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Which one 650,700,750 Duron
amd 1.3gig
How can i OC a SLOT A ATLHON?????
266FSB cheaper than 200FSB, why?
Help on overclocking a duron 850
T-bird really cheap and mobo help....
how do i tell what the rated fsb is on the core
Where can I buy a AMD K6-2 or 3 CPU
Is this a typical core temp?
I am running my t-bird at..
Epox 8K7A easy for o/c?
Newbie wearing flame retardant suit
5V rail Pod Mod Question!!
about the new 1gigs
Overclocking a Athlon 1.2Gh
Shouldn't there be clock multiplier settings in A7V bios after unlock?
$381 for a 1.4Ghz MP
Rober Vonhouten and TT120 ty for the plexi glass.
Oh No! Is artic silver II poisonous!!!
New Steppings For T-Bird 1200 C?
What is a good operating temp for a overclocked duron cpu?
palmino in an iwill?
T-BIrd 1400 AYHJAR Y stepping...Where can I make a good deal on this?
Duron 900 stepping?
what kind of pencil should i use to unlock my duron?
is this a tough question
t-bird question
Can someone tell me ifI got the good version of the 1.4?
Woohoo! 1.4GHz AYHJA!!!
Athlon 1.4 Ghz and Abit KT7 - any ideas if it'll work ??
How do you know it's stable?
1.53GHz Athlon Palamino Out!
Average voltage settings.
200fsb @ 266fsb?
Please help! I lost my link to this site!
1 gig overclocking on a a7v
What's the best mobo/cpu combo for $400 budget? Need opinion
Just connected L1's on my tbird 1ghz..booted..with an error
Burning in?
Just got my 1.4!!! Did i get the good stepping???!?
1 gig ayhja, I hit the max
RMA durons/athlons
Abit KT7A-R upgrade 1.33 or 1.4 TB?
AMD K6-III overclocking
1.2Ghz...Just wondering ?
amd cpu temp
SETI@home question
Does all the tbird 1ghz(266) got axia or ayhja??
Need help unlocking my my duron 750
Multiplier and FSB settings
Getting a 1.4 Athlon Tomorrow have ?s about Power.....
OMG this is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!
need some advice
Is $112 right for a 1.4G Tbird?
advice on a dead 1.33
Question about power supply i bought for AMD 1.4
5 Volt rail Question?
T bird 1.2 @ 1.37
1.4 ghz thunderbird and power supply
Duron 900 on the way....got a few ???'s
Amd Athlon 1.2Ghz cooling
help to OC an AMD 380MHz K-6-2
Help With Unlocking 1.33 Tbird
How to adjust Multiplier in Award bios 6?
My AMD K6-2 400
OMG this HS/F is heavy!! Will CPU break?
Just hitt 1050 on my Duron 750
Help to oc a AMD K6 233 MHz
Need Chart for Multiplier Adjustment
'Unlocking' CPU?
$30 drop on Ahtlon 1.2 MP overnight.
1.2ghz tbird?
This is how ridiculous the price drops are right now...
CPU price
L1 bridges
1.4 temp???
Got my AYHJA 9
1.4 Tbirds 109dollars and dropping like rocks!
I really could use some help please!!!!
Good 3D Mark 2000 Score ?
ThermalTake DDR cooling unit question!!!
Help on buying.....
FSB Rate
L7 Bridges and voltage
Finally 1500MHZ
What's your opinion on this PSU???
1.4ghz cpu??
KT7aRAID and Duron Temp
Duron 900
boots sometimes 1.2GHz 266FSB
2nd Attempt at Volt Mod. A Success!!
Highest oc with 1400 athlon
Fried CPU's
CHEATBUSTER! (How to tell if a Sisoft Sandra benchmark is fake)
What is the highest stable temp?
too much for the memory?
Fan failure paranoia
Chipped Core Life Expectancy
AMD 1.4GHz T-Bird @ $114
Unlock paint?
I just bought a AMD 1.4 and have an important question. AHYJA
Benchmark Question
A voltage question...
good or bad ~?
Through its paces?
Question about Prime95
Thermal Compound?
Step diffs
strange system behaviour after OC
Do you overclock for Performance or MHZ?
ok wich one is better
AGP bus and PC bus problem
Organic vs. Ceramic; what gives?
1.4 Tbirds @ 117 bucks and dropping!
Overclock newbie wants tip
does cooling back of mb give wrong cpu temp
Overclocking a Duron 700
Quick Burn-In Question? Please!
tbird 850 does it need more juice??
1st Overclock!
Tbird 1.4 Question
Its a miracle?
A question on the new Palomino's
Athlon 1.1Ghz and A7V Mobo
ATI All in Wonder
Slot-Athlon 750 to 1 Ghz ????
what now???
Recomend me a Case Please
Swiftech MC462 Fan Question
1.4 Amd
WhAt is the best ram?
CPU Voltage values
Opinions on the possible AMD mult lock.
FSB and KT7A
FSB Question
my first overclocking attempt.
Enermax 350 WAtt AMD Recommended??
Where can I purchase Thermaltake DDR cooling kit online?
Overclocking 1.4MHZ?
my duron 850 underclocked, please help
Can anyone tell...
Do i need to raise my Vcore???
How far will this Tbird o/c??
RAM Question
Need alittle info..
Need advice on AMD PSU??
OC problem with 266fsb T-bird 1G and AMD 760 chipset
1ghz t-bird stuck on 1050mhz
Thermal Paste Application
overclocking T-Bird 1.4ghz
pencil trick
What's good, What's not, and What do I need
How hot?
Big improvement or Not
Someone tell me how to display images in this forum......
Desktop Palomino's coming out when??
Will my other components fry?
Guess how far I can overclock
Is this memory good enough to clock my FSB to 150mhz?
New AMD System....Any Suggestions?
Finding CPU and MB Temp while in windows
Straight Forward Advise
Need help picking a HS/F for this setup.
Rubbish 3D Mark score - what is wrong
OC'ed Combos
Building my new Computer: Part I
Is it Fried? PLEASE HELP!
WTF does that mean..............???
Overclocking AMD 1.4G, AsusA7M266, and 256DDRRAM
Getting a little picky here...
I've finally found it!
Non-optimum AGP speed
Tbird 1.2Ghz (200)+CAK38 = what temp???
Itīs a bigggggg problem!!!!
Condensation.... Help!!!
5v reading critical?
HELP... system Freeze
1.0@1.333 T-bird 1.80V (10x133) 46 C idle, what now?
Overclocking problem
1333 @ 1466 unstable?
T-bird or just K7?
help with 1133 tb
CPU in a Box
newbie with an AMD 233
Athlon Duallies
1.2 ghz should I upgrade?
Is 54c too hot?
How Hot is To Hot?
Tap water watercooling ? Why 41c ????
K6: Bus underclock, CPU overclock?
What should I get...
my bridges appear to be unlocked but?
I need help finding a certian chip
Unlocking my cpu
Iwill +amd 1.4
Clocking a 1.2 t/bird
I can't touch it??
? about 1333 AYHJA "9"
Anybody ever seen this Tbird be4?? look
OC 1.33ghz Tbird with A7m266 mobo
OC my 1.33ghz Tbird with Ahyja core
How to spot 266 Tbird 1G?
AMD 1.4 Heatsink/fan
AMD 'case badge' question...
Hi wanna ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i meant k6-2.......n-eway i need help overclocking it
I have a k-2 i wanna overclock can i get sum help?
Figure out stepping????????
FSB inscrease Qeustion
Finally got it OC'd - whats next?
Unlock the multiplier on a 1.4 Athelon
Best Stepping
HELP on AMD 1.2Ghz
K6-2 600
Looking for a place that sells cpus
Duron 989!
Hey i need help
Heatsink Question for 1200T-Bird
What would you choose if you could have anything in your system?
overclocking a 1.4 athlon
What is the diff b/w AYHJA-Y stepping and AXIA (that I got)
Could old harddrive be a problem?
How big of a power supply do I need?
good steping for a 750 duron
1.33 GHz Overclocking birdie question...
Why does T-Bird have 200 and 266 FSB?
Bigger Gfd?
New Section Needed!!!!!!!
how do dual cpu systems work?
dual t-birds
Should I try RMAing my 1.133 I fried?
Upping FSB= No USB Mouse?
OEM Warrenties & AMD
Cpu Numbers Help
First Time / AMD T-Bird 900
Need help in Overclocking my Birdy PLEASE!
Setting up RAID 0 on Epox 8K7A+ ?
1.5GHz AMD Athlon Palomino Overclocks To 2.4GHz !!
Cpu shopping again.
Too hot for idle 1.333?
Ready...Set...I think I'll wait
Epox 8K7a+/Athlon ---HELP!
L7 Bridge on a T-Bird
A Question to all the 1.4 T-Bird owners???
Help Please
Am I doing something wrong?
The new 1.53 palimino in sept question
First Overclock!
help w/ boot prob..
Pretested == Stepping ?
1.53 ghz palomino!!!! in september!!!!
How do I do Voltage mod for the ASUS A7M266?
AMD Athlon 1.2 recommended temp/vcore?
whats with this AYHJAR-core?
Anyone see the new Pricewatch Prices on AMDs?
Basics?? Cleaning up PCM goop on CPU....
Can I overclock higher with new Power supply?
how much voltage?
1.2 @ 1.4... Stable or is it?
Just got 2 AXIA 9 1200s
system unstable help
Newbie installation of HSF.
"Burn-in" temperature drop????
that 1.2 again
Duron/Thunderbird OC'ing
158x10=1580 Or 152x10.5=1596 ??
difference between 200 and 266 fsb
Posting@1785, record @1795, pictures!!!!!!!
Have a 600MHz Duron.....
Hot idle temp.s and 56k dial-up...
Alright, everyone tell me if I did well.
How far can my CPU go?
How far can my CPU go?
AMD RMA ??? Please reply
different AMD chips
How to overclock AMD K6-III 400???
1.4 with Volcano 5?
Tbird voltage and temps
psu problem?
AMD pretested 1.6GHZ
whats wrong here?????
Protecting a chipped AMD CPU core.
Tbird Axia 1000 mhz finally above 1470
overclocking and burning
Stability problems 1.33 AYHJA
Are we crazy to overclock past 1.2ghz?
Need To Know How.........
AMD CPU's lifetime?
increase voltage?
1.333ghz unstable?
40-50C idle+full load ok ?? Tbird-1ghz@1400
1GHz is enough for hardcore gamers!
wpcredit and win2000 for tbirds
Any one know how I can make a waterblock clip that is good w/o plexyglass?
She lives
yaaayyyy over 1 Ghz
amd oc not working
Is it a mechanical pencil or a # 2 to shunt the L1 bridges
Amd K6-2 Processor Help Needed!!!!!
amd 900 vodoo overclock
How do you tell if your good chip has gone bad?
my duron underclocked
best duron xxx@xxxx ???where is it???
SDRam VS 266 ???
the clicking sound
Post Your Final Overclocked Results Here!
what do you think, is voltage a villen?
my athalon 1400 will not O/C
Please help!!
Noo-B question?
t-bird and alpha
Temp Questions....
Thunderbird 900 at 1.65 Vcore?......OK?
ocing t-bird 1.2
What is my fsb?
axia 9 wont register more than 1.2
I just got a new 1gig ayhja, look what it came in.
normal 1.33 temps
help help help
Code for my 1 gig is AYHJA, is that alright
Is the Athlon 1.4 any good?
Msi + Amd = ???
Umm first time Virgin, long time reader
WOW my 1st screw up!
Gold Finger device
My first computer
Best Athlon Stepping?
AMD T-Bird Question
Is this a good combo?
help,,,,,,,where to but those guaranteed AMD cpu??
Gold Finger Devices
Please Help
need help O/Cing my 1400
Cooling removal problem
AMD 1.4 GPF's when overclocked
Oc'in a chipped core
WARNING - New 1GHZ Chips no longer AXIA but worse ARGA
HELP NEEDED !! I think I killed my computer
help a newbie please
One more newbie question
Please Help me out! (newbie alert)
OEM or factory retail
should i use copper shims?
Fried 1.33 t-bird
First time overclock
AMD Approved
Is there anyway to solve soundcard problem with via chipsets?
Golden Socket
a possibaliety?
morgan processors!
Has AMD made a mistake with the 1.4Ghz?
Pencil Check
Proof of Overclocking?
Whats next
Help with Cpu Host.................
Higher mhz... lower perfomance!?!?
tbird 1gig/266fsb /abitkt7a-raid >need help
A Cheap way to unlock a cpu???
Ahhahahah I got by Gateway's locked out BIOS ... Check it out here
Aaahhhh!! I am I the only one who can't get to 1.4?? :)
AXIA Y 1.2 TBird not O/C ing well. New Mobo?
Should I oc?
Interesting observation, time for a new PSU........
my old duron still has a few kicks left
why one way but not the other?
Duron and A7V
do durons have the same instructons as athlon?
What is this? Anyone have one?
AMD 1.2Ghz Power or Cooling Problem
I need help
Need help, any FSB change causes computer to freeze
are durons bad for gaming?
Can't unlock Duron
Is this right?
TBird 1.0Ghz @ 1.4ghz w/1.85v. SWEETNESS
Pencil Trick Worked!!!!! Athlon 1ghz @1066
Duron 1GHz Question! PLEAZE READ!
Multi-Proccessor Madness!!
Duron 800
1.2Ghz AXIA now alot cooler!
1.2 GHz running much hotter on new asus a7v133 mobo?
Best AMD T-Brid OC
power supply for AMD
Best OC for IWILL KK266
GFD questions...
Best HSF solutions??
Help with athlon question..
Athlon 200 or Athlon 266??
FPS on 3DMark2001
Unlock when overclock????
ARG... ARGA Chip from Newegg
How To Clean 1.2gig T-Bird?
Making dual cpus to act as one
CPU Multiplier
No Mouse past 130 FSB ?!!??!
Burn-in methods
duron 600 / msi k7t pro 2a
Should I overclock or buy a new CPU?
K62 issues...incase you have one this might interest you
12 multiplier
My 1 Ghz Duron temp dropped 10 degrees......
Cooling Question????
Overclocking a SLOT A athlon 500....
any1 know which is the better chip here?
PSU problem!!!
Benchmark & Burn in Question on TB1400
Hey Hoot !!! Whats this Hoot Shoot ??
I DID IT 1000 mHz.........
Cleaning a CPU
Does any one know where I can purchase the Alpha 8045 hsf and fan with it?
1.2gig axia @ 1425mhz 300mhz FSB!! running stable ck out screen shots
can bios or non compatible motherboard cause heat?
system temps problems
Hey HOOT !! Whats this Hoot Shoot
help!!!! on overclocking a 900 athalon
umm oops? with pic
1.2 266 locks up at default voltage in 98se
AMD1.2 266/Iwill KK266/GF2 Pro/Micron 128MB = 1330 3DMark2001 score HELP!!
how to get more voltage
highest duron?
k7 ahtlon 800 unstable? (multiple questions)
I got my 1ghz Tbird today
TEMP !!! Is it OK ? ....and more....
when is the new amd's supposed to come out?
amd duron thunderbird 1.1ghz
umm oops?
Where do I get a conductive pen???
help with a7v-1.2 gig tbird axia core
Help me OC my Duron 700 plz!
AMD K6-2 overclock
Will Abit fix the "idle" bug in the KT7 series boards anytime soon?
AGP and PCI Bus Speeds. What is safe?
amd sux bad
Compaq presario 53** series overclocking
FUNNY TO DA DEGREE!, a must see...
1.4GHz 266FSB or 1.4GHz 200FSB ??
Overclocking a damaged duron
Will not detect hdd when using 10x100 1.8v KT7A. HELP! PLS!
AXIA-R2 1Ghz Athlon (200) @ 1.68Ghz and rising
DAMN IT i hate bein an aussie sometimes
1.333ghz and FSB
Need help for new system
New AMD 1.2 heat question?
AXIA TBIRD at 2.086 GHZ This is real proof! Not like the previous Duron post at 1.62 GHZ
Athlon 1.4 what's the best Heatsink & fan?
How hot is to Hot
What Bridges Do I Connect To Get 1.8 As Default Voltage On T-BIRD
So it was the PSU after all.
I just fried my AXIA by trying to solder the bridges.
New computer all set up
strange behavior
Axia and Non-Axia !??!!?
I think I just caught a virus and my PC is totally screwed!!!
Need some help choosing a Stepping code for 1ghz Tbird
Prime95 doesnt run for some reason but folding/seti/hotcpu and everything else does? What the heck i
Overclocking Classic AMD 850 MHz Athlon
free case badges
New URL/Home Page For Palomino & Tbird Bridges Decoding Articles
AMD Athlon 1.2G 65degrees when load!!! is it normal?
Duron 900 O/C! Core??
DRAM Clock...
Duron 800 getting me worse framerate? Why?
Duron 800@1016mhz
i got an AMD question
Artic silver on the cpu?
can someone help
Better Cooling?
oclocking 1.2gig Tbird Success!!!!!
I Just broke the 1GIG barrier!!!!!!!!!!!
Abit KT7A Question
OMG help with HSF on CPU!!