD for a person who knows little about computers?
Are the MP's unlocked from getgo?
Athlon 1200@900 =(=(=(
Anyone Running AMDXP-1700 will retail HS/F
k6-2 OC Supreme OC (well getting there)
HELP! 133 bus unstable?
Help breaking 1Ghz with duron 800
Need to know if my new xp1800+ is a good overclocker here is the code
Can't do 1.80/1.85 on the vcore???
Athlon XP Overclocking Voltages?
Im paranoid and dumb :( cpu problems
AMD Duron overclocking
how long for a thoroubred chip to come out?
Overclocker newbie...HELP
buy.. WHICH CPU - help!
AMD says 'No' to dual Athlon XP's
Who Has Best Price On Xp 1900 ?
L7 Xp
AMD Athlon 1500 XP
UPDATE: I just got a bigger dual AMD Overclock..PICS
just add 38 more mhz to my duron
Code on 1GHZ Tbird
Ashha Y @163fsb
Here in desparation !
Update on Duron 800 AKCA 'Z'
xp1700+ running at 1.1 ?!?
Finally a quiet computer!!!
Multiplier/FSB which to do first...
Duron Bridges
Duron FSB overclocking
Successful Unlock 1600+
K6 III 400Mhz
XP Unlocking... will pencil work?
Strange voltages...
XP2000/2100 Here! January :)
intro/differences between new breed processors...
Xp In Dual Board,,, Hell Yes
Overclocking Problem with K6 III 350
AMD Athlon XPs vs MPs
I taped off my XP1800+, and about to glue, but...
win2k like ocing?
Cpu aging -- Is my Athlon getting old, fat, and tired?
1Ghz Duron -Morgan core, OC'ing bliss?
temps for a 1G athlon?
Unlocked xp1800+ what next ????
Got my Duron 800!!!
AMD ATHLON 1600+ XP running at 1050 mhz?
PSU Voltage lines
Two 1600XP Overclock questions
Chipped Tbird... Still works!
Overclocking newbie...1.2TB
AMD XP 1600+ inquiry
Anyone see what the new AMD chips look like. Check here.
Retail cpu overclock better than oem??
Please help...Initial booting issues XP 1900
AMD XP 1600+ Question
new to over clocking
xp 1600+ problems
Are MPs really unlocked?
a almost unlocking disaster
Fried XP?
help w/ voltages for a 1.0 tbird
Sandra Scores
need help and suggestions
Picked up a 1900+?
Best Cost/Performance Athlon XP?
Thunderbird Vs. Classic Athlon
AMD K6-2+ 600Mhz
Magic Jump... ???
Building A Monster System!!!
AMD 2ghz??
How to verify XP1600 speed?
Cheap way to make a solid unlock on XP's!!
Unlocking XP concerns...
Whats the best heatsink for a athlon xp 1900??
Question about unlocking the Althon Xp.
the 750 that doesn't like 900
where/how do i buy an AXIA chip?
trying to build a system for a guy.
help with temps....
xp 1600 info please
My Tbird 12. AXIA arrived today
AYHJA-9 cpu
Xp 1600
Athlon 1.2 underclocking
read it
Need close up of the unlocked XP
Wacky unlocked XP 1900+
Please, rate my BEAST!!!!!
t-bird 1.4 bridges ?
Well i finally overclocked it. :)
question about thermal compound (yes, another one)
woha i got my amd stickers today :D
Help me O/C an oldtimer (AMD 266)
What is an reasonable temp for 1.33 T-Bird?
Does vcore affect FSB?
Athlon Xp +1900 defective?
3 unlocking questions...
Xp Can It Be Used In A Dual Set Up
Cheap 1900+ in da UK.
duron 800
what athloon model?
stoopid newbie question
hoping to oc athlo 1G
GFD for Althon
just to get an idea
What would cause this?
What would cause this?
Partially Unlocked XP1900 (sigh)
Oh My God! What Now? Help!
Talk about getting lucky (1 gig AYHJAR "Y" @ 1610 @1.85
Ahh!! How do I get the superglue off of my cpu it dripped everywhere.
what one, Athlon 1.4 type "B" or "C"
How on earth??? I can't believe this!!!
OEM or Retail Duron 1ghz?
Athlon XP On-chip thermal diode?
little help? XP 1600+ @ 1540
Do these hard drive marks look right from ATTO??
Epox 87ka+
Can't get 133 FSB on my K7T Turbo!!!
100 FSB or 133 FSB? 100 but higher speed
Hammer doesnt work with fsb ==> no OCING
Green XP
Experts please tell me what this means?
Over my head but some may find it helpful
What is up with AMD
SETI Times
AMD joins the Catwalk
cpu temp
What is the best setup to keep my AMD 1900 cool???
CPU ..Poofff
stupid XP question
XP 1900 or 1.4 T-Bird ?
XP 1900 and Nvidia Geforce2 Compatible?
AMD Store Bought
Running Duron 1.1Ghz at 133 FSB.
Duron750 ANDA stepping OC
This is how you unlock your XP properly. No glue, defoggers or pens needed.
AMD XP, Unlock L1, What material...
Unlock XP for non OCable mobo?!
TIPPEX... can unlock XP?!?!
OC.com.tw Way of XP unlovk [1]
Trouble unlocking my XP
Average Operating Temps of a AMD XP 1900
300W PSU and overclocking
Plycon Tape for Athlon XP
Was I Jipped?
I have the serial numbers of my chip can you tell me if its good?
palomino for chrismis!!
Athlon 750 slot A
Will my Motherboard support a Athlon XP?
Buying an Athlon
Running DDR PC2100 AT 200MHZ INSTEAD OF 266MHZ
1.4 t-bird or 1500 xp
Prime95 AMD 1400ghz help
Thunderbird thoughts ??
Morgan vs Thunderbird.
What would happen if...
Determining week CPU was made
Power Supply
Which one to wait for ???
overclocking a XP 1800+ help
AMD case stickers
Athlon MP
is this a problem with the unlocking
My new baby wont run at 133MHz :(
Unlocking XP L1 bridges??
L1 bridges
Which duron?
any idea's please.
Connecting L7 bridges
oc thingy...
900Tbird+msiK7T-turbo OC question
You want to unlock your XP!!!
XP 1600+ only running at 1.05ghz....answers?
Glue recomendation for unlocking Athlon XP's?
dead cpu?
Computer Upgrade
Which Multiplier / FSB combo is best?
Newbie needs help (The Dataman)
Tom's Hardware recommends only increasing the multiplier. Agree?
2 ?'s: Best place to get silver lacquer? Best place for unlocking instructions?
Is this a good AMD 1900XP system?
I just got a new duron!
Where can I get Amd Athlon Stickers? (USA)
duron L& bridges
Overclocking XP
found conductive silver lacquer
AMD or INTEL for gaming for my dad
Which heatsink and fan should I ask for for Christmas?
New XP1500 Sandra benchmarks
broken 1900+? OEM, OMG?!!!