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1.2ghz with KK266 temperature questions
gettin a little hot...
AMD K6-2 350
Help needed overclocking my 1000MHz Thunderbird
If you overclock ,this is a must read!!!!!!!
wtf my temp suddently raised 10c???????? im now at 55c
200 or 266 fsb?
Athlon 1.13 266
Upgrading Advice
Best Heatsink/fan/ORB for 1.4 GHZ - 761
1100Mhz Athlon & 800Mhz Duron Instability - Need help
Iwill KK66 motherboard and Amd cpu's
Athlon (MP) (Palomino) Overclockability?
Post you tbird 650 results here :)
Anyone achive 1050 mhz with a slot a cpu with goldfinger??
cant get to 8.0x133 wont post?? any ideas
HELP! snapped resistor on voodoo graphics card
Just Converted Over To AMD...
NOOOOO! I finally get my Duron 750 @ 1001, and then......
Recieved 1.4Ghz in mail today I don't wana fry it on my EPoX 8K7A mobo plz help.
Oops! Forgot to check the codes
T'bird 800 and video glitches
How cold is to cold?
Duron 900 Temp...not overclocked yet
Stupid question? Or?
AXIA, AVIA or what??? pls help out!!!
Duron $$$ all over the board??
200 or 266 FSB?
All you overclockers at 1600+mhz that think your cool read this
1133 Mhz AXIA code
Windows Protection Error???
I'm not defecting or anything, but...
AMD chips, retail version...
Safe to OC this?
athlon 1.3 settings(newbie)
All this talk of new "faster" chips.....
Help w/old school amd k-6 notebook overclocking
Question about AMD release of the 1.53 gighertz chip
Alright! Just hit the GiG on my Duron 750 @ 1.888v!
Which processor-1.2, 1.33, 1.4
Overclocking my 1.33ghz athlon
My 1.333 is not a Dog.
Unlocked AMD 1.4 nothing unusual??
Help, how to overclock AMD K6-2 233
Crazy Tbird pricing?
unlocked athlon t-bird 1.333 ghz
All right lowered my temps, and as an added bonus 1 more FSB!!!
Trting to goto 1GHZ...... HELP!! PLEASE!!
Winamp and Geiss
overclocking 500mhz amd k6-2
Default vcore for 1.2 AVIA-9 Tbird??
Abit KT7/R/KT7A/R/KT7E Ultimate Bios Update
AMD Athlon Palomino 1.53Ghz & 1.50Ghz
Athalon....Duron...whats the difference?
Would a 1.33ghz tbird AYHJA Y have the L1 bridges already connected?
Little confused on picking a CPU batch
AXIA 'Y' Duron at 1.4Ghz
Frequent lockups with AMD T-bird HELP!!
Clawhammer, sledgehammer, and such
Palomino Compatibility?
1333 @ 1533
changes to duron
AMD 1200 not overclocking well HELP
duron 900
Questions about new Durons
System Will Not Post When O/C'ing Athlon 900
A few simple questions, I think!!
Problems overclocking, need info on 1.1Ghz AJFA chip
Overclocking my 1.2Ghz
Happy 4th of July
Best Case and Power Supply???
AMD Thunderbird 1GHz 266MHz - OC question
What is the code number of your 1.33GHz AYHJA?
help i think i frid my 1.2 266bus
What to get now
Highest "safe" voltage
wanne clock without heat
1.2Ghz or 1.33Ghz???
Tbird 1.2Ghz or Tbird 1.33Ghz???
Tbird 1.2Ghz or Tbird 1.33Ghz???
Random shut downs, does this sound like PSU?
Duron 800 Where do I start??
Simple Question --- plz read
Winamp and 100% CPU usage = bad
New to AMD
A7A266 with t-bird 1.33 constant 2 sec lockups/skipping..plz help
Newbie has a part's list....
Duron 750 AKCA....Unlocked...Need some help hitting the gig!
Rookie mistake
achieved my first overclock however modest =)
How fast can 650 duron get -w- air(Any) without problems?
L1 Bridges Unlocked.....now what???
Check The L1 Bridges
Part's list for the Newbie!!!!
1.2 not getting anywhere
Need opinion on this 1.2ghz Tbird
RE: What type of PSU should I have
i think im missing something...
Tbird 1Ghz default at 750Mhz?
1.33 and 1.4 CPU's
Tried unlocking my Duron 750.
help me with my duron 800 please
900MHz TB @ 990MHz
What heatsink ships with retail 1.2bird?
Power supply for AMD 1.4ghz fsb266
Does Radio Shack compound harden ?
asus a7a266 bios ver1004 temps ?
Temp Probe placement question
How do you check what stepping you have?
Just got my Duron 750/A7A266 COMBO!!!
still need help
need some help reaching 1.5
System seems stable but Prime95 gives errors???
Who has got a AXIAR here?
1.0 to 1.4 ghz, thnx all!
Are Retail Chips a Little Better than OEM?
Please help!!!
Question mainly about the 1.333 gigahertz chip and a good video card
Question about the Iwill KK266 motherboard?
Thermalright SK6 vs. Glaciator?
Whats the normal Temperature Difference ?
Which would give me lower temps?
Duron wont O/c anymore ?
Duron 800@1100
Is this a good deal?
Best heatsink for high performance and low noise?
Athlonmp overclocking
K62 500
Are New M/B's Coming Out for Palomino?
Question for all you overclockers?
Temps for a 1.333 bird??
newbie survives first oc
How Far Do I dare To Go?
a little stuck...
Should I OC right away? Or sit on it for a month or two?
what type of PSU should I have
Which TBird should I get for overclocking?
Has anyone heard of the AYHJA 266 Y unlocked????????
Overclocking of Athlon 850 more that 1020
athlon 1gig and asus 17v, what best way to oclock? what speed u got?
Just made my first keychain!!!!
34C idle to 59C full load in 2 minutes - do you think this is a problem?
Question About Stepping Codes
Undervolting an 1.4 AYHJA
Thunderbird 700 Voltage
200FSB or 266FSB ?????
What is the life expectancy of an o/c duron 700 ?
Quick Duron Question???
1.33Ghz 266fsb AYJHA code needed for $145 or less
what is the default voltage for a 1.4
Duron 800 o/c
Need help with AMD1200 overclocking
is 40 celcius hot to the touch?
OC Duron 750 with A7V133-C , Problems with FSB
Need some info please...
Help! Oc'ing a week 27 Duron 600
Tbird 1.2Ghz 200fsb or 266fsb (tonicom ram)?
Hows this for 1.4
AMD Duron 750 problems!
Dirty Duron!!!
How far can I FSB overclock KT7-RAID?
1.2 ghz 266mhz @ 200mhz ?
really weird!
Rubber Pads on a 1.33
= ( cpu dead new motherboard EPoX 8K7A
overclocking on a kt7a r with a sb live
Suggestions from you all... you're so helpful guys :)
1.4 losing usb mouse
Question about my fan
Need some help
overclocking my Duron 700
Proper PSU for Thunderbird
Is heat the only danger when overclocking?
what re-mounting a heatsink can do for you
850 to ?????
Getting a new Duron system, unknown expectations
AYHJA 1.33 ghz a DOG????
Getting a new Duron system, unknown expectations
hey got my 1.4 how do i know how good it is ??
good place to get axia cpu's?
good place to get axia cpu's?
is 300w PSU enough for this?
Whats better, 1394 or USB2?
AMD Clawhammer with QDR-Ram support
unable to run voltage higher than 1.85
Paper sticker on bottom of Duron, i smell burning
Unlocking the multiplier on Athlon cpu
Anyone have anything higher than 1.6 Gigahertz stable
Why wont the 1.4 gighertz cpu go higher than 1.6gighertz
AMD fans, wanna free pc case sticker?
How do I get 266fsb with Athlon1333 and ASUS A7M266?
Bumpy thing on top of the processor
AMD 1.2Ghz 266 or 1.3Ghz 200 ????
A little confused
overclocked 1333 crashes windows
Can ya'll HELP me? :)
A little confusion
Temp running RC5 is 64c
Tbird 1.2ghz 266FSB locked or unlocked?
What to get, what to get?
HAHAHA got my setup in the mail!
Athlon/Thunderbird?? Questions for the class!
Help with Cooling
what's bout the same as a AXIA ??
Building a New AMD System => Which CPU for the Most MHZ????
Best Combination CPU and Mobo AMD?
O/Clocking AMD K6-266MHz on 430TX mobo
Guys Can NE1 let me get a Program to monitor my cpu temp PLZ ?
Quick 1.4 AYHJA question.
1.4 @ 1.53 Temp Question
1.4 @ 1.53 Temp Question
Did you Know TB and Durons will work in a multiple processor MB!!!!
AMD 1.4 Temp Question
BXIA? + watercooling question
AXIA 1ghz causing geforce probs?
Thunderbird heat...problem?
new motherboard = need to format?
amd athlon 1.1 and worried about heat problems
amd athlon 1.1 and worried about heat problems
Thunderbird multiplier question
Duron 900 @ 1300 Mhz ~ Impressive !!!
Who's got a dead CPU? One of my standoffs got tore.Help!
Best overclocking Duron
Abit KT7-RAID (KT133) and 266FSB revisited
Which way is your CPUs HSF blowing?
Help on identify problem with AMD cpu
stepping for the 1.4's
What new processor?
not really about OC'n, but a question
does anyone know of a Hardware diagnostics program
stock volts!
Anyone ever find out the problem with the 1.4's hanging up at windows start?
Duron 750 voltage
Duron 750 voltage
Do you know AND???
i am trying to understand this???
Stupid (I think) FSB question
ASUS A7V Voltage
What does Code mean??
bridging ,,, well bridges!
wow i broke 1.6ghz!!!
My new 1.4 T-bird
Funny thing!
glaciator problems...
This sux, need help
Dont tell anyone with an Intel about this , Shadow Dont look
1.2gig tbird for 114shipped 266fsb
AVIA OC probs
Enermax PSU holding back your overclock?
The Multiplier or the FSB...
Problems with even modest OCing on a 1200 Axia
Cooling Problems solved, thanks to the forum.
Max recommended voltage on Durons
Can't break 1.5ghz with a 1.33ghz Athlon.Need help please.
Celeron Vs Duron
about to take the plunge, this look ok? suggestions?
mobile palomino!
duron 750 and Asus A7V
Best specs to overclock?!
might be silly...
Duron 850 & ep-8kta3
Unlocking with a pencil
Best method for unlocking a chip???
New to forum. and computers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank god for Forums!
First post-Newbie requires help with Duron 800mhz
Need Help! Please ! I'm Going crazy!
To overclock or not to overclock.........please help......
Is there anything wrong here ?
Little dots beside core...
Cooling tips?
Computer freezes for no apparent reason
Recommended settings for OCing a duron?
Is P4 Now a Viable Option?
Is it necessary to connect the L1 bridges with a pencil or conductive ink?
Computer Startup Problems
Power Supply question
default Vcore??
AMD on a slow down?
Tbirds and Durons...
Whats better mobo EPOX EP-8K7A or Abit KG7 w/raid ???
Getting this dang chrome orb off...
Need some HELP from a veteran over clocker
computer show
Is 2.05v safe for a Tbird?
Finally got my little AVIA cooled down, 1.6ghz, here I come!!
what should i get?
Letter from AMD
anti-crushing techniques
is my cpu dead?
what t-bird would be the best choice?
-::What is the BEST system for overclocking for a person with a budget???::-
I need to find Abit KG7 for under $180 USA.
What's the best settings to overclock a 1333 thunderbird?
Cpu 900 mhz temp
AXIA y code 1.33GHz, major probs
3.3 voltage change on ASUS A7A266?
Trying again.....I've hit the wall....help....
Trace tape to connect the L1 bridge.
What is burn-in??
hahah, It works!!! hook me up with some info?
Duron 800 Overclocking
AMD 1.33ghz with Abit KT7E Mobo
Tbird Wattage
Voltage Settings
How 2 cool down Tbird 1.2???? HELP!!!
Why Would u buy Celron When Duron Exists?
Size of the Athlon Package.
Is watercooling a "pencil trick unlocked" duron ok ?
How do you get such low idle temps
Abit KG7...what RAM would I use???
What is a goldfinger device?
Program that cools, pls assist me in finding
Heatsink and Fan For AMD 1.33 and IWILL KA266
Overclocking AMD 800
fuzzy logic 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a new stepping better then AXIA!!!!!!!
Cpu Temperature
Is there a ASUS A7M266 bios the change the multiplier ?
How far on stock voltage?
here's a question for all you pro's out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
need info on my AXIA 1GHZ 266 processor , whole code inside
Help required for a Duron750 O`clocking
which is the best bios for my K7T Pro MS-6330
help !! my multiplier is locked on 14 why?? help me please
somone help me!!!!!! my computer feezes!!!
got my cak38 how can you tell it's a delta fan ?
Hello...From AMD Land!!!! :)
Burn in: How do you do it?
AMD 1.4 Overclocking results please. Post yours here!
Need some help from the pros........
Case/HSF Advice
Compaq 1.2G AMD
whats the pencil trick?
n00bie needs help
question about L2 and L3 bridges
1.2ghz T-birds....200 or 266?
Second opinions PRIOR to ordering plzzz
Duron@933 any ideas?
Acer Aspire!?
AMD Athlon T-bird 1Ghz (266bus) @ 1.67GHz
New way to kill Thunderbird?
L1 bridges
Problem with overclocking iwill motherboard with a hercules geforce 3
AMD Athlon T-bird 1.4GHz (266) @ 1.84GHz
opening the golden bridges - kind of a poll
How Do I Set FSB?
Has anyone put an AMD 1.4 in an Iwill KA266 Board ?
CPU Temp questions
AXIA1G @ 1366 air cooled @ 40C 48 full load
Palomino support.
AMD 1.4Tbird running at 1.05?
Need Info on AYHJA - "K" Series
Please suggest FSB+multiplier combo for T-AMD
worried about cpu temp
What will be a good Clock Multiplier to expect from an AYHJA 1333?
BXHA 1.2Ghz...how can i get more out of it???
What are the best cpu's to buy makeing it up to 1500mzh +++
for now just the places to but for cheap.
My Tbird 800 wont post at multipliers other than 8.5..........
how fast can I overclock an 800 Duron?
Lapping the CPU
do you like AMD...
<---Newbie with old question I bet
Let me start over
overclocking a 1GHz athlon
soyo k7via and bios setings
Let me run this one past ya
worrying about voltage?
an Classic problem
Just bought a Abit KT7a mainboard need info on OC !!!
do i need a fan &heat sink with vapochill?
Duron 750 on Epox 8KTA3 won't overvolt to 1.8v or higher!
AMD Athlon4 1.53Ghz Coming
do I need a shim with a cak38
Advice with new system
Way to go OCZ!
Is there a big difference going from 1000mhz to 1400mhz???
New CPU: raise voltage trouble
I wanna test my new AMD!
Duron @ 133 or above FSB problem!
heres my newest errors of blue screen of death
issue with Abit KT7-raid
I can only get 1.04Ghz
Why isn't my tbird listed in the cpu database?
applying thermal compound to heatsink question
AMD cpus and Win2K problem?
amd power supply
What CPU 100 or 266 am confused!!
Why would my computer reboot Itself while playing a game or freezeup Please HELP!!
What is coming up?
i'm back again to collect some tips from you...
Bes OC for athlon1.2 & a7a266 ?
AMD 266 Mhz FSB?
1.33 'D' AXIA , Anyone have one?
OCZ Gladiator is there any othe choice
Problem with overclocking
My system
Can I in fact OC my old K6/200?
How do I Overclock ASUS A7M266 with 1.2Ghz 266fsb TB ? AXIA ? help plz.
AMD tbird1.33 ddr and what power suply?
1.33Ghz@2.2Ghz Here is how!
I think I have a remarked Tbird :(
athlon 900@998 whats ur 900@?
At wits end! amd 1200mhz wont go past 1333mhz.
Via Drivers on an A-Bit KT7A w/ Raid
New VIA 4-in-1 drivers out, though beta, may help
any dual tbird mobos out there??
Info in Bridges
rear window defogger repair kit
Athlon 900@945 pathetic, I know!
Where to buy a PS
Overclocking my AMD Athlon 1.1Gig
Fix the problem
Help! AYHJA 1333 w/ A7V133 installtion problems
old question......1.2Gig or 1.33Gig???
OMG my ASUS A7M will only show 64mbs DDR mem when I have 256mbs help!
Abit - KT7A and 1.4 multiplier problem - FIXED!!
Require a Lot of help
1.0 Ghz 266 fsb
cooling my 1.2
What OS is best?
OCing the FSB on an A7V
Just bought 1.2Ghz 266 (AXIA "Y"), Epox 8K7A
Athlon 1.2Ghz 200mhz fsb to Athlon 1.33Ghz 266mhz fsb
New HSF king?
AMD K62 500 @ 575
which is better???
Overclocking AMD 1.2?? HELP Please..
New Athlon 1000: O/C now, or wait?
1.2G TB vcore volts??
What to BUY,,,,
Has anyone purchased a MP chip yet???
AMD TB 1ghz w/ 266fsb Need Some Answer Please.......
? about HSF
Help with delhi 3 motherboard
Got my Duron 750 Today...Blue Core!
1.4Ghz chip in the mail from AMD whats best mobo to get ?
i hear the AYHYA is locked, is it just an L1 bridge deal?
Lets c if you can solve this one....
unable to overclock more ...please help!!!!
is this ram any good for oc?? Mosel SDRAM PC133 256MB 7ns
Can I run an unlocked CPU on a motherboard with locked multiplier
For future O/Cers', NEVER run CPU w/o heatsink and fan
Duron @133MHz FSB problem! Help!!!!!
K6/2 400 unstable @500
How hot should a Tbird be???
A7V or A7M???
Sorry, Me again...
K6-2 400 overclocking info needed. I'm a Newbie, sorry!
couple questions..
Duron "Cooked?" Getting lots of disk errrors, Gone when I underclock
which is the right way to O/C a Duron?
how long without a heatsink does it take to fry a 1000 mhz athlon, help....
AMD Processor Question
PC Keeps Rebooting
When and where is the KG7-raid coming out?
k6 2 500MHZ on nmc 5vmx moboard(via mvp 3 chip)
T-Bird 1.3 with PC100 ???