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Auto core voltage
AMD system for CAD.....
1.4 Tbirds not even stable at 1540? Need your help..
XP1600+ stuck at 147
Help a AMD'r out =)
T-bird Vs XP Vs Slugehammer
Finally something good to post...
help!!!! athlonxp bridge screw up!!!!
Unlocking w/pencil - what kind of pencil?
I finally got the chip i was looking for.
Unlock Xp? I Think I've Found The Ultimate Material!
Athlon XP 1400MHz won't unlock.
Cpu doesn´t post again!
why do they call xp's larger than their size(sorry for the stupid Q)
Athlon MP 1800 is it unlocked?
mod CPU or mobo?
Amd Overclocking Trubles...
OEM or Retail???
Best Athlon XP overclocker out there?
Understanding XP?
Quick question about Duron 600
YEEHAW!!! Duron Success
next athlon
XP giveaway mobo
1.8 Ghz Thunderbird?
Which upgrade?
Athlon XP 1800+ steppings....
L1 Pencil trick
Will the Athlon XP 1800+ be the final XP or will it go on?
Mp Vs Xp
Chech 'n Chong - Up in smoke...
1.4 bird finally stable at 1600
overclocked duron, my boot-up changes
Can you OC a K6-2 ?
How far can I OC an Athlon 1.4
No OC on XP1800
I'm a happy camper - 1.2 at 1.335
Whats the best cpu i can get for my motherboard?
What is blue film on core of new 1.4 Ghz processor???
Abit KG7-Raid Overclocking
Got my Athlon Bezels Today!
1GHz Duron vs 1GHz Athlon
i never thought i would see this!!!
can get higher
Help. I think I fried my Duron :(
Just a stepping clarification?!
This stepping doesnt sujck as much as everyone says!
question on spacers.
Weird !
To those running an Athlon XP on an Iwill KK266/-R....I NEED YOUR HELP
1.0 AXIA vs. 1.2 AXIA
AXP final verdict
duron 750 cant go higher than 850
does anyone know the website to find out where the next AMD tour?
XP Giveaway at Minneapolis
default multiplier
Hammer full reviews!!
FSB vs Multiplier, What is Better?
athlon help
why did my 1.4 fry?
XP vs Athlon Temps
ok im confused now.
Athlon XP and Sandra Scores
XP TBird does not burn up!
Case Badge web page
"Warning! 3,3V+ Out of..."
ConfigMG errors
What's the concencus on XP mobos
Athlon XP
newbie first time oc duron 850...help!!!
A Lucky escape...
New to AMD.
Can I win the XP CPU online?
Athlon XP 1800+ without PITS!!
ClawHammer I want one!
Question for someone with the EP-8k7a+
Trace Tape for XP's!
Idea on how to unlock the XP
You have to sand down above the L1 contacts to unlock the XPs!?
Overclocking Duron
how to.... :D
Next AMD giveaway.....
1.2ghz T-bird Locked? or Unlocked?
Unlocking XP 1700+
Quick duron/voltage question
cpu for asus mb k7v-rm
FSB and Multipliers
Anyone have a 1700 xp?
to XP or not to XP
Unlocking XP
Silly Puddy with trace tape for the XP L1 Bridges!?!
Is it worth the upgrade and money?
t-bird, xp, mp???
AthlonXP 2000+ This Year?
AMD 1.2 booting up at 900Mhz
What's the normal Tbird 1gHz vCore?
What's so special about MPs?
voltage settings
Where to find a morgan?
FINALLY got 1.4 GHz
Why do dogs get mad when you blow in their face, but they stick their heads out cars?
BIOS Multiplier Message ???
FSB or Total MHz ?
i think i fried it
Xp Model 1500
Why would you want to connect the athlonxp bridges?
Old Athlon
finished Vmod
Is The Thunderbird 1.4/266 Locked
Athlon XP 1500+ Heat output
Krazy Glue - Fill in pits on 1600+
AMD K6/2 oc help
amd model 1800MP on pricewatch for 293 each!
My first overclock
bravo amd!
How far could an XP 1800+ o/c???
Fan got wrapped up, and my processor got smoked! ahh!
AthlonXP 1900+ & Duron 1.2GHz soon!
MPs and XPs?
Won't boot sometimes when I o/c! ???
Help Help Help!!!
All XP's locked?
have i burned my cpu?
No Heat sink fan, no Problem!!
ASHHA 9 (stepping code)
i just chipped off the corner of my tbird
L7 Connecting
Ver simple Quetsion
K6-III better bench w/o any more OC
Watercooling or new processor....
Increasing the DIMM vcore
Will the MP 1800..
amd duron 750
ACK!! Help!!
how far
Benchmarking W2K
Ahtlon XP on Abit KT7 can be done
When is AMD giving away XPs in Austin
Nonconductive material to fill in gaps of Athlon XP
I've got my deffoger, now what?
Unlocking the Athlon XP 1800+
Purchasing 1.4Ghz AMD..........new power supply???
FSB and PSU ???
how to o/c 1.3
i need an answer quick please!!
OC Newbie... need advice
My 2.5V reading shows very low - I will KK266+R
What should I expect of of this CPU
xp give away is online now! do it
My cpu fried....please help
AMD 700Mhz Duron
Please help with CPU/Windows
AMD-K7 750 single slot-A can it be OC
k6-2+ overclocking
XP 1600+ in my A7V Classic- a no brainer
Need some help
stuck at 1.5..HELP!!!!!
what would you buy right now?
Question on Vcore setting!!
Athlon XP 1600+
Temp of YOUR Amd
Xp-kt7a Werks!!!!!!
New to the forum
FSB Speed for T-Bird
what would you rather have with your XP?
WHat is Alpha EV6 bus
Xp 1800+
FSB question
is this stepping any good?
locked? unlocked?
Xp + A7m266?
Warenty Question
Just installed my new Athlon XP 1700+ (1.47gigs for us old-timers)
Does K6-2 have a L2 Cache?
1200 but not 1300?
Did anyone else win anything in Chicago?
good duron?
Proud new 1800+XP owner!
althonXP's over 1.533ghz?
XP 1800 update
Stepping code
AMD Bezel Sticker Codes
Can I use AMD xP 1500 with A7V133?
Unlocked my XP 1800
The "Hammer"
where to buy a socket/s
1400@1580@1.9v Dare I go higher?
L1 Bridges...will this work?
Athlon XP Giveaway in Chicago 10/17
Are Palomino's just DISABLED Athlon MP's???
Pencil trick worked, but then....
1.33 ghz Rebooting on its own :P
Will Xp cpu work on 8kha, or do i need new BIOS
AMD AXIA 1000 on ASUS a7a266
Hola.. a little help?
Question about upping vCore /w no FSB increase...
Mmmmmm.... P
time to overclock?
Are some 1ghz Durons not Morgan based?
What gives...
" XP 1800+ " I am impressed [or easily impressed]
How to unlock the XP cpu's?
Amd Xp Tour
nothin for me from philly =(
idea about xp
AthlonXP1500 with Iwill KK266plus-r
Overclocking glitch ?
1.4 Need help with O.C questions..
overclocking my amd 1000mhz
cpuid stepping code
stepping codes
AMD CPU and Mobo Suggestions
amd tbird temp
Where to get stepping of my CPU?
have i hurt my 1.4?
Everyone should see this
Here what i did with my Athlon 1200...
Vcore detection problems
Tekram K7KX-A
What psu do you need for a dual XP system??
Questions about Vcore!!
give me some hints plz
Stupid XP's
Thunderbird 850 (new to overclocking)
1400-266 Chips Unlocked?
1100mhz Thunderbird and Abit KT7-RAID Success???
getting to the L1's
can anyone tell me how to overclock my AMd k6/2 400 (dont laugh)
266 Fsb?
Guys I have a prolbem
Connecting L7 Bridges - no 1.85vcore?
Need Help Bad
Rebadged CPU? Defective Mobo? Or just plain old? (long question))
Better image quality with AMD than with Intel?
AMD Athlon question about FSB and GFD
OCZ's got XPs for cheaper than anywhere(and the 2000)
Question w/ athlon Xp
Happy...Happy Overclock results
XP 1800+ and vcore...how much is too much??
What would u do?
XP 1800 Cooling...Whats Best?...discuss
AMD 1.2 Asus A7M266
Processor Crash
Please Help! Amd Xp!!
Unlocking the XP
help please - re amd 1.4g and KT7a raid
Amd K6 Iii
Voltage mod beyond 1.65Ghz?
New XP: trace tape effective?
Athlon so cheap
EGG ON MY FACE.."Can't Overclock Prob Solved"
Athlon Xp on 100 Mhz mobo's
Just installed Athlon XP 1800! Is it unlocked? I can overclock!
Please, Please help me with my XP1800+and Epox 8K7A+...
amd 1000 w/k7t limted edition
Athlon XP Question
AMD K6 233MHz
Where is the nice TBird pic with all the codes explained?
Can Help me with my XP markings?
A question on the new Athlon XP's
XP in da hoouuusseee!!!
XP PR Madness
AthlonC1.4 strange Voltage and Temps...
XP vs TB vs K7... which one wins
T-Bird 1.4 or 1.5XP?
AMD Data Corruption (Win 2000 users must read )
Descent cooling with Swiftech MCX370
Its Alive !!
How can I tell if my Slot A Athlon is .18 or .25?
AMD TB 1.4 AYHJA 9 can o/c how high?
Please somebody HELP me.....Anyone...
Alright, I'm finaly going to do it!---DISABLE MY L2 CACHE TO REACH 800mhz!!!!
Should I up my voltage?
Where are they?
burn in programs
Where can I find a GFD for the old Slot A Athlons
Get my AthlonXP 1800 tommorow
What site for diagram of T-Bird unlock?
What are these "grand canyons" on AthlonXP's?
AMD increased 15 additional cities for their giveaway tour,
Question on increasing Vcore
unlocking an athlon
OC Thb 1400MHz
sandra scores
? about 1.4
Whens the Athlon XP NYC Tour ?
Athlon XP
K6-2 overclocking?
Why doesn't AMD just make a 2000mhz?
Help on overclocking the AMD!!
Stupid question
What do I need to know when overclocking?
Amd XP question
1.4 Athlon Help
Athlon XP advice
100fsb v.s 133fsb
The grave honor of having the 1st XP keychain
The screensavers / AthlonXP review
little hlep with identifing my CPU
Seems theg KX133 ChipS has some hidden goodies and new thermal "Guop"
1.33 @ 1656Mhz
Athlon XP hits UK shores!
AMD stickers?
System upgrading
Is there a program to see if my chip is AXIA???
My Overclock
Recommendations please
Does the Athlon XP support PC-2700???
Questions for AMD@1400 only!!!
Is this a good 1,4Ghz processor to overclock?
1.4 athlon will it run good on a 300 watt psu?
HELP! Whats the failure?
My AMD@1400 can't be overclocked???
Athlon XP 2000
Duron 1GHz
1.2 classic t-bird..../
1.4 at 1.575
Win 2k will not boot... =(
Free XPs??
overclocking my duron 750
Overclocking with my mobo
Would burning in help me get 133 FSB?
Athlon 1.4 stuck at 1.575!! Wan't 1.6!!!
Call me a n00b then!
AMD 1.4 266 FSB w/ ABIT KG-7 Raid MB Questions
Won't get over 1 GHz
How are the new AMD processors?
Duron 900 won't do 133 FSB!
OC help
Max Speed...?!?
Help! Trouble overclocking FSB
Slot A to Socket A???
prime95 errors
Athlon Xp Locked
stepping question
New record with my K6-III (Short though)
Jammed below 115MHz FSB!
Why doesn't my system start up?
Removing the plate off K6-III CPU.
Still stuck at 138Mhz fsb
Can someone give me a quick overclocking rundown?
1.33 @ 1.53Ghz Been working for 2 months now starting to freeze ??
Duron 1GHz
Jumper Settings
AXIA "K" Stepping Any Good?
NEED HELP! overclocking gone bad!
good XP 1800 overclocking info at link pretty pictures too.
How should I overclock my CPU?
1.4 = 1.4 = not stable???
Upgrading Dual Systems - What To Get?
Stuck at 1.1Ghz Grrr..
1800 Xp Vs. 1.4 T Bird
Building Duron System in Spring...Suggestions on this setup? and future network
is this real!?!?!?!?!
Stuck at 138Mhz front side bus!
New Stepping Eyhja
1800 and 1700 NEW XP's stepping AGHA-Y, thay look awesome!!
Amd Athlon XP?
Chipped my Tbird Core- Am I done?
Whooo hoo!! My 1.33 @1507!!
Anyone OC the new EYHJA stepping??
cant overclock...AGAIN!!!
Yahoo first real overclock
Underclocking project...
help my new system will not boot up!
Palominos locked pencil trick wont work.
Stepping Code 1.4
info on duron code
Unlock Overclock!
1.4Ghz Athlon came unlocked?
The "Z" Stepping
1.4athlon and M7VKD please help! if u own this mobo
new palominos
ocing 1.4 tbird question
Strange but true...
over clocking duron helP!!
AXIA-K .... good, bad or what?
Approaching 1.7GHZ Wahoooo!!!!
Help me with this problem..
Looking for an AthlonXP
OCing a k6 266
Duron O/C
Come on.. Why dont they just..
LOL, they took Athlon XP off of pricewatch
How can I change the A7M-266 Multiplier?
why would anyone do this?
Duron 1100 overclocking...
overclocking with multiplier and......
Palomino question . . .
help to O/C athlon
AMD duron overclocking
Athlon XP or TBird 1.4?
Duron 750 using 133 bus?
Help!!! I've lost the papers to my GFD! Help me find which brand I have!
Athlon XP help
Athlon vs Dremel ->how to make a hole?
I have an Evergreen Spectra AMD 400 upgrade in gateway P166XL: More speed?
The right direction?
overclocking a AMD
New 1500mhz athlon xp on price watch
I want FULL Load ....
pricing for Athlon XP
Shims or not
MBM5 and CPU idle
Probs with Tbird 1200/266
Shorter CPU life
Correction, it was an EYHJA!
stuck at 1.5..HELP!!!!!
What to do... situation not good.
Athlon CPU unlocking multiplier with conductive pen
cpu multiplier
Getting my AMD 900 higher.
Stable Overclock Setting
Core letters and numbers
200 @ 233 Fsb ???
AMD fights back with the Duron 1.1GHz
CPU stepping Any good????
L1 bridges ??
Overclocking K6-III
Reboots while gaming!
is anyone getting this?
What should I get?
Palomino vs MP
My first system (pending) specs...any advice?
Overclocking system bus
Raising the VCore ???
what is stepping ?????????????????
Which is the better for OC,ing
BIOS upgrade made the Diffrence!
VIO increase ?
Pencil Trick Problems
Stability and a K6-III Q.
Finally have my glass ceiling - for now
advice on CPU upgrade
AMD wont overclock....
AMD wont overclock!!!!
My 850@1000 ,Buyin a duron? read this.
Amd 1200 @ 900
overclocking my Duron 950
What fans are best for cpu cooling?
AYHJA Stepping Code
EHYJ 1.4G Athlon stepping?
AMD k7 help
something is wrong....
Athlon limitations?
Which is the best stepping, chip for OC'n? T-Bird wise...
duron 600 wont go over 700
Amd roadmap (past)
Is this a good deal???????????????
vcore gettin dangerous
difference between unlokking L1 and oc with software like CPUcool
Probably a stupid qustion but
Unlocking athlon
Hi im a n00b to overclocking plz help!!
Is this a good overclock for a 1.33 ??
Palomino Info!
pencil fading...how to tell?
Asus A7V266 and AMD 1.4Ghz 266Mhz AYHJA good combo?
OC : 1.49 Ghz VS 1.47 Ghz (1.47 is faster ?)
Got full CPU steppings, any good?
Strange fan noises
new to AMD
not sure where it belongs to
lower it
problem 1.2ghz athlon posting at 1.0ghz
What to connect the L1 bridge with??
athlon stepping code anygood?
what is the point of burning-in?
Bandwidth challenged Athlons
A few questions about the Palominos.
CPU mark99 scores
Did i ruin my Core on my AMD?
L7 Bridge Question??
"Leave all L1 connections open to overclock by bridges?"
ummm....what did i do?!?!
AMD Tbird 1.4 AYHJA Y How to overclock
Bios Checksum error.