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CPU overheating...
Cant overclock AMD X4 B50...
Athlon II X3 445 L3 Cache Unlock
Curious how your rig matches up to other OCF people's? Read me!
[O/C]Biostar TA890FXE Motherboard Review
how to over clock amd x2 250
AMD AM3 motherboard with mini-iTX?
OC help please!
critique my parts choices
PII x3 overclock
Why is my Phenom II X4 955 so slow?
Is there any reason to get the 1090TBE over the 955BE?
m4a785m/phenom 9850 combo
How hard would it be to get a 955be TO 4.0GHZ 24/7
Upgrade Time
AM2+ in AM2 motherboard?
Bulldozer Bull
Phenom x2 550 vs Athlon x3 445
Phenom II X3 vs Athlon II X4
phenom 2 overclocking
I just want my rig to be normal :(
Phenom II 955 no OC with Gigabyte GA-790FXT-UD5 - OVERHEATING
New PC build soon - Comments ?
965 BE + Corsair H50 High Temps
Opteron 165 Temps/OC
1090T safe voltage ranges for these frequencys?
Good AMD CPU + Mobo for less than <$200
First OC 965 BE
Phenom 555BE vs 965BE Performance&OCing
First OC / AMD Athlon 64 X2 BE-2300 / Need Help
[O/C]More Details on AMD Bulldozer - Hot Chips Presentation
[O/C] AMD's Bulldozer - New Info from AMD with Hot Chips to Follow
Bulldozer info
Overclocking 955BE
AMD 64x2 5400+ Good or bad for OC?
AMD A64 X2 6000+
Overclocking Amd Athlon x2 64 5000+ ?
my voltage is changing drastically in Cpu-z!
1090T Overlock-Voltage Question
My first OC! Phenom II x6...
955 declocking under load
Phenom II 550BE overclock question
which does this sound like cpu or board??
1090T differnce in cpu / core temps
Athlon 2400+ OC
stable @ 4.0GHz, but overheats at full load!
Help/advice Overclocking unlocked Phenom II X2 555 (B55)
OCing Athlon II x2 250 advice
Why are Intel CPUs better then AMDs at lower clock speeds?(Cinebench)
OC new 1055T rig help
Sempron 140 vs my Opteron 165
LLC question + Turbo core question
AMD Phenom II X6 T1055 OC help
athlon II x3 445 core unlock (beginner) HELP!
Bulldozing until bulldozer?
Question about the AMD Phenom II x4 965
ocing for the first time
Can you overclock a AMD Phenom II 945 x4 3ghz
C3 Revisions at Newegg?
How the hell did this guy get 4.2 with this vcore?!?!
Budget Build Need Help.
Hmmm, is there any issues?
1090t overclock issues
AMD Phenom II 945 X4 First Time OC
AMD X2 250 Overclocking help
Revision on 1055t?
understanding OC attempt??? Info please
AMD Phenom x4 9850 Black Edition OC
OCing pII x3 720 x4 20 with asus m4a89gtd pro usb3 HELP
How to lower voltage??
New AMD CPUs coming out next month, unlock to a hex-core?
Good performance increase but.....HELP
My First OC'ing adventure : Phenom I x4 9650
955BE High idle temps
Prime95 and Core Temp?
AMD Sempron 140 OC help
Crashing, not reaching max temps?
What socket will the bulldozer and bobcat be?
PSU limitations when overclocking?
Help Oc Amd Phenom x4 9650
shooting for 4.2 on air, need a little help!
Ganged or unganged?
Performance Loss - 905e Vs 945
Best stress testing/stability testing software?
Voltages for Overclocking a Phenom 965 B.E.
Core Speed +Multiplier halved whilst playing games :(
ready for a new build
Disabling Turbo on ASUS M4A89TP PRO
955 low volts @ load?
Please help me get my phenom II 955 temp lower!
4 or 6?
Phenom II 940BE High Tempatures
Next gen of AMD processors? (discussion and speculation)
AMD Apu fusion?
Any adjustments?
Is it ok the leave the CPU exposed without heatsink?
Help OC my 5600+
Athlon II x2 250 overclocking
Hot Chips 2010
Should i buy now or later?
Best way to clean off thermal paste?
955 4.0Ghz IBT unstable
Get this system?
Help OC Phenom II X4 945
is AM2+ Outdated? does 2000mhz ddr3 help phenom ii?
help overclocking 1090t with this FX chipset
Y/N on my AMD Quad build
Athlon II x3 440 troubles
Unlocking AMD Athlon X2 5000+
How safe is it to push the x6 1090T past 4.0?
Opteron 150 or 64 x2 5200 on a Crap ECS Board
1055T or 955
[O/C]Performance Numbers Leaked on AMD's Ontario
Help - I want to get my 1090T to 4 Ghz
OCCT and AMD overdrive errors on two different CPUs?
Slow core
Finally stable but am i running safe?
phenom II 555 idle temp
Athlon X4 635 vs Phenom II x6 1055
Overclocking the Athlon II x4
supper cheap upgrade
Phenom II 945 OC help?
Only see one core in dual core processor :(
Thuban P-state and you; ie why can't I overclock this POS
AMD Phenom II 1090T + CrossHair IV Formula Overclocking
Windows 7, Unrecongized CPU
Athlon II Code ??
Is this acheiveable?
Thuban delidded (on XS)
Undervolting PII 945 Is This Safe
Crap...HSF pulled out CPU
Need some advice on buying a new processer and other things.
Move to a 1090T?
Incorrect termperature readings on Phenom II x2 555BE Unlocked?
Unlocked Phenom II x2 555 BE - 4th core defective?
Athlon 3500+@3.5gig and want more
need help to stabilize 1090t @ 4.0 Ghz
Max safe Voltage allowed on 955BE w/ C3 stepping
1090t 4Ghz + 2000mhz ram!
Phenom 1090t BE Stock info..
black screen of death
Over clocking my 955 BE C2
Help me overclock
Phenom II X6 Won't overclock
955 vs 965
blend unstable at stock
which better ???
new cpu advice
AMD 1090T won't stay stable
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Trying to OC Athlon 64 FX-62
Practical methodology
Help needed unlocking AMD Phenom II 555 BE cores
Stuck at 3.7 with Phenom II 955 C2
Athlon 630
First AMD Fusion chip brought forward to Q4 2010
Newb question about HT Link and NB frequency
x4 965 4ghz
Help Overclocking my Athlon 630
Turion II vs Athlon II
Amd opteron 248he
Phenom x4 965 BE Help!
Athlon64 X2 5600+ temp with ceramique
How do you unlock cores ONE-BY-ONE?
AMD X4 955 95Watt
Need some help
Undervolting (again)
Cant see core temps
Testing 1090T + NH-D14 (Crosshair IV Formula)
AMD 720 Black Question
New rig seeking advice
If i sold my computer to my mate? how much should i charge?
[Overcloking] Phenom II x4 905e
1.46 volts at 3792 ghz on my cpu...advise needed?
Am3 in Am2?
1055T @ 6GHz+?
Which AMD Quad should I keep?
overclocking help please im a AMD newb
New 1090t 4ghz funbox
Debating between these two!
965 OC help/questions
how much performance gain would one see from upgrading to a amd 1055t frm.......
x4 955 C3 / x4 965 C3
Help with choosing between processors; motherboards
Are these temps normal for my cpu?
My 1055T OC Temps/Voltages
Overclocking question!
Phenom II Unlocking and Overclocking- weird behavior
[O/C] Core Temp Released
Best thermal compound for core contact cooler
So i want a new processor..
huge vcore spike in OCCT graph
Phenom II X4 955 thermal throttling issues
Best CPU for socket AM2 motherboard?
20C difference between my cores...
AMD Phenom II X2 550 Callisto 3.1GHz‎ unlocked and Oc'd to Phenom II X4 Deneb 3
Phenom II x4 940 (AM2+) BSOD everytime
Just Won A 555
what is maximum voltage for amd phenom II x3 720?
Max Voltages?
BSOD's when EVERYTHING is at stock.
need some help with UNLOCKED athlon II X3 445
So, what do you guys think?
My new pc, cpu testing
Amd 1055t Stepping
CPU for blu-ray playback
965BE 4.0ghz happy dance time!
ARMA 2 update to use more cpu cores
How do i make my 965 and 8 gigs of 1600 mhz snappier?
Thinking of replacing my CPU
New 955BE core voltage and temps too high?
what the hell just happened!?
Beginner Over Clocker
Trying to get my cpu up to 2.5 and beyond stable.
phenom II 1055T build @ 4ghz
Need some help...
Multi tasking cpu
Cross-Compatibility with AM3 in AM2 Socket?
Anyone done any Wprime 1.55 runs on their 1090T?
Phenom II too hot?
AMD x6 Comparable to...
Is My Opteron Holding Me Back?
(URGENT) Voltage for a...
1090T upgrade from 965BE?
Phenom II X4 965 temps?
955BE running hot with Hyper 212+
1090t Question
1090T which is the real temp?
1090T - Asus Crosshair IV - Only 4 cores
Questions about Dell Studio XPS 7100 w/ Phenom II x6 1055t
is it really necessary to buy 3rd party cooler for Phenom II 965
Max temp?
whats keeping me from 4ghz?
CPU gets REALLY hot with an awsome cooler and thermal paste :(
The complete OC analysis of AMD Phenom II X6 1090T on ASUS Crosshair IV Form
P2 555 not unlocking after BIOS update
New CPU/Mobo/Maybe RAM Suggestion
Cpu question!
X6 Overclock limits
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ (windsor) overclocking
New system and another 1090t for the board to drool on
URGENT- Vcore Setting.. help
550 watt PSU for Phenom II 965
new build!
help me choose a cpu and mobo
overclocking 965 take two
Stability issues
Overclocking question for clarification
New to OCing.
Lost a core
CPU Bottlenecking System?
THUBAN + Temp monitoring
which pc component to get?
Amd Athlon II x630 can u advice me ?
Help Overclocking Phenom II X4 B55 (X2 555 unlocked).
Getting around 38 FPS while playing GTA VI with my setup, is this right?
965 Temps?
Athlon II Results
PhenomIIx4 core unlock Vs x6
Computer Turns off before Windows Help!
Help with AMD Overclocking please.
Phenom II recommendations?
1055T or 1090T
CPU Clocking issue?
NB Frequency
Very strange issue, FSB defaults to 200 when in windows.
ACC discoveries
Amd 965 BE Overclocking Last time b4 I give up..
Model numbers matching and CPU upgrade
Getting New Toys Tomorrow May OC again?
Testing 1090T + Noctua NH-D14
Noob with X2 550BE and Asus A485TD-V EVO, basic questions
Phenom II x3 720 over II x4 965? Use the saved cash for better vid card
Please post here if your motheboard died with a Phenom II X6
Got my Dynatrn Genius AM3 cooler! WOW! But 1 problem
New Rig and I want to OC it.
955 oc problem
x4 B55 result and feedback please
Getting 55C max on 1090T at 3.6 Ghz. Any way to get more Ghz?
Troublesome voltages?
Phenom II X6 vs. Core i7
Did I fry my CPU?
Just built my new system! Couple of questions please!
Help Overclocking Amd athlon x3 435
cant stable Phenom II 920
Sempron 2200+ Overclock
2 cores or 4?? can anyone clear this up for me lol
Need help amd +3000
Hi, im new and need some advice (965BE)
I seem to have bought something
Noob - OC'ing AMD Phenom 9500 (Agena)
Sempron LE-1250
Previous Intel...Please Advise
New to OC...Pls Help!!
unlock the memory controller?
I think the 1090T is really a 3.6 Ghz CPU
Error in calculation test
64bit vs 32bit
AMD CPUs Ultimate Sticky Thread
1090T - Its Arrived & Installed
Overclocking Athlon X2 240
need help OC'ing AMD Athlon ii x3 440
New to OCing, Help on 1090T Please
720 BE on new board OC Questions
AMD demos low-power Fusion APU running Aliens vs. Predator
AMD Athlon socket AM3 with Socket AM2 motherboard
Worst flippin problem ever...
I need some tips on overclocking
CPU Temps AMD Athlon64 4000+
Urgent: Extreme Overheating
Phenom II x4 965 is underclocked and wont overclock?
X2 550 unlocking issues
New system... Which Memory to pick?
cheapest place to get a 1090T in the UK?
GA-890GPA-UD3H and Gskill memory timing issue
AMD Athlon X2 245 2.9
no cpu temp?
i think i nuked my cpu dont nuke yours
OCing Phenom II 965 BE
Cpu compatability
Voltage fluctuation
Do these numbers look good for X6 1055T?
Where to adjust CPU-NB voltage?
question about athalon II vs phenom II
Black Edition benefits?
New to Overclocking, just bought X6 1055T, Help!
Phenom unlock - batch? stepping?
Is there a CAS lower limit for a 955 C3?
1055T @ 20C via CoreTemp - really?
Dolk's 1090T
O/C Athlon XP help!
Best cooling for a Pheom II X4 965?
Just rescued an AMD Athlon from 1999
Fresh Meat: I'm Fresh off the Intel Boat, Help Me!
athelon 2 x2
Newest Power and Thermal Data Sheet
Memory Hole remaping
I'm terrible at OC'ing
HELP-Fresh Install, 1055T/Win7 64
AMD Phenom II X4 965 vs AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
Hows my OC?
Need help figuring out if thuban is right for me.
bsod after overclock
Did I potentially fry my 1055T CPU?
5050e overclocking
Can I trust ASUS Probe II for my core temp?
PII X3 720 BE - Poor Overclock?
1090t 21526 Vantage Score!
2000+ temps?
Opinion on CPU\NB and HT Link settings
Is it me or is the phenom 1090T alot more cool running then the X4's
1090t overclocking-I think I hit the limit
Will YOU help me troubleshoot?
[O/C]Overclockers: The Reason AMD Withdrew the X4 960T?
Is it a good Temp or a bad Temp?
955 CnQ question
OC'ing Problems
Where is the multiplier adjustment in my bios?
X2 555 BE & Prime95
semi-newbie with overheated 955BE....help me please
whats the difference?
Athlon 64 3200+ & Asus A8v
Overclocking, Hardware & Everquest 2 FPS
Want to be known and famous at Overclockers.com ?
1055T Build - Need MB suggestions.
Safe Voltages vs temps?
1090T + Crosshair IV voltage on air
Can AOD settings be saved to Bios
Need some help
help OC x3 425
3700+ SanDiego Upgrade
help please... im a newbie here... thanks
Question about OC amd athlon64 3200+ 2.00 ghz 939 socket
AMD Propus 620
Is there a list....?
amd phenom 2 x4 955 misbehaving
Low score for my Phenom x4 940 on 3dmark06?
if anyone can help
Stock prime error
7750 Kuma BE giving me problems
AMD BlackOps! TEAM FINLAND ON 5/2/2010 12PM CST!
Help AMD Junkies
2 5770 + 1090T poor vantage score
4.1GHz 1090t... now what?
Who's still running skt 939 in their main rig?
$50.00 more dollars to spend, x6 or Motherboard?
my 965...update
brand new to overclocking, help please?
[O/C]AMD Black Ops Event - Today at 12 Noon CST
Amd x4 965 black ed.
[O/C]AMD SB850 Southbridge in Limited Supply
Heat difference between 965 c2 and 1055T
1090T + Crosshair IV on the torture bench
My 1090t's First Run.
AMD Overclocking How-To
[O/C]AMD Phenom II X6 Processors Review Roundup
New x6 build - questions
AMD Phenom II X6 OC Charts
Black Ops
Hold out before buying am3?
630 Athlon IIx4 Cpu-V And Nb ?
Athlon II X2 2.9GHz vs Phenom II X2 3.2GHz
Just unlocked a core
asus m4a89gtd and crucial ballistix
AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Processor HDT90ZFBGRBOX
AM3 quad or dual core for HTPC?
overclocking a athlon II x4...
5 core chances
how much arctic silver 5 on my phenom ii?
Amd 965 4.2 ghz stable!!!
FX-60 Overclocking
AMD Phenom II X6 Six Core 1055T
regor 240 oc help
Problem with first 2 cores
Buy Used PII 945 Turns Out Its A Black Edition
thoughts on oc?
overclocking athlon620/Phenom555
AMD's revenue for the first quarter of 2010
12 core Opterons out on newegg!
Overclocking my cpu tommorow advice
What's the better Overclocker? San Diego or Claw Hammer?
Phenom II X6
955 BE at 3.7ghz should i go further?
AMD Shows Profit, But Shares Fall Slightly, Losing Ground To INTEL!
Help with overclocking Acer AMD laptop
Killing the AMD Phenom II 940!
Have AMD Uk Prices Shot Up Recently????
AMD c3 965BE OC config & Volts advice
AMD O/C problem
Phenom II X6 1090T Overclocked to 6.29Ghz
AMD Phenom II x4 955 Black is overclocked, next the RAM?
What sort of speed should I be aiming for?
Seeking good all around AM3 board.
Trying to overclock a Opteron 165 and failing:/
955 BE and stock cooling
New to OCing.
Question about overclocking my Phenom II X4
AMD Phenom II 955 Low Test Score
Phenom 2 X4 965 Black wattage question
Difference between AMD CPU processors?
SuperPi Competition is Under Way!
Phenom II IMC weaker than we think?
955 stability issues
AMD Athlon II X3 435 Rana 2.9GHz Calling itself a Phenom??
1090TBe PreOrder at Fry's.
AMD Phenom Quad-Core 9500 overheats?!
AMD Athlon 2850e
AMD Sempron 140
Overclockers.com Benching Team SuperPi Competition!
Core Unlocker?
help with stability issues
Athlon X2 250 3.6 need help up to 3.8 please
OK im ready to do this
9550 Vs 925 Vs 945
Looking to upgrade from a 7850 to a cheapish quad..
Which is best?
Where is Amd?
Phenom II 965 Running slow?
CPU upgrade
Need help! AMD Dual-Core 7750 BE
Cpu Clock Chaning Depending On Load Why?
Athlon ii x3 440
Phenom Overheating or Not?
Going Intel
What temps to monitor?
New to OCF guys
720 BE OEM and Phenom II general Q's
Phenom unstable for games
AMD Launches Opteron 6000 Series 8 - 12 Core Processors
Phenom II X3 720BE/AMD790/HD 4850. This dragon isn't flying yet...
AMD Mid-end MB with Phenom II X4 910e OC Review
Hope for air-cooling my Phenom II TWKR?
Unknown Phenom II TWKR on my hands?
Going for 4.2+ghz need help
S-939 ?? Manchester 512KB L2 vs Denmark 1MB L2
Athlon II X2 245 vs. Athlon 64 3700+?
Will these voltage fluctuations dmg my cpu over time?
Amd 965
Socket A..
955 or 965?
help overclocking phenom ii x3 550
Help with Athlon XP 2500+ please?
X2 240 Overclcock
Bottleneck anywhere??
What to expect from a 965?
Temperature spiking on Phenom II 940 BE ?
AMD Athlon64 4400 2.2 ghz dual-core?
"Propus" X4 vs. "Rana" X3: Why still 95W?
AMD 2010 - Whats Coming Next I'm Lost?
Whenever I OC, I get artifacts, 2 sec freeze, and restart?