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Help! Can't get new Asrock 4Coredual-sata2 to boot.
Which mobo chipset, Intel or Nvidia?
Abit IP35 Pro problems and questions
Nvidia 680i nic driver for 2003 server
Xp 64bit: 16gb RAM limit, Why?
Upgrade question
P5K Premium newer bios than on Asus site
Couple newb questions about the Asus p5wd2-e Premium - C2D compatible?
*New*P5K Dlx Bios.
P5k bios setting request
680i, no match for p35 oc wise?
Ditch my Asus P5N32-SLI for an EVGA 680i SLI ?
evga 680i question
new build help
C1E and EIST on P5K Premium
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Crossfire on GA p35 ds3p?
Mem timing issues with P35-D3SL
Bios Updates for the 680i's???
ASUS P5E3 for new build?
my asus P5N stays around 47c ~ 52c is this ok?
Bios Recomindation for EVGA N680i SLI R
Unable to update BIOS P5N-E SLI
Is this a Motherboard Problem ?
Where are the G35 boards?
over clock help ip35-e
experience with p5kc
ASUS P4P800E deluxe + intel pentium 4 3.4 prescott 478
SATA questions... AHCI/RAID drivers, slipstreaming
Evga nForce680i SLI problem??
P-35 DS3L won’t boot over 350 bus
Tuniq Tower 120+EVGA 680i MB=Death
Final Question/Answer
Abit IP35 series O/C reference thread
update msi board bios (650i)?
Looking for a modded Abit AI7 bios
Abit IT7 Max heatsink fell off
My Baby is dying
Evga NF63-TR VS NF68-T1
Abit X38 mobos at the end of the month!!!!
Abit IP35 Pro quick opinions
Good overclocking G33 motherboards
The black pearl is on its way!! (eVGA)
P5k dlx - wired internet + wireless AP
Motherboard Temp
Gigabyte P35-DS3R Raid
Abit IP35 PRO OC help
Asus PK5-E vs Abit IP-35 Pro
EVGA A1 680i...Computer Posts...Doesnt go to start up and OS.
Trouble with Intel DG965wh
early x38 ES preview @ Anand, 0-5% improvement
P5K Premium power connection question
cpuz not reading multiplier right
P5K Prem PCIx @ x2
Cheap C2D board.
Intel Raid ICH8R vs ICH9R
Final Decision on my mobo
Does Motherboard work with SLI?
P5B-Deluxe PCI-express question
Connecting to the power supply nForce 6801 SLI
SLI mobo ?'s
Few questions! :)
Intel 5000X Overclocking data?
GA ds3p question.
Asus P5B+Quadcore xeon?
What is a safe easy overclock
Penryn and single PCI-E
Had it with the p5w dh: P5k?
windows recognizes usb floppy drive + sata raid floppy during install?
Question on what MB to get?
Where can I find a P5K3 Premium
Best socket 775 motherboard for SLi
Change 2T to 1T in P5B?
Haven't done this in a while and having some trouble
Any X38 reviews?
Very Simple Question, Feel free to laugh at me if you give me an answer
Moderate Q6600 overclock with P35-DS3r
Best P35 mobo for g0dM@n
Which Motherboard...? =(
P35-DS3P OC Help
GA-P35-DS3R strange boot problem
Rethinking motherboard
Asus P5N-E SLI vs. Gigabyte GA-N650SLI-DS4
3rd pci slot ! when ?
P5K Deluxe requires MULTIPLE powerups before it will POST
clockgen and p5k
Asus P5K-E, fsb weidness: coretemp vs cpu-z
IP-35 Pro Fan Controller
Recommended memory for p5k premium MB?
New mobo needed money no object advice please
DFI LP UT P35 T2R Available at the egg!
e2140 which motherbaord?
My EVGA 680i
So what are the odds?
Crucial PC2-8500 What mobo?
P5K-Dlx OC settings not taking effect
RMA P5K Premium for DFI LP UT P35 T2R? RAID issues
Need help finding a mobo... :D
ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP (WIFI question)
Q6600 MOBO suggestion
BIOS Flash Question - Asus board
Gigabyte DS3R vs. P5K Premium e6750
Need motherboard advice
P5K3 reduces multiplier on its own?
What are all the diffrences between each variety of P5K mobo?
Q6600 SLi motherboard that is a good overclocker
PC config help
New motherboard, would I have to re install windows?
Asus P5K Premium fan question
GA-P35 Long Beeps problem
Best OC-MB overall
GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3R Solid Choice?
Looking for new motherboard
Does the Asus P5K-E/WIFI-AP support the Q6600?
EIST Disabled???
P5K Premium + 8800gtx , blocks 2 SATAs?
P5K Premium ---- Audio problems
New Cpu's?
Best MB for a crossfire rig.
GIGABYTE P35-DS3R fan connector problem
Core2Duo ==> best OC-MB
Best Mobo for the price?
Which motherboard for Q6600?
Error code and other questions
Worth upgrading from BX2?
Problem with Gigabyte p35 ds3l motherboard
P35c DS3R destroying ram
P5K Premium + quad core = :-)
DFI 680i LT SLI, Dreaded Code 88..
quick Q, Intel 975X boards support C2Q?
URGENT Help Needed! Fire on my mobo
Anyone stuffed their boards OC'ing?
Hands down best OC'n intel mobo out now......
P35 Endless Problems wtf plkz read :{
DS3R Vdroop
BIOS resets itself after OC'ing with Gigabyte 965p-DS3
Abit IP35-E, IP35, IP35 Pro differences
P5K-Deluxe mod - shamelessly stolen (shared) from an Abit IP35 mod
Gigabyte stiffed me....
How can I find out which Celeron I have?
Will Q6600 OC better on the X38 MB??
Abit IP35-E Problems
I want to build a new rig. What MB and processor should I go with?
Changing P4P800 Dlx to P4P800 -E Dlx
Asus P5W-Deluxe (Power Issue)
SLI Support on Xeon 771 Motherboard?
What do you think of this Mobo?
X38 Initial boards
Abit ab9 (nilla) insanity
Any Info on DFI P35-T2RL?
higher than 2.6?
higher than 2.6?
Gigabyte P35 rev 2.0 boards coming mid-Sept
How hot am I?
What's going to work?
Quick question for GA-P35-DS3R owners
E6850 Board
Which forum for selling parts?
P5K users: SuperMemSpd Native1333 OC'ing E6750 w/ DDR2-800 RAM
Intel bios hacks
Asus P5KC - bootup Issues
EVGA/XFX/DFI 680i owners, vdroop mod!!
P4c800 E D Sata Opticals.
ASUS P5K-E/WIFI-AP is it any good?
** Best BIOs to use for Gigabyte P965 DS3 ** ??
DFI 680i LT board hangs at POST code 2d
Q6600 Motherboard Help.
Mitsubishi TC440 Motherboard Riser card?
P5K Deluxe + E6850
Breakthrough FSB550, the high C/P ratio DFI Blood-Iron launched!!
P4 630 3.0 in Ni8 Sli
GA965P-S3 no cd/dvd drives in windows
Gigabyte s3 ram timings question
[Retired Sticky]ABIT IC7/IC7-G/IC7-Max3 links
S3 e6400 @3.44ghz orthos failing
S3 + Corsair XMS 2.1v = ok?
Bad board? (S3)
Memory timings on S3
EVGA customer satisfaction is a BIG LIE!!
AW9D overclocking BIOS settings
Intel Matrix Config changed to SiliconIma: how do i get back to Intel
Dead mobo or CPU
IS7: Latest Network Adapter Driver Update (5/07)
e6600 AW9D-Max 8x400 Doesn't Work?
965P-DS3 v.3.3 won't boot on IDE
new ip35 pro bsod proble BUG CODE USB DRIVER
P35DS4 and Shyte Infinity
P35-DQ6 and the Zalman 9700 PLz help !
Gigabytes easytune 5 and Vista
IP35 Pro BIOS for G0?
My problem
Help! Buying the Abit ST6 Mobo
Can't Use Cas 2-2-2 with Abit BX 133 raid - WHY?
WTF! Need help B4 I smash this thing!!!!!
[help] Can i have more than 521mb sd ram on ST6 ?
1.6a how much oc you guys got here?
XP unstability issues
Would you pay for a TH7-II 7x BIOS with 1.85v??
wow, ordered samsung rdram. Got infineon
[Celly/ST6-R] Can't get into BIOS @ 1.5
y so hot???
wire mod for vcore-is it safe?
windows xp and overclocking
Witch it7-max2 bios to use?.
WTF is going on here???????????
xp professional on VP6
8inxp In Stock Now At Newegg!!
Giga8inxp core voltage
Does Gigabyte 8INXP have AGP/PCI lock?
Gigabyte 8PE667 ULTRA2
Can someone help me overclock my 2.4BGHz processor?
[TH7II] 01 boot code error
[IS7] PC3200 not going along with 2.4@3.0
Your highest IC7 fsb?
HSF advice plz
how come intel boards hit 250FSB+ and AMD dont?
You think Abit would RMA my IS7 even though I superglued the NB fan hoops to the
Winxp install troubles
Wiring IC7-MAX3 . . & . . Antec SOHO 1040B2
WooHoo! I'm In!
[HELP] Abit BH7 + 800mhz CPU?
zalman cnps7000-uc on an abit IC7 max3
WTF Abit IC7-G MAX 3!
with and without OTES on IC7-MAX3
xp-120, too big for AI7?
[BIOS Request] Patch 600 support to AS8
Zalman 7700-Cu 12cm on Abit IC7
Yo, I need some emergency help!
Zalman 7700 Fit IC7-Max3? (7000 Fits)
[Retired Sticky]AA8XE BIOS settings for overclocking
windows shutdown problems!
P35 DS3L Voltages?
Which motherboard? So confused !?
Motherboard opinions
Which Motherboard?
Is 680i really that bad
MBO Microatx with OC capable?
New ASRock 4CoreDual-VSTA: windows asking me to install "PCI Device" - I have none..
Need help with eVGA 680i / qx6700
ASUS P5PE-VM Not wakeing from hibernate mode!
Gigabyte p35-dq6
PCIe 2.0 ??? backwards compatible
Abit IP35-Pro USB problem
Gigabyte GA P35 DQ6 BIOS ...
680i chipset northbridge critical temperature?
Nvidia Nforce 680sLi help
DFI LP UT P35-T2R is here!
Thinking of RMA My IP35 For A DS3R?
P5K Problems in bios
which mobo
question about P5N32-E SLI
Gigabyte Ga-p35-dq6
Heatpipe chipset cooling on the Abit IP35 Pro
Noobish suggestion request
Really weird audio issue with Asus P5LD2 SE r2.0 that will drive me insane!!
Intel® Desktop Board DP35DP
P5K-dlx and -premium owners - NB warm to the touch?
Starnge issue with DS3 running raid
PCI Bus bandwidth from ICH9
What Motherboard for Core 2 Duo 6600?
What Motherboard for Core 2 Duo 6600?
Asus P5B wifi replacement antenna
Abit IP35 Pro / CPUz / TAT / CoreTemp users
What is the lowest VCore setting allowed in your BIOS ?
DS3 rev 3.3 Overclock ??
Just got my new p35-Ds3r mobo
PCI-E x16 (x16 mode) vs. PCI-E (x4 mode)
best motherboard for 8800gts640 and quad core
Build computer on table temporarily?
Does anyone have a contact phone number or email address for Biostar?
Can Asus Blitz run SLI??
ASUS P5K3 DELUXE - Will this motherboard support DDR2 6400?
Need Advice
i865G overclocking?
Will DDR2 Memory work on DDR3 Motherboards?
Onboard fan headers question
How to boot from a USB Thumb Drive?
What motherboard to purchase?
8 pin 12Vatx connector and 4pin PSU??
Abit IC7G Max II Volt Question
EVGA nForce A1 Rev or Asus Striker?
P5K-Deluxe Won't Run 2GB of Ram
P5K-D VCore - BIG difference between setting and reading, normal?
I'm having some problems with stability
HELP! updated BIOS, now no boot!!
Looking for a new Motherboard!
all the different gigabyte P35 boards
Best LGA775 MicroATX Chipset?
DFI Owners!! LanParty 680i LT with C2D 6600 @ 3.8Ghz
P4P800-E Deluxe Dothan Support
Help Updating BIOS for IP35 Pro
Help with Motherboard Choice
Asus NCCH-DL CPU Support
inteld101ggc overclocking help!!!!
1333 fsb CPU on Asus P5B Series!
If you could choose any mobo...
ASUS P5K cpu fan header has 4 pins
Northbridge HSF replacement issues - With Pictures!
best 680i mobo for Q6600/DDR3 & OC'n......
Have i fried my new hardware?
Strange P35 Platinum Happenings
Gigabyte GA-P35C-DS3R Mainboard with Universal Memory Controller
Better board than my Asus P5W DH for a Q6600 ?
400Mhz FSB on 965P chipset
Asus Striker or OCZ psu problem!
Asus P5K Premium and Q6600 G0 issues
GA-P35-DS3L or IP35-E?
killed my mobo?
Why aren't X38 motherboards out yet? X38 and Penryn is HOT!
gigabyte p35-ds3r - how might i control the fan speeds?
eVGA TR vs eVGA T1
eVGA TR vs eVGA T1
Last ditch effort, will it blend?
Quad core motherboard question
Help wiring a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P
Brand new 4CoreDual-VSTA and E4400 - won't power up - was fine a couple hours ago...
D975XBX "Bad Axe" overclocking problems
Abit IP35 vs. Gigabyte P35-DS3R?
Installing my first mobo/cpu - need help with power connections
new build problems no boot
P5K Voltage question
ip35 fresh build starting problem!!?? help
Recommend a new SLI mobo for my new rig!
p5k CPU fan error
Abit AW9D-MAX and G0 Q6600?
P5K deluxe 0501 Bios question
Limitation breakthrough?! The initial look of DFI LP UT P35-T2R
AsRock 77 5Dual Vista
Any ASUS boads that can save overclock settings?
Need advice - old timer!
Asrock 4CoreDual-VSTA w/ Q6600 G0
virgin oc'er
Abit IP35 Pro can't get FSB over 350
Server Build, need decent mobo w/ integrated vid
Best P35 Board? LianLi/Thermalright Ultra120Ex/DDR2/G0/Money no object
The waiting game..
Asus board forum?
P5K with some cpu voltage options im not sure about...
VDROOP Measure (GA-P35-DS3R)?
GA-P35-DS4 help for newbie!!!
Motherboard for q6600
Fried the P5N32-E, In the market for a new board... IP35-E?
Does 680i support DDR2 AND DDR3?
temp reading on a evga 680i
Is my mothrboard too HOT???
new build getting STOP : 0x0000007B when installing xp
Problem with Asus P5K Deluxe memory recognition
P5K-deluxe BIOS NUked?!?!
hp a250n pavilion mobo help!
DDR3 Mobos that support Q6600/6700??
Better Ocer P5k se or P5B-E??????
Best DDR3 overcocking budget board?
Intel 915G (Shuttle SB81P) CPU Support
Which intel-based mATX board for my Pentium D 805???
NB demands more voltage than before. Why?
BSODs weird
GA-965P-S3 rev 3.3 vcore readout point
P5K Can't Change FSB?
ASUS P5K-VM Onboard Video
Gigabyte P35-DS3P/Thermalright U-120 Extreme compatibility
2 questions to Gigabyte P35-DS3R owners.
Giga-Byte P35-DS3R
P5K Deluxe - memory dividers
Motherboard Selection Help; other build parts inside
DS3 vs. DFI P965-S
ASRock 775Dual VSTA mobo and windows XP install
GA-P35-DS3R and VCORE?
new mobo suggestions (e6750)
IP35 Pro GTL Reference voltage
Which chipsets support hot-UNplugging for SATA II HHDs under Windows XP?
Whats the difference?
Best spent Funds Which MB
Asus P5K: Whats the stock voltage for NB?
Will the BP6 support dual PIII-S Tualatins?
IP35 Pro BIOS for G0?
dead mo p5wdh
GA-P35-DS3R vs GA-P35C-DS3R?
Overclockability + crossfire
Asus P5N32-E SLI Nvidia 680I
Looking for a 680i with 2 usable PCI slots after going SLI
965P-DS3 v.3.3 won't boot on IDE
P5B (non deluxe) for OC'ing
overclocking issues with Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9
Plastic protective cap for Socket
P5k not booting windows...
Is P5B Deluxe WI-FI Crossfire Capable?
Best value 4300 overclocking board
Dual socket 775 motherboards
new ip35 pro bsod proble BUG CODE USB DRIVER
P5K Deluxe Wifi-Ap
Good ocer with integral TPM for 775
Yet another "My Build" post.
Where to get drivers for MSI 945P Neo3
Abit IP35 and 8800GTS conflict??
EVGA 680i increasing HT Multiplier in bios
What are normal ranges for vdroop?
e6850 upgrade which mobo p35 or 680i?
Help in the motherboard department
hair on new mobo!
E6750 + PK5 Deluxe Issues
Computer Overhaul
NIC doesn't work with any amount of overclocking
P5K Deluxe or Commando?
Flashed bios failed computer wont boot
X38 to support DDR3 only????
Problem with Two Boards When Overclocking
All Hard Drives not showing Up. Help
best/reasonably priced overclocking board
Good mobo for a quad?
Problems with my Abit AB9 QuadGT
P35DS4 and Shyte Infinity
Will an E6850/1333 FSB work in my
Overclocking Scaredy Cat!
ASUS P5B Problems
What motherboard?
Abit IP-35 or GA P35 DS3R
Asus p5b-e southbridge Running Hot
New Build!
Best motherboard to suit my needs?
Problem with P5K and Corsair - need help
is intel845grg ocable?
P5N32E-SE-SLI delux work with E6550??? 1333mhz fsb
P5B Deluxe Ethernet
Weird Asus P5K problems
Asus striker extreme
Need to choose between 2 Asus mobos, Intel 945 or P965 chipset for value gaming rig?
Diff between P5K Deluxe/WiFi & P5KE-WiFi?
Help choosing a Gigabyte P35
P35 chipset non-intel Mobo memory confusion
Difference between 680i and P35??
Very old - Asus P55 T2P4
p5k-E bios 503
Abit AB9/Pro users!
BX2 and e6600 vs q6600 and p35
Is Abit's Fatal1ty F-I90HD a good choice?
Gigabyte "Supported Memory" on GA-P35-DS3R?
Can someone give me a rundown of the P35?
Asus P5k Dlx RAID/OC problem
Bios update for P5K-D and E6850
e6600 AW9D-Max 8x400 Doesn't Work?
P35-DQ6 and the Zalman 9700 PLz help !
This is the first board from Abit.........
gigabyte p35 S3L?
What's the difference between all the different P5B boards?
DS3 1066
ASRock ConRoeXFire-eSATA2 - does it offer quad core support?
Good motherboard for OC with q6600
Building new system need some assistance <3
AW9D-MAX & E6600 & TG Xtreem D9 PC2-5300
Good Q6600 oc and crossfire
Memory problem
Help me overclock my p4p800-deluxe 3.0 prescott
GA-P35-DQ6 and Q6600 bios settings
Default vdimm on current Asus boards?
intel 975 - overclockable?
Asus 45nm ready mobos for P35,680i,G33,P965,975x,650i chipset
Hey Morvak!
No bullcrap easy OC mobo?
Anyone here have a P5K Deluxe/Wifi or a GA-P35-DQ6
Easytune sw on Gigabyte mobo's affects FPS
Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe + vdroop
Can't get higher than 3.2GHz with E6420 on GA-965P-DS3
PCI-E Set Too High On Accident
New Gigabyte P35 DS4
asus p5b dlx. mb temps?
650i Ultra: HT multiplier?
Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R vs Abit IP35 Pro
Best mobo for penryn?
Two motherboards: Which one?
Safe way to flas PB5-Deluxe bios without floppy?
Suggestion and Insights on getting a replacemtn mobo
Quad Vs Dual for Games
P5K Deluxe
P5K (Deluxe) BIOS Guide?
G33 vs. G35 chipsets
ASUS 1333FSB Ready Motherboards List
REQ: Help setting up RAM: P5K Deluxe
Quad Core MB w/ True Dual PCIe x16
new board for intel core duo!
Anyone know the number of power stages on the P965-DS3 Rev. 1.0
Looking for replacement board...
Planning for july 22
What board to get for Core 2 Duo with 1333 bus?
pls. help, confused, need opinion, etc
No start-up
GA-P35-DS3R and Voltages?
P5K3 Premium has been released. With Onboard 2Gb memmory.
P35C or P35...
Foxconn P4M9007MB-8RS2H Socket 775 P4M900, seems good, what do you think?
P5RD1-VM with Core 2 Duo?