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1.4 = 1.4 = not stable???
Upgrading Dual Systems - What To Get?
Stuck at 1.1Ghz Grrr..
1800 Xp Vs. 1.4 T Bird
Building Duron System in Spring...Suggestions on this setup? and future network
is this real!?!?!?!?!
Stuck at 138Mhz front side bus!
New Stepping Eyhja
1800 and 1700 NEW XP's stepping AGHA-Y, thay look awesome!!
Amd Athlon XP?
Chipped my Tbird Core- Am I done?
Whooo hoo!! My 1.33 @1507!!
Anyone OC the new EYHJA stepping??
cant overclock...AGAIN!!!
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Underclocking project...
help my new system will not boot up!
Palominos locked pencil trick wont work.
Stepping Code 1.4
info on duron code
Unlock Overclock!
1.4Ghz Athlon came unlocked?
The "Z" Stepping
1.4athlon and M7VKD please help! if u own this mobo
new palominos
ocing 1.4 tbird question
Strange but true...
over clocking duron helP!!
AXIA-K .... good, bad or what?
Approaching 1.7GHZ Wahoooo!!!!
Help me with this problem..
Looking for an AthlonXP
OCing a k6 266
Duron O/C
Come on.. Why dont they just..
LOL, they took Athlon XP off of pricewatch
How can I change the A7M-266 Multiplier?
why would anyone do this?
Duron 1100 overclocking...
overclocking with multiplier and......
Palomino question . . .
help to O/C athlon
AMD duron overclocking
Athlon XP or TBird 1.4?
Duron 750 using 133 bus?
Help!!! I've lost the papers to my GFD! Help me find which brand I have!
Athlon XP help
Athlon vs Dremel ->how to make a hole?
I have an Evergreen Spectra AMD 400 upgrade in gateway P166XL: More speed?
The right direction?
overclocking a AMD
New 1500mhz athlon xp on price watch
I want FULL Load ....
pricing for Athlon XP
Shims or not
MBM5 and CPU idle
Probs with Tbird 1200/266
Shorter CPU life
Correction, it was an EYHJA!
stuck at 1.5..HELP!!!!!
What to do... situation not good.
Athlon CPU unlocking multiplier with conductive pen
cpu multiplier
Getting my AMD 900 higher.
Stable Overclock Setting
Core letters and numbers
200 @ 233 Fsb ???
AMD fights back with the Duron 1.1GHz
CPU stepping Any good????
L1 bridges ??
Overclocking K6-III
Reboots while gaming!
is anyone getting this?
What should I get?
Palomino vs MP
My first system (pending) specs...any advice?
Overclocking system bus
Raising the VCore ???
what is stepping ?????????????????
Which is the better for OC,ing
BIOS upgrade made the Diffrence!
VIO increase ?
Pencil Trick Problems
Stability and a K6-III Q.
Finally have my glass ceiling - for now
advice on CPU upgrade
AMD wont overclock....
AMD wont overclock!!!!
My 850@1000 ,Buyin a duron? read this.
Amd 1200 @ 900
overclocking my Duron 950
What fans are best for cpu cooling?
AYHJA Stepping Code
EHYJ 1.4G Athlon stepping?
AMD k7 help
something is wrong....
Athlon limitations?
Which is the best stepping, chip for OC'n? T-Bird wise...
duron 600 wont go over 700
Amd roadmap (past)
Is this a good deal???????????????
vcore gettin dangerous
difference between unlokking L1 and oc with software like CPUcool
Probably a stupid qustion but
Unlocking athlon
Hi im a n00b to overclocking plz help!!
Is this a good overclock for a 1.33 ??
Palomino Info!
pencil fading...how to tell?
Asus A7V266 and AMD 1.4Ghz 266Mhz AYHJA good combo?
OC : 1.49 Ghz VS 1.47 Ghz (1.47 is faster ?)
Got full CPU steppings, any good?
Strange fan noises
new to AMD
not sure where it belongs to
lower it
problem 1.2ghz athlon posting at 1.0ghz
What to connect the L1 bridge with??
athlon stepping code anygood?
what is the point of burning-in?
Bandwidth challenged Athlons
A few questions about the Palominos.
CPU mark99 scores
Did i ruin my Core on my AMD?
L7 Bridge Question??
"Leave all L1 connections open to overclock by bridges?"
ummm....what did i do?!?!
AMD Tbird 1.4 AYHJA Y How to overclock
Bios Checksum error.
AMD K6-2 300Mhz w\ASUS SP97-V
1.2 @ 1.333 Need Help!!!
Oohh!!! Kr@p!!!!!!!!
unstable kt7e amd 1.2 at 133
Problems Overclocking?
Need Help
T-bird overclock... the hard way?
I'm cutting open L3 & L6 bridges now! Help! How deep should I go?
should i TRADE my duron 750 for a 600
thinking of upgrading
Ultra Noise ++ (new overclocker language !!!)
Turn of overheat alert in WinXP?
What is the highest amd Overclockis it 1.76 ghz
trade my duron 750 for a duron 600
1.4 Athlon Unlock
case temp?!
Multiplier switching back to default...in Windows?!
default voltage?????????
Ok CPU fried.....
Lockups tired of them!
unlocking th l1 bridges
Finaly unlocked >=)
My overclock please read
You may find wierder things in your cereal..but...
Trace Tape??
I got AXIA Y is that good?
1.33 AYHJA Y Vcore?
To buy or to wait ?
Help !! What did I do wrong?
only getting 900mhz out of my 1.2Ghz T'bird
duron 750 probz ... some help plz
Steeping in Duron
OCing ayhja 1.4 tbird
Duron overclock, 250watt over 400watt!
Micron buyibg AMD?
Any luck with...
Cant do anymore than 1500?
Prime 95!!!
is prime95 too sensitive?
Voltagemod on Iwill KK266-R doesn´t work
Sanda scores dropped ?
Newbie Question on Voltage
i already run my vcore at 2.0v
Finally hit 160FSB!
Duron's FSB
ARGA Athlon 1Ghz
What is a successful overclock?
Switched to AMD, Got my First OC....
Don't know if this has been shown yet...
How hot is to Hot...
the end
cutting the bridge
Look at this!!!
New Tipz to o/c AMD chip with window shutdown prob
Back in AMD-Land.. with a question
Help on overclocking the AMD!!
EPoX 8KTA3+ & 1.4 Athlon - grr Part 2
Urgent Problem
help ocing a 900 tbird
If I increase my Vio what does it do for an oc comp???
New member loking for adivce...
Something strange?
AthlonXP not found on AMD.com
Help With Overclocking Amd K62-475
Amd K6-2/333
Holy instability, batman!
DURON 700 Question(s)
Athlon's are in a O\C'ing slump
Have Prime 95 round off errors with my POS duron at High fsb
Classic athlon
So the most I can get is 50mhz?!?
A7V, Tbird 800, question about voltage
I/O Voltage...
My first OC
Athlon XP Question
OK OK, AMD AthlonXP overclocking with impressive results!
Newbie needs FSB help...
Finally getting a new processor for my modded A7A266....need suggestions.
AMD athlon processor with no heatsink, HELP
Black screen
Asus A7V 200 - 266 fsb, myth or not ?
Safe to OC?
Will this help stability?
how do i add a second power supply ?
Can't Get 1.2 to Run @266fsb????
Can you help with my mem timings?
MSI DDR boads and question
1.2 T-Bird AXIA w/ KT7
Would anyone mind telling me how to insert a pic in my post please?
Max supported CPU speed?
MSI K7 Master
Do these temps sound right?
need help with water cooling a 1.2 t-bird
Which Mobo to buy for a 1.4ghz Tbird?
EPoX 8kta3+ & 1.4 Athlon.. grrr
Price Advice
Official Welcome!
AMD 1Ghz ARGA stepping (highest overclock)
cooling for AMD1.4
Amd 1.4 System stablity on a nife edge
Heh folks, help me out here with some advice.
ayhja 1ghz 266fsb at 1510!
Dispointed in AMD
issues with 1.4/K7v dragon
Sisoft Sandra
Amd 1.4 And What Botherboard To Buy
800@900 unstable..
Overheating CPU
Temp raise I should expect...
New O/C running
L7 voltmod on this chip?
Seen this yet?
Voltmod Resistor to use with Iwill KK266
tcwo has the 1.4s for 108 shipped!
1.4 @ 158FSB and going
Do you need a Shim?
Can't get over 1 GHz...
Need help with slot a athlon
is this possible
CPU Serial Numbers after Installation
CPU load temps
my 1.33 won't go above 1.55 anymore!!
I just killed my 1ghz ayhja. I think it may be saved.
k71.4 200 or 266 fsb
the new steepig t.bird ASHHA 1 gig
Overclock my 1.4 to 1.6Ghz (Please help)!
Cpu Death
Some Questons (AMD)?!
Increasing VCORE on Asus A7M266
Need advice on Overclock
Comp wont OC...
Athlon T-bird 800 OC-ability
Just a FSB question...
About to overclock!help!
AMD 1.3@1.5 redundant power supply
kick a....
post or wcpuid shows correct speed ?
Which of my components are failing?
Duron 950 on an MSI K7T Turbo, overclockability?
Palomino question
I'm not quite sure how to insert the images in this messasge, So I'll attach them
unlocking the multiplier on a Duron?
Duron, T-Bird or Athlon?!
Big problems trying to run a 1.4 on an ECS K7VZA at RATED speed!
ayhja "9" at 1.53 want more
AMD 650Mhz Overclock
KT133M/Award Bios 6 & err.... OC'ing??
Overclocking 1.4GHZ Questions
Newbie needs some help with cooling!
FSB or Multiplier
Max O/C out of this config?
Bump up the voltage!
1.4 tbirds AYHJA Ys for 110 shipped and 2bucks goes to red cross for WTC too
Is there a tool to check a motherboard to see if its fried?
Dead Athlon, How Dead Do You Think????
Please HELP! Comp won't work! What did I DO!!!
3.6v safe?
Strange lockups 2 - Please HELP!
What happen?!?!
Amd Experts Help Newbie Build A Tbird System
CPUs overclockability...
Mouse skipping, sporadic hard drive! HELP
conectting the L1 bridge
How do i update bios using windows xp?
Is my 1200 Tbird a 200 or 266 fbs?
well lets see my L1 bridges are factory connected on my 1.4 t-bird
Ha got my 1.2 over 1.4 with default core voltage!
Hit the OC barrier too soon!?
Quick 2 word question
geez sooooo sorry!
Thermal Tape Removal
1.4 athlon really hot, nedd help!
Please explain "Axia" etc
Never take the Heatsink off your Athlon processor!
Duron backup?
Ambient Temperature Problem
1.4 ghz cooling
1.4 ghz cooling
Urgent - Need Help!
Amd question L1 bridges?
OCing a 1.2GHz AXIA T-bird
whats a good oc for an amd 1.4ghz?
Question about applying thermal compound
How to get higer Thb1400 as 1550MHz?
problems with overclocking
AMD processor roadmap
Athlon Classic question ?
1.4ayhja Y
hot,hot,hot! 1.2 t-bird
Palominos on KG7?
Strange lockups
Dual Processors
AMD FAQ.... read this first please
MOTHERBOARD(sorry to post here, but no one posts in the other forum)
Prime 95
NB needs help..
Good Temps for OC? (newbie)
Morgan at high FSB ?
Is this a dying CPU??
Help Me with a 1.4
Help <Revised>
MY OC'd Athlon T'bird
not a good day for oc'ing
Ugghh, feels good...
Tbird 850
Temperature Spikes
System Lockups?? HELP
How do you guys get such a low temp
How much would I be able to clock?
Duron 1Ghz = Morgan first CPU
Rectangle core???
I think I just fried my new AYHJA Y...
newbie needs help please!!
system warm up before boot?
Help identify my processer
Temperature problems!
I Need advise from the AMD oc kings...please.
Ripped of Stepping off CPU...
Not any faster?
AMD 1.4/266 fsb and Asus a7m266
Advise Please KT7A 1.4 unlocked L1's ??
AMD CPU core voltage help!!
Multipliers on A7M266
Voltages Wrong, Pleeze Help
How to set Bus Speed to 133MHz on KT7A Raid
nice little pally
Trouble overclocking:(
1.53GHz Athlon Avail September 19th at my local store!
Can I upgrade my CPU?
1000 AYHJA Y recommendations...
need help!!!
Help My Computer Keeps Locking!!!
Help Pls! Comp Wont Post!
Anybody have experience with this p/s?
experienced overclockers...
POWMAX 500watt psu
AMD Temps: Are they oaky?
No increase in frame rate after overclocking
How good is my buy on this cpu plz?
Trouble with bios recognizing 1.4gig
w00t! System up and running!
1.1GHz Duron soon
overclock is this any good ???
AMD 770 Chipset?
Increase Vcore Voltage with bridges
Can raising the FSB.......?
Can anyone tell me.......
K7 overclocking?
Asus A7m266 .. Multi Solder Mod ???
1ghz t-bird @ 1.53Ghz. HELP!!
Which stepping version?
Which Ayhja?
gluing shim to CPU
I'm new to AMD need alittle advice
Software cooler: Free and works great!
Code for 1400 - remark?
People Setup Pictures
Duron problem....
I need O/C settings for my new 1.4 Athlon,KG7-R and DDR
Rear Cooling Fan on Slot-A
k6-III 450Mhz how much should i get
chipped core
Changing Multiplier if cpu is locked??
Software cooling with WPCREDIT Please help!
new stuff
Stupid question Multiplier
Via Sues *ntel
Prime95 Cpu Burn Failed!
Stop overclocking!! Your hurting the planet!!!!! READ
TBird 1200 temperature
My new 1.4 Tbird overclocking results! :)
My first overclock. Did I do a good job?
My first overclock. Did I do a good job?
Duron 800 at 900 with radio shack hsf...
Amd 850
i'm REALLY lucky!!
Grade a PC today, keeps one post a day
SiSoft Sandra Reporting on AMD1.4
AMD Authentic CPU clock or what is that??
Been here for awhile now. Finally did my first overclock! Suggestions and opinion wel
amd k62 450 3d mod 8 atx
unlock duron probz
Heat? MOBO? CPU? Please help
AYHJA - Y New Low Temps!
K6-2 Overclocking
1.33 or 1.4
1.2GHz to HOT?
WOW! SledgeHammer and ClawHammer
What's your prediction?
New Drivers , Old Problems
Look here!
3DMark2000 Locks up Help ?????
Need help with Athlon shopping
PS problems HELP!!!!
MS-6340 + TB750 Can OC?
cracked Duron still working....
old 700tbird question
Gettin mi Duron to 900MHz
Athlon 900 and Abit KT7A
T-Bird 1.2gig has Died :(
why is 200fsb more $ than 266fsb
Athlon 800 can`t hit 1G
Where to get CPU
Those w/ 1.2 or higher and Air Cooling...
Athlon 1.4 hot! hot! hot!
Athlon TBird 1.4 and Peltier anyone?
Lost cdr data
RE Where to get prime 98
1400 running to hot for me
OMG everyone better check their heatsinks! Also please I need advice!
VIA Southbridge Bug : Part Deux
Upgrade time! :) please help
Opening of L3, L4 and L6 Bridges
Anyone with AOL IM please help me!!! CPU!
VIA Southbridge bug ????+?
I'm Finally thinking of getting a new cpu
For Geniuses ONLY
AMD T-bird 1000~1400MHz (200~266BUS) with AZIA core
any oc amd 1.4G with stock amd heatsink/fan
BEFORE you smash them......
New here, and Overclocking a Duron
Comp wouldn't post..
200 or 266??
Axiar 1.2@1.733
are all 1.4's AYJHA?
athlon 1 ghz 266
Newbie, Amd Tbird 1gig O/c K7 Bridge
Best dual Athon MPs for overclocking?
Woohoo I got my 1GHz over 1.4GHz finally!
The power of AMD?
Need help-High Temperatures, perfomance and noise problems on ATHLON 1.4 GHz!
abit kg7 and 1.4 ahyja
What CPU to get
1.4 oc reccomendations
what CPU cooling programs do you use?
AMD Athlon 800 with Abit KT7A
Duron 950 with a red core?!
what should i expect from my 800Mhz Duron
question about unlocking athlon
AMD K6-3 450 MHz
looking for a diagram to show..
I need to know how to unlock my multipliers on my 700 Duron
one for the extreme overclocking master
We are ready to burn
Cpu Burn in programs?
Burning In
The NEW ARGA stepping
Finally at 150 FSB and CAS2