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DFI BloodIron P35-T2RL installation
Maximus Extreme - DIMM A1 showing empty
Stay away from the MSI P6NGM MB LOL
Only 1 memtest failure after hours: what to do?
P5K Premium - Better mobo out there?
Code FF EVGA 680i
looking for a decent sub $100 mobo
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Underclocking C2D Motherboard
GA-P35-DS4 and Zalman CPNS9500 - won't fit!!
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Need help!
Asus P5E vCore Wont Stick
P35-e, ds3l, or other?
How many LAN chips is enough?
Asus Maximus Forumula fails memtest
Overclocking GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS4
965P-DQ6 Memory Upgrade
Problem Overclocking GA-X38-DS4 with Q6600
what Board do you think runs best with e8400?
Recommended chipset 4 Crossfire...X38, 780i, ???
evga 680i lt t1 problems
evga 680i lt t1 problems
Recommendations for a new MB? Probably ditching my striker extreme
GA-P35-DS3L memory and overclock issues
P6NGM overclocking ?
help me pick
Flashed Bios on Asus Striker Extreme - Now won't boot
Need some advice on a board...
need cheap mb for old e6600
P5K Dx DDR2 and E8500 = no multi adjustment
New EVGA boards at CeBit 2008
Ultima 90 doesnt fit my P5E
QX9650 vs. Q9700 at same speeds?
GA-P35-DS3R memory and stability problem
X38 vs. EX38?
New C2D computer will not shut down.
IP35-Pro V1.1...no post
Asus P5E-VM Do
Which board for highest FSB
mobo that supports ddr3 and 45nm
P5K vanilla died
P5E vs Maximus Formula Which one?
How to Set tRD On Abit IP-35 Pro
8x428 Stable! is my board gonna burn?
overclocking q6600 on ds3l
Corsair DDR2 or DDR3, core 2 duo, what Mobo?
Motherboard fsb causing windows issue?
Motherboard that supports SLI and DDR3 and 45nm
manual memory timing causes boot failure
Two Aopen 975xa-YDG died on me! Why, oh, why?!
Looking for a reliable SLI-capable board under $150.
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P5N32-e SLI Bios Checksum Error
Inconsistant Temperature Reads on 780i
MSI P6N Platinum: Two 8x versus One 16x (SLI)
IP35 no longer posts.
What did you do with NB heatsinks?
Raid setup questions on a Asus P4C800 dlx ?
ASUS Ai Booster
C1 LED Error
Which SLI Board
Help with AB9 Quad GT
How To Overclock The New EVGA 780i MOBO
X38 + Crossfire, OC unstable, urgent!
Need Help:$ - Whats wrong with my Mobo?, Possible RAM issues?
need reccomendations on new MB
new system wont post.
abit IP35 pro questions
RMA Experiance?
Building new RIG & OC'ing, Q6600 or E6850? Need help picking out hardware.
aw9d and raptor max speed wanted
How far do you think I can go?
[Abit AW9D Max] - Re-pasted Heatsink, now I keep getting 52 post code
What are these Voltage settings in my bios?
Is it my NB or my SB
asus striker extreme
Best board for tight budget?
New motherboards on the horizon?
Ethernet Controller for Onboard LAN ##HELP!##
Gigabyte x38-dq6 issue
IP35 BSOD, need some advice.
Help flashing my bios
How to get more SATA ports?
aw9d question
[XFX 780i] Speedstep/Halt state question
which one would you choose?
hard disk boot priority (sata, ip35-pro)
850i troubles
finally: P5K-E/WiFi-AP in SandraXII SP1 says mobo 27 cpu 12 (C)
Installing new MB
p5e and x-fi issue
OC settings on a P5E-VM HDMI mATX???
No luck with the GA-P35-DS3R
Here is the plan...
Another Q6600 MB Thread
RAM Voltage on GA-P35-DS3P
experts have a look
Gigabyte DS3 rev 1. BIOS resetting on its own when oced..
3Dmark 06 scores
Problem with Asus p5ne sli
cpu overclocking limit
MOBO speed?
Cant relax timing on DS3L (NO ITS NOT CTRL-F1 related)
Major OC issues on my GA-X38-DQ6
P5K-EW J-Micron Enabled, IDE or AHCI (one DVD, one 80GB 7200 Seagate)
P5K-E not monitoring any temps
Help me OC E8400 on Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4
Which board would you choose?
Which P35 board? Abit IP35-E or Msi Neo2-FR?
EVGA 132-CK-NF78-A1 780i SLI w/ 8400 success?
E8400 and 8800gt (in sli) mobo suggestions
whats better for OCing a 680i SE SLI or a ga-p35-ds3l?
Motherboard safety.
Farm Layer for E2160 - Need Advice
Best P-35 M/Board
recommended board/memory for E8400
P5B Dlx + G0 Q6600 = 3.5GHz, any tips to get higher?
Gigabyte X38-DS5 maximum 392FSB???
IP35-Pro won't allow the CPU to be undervolted?
BIOS Voltage Readings and Accuracy
[Asus Maximus Formula]- What BIOS settings can directly affect GPU stability?
Mainboard cooling question
new Abit Ip35 pro reset Swith fell off.
OC'd IP35 Pro slower than stock???
MCH Reference Voltage Control = FSB VTT on Gigabyte boards?
[Asus Maximus Formula]- anyone getting above 460 FSB using 4 RAM sticks...?
8 pin cpu power connector
Abit IP35 Pro - esata troubles
what do you use to monitor temps?
Where to find P31 Bios?
GA-EP35C-DS3R 2.1 default DDR2 voltage?
Abit IP35 Pro NB/MCH | Add A Fan??
want more voltage!!!
asus p5e Bios questions
MB for a q6600
Mobo beeping on startup
Asus Formula Maximus
p35 vs 680I
Mobo choices...
gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l wont post with FSB above 400
Strange bootup behavior
780i MCP 53 Deg @ Idle (Lockups)
IP35 Pro heatpipe mod
Abit IP35-E Memory Timings
Need help on new setup
the p5e and the bsod
looking for a new motherboard!!
Help With GA-8SIMLNF Motherboard
Warning 680i Prospective Buyers
LCD for post codes
need advice on gigabyte x38ds4 and aftermarket heat sync
Idea's for overclocking this computer
My GA-X38-DQ6 doesn't like my Micron chipped ram!
Strange problem
In Need
what shoule pci latency setting be in bios?
Q9450 Mobo Selection Help!
Safe NB Temp on Maximus Formula X38?
SM Bus controller issue on 965P-DS3?
witch P35 motherboard for an E8400 ... best o/c result
need help with the BIOS on my MOBO
So he P5K-SE sucks... what should I get
I think I just hosed my system.
Your experiences with P5Ke-WIFI
GA-P35-DS4 memory speeds not updating in BIOS? CPU-Z and BIOS disagree.
abit ip35pro vs dfi lp ut t2r
Overclocking memory on a P5E3 Deluxe Wi-Fi
comments about gigabyte ga-ep35-ds4l ...
New sys. advice....asus P5NE-SLI or P5Ke-WiFi
AW9D-MAX, added more ram now I can't get my OC all the way back.
asus P5E3 dlx
Striker/P5N32 pencil mod (vDroop and/or vCore)
EVGA 780i Motherboard (HELP), EVGA 780i Problems
So... Anyone else got an Asus P5N-T Deluxe?
Help Me decide
DRAM:FSB Ratio on Gigabyte X38 DQ6
IN9 32X Max OCing a E6850 w/ 1.4 BIOS
GA-P31-S3G Overclocking Headache
Need a Barn Burner DDR3 MB.
Intel DP35DP Bios setup
Overclock 775 skt Pentium D950
IP35E users: how are you cooling your northbridge?
bios profiles at boot for silent / normal / overclocked mode ?
Gigabyte GA-X38-DS4 vs the Ex38
Motherboard for Q6600
anyone know anything on a 790i?
abit ip35-e quick question about usb
Mem Voltage Questions... first time pc builder, also curious about OC...
Which power connectors do I use on the Gigabyte P35-DS4?
What board? Strange Requirments.
Need advice on ASUS Maximus
IP35 Pro Bios flash
What motherboard software to use?
SATA on Gigabyte
A question about BIOS...
overclocking asus p5n-d
New Mobo how to install?
What Motherboard to go with a Q9450
Is the Asus P5E ok?
might need a new motherboard
+ and - sides of case cables?
GA-P35-DS3L (rev. 2.0) what bios should i get?
680i LT - BIOS question
What setting to overclock my pc?
Which SLI mobo with good overclock? Recommend system?
Need some suggestions for new rig
Asus Maximus Formula - Slow as heck when high load on LAN
780i NPP/NF200 Water Blocks and Vcore Mosfet Heatsinks
Sadness with an invitation of comments
I have Norrowed it down as far as I can, Now I need your help.
Retention Guide for Abit IP35 Pro?
IP35PRO Raid 10 across drive platforms? IDE + SATA?
I like the P5K Premium, but most reviews say it sucks.
Which P35 board ?
Just ordered upgrade: E2160 + onboard video
how high can i oc q6600 w/asus se reva1 pcs8500cds
Asus Maximus Formula Nightmare
Any Vdroop fix on Gigabyte GA-P35-S3G?
need mATX for Q6600
IP35-E/P35 windows overclocking utility?
evga 780i and memory..
asus maximus usb ghost entires? and an unknown device?
first overclock ever Q6600 to 3.0Gz YAY, have a few questions though??
Hardest harware decision I have ever had to make?
Asus Commando won't boot after year of use and no hardware changes
New Build... question 680i vs 780i
Help ! P5K vanilla + JMicron RAID : choppy Audio
ASUS P5K Pro OC Review
What Mobo's will just work with the E8400 without Bios Update?
Motherboard suggestions
Conroe 1333-D667 with E6320 overclock
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe bios update
Problem with P4VM890 SATA controller ..
asus p5w dh deluxe
GA-EP35-DS3R tip - F2 BIOS solves memtest86 problem
GA-P35-DS3L... this cant be right
internet speeds dropped dramaticly after overclock??
New Member & Need An 8400 MotherBoard Suggestion So I Can Order
Calling ABit Gurus! New Build Issues.
P5k-E Im really impressed with this board
The Gigabyte GA-P35-DS4 is it good for overclocking?
I just bought this motherboard and 2x2gb sticks of ddr2 667 memory. For some reason I
GA-X38-DS4 RAID Issue - Please help
Do I need a pc speaker for build boot, or P5K-E/W have "BUZZER"?
im an idiot. plz help
General BIOS questions??
Prime95 question???
hi all, i'm new- help can't oc to 3.6 MB get to hot
What memory for GA-P35-DS3R?
Asus P5WDH Deluxe and 4gbs of ram
Biostar 965PT Command Rate
help me find a good OCing MATX mobo. C2d
abit ix38 quad gt bios question
need help overclocking a 500 p3 with a p2b-f motherboard
Help me choose a motherboard, please!
P5K premium USB boot
Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 & Purple SATA connectors
Gigabyte P35-DS3L Problems
Best motherboard to overclock a q6600 or maybe q9450?
Help overclocking
What is the BEST 775 mATX board???
IP35 Pro memory test issues
What is PCI-E Reference Clock?
Asus P5N-D 750i: good or bad?
Just overheated my southbridge on a Asus Maximus Formula...!?
Intel E8400 on an ECS P965T-A?
Asus P5N32-E SLI Northbridge Temp
P5E and E8400 how to
Gigabyte X38-DS5 (X38s/DS4s/DQ6s) BIOS settings for overclocking
p35-ds4 ..good?.q6600 how high can o/c?
BEST OC MOBO FOR Q6600?..how high hav you o/c yours HELP
can't change multiplier
My Q6600 did 3.2 before, won't on new motherboard?
Good Micro ATX for Quad-Core
Mobo and memory problems.
P35 vs X38
IP35 Pro Raid questions
DS3L Boot Cycle/Post strangeness
ASus P5K-E/wifi....would p35-ds3p/ds4 be better?
New System (Gigabyte P35-DS4 ver2.0)
ecs 945gct-m & e6750
Abit IP-35E or Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L
Asus P5K-E/ICH9R controller options?
HP DL140 G3 - Intel 5000X based motherboard - FSB speed
Asus P5K3 Deluxe & Corsair XMS3 TWIN3X2048-1333C9DHX
Asus P5K-E/WiFi-AP Troubleshooting
D975XBX2 - DRAM:FSB advice please
Best motherboard for Q6600?
OCing a 780i
Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 - Some Bios Problems
GA-P35-DQ6 problems
New System
P5E-VM HDMI with E8400
Gigabyte P35C DS3R won't overclock
New build questions
G43/G45 released plans for Q2-08
pci express slots 2.0 im confused
Asus P5B-D Video Problem
MSI Neo2-FR wont boot, help!
Cannot install OS, help !
Power/Reset button on mobo, what do they do?
quad pumping got me confused
So no gigabyte board work with BSEL MOD?
Puzzled by the overclock process..
Abit IP35-pro and USB wireless keyboard?
Motherboard used for LN2...
Help choose Mobo for E8400
Asus P5NSLI + E8400 C2D problems...
Someone Please Help/E6400 Troubles
Is uGuru evil?!?!?! (ABIT IP35Pro running BIOS 16B09 )
what chipset drivers to use for 780i? man. or nvidia?
Abit curiosities.
GA-P35-DS3L Fan Control Question
x38 vs p35
Been out of the loop. What happened to EpoX?
Help me choose a CD2 motherboard
IP35 pro overclocking
Need New Mother board suggestions?
HELP! Finding Mobo/Ram
Gigabyte P35-DS3R Fan Control Problem
Abit IP35 Pro - PCIe question - 2nd slot 4x or 16x
Where can I find if MSI P6N SLI Platinum LGA 775 Supports E8400?
Asus P5N32-E SLI + Core2Quad Q6600 barrier at 300FSB
NO Post on New build MSI P7N diamond
Asus P5N-D 750i + e8400 struggles
questions about abit ip35 pro
Nvidia overclocking performance tool question??
XFX NForce 780i vs EVGA 780i
multiple (easy?) questions: ASUS p5w dh deluxe - cpu fan error
MSI P35 Neo-F chipset...how does that fair with the e8400 when overclocked?
What is the hieght of the common 775 socket board?
ETA to Asus Rampage Formula Available from Newegg?
Intel Skulltrail 4x4 5GHz SLI platform
This mother board go well with this selection of parts?
GA-X38-DQ6 vs 780i - Please help
gigabyte DS3R
E8400 and Ip35-pro?
Asus P5K-E WIFI guide?
Overclocking with x38-ds4 / E8400
Motherboard curse
Dead board? or Dead PSU?
New build: Pushing an ASUS P5E x38 until it cries "Uncle!"
How do I know when to raise MCH, ICH, etc, etc?
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L Cold Boot Problem
X38 or P35 for E8400 at 4.0
Looking For Recommendations
what ddr2 timings to set on the p5k
IP35 Pro, E8400, 8GB ram. Need advice on settings.
Most stable gaming mobo for E8400?
Quick question. MCP Temps??
Asus P5E won't boot
A query about FSB & RAM speed
15,442 3Dmark 06 on my IP35-PRO
New ABIT IP35 Pro Bios
p35 voltage question
gigabyte lover check this ... ga-x48-dq6
Need some advice
CPU Heatsinks for Asus P5E?
GIGABYTE GA-P31-DS3L overclocking help
Gigabyte P35-DS4 questions
Need help choosing a good mobo to oc
Overclocking isn't happening
DFI board?
Best sub-$250 board to get the max overclock out of a Q6600 and Ballistix DDR2-8500
Mobo advice for e8400
mobo advice for super budget build
P5W DH Wireless AP issues
IP35 Pro - High FSB, PC won't come out of standby.
Asus P5N32-E SLI
4GB DDR3 Crazyness!!!
highest fsb CHEAP mobo?
Who owns the GA-P35-DS3L how do you like it
P5PE-VM overclocking - help with ram please
P5B-D Strangeness
[EVGA 780I]
Intel Gigabyte X38 DS4 bios choices for memory and cpu
xfx n force 780i
P5W-DH - Won't power up.
The Nutz Kicker's Brand New Toy (56k Warning)
My BIOS/Mobo is going senile ...
Thinking about a motherboard change
Abit IP35 Pro and Raid
Mobo for e8400 and 8800gt
Northbridge too hot?
[ASUS P5N-E SLI] - Cannot Get past 300 FSB w/Q6600
which P35 for E8400 (Gigabyte/Asus/DFI)
I seem to be stuck
Help Upgrading my Mobo and RAM
Quick check before I pull the trigger.
PCI-e Bus issue
best mobo for under $150?
Blitz Formula 1402 bios w/Ballistix 1066 failing memtest
Comments on TIM application on quad core
Should I lap copper-plated stock chipset heatsink?
P5N32-E Sli 680i And CPU-Z Volts
Which is better? Help with 1st build
P5KC - Minor Boot Issue
DS3L ram probs... help!!!
P5B-Deluxe 1226 BIOS - "support N/2 ratio option"?
P5K-E Wifi - What drivers do I install and in what order?
New to building / need a good mobo
GA-965P-S3 sudden not post requiring CMOS clearing... thoughts needed
Change FSB voltage and frequency on-the-fly based on CPU load?
Change FSB voltage and frequency based on CPU load?
Best motherboard for me?
780i NVraid performance
Can't overclock CPU???
ASUS P5KC AiLifestyle pros-conns? what motherboard is best for quad
FSB wall 475Mhz on Abit IP35 Pro??
E6600 to E8400 question
P5K Mobos & E8400
eVGA 680i AR - Won't POST with C2D, only shows 2 cores on Quad?
Old School P4C800 Deluxe
Best preformance per $ in pci-e 2.0 2way sli
Is my board Dead? (P35-DS3L)
What board for a new 45 nm
A Little mobo help?
Asus P5B-D + 45nm
Abit IP35pro + 8GB (4x2GB) OCZ SLI ready RAM, any known issues?
New Asus Commando Build
Gigabyte P35-DQ6+E8400
P5K with relentless BETA BIOS?!
HELP ME WITH MY P5K. . Endless loop...
Scratched an Electrical trace. Help!
P5K Premium Help Please!
Another P5k Premium no post thread
Gigabyte GA-G33M-DS2R PCI x4 open ended slot?
Looking for a replacement motherboard recommendation
New Q6600 Build - which mobo???
Nvidia Driver Crashing on OC
Looking around at X38 boards, and...
Asus P5k Pro good enough for OC?
Motherboard installation HELP
Motherboard Voltages on Asus P5WDH
scrached mobo
ETA on P45 Boards?
Check this mobo out GA-P35-S3G
Overclocking newbee, please go easy!!
Funny SATA controller on the GA-P35
Thermal Paste...
need mobo replacement
Abit IX38 Quad GT - Can't enter setup?
Can I flash Dell Optiplex 320 with MSI RC410M2-F/L/FI BIOS?
IX38 Quad GT BIOS Update Issue
680i to a 780i
Asus P2B-D good dual?
AsRock 775-Dual-VSTA
not having luck :(
Power Switch Not Working
New 680i BIOS with Wolfdale support!
ASUS Maximum Extreme DRAM Frequency
ASUS P5E question
safe mode after OC
Motherbaord compatability with PSU [24pin, 20+4pin]
RAID0 on p35c-ds3r
Abit X38 Quad @400 FSB ? is that ok?
Great Laptop Repair DVD Tutorial Video
New Motherboards with 2 x IDE connectors??
Screwed up something badly
Abit IP35 Pro / USB Keyboard / CMOS
Need Help Stabilizing Q6600 on IP35 Pro
Best Gaming Motherboard for OCing an E8400 w/ Single GPU?
Strange experience with P35-DS4
MSI P6N SLI + Crucial Ballistix Tracer 4-4-4-12... Compatible???
EVGA 680i - Does it have an Onboard Audio-In Connector?
Remounting NB/SB heatsinks
P5k Deluxe Wont Post
Best Sli MOBO for the e8400?
Best OCing M-ATX motherboard with AGP ???
cheapest 775 oc board?
IP35-E fan power limit & led's
P4C800 dlx vs P4C800-E dlx
Best 780I MOBO ?
P35-DS3R Q6700 overclocking Question
SL6PG China
Board advise needed for setup (oveclocking wanted)
Dell Inspiron 530 Q6600
p5k premium/q6600 OC results...
P5B Deluxe+E6600+Corsair Dominator