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Does my CPU become hotter when changing the multiplier?
I need measurements a of socket A heatsink..
Which temperature is the true one?
K7 700 Overclocking
Burning in ?
I need help overclocking a Thunderbird 1200mhz :-(
CPU opinions wanted....
Still Confused! Any help is appreciated.
Cutting T-Bird Bridges
Buying system parts today-Help!
amd & a7pro
my chipped 1.2 got replaced! :)
Should I try a Duron 750?
Micron Ram @ cas2?
Problem Booting new system??
how much can i O/C without new cooling units?
T-BIRD 1ghz
Freezing problems 1.2GAthlon @ 1.46G
Where 2 find SMD resistors as those of Classic slot A Athlon's
which will oc better a 1.3 or 1.33
Which duron to get?
where to buy?????
Difficulty unlocking Duron 800
1.2G TB AXIA @ 1466MHZ Will It Burnout ???
help! im building a new comp w/ a abit kt7a!
HELP! a7v, plugged in 40mm fan on motherboard while system was running, the unplugged, and all fans
Does lowering the voltage affect the performance of my CPU?
Lapping Tbird
OC Failed.. Fried my CPU! memory question.
What ATHLON do i have then...
Problems with AXIA 1Ghz 266FSB on Abit KT7A
Overclocking a AuthenticAMD AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor ?
@1050 WHICH IS BETTER...7.5X140/35 OR...
Hot Stuff!
KT7A-RAID 950TB@1050 and BEYOND?
Lowering voltage
How Can I OC AXIA 1.2G 266fsb TB to 1.5G
are axia's both 200 & 266 fsb?
hey I just wandered if I disabled the cache in the bios , would it
Urgent Help needed
how to put a chipset heatsink on a network card and -5v out of threshold?
defogger bridge trick
Virgin Overclocker
Help me identify my CPU pls
Duron or T-Bird Which one on an A7V ,,
Non conductive liquid for water cooling? Does it exsist?
emergency emergency emergency emergency
Overclocking Duron 800
Today I broke the 1GHz/$100 barrier - AMD rulz
1.5GHz on 200MHz FSB!!!
This is a test drive...
okay guys thanx a lot (n/t)
Request for CPU/Mobo assistance.
Building New computer
The four rubber pads on a socket A Tbird? from a newbie
New CPU Code - what is it?
1400 is the best my 1.2 Ghz will do
decreasing oclock potential?
Has anybody seen this
Duron 900 Overclocking results?
What CPU to get
New system, no luck...
FSB Jumper frequency's For OC 1.2TB 266fsb AXIA
temp on a AMD TB 1333??
Prime 95
Thought I lost another one
Question about temperature..
soldering the cpu L G bridges
What Cpu do I have?
What Cpu do I have?
Slot A Athlon Heatsink and Fan
Problem with duron 750
what type of chip do i have
Warez site-ooops
duron 750
What's a good hsf for T-Bird 1Ghz?
Has anyone ordered a 1Ghz T-Bird 266FSB from newegg.com in the past 2 weeks?
86c? Still fine...
Trying to get ahold of AMD for RMA
Strange "Don't do what's recommended" thing ...
New AXIA 1.33..Newegg.com
Duron 700@910 but no higher, WHY !?!?!?
1.33GHz TBird DOA! BEWARE......
First time O/Cing
OC this 1.33
Yo Fiz, how's the wbk38 ???
AVIA 1.33GHZ how is this possible?
AXIA 1.333 Thunderbird & ASUS- A7A266 mb
Another CPU falls victim to Spode
T-bird 800 and can't get it to o/c
T-bird 800 and can't get it to o/c
Duron 600 goes to 1050 and boots fine, higher then that windows says missing file
Why does my T-Bird 1333 not post at 1333?
1.3 & 1.33 TBirds - All AXIA?
Help needed with Tbird 1.0 gig and epox 8kta+ via kt133
Did I fry my TB 1330??
Joined club AXIA - now can I join Club 1.5 GHZ...hehe
Thermic paste
Where to get AXIAs?
duron 750 at 960 good?
Overclocking a 1.2 TBird
Asus A7M266 - Athlon 1.2 GHZ 266
Windows ME & Overclocking
Does anyone have pics of their T-Bird unlock job?
AZIA to replace AXIA!!! (A MUST READ for O/Cers!)
CPU Burning in
AXIA 1.33
Madness PC's Overclocking Guide
Overclocking a 1.2 T-bird
What is wrong with u all?
first stab at water cooling w/ my trusty AXIA.
!!! GFDs for sale !!!
Danger DEN Waterblocks
Gringo - Go get me some Tacos eh?
AMD K6-2 500 Overclocking on SiS 530/5595 Chipset
Unlock AMD W/Gold Leaf
What is the best combination in your opinion?
Newbie at overclocking trying to figure out settings
What is cpu bruning in.
Another CPU coming down the Aisle...
help b4 my poor duron fries
AXIA 1.33Ghz CPU's
Virgin: AMD Temperature
Dual socket a motherboard? & Built in ice chest?
CPU benchmarking
Any O/C friendly stores in Toronto?
What do you think of this idea?
Really un-constant CPU Temperatures
What PS for my setup(watts-brand)
1.3 (200) and 1.33 (266) are IDENTICAL right?
T-bird or Duron?? NO joke,hehe
MS-6167 No hardware monitor chip???
1.2 Thunderbird not leaving ground help it fly....
Duron going backwards
Weird: Duron cooling by itself !!!
*STRANGE* thing with Duron 750
1.4 ghz are already selling!
which way should the heatsink fan blow?
Help! I think I killed my 1.3 Athlon
TBird 1200
where 2 by 1.33t-bird?what hsf 2 get? compatibility....
Video Performance Suggestions
Performance Benchmarking
Thunderbird 1.2 overclock question
AXIA Week 11?
dropped 3.3V to 3.2V now extra 50MHz:) but question
LOL! check this out!
how to do cpu burn in?
im confused...isnt a higher fsb better?
Quiet TBird heatsink/fan with good performance
Weird Multiplier Experiences
what the hell? 1.33 Bird won't take above 11 mulitplyer?
I got a problem and i need help... plz
How to Adjust Voltage??
AXIA 1GHz Athlon a Celeron killer @ O/C??
Multiplier and FSB probs
AXIA 1gig serial numbers: which is best?
AMD Athlon T-Bird Multiplier?
Abit KT series boards!
amd axia`s
Well guys im with you too!
TBird 850 running too hot
AMD Athlon T-bird AXIA 1.0GHz @ 1.5GHz
Overclocking duron 750 problems
Need your opinion desperately
overclocking 1200mhz amd
Unlocked L-1 bridges on new T-Birds?
What's a Good Stability Tester.....
Burned CPU what to do?
What are my chances?
need help with fsb
DDR mobo and good cooling for a 1.2 or 1.3 266 fsb Athlon ???
Duron 700 Help !!!!!!
first 1/2 of the watercooled setup
AMD 1.33 AXIA can it get any more cooler without more expense?
What do i do now ?.
Chipped AMD's and a possible way to prevent this tragedy
AMD 750 running at 1000 but hot! How do i get it cooler?
shout out to FIZ...
Good News Good news...i cant get 1 gig tbird
HELP - an AMD Athlon 900 doesn't run on my MOBO unless it ios clocked at 800Mhz ?
how easy do these cpu's chip? N/T
1.0GHz AVIA *GREEN* core
I finally got 1200!!!!!!!
AMDs and Peltiers
Slip of the ...screwdriver
I did a bad thing . . .
Is my Duron locked
Why do pencils loose their conductivity?
Rubber over L1 bridges..
Whats the max voltage i should be using?
amd releasing 1.4G athlons on monday 4/16/01
New 1.4 Tbird to be AXIA?
Overclocking Socket A Athlon
I was on the AMD website and when i looked around i found
overclocking k6/2 400
burn in....
Overclocking. Duron 750. Where to start
Havin trouble with my 800 and KT7A-RAID
a way to skip cpu burning in!!
what would be a normal idle temp?
How can i make my CPU cooler!!??
Duron 800 ohhhh yeah
Orb cooler good?
please help, duron 850
AMD stabbing us in the BACK !!!!!!!-Read This
Unlocking T-Birds and Durons.
New System
Another temp question
TB 1100Mhz/100FSB
TB 1100Mhz/100FSB
TB 1100Mhz/100FSB
L1 Bridge "Paint"
Canīt get my Athlon higher, any suggestions
Jumper or jumperless mode less aggro with A7V?
Newbie help: I overclocked T-Bird 900 and A7V to 1GH, but did I do it properly?
right temp in summer?? please advise
Palomino core voltage?
TB 700 won't pass 800!
A7V133 mobo with 1ghzAXIA needs a 150mhz FSB please help.
Overclock help!!!!!!
Overclockers Worst Nightmare!
1 gig from TCWO....any NON AXIA's?
Iwill KK266 & 1 gig T-Bird. Can't change fsb.
To use Conductive pen, or not, that is the question...
Can a tbird 850 make it to 1gig?
Duron 750@904 That's all I can squeeze out. Any suggestions..............Please!!
Isn't this an OVERCLOCKing forum? Well then help PLEASE!
Serial Numbers Of 1 GHz T-Birds...
idle temp going up just recently
slot A 750MHZ voltage problem
Tbird 850 or Duron 900..which one shall i get?
How harmful can it be?????
AMD and GeForce2 mx 32mb SDRAM
Duron 800Mhz with Iwill KK266-R/KK266
What Would Be The Max Vcore Voltage For A T-Bird 1.2?
is this a stupid question
1.x/266 Chip Shortage?
Another newbie question! Duron750 to 800 can't be a problem
Another newbie question! Duron750 to 800 can't be a problem
Help-First Time Overclocker
Pegging your CPU...
Well, what do you make of this...
HELP! Just unlocked duron 600 , now it won't boot! A7V
How are the Duron 900's?
AMD CPU and Motherboard temperature
How do I overclock my 1.2 T-bird AVIA?
Fried 1.33G
Overclocking a AMD k6-2 550
AMD duron`s/athlons/t-birds. older and newer
How do I overclock my 1.2 T-bird? Where?
I need help with this chip/mobo combo
Amd 1000mhz
My AVIA 1.2 T-bird just came in, now what?
Lv 1 bridges question..........
how high could i take a 1.33 with watercooling
should i put socket a spacer between tbird 800 and alpha ??
Help, Arggghhhhh!!!!!!!!
Overclocking a T-bird
Is my CPU too hot ???
K6-2+ 500 with va-503+ / Can I get to 6x100?
safe cpu temperatures
Got an unexpected bonus check, I'll be joining the AXIA kids shortly...
ASUS's A7M266 allow multiplier change in future bios versions?
o/c duron 750 question
Check this out [If I can attatch a file]...
V_Core and I/O Voltage ?
Thunderbird 1.0 GHZ 266 FSB users post here!!
how to install cooper shim?
What is a good oc speed for a AMD Athlon 850mhz
Quest for 900!
How much goop, is too much goop?
my 1.33 results (so far)
burning in a new chip
Did I reach the upper limit on my CPU........
How to RMA a Thunderbird
Need helping proving to my uncle that Intel P4's are crap!
running 3dmark2001 considered "burn in" ???
Guys how do i modify my ABIT KT7-Raid to go higher than 1.85 V?
Unlocking my TBird 900 <== Newbie!
Duron 750 and KT133a, no 133 Mhz FSB??? HELP!
overclocking amdk6/2 500
Duron 700 go to 9*100 but no 7*133 !?
AMD 1.3ghz 266FSB
Peltier + cache on a Slot A question
After MC462 install: less OC?!?
A day at my comp store 1380Mhz
New AXIA 1GHz 266
Probs.. HELP! TB 700 w/ msi k7t pro2-a
Is this high enough?
couple of newbie questions...
Survey says?!
FSB Overclocking, is this right?
T-Bird 1Ghz@1306 with front door open!
fsb speeds in relation to graphics proccesser
TBird 1.2's not liking voltage increase
Where are Ya'll getting all these AXIA
Duron 850 cooling help
Has Anyone Tried This?
The duron is kicking some T-bird ass!!
Duron 700 AKCA 0044
a few questions....
K7T pro
Uh, is this normal?
100 Mhz vs 133 Mhz (200 vs 266)
Athlon 750 problems with oc'n???
Look at this
<==newbie that needs help!!
Duron 600 or 750
Who can beat this air-cooled temp.??
Asus A73133 with Athlon 900 with Globalwin FOP38, Overclocker recomendations wanted!!!
whats the consensus on tonicom pc166 ram??
An interesting twist . . .
Looking for stability tests ????
Slot A water cooling
How to OC a 1.2 T-bird on a Iwill KA266-R mobo?
the experiment continues....
Finding an Axia 1gig ???? Please help
Voltage settings for the 1.33 GHz AMD
Stuck at 750
what cpu should I get and from where? (ddr-mobo)
L1 bridge unlock quality questions
how abouit alpha pep66
TBird powers up for 2 seconds
Which CPU?
1.1ghz@1.2ghz on a KK266 @ 37 degrees!
Heat issues with the 1.33Ghz T-bird....
I'm planning to get a Duron 850mhz! how overclockable is it?
overclocking fsb only !...
Is This OK??????
Duron vs TBird
Duron 750 temp
an health tcnical question about AMD and P4 cpu
BCM BC133KT100---good or bad mobo? must know soon
Help ~~!!!
Building first system have questions???
Older Equipment???
How high can I overclock a K62-350???
"C" type T-bird
Whoops-almost lost another TBird.
whats makes the cpu cooler?
How do I purchase a 266 tbird code AXIA w/good war?
Water Cooling 1.2ghz
duron 700@935 not stable any higher, what am i missing?
Killing my CPU's. Is my spare dead now?
1.2 at 150x9
Question to broken AMD cpu's owners
what type of pencil to unlock l1
What heat sink/fan or peliter would you reccomend for a...
Horrible PSU
L1 Bridge Info
1.33 not OCing
Is it normal that my unlocked tbird 900 goes up to 65C???
TB1200(200) at 66C??? Help!
this is not right
Why go Slower and pay more then faster and less?
what ill i get the most out of a tbird for ocing help pls
Chilly T-Bird: Is it ever too cold?
Something about unlocking my 1Ghz TBird 266
What is the Limit of a Air-Cooled Tbird AXIA chip?
1.1 GHZ and above users, power supply question!
Im new to overclocking and would like your answers to a few questions
AXIA 1.3 GHz / 200 FSB
The code and week of the duron that wouldn't die!
i jsut woke up!
Should i get a AXIA 1 gig TBIRD? 1st time AMD Overclocker
Connecting bridges
Just got my new 1333/266 today
Listen up!!!!!!! If you got an AXIA or AVIA online, post what site you got it from...
My temps go backwards!!!!!!!!!!!
266 FSB on a KT133? Anyone tried it?
Duron codes?
please help!! my duron 800 wont do 975 stable,
AMD 1.2 (266)
Duron 900 out!
Yeah baby duron at 900mhz!!!!
factory unlocked t/b multiplier cannot be changed??
Check out my new case pics!!! hehehe
Thunderbird Overclocking . . . I've seen some weird shit in my day . . .
New Duron 750 system, ALL comments are welcome.....
Has anyone bought a 1Ghz T-Bird AXIA batch from ATACOM.COM?
AXIA or AVIA? HUH? help me im new to durons.
1.2 or 1.33?
Another dumb newbie question about temps.
Looking for a good overclocking store. post em fast, casue Im ordering TODAY!
Duron 800 + Gigabyte 71XE
1.33GHz 266 fsb for 240.00 shipped!!! HOT DEAL
Looking for AXIA 1g's?
Need Help - w/CPU upgrade (Newby)
Drop 10c off your cpu's idle temps
Check this out!
AXIA on the cheap (1000/266)
am I stupid or can it not be done?
ATTN: Daniel ~ or experianced overclockers...
want the most i can get with watercooling help
where to get a duron
What is PLL??
WooHoo...I just got my 1.2 Blue Core...but..
Considering Athalon 1.333 MHZ-- questions on cooling, and FSB
help a poor oc/er, duron 800 not getting past 950?
Need Help with 1ghz Athlon + msi k7t pro2
newbie question...KT7 Pro2-A DURON 700
What's this AXIA code I have to get?
"Factory configuration"? Athlon1200 overheating lockups
GFD construction
what and where do i get AXIA cpu's? (newb, plz help)
what and where do i get AXIA cpu's? (newb, plz help)
1.33 GHz, which chipset is best?
Tbird 750 ran max at 950 =( so close to 1gig i want 1 gig! anyone help!!
Voltage Question???!!!
New to AMD.
Vcore & voltages going up & down
Faulty Tbird?
Duron, overclocking troubles!
What's up w/ those copper shims??
Looking to get a nice tbird thta will get me up to 1.65 ghz+
1 ghz AXIA...... i can't believe i let it go!.........
Great idea for all overclockers!
how to apply artic silver comound?
AXIA 1.0G/266 Help Please
1 Or 1.1GHZ?
How do the 1.1Ghz T-birds overclock compaired to the 1Ghz ones?
Are all 1.2 TBirds still unlocked?
which chip
Anyone else have this code T Bird?
1,3 Giga TB @ ? & Duron 850 @ ?
What is this code? other questions
1.33gig DDR or SDRAM?
ill flame you publicly
Anyone interested? ? ?
What is the structural differance between Duron 600, 700, 800, and 900
hsf any ideas on which one to buy
hardware site
Holly S***!!!! 1.0Ghz AMD T-Birds For $119
overclock aopen-ak33+duron 650? possible?
Overvolting my TBird 900: how much is safe?
Who says Waterfall doesn't work with TBirds?
New at this. Need help!! AMD T-bird 900, want to over clock
1155MHZ Fine.....1150??? WON'T BOOT????????
Have the best cpus to overclock
AXIA cpus available
Duron 600 @ 933... Any faster?
Tbird900, codes & overclockability
Anyone with a BXIA, BVHA, BVIA, etc, where did you buy them?
Newbie with a question...
Chomp, Chomp, Chomp...
I'm Getting a "Siren" Sound after trying to overclock.
for duron 850 owners
IT"S ON FIRE!!!!!!
Amd 1.33/266 and 1.3/200. Help Me Decide!!!!!!!!!
Green Core 1.33/266 T-Bird
Green Core 1.33/266
Duron 800 2.6 volts wont go over 1200 WHY
Up and running, but need more voltage + tipe for cooling
Overclocking Duron Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Taking Slot A Athlon Classic 700 over 850 "safely"
1GIG ATHLON!!! what can it do?
Duron lots of voltage no speed !!!! Pissed off
1.33/266 Green Core
Where is it????
RAID help!! -back up hd contents, set up raid 0, restore hd contents on raid 0, is this possible?