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K6III -500
When can I buy a KG7-RAID?
Where is Prime95?
Question to the duron owners and tbird owners can also give their opinion..heh
1.33 to 1.4 Is it worth it?
Custom overclocking BIOS for MSI Turbo/Pro MS-6330
AYHJA Dye?? What the heck?
Duron 800 - Help virgin overclocker...
ATTN Those with AYHJA's and Abit KT7A
Overclocking TBIRD 1.1 with MSI 6330
How do u tell if the CPU is unlocked?
Best T-bird?AXIA Core?
Problems with Unlocked Tbird multipliers.
BIOS settings for AMD Athlon 800
solution (almost) found
o/cing messing up sound?
Temp problems resolved - THX 2 you all
??? MSI K7T Pro (6330)
Durons and copper interconnects
DURON 750 (need help)
AMD Unlocking tools
Is it worth it?
where did i read this??
Athlon 1.2 GHZ halting at 53 deg C --- (I'm a Newbie--have mercy!!)
Hot/Cold Duron 850...weird topic
Need help upping Votage on ASUS K7M
What's wrong??? please help
Multiplier unlocking probs!
Wouldn't it be nice if.....
mobile palamino
Tbird pro's .... which cpu is best for me?
Duron un-lockable update!! GOT IT!!!!
750 Duron
1.3g t-bird enough psu power ?
Anyone had "success" with the 1.4?
HOT (?) athlon axia 1.2ghz
Multiplier and FSB Question ?????
What do i need most?
IWill KA266R and AMD 1.33
Power Supplies............
Any one with 1.4 have this same problem?
red fox socket 7 board
cpu gone bad?
fried cpu
What is the deal with the new t-bird stepping is anyone getting 1600or1700mhz???
Need help !!!!!! Is my new 1.4Ghz 266 TB Retail box broke ?
Confused and need help!
Help adjusting VCore with ASUS Slot A K7M
Help with TB 1333 needed on kt7a raid
Finally did it!
Overclocking a Duron 800
can i make a trade?
Multiplier Settings
Where to get the 1.4 chip
Slot A on a K7 Pro
1.3 g what will it handle ????
1.2 AXIA
Would anyone have the exact link to the AMD certified power supply list? (nt)
rookie, amd upgrade from 550 clssic to 900 tbrd,help!
AMD 1.33
Gold Finger?
Gold Finger?
My Computer Won't Boot At 133 FSB!
Are all AMD T-birds unlocked?
Overclocking problem with a 1.4 Athlon
why can't I get above 105fsb???????????
Is this system good?
How much of a temp differance using Arctic Siver 2 ??
New System Problems...
AMD or INTEL??????????????//
I Think I killed my dads T-Bird 1.2gig, or KT7A!
Geting 1.4G 266Bus tomma need assistance plz.
Help! Need to Cool CPU better, Voltage to high?
Slot A and artic silver
Got a 1.4 AYHJA Today.
<- EL NOMBRE...Best athlon + MoBo for high overclocking and low price?
Problems with overclocked Duron cpu
overcloc-kiNG a K6-2 550Mhz? Please HELP!
trying to over clock - not having much luck 1.33/266
I Have been testing 2 AYHJA CPU's.
Apparently My math is bad, or I don't understand OCing
HELP!! I need to change my multiplier!!
does anyone fancy giving me some advice??
Help on next CPU ????
Overclocking 1.2 AXIA on a A7V133
Water cooling questions!
Water cooling questions!
voltage and overclocking problems
Anyone overclock a 1200mp ?????
Anybody with Iwill KA266-R?
How to find out CPU FSB on the chip itself?!?!?!?!?!?
The AYHJA rocks!!!
the drivers are...
which processor oh my!
HELP My A7V133 won't stay on
Assistance Needed! (can not overclock!!)
Should I be concerned?
Abit KG7 Motherboard...
if you have a locked processor do me a small favor
has anyone had this problem with unlocking?
BEEEBOOOBEEEBOOO - uh oh. a7v with 1.1ghz :(
O/Ced Duron, some sound/video problems
Please Help Me Overclock My 1.2 KT7 Raid
HSF Questions for an AXIA 1Ghz
T-Bird 1k: OC the same as a Duron 700?
Cooler: Global Win FOP32-1 or Taisol CGK742092
Max voltage for o/c K6-2+ ??
125Mhz on a MSI K7T Turbo failed but 133Mhz worls??
Need advice before i buy this...
Got the Arctic Silver II !!!!!!!!!
could high temps be the result in my Duron's inability to overclock?
Question about OCZ Gladiator cooler
at 1.52ghz
help me out with a duron please
Help with Vcore settings!!
My new 1.2 Tbird
"To DDR or not to DDR, that is the question!"
plz, need help with overclocking my cpu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AXIA 1Gig @ 1333 - 5V value @ 5.00
AYHJA Just arrived.
Here Are Some Benchmarks Of The 1333AYHJA
Oh the humanities, why did my system try to do this to me????
AMD Duron Vs. T-Bird
your opinions would be appreciated!
Will the new 1.4 TBird work on the Asus A7M266?
Afraid of frying another one
Newer T-Bird 1.33 running hotter then before !!! Help!
Someone please advice me on getting a 1.2 Ghz Athlon to OC
The northbridge is the problem!!!
abit kt7-a raid bios
cyrix 333 mII
Duron 800@1000 52c with superorb normal and safe?
AMD k6 2 3d 500
what is this?
Newbie looking for a board with a 266fsb to go with a 1.2ghz T-bird
nForce!!! FAST new mainboard.
which is better at conductivity?
1333 Bird's performance slipping
OK, Please read this. It's my last post reguarding the 1333AYHJA
Are the 1.4 gig AYHJA or not?
A Bad Duron???
Best way to remove the Volcano II HSF???
Anyone experience the 1.4 yet?
upgrade question...need help
Overclocking Predicament!!
Duron will no longer un-lock! HELP!
Axia stepping code...
Duron temp. question
Overclocking 500 help
Heatsink & Fan
cheap price on ayhja chips
Help ! Can't get past FSB 1333MHz O/C
Registry problem
My temps can't be right - can they????
Newbie AMD multiplier question
Holy Crap! FOP38 under 49C
K7 Clock Ctrl
T-Bird AYHJA overclock
im still locking up [not O'Cd??????]
Cant push duron 850 over 1060 dam it?
Plz Help! OCing a T1200/266 on KT7A
!st time OverClocker Help...
How safe is water cooling?
many thanks 1.33@1.530
Feeling special :o)
OK, Somebody did not get the idea behind my praise
Prime 95 Error
Asus A7M266 or Abit KG7Raid?
Finally running sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! Thanks.......
Unlocking Tbird via closing L1 bridges...doesnt start up after i put it back in help!!!!
Wow. 1000@1020. Project GPL
updating/building a new pc...
Hoot's cohesive cooling is the BOMB!! 1.5ghz on air!!
suggestions anyone?
Questions from an 'ol Intel Overclocker....
Quickie AXIA Question here...
i need more voltage for my duron
What I/O setting should I have for 1200mhz on a 1000athlon? Please help...
Question about water cooling.
Motherboard advice
Can not get my 1.333 T-Bird over 1.4ghz
Bit the Bullet!!!
Should I disable the L2 cache in my abit kt7a-raid board bios?
Voltage and heat
Thanks for temp help
I have discovered...
duron pentrick?
overclocking probs
my chip
normal temps?
its the power supply i had the same problem
is that safe?
AYHJA Stepping....cool....
No increse in 3D Mark 2000 when put Duorn 750 to 850
horible looking cooling but effective in some way
Houston we have a problem. Newbie with 1200 at 48-65c.
is that safe?
(GERRY136) so where do i go from here?
I/O Voltage at 3.90 wazzup?
Found a TB 1G B "AXIAR/Y" today...
Asus A7V 133 new bios (1005) is out now!
I can't change my V-Core. Can someone help please ?
1200@900 HELP
Duron unlocked but wont overclock!! HELP!!
Overclocking K6-2 450 questions
Why can't I overclock my Duron?
axia code
how can i test to see if the multipliers on my.....
Questions X2 - PS & Dofogger Drying Time
core voltage
how can i get more voltage to my duron?
CPU hotter than before?
Uhoh, Something went Wrong!
T-Bird 1.33 Problems
Operating system question
Seen any K6-3's?
650 Classic @ 900 on Asus K7V mobo
Is this a normol voltage?
Is this a normol voltage?
alright guys, tell me about the SLOT A T-Bird
Just went MAD.. (er AMD)
What are the signs of burnout on an athlon?
Duron 750 Will Not Pass 1gig Barrier?
Trouble with a passive GFD
AMD Athelon 1.4Ghz
best cpu
I destroyed my mobo and cpu
Voltage problem on MSI K7T Turbo Limited Edition
Outstanding results after overclocking
Overclocking 750 duron to 1 Gig?
Help with overclocking a Duron 650
first post
AMD Duron multiplier problems on an MSI K7T Turbo
dodgy un-overclockable motherboard
Thanks Murphy & Dr_Kildare- check out what I got so far
How do overclock a k6-233
need to build a notebook need help
1Ghz Axia @ 1.53GHz on Air
Where is everyone buying there AXIA CHIPS online????
Be careful
Going to computer show next weekend, going amd from intel, what should i get Thanx alot guys!
What sort of sugges have you guys bing having with Duron's
Y is it
WIN me error ,,, Help 011
PLZ help. My tbird wont post anymore at all:(
Factory L1 bridge?!
cheap AYHJA 1.33's!
How can I find out what the serial code on my Athlon means?????
recent postings in the gutter, listen up!!
first results from Duron... ideas?
If you have a new AYHJA chip, please post here:
How can you tell what speed your processor is from the factory?
1GHZ AXIA'Y'0110 - What (stable) settings are you using?
FSB of Duron 800
What is Axia?
Amd slot A Tbird temps
question about mobo temp sensors
can my cooling paste go bad on my chip?
AMD CPU Temperature
Thanx Guys
What's the best procedure to "break in " my new 1333 axia?
Have I destroyed my Tbird 1000?
Goin AMD! Should I do it?
O/Ced Duron, some heat/mobo troubles
vcore too low ??
First try at overclocking
Is it worth the extra $40?
Few Questions for a 1.2ghz
Need suggestions on why I keep crashing
Could use a little overclocking advice....
i'm having trouble overclocking my amd k62.
help with the numbers.....
Which is better: 112 fsb x 9 or 133 fsb x 7.5 ? I'm confused...
Stopped ocing.....
Frist try at overclocking
Duron and T-Bird Codes
Help with overclocking 600
Creating a Thunderbird Keychain
Just need some reassurance here...
Old good thunderbird at high temps! Help!
duron 900 o/c @ 1071mhz i need help"must go faster!"
Problem with O/C Duron 800MHz!!!
Which temp is right?
Diff b/t K7 and T-bird besides $50?
help plz !.....canīt overclock my 1,2 tb-c !!!!!!!
help plz !.....canīt overclock my 1,2 tb-c !!!!!!!
Odd temp. rises?
my 1.33 is in the mail finally!!`
Silly question about RAM and FSB
Windows protections errors...
Is the Blue Copper core any better?
need help OC athlon 1.2ghz 266FSB
Possible to run a 1GHz 266fsb Athlon @ 10x 100fsb?
Remarked CPU's?
is the senfu water cooling kit Any good??
Is 1379 mhz the limit for 1000 mhz axia 0109?
Just wondering...
perplexing problem
Need some advise regarding i/o voltage
CPU usage under Win2k always 100% ?!??
Is my duron really unlocked
Random Restart
n00b questions
Login screen increases temp?
GFD finally came now i need help
My scores
Athlon 500
buying axia/avia chips?
Duron 800 at 1gig
Asus K7V mobo + 650 slotA + GFD what's next?
Did I kill it?
How hot undere load?
Help withe my hp
Hedge Hog with 38cfm
Bus vs. Multiplyer - Which is better to OC?
Are all 1.2 Ghz Tbirds factory unlocked?
Not All Chips are Created Equal (Sucks to be me)
Can you solder the L1 bridges? Also I have a chipped core.
Which cooler do you guys prefer!
bridge connecting
what the %&@# is the athlon "c"???
Bios Says CPU is Overclocked when I change Multiplyer
info about "alca" duron ???
hi all. i am new to AMD processors so i need some help
Can anyone explain this AXIA thingy to me, or post a link...?
700duron so far unlocked multiplier is it too hot!
building anthlon 700 can i oc it
1 ghz or 1.2 ghz
CPU Electrical Specs and Temps.
retail duron 800 with retail fic mobo for 108 cheap?
Can you beleive over 2ghz on an 1.3mhz AMD?
AMD 1.4 Ghz standerd is out!
Problem with multipliers on AMD 800
Heat related questions (input needed)
Are Axias Unlocked?
1.33 at 60 C....
200 vs 266 fsb tbirds newbie question
Temperature Question
Does newegg.com sell AXIA's ???
Where can I get a AXIA 1 Ghz Tbird 200 Mhz today??
amd tbird 4
Connecting L1 bridges...
Need help Overclocking AMD 1.2ghz 200 AXIA
Duron Cpu codes? What are the differences and how many exist?
Probs running at 10.5+x133
1ghzAXIA266 @1.5ghz 150x10 V core 1.80
L7 Duron Bridges and Epox Kta3 mobo
the cpu of 100 faces!
the cpu of 100 faces!
Duron 800 ..tried @ 1070..
200 vs. 266
Carelessness or poor design?
Newbie needs help!!
Any one gone from PIII 800 or similiar to a T-Bird 1200?
Everything about the Palimino!
Calling all K7T Turbo owners!!! I'm confused
Benchmark program recommendation?
Oh NO! Thunderbird users it time to upgrade!
chipped cpu
HELP....chipped cpu on corners
1.3@1.45 crashing in games ONLY
CPU Math Mark Scores
Sandra Screen shot --I hope
Want to make sure I got what I payed for!!
3dMark2000 stalls even on stock settings?
How do I fix my USB port to work with mouse overclocked ?
An AMD certified power supply for the 1.2gig 266fsb ?
Need dead slot A Athlon pcb
Athlon C 1,333 working temperature
600 Dolla's, What to buy
what is the best AMD chipset and Motherboard?
Duron 850 Multiplier change...yeah, right
1.4 Athlons are availible at Buy.com for 260! Palminos?
axia y
do all the tbird 1.2ghz+ have AXIA (OCable) core?
AMD T-Bird 1.2GHz Vcore?
Who uses WPCREDIT for idle temp decrease??
multiplier unlock??
*CONFIG INITIALIZATION ERROR* in win2k. a7v w/ tbird 1ghz
multiplier unlock??
1.33 Ghz PALAMINO?????
KT7A / AXIA C / Kingmax PC150 instability - STILL - Repost, updated
Gladiator OCZ heatsink dilettante-review and 2 quick questions
ATHLON AXIA 1.3? To buy or not to buy thatīs the .........
ATHLON AXIA 1.2@1.5 !!!! R.I.P !!!!
need help OC
Brand new machine !!! :) Brand new questions???
A must read....
Newbie to OC please help me boost my system.
1Gig AXIA Cooling, Voltage and Video
blew two caps on the mobo...WHY WHY WHY
PSU too weak?
[b]On Franks reply to my earlier post[/b]
CPU loading on the PS 5 Volt line
athlon 750 @ 900. a cheap cooler?
1.2GHZ @ 1575MHZ stable ! 300FSB
amd palameno chip
1333mhz T-Bird at 70C ?!?!?
O/C a Duron 800?
1.2ghz (200fsb) T-Bird, 1.2ghz (266fsb) T-Bird, Whats the difference?
Can my CPU performance be affected by a cooling sys?
Why can't I o/c my CPU (TB1333)???
Need help on doing EB trick with WCPCREDIT
what is about axha 0103 mpm?
Duron or Tbird?
AXIA vs. AVIA???
heat dissipation?
can duron 750 go higher ??
what cooler
Is it really possible?
Should I change the heat sink on my athlon
Overclocking Thunderbird 800......
Kt7A misreporting temps?
fsb or multiplier
I need a reference point
woohoo 3 stars
Need a good(easy) benchmark program
So why is everyone going for the AXIA 1200 chips? Why AXIA?
Athlon 1.2 type 'C' won't do 266FSB @ 3.3v i/o
FSB / Bus
Overcloking TBird 1000 MHz
how to change multiplier with crappy mobo?
My Duron just wont work with the Vcore
AXIA C 1.0G challenges - can anybody help please?
How much is too much?
Voltage mod
Here is is the url http://www.geocities.com/reticule1/1.6ghzSSReTiCuLe.jpg
Amd Duron 800mhz help plz
AMD 1.2Ghz - Heating Inquiry
Reached 1575MHZ Stable needs Voltage mod to reach 1.6ghz
Voltage question on my MIS K7T Turbo
DURON 800 with MSI KT7 Pro 2-A need help~
Prime 95 and my 1.2ghz axia @ 1.36
duron 800 @ 1009mhz..working on my temps...
can i handle it??
Something very interesting about heat
Wots wrong - Duron850 no unlock
n m that heres url
Where can I get a voltage mod ? Proof of my 1.2 @1.5Ghz
HELP!!!!Anyone with same specs as me please help!! kt7a raid lockup
AMD slot A 900mhz t-bird overclocking
did i destroy my CPU ?
How bad does this suck...
How can I clean the TB core from thermal compound
Can I use Acetone to remove AS2 from my core?
a little help here guys
Thanks for the info on my Duron800
Ways to find if L1 Connected?
Unlocking the L1 bridges ?
Overclocked Duron 800...how fast will it go?
Overclocked Duron 800
some very unusual post problems
is this enough?
Duron850 - No go with o/c???
Man I cracked a 1ghz and a 800 mhz Anyone wanna help me out?
Anybody gotina 1gig 266 AXIA to use the multi 10
overclocking a 400mhz k6-2
Need more details to go faster
1.2 AXIA Tbird used to oc
Duron Core Codes
AMD 1.2C @ 1.47GHZ 44c - 47c (116f) WATERCOOLED BECOOLING AQUASTEALTH2 why so hot ?
suggesting to put me cpu to 1100-1200mhz?
TBird 200 or 266 FSB?