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DFI Lanparty DK P35-T2RS Screams when I put it to Sleep!
New MOBO recommendation PLEASE!
GA-EP35-DS3l Xpress Recovery Help (vs. acronis and ghost)
NLite XP Integtration of ICH10 SATA drivers
Asus Maximus Extreme + E8600
p5q-e 5v prob
eVGA 750i SLI FTW (floppy failure)
P45 Mobo suggestions
GA-965P-DS3 (rev. 1.0) no good for q6600?
Biostar TPower I45 Voltages
GA-P35-DS3R e
Which mobo
Need to cool a Gigabyte X38 Chipset, what to buy?
Overclocking e8400.. p45 or 750i?
Asus P5Q-E and Random pixels during boot
MSI Platinium X48C ...
Difference between P5Q Pro and P5QL Pro?
P35=16x to 4x in crossfire right?
Asus P5N32 E-SLI
Advanced Configuration & Power Interface
E5200 & GigaByte P35C DS3R :(
latest P5Q Modded BIOSes here
Help with Asus P5Q Deluxe! Boot issues
P5E x38/Rampage Formula X48
Standby Mode Problems
P5Q deluxe knowledge needed
P5Q Deluxe wont let me add voltage to CPU
Express Gate Questions
Additional RAM makes P5N32-E unstable, help
My P5E deluxe ll of a sudenn posts OPT1 Temp overheat detected. Whats that mean
over clocking
DFI LanParty Jr. P45-T2RS: New Build
Biostar TP45HP
DFI, s. 775, LAN PARTY JR P45-T2RS - which memory?
Are these boards dead?
Why not an Intel Motherboard ?
What is latest board revision for Asus Rampage
DFI, s. 775, LAN PARTY DK P45-T2RS with intel core 2 quad Q9550
P5GC-MX--sound driver will not install
maximus II formula q9550 help
P5Q Deluxe question
P5Q-E won't save changes in BIOS - what about yours?
A little help needed getting my Asus Commando to run rated memory speeds (2x2GB)
Browsing for a new Mobo
Asus P5Q Memory Banks.. need opinions
ECS G31T-M BIOS update with unsupported CPU
asus p5n-d vdroop/drop pencil mod?
PC Probe won't start properly (P5Q-E)
P5Q Deluxe + Q9550... Qs...
P5N32-SLI Deluxe won't boot, help needed
Need Some Help
FSB Speed Set Wrong?
how to uninstall intel chipset drivers?
Problems with Biostar I45 build
IP35-Pro need voltage help please
which mATX board to get?
no display signal
Temperature change between motherboards
Hidden SATA ports? Need some help with configuring BIOS please
Any idea what exactly happened to my board?
Need some serious help.
Asus Maximus Extreme "what'ya think"
Bios flash with external hard drive?
EVGA 780i only sees two cores of Q6600
New build.. New motherboard
Problems with Biostar I45
4CoreDual-SATA2 vs. Asus NCCH-DL
Choosing a motherboard: C2D,4850
Asus P5Q-EM & newer graphics cards
XP showing different Mhz
P5Q Deluxe Ethernet Question
2 Extremes
Please, help me break 4.0Ghz? I need voltage reccomendations, for RAM, NB, and CPU...
CPUZ reports my multiplier incorrectly - says multi is 6 not 9?
Dell XPS Gen 4 Core 2 duo support
BIOSTAR TForce TP43D2A7 mini-review
P5V800--missing driver but which one?
What Is Up With The DFI LP LT P35 T2R
Thoughts on Open Box
Need some advice from you professionals!
ICH9R to ICH10R Question
P5E Deluxe Bios flashing
MOBO w/ support for 9.5 Multi (of an E8500) that can reach 4 Ghz w/o Voltage change?
Urgent! Help me choose today!
Best Mobo for PC3 12800 OCZ3P16004GK
What Is The Best Crossfire Motherboard
ASUS question, am I rude?
Which motherboard should I get? - Q9450/4GB Memory/9800GT
AMD junkie turning to dark side. This board any good?
New build, P45 or X48?
Gigabyte EP45T Extreme: 620-665FSB benches, WCed! (!56K)
Which Mobo to Keep?????
P5Q Deluxe Configuration help
How high should a P35 clock a dual
Help me get over 344 frequency with my ASUS P5KPL-CM
What graphics chipset?
Which of these Mobo's should I get out of these 5 choices. Please Advise
Differences Between "Intel Matrix Storage Manager" and "Intel Matrix Storage Tech.."
P5B Deluxe with E8500 E0
Need Mobo Suggestion
New Build P5Q-pro DOA? Please help
Tired of dealing with this ASUS P5E POS. What will better mate with a Q9450?
USB overcurrent, shutting down in 30 seconds?
P5K-E Wifi/AP + Thermalright XP-120
can too much vCore hurt you mobo as well?
Biostar TP45HP vs. TPower I45
DFI DK P45-T2RS Plus
Single GPU Motherboard advice
Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 will not post after ram upgrade
HD 4850 on P5W DH Deluxe?
Need help on a budget MB ($150) for this set up
Good $100 Mobo for Quad OC?
Abit IP35 Pro Need some help please...
x48 ds4 fsb wall
P5E-VM vs P5Q-EM?
Mobo recommendations?
ASUS rampage formula bios question
Need help finding out how to wire front panel reset switch on P5Q Deluxe
bang for buck mobo to overclock Intel e5200
P5N32-e SLI Good?
Asus P5S800--POST, then shutdown
ABIT I-G31: BIOS Overclocking options?
Asus P5Q Pro E8400 with Gskill 1066 ram
G35 based rigs: RAM has an impact!
[Intel 945] Will running PCIE at 112 damage a vidcard?
Asrock x48 TwinsTurbo Mobo Install Issues
Abit IP35-E NB cooling
Best Mobo To Overclock Q6600 Watercooled
NO more Intel Chipset drivers?
please help a complete .... newb
help me hit 500mhz fsb?
Trade in motherboard?
Problems choosing a good budget mobo for e8400 OC'ing
Maximus Formula x38 power connector question
Quad core mobo reccomendation
Abit IP35 scsi drive booting
[Review] Gigabyte GA-EP45T-Extreme
BIOSTAR TPower I45 and crossfire
Intel next generation architecture “LGA 1366” platform - GIGABYTE X58-EXTREME
Curious : What's the best looking Motherboard for LGA775?
Nvidia has a QPI license
Stability testing using IntelBurnTest
Interesting, is the p35 8x 8x for crossfire
Problem installing EVGA 780i SLI???
Need help with decision
Boot problems
Problem with Asus P5K Premium
Giga-byte P35-DS4 Rev2.1 fan/bios questions.
overclocking an intel dx48bt2
790i Ultra Bios Setting Question with link to pic
Abit IP35 Pro XE POST code
DDR3 Video card compatability
Video/Sound Stutter Xfx790i ultra
Goodbye Abit?
If Cost is not a consideration...
Which is the best motherboard for this experiment?
GA-X38-DS4 really slow boot times
maximus 2 help
P5B deluxe OC ram?
What Is The Best P45 Chipset Mobo
Looking to replace asus P5B deluxe need your help
Shoe string LAN box
SLI + Crossfire on X58 Intel boards
asus p5e x38 and Zalmans 9700 NT
Getting ready for war
Can't overclock on 750i
Asus P5K Premium/WiFi vs Asus P5Q3 Deluxe @ Wifi-N
Reccomendations and or suggestions
SLI on X58?
GTLREF1/2 and CPUvtt
Anyone running more than one RAID set on the same motherboard?
Core i7 Proto Board; GigaByte x58
gigabyte x38-dq6
2nd build about to start =)
GA-965P-DS3P - how many PWM?
Overclocking locked D845WN board.
Which of these mb best for Q6600?
Strange problem with Asus Maximus Formula
How to check Northbridge temps on P5k Pro
New gaming Build, what do you think??
P5E Deluxe and pentium d 820
P5E-Deluxe NB voltage?
Asus Rampage Extreme Heatsinks
750i FTW vs 780i FTW
P5Q3 Memory Issues?
How do i update my BIOS? No A drive and can't boot USB.
Asus p5q pro: How do i Know if i hve the latest bios version?
Rampage Formula - Help me figure this crap out
Asus P5q: where the heck do i plug in the sound wire from my dvd drive?
plz recommend: mATX with HDMI
Noob Overclocking question on the EVGA 790i
rethinking asus striker II extreme
PC Health status vs BIOS settings - which is right?
780i wont boot at all anymore...
recommend me a mobo pls.
P5E-VM HDMI - forgets multiplier setting ?!
XFX 780i unstable @ stock settings
XFX 780i unstable @ stock settings
Bout to order my new computer build! Need Feeback
Putting a single GPU on bottom socket of P35
e8400+EP45-DS3L... fail to OC
TPower I45 + Q9400 = 4.0ghz stability issues?
Motherboard suggestion for my new rig.
xfx 790 ultra help
GA-EP35C-DS3R Graphics Boost
ep35-ds3l pencil mod
Asus P5Q-E Biose problem(CPU Ratio setting does not appear)
Motherboard or CPU
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L -separated FSB and FSB/RAM speeds?
Is this a good Motherboard?
what is a good system temp reading?
The EVGA 790i FTW & RAM...
ABS makes overclock easier - DFI Lanparty DK P45 CPU overclock 636MHz achieved
Went water cooling, and now I can't overclock
GA-EP45-DS3R + E8400 Bios/OC issues
4.0 - 5.0 volt drop. Help
Motherboard and RAM compatible
new mobo suggestion...
G45 release date in UK?
Are there add-on cards for ps/2 mice and keyboards and floppy drives?
rampage formula vs maximus ii formula
Asus Rampage Formula price jump
The Battle To End Them All
Question about phases
Desperate for Asus Rampage Formula OC settings
775 Price Drops When I7 hits retailers?
Evga 790i Ultra SLI giving me fits
bad flash on blood iron
Asus p5q pro or Biostar i45
Max voltage on a P35
EVGA 790i FTW - Ultimate FTW! -- 8/18/2008 12:00:00 AM
Best Settings for ASUS P5Q Deluxe?
Is It Worth Going From A XFX 780i To A Asus Rampage Formula X48
Another dilemma...
Uncommon Board, need help on diagram for Pencil Mod
Overclocking my e8400 on XFX 790i ultra mobo, help please!
Asus shows 1st X58 board - The P6T Deluxe (Pics)
Voltage is jumping around. big problem?
"temperature control" option on new IP35 Pro bios
P5Q Pro v's P5B Delux
Drivers from new board give blue screen error
P5Q PRO vs Deluxe
Biostar 4-pin video power?
Am i making a good MOBO choice for my Q9550???
P5Q SE Decent Enough?
ASUS Maximus Formula & eSATA???
Asus P5Q Deluxe and prescott 540 on air!
Sprayed liquid content onto my HDD!
New to Intel, need mobo recommendations
Setting up RAID0 on P5B-Deluxe
Good OCer + DDR3
DS3 help.
help with ds3
bios updates
i need to replace ds3r w/ raid 0 setup got some ??
P5Q Deluxe OC / Cooling Question
p5e3 premium vs rampage extreme
New Computer with P5Q Internet Troubles
foxconn P35A has problems with full of 4 RAMs !?
Best uATX Mobo for over and watercooling?
Best P45/P43 for Around $100
Getting Asus P5N-E SLI over 407 FSB
MB for E8500
abit ip35 pro shuts down on OC
evga 750i ftw, what are the true advantages?
Asus P5Q Deluxe BIOS question
Changing multi on tpower i45
overclocking my g31t-m
Evga 780i and the Q6600 + 4x1gb
can you help me to overclcok it ( E2180 +GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS4P))
p35 going to limit Q9550?
Planning for q QX9770...what mobo to get?
OC failing at Hard Disk boot
AMI Bios
P45 or X48 - Which is the best & newest?
IN DEPTH OF FOXCONN BLACKOPS–the x48 motherboard dedicated to gamers
PC crashes when playing games on Asus Striker II Extreme, need help please.
New 780i FTW build Ram problems
Any sign of G43/G45 in the UK?
Quick Question On 780i Mobo
My EP45-DS3L + E8400@4Ghz + air cooling settings
Quick post for ep35-ds3l
Constant Crashes/Hangs - But is it my board (790i) or HDD (Raptor) thats the problem?
AMI 1216 bios
New and confused with overclock
Asus Rampage Extreme w/Air Cooling and no OC'ing - still worth it?
Biostar Tforce I45 - quick question
Budget board?
BIOSTAR TForce TP45HP + CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB(2x2gb) DDR2 1066= Works?
Which board?
P45 mATX goodness at last!
DFI IronBlood P35
Where are the G45 motherboards?
Best OC SLI Mobo for E8500?!
Lil Help Please Guys?
BioStar I45 combo?
Intel DP45SG
best board for my reg
Would on board sound (p5q pro) be better than my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum?
Good but not too pricey motherboard for Crossfire
uh oh, now what to do?
Asus VS EVGA 780i SLI help
Asus p5q pro users: Will these items fit? Hd4850 and ocz reaper ram
Asus P5Q-E OCing help
how much do i really gain w/ASUS P5E Deluxe LGA 775 Intel X48 vs ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775
6801 vs p45 for a 8400
OC Help for e8500 and ASUS Rampage
whats the difference betweeen ASUS P5Q LGA and ASUS P5Q Pro?
Biostar Tpower I45 trouble? Help!
Which P45 would you pick?
best board for a e8400?
Please help me with Q6600 mobo recommendations
ASUS P5Q & Variations on Display Showcase
Rusty overclocker needs advice on his Abit IP35 Pro
How do you pick a motherboard?
NB voltage on a P45 mobo
DFI Post LED's?
Need some quick advice on a motherboard purchase
Which one?
best mobo for a quad
asus p5q deluxe problem
Motherboard DIMM slots failed, or?
P5N32-E SLI New mobo for brother!
Best Mobo for E8400?
NB applying with AS5?
Q6600 Machine Check Error
Motherboard Recommendations
Abit IP35 Pro won't boot with 4 sticks, help
ASUS Commando vs Q6600 G0 Overclock Prob
Motherboard throwing up FF code?
Asus P5B Deluxe question about PCI Express
BIOSTAR TP45 HP - King of Budget P45's or not?
DFI 975X/G & E8400
ASUS P5Q Deluxe LGA 775 Intel P45 no sound
Motherboard recommendations for 8600 build
Enable 1T timing on a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L mobo, is that possible?
Intel 82801 FB LPC Interface Controler
need help for a new rig...
Asus P5Q Pro Ide trouble
DFI LP DK P45 Q9450 Overclock
Question about mainboard updates
Gigabyte X48T Burnt?
P5B Deluxe Memory & Video Upgrade
How bad of an idea would a 750i board be?
Gigabyte GA-EP45T Extreme discussion
Quick Asus P5Q-E question (in the build process right now!)
atx or mini mobo for pci-x
DFI LP X48 DK T2RSB+ Worlds FIRST FULL board shots
Gigabyte Cold Boot Problem -- think I got it
help me choose (q6600)
Considering a new mobo, need some input
Motherboard? etc?
MSI NEO 3 P45 BOOT PROBLEM after Overclock
p5k deluxe ultra slow boot
DS3 Troubles... Again. Need Help!
Help Overclocking an abit AW9D
Gigabyte GA-X48-DS4 (rev. 1.3) warm reboot weirdness
Asus Rampage Formula to hot to touch!
XFX 790i Ultra VS P5E3 DELUXE /WiFi-AP
Best Micro ATX motherboard?
Trying to find a newer version of this board.
P5E -> Rampage Formula bios flash help
gigabyte p965 ds3 v3.3 how high can it go?
P5E-VM DO and Intel Q9300
No MicroATX with PCI-E 2.0?
Dead GA-EP35 board
North Bridge fan clicking fast
High-end and Luxury P45 - GIGABYTE P45T EXTREME Air-Cooling 659MHz Reached
Problem with speedfan and Asus P5Q
Maximus and Rampage owners please help!
is it just me or is that a Thermalright mosfet cooler?
P35-DS3R POST Problem!
Maximus II Formula Q9450@3.8 24/7 settings?
1st time poster...long time reader....need help
Check these temps out
[XFX 780i SLI] Stablility lost, at stock
Latest news on the Asus Rampage Extreme X48 DDR3 motherboard?
Best Motherboard for a Q9450 DDR3 X48 when price is not a problem?
Difference between P5Q, P5Q-E, and P5Q-Pro?
looking for a ocable MATX board, G43/G45 is here!
Help me choose motherboard! x38,x48
what motherboard
Overclocking EX38-DQ6 With 8GB of Ram?
Striker 2 extreme need help !!!
Asus p5q deluxe bios update (Help)
Gigabyte G45 is up at the egg..
P5K deluxe or P5E
Fine tuning settings for an E7200 on a P5K Pro
Fine tuning settings for an E7200 on a P5K Pro
Need help oc my pt800ce
Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 + BIOSTAR TP45 HP OC Review
Biostar TPower I45
Temp Question
New Mobo help!
does vista install disc have built-in raid drivers for ich9r chipset?
Nice Quad Core Mobo <= $220
Conroe E6400
DFI Lan Party DK P45-T2RS PLUS vs ASUS P5q pro
MSI mobo died. Hello P5Q!
What shuld i buy
680i motherboard still worth it?
looking fo a new AGP motherboard
asus p5e deluxe
cpuz fix for P45 motherboards
xFx 780 i help
xFx 780 i help
Motherboard Suggestions for 45nm Intel chips!
P5Q and 8-pin connector question.
Q6600 OC settings
Mobo P45
A Frozen BIOS I can't escape! (I'm at a total loss)
Intel DG45FC Mini-ITX
GA-X48T-DQ6 - Dead or merely in coma?
Maximus Formula Vdroop mod
P5Q Deluxe Audio
First time building a PC. Please post comments/suggestions
Guy asking of motherboards part: 1593869.
what you think of this mobo..is it as good better than the asus rampage?
P5q3 Sillicon Image Sil 5723 chip
Best mobo for around £100
Mobo Advice
Cross fire and 965P
DFI LP LT X38-T2R and OCing experiances
CPU 4-PIN and 8-PIN Connectors.
X48 Mobo
HELP! Can't enter BIOS - Blue Stripe??
Asus Rampage Extreme released
Please help me decide.
XFX 790i Ultra Temperature Question
Dual Monitor setup Motherboard Advise Needed. Q6600 processor.
GA-EP45-DS3 , how good it for OC ?
what mobo? Q6600 water cooled
A little different mobo recomendation question (I think)
XFX 790i help
Yet another person seeking mobo recommendations...
need advice please
Which mother board to choose (Need help sorry)
What's your opinion on the GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DQ6?
What'll fit in a Dell case (please don't slap me)
Should I be looking at a new Mobo?
New mother board (p5Q delux?)
Abit IX38 QuadGT - Stability Issue - related to uGuru??
Keyboard locks
BIOSTAR TPower I45: New Build
Asus P5B CPU Upgrade
how to reach 3.4ghz on a q6600 and p5q deluxe
bios udate asus P5E first time!!!
New here :p Can my board/cpu overclock?
BFG 680i Mother Board Question
evga 780i bios slow
Please Help! EVGA Nvidia 780SLI FTW MOBO and 8GB of Ram Compatiblity
Abit AB9 Pro Assembled code c-1 on display
need help with a board Q6600.
Strange MOBO voltages
How much will X58's cost?
Mobo Beeping now - Asus Benicia
BIOS Help! if you can
looking for a replacement mobo
DFI X39 T2RB and 8 Gigs of Ram
Motherboard suggestion
P5Q-E Error Beeps.??? Help Pls.!
Motherboard Monitor Problem--Asus P5Q3 Delux
Motherboard suggestion
Help on Mobo? Q6600 Mobo? SLi? P35-p45 or x38?
new mobo?
BIOS Update Problems
Advantages of X58 over X48?
File Server MB Ideas?
DFI Boards: How to use the boot-up hot keys?
what the better chipset? EP45 V's X48
CPU fan error on Asus Rampage
P5B w/ E8400 Issues
Which is better ? GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R or GA-P35-DS3L
Looking for an SLi board, not too expensive, can take alot of OCing (533fsb or so)
DFI x48 dk t2rs issues...
ASUS P5K or Asus P5K/EPU
FSB Volt ?
MSI P45 Neo3-FR random freezing
650i benefits of installing drivers...
Best Motherboard for overclocking Q6700 and Duo E8400?
P45 Mobo
Micro ATX Mobo Help
Asus Rampage Formula and Tuniq T 120
is this a good motherboard? ASUS P5K/EPU
MSI platium P7N (+q6600)