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can i handle it??
Something very interesting about heat
Wots wrong - Duron850 no unlock
n m that heres url
Where can I get a voltage mod ? Proof of my 1.2 @1.5Ghz
HELP!!!!Anyone with same specs as me please help!! kt7a raid lockup
AMD slot A 900mhz t-bird overclocking
did i destroy my CPU ?
How bad does this suck...
How can I clean the TB core from thermal compound
Can I use Acetone to remove AS2 from my core?
a little help here guys
Thanks for the info on my Duron800
Ways to find if L1 Connected?
Unlocking the L1 bridges ?
Overclocked Duron 800...how fast will it go?
Overclocked Duron 800
some very unusual post problems
is this enough?
Duron850 - No go with o/c???
Man I cracked a 1ghz and a 800 mhz Anyone wanna help me out?
Anybody gotina 1gig 266 AXIA to use the multi 10
overclocking a 400mhz k6-2
Need more details to go faster
1.2 AXIA Tbird used to oc
Duron Core Codes
AMD 1.2C @ 1.47GHZ 44c - 47c (116f) WATERCOOLED BECOOLING AQUASTEALTH2 why so hot ?
suggesting to put me cpu to 1100-1200mhz?
TBird 200 or 266 FSB?
AMD TBird 1GHz Abit KT7 RAID overclocking lockup
Need fast answers, please.
HEY I F***IN DID IT BROS !!!!!!!!!!!!
Is 1.2@1425 AVIA at 27 idle a good OC?(90% stable)?
How stop CPU's from crack/chipping and Where do I get AXIA CPU's?
1.33 'D' AXIA running fine at 1464, Try more???............
donīt worry
Got that nasty interface material off HSF...
What's the most cost-effective way to cool a Duron system?
Problem with my Duron or mobo?
amd 1ghz axia y series need help from a overclocker
Duron 750 Questions
new cpu burn-in
New to overclocking AMDs, help req'd
I/O increase, any benafit??
Do I need the AXIA or AXIA Y athlon to overclock a 1.33GHz?
What athlon CPU to buy for best bang for the buck?
Over Clock Tbird 1.2
Duron 650 - can I get a 133 FSB?
Should i wait till it fries? compare your 1200 temps with me/
Why arent there any posts in the 266fsb 1333 section of the overclockers.com database?
Water cooling the Tbird on an a7v....run thruogh the items with me please!
Deos anyone know.
Little "feet" on cpu came off: safely put back on how?
Strange pattern of crashes [Please help]
You guys need to get your facts straight
29C Sys temp, 68C CPU temp, what gives?
Ideal temperatures?
AXIA 1.33 "D" instead of "Y" ?
1.33 AXIA running fine at 1400, how long to burn in......
what is the ...
Processer not running at the right speed
need to clean L1 bridges
at last i got 1.33 266mhz bus totally stable on my old tbird 1.1 avha:)
Duron 850 and KT7A-RAID?
please help!! please look! pictures inside! core cracked!
duron vs celeron and t-bird vs p3
CPU Price/Performance???
arctic silver2 placement on slot-a athlon
only 1giga maximum?!
L6 and L7 bridges?
T-bird 1000 AXIA "Y"
FSB question
Yo guys, quick question on voltage
how do I know if my T-bird is overclockable?
Howz this speed?
K7 Overclocking
Conductive Ink...
In need of help with Watercool bad temps and probs with 1.2 AXIA 266 @ 300bus.
Please AMD, PLEASE use better ceramic for A4 dies!!
AMD 1.1Ghz @ Idle 51°C , Stressed 56­°C
Overclocking my 1.3ghz.
soldering L1 bridges...
Socket A IS PGA I'm told!
pga and socket a compatability
why wont my msi k7t turbo raid overlcok
Getting over 900mhz
AXIA problem of mine solved! its the Abit Kt7A-RAID!
My 1GHz T-Bird is running at 800MHz! I need some help/advice.
i have just bought a asus a7v133A. the io voltage seems to be quite high! 1.55v in mbm5 and 1.49 in
I just bought the asus a7v133A mobo. But i cant get one of the ram sticks to wrk also i got a bit to
1050Ghz Athlon at 58c/136f - help before I fry!!!
Need advice on some things.
HELP!< I screwed up L1 bridge connection!!!
Anyone know for sure what the desktop Pal vcore is?
el=stupido, chipped duron =BSOD after login?????
New AXIA 1.33 266 and ASUS AV7133A , How much overclocked?
A900 and the MS-6340M
So will we have to get new mobos for the Palomino?
Duron750@1000, newbie needs advice
What's better? Higher FSB & Lower Clock Multiplier or Lower FSB and Higher Clock Multiplier?
i got my 1 gig AXIA chip to 1428 w/ aircoolin ! (pep66)
What is the deal here, my AXIA's and motherboard are crazy!
Finally made 1500mhz
what is the best tool for removing my cpu?
strange "stuff"
Helpppppp!!!!! Will artic silver fry your cpu if it get on the transistor deals?
Guys please ANSWER!!
PowerNow - They key to our new overclocking?
L1's connected on AXIA, Asus A7v133 can't change multiplier!!!!
im looking for a good a good hsf for my axia 1200
what is best??? KT133A or E??? and what are the differences?
Duron 800 W/ Abit-KT7"E" @ 1050.
AMD Athlon 4 - The Palomino is Here Anandtech review!
which heatsink/fan
AMD OC ??? EVERY ONE PLEASE READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
AMD 1.2 GHz 266 questions
Athlon 4 released - Questions
Athlon 4 released - Questions
I got a new KT7 to replace the broken A7V
Is a K7 Athlon Thunderbird the same thing as a Thunderbird
Can the pencil trick fry you cpu?
What is AXIA ?????
i need help with multiplier problems with my 1 gig AXIA!
Finaly got brave with the Duron 800.
1GHz 266FSB AXIAs Unlocked?
Is the Athlon 4 socket A
What kind of GFD do you all recommend?
What speed 200 or 266 - Help!
Thunderbird speeds in the future
amd duron 850 hsf
Athlon's and Durons, Slots and Sockets
Tomma geting new CPU 1.33GHZ 266fsb what code should i get AXIA or AVIA ?
Take a look and say what you think about my config!?
How much can I OC my T-bird 1,2Ghz AXIA and still run stable?
CHEAP duron system, suggestions.
OH CRAP! Chipped my 1gig 266 core...can I say HELP!!
Ok, this might SOUND stupid, but it sounded good at the time...
Info on GFD's (up2Tim)
AMD Driver Pack 1 ??
VCore Voltages
AMD T-900 Socket; Copper or Aluminum interconnect??
oc'ing the k7 750 slot a
1.2GHZ AXIA 266fsb R.I.P fromwater cool disaster.
Need Help For My 750 Classic!!!
How far can I Safely overclock my 1.2 ghz Amd cpu go??
anyone know how to restore jpeg thumbnails?
tbird 850 oc`ing
How far can I Safely overclock my 1.2 ghz Amd cpu go??
alpha p7125
What cooler for AXIA 1.2g to reach 1.5?
restarting probs
Duron 600@900
Overclocking problems with AXIA, strange windows protection error
Scotty Beam Me Up -> Serious Message Here ^*%^& Overheating (Argggg)
Here are my core codes
Palomino's due soon!
Has anybody checked this out?
new cpu and codes
Settings for Duron 850
Any word on the 1.4 ghz or 1.5 ghz amds????
athlon temps & overclocking
amd slota 950
did the voltage mod (KT7A), how far can I go?
Is it safe to run the PCI and AGP at 36.5 and 71?
Happy Happy Joy Joy
HELP... I want some more speed here...
Another newbie question...
1.2 G AXIA at 1.33 (CPU to hot?)
k63 diff
duron 900 o/c
Water on board
Water leak!
1.4gig compatible with current boards
What is 395 F equal to in Celsius?
What is the normal System and Cpu temp , please respond
Newbie looking for advice
Last sec Freeze
Whats the normal temps for an Athlon 1.33 ?
Can I RMA this chip that "I" killed
1gig 266 tbird doesnt want to overclock past 1.3
Duron 700 @ 950
One last question.
athlon 850 will only run at 765
RMA a chipped Tbird 1.33GHz
Cooling! (HELP!)
I really need help!
voltage?? heat?? the price of tea in china??
Im gonna buy a new mobo tomorrow.(needs to be an 266 board) which one should i pick?
Old question, What WAS the difference between a K6-2 and a K6-3???
AMD 1.2gig 266 Heat problem?
just got an 1.1tbird replacement for my broken 1.1. what speed can i expect from it? code is: avha
How fragile is the T-bird core?
connected my AMD L1 bridges, slight bleedover... how to fix the bleed?
What is the best memory to use on.........
duron 900 overclock
Chances of me geting to 1.7-1.8GHZ from a 1.2GHZ AXIA TB 266fsb
OC a K62 450 I know...old subject
1.33 AVIA Bridges locked?
w00t w00t ! Athlon 4 coming soon !!!
Cant get the multipliers I want !!!
What is the difference between an Athalon T-Bird 1 gig and an AXIA?
K6-2 350 O/C problems
new 1.33 athlon
o/c a k6 233
Arctic Silver II and AMD CPU's
AXHA vs AXIA 1ghz Athlon
Conductive pen and Silver Paint...
Default Voltages
1.33 T-Bird Code
Still can't boot, someone please help.
Quick!!!!! I'm about to order a CPU. Has anyone ordered a 1.2GHZ T-Bird from Neutronet.com?
temps on 1.2 amd
Any Head-To-Head of 1.3/200 and 1.33/266?
Frequent lockups... Reason?
AMD Prices
1.2/266 and Palamino/KK266 question
Best way to remove thermal compound?
AMD chips work on the dual boards?
Unlocking L1 Bridges
L1 Bridges and a quick question on voltage...
can't run 133fsb on Inno3d GF MX-200, Tbird 850, Epox8kta3 any insights?
How long shoud the pencil last ?
ocing a 1.33 axia
Dual Power Supplies
Where Can I find information For unlocking Athlon?
Bridging the L1's
Heat Problem In the Beginning
amd 1.33 ghz axia
L7's to give you a desired voltage. details inside :)
Restarting problem
Which Athlon 1333?
OC help
1GHZ Axia multipliers
Remember the beeep beep beep stuff?
"system options not set"?
Athlon 1.33 > How Hot??
burning in or burning up?
AMD 1.2@1.33 boots at 850Mhz after reset
l1 bridges
a7v133 & duron 750 help
Can't figure this one out please help
Question: ECC on L2 Cache
temp on duron 800
Newbie Question ?
are all 1.33 ghz t-birds axia and avia stepping?
Removing Thermal grease off the CPU
FSB Dip Switches in Soltek SL-75KAV
Switched from Duron 700 to Athlon 1000, showing wrong clockspeed (A7V)
A poblem with AMD 1GHZ only geting 750 MHZ
200 vs 266 bused chip.
Soyo sy-k7vta-b + duron 700 only gets 850mhz... help?
What to get for my birthday?
1Ghz AXIA @ 1633Mhz using a Modded ASUS A7M266 DDR!
Humor at ARS - resurrecting an old Overclockers.com tip!
Post your Axia,Avia and Azia codes
What is I/O voltage?
Methods for cleaning thermal goop from cpu?
Another Vapochilled T-Bird @ 1861mhz -13c
Reccomendation for first time Athlon HSF installers.
Acceptable temps for Athlon 1.2?
T-bird 1.4ghz?!
AXIA or AZIA which is which?
AXIA0111 only does 1333 so far
Chip info...where do I go?
k7 700 on a asus k7m, how do you unlock?
duron 600@1050, But want FSB higher than 100
Any suggestions on what kind of RAM to get
how do i change multiplyer for my axia 1.2g ????????
PII mobo
Win 98 doesnt want to run as fast as i can overclock..or something like that
T-bird 1.33 @ 1.71ghz -12c
2 For the price of one!
Problems with 1.2 AXIA 266Fsb AMD freezing problems
Air intake causes CPU temps to rise...
Gigabyte 7IX
Does Anyone know of a good Overclocking socket 7 Motherboard
Thank You
Whats a good socket 7 oc mobo
Operating Temps for Athlon 900?????Please advise...
overclocking 1ghz TB w/ KT7A
Hi Temp when are you instable?
Help with overclocking
Are AMD price drops expected???
HELP my cpu is supost to be 450mhz K6-2 but it only runs at 400mhz i would also like to OC it to as
T-Bird 1.2 Running a little hot...
Windows Protection Errors.
What difference will these additions make to my temp?
I think I broke my new t-bird.....
the deal with AXIAs ?
Not that hot...
did i just ruin my tbird?
My Axia Is hungering For some Megahertz. 1000@1370 is just the beginning
Yippee!!, duron 700@1000
How Do I FORMAT A Floopy to flash my bios ???
1.2GHZ @ 1440MHZ AXIA 266FSB Comp Problems !
Next step
Gambling ..... Best overclocking setup
WHAT the Hell is "lapping"
amd price
HeatSink Help!
AMD & Super ThermoEngine V60-4210
Tweak Me Gold
Dead Bird?
Beeeep, beep beep??
Average Running temp
K-6 2 500 w/ gigabyte mb
Are 1.5 Ghz @ 49°C OK???
Which Duron 800 codes clock well?
Very Happy with AMD Service
r cpu fans supposed to pull air off or onto the heatsink?
Msi Sucks Witch Mainboard is best?
CPU Temp the same loaded/unloaded
2 ?'s-after i chipped my chip
And another one bites the dust!!
how much is a gfd?
How long was your turnaround to RMA your dead cpu to AMD for replacement?
Are these temps right?
Weird freeze
Idle VS Full Load
How do I clear the CMOS on an ASUS A7V133??
Core voltage question
Iwill Mobo 1.2Ghz 266fsb AXIA @ 1.47GHZ 280fsb
Anyone killed a TBird with excessive votage?
why does windows freeze?
PC2400 RAM
Quick Call Fox Mulder... X-Files Type Problems With A Duron
wcpcredit problem....
1gig 266 Tbird hit 1378...damn didnt think it would make it
Constant 100% cpu load
where can i buy the SENFU temerature probe
Weird problem 850 boots & runs fine 900 runs fine but hangs on cold boot
what temp monitor to use?
K6-2-266 AFR
How many ThermoEngine users we have here?
Duron on 266Mhz FSB...
how is this .........?
Some Advice
55degreesC idling in BIOS???HELP
internet goes dead after 5 minutes :( Anyone have any ideas???
Duron 900 codes & O/C-ability
Overclocking Duron 600 problems
Upper 133+ FSB settings on a KT7A??
Tbird 1..33@ 2.1!?!?!?!
My Duron 800 hates me, i guess
Which AMD?
FSB Potential
how do u make a temp sensor for cpu or mobo if my mobo has none?
Just Bought new mobo 1.2G Iwill DDR need help OC 1.2G AXIA 266fsb
The emoticon is a proxy for my Athlon's condition, not my emotional state! :) And a PCI/AGP qu
WOW 1.33GHz now under $180 in many places
ThermoEngine V60-4210, Thermal Paste??????
How to determin if an AMD 1 GHz Athelon chip is defective.
Amd Athlon 1.4 Gig (200 Mhz FSB)
Guna put the unstopable duron in a vapochill!!!
3.3 voltage adjustment
how much can i overclock a Duron 800?
1GHz AXIA 266FSB CPU Running 53c MAX, WHY?????? HELP!!
Are all 1Ghz(200 fsb) AXIA's factory unlocked!!
Please Help!
random oclock, please help
PC166 ram and old slot a motherboards
PC166 ram and slot a motherboards
is this good?
What Kind Of Bird Do I Have Here Guys ???
43C, FOP38, AXIA 1GHZ, what is the problem ?
Serial Numbers
just bought gold finger device, now what?
help needed to get 1.5ghz
Duron 650 hit 900 yeah!
How do I overclock my CPU?
OK Antec 400W or Enermax 430 W for AMD AXIA?
im new and need a lot of help with overclocking
How long did your pencil trick last?
Convert B to C; 100 to 133
Duron ??
ThermoEngine with T'bird 1.2Ghz 266FSB
Intermittent Shutdown Problem with OC 1ghz AXIA and A7V133
Power problems with 750 Duron
CPU die thermal sensor recommendations...
cooling on TB1.33GHz
Aaarrgg im going crazy i can't find info how to unlock duron
2.0v is too much for the Athlon TBird (Slot-A)???
Where do you find the Axia chips?
Quest for 1500 With 1.33/A7M266
GFD not working with K7V-T
Case w/ QUIET 300w PSU
Are AMD and ATi underdogs?
Getting that Tbird800 to fly higher
Whats best water cooling system to buy for 1.2G 266fsb AXIA athlon?
stability question...
HELP! HELP, will my PC Boot with PC100 Ram???
Are all 1gig 266 cpu's copper?
Help! GlobalWin clip failure, power outage during bios flash. Need opinions!
Whats best water cooling system to buy for 1.2G 266fsb AXIA athlon?
some good reading
1Ghz/266FSB TBird AXIA + A7V133/RAID mobo = Son of a #(^&#)!
ASUS A7V133 question...
HELL YEAH, got a KT7A with a 1gig 266 athlon
Athlon "Classic" L2 Cache Speeds...
Shocking question...
Overclocking a TBird 1GHz or 1.33GHz/266FSB with an ASUS A7V133/266FSB
AMD Burning in Software
Quick one...what is the deal with AXIA?
Anyone else think YS Tech fan is loud?
TBird1GHZ 266FSB only posting at 750mhz
Explain Voltages
idea for the wbk38/fop38 owners, use your stock hsf clip instead !
New Stepping code
1G/266 Tbird suddenly loses some of the mults.
is it dead? i cant belive it happend to me, please help! i'm not sure if its dead,
My Kena Reeves "Whoa..." Moment
Genome@Home T-bird Team
Spode sets new world record. 94c!!
Will a SwiftTech MC370-0A HSF fit on my Asus A7A266?
I cant get in my BIOS..
1.2ghz AXIA O/C
OC Duron
Voltage Modifier for Asustek A7A266
High Temp!!
Thank God Now Voltages
Oveclocking the Duron 750 using the cut bridges.
Help with a Duron 750
Installing progs??
Where can one find BurnK6/K7?
1 ghz overclocking questoin, and what does I/O voltage do?
Need K6-2 450Mhz to hit 500Mhz
Locked TB 1.1Ghz not overclocking with FSB increase
Advice needed please - clocking a Duron 800
Newbie processor ?
why cant i get 133 fsb on my tbird 1.2??
T'Bird 1.2 Ghz temperature?
amd 1.0 200 or 266 bus?
Mosel RAM ANyone?
torture me!
Is it ok if you put compound over CPU itself ?
Is this a true 600 or a 650 with a problem? HELP
CPU question...
UK reseller for Swiftech MC462 hsf?
T-Bird 1.33 Heat sink/Fan combo...
Tbird 900 only at 6.5 X 133 ? help !!!
Do you have to close the L1 bridges to OC even the newer AXIA Athlons ?
Prime95 Round Off error...
New CPU?
System Optimization
'iwill' What's the dill?
New CPU entries in the CPU database
AMD 1Gig AXIA chips $141 shipped b chips mention pricewatch!
Advice From Pros Needed !!!
Default Voltage
Temp monitoring
Duron 800! I got me a dog!?
AMD 1.33 is it an AXIA
1.33 only likes 10 multiplier
HELP!!! This think is crackin' out on me!!
amd k6-2 / jetway 530 bf
Help with ocin amd 1.33ghz
Back from RMA 1.33
Thermal Paste
duron 600 @ 1050 (100X10.5) 1.85v , i wanna go higher!
athlon 850 freezes
1Ghz TBird: 100 or 133 Mhz??
Case Temps
Changing Multiplier on Jetway Boards,
Athlon or Duron????
Pencil Trick