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Computer Not Starting Up
How does data transfer physically work?
Magny gets leaked onto EBAY
Which AM2+/AM3 motherboards support new phenom II X2 555 (C3)??
Phenom II x4 920
955 BE c2 & Memory Help
955BE fails OCCT at stock
Upgrade from Phenom II x4 940 to 965
help with choosing amd processor
Phenom 965 C2 Stock voltage
Softclocking tools for AM3
new comp would like feed back if it is a solid rig
Stuck at 3.8 want 4.0!
Conservative OC'ing question (Regor 245)
AMD Sempron X2 2200 OC
Amd Athlon IIx2 regor
AOD stability test
didnt hit my 4ghz goal 955
AMD 955BE 'stuck' at 800 mhz.
Phenom II X4 960T Zosma
Unlocking X3 720 BE
Upgrading or Downgrading
Some advice on my new upgrade 790XT and 925 Phenom II
help a noob overclock his AMD CPU
Any real Oc'ing benefit to buying a c3 955 versus a c965
Help o/c'ing Phenom II X4 on 790fx gigabyte UD4
Athlon II X3 425
Need help OCing the AMD 965 on a Crosshair III Formula
Amd Phenom II X4 - Help setting
phenom II 955 20min OCCT and hit 62degree
Help With Instability - Athlon x2 + TForce 550 Users!
News from AMD
1.505V Safe for Athlon II 240?
3.62 at 1.4 volts....do you think i can higher guys?
Phenom X3 720 or X4 810.
AMD Athlon 64 FX-62 heating issue
PhenomII955 Only show 803Mhz ????
555BE C3
Thuban X6 to get Dynamic Speed Boost
phenom II 940 max overclock on stock heatsink & fan?
Fails to boot, but still 100% stable in windows :S
[Noobs Question] 11% OC on stock cooling?
lets say ive got 3.5 ghz/will lowering multi an increasin fsb to keep 3.5ghz....
I used to think AMD sucked...
Phenom II 940 default vcore?
Couple OC Questions - A64 X2/DFI 790FX
Uh-oh... CPU degrading?
4th core unlcok 720 BE OEM
K10stat: Voltage Scare
Removing IHS Phenom II
Need Advice to pass the 1866 Mhz DDR3 on Phenom 965BE C3
Need help with overclocking
i need help overclock my amd x4 265 with msi gtx 790 fx
help me overclock iv never tried
Prime95 fails on 2nd core after 10min...
Need some help, OCing AMD Athlon 64 3000+
your cpu fan is not working properly..turn system off right now and check....but
Looking to upgrade my AMD Athlon X2 BE-2400 Brisbane. Need recommendations
Need some help please, first oc'ing. =)
why does super pi, finish calculations so quick?
How are my temps?
time for a new system AMD style!
AMD Rolls Out 5 New Processors
is my amd overdrive benchmark right? what is yours?
Need help stabilizing overclock!
recent X3 unlocking rate?
Athlon II X3 425 OC Questions
Opteron, Quad Quads On A E-atx...
CPU getting hotter than normal all of a sudden...
How to tell if L3 cache is enabled?
new budget build need advice
Overclocking Athlon x2 240 2.8Ghz
Black Edition Profiles AMD
help!!!! phenom 9600 problem
AMD Phenom2 965BE 125w AM3
975 and new Deneb and Propus Cpus.
Who's still running Socket A?
AMD High C/P PC Reference - 3x 785G models Unlock Cores and OC to 300Mhz Guide
Help Overclocking Phenom 9850 Black Edition
Phenom II
Opteron, Dual Quads
hope i did good...
Overclock advice for my next step - phenom ii x2 550 BE
HT Link Voltage
need advice OCing 720be
AMD Phenom 925 OC
Big difference between these CPUs?
AMD 9950 OC
New to overclocking need help
guys if u cud not unlock core for 720....you can still use 4th core cache
phenom 965 x4
Unlocking L3 Cache in Athlon II x4 620
too fast HT/NB
New rig! let me know what you guys think?
5000+ BE will not boot at 2.8hz with less than 1.4vcore
Help with first OC
Helpppppp :(
which temps do I trust for O.C.ing
965 125vs140
Help 550BE, X4 620 Propus, or X2 250 Regor for gaming.
Phenom ii x2 un-OC temps, looking to OC
OC help with Phenom 955
im having problems with my vcore for cpu...help
[O/C]AMD Phenom II and Athlon II Performance Comparison
Phenom II 550 BE build wont boot...sort of
Phenom 965 c3 load temps on water?
Could use some help/advice
AMD prices going up!
bloody hell why is my rapidshare site not working!!!!
Global Founderies Shows off 28 Waffer
Will a Phenom 550 be enough?
Phenom II 945 - 95 vs 125
amd Athlon 3200+
Are there any AMD cpus worth going to over my E8400 @ 4.0 ghz?
Is this proccesor even worse than the one i had?
Overclocking the AMD Athlon II X3 435
Cpu in Dell PC
amd od.1st time multiplyer oc
Help with build for dad
phenomIIx3 720 2.8 ghz and voltage is 1.36 is that to high..is undervolting good
AM3 cpu On AM2 mobo?
need few ideas for AMD build please
AMD Athlon II X3 435 Overclocking help.
I need more out of this PII x3 720
720BE Unlocked
High FSB Vs. High Multiplier
Good temps for phenom II X4 955 OC'ed to 3.8GHz?
FSB limiting Overclock
No boot after tweaking BIOS/Overclocking a X3
3D Mark Vantage bad score?
3600+ brisbane/tf550 overclock help!
Quick Overclocking Configuration Question
amd sempron 3000+ socket a help
955 c3 core 4 crashing
Crashing Phenom II X3, Help
Its Here: C3 955BE
Recommendation please!
i do not understand why this is so expensive:
I need help geting my x3 to 2.7ghz.
Too much voltage or too much heat killed the cat?
Need help With my RIG! (965BE C3)
Phenom 965 C2 on Air - coolest idle temp
965BE C3 w/ boxed cooler?
Confused...but in a good way???
Question about cpuNB and HT link
Just Need Advice whether what i did was right....
Phenom II X4 955 C3 OC, new to AMD
Overclocking AMD X2 II 240
Results so far of new 965 C3
real quick question
overclocking Voltage
Quick Q: Phenom II X4, or Athlon II X4??? Which is 'beefier'?
Socket 939 3800X2, power savings?
New to overclocking
OCing AMD 7750BE 'Kuma'
From OC thread to Water Cooling Thread to here.
Whats The Best Way To Overclock This?
Max CPU Size for a given Main Board
Do you see anything wrong with this?
Need advice.
Upgrade, well kind of a new build. (Rate and help please)
Oc'ing 720be
Help with OC'ing 965 C2
X4 620 fanless?
CPU multiplyer?
One core stays about 8-10c hotter than the other...
Just got a phenom II x3 940 for xmas need oc help?
x4 955 c3 worth $10 over the c2?
Amd overdrive
Just got a Phenom II
future upgrade opinions...
Help need overclocking the 550 black unlocked on a dka790gx
AM3 compatibility on the 940?
Athlong II 240 info
[O/C]AMD Core Unlocking With MSI. How Much Easier Can It Get?!
new 940 phenom 2 oc tooo
i5 vs New Phenom II sales - Newegg review count curiosity
AM2 6400+ clock: blue screen during 'stress test' - won't boot windows
Overclocking my AMD 3800+ (motherboard help)
CPU crashing my pc when overclocked.
GA MA770-DS3 Rev1 X4 965 forget it......
Unlock 4 cores in the AMD 7750?...
Q:AMD OPTERON? for Home ?
Is this CPU good or not?
Any worthy upgrade for a PII 940BE?
Cant get my cpu to go any higher help!!
You know your like me when...
Unlocked my x3 720!
my new phenom 2 920 be quad wont work
Phenom II x4 B50 (550 BE) O.C.
Laptop help hp pavilion dv9000 cpu upgrade?
Is my game freezing up because my cpu is just over it's limit?
Overclocking Woes
I'm at 3003mHz with RAM timings of 2-2-2-6-1T@2.7v.....
whoooohoooo 3003mHz on my 3700+
Opteron memory question
Help please.
Is 56 degrees too hot for Phenom II x4 920? used intel burn test.
asrock as780lm, Phenom II x4 920, need help on overclock...
LF Advice on new AMD build
Future AMD desktop cpus.
Amd 965 BE Low 3Dmark Scores only clocks to 3.8
Phenom II heatsink on AM2+?
Should I Get The Denab 945 Or Something Else
AMD launching 8 and 12 core server chips soon :)
Help O/C a Phenom II X4 on Gigabyte UD2H
What do your Regor X2 temperatures look like?
Trying for 3.8ghz and BSOD Stop: 0x124...
CPU_Z Problem? Glitch? Or did I get ripped off??!!?
CPU Temp / Undervolting / Burn-In
Intel Celeron D 330, 3200+ Newcastle, or 2500+ Barton? (It's 2003 again!)
AMD Atholn XP Temp problems
Strange Overheating Problem
7850 BE HELP!
Vcore is much higher than bios
NB Voltage and overclocking to 3.8ghz
How do I get to 3.2 ghz?
I want more of an OC out of my 9850
Failure rate of a modern AMD (take a guess?)
Vcore not being read AMD phenom 955 BE
opteron 165 + dfi lanparty nf4 series + OCZ 2x 1gb DDR400
Should I Overclock?
Any danger in doing what I am about to do?
Whats the worst i could do?
Old pc i wanna Oc it.!!
Phenom X4 9850BE freezing.
Help Stabilizing 4GHz
965 problems (only showing 1.6ghz)
I NEED YOUR HELP!!!! zomgz
Overclocking Turion M500
An inability to Boot!
Advice Needed: AMD Phenom II 965 OC
It's Back: NewEgg Barebones Combo
Is my opty 175 finally dead?
Make sure i dont blow my computer up please.
Ok im ready to overclock my AMD Phenom X3 8600 Toliman 2.3GHz.
Amd Overdrive "Auto Clock" just crashed my new box...
New to OCing... Tips??
Need CPU choice advise *urgent*
amd overclock software???
Upgrade time, Advice, Input needed
OMG was playing crysis, i herd a pop sound and my computer turned off....
what would happen it u kept increasing multiplier and did not change voltage...
AMD II 240 Regor $43 open box...WORTH THE BUY?
Looking to upgrade from the 5000BE, any suggestions?
Diciphering AMD cpu model codes
jus got one beep from computer while on windows!!!!!!!!what is it
Does there come 4 Cors AMD-CPU over 965?
Will be PSU be enough for 945?
GIGABYTE MA790FXT-UD5P with AMD Phenom II X4 965 OC Performance Analysis
12v rail 11.81 idle and 11.51 under full load, Time for a new PSU?
New to the AMD world and a few Q's
New to AMD/ATI. Idling help needed.
Help with build...
COMPAQ Presario QC60 can't edit bios or overclock :(
lol could not unlcok my 4th core so pieed off anyway need help with OC please...
Working temp for Phenom 965?
Are my HyperPi Times Average?
Looking to upgrade
Question about PII locked multipliers
CPU Overheat
Anyone else following Bulldozer / APU architectures?
new CPU/Mobo
i have decided to go with biostar...but im confused can you guys give me advice.
Unlocking the 4th core on a Phenom x3?
How many of you are/are not Folding@Home for Team 32?
How to RE-lid a CPU?
My First Ever Overclock (pics)
I CANNOT overclcok in bios, so in using the tuner i need advise...
New cpu?
[Help] Overclocking problem on AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE
DICE fun with MSI 790GX-G65 and a Sempron 140
Athlon II 630 @ 3.6 stable until FurMark??
How to interpret the signs of oc failure
Question about chipset voltage and overclocking
Is overclocking my CPU possible?
AMD hits 6866 on retail
Phenom II 965 black edition 2 or 4 core?
AMD 3700+ Question
A nearly instantaneous stability test?
HSF For IHS-less AM2
Overclocking X3 720 On ASUS M4A78T-E
Athlon 4050e - problems OC'ing
non supported mobo phenom 965be?
Should I upgrade to quadcore?
AM3 Pinmod
Phenom black editon
File Server First
Overclocking athlon xp Athlon XP 2500+
Can't get past 4 GHz
AMD Phenom 9500 Woes
cpu or memory?
OC'ing question
ACC question
AMD 630 - New Build
Overclocking an Athlon II x4 620
Intel to pay AMD $1.25 billion in antitrust settlement
Intel pays AMD $1.25B
serious about tk-55//tl68 swap
Overclocking my 810
720 BE Question
Fusion Die Shot (Spelling fixed, Dolk)
AMD 9650, how hot can it bee?
Safe temps under load?
Why is my 3dmark 06 so low?
Thoughts on ECS A780GM for an X4 620?
sempron 140 core unlock
7Ghz Phemon II - Video inside
Trying to get beyond 3.1GHZ
Home Computer | New Build
How important is CPUNB speed?
Cant unlock quad on 550BE
Regor II 240 OC
AMD Athlon II X4 620 vs 630
What Are Your Boot Up times?
n00b needs help with 965 over clock!
6000+ Upgrade
Help with Athlon X2 240 overclock
NY State files Intel lawsuit ...
X4 955 oc problem
[O/C]Downcore That CPU
Athlon II X3 -Is it really neccessary?
Cool & Quiet overhead on performance?
Phenom II X2 545 Temps
Weird Bios Update problem
Overclockers 1st! | My System Clock Max
Just got an Athlon II X4 620 today
1 CPU core is stuck at around 40% usage, Burn tests running slower
Ruiz Resigns as Globalfoundries Chairman
Phenom II x4 965 nice OC help
How soon will fully optimized multi-threaded games be the norm?
Looking for a thread
AMD Phenom x4 9950 Black Edition
Can I overclock any higher?
Can't get a stable system
AMD Athlon II X4 630 / Asus Crosshair III Formula on LN2
So what can I do?
AMD X2 Phenom 550 Black Edition slow when installing large programs
The Phenom II C3 thread
Mangy gets a premptive OC
Looking for 6000+ lower wattage
Phenom II X3 - FAULTY?
Best CPUs for core unlocking?
Some AMD fun tonight
Unlocking a Phenom II 545 on an ASUS M4A77TD-pro
please help break overclock limit
phenom 2 965 125w
Some questions from a noob lol
AMD 620 Propus...
Still running a Opteron 180!!!
Phenom II x3 720 and GIGABYTE GA-MA785GMT-UD2H
I have overclocked my pc
Athlon II X4 620 - 630 on GA-790FX-DS5
Windows 7 won't boot at 4.0ghz?
Why I love Asus
Phenom II X3 720 Black Edition
965 very smooth
AMD Announces Several New Athlon II Processors
Need Help with my AMD RIG ( Been a while)
ahh help
So what can ya tell me
Need Help with OC on Phenom 2 940 BE
Can someone please check over this system?
CPU and ambient air temps.
AMD goes 32nm SOI with Fusion GPU-CPU
AMD Q3 Loss and Revenue
Why you shouldn't base things on Clock speed
Is 2.2gigs enough
AMD 7750 Vcore
Help OCing 720 be w/ crosshair III
Good mobo for overclocking amd phenom 720?
cpu not recognised
Regor 240 vs 250
720 black edition on msi gd70
Cpu will not work with board
Help unlocking and overclocking the Phenom II X2 550 BE
HTT, HT, and HT Link
impulse purchase/upgrade > Phenom II X2 550 > now, how to 4ghz?
Need help overclocking Phenom ll 955
Need help here pleeze!
WANT TO TRADE: not allowed
So what does ACC stand for?
Phenom II X4 945 OC limit
What do you think my real core temp might be?
the limits of the 9950 BE
cpu compatibility
Decisions, decisions.
Base Line Settings 550BE
phenom 940 voltage weird voltages
Athlon II X2 250 oc 56k warning
Help OC my phenom 9600 system
Front Page - AMD CPUs
Pontos@XS: Hotfix for Win7/2008/Vista x64 enables extra power savings on AMD cpu
HELP! my cpu core speed is1000.0MHz and my cpu is a phenom II X3[/COLOR]
Biostar TA770 A2+ SE - Pencil Mod
Way to confusing
Are my temps to high to overclock
Phenom II X4 940 OC
Phenom ii X4 NB Overclocking
AMD Spider and Dragon Platform...
Which Vcore reading? Overdrive or CPUID
need help with mobo/cpu compatibility!
Athlon II X4 stuck at 3.38 GHz. Help!
AMD 940BE reset! Now my windows 7rc 64bit...
AMD 9600 Black Edition
9850 be good oc or not
can i?
Which CPU is better?
X4 955 BE not stable at stock
OC my PII x2 550
Overclocking results with XP and SSD.
What is this?
Athlon 64 x2 Overclocking Help
Athlon X4 620 or PII 550BE?
Help with voltages
Need help! What DDR3 ram do I run with for my new system upgrade??
X2 240 O/C
is this the right CPU for me?
AM2+ or AM3 im confused
help a noob overclock an athlon 64 X2 4200+
Do Processors "wear out"?
Can't change the timings on GD-70
Advice with my 955 overclock
Rate This General Rig
Phenom II 940 BE Question
YAY!!! Winter temps! whats yours!?!
help pick out a new cpu
woulf this be an upgrade??
Boring Question but heh!
what cpu/nb freq to use?
AMD Overdrive.
I need to upgrade!
New Bench rig
freezing! HELP plz
Help OC'ing 64 x2 6000
What stability test to you use to test Phenom II
Help OC a Asrock A780GMH/128M
I've hit a wall with my 955....sorta
Did I get A Good 550BE?
AthlonII X4 OC thread!!
My first OC ever
i need to ask a werid question
anyone have any ideas on why my pc is failing prime95?
Looking for low watt cpu
why is prime95 failing?
What is going on good temps but not very stable?!
Looking for the 5a bios
Sync and Async
AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition
How to get my FSB higher??
reached my limit im guessing,
Deneb(AM2+) Temperature Delta for 1.5V
help where to start
Help me get back 'in the loop'
how to overclock this cpu using more then the multiplier and the cpu voltage?
Need adivce for setup to OC a AMD Phenom 9650 Quad
how can I make my cpu more stable?
tried using water cooled did not like results
Help overclocking Phenom 9650
X2 720, ATHLON 2 620, Phenom 9650?
OCForums needs content editors!
OC Barrier
oced to 3.8 on 1.5 voltage.
6 core Phenom coming to AM3/AM2+
My sempron 140 thread
is topping out at 54c to high for this cpu?
x4 955 @3.7ghz w/ 2600 cpu/nb... OC HT worth it??
Amd Athlon 64 x2 6000+ OC
question about overclocking using multiplier and voltage settings?
Instructions on Overclocking
Phenom 2x4 955 oced to 3.6 cpu voltage is at 1.35 how do I get further?
Help with voltages and 7750 BE overclocking
successfully overclocked Acer 9300 AMD turion 64 2.0GHz(mobile)
Help unlocking cores on x2 550
Need Help OC'ing my AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE w/ Asus M4A78-EM
phenom 2x4 955 oced what next?
KINGWIN XT-1264 on sale for 12.99 after Rebate!!!
Cpu Temp on a 7750 BE, and overclocking help
AthlonII X4 on the way!!
Fourth core failed in Prime95 large fft, was previously stable
unlocking 720 be's fourth core
ocing a Athlon II 240
Temporary freezing in Game
software for easy OCing?
Phenom 2x4 955 OC?
AMD Athlon II X4 620 & 630: The First $99 Quad Core CPU!