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Cpu Burn in programs?
Burning In
The NEW ARGA stepping
Finally at 150 FSB and CAS2
How are these temps
quick question
Woohoo 1607 Mhz!!!!
Is the Temp too high ???
800 duron ?
What fsb/multiplier to use for 1ghz?
Operating System Conflict
Thunderbird Slot-A overclockers
1.2@1501 158fsb
amd 1.4 temps
Can't hit 1 gig
Dual AMD Motherboard?? +MicroATX
K6 III Temp????
Which overclock better, T-Bird 1.4 200 or 266?
Temps still high, screw it! And a few questions
new to amd, can someone point me to oc how too
What happen!
Ayhja "f"
Voltage Mod Question
Sandra 2001 Stuff
What PSU do i need?
Power Supply
Paste on shim?
How do I do something....? HELP
Any ideas?? anyone?????????
AYHJA quick question?
Athlon 1.4(266 fsb) overclocking issues
1Ghz Athlon running @ 750 on a Abit KT7???HELP!!!
1.4ghz not posting?....
GASP... can this be???
idle , 2C over ambient!!!!
Newbie AMD question.
Does anyone have A7M w/ ATI All-In-Wonder 32MB DDR VC?
Arghh Serious Problem, Help Needed Please...
L1's Messed Up
Amd 1200 @ 1507
Retail Stores in New York (Manhattan Area)
Arctic Silver II Onto a AMD T-bird
133/266 fsb
Amd Processor overclocking
did my cpu die???
Off Topic but PLEASE Help!!! Burning Copywrited CDS
Newly built PC freezes whenever running 3D. Help
Question about PSC???
VCore increase to reach 1.6+
How far can my CPU goes?
to buy or not to buy
AMD prices?
Burn Out, what to do?
new Athlon's
Stepping AYHJA alot better for 1.4ghz?
2 amds running hot
Athlon 700 unlocked
1 @ 266 or 1.2 @ 200?? choices....
Changing Cpu? Will I have to Reinstall?
Celeron 850 beat Athlon 1 gig
Duron 750@1018
Burn-in question
AVIA Athlon 1.2Ghz good chip?
my problems..
Voltages flickering when pushing CPU
3dmark 2000 scores
An Overclockers Journey...
Hey, Thanks for the help!
VIA Hardware Monitor
Mouse jumps/stalls, help
Amd 1.33 running higH?
Overclocking ARGA 1 gig. 266
place to buy a 1.4 ayhja y
Please Help!!!disaster????
T-bird @ 1.84GHz, should I try for more?
AMD cpus lifetime
Slot A overclockers
Check This Out!!!
Are you really Burning?
ack broke the tab that heatsink clip hooks on to
Changing FSB and Multiplier
overclocking on a fic az11e
HELP!!! my system suddently got really unstable:(
AMD-1200 @ 1466 AXIA core
Which Athlon 200 or 266
Morgan in the UK
new TBird 900@1062
What are the difference between Palomino and Tbirds???
1.33Ghz @ 1.56Ghz Watercooled w/tapwater/Swifty MC462-A
Voltage Problem.......Very Bad
Strange results with 1.4 AYHJA Y
I Wanna Burn It !!!!! Please Help Me
What does it mean to Unlock?
1.4tbird problems, helllp *cries*
how do you identify a psu problem?
Need help with FSB adjustments
New cpu, nice OC!
Pink ThunderBird
So what am I gonna fry?
Duron: Whats to hot?
Burn in Question
What cleans off artic silver from tbirds?
MY BEST O/C with the 1.2Ghz and 8K7A!
Help Needed On CPU Temp Please...
Max CPU Temp for Athlon 1.4
trouble overclocking a duron 900
Need some help...
I got a question!!!!
Changing Multiplier
k7VZA Anyone own this mobo with AMD 1.2 Athlon HELP!
AMD 1.4 VS Intell 2,gig
OK, I penciled the L1's on my AKBA600
sell my duron 750 for a 600
General newbie question
Someone here had an AYHJAR Y 1.4 T-bird....
amd 1.2 overclocking?
which CPU shall I use to get a good OC 1.33Ghz AXIA - Y or my 1.4Ghz AYHJA - K
nVidia Titanium is big news for everyone, I had to post here too!
Bad hardware...
new Duron stepping code?
L2 of 384?
FSB and multiplier
Motherboard:Cpu temp comparisons....
whats so good about more watts?
A7V133 Max T-bird
Help My Confusion!!!!
AMD 1.2 gig
Please help--new to o/c
TB900 wont go over 1000/133
Please....I seriously need help on AMD temp....
Expert O/C Style Needed
my duron 750 doesnt go over 840 HELP!!!
silly question but WHAT IS A PALOMINO?
Get a 1.4 AHYJAR Y stepping here!!
Axia's Or Ayhja's?
Overclocking Amdk6-3-450 with asus p5a
2.0Ghz AMD Hammer out sooner than you think!!!!
Newbie ?
Very sad lad here...
SK-6 with 38 delta
Athlon4 1533MHz onsale on the 17th!
overclocking a duron 900
2 questions
Dualies or Nforce?
DDR Vcore??
Hmmm I was thinkin
Why only 1530??
Windows Registry Checker after 140fsb
Some Buggin'me questions
In need of an adivce
Check this out -- i was killing time and found this
first UNLOCKED T-bird just arrived!
Anyone care to speculate on this weirdness?
I am confused
OC STRANGE problem
Need your advice!!
Durons cache will it ever hit higher then 64k?
HELP...HELP...Comp didn't start?
Weird situation with EpoX 8KHA
Question about RAID 0 on my Abit KG7 RAID
1.4 to 1.47? HELP. Suggestions on what to do to overclock more... :(
best tbird temps...
Help with PC Cases
Question on AMD system
This Is For All The Overclockers Out There
200mhz fsb mobo + 266mhz fsb processor??????
Making a Keychain
duron 800mhz or a duron 900mhz?
Switching from Intel to AMD - What surprises might I encounter?
AMD Palomino
The highest you could go with 1.2?
1.1GHz 200FSB @ 1.353GHz 270FSB
Ahh Duron 900 FSB problems!!!
What is "stepping"?
Cpu way too hot.
AMD POLL,Mhz Ratings
Money constraints
does anybody know the temp sensor on a kt7e
Newbie with an easy question
PLEASE READ!!! -Important for AMD Overclockers
1.53GHz & 1.60GHz next out for AMD?
Where is AMD???
ok..i trashed another cpu...but i got another one
does a 1.4 use more power than a smaller cpu?
K6-2 at 56C
Blue screen now I cant overclock
50C...too hot?
AMD clocking and temperatures
Birdy 1,33 266 L1?
Need to OverClock Please
1.4 Athlon
posting, w/out a fan
My new Sys is ready
Checking code in 1.4ghz?
What bridges on the L1 control what multi??
What's up with the Athlon MP
T-Bird Slot A overclockers
1.0 T-bird @ 1486
How safe is...
Tb 1.2 --200
What is the difference between these three CPUs?
1.4@ 1.7+ on Air, anyone done it???
Why do you's prefer an AMD CPU over an Intel!!!!
Anyone please give me some info
Overclocking the AthlonMP
Buying a tbird..?
AMD and SSE commands?
Info wanted on Duron 750/ABit KT7A over clocking
What CFM does Lian Li 80mm fans in the PC-12 case produce?
duron story continues ...
Question about Glaciator fan replacement and about some problems with it. Help.
Getting right Temp?
Unlocking the Duron 900
Random System Lockup
is this normal for a duron 750?
Can someone help me???
brand name vs generic Power Supply question
1.4 AYHJA questions
Duron locks at less then 40C ...
Duron 900 at 99C plus temps
1.0 Tbird AYHJA - Y = 200 fsb?
KT7A Bios Settings for O/C
Whats NEXT for AMD?
Mouse Sticking after FSB increase?
AMD likes overclockers?
Cooking TBIRD
AMD needs us
CPU help
amd cpus engineered to break ?
65C......is that bad or okay......HELP ME
Duron Overclocking
LOL or Gimme a break
chipped 1gig AXIAR Y
5v rail too low?
I never mentioned my first overclock :D
signs on duron cache
What to do with 2 tbirds that won't overclock
Amd K6-iii
First post ... hello to all of you ... OC question inside
T-BIRD 1.4 at 1.6 GHz
After you o\c your AMD
T-bird 1.2 temps,
Durons and DDR ram
System hangs after a little oc'ing...
what is unlocking your cpu?
Question about thermol compound..
Heat damage + cooling
need a certain stepping!
200 or 266 FSB?
OC for k6-2 300mhz and FIC PA-2013
Ayhja ?
AMD 1.4 GHz Steeping
Anywhere selling Tbird 1000 AYHJA Ys??
How can i tell if its a AYHJAR CPU
How important is a good Power Supply
I'm confused?
The hot set up
overclocking 900 athlon?
Which one should i buy?
Newbie O/Clocker seeks knowledge....
Athlon 600
What' wrong with this picture ?
Sudden Rise In CPU Temp [Move From Anand]
WOOOHOO!!! Let the AMD Prices fall!!
overclocking basics
Best bang for the buck Duron?
FINALY Hit 1 Gig with my 800
Amd Steppings
Can Someone Please Help Me???
2 PSUs in 1 case - help me here
Is it Dead?
IWill KK266 w/ 1.2 TBird question
The 1.4 AYHJA That Couldn't (or wouldn't)
Which Athlon?
dual palminos at 1.59 slower than p4 xeon 1.6 P4 in MIPS! NO
MY L1 Brides have self-LOCKED again!!!???
V Cool?
MOBO advice...
Best Atlhon
Fan Installation question...re: amps
To upgrade or not to upgrade?
How hot is too hot?
first time overclocker. i need help from someone who knows what theyre doing!!!
Can Someone Help Me?????
Cpu Id
kt7e+duron750=no overclock?
Red Core TBird 900.....?
AKCA 850 fsb?
AMD k6/2 650
Palamino, a viable option?
how to overclock tbird 1.2
question about athlon/duron pricing please
Pleaaaase Help me, quick !!!
Help ! Overheat !
soltek75drv and palomino
KG7-raid or KG7-lite?
Good Power Supply?
ahhh cpu fried?
Amd duron 850 and FIC motherboard
T/B 1.2Ghz with 8K7A
1.4Ghz T-bird Vs. KT7A-RAID
Athlon 1333 @ 1335???
Duron 600 @ 1200MHz water cooled and 100% stable
Sickboy~ thats a powerful image ya got there
has anyone used a ECS k7vza M/B ?
cpu problem...
9.5x145 or 10x140
connecting L1 bridges of my D750 AKBA.....
PSU Problem?
Athlon MP and SCSI
Duron 900 Overclockability
AMD T-BIRD 1.4, EPOX 8KTA+PRO, overclocking?
What AMD cpu are you running??
Wierd temps.. or are they?
OC 1ghz
Thoughts/Opinions on the Epox 8KHA
New 1.4 Athlon
pls list yourstock load temps for 1.2 , 1.3 and 1.4 Athlons
Quick newbie question. Be nice :)
Global WIN
I can hear my psu speeding up and slowing down.
Delta 60x38mm 51 CFM fan
Athlon MP=Palamino MP=Palamino?
1.4 CPU 42C-47C load. Why so high?
side banding???
Palamino will Die Early?
Has anyone ever tried to spraypaint cdrom, disk etc chrome color?
T-bird Questionable now? Duron alternative finally possible?
Latest member of my family (processor-wise)
Vantec or Thermalright???
Who here modded the 400w Powmax PSU?
1.33 GHz question....bent pin??!?!?
Got my parts last night. PROBLEMS! HELP!
Duron Stepping Manual
Can't get my 1.2 "MP" palamino to work in my 8K7A
What to do?
where to put the grease
Duron 650 core color??
Any difference between the Abit KG7 ,Lite,Raid ?
Athlon t-bird or Duron???
Deciding to go DDR
either im stupid or my new system is
Voltage Question for 1GHZ tbird
Duron 800 OC ?
ABIT KG7-RAID / Athlon 1400C / APACER 256MB DDR CL2
250w PSU
I need a Abit- KG7 Mobo Spec!
Help !!!!!!
overclocking a 1.0 ghz tbird
Amd 1333mhz Need Advice
alternative to asus probe?
What a selection of steppings!!!
ECS K7VZA and AMD Duron 700 Overclocking
DDR PC2100 now?
200 or 266
Just want to say thank you to everyone who has....
good ole K6-2-333@366
AMD asus a7v 133 Help
hElp:( chiipped core Rma
1.4 tbird cant get past 1.53
Keeping a T-bird 1.4 ghz Cool
I just got my new 1.4g(266) cpu!! Im wondering if this is the good stepping...
CompUSA 500 watt PS vs. Antec 400 watt
Godspeed to my arriving Duron.
Quieting the Delta 38CFM Fan!!!
Duron 900 needs new MoBo
The Importance of a good PSU!!!!!
I know this is off topic but does anyone know where I can find.....
Athlon 1400 on Chaintech 7AJA-2 crashes
L1 bridges already connected??? help...
having trouble overclocking
KT7 and T-Bird 900
Upping the voltage on an overclocked Duron
Best way to break in a Duron??
CPU overheating
overclocking a k6-2 dont laugh
Tbird 1400 AYHJA-Y O/C Question
A7M266 -> 1,33 Ghz Athlon
1GhzTbird(266) Which is a better mobo to use?
1.2G t-bird not oc'ed @ 64c/147f
Unlocked or not?
O geeez.....major problems.
I want to join the OC folding team. Help.
What stepping will the Morgan be?
Parts Arriving tommorrow!!!
Can this be done?
Got my 1.4 T-Bird Today...Will Begin OC Tests on Friday
Anyone running an AMD 1.4, Abit KG7Raid + corsair PC 24000 CAS2 memory?
Ooops, did I mess up....PLEASE HELP!!!
Let the O/Cing begin!
What's wrong with my TBird 1333Mhz
How much Arctic Silver II do I apply to the chip?
Morgan - Unbelievable!!
Anyone ordering a Morgan?
Dragon Orb 3
I cannot figure out which via 4 in 1 drivers to download! HELP!
New Athlon 1.4gig
300Watt Power Supply with a 1.4G Tbird AMD a prob??
What's AXIA, AYHJA, and all that?
AMD Duron 900 FSB?
question about motherboards
help!! athlon 1200 keeps locking up!
help!! my athlon 1200 keeps locking up!!
Core Voltate? Help :(
My stupid GA-7IXE4 mobo, any ideas please.
is this 1.2 OC 1.35 right?
Can't hit 10.5 multiplier or above 137 FSB
New Problem
What a decision! Which one would you get?
AYHJA Y Stepping
Which VIA 4 in 1 drivers do i download??!?!?
core question?
Athlon "B"s are getting hard to find!
Higher vcore with K7T Turbo
If I need arctic silver II by tommorrow or thurs latest where would I go?
WHere to get a AHYJAR Y gaurenntee??
I'm starting to think my Enermax 300watt P/S is starting to die
Ultra DMA 100 or ATA 100??? Abit KG7RAID questions!!!!
Anyone know where I can buy a cool premade baybus?
Duron 750 Overclock Quest
vcore guestion
My CPU works now, but weird high temps!
1.333AYHJA only goes to 1450?
need help with an old k6-2 i want to use for folding.
mobo/processor pkg ...overclocking?
Question about my Asus A7m266 and ATA100 drivers...
Bang for buck AMD?
duron 600 @ 1015 !!!!!!
how far can i push the vcore
MOBO for a Morgan
I need advice on some things please help!
Duron 700 problem
AKCA....any good???
upgrade path
Plz Help, Connecting L1'S
having to underclock for stability
Why doesn't my 1.4 cool off?
help i think i've destroyed my cpu!!!!
Now I need to update my bios???
just ordered a 1.4g(266) cpu. all 1.4 got the stepping ayhja or better right??
1.4ghz temp?? Post your results plz
Will the Palamino (Athlon 4) be worth to buy ?
Help cannot overclock T-Bird 950
My journey to oc the Duron
Anyone else have a Lian Li PC60 Aluminum case?
Brown stain around core=kentucky fried athlon?
Glaciator users I have a question
AYHJA really faster than AXIA ?
Anyone else running a 150mhz FSB?
Testing signature.....
Disappointed by Computer Show this weekend.....
I can't get the 1200 higher as 1400...
AMD Duron 1.0GHz Out Officially!
Need advice guys!
Still Can't Find stable settings for 3D Mark
8K7A+ Multiplier changes by itself?
Bought a new PSU today?? Any opinion on it!
Why isnt the multiplier unlocked?
Good OCable Duron... Which One?
Burnt Proc/Need help
Palominos?!?! How high??
TBird 900 - locked?
What happens when?
can placing a k6-3 in a mobo...
Not sure the difference between...
The WPCREDIT hack in detail with pics...UPDATED!!
Good NIC?
PSU question
Athlon or Thunderbird - Ways to tell apart?
What is with my 12v RAIL?