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vcore increases with FSB, how come?
X48 Build, Which Board?
The best motherboard for OC ?
Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R - CPUz Reporting wrong CPU speed.
Gigabyte GA-X48-DS5 just likes to run at stock - forget the overclockers dream solgan
Maximus Formula+2 3870's+2 HR-03 GT's
Abit AWD9 Max and E3110 cpu
Cant believe how many boards have BIOS update brickups.
Motherboard for Q6600 on the cheap?
bios update help (asus)
abit IP35 pro bios question
In need of a mobo
780i pencil mod
Asus P5K WS + Q9300 (BIOS Issue)
replacement for p5b deluxe?
Overclocking G33M-DS2R with E-8400 chip
Maximus Formula's Loadline Calibration vs E8400
Best price/performance mobo without bells/whistles
CPU on Abit IP35
ASUS P5B Deluxe won't boot
Abit IP35 and Corsiar 620HX
Help: need new m/b. Asus P5E or Evga 750i?
Please help: X48 or 790i Ultra
DFI LT P35 Bios and Temps
oc p3 650 with M748LMRT???
EVGA 790i Ultra - QX9650 - 8800GTS G92 SLI
Commando steps up to the plate...
650i OS installation troubles...
IP35 Pro: Overclocking Guide
Which mobo for Q6600?
BSOD with a Gygabite ep35-ds3r during installation
Rampage formula/Q6600 overclocking help
Zalman 9700 3-pin connector on a DFI DK P35
DFI P35-T2RL overvolting now?
780i overclocking tips
P4C800E- DELUXE pci slot question
Biostar Tforce965pt
Difference between P5E-VM & DO version
cant find connection on mboard for dvd
IP35 being phased out?
IP35 Pro freezing "randomly"
P5B Deluxe Spontaneous Reboot Problem
Asus Striker II formula Northbridge overheating
Overclocking help needed
8gb vs 4gb - sleeping beauty syndrome
Intel or Nvidia
Zerotherm BTF-90 (92) fit on EVGA 750i ??
ASUS P5N32-SLI SE question
Good microATX board?
New motherboard
QVL for the P7N SLI Platinum??
Would like some mainboard advice...
need help in overclocking my PD925
HELP Cant OC my 780i mobo because the BIOS resets every restart or shutdown
How to test Power LED light with DS3L
asus p5n-d OC problems
Abit IP-35 Pro RAID O problems.
AB9 Pro - Quad compatible?
Problem with my 780i
Abit IP35PRO Bios section
Upgrading my MATX system any better suggestions.
New motherboard wont boot
IP35-PRO Bios Save issues
Need help picking a mobo
Vapochill LS red blink - IP35 Pro code C1 -> 9.9 w/ E8500
Gigabyte EX38-DS4 and OCZ Vendetta 2
ip35 pro - bios rom checksum error
GA-965P-S3 rev1 doesnt want to keep overclock!
Need some help with memory on 790i
P7N SLI platinum, very bad overclocking??
790i Data corruption issues [News]
Maximus Formula question...
Asus P5K3 DELUXE + Intel QX9770
ASUS Commando vs Maximus Formula
E8400 and IN9 32X Max - true that it wont overclock?
New e8400 Build - Advice Please!
Asus P5E
ASUS P5E3 Premium, E8400 - STOCK Settings needed
Help I need to upgrade memory on IC7-G MaxII
svchost.exe @ 25% after installing new mobo???
New guy here DFI DK P35-T2RS?
can't get sli working on xfx 780i
Terrified to flash a new bios(first time)
My first Intel Setup
P7N SLI Platinum bios??
need help with asrock p4vm800
Calling anyone with an Asus Maximus Formula
good recommendations for a back-up mobo
IP35-E Bios 17 released
Motherboard to get with Q9450
Newbie trying to get a decent setup together
GA-P35-DS3R Fails to Post after Failed Flash
Which one is better P965 Express Chipset or G31 Express Chipset?
Abit IP35 Pro XE.......
Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2 OC FSB wall
Which mobo support 2x HD3870x2 cards?
whats a good MaTX SLI ocing board??
A motherboard that *doesn't* hiss or ring? P35/X38
Abit IP35 Pro bleeping
Will a Tuniq Tower fit on a P7N Platinum SLI?
P7N 750i SLI Platinum overclockability?
P35 to x38 upgrade?
nforce 750i-780i-790i whats the differences?
Raid 5 Mobo Recomendation?
eVGA 680i "detecting ide drives"
Asus P5k Premium Black Pearl Edition
Choosing a mobo for an E3110 in a brand new rig
ga-965gm-s2 dead?
gigabyte p35-ds3r need help with my bios oc config, getting desperate
Upgraiding to 750i ftw
Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 rev1, best bios?
Abit IP35-e and WD Raptor on Vista64
P5N-D will not allow me to change the FSB, help please!?
Limited FSB
Computer will not post
max safe NB voltage p35 chipset?
asus striker 2 extreme bios wont update
IP35 Pro uGuru and fan headers questions
Is it worth fixing or buy a new one?
ITX board wanted
Maximus Formula OC/Bios Settings
Lanparty P35-T2RS
Gigabyte 965-DS3 issues (old school)
micro-ATX recomendations please
Problems accessing OC settings in BIOS
Problems with a q9450 on a GA-P35-DS3L
I just want to say
Asus Striker II Formula
Would you pay an extra $100?
780i which FSB would be ideal
P35 vs X38 dilemma
Micro ATX and ITX whats the difference?
Biostar GF7050V-M7 motherboard
GA-X38-DQ6 owners please come
Asus P5K Vanilla Cpu Volt Chart
Just ordered a Evga 750i FTW
Q6600 OC'ing, Best MOBO?
New Build...Recommandation for Q9450?
Asus P5E sound quality through SPDIF?
IP35-E error message
Quick Bios/ CPU Fan question
GigaByte GA-EX38-DQ6 with backplate?
What is a good, reliable board?
DFI FSB Difficulties
Asus P5B Deluxe WiFi Crossfire in Software
looking for some things to try
Mmmmm love my new rig
Any suggestions to cool down my mobo?
need some advice for q9450
Need some options for q6600 oc'in please.
don't know what motherboard chipset to get?
790i w/Q6600
3 Cores After Flash
Which X48 board? Just need a few opinions
780i and Q9450 questions
780i questions
Best Buck O/C Board for P4 Prescott
overclocking an Abit AW9D i975X
Phoenix AwardBIOS on Abit AW9D Motherboard
Need new mother board
Safe volts for MSI P7N Platinum(750i)
Good M-atx OC'in board, 8GB max for RAM
Life with a P5N-T Deluxe (780i)
Maximus Formula Issues
p5k-e keeps on powering on and off
what mobo?
Quick little question on my IP35-E..
Help with BIOS settings for Maximus Extreme w/ QX9650 and Radeon 3870x2
p5k-e problem
MB Decision
MicroATX advice for minor oc'in
GA-EX38-DS4 wont stay OC'd ??????
Most expenssive board ever????
pls delete
ABIT IP35 Pro or Asus P5K Deluxe w/E8500 - Likely going to use 4GB OCZ Reaper 8500
New Q6600 build yes or no?
Abit IP35 Pro - onboard audio not working
onboard audio
AGP/PCI Graphics Problem (help?)
GA-P35-DS4 with F12 BIOS - 1T/2T memory setting?
GA-P35-DS3R rev 2.0 to 2.1
GA-EX38-DS4 Questions
anyone tried 9450 and 780i yet?
need a new board
Micro ATX + E8500; looking for advice on the right mobo!
100+Mhz with Bios 605 on P5E
Experience with an inexpensive motherboard
Suggestions needed
333mhz at 9x -or- 428mhz at 7x 1:1...?
Gigabtye GA-G31M-S2L & E2160
what people here think about the new asus rampage formula X48 motherboard
gigabyte x38
bios flash P5E to a Rampage?!?!?
Time to upgrade, and its been awhile
P5K Deluxe E2160
Biostar P31-A7 question
ASUS P5E WS-PRO - North bridge temps strange
Weird XFX 780i problem
Memory suggestion for Asus P5K3
Intels new MB: D5400XS
Boot CD/DVD for BIOS update
XFX 780i Mobo (Ultra120 not fitting)
AMD to Intel SWap! give me some advice
MB Advice
New system compatibility question / advice / request for assistance :)
1st time build havin a problem
Abit IP35-E problem i think
DFI Blood Iron P35 bad flash.
RAMPAGE Formula - Here we go again ASUS!
Think my IP35-E bit the big one
IP35 Pro v.16 Final Is Out
P5K Premium and the Q9450
Asus or Abit...Which one would you buy ???
Anubis_386's XFX 790i Review & Q9450 Overclocking Adventure
IP35-E or IP35 Pro?
is the Asus P5N-E SLI really that bad...?
Need Motherboard ideas
IP35 PRO+ E3110...what bios?
Gigabyte x38-ds4 vs gigabyte x38-ds5
ASUS Striker II Formula overclocking
Asus P5E Problems
p5e and 6320 oc
ASUS P5E & pencil mod question!!! is this bad?
advice needed for Q6600 mobo/heatsink
Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3P - Using second PCIe x16/x4 slot but not for graphics card?
just bought a ABIT IP35 PRO what cpu should go on it q6600 or 2180?
evga 680i problem, random reboots
Shopping for new motherboard.
Crossing over to the dark side(well kinda)
Best Motherboard for Q9300
ip 35 pro issues after new bios
SOUTH BRIDGE AT 95C???? why?? ( ds3p)
[help]how to savely increase Abit I-45C fsb rate
jeesus...new problem
680I SE SLI and 2180 not reading the CPU temp right?
Asus P5N-T Deluxe vdroop mod? 780i
Did my mobo just die in front of my eyes?
MSI P35 Platinum give me some thoughts plz
[AOpen i915GMm-N 479 pin Pentium M]- trouble with overclocking, settings wont stay
Gigabyte GA-p35-ds3 rev 2.0
asus error codes
Maximus to Rampage....
New BIOS, yes or no?
Bluiding a new rig need some help??
Surf's up on X48 any takers ??
GA-P35-DS3L STILL!! giving me problems!
When will the new nvidia 790i mATX board be out??
Motherboards specs and RAM speed (n00balicous)
E8400 motherboard?
Tmod/Logan's DFI Bios CD V11.1.1
Asus Maximus Formula 2x3870x2 support
HELP! 3 months of RMA's on ALL my components = no fix
OCing Q6600 on a GA-P35-DS3L problem.
XEON 3110 will not POST on GA-P35-DS3L
Question on MSI P7N 750i Platinum
Quick Question
Motherboard suggestion for intel xeon series
Maxiumus Formula - Updated BIOS .. Now set FSB won't save
My fan cannot auto regulate
Dell XPS 630 Board PCI-E 2.0
Any good micro-atx boards?
Maximus Formula: Is my NB and SB overheating?
Suddenly high system temp
SLI Support???
eVGA nForce680i sudden boot issues
HELP (Asrock conroe d667 r3.0 )
Novice's First Clock, How close Am I? GA-DS3R
New Build...Motheboard for a Q6600?
Build now...Upgrade to 45nm processor later.
Super C/P ratio DDR2 motherboard, DFI LANParty DK X38-T2R introduction
ASUS P5K Deluxe BIOS (0809 good for overclocking Q6600 ???)
Motherboard/RAM question
Asus Striker Extreme 2
ASUS will not Overclock
Unsure what to do
GA-P35-DS3R Sudden Death?
Which board for SLI with q6600
IN9 32Max memory question
vdroop mod for the IP35-E
New Abit IP35 Pro/ u-guru problems
Overclocking Quadzilla!
CrossFireX Gaming Mobo?
ok is this hawt or nawt?
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 (rev. 2.1) bios and overclocking observations
First Build Worries - Defective Mobo?
X38 boards - 4x1GB or 2x2GB
Asus P4P800 Delux Raid driver for Vista
MSI P6N / Rocket Raid 2320 pcie 4x
Need a mother board and a short garbage list...
New mobo advice please
[P5K Deluxe] Bios update
Cannot OC at all on a D975xbx2
Asus Commando Clocking issues
Asus Extreme Maximus problems
Abit IP35 Pro, wierd 6d problem.
Budget Mobo for a Q6600
NB fan on Maximus Formula?
Boards with out-of-the-box 45 nm support
First OC seems ok, time to fine tune...
Detecting array on 780i
Biostar 965PT Possibly Dead?
GA-P35-DS3L overclock settings have no effect - but doesn't fail post
what would you buy part 2
ASUS P5B Deluxe (Keep it?)
Help a newb choose a motherboard
Help a newb choose a motherboard
ga-p35-ds3l wont turn off when shutdown
After some consideration
i need help about intel dx38bt motherboard
Gave up on the Asus P5K-E, are other P35 boards a problem with SATA?
Opinion: Best of the P35 boards?
P35 boards with PCI-E 2.0?
GA-P35-DS3P new BIOS
Is there a vdroop mod 4 mine?
ASUS P5E & Intel E6750 Overclocking help
Best Sli board for E8400?
Best BIOS version for Abit IP35-e
Southbridge cooling
Best non-SLI boards?
EVGA 790i IS Here!
Going crazy with Asus P5K-E and SATA installation
FI LANParty Dk P35-T2RS to replace my P5K Vanilla?
DFI Blood Iron problem
ip35-e good board?
IP-35 Pro - V1.6 Beta 10 BIOS available (link)
whats the best x38 board?
Motherboard for Quad-Core Penryn
Abit IP35Pro Voltage for E8400 to Go above 4GHz
Evga 790i is here..
[MSI P6N Diamond 680i-SLI] FSB wall at 1550 MHz
Need help with MSI Q965MDO LAN Settings
Intel G33 overclocking
What Temp Is Important?
GA-EX38-DS4 won't let me OC by only 1 FSB!
+12v at 0.06v?!!
Striker extreme + qx6850 oc problems
best motherboard for E6600 and 8800gts 512mb
Gigabyte X38-ds4 (NB) North Bridge Voltage / OCZ Platinum Memory
GA-P31-S3G CMOS setting error? Help!
GA-P35-DS3P default voltages?
What temps are you getting on your PWM under load (IP35 specific)?
Another program to read IP35 pro PWM temps?
cant get usb flash boot to work !
P5N32-E SLI locked?
MSI P7N SLI 750i
GA-EP35-DS3R. Need info on the "E"P35
Connection Problem?
QX9650 Mobo Recommendations
Just Built My First System, Could Use Direction
E6750 on DG965RY - Need Help
Boot up problem
Asus P5E WS PRO or Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Problems at Stock
New abit IP35 Pro Beta BIOS is really impressive
new board
ABIT IP35-E BIOS 16 out today
Asus Maximus Formula and Raid 0 raptors
DFI BloodIron P35-T2RL - VISTA 64 compatibility
DFI BloodIron P35-T2RL installation
Maximus Extreme - DIMM A1 showing empty
Stay away from the MSI P6NGM MB LOL
Only 1 memtest failure after hours: what to do?
P5K Premium - Better mobo out there?
Code FF EVGA 680i
looking for a decent sub $100 mobo
P5k problem need help
Underclocking C2D Motherboard
GA-P35-DS4 and Zalman CPNS9500 - won't fit!!
A little help OCing my rig
Need help!
Asus P5E vCore Wont Stick
P35-e, ds3l, or other?
How many LAN chips is enough?
Asus Maximus Forumula fails memtest
Overclocking GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS4
965P-DQ6 Memory Upgrade
Problem Overclocking GA-X38-DS4 with Q6600
what Board do you think runs best with e8400?
Recommended chipset 4 Crossfire...X38, 780i, ???
evga 680i lt t1 problems
evga 680i lt t1 problems
Recommendations for a new MB? Probably ditching my striker extreme
GA-P35-DS3L memory and overclock issues
P6NGM overclocking ?
help me pick
Flashed Bios on Asus Striker Extreme - Now won't boot
Need some advice on a board...
need cheap mb for old e6600
P5K Dx DDR2 and E8500 = no multi adjustment
New EVGA boards at CeBit 2008
Ultima 90 doesnt fit my P5E
QX9650 vs. Q9700 at same speeds?
GA-P35-DS3R memory and stability problem
X38 vs. EX38?
New C2D computer will not shut down.
IP35-Pro V1.1...no post
Asus P5E-VM Do
Which board for highest FSB
mobo that supports ddr3 and 45nm
P5K vanilla died
P5E vs Maximus Formula Which one?
How to Set tRD On Abit IP-35 Pro
8x428 Stable! is my board gonna burn?
overclocking q6600 on ds3l
Corsair DDR2 or DDR3, core 2 duo, what Mobo?
Motherboard fsb causing windows issue?
Motherboard that supports SLI and DDR3 and 45nm
manual memory timing causes boot failure
Two Aopen 975xa-YDG died on me! Why, oh, why?!
Looking for a reliable SLI-capable board under $150.
No Post
P5N32-e SLI Bios Checksum Error
Inconsistant Temperature Reads on 780i
MSI P6N Platinum: Two 8x versus One 16x (SLI)
IP35 no longer posts.
What did you do with NB heatsinks?
Raid setup questions on a Asus P4C800 dlx ?
ASUS Ai Booster
C1 LED Error
Which SLI Board
Help with AB9 Quad GT
How To Overclock The New EVGA 780i MOBO
X38 + Crossfire, OC unstable, urgent!
Need Help:$ - Whats wrong with my Mobo?, Possible RAM issues?
need reccomendations on new MB
new system wont post.
abit IP35 pro questions
RMA Experiance?
Building new RIG & OC'ing, Q6600 or E6850? Need help picking out hardware.
aw9d and raptor max speed wanted
How far do you think I can go?
[Abit AW9D Max] - Re-pasted Heatsink, now I keep getting 52 post code
What are these Voltage settings in my bios?
Is it my NB or my SB
asus striker extreme
Best board for tight budget?
New motherboards on the horizon?
Ethernet Controller for Onboard LAN ##HELP!##
Gigabyte x38-dq6 issue
IP35 BSOD, need some advice.
Help flashing my bios
How to get more SATA ports?
aw9d question
[XFX 780i] Speedstep/Halt state question
which one would you choose?
hard disk boot priority (sata, ip35-pro)
850i troubles
finally: P5K-E/WiFi-AP in SandraXII SP1 says mobo 27 cpu 12 (C)
Installing new MB
p5e and x-fi issue
OC settings on a P5E-VM HDMI mATX???
No luck with the GA-P35-DS3R
Here is the plan...
Another Q6600 MB Thread
RAM Voltage on GA-P35-DS3P
experts have a look
Gigabyte DS3 rev 1. BIOS resetting on its own when oced..
3Dmark 06 scores
Problem with Asus p5ne sli
cpu overclocking limit
MOBO speed?
Cant relax timing on DS3L (NO ITS NOT CTRL-F1 related)
Major OC issues on my GA-X38-DQ6
P5K-EW J-Micron Enabled, IDE or AHCI (one DVD, one 80GB 7200 Seagate)
P5K-E not monitoring any temps
Help me OC E8400 on Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4
Which board would you choose?
Which P35 board? Abit IP35-E or Msi Neo2-FR?
EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 780i SLI w/ 8400 success?
E8400 and 8800gt (in sli) mobo suggestions
whats better for OCing a 680i SE SLI or a ga-p35-ds3l?
Motherboard safety.
Farm Layer for E2160 - Need Advice
Best P-35 M/Board
recommended board/memory for E8400
P5B Dlx + G0 Q6600 = 3.5GHz, any tips to get higher?
Gigabyte X38-DS5 maximum 392FSB???
IP35-Pro won't allow the CPU to be undervolted?
BIOS Voltage Readings and Accuracy
[Asus Maximus Formula]- What BIOS settings can directly affect GPU stability?
Mainboard cooling question
new Abit Ip35 pro reset Swith fell off.
OC'd IP35 Pro slower than stock???
MCH Reference Voltage Control = FSB VTT on Gigabyte boards?
[Asus Maximus Formula]- anyone getting above 460 FSB using 4 RAM sticks...?
8 pin cpu power connector
Abit IP35 Pro - esata troubles
what do you use to monitor temps?
Where to find P31 Bios?