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New setup. Need ur help picking RAM! Thx!
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decent board?
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Who here has dealt with Gigabyte's customer service? Are they nice?
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Noob Question
New Overclocking Machine From Gigabyte
GA-EP35-DS3L Boot Problem?
What would be the best M/B When OC Q6600 2.4ghz on air
DFI CF mATX or equivilant?
budget mobo
DFI & sata drives HELP!!!
I'm so torn!!! Which Asus board to get!!!
Will this P35 work with my CPU & RAM?
BIOS chips switchable?
Q9450 with a P5Q Deluxe
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Maximus Formula & PC 8500 Ram
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Motherboards with low voltage settings
Need Help Please
P5Q Deluxe and USB keyboard combo
Does anyone have the box of P4C800-E Deluxe?
I'm testing two different motherboards and...
Rampage formula, vcore and loadline calibration
Rampage Formula
Help with evga 750i FTW and q9300. First time!
EVGA & XFX's 780i Motherboard
some slight problems - not sure whats causing
Rampage Forumula can't pass memtest86+ HELP!
Help with 780i "FF" grounding issue
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Best board for Crossfire 4850s??
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Asus Rampage formula bios problems!!
Tired of the BS
PCI Express Question
P35-DS3L and Kingston HyperX memory
mobo for around 150$ - must be good for OC
Best P__/X__ (Intel-based) Mobo for OC'ing (Lowest VDroop)?
Ati Crossfire and SLI?
Gigabyte P35-DS3L sm bus controller problem!!!
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Deciding on one of the new pq5's
Old i915 OCing problem, after lying unused for almost a year.
X-38 BIOS help please
Are controllers worth getting anymore?
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Looking at some MicroATX boards for QX6850
Thinking about upgrading to an Abit IP35 Pro XE
Can't boot with 4 memory modules on GA-X48-DQ6
noob question about socket LGA775 mobos
vdroop mod for 750i.
What does the pencil mod actually do?
Looking for a New Motherboard
{Switchin' ovah} Tired of NV chipset and looking to Crossfire~!
No Boot, no beeps, no fun!!!
No onboard audio after Gigabyte P35-DS3L Rev. 2 Cpu Overclock
ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP bios settings
p5e3 and pkq3 won't go over 400fsb
Help me Clock a GA965 and 6600 Quad core
Worth waiting for G43/G45/P45 mATX boards?
x38 or x48 with ddr2?
Striker II Formula 95% Stable, what's missing to get 100%?
Awole lot of beeping
Settings Just Won't Work
Im Stuck Between 2 MotherBoards
Asus p5k-e
nVidia 750i chipset and RAM
Quad core motherboard recommendation
Is my 650i Ultra Motherboard the problem?
Motherboard Question
Seeking Advice (E8400 Wolfdale)
old sata-1 mobo, can I boot from it?
How often to check/redo pencil mod?
OC HELP, Abit ip35 pro, q6600
"Simple" Socket 775 P35/X35/X48/P45 ?
p5q d will not boot
8 sata when?
nForce 790i question
Getting a ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP
give me some input on a XFX MG-610i-7059 plz
Asus P5K-SE volt adjustments
Mobo Dying or...?
Looking for a cheap board to over clock with
GA-P35-S3G Support for PCI-E 2.0?
PCIe2.0 & x-fire questions (P45?)
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P5W DH Deluxe xp install issues?
Crossfire on EVGA 780i??
New mobo help
GA-P35-DS3 vdroop pencil mods...
P5Q-E BIOS update "successful", BIOS ver the same after reboot
LGA 775 Motherboard what would you choose if you were me?
Asus Maximus II Formula - OC Result
Upgrades on a budget of $450
OC Forums own Ultimate Gaming Project Build!!
In market for new mobo.. possibley (P45/X48)
Need to replace my 780i Board
Can't adjust fan speed on my GA-P35-DQ6
Is it just me?
Cannot OC on my new P5K motherboard :(
Sticky substance
Capacitor squeal on P5K.
Games freezing but PC not crashing?!
FAO: Maximus Extreme owners
EVGA 680i Yorksfield?
Best mobo for gaming
Problem with E8400 temp. on Maximus Formula
clockgen replacement?
IC7-G & Motherboard Monitor Sensor Selection
Please tell me this is a good motherboard
Alas, my searches have been fuitless...
Help i need a crossfire intel mobo which can OC q6600???
Will My motherboard support SLI?
EGVA 790i ultra - how long running PRIME before I consider it stable?
SLI With P5W DH?
750i FTW with 4 DIMM's?
Vista 64-bit Motherboard Advise, Q9450 2.66GHz 12MB, PCIe2.0 8800GT 1GB SLI
My Asus Striker II Formula nightmear.
First post
Cheap (yet okay) motherboard?
Gigabyte: Asus Lied & Fooled Customers
Upgrade 5 year old comp - What's best bang bank-per-buck till Nehalem?
Motherbard for 9800GX2 and 1231ML
Asus P5KV
Intel BOXDG33TLM Motherboard-Won't OC?
Memory Compatibilty Question
evga 680i board erupting in smoke.
post your p5q3 overclock settings
abit front panel?
what OC mobo for xfx 9800GX2?
Q9450 EVGA 790i OC causes video stutter
Mother board help ??? pls
Motherboard that supports 478/775 and DDR/DDR2
Asus P5k Premium Problems
Q6600 @ 3.2ghz problem
Micro ATX DDR3 motherboards....any word?
Recommendation on a good mATX mobo for o'cing
Recommendations on a board for light overclocking for under $150
ICH9R vs ICH10R ??
BIOSTAR TForce TP45HP - I'll be the guinea pig!
Time for a 780i / 790i?
Asus Rampage Formula OR P5Q Deluxe?
Better chipset heatsink for Biostar GF7050V-M7?
Newbie B-Day question: Help overclocking my P5K3, Q9300 and OCZ Gold DDR3 10666 combo
General OC questions from a Newbie
ASUS Maximus Extreme and BIOS settings for certain components?
How many Hard Drives can i put on this MoBo?
HELP! Abit IP35 Pro/E8400 is displaying weird CPU temps and has become unstable!
overclock ga-965p-ds3
Intel 965 mobos and < 4GB RAM
P5K-VM FSB wall
Found a problem with GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0)
Overclocking issue with EP35 DS3L
Good Overclocking SLI motherboard for E8400
Looking for new QX9650 Motherboard
Gigabyte X38 Sleep/Hibernate Issue
Good/Bad things to Say About ASUS P5E3 Deluxe?
Good/Bad things to Say About EVGA NVIDIA nForce 790i Ultra?
Audio Drivers for Asus P5B - Vista 32bit
ASUS P5N-D with E8400 overclocked now won't boot
New system based on x48
OC Issue, Gigabit p35 D3SL
GA-x38-DS4 380 x 9 or 450 x 8
Best mobo for T7200 for under 100 bux
Help overclocking Q6600/Rampage Formula
Conversion of a OGM file
Hot SouthBridge - P5N-E SLi.
Need Help in Deciding Memory for New Build
Help windows won't boot!
Motherboard for Q9300
The highest-end platform of Intel, the cost-efficiency LANParty DK X48-T2RS released
super hot Northbridge problem
Best motherboard to fit with E8400?
Can Intel DG35EC Overclock?
Whats the difference?!
Do you think the 4850/4870 will work with 4CoreDual-VSTA? G92 doesnt, but 3870 does
Good Overclocking motherboard for Q9450
Overclocking the Asus P5N32-E
E845EBG2 upgrade?
Advice for removing Maximus Formula heatsinks
OCF help with motherboard and componits decistion
Asus P5Q -- P5Q Pro -- P5Q Deluxe Discussion Thread
Asus P5Q for E8400??
DFI X48 DK Review and OC settings
Flashed Maximus to Rampage - Now Everest Incorrect
Upcoming Build - Need Mobo!
Asus P5Q3 Deluxe
Motherboard Advice Needed
Abit IP35-E, and not plugging into CPU fan header
Asus P5Q And Thermalrite 120 Extreme
p5k power consumption (wont boot)
OC: from 1.8 to 3.0ghz
New to Overclocking and forum... Little guidance needed...
want an Asus p5k board, help me choose which?
Asus p5k SE mobo weird electrical noises. please assist
[eVGA 680i nForce 4] Video Error on Boot half the time
Help Random Lock Ups on P5W DH Deluxe
P5K/EPU + Q6600 OC Bios Anyone?
Need help finding a 790i MB that will actually work
cant get p5e3 past 415FSB.
Having problems with Asus P5LD2
Asus p5n or evga 750i FTW
Getting my hands wet with OC
OC problem. Some help would be great! :)
ECS x48t-a opinions.
New to overclocking
Asus Maximus II Formula II beautiful mobo
Motherboard for Unraid server questions
Gigabyte P45 with built in hardware RAID!
Friend is having a strange issue with FSB...
Ocing Noob....
Q6600 on Foxconn Blackops x48
what mobo? so confused
Asus Rampage Formula OCing the Q6700
windwithme ComputeX 2008 DAY2
GIGABYTE GA-EP35C-DS3R LGA 775 Intel P35~ OC help.
x48 vs P45 - is it worth waiting for (p45)
No mic on an MSI P-35 Platinum.
problems with new asus p5n-d build
Problems with Asus P5K ...
MB w/ DDL or DTS suggestions
I think I need a new board?
Which board is for me?
Asus Striker Extreme 680i + what?
750i ftw?
P45 @ The Egg
Whats causing this?Programs not closing properly?
overclocking e6600 + XBX2: please help!
Getting a new board
Overclock trouble?
Few question about my bios!
audio cable evga 780i
evga 780i sli + tuner
Does the P5K support the D 805?
XFX 780i HELP!
qx9650@5.8+ on gigabyte x48t-dq6
[Bench Test] DFI Lanparty UT X48-T3RS
maximus formula or p5k3 deluxe wifi?
what motherboard to get?
New P5K doesn't Post
whats the best board to get?
windwithme ComputeX 2008 DAY 1
790i CPU Heatsink Compatibility List
Great Wall Of Nehalem - Mobo pics
Q6600 - FSB wall on a P35C-DS3R
GA-EP35-DS3L. Vdroop up?...
NB fan mod for Maximus Formula
So... My (mild) overclock disappeared!
Sata DVD drive's and Evga 750i conflick's. BSOD's
Need some Mobo Advice for a new Sli Gaming rig.
Anyone running 500MHz FSB on Asus MF want to post settings?
Multiplier in bios not having any effect (Q6600 - IP35 Pro)
p35 acceptable temperatures
Q9450 Questions
Stuck while trying to OC a Q6600 on a Gigabyte MB - advice requested.
Hooking 120mm fans directly into cpufan1 on ip35 pro?
Question on 790i Motherboard
Asus P5B DELUXE bios flash disaster
need help if anyone can
Overclocking Asus p5n32-3Sli success?
mobo +ram for e8400 ocd
So Cali people Help!!! Vdroop mod P4c800-e
Need advise on a new motherboard.
XFX 780i Mobo Death(?) Help!
Rampage formula (E8400, 4gbram)OC help requested
Bloodiron mod question
Dual CPU Mobo
Mobo advice for a newby
Hating life
dfi lt x38-t2r stuck in a loop
P4M22PRO-P-LF, problem with finding the place for the powerswitch cable.
Overclocking on a 790i
What Mobo Will Run a 771 CPU?
NB and SB temperatures
Would this 790i motherboard be right for me?
Abit IP45 Max!!
Cheap Mobo for E2160/E2180?
Help! MCP Heat Issues? Random Power-offs
Whats the best motherboard for somewhat cheap?
evga 680i lt hard to start
ABIT IP35 PRO flash question
ECS GF7050VT-M Starter or Benchwarmer?
Find me a gaming motherboard for this CPU/RAM
[Help] I thinking my Q6600 is way too hot!
Whats the difference? (p5e vs p5k premium)
Ugh. The Asus P5E lacks NB/SB sensors?
Quick question...
Best mobo for the price
More praise for the Maximus Formula
Replacement for P5P800?
Need a recommendation - Xfire/Vista64/more
Some feedback
GA-G33M-S2L Keyboard and Mouse won't work
Flashing Corrupted P5W DH Deluxe
[ASUS P5N-E SLI nForce 650i] how to flash bios without an older CPU
EVGA 680i SLI Chipset Fan too loud
What would be the best option for a mild Over clock?
Is my motherboard dead because of a USB connector?
help...asus formula rampage + q9450 best oc
P5N-T Deluxe and Q9300 Bios settings
X38 Motherboard Reccomendations for Yorkfield 45nm Processors - Clarification Inside
New System, New Person.... New Requirements For Posting a Reply
Still looking for Help
need help souping up a DFI LP LT x48-T2R
Heatsink for P5E
Abit stepping out of the motherboard market?
ASUS P5K vanilla prventing my DVD from working?
[Intel 855] - How could I overclock the RAMs against the limit of motherboard...
Dell XPS M1530 motherboard question
hi, advise me a motherboard please
IP35-E or P965-S...help please!
Southbridge BURNING hot
noob fsb question
Mobo last minute decision!
Board to go with Q9450 + 2x 3870
Abit IP35 sets overclocked settings to defaults
MSI P35 Neo2 will not POST.
Asus Striker II NSE. Who has one?
Motherboard to oc E6550
question about dfi x38-t2r
the question of all questions.......
Want a new board
XFX 680i heatsink wobbling
IP35 Pro, Beta Bios 17 ?
Mobo to pair up with an e8400? What should I choose?
Are these two boards the same?
Need a Confidence Builder
Anyone experience P965 mobo with E8400?
Strange behavoir for my EX38 DQ6?
Intel SL7PM Processor
Problem with installing Windows on P5k Premium
Maximus Formula Voltage Readings..
Gigabyte P35 Will Not Save OC Settings in BIOS
Looking for a Mobo
Replacement for a 680i?
2nd PCIE slot "4x electrical"
P5K SE/EPU Disc Drive wont open/show up
Upgrading Mobo without reloading Vista
Motherboard FSB
Is ASUS P5E good for Quad high OC?
MSI P35 Neo-F
Removing a thing behind the CPU.
Having some problems booting...
ECS G31T-M help!
Note on GA-P35-DS3L..
Looking for a new mobo
P5B Deluxe - Cannot select RAM voltage of 2.2v - WHY?
Which P35 boards can fit a Thermalright 120UE sideways?
Can't get my Maximus Formula to boot
Gigabyte RMA (GA-P35C-DS3R)
EVGA 750i, Q6600, PCI Wireless card cannot overclock?
New Mobo...Suggestions?
Use DIMM 0 or DIMM 1 slots for a Intel DX48BT2 MB
1 x 4 Power Conntector on Intel DX48BT2 MB
Budget SLI Board?
GA- EP35C-DS3R Major Stability Problems
EVGA 750i and Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120?
Unlocking FSB on an ASUS P5E-VM