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Buildin new PC
8 days of fighting with my Striker board... help
P5k + 8800GTX how bad is the SATA port clearance?
1st Post: Help selecting MOBO?
INTEL Desktop Board D102GGC2
Asus P5k -VM vs. Gigabyte G33M-DS2R..........MATX showdown
ahh!! too much mobo choices!
GigaByte GA-P35-DS3P + Scythe Infinity
[Asus Mobo's] - P5B-PLUS or P5N-E SLI?
P5K Vanilla vs. P5K SE?
Asus Super Memspeed Technology
Need e6300 board recommendation
P5K deluxe heatpipe have wicks?
*NEW* 0501 BIOS P5K Deluxe
My Review of EVGA's 680i Motherboard SLI LGA 775
How much can I ask for this mobo?
P5W64 WS Pro overclocking?
GA-965P-DS3 and IDE
P5W64 WS Pro - is it a useless O/C board?
Best motherboard for $100 ?
ATTN EVGA 680i Owners, question about fan speed bois controller
dfi infinity 975x and a Q6600
Asus P5K Deluxe Q-Fan
Intel X38 Chipset
Calling Gigabyte board owners
whats going on? freezing during xp bout 5 mins after start
Intel QST question..
Help w/p35 MOBO Selection
My motherboard does not display the ram timings
Bios 0401 to 0608 won't work in ez flash (P5N-E SLI)
DFI LP UT NF680I LT SLI-T2 LGA 775 questions...
GA-P35-DS3R Impressions
[Noobie Question] If I switch out my mobo...
Asus p5b secrets Please share
P5B + 1 GB Stick = No Post
Overclocking with a Bad Axe 2
cooling solution P35-DQ6
Budget board for a 775 build?
Asus or Gigabyte?
P35 ...
[Foxconn P9657AA] - Booting/Installation Issues.
P5N32-E SLI Mobo any good?
My DS3 rev 3.3 Log
P5K-VM LGA 775 Intel G33 support DTS audio?
My nightmare p5B-e ...
Chipset for dual PCIe 16x?
965pt with hr05?
P5B + SmartPower = No USB?
Help with Abit GD8-Pro + Celeron D 326 2.53Gz
Asus P5K OC
what are the differences between the p35 and 680i chipsets?
P5k Deluxe or Striker?
What memory dividers does your motherboard allow?
965S or P35?
P5K- Vanilla
Gigabyte P35-DQ6
P5K deluxe / P5K-E differnce??
installed new mb and having problems
asus p5k deluxe price drop later???
I have had it with my ASUS Commando. Going to order a montherboard tonight , need hel
Another Commando OC Question / Problem with the Memory cant use my ......
Help with P5vd2-vm
Intel DP35DP
asus mboard help
Evga 680i and G15
Gigabyte GA-965GM-S2 Onboard GFx
P5W DH bios update 2103
Ntune for 680i
p35 or x38
thoughts on GA-965P-S3?
Rebuilding the computer
Which is better?
Keep the new PSU or ditch it...
these DDR2/DDR3 p35 boards, one or the other only?
e6600 board, plus 45nm Ready
Asus P5K Premium, first look.
Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 or GA-P35-DS3P?
Help with commando, not booting
Why does my 3D performance blow? (P5K Deluxe)
When will nvidia release a new chipset?
P5B DLX & installing XP on Raid-0?
q6600 motherboard??
P5W DH Dlx and PC Probe II
OMG - Oops, not good to play with work systems...
asrock mb help
New IP35 System [56k warning]
DS3 and NB cooling
Whats difference between 1066 and 1333 fsb?
Asus p5b and Intel Celeron 420 no post
Minimum DDR2 type supported by P5N32-E SLI?
Socket 370 motherboards
P5K Deluxe Official BIOS 0404
P5N-E Sli Oc Confusion
New Intel MB reccomendations?
Asus P5N32 SLI SE delux with PD945 wont POST!!!!
P5N32-E NF680I SLI
Is P5B Deluxe good for Crossfire?
6420 and what MoBo?
P5k Deluxe owners, voltages.
P5K vanilla or GA-P35-DS3R ?
Think I goofed when I setup my new rig...suggestions please.
X38 pricing ?
4GB of Crucial 6400 ballistic
Question about a GA-965P-DS3 (Rev 3.3) BIOS settings
Need help reaching 3GHz with GA-965-DS3 (rev 3.3) & C2D E4300
P5K Deluxe Wi-Fi Ap/Pentium D
p5k boards
XFX nForce 680i vs EVGA nForce 680i
Which MB for E6420 and G.skill 6400 HZ ?
Important Info Concerning P5K Deluxe !!!!!
MB's and Pcie x16 question...
Windows installation problem...
C2D 1333 FSB Motherboard Recommendation
Vcore range on regular P5B
P5K Deluxe - Intel Robson Technology BIOS feature
How do adjust the voltage?
Input please for a mb for my new gaming rig
Need Help MOBO Recommendations
965p-s3 driver install problems
Manually setting the CPU speed on a P5W DH Deluxe
What mb to OC E6420 with Ram at 1:1
New 0404 BIOS for P5K Deluxe is out.
msi 650i p6n sli can not handle 2GB RAM???
OT: Why does this forum have so little threads?
P5K CPU Heat Issue
new motherboard
4x1gb reads as 3gb in BIOS...
Biostar TP35D2-A7 Testing...off to a good start!
Dead board dilemma! Need advice...
P5B-Deluxe: Can't boot into XP with RAID enabled in BIOS
different MB
FSB, PCI-E, MCH voltage mods on OC's
Matrix Raid On P5k Deluxe
New bios out for the p5k-e
Abit IC7-G supports Prescott 3.4E???
IS7: Latest Network Adapter Driver Update (5/07)
ds3 thermal accuracy
P5K-Deluxe Bios 0403 is out
Can i use a p4 then swap to a core2duo with my FOXCONN P9657AA-8KS2H?
Dead board dilemma! Need advice...
BIOS lockup crash on boot
P5B, I Can´t Get the Heat down.
New to ga-965p-ds3 rev 3.3 o/c help
Gigabyte p35-dq6 results
dfi icfx3200 and 4x1gb woes.
What is the best ocing 775 board
P5K-E separate from P5K-E/Wi-Fi AP?
Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 IDE Hard Drive Probs
OC-Friendly Dual LGA771 Mobo?
ASRock sensors screwed?
CPUz question
Intel Mobile Processor NAS RAID 5 machine Mobo Recomendations
Best Over Clocking Motherboard
Looking for recommendations
NB = 100*C
Intel D850MV-Rambus FSB question
4 coreduo vsta bios?
Good board for Quaq core ?
My P5k Thread
p5k questions
Asus P5K Deluxe and XP 32 bit problem
MSI P6N SLI (non-platinum)= platinum :-s
P5K basic vs. P5K Deluxe
Lowering Vcore/cooling problem?
Can't control CPU fan on P5K3?
P6N-SLI Platinum bios download
1T Command Rate Support for P5K Series Motherboards
P5W DH Deluxe, issue, question, wierd thing....
Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 P965
p5w dh deluxe question
Asus p5ne sli speedstep doesnt work?
680i mobo - no overclocking
EVGA nForce 680i
Buddy's new build issues
Need help with a motherboard
newegg MB replacement policy
Dead mobo or CPU
Changing Bus Speed??
P4P800-E Deluxe fan connectors
Asus P5K Deluxe - Important tip = Black dimm slots > Yellow dimm slots
p5w dh vcore question
Best Intel Motherboard? (5k budget)
Temperature Sensor Failure on PCChips mobo
p5k vs. dfi 965-s
P5W-DH Deluxe wont post anymore
Weird DS3 problem...
New BIOS old boards?
GA-N650SLI-DS4 Owners - PLEASE HELP!!!
which is best BIOS for DS3 3.3(F10/F11)?
Need Help Formatting My New EVGA 680i SLI Mobo
Commando O C QUestion
Intel vs Nvidia north bridge and why?
P5w dh deluxe to support 45nm technology?
advice on ocing with 680i
P5B Deluxe Temp - too high?
P5B Deluxe w/ 8800 GTS lags...
need a motherboard suggestion
P5K vs. p5n-sli 650i
Quick overclocking questions. (cpu, ram, and GPU :-p)
all C2D SLi boards suck???
ASUS P5B Deluxe help
Anybody tried a XP-120 on a P5B-Deluxe?
Abit FP-IN9 overclocking dissapointment...
Abit Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI, A good OCer?
S3 flashing bios w/ @BIOS
(p5b) restart = shut down ??? exit bios = shut down ??? (help)
motherboard temp monitoring
eVga 680i SLI board broken?
Intel Matrix Config changed to SiliconIma: how do i get back to Intel
Noob OC questions
Asus P5K Deluxe - Strap Changed @500FSB !
PCChips video problem
Questions on SATA RAID and IDE DVD drives
asus p5be
p5w dh chipset bios settings
WWM Computex Taipei 2007 Day1 First Look
Best Mobo for Duo <$125
How much better is 680i over 650i?
p5n-e sli +vista
Intel Board capabilitys.
ASUS P5N32-E SLI & Muskin XP2-8500 4gig (996562)
Common Asus P5N-E SLI problems??
P35 DS4!
P5W Usb ports query
P5W Usb ports query
DS3 Ocing?
Gigbyte DS4 650i SLI: Which CPU cooler?
P5W BIOS question
SLI Mobo
What board for this setup?
Asus P5K Deluxe Issues V.2 - Temperature
My P5LD2 is looking strange...
Buying my DS3 rev 1.3 tonight, just need an answer on memory
P5B NB temps?
Please point me in the right direction.
Abit IP35-Pro Review
D945GTP with Core 2 Duo
Intel Confidential Motherboard
does the optical out and sp/dif out on the P5B Deluxe output to 5.1/7.1?
Looking at the new Abit MB...???
Abit IB9 windows installation problem
P5k Base model
Asus P35 Blitz Extreme
P5K Deluxe Overclocking Thread!!!
Can't change voltage on CPU?
Abit QuadGT and E6400 Results
Think my P4P800 is dead...
[gigabyte 965p-dq6] lan connection issues with fsb/MCH vmods
asus p965 vs evga 650i ultra
Help please! Download corruption/failed hash while 100% CPU usage. OK when idling.
p5n-e and my e6600
P5W-Deluxe PCI-E/Raid Question
New P5k DLX user question/issue!
Best bang for the buck C2D board?
P5B Deluxe pre purchase question
P5K Deluxe.....First Impressions
CPU turns on before HeatSink
Will my board support quad
Socket 7 and below
New Motherboard Suggestions
Asus Striker Extreme Mobo
DS3 bios flashing mistake
Overclocking the new Intels - multi fsb
How is the 680i chipset in overclocking?
DFI P965-S high NB temps
Building a PS/Rhino/3DstudioMax Rig need guidance/advice (asus board)
Help choosing a mobo
p5b-deluxe & p5b-premium
p5b-deluxe & p5b-premium
Which chipset
A Simple Question: Best SLI MB and Cheapest SLI MB
Can't get DMA working with my P5WD2-E
Bizarre P5NSLi problem
DS3 "System" Temperature Reading
MSI P6N SLI-FI - new build will power but no POST - HELP!!
Whats the difference between the two
P5B Del WiFi and Vista 32bit
Differences between the Intel 775 chipsets?
Asus P5K
Whats up with my Evga 680i ..?
Choosing a motherboard >.>
Am I missing something obvious here....?
Rev. question 1.3 or 2.0
New to OCing; Stable?
Need Help with P5N32ESli
Double Quad-core?
Go with 975 or with for P35?
DS3 rev 1.3 need help
965p ds3 rev1.3 question
Odd problem with an Asus board
Gigabyte 965p S3 vcore
DFI P965-S memory voltage and random restarts.
I have researched: My conclusion...?
965P-DS3 rev 3.3 e6600 OC newbie help!
P5B Deluxe wifi and DDR 1066
ASUS Commando - Can you SLI with this Motherboard? I fell so stupid asking....
PCI port problem
pci-express, core2duo, DDR1 <--!
P5K Deluxe/WiFi-AP - E6300
Asrock 775i65G - need vcore
P5NSLI overclocking - stuck pretty low
Another “deciding on a mobo” thread.
Ntune/tat not liking my new p5n32-e
asus p5b deluxe driver!
How is this mobo?
What the difference between 680 and 680i SE
P5B-D Won't Boot from CD
AW9D-Max - Not Restart From "Standby"
AB9 QuadGT Cannot install O/S - everytime boot to floppy or CD the system reboots
upgrading to Q6600, worth it?
Sata Ports
The motherboard that breaks the limitation of memory:DFI LANParty NF680I LT SLI-T2R
GA-965P DS3 won't boot OS when USB key is inserted
Moderate Mobo for E6600
Little sketchy with motherboards
No OC with zip drive or CD in CD rom
Wont be using asus anymore. 7 RMA's on 1 board
P5N-E 650i cpu help
What is does my mobo mean by this
need motherboard suggestion for new build
DFI P965-S Secrets???
Confused with sli
Abit AB9 Quad GT/E6420 Voltages?
945P-S3 Advanced Bios Menu?
need help updating driver for 965P DS3...feel like a total noob!
5ghz possible on P35?
Holy 680i Batman! A small n00b review
Anyone got a MSI p6n sli fi? What settings?
Had a nightmare.. but whats worse than waking up with a dead mobo
Motherboard for Intel Pentium 4 520
p35 chipset
Which Asus to go with this setup?
A house for my E4300.
Starting to OC.. and I think my mobo needs RMA?
Motherboard or what .....
Strange vcore readings on DS3
Old School Problem
Abit IP35-PRO
Asrock 775i65G slow through POST
Asus P5N-E SLI NF650i SLi opinions ?
Can't find a BIOS file at Intel.com
DS3 revisions?
URGENT!!! Need help choosing a replacement mobo!
DS3 (3.3) Woes
asus vs abit vs giga
Need Help Overclocking!!!
AWD9-Max bios settings
DFI p965-s or P5B-Plus
Motherboard Suggestions please?
AHCI, missing a drive
965P-DS3rev3.3 NO AUDIO
Anybody having issues with their onboard LAN with their P5B motherboard???
Cannot get into BIOS!
HELP! Is my new motherboard dead???
Method Acting: The DS3 Experience
DFI 975X/G just arrived...I'm back on 975X
P35-P5k Deluxe-QuadCore Results
Intel Bad Axe taking 15 seconds to display POST screen?
I really should have listened to you guys.....Problems with mobo
965 vs. 975 vs. 680i Need some help deciding.
865PE Neo2-V Memory timings in bios different than windows..
Looking for a mobo for my E6600
P5B-E Questions
Why can't I OC??
SATA Optical Burning Issues on DS3
Abit9 Quad Gt or Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6. What should I choose?
p5k Deluxe at bestbuybussiness.com
Easy system build suggestion
difference between 680i LT/SE and 680i?
ok URGENT help needed here please any input appreciated
WTF, motherboard just stopped posting after i exited BIOS....
locking memory with P5B-E plus
Asus P5B Deluxe reboot/shutdown oc issues
No post, no video!
Why is CPU-Z showing 1600 MHZ on my e6600 when i set it at 2400 mhz in the BIOS????
My mobo is Holding me back: Which one for an e6300?
975X PUE I think I should have gone DS3
Do i have to have a floppy disk drive to flash the BIOS on the P5BE???
how many drives in a raid 5
What happens if i change the DRAM to 800 but leave the FSB on default?
Anybody know a good site on how to optimize my P5B-E bios settings?
New build, need a new SLi board
GA-965P-S3 Bios Settings
check out P35's improved memory controller.
P5B Series: 381FSB "PCIe 1x Bug"? What's up?
P5LD2 SE boot issues HELP!
P965 vs. 975x on 1066 strap?
P5B Plus Build. . . any known issues???
Which P5P to go for
ASUS Commando - Need RAID Help!
Biostar 945G Micro 775 SE - anyone?
P5WD2-E Premium
Guide: P5W DH Vdroop mod.
Stuck on getting P5W DH Deluxe Stable
Has anyone used/overclocked ABIT LG95?
Stand by and the wake function
Cheap mobo for e4300
Overclock successful; now how do I experiment?
Question about the DS3
e6600 needs a home
P5N32-E Sli Vs Asus P5N32-E SLI Plus Vs ??
Intel Core2 Duo on Abit LG-81
DS3's Memory voltages
AW9D-MAX - Silent OTES question
Strange/Wierd/Perplexing OC results on P5W DH Dlx
How do you set the RAM/FSB ratio on the P5B-E BIOS???
GA-965P-DS3 -- Recommended Cooling Solutions for noob oc?
Looking for network drivers.
Finally got my DS3
Anyone have sound problems with P5b or P5b plus?
Do I have any overclocking options in my BIOs?
[P965 / 650i] Motherboards with good stock chipset heatsink?
what are these used for
Changing p6n northbridge
Gigabyte RMA Service
P5W wont boot at all is it dead?
Intel new generation chipset P35/G33 exposure–MSI P35 Platinum 500MHz testing
680i sli compatible with penryn
P5W DH Deluxe Post hangs for 2 to 3 min
Need help with P5N32-E SLI
bios showing 3.2ghz but sisandra, probe showing 3.6ghz
Intel ICH8 AHCI drivers! Finally!
most well rounded 775 mobo?
Desperate last bid to oc higher before selling my P5W DH
think i'm finally going core2 - help me build
What do you think of this build?
eVGA 680i SLI T1 and OCZ Modstream 450
680i @ 533fsb
$100 board for E6420
Abit F-I90HD review part 1
Need reccomendation (under 60$) 478pin Prescott motherboard
Anybody know if newegg has the newest revision of their Asus 775 boards???
Anybody know what settings to put in the P5B-E BIOS to optimize performance???
Need Help Buying New Mobo And Cpu Combo
Couple DS3 questions
Ok aack!
Intel D101GGC Drivers/bios
E6600/P5B A few questions
Vdroop Mod ???
Intel Bearlake and E6x50 Roadmap
Memory config for duo 2 which memory speed
Is overclocking possible for me ?
Absolute BEST ...under $350
Initial test of a Super-value motherboard, DFI INFINITY P965-S Dark!!
Initial test of a Super-value motherboard, DFI INFINITY P965-S Dark!!
Ram issue w/ Vista and my 965G-DS3
Should I put that on my Asus P5N-E SLI southbridge?
Computer Posted What now?
EVGA 680 vs Striker
How to remove the chipset evga680i?
ASUS P5W DH DLX Revisions?
E6420 build, need a mobo!!!
P35 is out!
50 dollar VS. 200 dollars
GA-965P-DS3 question...
New rig needs mobo
Asrock 775dual-vsta agp/pci lock?
whats a good mobo for Core 2 duo?
e6600 and P5N32-e SLI good OC settings
ASUS P5N-E/Antec TPII-430 problem
Help with this P5N-E overclock Plz
Help!! Is my mobo dead?
Probable P5N-E SLI memory/interface issues??
i cant decide
Best MB for e6600
P5b-Plus/6300 questions
Debug mod on original Bad Axe
Bearlake, when is it coming?
ECS - unoverclockable?
DFI Infinity 975x/g can't post past 275fsb, help
Gigabyte 965p DQ6 and G.Skill F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ
Problems, Problems, please advice on a solid SLI mobo?
P5B Deluxe & E6600 @ 3ghz - Asus OC Profile File
DS3 3.3 bugs?
P5W Deluxe long wait to load XP
PCI bus speed?
what kind of water block do you use
evga lowering ram speed on 680i-a1?
Stock Voltages on p5B Deluxe?
Prescott boards
Wanted! a Realiable 680i for high end system?
Best board for Quad-core
evga 680i HDD issue
EVGA 680i questions?
RAM ratios on P5B-PLUS with E4300
P5AD2-E Premium memory question
Questions about the Bad Axe 2
HELP: Memory and Gigabyte 965P-S3 (new to Gigabyte mobos)