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found conductive silver lacquer
AMD or INTEL for gaming for my dad
Which heatsink and fan should I ask for for Christmas?
New XP1500 Sandra benchmarks
broken 1900+? OEM, OMG?!!!
Best Cpu For The Money??
average 1900+ temp. idel and load?
Can't figure it out
How do I know what the multiplier on my Athlon XP 1800+ is?
Wrecked XP???? Second Post...
Slot A Athlong pick'n?
Athon XP trace tape
266 or 200 AMD?
XP processor temps ????
When does it "fry"
Just unlocked XP 1800 the Simple way.
What is the core volatge of a Duron....
Does a 2ghz+ oc really need sub-zero temps?
Speaking of the XP 1800+
1743Mhz from 1600+ @ 1.808Vcore
Locked FSB
XP 1900+ unlocked out of the box ?
Help me identify my amd cpu!!
What can I expect
Which o/c route should I take?
help...my XP 1900 and crappy OCing
Unlocking XP, I have a tip for you all
Why my oc doesnt work?
defective amd's out of the box
I think I'm paranoid
How to get rid of the multiplier restriction?
Voltage mod on an Athlon TB ???
New AMD CPU I bought.
Can you damage your XP if you unlock it wrong?
AMD CPU - 43.5 C - Overclocked - Stock Fan - Read
I finaly hit 1.6 GHz with my 1.4 athlon
conductive silver lacquer???????????
Changing From Intel To Athlon Xp
duron 1000
Overclocking Duron and ASUS system
AMD beats Intel!!
The Wool over "XP Buyers" eyes
Purely on an overclocking basis
athlon xp 1500@1.6ghz sandra scores!!
overclocking the xp
t-bird 1.1
52+ C, too hot?
Flying XP 1600+
Over clocking a Duron 800
Unlocking new XP instructions
Are these the symptoms of a fried CPU?
Are Slot A Athlons being revived?
Athlon XP Steppings
avg temps for t-bird?
cool....but not the CPU
athlon unusal temperature ?
XP locked or not?
KT7A to Shuttle AK31?
How far will a 1900 go?
what/where should i get my new t-bird1.33
Overclocking Xp Question???
how far to push a 950 tbird
Where to buy a conductive ink pen!
New VIA Cpu's
HAL.DLL Errors ! - Ideas ???
Best Athlon XP steppings (codes)
Unlocking XP issues...help if you can
XP OC sandra scores take a look
My thoughts on the future of AMD Processing.
Unlocking XP issues.....Help if ya can
With huge thanks to Sickboy and Doctor....
temp sensors
How can you tell if you unlocked your XP corectly?
overclocking dells
Und AMD, und fast fast - ocing the xp1600+
Whats the fastest i can go on a 700 duron cpu
Is My Athlon Locked or Unlocked
Dual Amd Cpu
Anyone with an AGKGA second line K XP 1700+?
Best cpu for the money now?
very peculiar, sweet spot?
Your Opinions please..im new
Unlocking TBird!
HELP Urgently need stepping codes
How come??
thinking about getting a XP 1600
Durons and memory?
first overclock with slot a (advice please)
Slot A 800 Overclocking/unlocking
Overclock AMD - please!
How much more performance from an XP than a T-Bird?
Trace tape...
I have a problem, I think?????
Need Help With Duron 700
AthlonXP1600 w Leadtek 7350KDA Unstable
thunerbird or xp?
i might of fried my cpu oh no :)
Sisoft Sandra scores
Duron 800 - Last suggestions...
Athlon XP 1700+ (voltage & heat)
Tbird wont OC
OC'd XP1500 results.....
Chipped 1.4... Now I gotta get a new one. Please help need input
o/c xp1800
Core voltage, how high is too high?
AMD K6 2 350 overclock
Overclocking MP processors
Unlocked XP results
Looking for benchmarks
All i have to say is *$&%
Woo Hoo....unlocked 1600+...
can you oc dual progs?
Mobo monitor
Another fried CPU post...I think?
OC xp1700, abit kg7, error missing files on boot
New stepping for 1800xp soon??
300w maxed out?
Athlon 1400 @ 1600Mhz
Overclock that XP 1600+
suggestions for an amd processor under $150
normal operating tempof....
Whats the best Program?
1.2 T-bird locked??
Help unlocking new XP....
cleaning the die...........
Can AMD keep up with these Intel advances
1ghz OCed @ 1.4ghz
What to expect from my 1600+ shuttle??
AMD Duron Unlocked
abit kt7 and 133fsb athlon
power for athlon XP mobo
Need help overclocking
amd amature
What the F!! OC results
My oc'ed 1800 Sandra results
Unlocking AMD XP/MP Video
Should get a 1.4 TBird or an XP... hrmmm :)
Help about ASUS & Duron
which is which?
Gigabyte Board trouble with AMD 800
Need Advise about overklocking a Duron 950
Fill in the blank!
How fast is safe?
Sticky: The Hammer architechture will replace the XP's sometime in 2002.
New Xp or Keep the TB
Thoughtson use of a shim
T-bird 1000 not what it should be.
New XP's?
help: amd overclockers
SiSoft Sandra Makes its own xp ratings...LOOK
Check my specs... Missing anything?
overclocking t-bird 1000
Brand New XP1600 probs
Oc Xp 1900
Something strange...
first overclock
WT*.. XP Reformat?!?!?!?!?!?
New setup...
How to overclock a 1.33MHz athlon cpu
Need help with first time overclocking
swap from a 1.3/200.........
Want to overclock my Duron system...
XP or MP? what is the difference?
MP 1600 and Asus A7V266?
Duron 850, first time at overclocking.
Why an Athlon XP?....my TB 1333 @ 1575 is still fast..
AMD Duron 950 @ 1.1 too hot?
A question for the e"XP"erts....
AMD Duron 800 overclocking
Duron 850 w/smaller core?
950 duron vs 850 T bird
Amd 1800 Unlocked
Duron (any mhz) without a fan - no dice?
what xp code do i pray for ?
My 1600xp wont run at 133 either
A bridge NOT too far
AMD XP or Mp?
Custom PC.
I changed the Vcore
Woot!! Duron 950 providing some pretty good results!
some help for a newbie :D
Woohoo, i think I may have finally hit a stable OC
xp1900 cpu won't go over 100FSB??
Need CPU Help PLzzzzz.
Need help building a system
amd 1800 install
AMD Codes
Decreasing VCore???
Has anyone had this problem?
Need some advise.
Silver Conductive Grease?!
Yes Finally
Voltage problem
Ordering Duron soon!!!
AMD 1g Newbie help!
Athlon XP stickers
What is TOO hot?
How to Make an athlon 1.5ghz go to 1.5ghz (cos 1.5ghz works at 1.33ghz)
making a 750 Duron an 866 Duron
Need some help with a duron O/C PLZ
NEXT TO LAST AMD Giveaway in Baltimore!
Should i be happy with what i got?
When to get a bigger PSU?
Unlocked my 1900+ XP?? My secret -- use a very-fine artist's brush, screw the tape!
Unlocking Athlon XP on ABIT KG7-R?
hit 150fsb, was it worth it?
L1's are not cut
Temp Question For Tbird 1ghz
AYHJA, and other codes...
ECS K7SA + Athlon XP
AHYJA-Y 266, whats the max u hit with it
Amd Xp-mp?
o/c axia 1200 C help please
160fsb ya finally!
Dual Athlon Goodness w/pics
Athlon 1.2 200fsb on Asus A7v133a ... any suggestions
My system....what ya think?
Close call!
Help! How to stabalize?
Finally Hit 1.1G with my 850 Duron...but...
Asus A7V133-C and Athlon 1,2 AXIA "Y" problem
Whats Better?????
core voltage?
Overclocking Duron 700
burning xp
Overclocking my thunderbird 800?
my athlon 550 wont overclock, why?
Duron or Morgan ?
New system ponder
52degrees. too hot?
Help! Unlocking my XP
Is it worth paying $63 to get an XP 1.9 instead of XP 1.8?
K6-III Overclocking & General Questions
Can This Be?
What the *&$#%$@^%*&%
problem with OCing 1.4 T-Bird
Different way to unlock XP
This one is a stumper.
AMD login screen for XP very nice for the amd fan!
Step right up and school the rookie...
Unlocking a XP
sisoft sandra results
Thunderbird 800 o/c help please!!!
MSN communities AMDhardware!
Should i uppgrade? Or Not?!
new duron 1200 kicks p4 1500 :)
Am i ever going to get my case stickers?
What Duron to get?
1 gig athlon borderline!!
Next AMD Giveaway in Sunnyvale, CA!
AMD in the future...Thouroughbred or wait for the Hammer?
a little problem with booting
need help, question
Help me O\C my 1.4ghz Tbird after my Vmod
New (old) rig, new problems (wont post)
voltage question....
can't stop tweaking!
Fastest Duron FSB post
Next Generation AthlonXP Is Looking Good For All
Just not stable!!! 1.2 Ghz
price cuts?
really wacky idea about unlocking XP
How to get Stepping Codes
Need help
AthlonXP on IwillKK266R problem
Athlon 1ghz and Abit KT7A
Question about XP/Unlocking/Different bridges
AMD Next cpu?
XP... or... thoroughbred
Althon 1700+ overlocking
Real Stupid Question....
fsb vrs multiplier
Just Starting
athlon xp chip
T-bird 1000 question
What next?
Amd Athlon Xp 1600+ @ ????
Athlon XP 4.4Ghz check this out!!!!
Steping question
Fsb Oc
CPU Upgrading, READ if you got a KT7 (200bus only) or older motherboard.
XP2000+ / Duron 1.3 out end of december
1.2GHz Duron Out!
problems overclocking an amd 1600+
How fast are you running your XP 1700 ?
help with fsb/multiplier
Next AMD Giveaway at Raleigh/Durham, NC!
win98se strange auto restarts...
850 @ 1000
Hammer proccesor???
Pls Post overclocking results with XP 1600+ cpus
XP 1800+ OC to 1900+ @ 123 degrees
duron 800 or duron 1 gig ?
Running athlon mp's w/1 processor only?
overclocking my athlon 900 aggar 9
Hello, and HELP
question about getting the most out of my 800Mhz Athlon
Duron 800
Buying a new AMD
ahtlon xp1800 unlocked:)
Buy Unlocked-XP 1900??
Final word on O/C K6-2+ 450?
1Ghz 266 FSB CPU won't run at 200 FSB
P4 Xeon loses to AMD MPs
Done It
My Athlon won't overclock
Quick question on voltage for my AXIA 1.2
Quick Question On Athlon XP
T-Bird 1400 with A7A266.. Best settings?
Do I have enough P/S juice??
hmmm getting my bezels soon :)
Case stickers from AMD!
Overclocked XP1800 to 1662 but doesn't show up as that in WCPUID
200fsb tbird able to reach 332fsb?
Releasing The Athlon XP To Hit 2000+ article
Best 1.2 Thunderbird?
Need Hard Evidence....amd.....
Newbie help needed
Desperately seeking new Lian LI motherboard standoffs! HELP!
My XP 1900+ Overclocking results.
Can you beat Bunny?
power supply and memory settings
Unlocking XPs
troubles again.........
new bios means more speed......
Help. Duron900 o/c = graphics glitchs with MX200
Fried Athlon
can't unlock Duron800 multiplier..help!
DO you have a 200fsb chip running at 266 or higher?
Next AMD Giveaway in L.A.!
How to monitor Voltage from within win98
New Pc
Temps lookin good w/ new Glaciator 2, but still cant raise FSB!!!
Going to try and unlock my xp 1800, need a tip
Getting new System
going for more!
Unlocking Athlon XP 1800= Voltage for K7S5A
What can I expect from my OC?
Random resets and instability from an XP?
AMD keychain how do i make one?
Wheres that darn CPU Database...
XP1900+ Overclocking Results!!
over clocking a AMD k62 Im a newbe please help!
XP 2000+ review and how to unlock it!!!
Got My XP 1900+ today!!
athlon 1.2 200fsb or 1.2 266fsb??
new pc?
Anyone totally unsuccessfull unlocking the AMD XP CPU?
slowly overclocking Duron 800
Overclock CPU
Comment and Help
Info about the 5v numbers...
133MHz, No joy
XP 1800... Worth it's price tag?
Duron850 ANCA
Duron 800 overclock 2nd try ?
How Do I Burn In Amd T-bird 1.2?
Burn - In Question
Unlocking Athlon
XP giveaway videos are out
1.4GHz CPU temps!!!
help the newbie
athlon or athlon xp
Overclocking an AMD 1.4 (first timer)
Overclocking my AMD 1.4Ghz
Morons Guide To The Xp
AMD 1200, wont go over 900? w/out crashin??
oc can't be that easy??
athlon 800, what to do
Next AMD Giveaway in Tampa, FL!
HOT as Hell!
Fun Fun Fun - hardware in the mail... gonna overclock!
Max Voltage For T-Bird 1.4
climbing temps?
mechanical damage
fried 1500+ athlon ?
amd athlon
CPU gone to AMD heaven
Did I fry my friend's CPU?!!!
FSB on A7V133
New way to fill in XP pits...
Something VERY WEIRD!! My new 1600 athlon, and mobo are NOT going fast!
***Stop: 0000000A... IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL...
I'm having PROBLEMS!
1.2 AMD 200 FSB... needs help
10.5 Multiplier setting unstable?
Which is easier to O/C
Tbird or duron
quick question if I got ripped off
I wanna build AMD Duron system
3Dmark 2000 & 2001, what sould I get?
AMD sticker
overclocking didnt do work...
Which is best?
I need a little help with my Athlon 1600, trying to get to 1.533 ghz
The weakest link
Upgrading to an XP, need opinions please. :)
Around "the pits" on an XP
Lot number good?
Wat Temp For Athlons
It Stopped!!! Help
AMD Athlon 700
Athlon 900 (died)
Increments & O/c????
Overclocking the Athlon 1400/266 fsb
Importance of Burning In a CPU????
Lowest Speed Contest
Overclocking kills life?
AMD athlon 1600 came with a bar code sticker on it, should I take it off?
Trouble gettin IT up.......
Finally! 1725!
best xp for oc
Slipping over to the dark side...HELP!!!!
I won the Complete Athlon System
0.13Ám Athlon XP?
Which cpu would you get?
AMD Athlon XP1600+ Running Flawlessly On Abit's KT7A-RAID Rev 1.1(Important Info!)
Default Vcore for 1800+
My New XP1900+ running @ 1.73GHz with 1.85V
HAHA this is Awesome.!
Okay, 200@266, BUT: 266@200?
Retail Schmeetail
Poor Overclocking
Running 200 at 266?
1.4ghz "4" stepping???
Newbie Help Please
Confused about Athlon MPs
have i reach my oc limit???? need advice!
My 1ghz AXIA t-bird has gaps between L1's..or at least i think so.
differences between 1500 1600... 1900+?
WooT ! Successful Duron OC !!
beginner overclocker questions
AMD TB unlocked?
Need help choosing parts for new comp
Can I attach my VOS32 to my SlotA Athlon without the heatplate?
duron stuck around 1000mhz
Duron unlock ?
my 1.0 died :-(
CPU running at 1266MHz default
Is $149 to much to pay for an Athlon XP 1600?
Thermal paste installation
Newbie Need Help !!!
Overclocking the Xp with watercooling?
Vibrating screen
what should I get my brother
XP vs MP
AMD is NEVER Going to Unlock the XP
Oc: ?
worth upgrading 1.4 to xp1800+?
My new XP1500+ OCing to 1800+ NP
FIRST REAL OC/ and need pointers
1.4 t bird oc ing
AGNKA available as 1800+?
Just bought the new XP1900
New way unlocking XP
Sanding XPs To Unlock Multipliers?!
Duron won't go past 1 gig...
Athlon XP's speeds?
Dead XP?
newbie overclocker has a question...
Duron processors
For Tss Guys!
T-bird 1gig /Abit KT7 Raid How do I overclock and what speed should i get?
Tbird or Duron,Is there a big difference?
It wasn't me!
Help with AMD Athlon XP 1500+
how DO you chip a socket a processor?!
Just got my CPU, anyone have this stepping??
Help on overclocking!
How to make a keyring?
Pentium or Athlon for Overclocking
Am I the Idiot?
Help on Overclocking
Overclocking past 1.46G with a 1.1G
Unlocking XP tomorrow. Opinions wanted.