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t-bird 1.4ghz jumped fsb from 200 to 266
IM PIST!!!!!!!!
1.33 temps?
breaking news.....
How To OC: 800 MHZ Athlon + Asus K7M mobo
Which is better to O/C
Hot T'Bird 1.4
1.33 AHYJA VS 1.2 AXIA
Amd 1.4ghz cpu question.
Duron 750 with QDI kinetiZ 7 B ???????
Help: 800MHz duron.. spilled glue.. now big oil spot
HELP... My 1gig Tbird will not do more then 1215mhz at 8.5x@143mhz what am i doing wrong?
Going to get Duron maybe today, question
Thunder K7 Dual AMD
OMG!!! Cracked core....still works???!!!???
Users of Hot CPU I have......
New CPU .. now strange temp readings..Hoot,please read
Gigabyte 7DX Voltage Settings
The new AMD processors in the UK
Cooling Question????
AMD Athlon 1 Ghz weird problem - HELP !!!
OC a T-Brid 1gig
Heatsink stuck on K7 Slot A
K7 1000MHz @ ?
overclocking AMD k6-2 500
Just hit 945...
Retail boxed t-bird runs too hot? then crashes.....
AYJHA trouble
Question on Hot CPU Tester
AXIA, AXIAR, AJYHA ect...whats the diff?
Duron overclocking.
ayhjar stepping
I can't believe it..FRANK..you are a genius
ahh v.3.0
I'm converting. . . . .maybe=P
newbie Axia question
1gig t-bird stepping AVIAR ????
Voltage settings
Another Dumb Question From Eil...
I'm Baaaack!
T Bird 1.4Ghz : Is taht a good Stepping and Serial?
AMD CPU multipliers,
Locked 1 gig T-Birds.....
T-bird w/ ARGA code?
T-bird w/ ARGA code?
Questions on Prime95
NEW code for 1G-------A1000AMT3C,AYHJA0125PLW,Y6537970201
is this benchmark good?
DOA 1 gigger??...you tell me!!
DEAD AMD Tbird 1.2 Ghz
1gig Bird lost a couple of its landing pads!!!
Help needed Crashes while gaming and or blue screen.
This sucks
Is there a chart for Voltage increases, @ certain speeds?
Questions about FSB
What is the the average life time for a OC Duron 700?
install windows at default speed or overclocked speed?
Closing L4 bridges
New Abit KT7 Bios again (7/26/01)
Has anyone tried this?
Tbird 1.33/266 question
WAAAHOOO!!! Duron 750@1000MHZ!!!!!
my duron 750.......
Need Help in increasing my OC on my 1.4
AMD processor and motherboard
How much more can my 1.4 Baby take??
Slot-A Athlons
Abit KT7A problem with Sound Blaster Live? True/False?
Stupid post! (Does anyone know how I could mount this 150mm fan?)
Overclocking a TBird 1000 w/ A7V
Is it better to buy a 1Gz and overclock than a 1.4Gz and not overclock?
Turbo Question..???
when OCing...are there any tell-tale signs that it's time to up the voltage?
OCing a duron 750...about when should I bump up the voltage?
Voltage & Unlock Question!
PC2700 DDR & PC5400 QDR Ram announced!
Questions about the SIS 735 chipset
Questions about the SIS 735 chipset
Need help on BIOS setup for the EPOX EP-8K7A+
What can you tell me about this cpu?
When to connect the L1 bridges?
need .pcf file for my mobo chipset
amd 1200
HELP! after bios loads when i startup pc something then i get 100000000000000 funkyletters and color
AXIA Y 1.2 TBird not getting the FSB up!!
AMD 1200 MHZ
Moved my setup into my basement.....Much Much cooler!
HELP! Athlon heat related problems !?!..
Link to t-bird codes
my Brothers 1300T-bird is 47*C/117*F using a volcano 2 fan! FAN HELP?
graphite ages?
duron 700
Help!!! im a newbie!!!
cooling !!!!
1Ghz Athlon (266)
I think I did OK
How far can you UNDERCLOCK?
amd 1.33ghz ayhja and asus a7v133 WTF!!!
Duron 800....highest o/c speed?
Weird T-Bird 1.2g (?)
160 or 154 fsb overclock
1 gig t-birds
Conflicting answers
1st time over 2.00 volt v-core!!
Overclocking AMD Duron 750 MHz???
Please explain codes on AMD CPU's
Is it me or my computer ???
dual athlons
wild_andy_c, please read.
Overclocking Help needed for 1.33 AXIA
AMD T-Bird 800
200vs266 FSB 1 Gig Athlon: which is better to hit 1500?
Motherboard voltage reporting discrepancy
TBird 266MHz FSB on 200MHz FSB motherboards?
Where to buy the Athlon MP???
Help me elevate my mind! (CPU speed)
Athlon vs Pentium4
Lost in silicone and don't know where to go
To Upgrade or not to upgrade... That is the question.
Question about my 1.2ghz TBird 266fsb
AMD KT7a lockup
i posted a little while on the amd clawhammer n sledgehammer
Guess what I just had sex with....
Please help Which L Bridges
AMD T-Bird 1200 (200) Axiar Y
AMD Athlon T-bird 1400 (266) @ 1843MHz (320)
AMD Server Boards...
Duron 1GHz results, post here if any
I will scare you beyond belief
can't get past 983 MHz with my 750 duron! why?
First time AMD user =O. Need some answers.
FOP-38 good for OCthe T-Bird ??
What happened
Need some help with my 700Duron & Asus A7V
Lockups, Freezes, Crashes, OH MY!
How low can CAK38 + Artic Silver II go (1.2Ghz)
What the heck is Itanium Processor
HAHAHAHA.....Duron 750 @ 1012 1.888v
Lapping, best way?
Where can I purchase a conductive pen?
T-Bird 1.2 ghz - What are good chip numbers???
KT 7 Setting and 1.2 TBird update.
Internal cache?
that was easy!
Athlon "Classic" 800@1064MHz...
I need a Goldfinger!!!!!!!
O/C Athlon voltage spike?!
How heavy of springs do I need to use to make sure my water-block applys even...
dealing with amd with warranty
Some buying advise please
I'm Stoked!!! Kinda??? Need Help!! My First AXIA 1.2
whats a good powerful psu to get?
Thermal compounds
how do slot athlons open?
Future Power PSU's --(looking at lemmingboy's post)
Holy mackerel!
Help with new system please!
are AMD's cheaply made or am I clumsy?
Motherboard questions
Overclocking an AMD 1.2ghz
Help me get my AMD Duron 800 over 945
Silly question #1
any one wanna brief me on axia????
Stear clear of Future Power PSU's
AMD CPU's Locked or Unlocked?
Check this overclock
Just got back from a computer show, saw a lot of codes. Here are the findings!
Ok found a clicker that adjust the bus speed ?
Got a question...
Epox 8KTA3 + Savage 4
Turn up the heat or no?
Overclocking an AMD Duron 700mhz with a Asus A7V motherboards
How do I keep my chip from cracking.
T_bird 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7? New CPUS.
jpeg display problem 1.33GHz AYHJA in IE6
Duron's Limit
Dual Athlon is Nice
Another new guy to the boards...........
Symptoms of overheat CPU
Heelllppp me peeps......
Help I'm a newbie with o/c
Last but not least, the CPU!!!
1.4 athlon 266... $162.00 or $261.00 ?
How do you overclock a 700 t-bird
lockups!!! what to do next...pleassssssse
New chip I ordered came... tell me if its a decent one
Tell me if this is right.
*HELP* AMD agp miniport?!? Windows is locking up !!
FSB vs Memory Latency
What FSB settings should i use on a kt7a-raid?
1gig TBird
Does anyone have some Sandra shots of a Duron OC CPU?
poll: Highest overclocked amd cpu
need advice from U who know
1.33 AXIA running fine at 1507, Should I be satisfied?
Front Side Bus Vs. Multiplier....
Steppings, is this statement true?
Evidence of Slot ATBird existence
microprocessor architecture
hi guys, first post
Overclocking an Athlon 600 Slot-A...........???
How high is the athlon 4 supposed to go????
Bagged my first Chip.. *snif* *snif*
Was the cpu I bought bad? (Long thread)
will palomino work on the asus a7v133 board?? it got core voltages down too 1.1v
unlocked athlons
Best way to overclock my 850 Athlon?
ill scream if i cant go any faster!!!
Computer becomes sluggish with 147MHz+ FSB! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
1.2 Ghz T-Bird Unstable at 1.1 Mhz & above :-(
Overclocking 1.2 to 1.4 unstable - need advice
Abit kt7 o/c bios
1200 tbird - What can i go 2?
Anyone with a T-bird that isn't in their system at the moment (1.3 266 and 1.2 266 especially)..
i just made myself a new KEYCHAIN!
1533MHz Palomino vs 2000MHz Northwood
Via Hardware Monitor or MBM5?
bang for the buck chip
my cpu core voltage
What Via drivers can be installed on Windows XP
T-Bird 1ghz overclocked
T-Bird 1ghz overclocked
Is the cpu database for real?
How do you unlock the multyplier of a K6-2(8) processor??
How Hot Is Hot ???
I guess there was a pretty big price drop for AMD proccessors
Is it possible to change multiplier with KA266-R?
1GHz Duron out! $119 CAN!
3.3V or 3.4V VIO Voltage setting?? HELP!
Should I or Shouldn't I
Wondering which code is best? Is there a best code?
Where is the new duron 1000mhz??? I thought...
Quiet Coolness faq.
Need advice for getting most out of my new machine
AMD 1.2GHz acting like 900MHz
i just bought a FACTORY unlocked 1.33 AYHJA Tbird
Is my cpu Toast?:
Poor 3D Marks
i need some opinions.
Unlocking when motherboard and bios has NO MULTIPLIER CONTROL!
freezing paradise
All you chip code people
DURON 850 oc'd in WinXP
Old but still useful, need advise.
Shims? Who needs one?
1.2 T-bird cant post past 1400 iwill kk266
Is my 1.4 T-bird a rare one?!?
AMD 1.4ghz 266 FSB heating problems
Is AMD trying to hide the codes? Check this out.
HELP! - What's faster...
Cooling Help
Athlon MP [urgent!!]
still cant figure my REAL temps?
I think I fried my TBird!!
AMD 1.5-1.7GHZ
Need to get the most out of 1.2 TBird, please help
1.2 AVIA??
AMD K6166 an overclock from the past
Temp for Tbird 1.2Ghz
My Axia Y 1.2 266 needs your help to o'c past 1.33. Any suggestions welcome
133 Axia on a 100 bus anyone?
P3-750 to Duron 900 ?? Worth it ??
I need a quick answer to a DDR question.
AMD prices..going down..down..down
Thunderbird 1.2 crashing without oc
My 1.4 ghz T-Bird gets wet.
Newbie question: 266 fsb is really 133? I don't get it.
T-bird 1.2 O/C tips
HELP me push my DURON 850 ...it needs a kick in the ass
sandra scores
why does this happen?
Need info on unlocking a TB w/ conductive pen
Possible theory on burn in data
1.2 temp
Amd k5 100 how high will it go????
What the heck? 2 Tbird 1.4's that won't run higher than 1.1 anymore?
A7V133 Cooking
Cooling & case fans
I need your help figuring out these damn words!
Overclocking a Duron750 to 1GH
Wondering why...........
i croaked my t-bird.
Axia K or Axia Y
Help with my scores
overclocking a 1.33ghz AYHJA
Don't know how..AMD overclocking
Need program to change the L2 cache on my Classic Athlon!
damn glaciator
when will they have a higher Tbird speed
Which should I buy? 1.2 AXIAR or 1.2AYHJA
Getting closer!
AMD Athlon 1GHz @ 1.4GHz Heat Question
Athlon 1.2ghz@? Post your score
AMD multiplier.
why is this not quite working?
Giving up fixing computer still freezes.
Latest KT7 Bios (A must download for Abit KT owners!) READ!
Tell me what core i go please??
1.33 or the 1ghz
Just ordered a Duron 750
133 or 266?
question abt epox boards
question, 1.4 gighertz AYHJA Y or 9 which is better
O/C FSB v.s Multiplier. Why does it crash??!!
Quick newbie question about new AMD T-Birds
my 12 axia is @ 1470 stable,but sisoft says only 21 deg C????
Overclocking-Duron 850----WinXP?????
I cant get 7 or 7.5 multiplier to work.
What's the Bigger Better Deal?
Most are at least AXIA or AYHJA by now ...
CPU Voltage
Cant be pushed higher??
AXIA? What the heck?
Where can I buy a good 1.4 gig chip that will be overclockable
t-bird, help?!?
Watercooling an AMD 1.4GHz
Recieved my 1.33Ghz AXIA -Y today 266fsb from AMD.Info needed about OCing it.
800 Duron OC
how long do amd cpu's live?
HEY!! Forgot how high you can go with voltage via the L7's
It's My Birthday
I need HELP .... AMD Athlon 4 MP
Help Additionally Overclocking my 333mhz>350mhz AMD K6-2
Can i use the palomino on the asus a7v133 mobo?? it supports core voltages down to 1.1v
TBird 1.4GHz system...COOLING??? HELP!
AMD K6-2 300
What are the avg. temps for an AMD K6-2
How does a shim protect the processor
Oldest trick in the book to test a stable overclock,Advice needed about a 460watt PSU.
OK..I've unlocked my Athlon AVIA Y (blue die) 1ghz chip, now what???
Stepping code for T-Bird Chips - Help...
Any tips for a 750 duron??
How should I cool this thing?
Just got a new 1.33ghz tbird
Heatsink Dilema...... PLEASE HELP!!!
Vapochill question - Help :)
I'm getting a new system - HELP me out please - all suggestions are wanted :)
i am one MAD MOFO
Different Speeds. Same Temps.
Overclocked 1.4 AMD Athlon
new SK6, temps, installation..
1.2 T-Bird AXIA Y
How hot should my 1.4 AYHJA be?
Help me with my cpu wattage
best programs to test stability?
will the new athlon palomino work with asus a7v133a?? or do i need another mobo??
Will the EPoX 8K7A , Abit KG7 , ASUS A7M266 and Sis 735 Support palimino 1.5+ ?
Multipliers over 850 don't work in O/Ced Duron 750
The Athlons Limits
what gives best perfomance?? 1232(133mhz fsb) or 1320mhz (110fsb)
3 questions about the Iwill kk266-r
Yes, that's right, another temp question...
Can't change multiplier for Duron 700! Need advice!
Palomino &kg-7 vs. thunderbird & kg-7 review!!
which one goes up first??
I just hitt 1007, why is 1012 completely unstable?
Extreme Overclocking???
Running stable at 1.82Ghz+
Help about Athlon Temps
128MB crucial PC2100 = $27??
Who here believes that burning in the processor will achieve a higher mhz in the future.
Unlocking 700 Athlon
how does that multiplier thingy work with tbirds?
my tbird 1.1ghz....
Duron 1GHz coming Monday Finally!!!
Computer gives lots of lockups and freezes.
200 or 266 FSB
Overclocking Classic Athlon and How to tell Axia chip?
I ordered a 1.2 and got an AXIAR Y
AXIAR 1Ghz (200) @ 1533MHz
amd 1.4ghz 200&266
registry checker error...
After one year of burn in...
Questions about O/Cing my Duron 700
AMD RULES!!!!!! OMG Burn't OEM AMD1.2GHZ AXIA replaced for FREE! read the full story = )
1.2Ghz or Y Axia 1Ghz
OC speed for 850 TBird??
Unlock AMD MP processor
Thermal compound and a vapochill, what do I use?????
so what can i do.?
Anyone overclock a 1400mhz 266fsb chip ?
asus a7v133 reporting wrong cpu speed?
What does this code mean???
Question about 1 gighertz to 1.4 gighertz cpu's
Super-"Duper" Orb cooler?
Need help - 1.333 amd
Results with my 1333
Tbird 700 heat problem.
How High can I go?
To install a shim on a tbird, do i need to remove the 4 circle pads?
HURRAY! my new cpu came! :)
Sporadic Overclocks and Failures
AMD T-BIrd 1.4 ghz processor...
got my 1.4 back
What in the world!!
Ok, or no Ok? Help Please!!
L1 bridges set multiplyer?
New T-Bird - Please help an AMD newbie with the codes...........
Cpu multiplier settings
HELP WITH t-bird!!!! Help!
Heat Sink Issue Please Read!
how much do u pay for a t-bird?
MC462 Temperature
Can't overclock 1.4 266fsb AYHJA I need help please.
Performance Differences 200/266
Intel Guy - AMD?????
cpu wont overclock anymore?
A7V KT133, Athlon 900 - help please
1.333 gighertz cpu question and overclcok
Help needed EPoX 8K7A Mobo no raid ,won't let usb stuff work.
266mhz axia 1.33? n/m
overclocking a tbird 750
Question for iwill kk266 and athlon 4 cpu
Fastest 1.333 gighertz will overclock?
How many watts do I need?
200 or 266 fsb???
1.2 T-Bird w/ KK266 Q:
Need advice on new stepping code from Amd
Got my 1.33gig TBird from Newegg.com
Bum AXIA core t-bird
My Quest for 2Ghz+ (Chip code experts required)
Any chance to hit 1 Gig?
L7 Bridges
Old news, but some may not be aware of this.....
AMD Athlon 1.4 ALREADY Unlocked
Will a burn-in lower cpu temp?
Its alive!!!
voltage on a k6-3
plz read above post
My New Athlon 1.53GHz Computer Coming Tomorrow
Which is faster??
IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL lockup error on t-bird 1.33
T-bird 900 @ 900 goin at 68C
1.2ghz with KK266 temperature questions
gettin a little hot...
AMD K6-2 350
Help needed overclocking my 1000MHz Thunderbird
If you overclock ,this is a must read!!!!!!!
wtf my temp suddently raised 10c???????? im now at 55c
200 or 266 fsb?
Athlon 1.13 266
Upgrading Advice
Best Heatsink/fan/ORB for 1.4 GHZ - 761
1100Mhz Athlon & 800Mhz Duron Instability - Need help
Iwill KK66 motherboard and Amd cpu's
Athlon (MP) (Palomino) Overclockability?
Post you tbird 650 results here :)
Anyone achive 1050 mhz with a slot a cpu with goldfinger??
cant get to 8.0x133 wont post?? any ideas
HELP! snapped resistor on voodoo graphics card
Just Converted Over To AMD...
NOOOOO! I finally get my Duron 750 @ 1001, and then......
Recieved 1.4Ghz in mail today I don't wana fry it on my EPoX 8K7A mobo plz help.
Oops! Forgot to check the codes
T'bird 800 and video glitches
How cold is to cold?
Duron 900 Temp...not overclocked yet
Stupid question? Or?
AXIA, AVIA or what??? pls help out!!!
Duron $$$ all over the board??
200 or 266 FSB?
All you overclockers at 1600+mhz that think your cool read this
1133 Mhz AXIA code
Windows Protection Error???