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Asus P5K Deluxe Optical Out Issue
Will u120e fit on the msi p35 platinum.URGENT 2 hours until shipping cut off
So does my motherboard supports quad core like q6600?
ABit IP35-E what memory should i get
Help with new build
Anyone with an Asus Maximus Formula click here!
P5N32-SLI Premium 4gb Memory issues
Time for a new motherboard :-/
P965-DS3, can't restart/reboot?!
please help
whats the fastest RAM an asus commando will support ?
GA-945GCMX-S2 ... can't find where to set CAS latencies
EVGA Bios Settings?<><>>??
im bummed,evga 680i wont support yorkfield.
eVGA 68-A1 board versus Asus P5K Premium for overclocking Q6600??
Sub 129.99 motherboard for q6600 @ 3.2?
Asus P5W DH Deluxe- OC question?
p5k vanilla + massive vdroop
p6n diamond how good is it?
780I from Nvidia
P965 Decision
eVGA 680i SLI vdroop mod?
Up and running
Abit IP35 Pro - Sound & Video Issue
Yet another mobo rec thread
ECS Elitegroup P965T-A ver. 1.0F
Suggestion For a Board for Extreme Clocks
Motherboard for Xeon 3210?
Any one ever heard of a Super P4SBA+ MOTHERBOARD???
PCI-X backwards compatible?
Anyone already gone for Asus P5K Pro?
Do I need new inf to chipset p35-DS3
system won't boot
P35C -DS3R big time issues
Intel D955Xcs
Difference between IP35 Pro/IP35-E?
478 mobos
north bridge
What p35 mobo should i get? Just got E6750! want to oc to 3.2 at least
Answer me this!
fragile motherboard
Alternative board to the ASUS P5B Premuim?
EliteGroup P4S5MG GL+
EVGA 680i with 6300
good motherbaord to overclock Q6600 G0??
Advice About ASUS X38 Series
EVGA 680i-NF67-A1
about my new P5K-E/wifi-AP: what is it?
trying to overclock with abit ip35 and 2180
Configure SATA HDD on GA-P35-DS3R
Which Motherboard
Whats is the fastest processor I can put on my AA8XE?
Computer Keeps Saying CMOS CHECKSUM Error - Cant Get into BIOS!@
Auxillary molex plug @PCI-E ports...(IP35 Pro)
Motherboard is HOT~!
I've stuck a screwdriver into my mobo. how bad is it?
Which Mobo For 160 Price Range
P5K premium pencil vdroop mod?
Motherboard Recommendation
G33M-DS2R FSB:RAM Ratio (not really news)
Requesting information about your motherboards
Mobo Recommendation for E6750
putting as5 on nb and sb
Time for an Upgrade!
Overclocking the Striker Extreme. Next Steps.
Im sure its been answered, but pest p35 board?
Need help y'all Gigabyte GA-x38-dq6 or other?
When Abit IX38 QuadGT will be available in USA?
Replacement for 680i chipset?
asus P5B-VM vs e6750. does it work?
Overclocking on eVGA 68-A1? How?
Abit IP35 Pro unable to change FSB????
ABIT IP-35 Pro !
Best x38 board !!!
Abit IX38 QuadGT intial results!
p5wdh pencil mod
Anyone have any experience with Asus P5E?
With Asus down for the count who is the stability king of P35?
EVGA Discontinuing Boards?
Looking for a new motherboard
Physical difference between the T1 and A1? (evga 680i)
Are there any reliable 680i boards?
Intel D975XBX OC difficulties
Should I have NVStor and NVRaid.sys in System32 on an Intel P35 board???
Abit Ip35 Pro Question
Dual Socket LGA775 Motherboards for P4 HT??
Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6
P5K Prem 1.6 Vcore max
P35 or 680i?
Asus P5E|Q6600|2GB OCZ Reaper 1066 ~ Overclocking
Advice please re whether to go for 1066 or 800fsb C2duo
Hey Evilizer
Underclock Commando memory
P5W DH BIOS setting
PCCHIPS p17g v1.0 I945gz chipset overclockable?
Asus P5W DH Max Overclock Question re: GPU
cheap OC board for 2160
my asrock board is clocking better than my gigabyte ds3p
Asus P5N-E nForce 650i SLI Chipset LGA775 FSB1333 DDR2 Mainboard
What's the best chipset...
Overheating-Board or CPU?
Abit IL9 Pro Gfx Card question
Standby Power to USB sockets
Motherboard for OCing Q6600 + Matrix Raid
Abit 35-E compatibility
Bad IP35-E?
P35 Pro won't overclock at all
Crossfire vs SLI, is there really a difference?
Getting low VID Q6600s above 360FSB
Challenge the limitation of Quad-core CPU-DFI LANParty DK P35 First Look
please help bios trouble
x38 chipset & sensor reading (speedfan)
Building new ground up system. Seeking advice.
My P5K-Premium died...
worth upgrade to x38 mobo's?
Abit IP35 and EQ not working
Cant get Maximus Formula above 367 fsb
Asus P5E3 FSB issues...
45 nm compatibility
Is there anyway to test a motherboard?
Best MoBo for gaming
EVGA 680 NF63 Bios Help
Asus P5W DH Deluxe-Questions
Getting rid of this MSI 975... what next?
Striker Extreme and Ram Questions
Dead Asus P5K-E? please help
P5B FSB limited to 380?
Striker Extreme and HS
EVGA 680i Error msg 50.
MSI P35 Platinum
Vista 64 bit on Asus P5K W WiFi /w 4 gig of RAM
Abit IP35 Pro Rev 1.10
New bios with new feature for Asus P965 mobos P5B-Deluxe & Commando
Dead GA-G33M-DS2R ???
Reading NB Temps?
Orthos stable but cant install anything?
Abit IP35-Pro....Revisions
Can we use 1T timing with 4x1GB in a P35 mobo?
eVGA 680i A1/TR version. How to differentiate?
ARG WTF.. striker extreme "USB INIT"
DFI Lanparty P35 DK
Which intel chipset?
IP35-Pro Networking Issue HELP
intel vs nVidia
thoughts on DFI Blood Iron P35-T2RL?
Any one uop for Abit IX38 QuadGT
Intel Processor to I/O Memory Interface?
Asus P5E or Maximus Formula?
AW9D MAX, BiOS upgraded to latest version, can't get past 2.4 w/ e6400.
SLI mobo that supprots new 45nm processors??
Motherboard running too hot?
Maximus Formula Help
abit IP35/IP35-E BIOS13 final released
Help Can't get RAID to work on ASUS P5B-VM DO
p5k Delux died from restart? :S
ASUS P5LD2SE Overclocking Help Required
Motherboard.. WHat to get??? Help
ga-965 --> ga-p35-ds4 worthy upgrade?
My Abit IP35 died this morning. RIP little buddy.
Anyone seen this before? (bios problems)
Some confusion between 478 and mobile.
NVIDIA 780i & 790i reference MOBOs
Vista 64 drivers or manufacturer drivers?
Maximus Formula FSB / Multiplier Question
Best motherboard option for Q6600?
seriously about to destroy my computer...help
Which Motherboard?
p35-ds4 dram timings?
which is the cheapest GOOD p5k?
Need Some Fast Help!! ASAP
need motherboard advice with onboard video
How to get the Abit IP35-Pro up and running for OC's
400x8 on P5k Vanilla?
Help! No Diaplay after flashing for infinty Dark
Help! No Diaplay after flashing for my infinty Dark
getting into the bios. cant do it.
boot issues DS3
Need a stable overclocking board for less than $100
Ram problem on Asus Maximus Formula
IP35 Pro fan speeds not monitoring
Future Proof? ABIT IP35 Pro or ASUS P5E
Need Motherboard for 8800 GTX SLI, w/ C2D e6300 (for OC)
Striker extreme (1100+fsb a no go)
Where are my memory timings ?
noob oc question
Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 - How To Flash The Bios?
BadAxe2 Owners
P5K-Premium - which SATA ports for Matrix O/S?
A very good overclocker....
P5N-E SLI, 1 8800gtx, E6850, 2gb 6400dd2 combo
overclocking help??
P5b-deluxe pcie version?
abit IP35 Pro and ASUS P5K Premium
how to install windows xp on P35-DS3P using IDE dvd burner?
Difference between Asus P5K Deluxe & Asus P5k Premium?
I change bios settings, then system wont post
Maximus Formula SE Vdroop
Under-volting with a Ip35 Pro?
Recommend a motherboard for SLI config.
Cant get E6300 past 2.3Ghz
Choose out of these two 650i SLI Mobos.
Overclocking E2160 on GA-945P-S3
PCI-E 16x slot dead?
Abit IN932-MAX opinion needed
New Mobo
965 cooling and voltage?
GA-P35-DS3R or...?
Nvidia 700 SLI Series
P5K-D sound issues
Asus Striker Extreme Overclocking Problems
IP35 Pro VS GA-P35-DS4 Rev. 2
Guide to create a partition to flash your BIOS from your HDD (Vista users only)
Q6600, Dual 8800GTS, 1066 Ram, Need MB!
Future board to upgrade to Penryn? What to consider?
Anyone using an Asus Striker Extreme???
GeminII on Intel LGA775 MB
just my luck
Flashing eVga 680i A1 BIOS
Need some help choosing a board...
my first pc build
Mobo for Q6600 ?
Boot form USB Flash card: Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3
Easiest Way to Flash Asus Mobo Pheonix BIOS w/o Floppy
***P5ND2-SLi WEIRD PROBLEM :S Gotta read THIS! ***
Getting ready to re-cap mobo.need advice
Bios Flasing Question
Need a good INTEL mobo fast!! Please take a quick sec to help.
Gigabyte P35C-DS3R Rev.A2 Board
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe 45nm CPU BIOS
Can't Type
Which Mobo!
Building a new rig... So confused about M/B's
Intel P35 board choice?
Striker Extreme E6600@3.83
ABIT IP35 Pro Thermalright mosfet cooler
P5K Deluxe and SATA Configuration Issue - Please help
Abit IP35 Pro vdroop mod
I am planning a Gaming Pc build- Need Advice from More Exp Modders :D
EVGA 680i Problems
How to remove the SB cooler - D975XBX2 ?
Vcore on an Abit IP35 Pro??
Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
Can a dead CMOS battery cause no post??
Striker Extreme Problems
Penryn plans: Mobo?
Ground? Measure Vcore with DMM on the P35-DS3R
Intel Pentium Dual Core on a i865G motherboard
Can the D975XBX (not XBX2) use a Q6600?
Asus Striker Extreme vs Evga 680i
Asus Maximus Formula Water Block?
P5k premium motherboard
Issue with GA-965GM-S2, turns off randomly after post
Intermittent Keyboard
Dual channel at 1066 - can the motherboard take it?
IP35 Pro HELP!
Abit IP35 Installation Help
Asus P4B266-C Question
Asus p5k Premium issues
CPU-Z 1.41 FSB reporting abit AB9-Pro
Need Abit mainboard suggestion
DD3/DDR2 Capable Mobo worth it?
IC7 max 2 hates Windows?
ABIT IP35 bad temps
ABIT IP35 Bios settings sticky.
IDE DVD drive problems AB9 QuadGT
Intel Chipset New Force - FOXCONN MARS – The Warrior God
965p-DQ6 Post Crash, and solution
Evga 680i A1 OR T1 confused ?!?!
Orthos/Prime stable OC, then random system crash? E6750,DS3R
Intel® Desktop Board D945PVS Allendale?
Gigabyte P35DS4
4 board to choose from
P4P800DLX Boot Failure--CPU failed Test
GA-P35-DS3L or ABIT IP35-E sound?
AB9 Quad GT and vista..
Asus Maximus Formula(SE) vs Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6
Which board?
nVidia nForce 680i SE SLi mobo
Ordering new board
ABIT IP35 USB Drivers?
Anyone update bios's on ECS P4M800PRO-M V2.0
P5K pencil mod
Gigabyte P35-DS3R
Upgrading motherboard
Intel DG965WH motherboard trouble
Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus (Good/Bad)
GA 965P-DS3P mem issue
new build trouble OCing past 2.5
Please help OC P5K vanilla...and you guys rock!
P5B-Dlx WiFi Question
I think my P5N32-E bought it yesterday....
*NEW* Bios 0601 for P5K Deluxe
evga 680i - bad clocking mobo?
Asus Striker extreme PCI-E slot question
Asus Commando Problems & Raid Setup
Help With New Build Newbie Can't OC GA-P35-DS3R and E4500
What DDR2 1066 memory for GA-P35C-DS3R
X38 - Abit IX38 QuadGT or Asus Maximus Formula SE
Dynamic OC
P5k-Premium 402 bios out
What Intel 775 should i buy ?
Asus P5E X38 Motherboard Intel X38 Chipset Socket 775 ATX
vcore to high on a p4p800-e deluxe
New BIOS version?
Corrupt/Half done Abit IP35 Pro BIOS @ Abit.com.tw
ASUS P5E3 Deluxe mobo boots in five seconds with embedded Linux
Motherboard that supports both SLI and Cross Fire !!!!
MSI P6N Platinum: Does the "new" type of TR HS bracket fit on this board?
Are You Using ASUS Wireless for Networking?
Can I (or should I) crossflash the Foxconn N68S7AA with the reference 680i P31 bios?
Who has X38 running SLI???
Good design, good overclock, good pipe-The MSI P35 Neo2-FR overview
which mobo should i get
8800 Ultra, Q6700... what mobo?
p5k premium need help
Anyone Got a Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6 Yet?
ASUS Motherboard Ships With Embedded Linux
P5N32 vs BFG nForce 680i
uGuru on IP35 running 64-bit Vista ultimate
new evga 680i bios
P5k Prem. Questions.
Difference between the 2? worth it?
P5K E WiFi--HDD Not Detected When AHCI Selected in BIOS
Overclocking with the IP35 Pro
Question about NF4 - 775 MOBO
P35-DS3R Not POSTing
Regarding P5K-E and VDrop/Vdroop
Bricked my P5W DH
IP35 Pro vs. P5K Premium vs. ???
Cool Award BIOS feature...
Run me by X38 pcie version again?
Best asus Micro ATX (That supports C2D E6750 ) for HTPC
What would be the best, stable OC board now without SLI/CF?
High Voltages for Mobo??
Building a new pc
ASUS goof on the P5k black pearl
Which P5K ?
can't seem to find a socket 775 micro ATX motherboard with these specs ..PLEASE HELP!
GA-P35-DS3R USB Problems
Original BIOS For ECS 650i
2 Strange problems with the GA-P35-DS3R
Evga 680i dropping multiplier not a speedstep problem
MS 6728 BIOS problem-anyone know of a new one?
DS3 owners please help
can i use dual graphics on gigabyte GA945GCMX-S2
Corsair CMPSU-520HX ps not right for new Asus P5K-E mobo?
680i vs P35 with video performance
GA-P35-DQ6 -No possibility of ANY clocking as soon as GX2 is installed?
Vdroop on a 680i
MSI P35 Platinum
680i Price Drops
Recommendation for a Cheap Overclocking board for e21XX chip?
Anyone having problems with ASUS MB's?
Realtek Onboard Wireless Adapter
intel board
Raid to new mobo
New build
intel 945gnt overclocking
striker extreme vs Black Pearl
E6300 Overclock - Help wanted
my 650i killing my hdd?
feedback please on Foxconn P9657AA-8EKRS2H
SFF core 2 duo board! Suggestions!
GA-P35-DS3R questions before purchase
Maximus xD
Board does not show correct speed @ POST
Your advice - Swap GA-P35-DQ6 vs Striker Extreme; GO or NO-GO?
p5wdh 4 drives on ich7r?
striker extreme config?
Abit IP35 vs. IP35 Pro
PWM temp...how far is too far?
Gigabyte problem?
usb keyboard and p5k
Xfi and p5k problems
complete rebuild advice plz
Core 2 Duo E6850 and P5W64 WS Professional
P5N32-E SLI (Any objections)
Help with OC Celeron 2.4 Ghz (Northwood)
New Gigabyte DS3L motherboard owner, need help with overclocking...
Problems OC my P5K Premium and other issues Help Please
Is p5b plus similar to p5b deluxe?
question about mosfet cooling on asus p5k premium
DOA 680i mobo? Help!!!
IP35-E VDroop mod?
Frickin Cool!! IP35 feature..
Overclocking gigabyte DQ6 & Quad Core QC6600
P5k Premium memory
Abit AB9 Pro C1 Post Error; Please Help
Crap, power surge.. Now I need a new MB.. Recommendations?
GA-P35-DS3 Owners... for your safety!
Brand new to overclocking
which motherboard .. i need something new asap
p5kc takes for ever to boot because it is looknig for IDE devices
Asus P5K-E 0602 bios update release notes?
Not another..."Which motherboard" question...
FYI - Abit IP35-E + artic freezer 7 - dont fit
New Board
vdroop, why why why what?
SATA 36.7GB Raptors plug into 3.0GB/s SATA plugs tickeddy-boo?
A slightly stupid question
Can you change the RAM latency on P36-DS4?
New generation extreme deluxe motherboard – MSI X38 Diamond
Bios flash and cpu reading
P5W DH Mosfet Repair?
P5K Deluxe
Can't overclock 2140 with Gigabyte board
P5W dh/ p5b / p5 whatever wifi card question
Need 0303 Beta Bios for the P5K Premium
Is it a good idea to stick with a mobo MFGR. so familiar how the BIOS works?
will p965 support penryn?
Anybody want to help with my nervous breakdown ?!
Little Question about my DS3L
Evga 680i A1 vs A2
Gigabyte P35C DS3R - Unstable
MOBO for running 2x 2900xt!!
DFI P35 vs Asus P5K E
Few questions on ASUS PK53 Deluxe
Odd hd assignment on evga 680i
Final Straw +P35
Suggest Abit mobo to replace Asus P5WD2-Premium?
Volt changes dont stay on ECS 650i
New P35 Board needed - any recommendations?
p5b-e o/c for 5 mo. then boom
under $200 for a mobo
ICH8R + Realtek lan = Quad GT woes
680i NB SB chipset
GA-P35-DS3L vs GA-965P-S3
Asus P5WD2-Premium & SLI
Asus P5K
GA-IP35-DS3L fit Scythe Ninja?
How well do G31 motherboards overclock?
will i be ok overclocking on this mobo?
did my abit IP35 pro brick itself?
P5WD2-Premium Noise
ds3p south bridge?
Help with OC on P4c800-e dlx / P4 EE / 1000 W/ H2o Cool
Help with OC on P4c800-e dlx / P4 EE / 1000 W/ H2o Cool
Intel X38 and SLi potential?
P5K Premium OC tests and advice.
p5k hd problem?
Best SLI board
$ plug molex connector on a evga 680i a1
P5K hit wall @ 360??
asus P5KC vdrop mod verified
The OMG, i wet my self moment, hint sli....
P5K Premium and Vista x64
striker extreme e6750 problems!
Abit IP-35 Pro Fan Question
RAID Question on the evga 680i
Newbie question - best duo/quad motherboard?
Striker Extreme locking up advice on stable settings much appreciated!
GA-P35-DS3P out of stock, any alternatives?
What factors determine the overclockability of a motherboard?
P5K-E and sound issue
ICH9R and boot issues - ????
ASUS CPU Parameter Recall
Card reader on P5k Premium
Trouble with P5K, does it sound like MB or RAM to you?
Evga 680i A1 owners, need help with OC.
Asus P5WD2-Premium, Will not post
Newbie Question
Need new board looking for help...
Gaming rig mobo
Asus Pk5 Premium. mobo's max temp?
PCI Slots no longer working
Is it common for the onboard network card to have this issue...
Overclocking on MSI 945GCM5 V2 (FSB 1333) motherboard
uGuru, not displaying properly in XP
IP35 & IP35-E Double Boot Fixed!
X38 in UK 15september.
ECS P6BX-A+ rev. 1.1 overclocking
What is damaging my mobo?
X38 or P35???
C2Q overclocking on BX2
Biostar P4M80-M4 will it support 2.8v memory?
Abit quad gt and matrix raid
Gigabyte DS3L Help
Recommendations for C2D 2.66 mobo / 4GB RAM
Intel G31 Express Mobos = Craptacular Bios Overclocking
Help! Can't get new Asrock 4Coredual-sata2 to boot.
Which mobo chipset, Intel or Nvidia?
Abit IP35 Pro problems and questions
Nvidia 680i nic driver for 2003 server
Xp 64bit: 16gb RAM limit, Why?
Upgrade question
P5K Premium newer bios than on Asus site
Couple newb questions about the Asus p5wd2-e Premium - C2D compatible?
*New*P5K Dlx Bios.