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Hey guys, Looking for Opinions too!!
Asus P5B-E drivers
hows everyone feeling about this.....
sb core voltage jumps in sli.
DS3 over S3? Worth the $25 for solid state caps?
Basics on PCIe
Need Suggetsions on MB
1 quick question about Abit IC7 board
couple of quick questions on P5B Dlx WiFi
The Intel “performance savior” ~ DFI Infinity P965
GA-965P-DS3 SATA Controller Question
AW9D-MAX dead?
Max MCH voltage?
Which board is better?
Asus P5WD2-Premium (955x) - LPC Interface Controller - No Drivers Found?
Intel D975XBX2
cant boot to vista CD with ASROCK 775 vsta dual!!! help!
Sata setting in bios question
E6300 w/P5L-VM (what should I expect???)
Aw9d-mac headaches
Nearly Final Build-What do you think?
Sound recording problems on P5B
Anyone running aftermarket NB cooler on P5W DH Deluxe?
Chip designers migrating away from MSI 975X
Where are the P5b Dlx wifi drivers?
BIOS question - Hopefully easy.
Need A 975X Board
Need P5B-D BIOS Recommendations / Help
Quick Question: Updating BIOS on DS3
P5B Dlx rear firewire port not recognized
Still need IDE
Asus motherboards and CPU mhz ?
ASUS P5W DH DELUXE , E6400 , E6600
what to get?
Foxconn 965 for overclocking
Vista's Trusted Platform Module Feature
cmos wont clear - no matter what
Need help choosing C2D mobo
help P5W DH Deluxe crashing
Cant Flash Bios for whatever reason
How do you adjust bass and treble on p5b-deluxe onboard sound?
Gigabyte 965 based board BIOS & clock settings
Which MB: Skt 775, AGP & DDR400 ???
P5B-Deluxe and P5B-E about the same?
IS7-E Game Accelerator plus some more settings
P5W64 WS Professional , Vista, MB Drivers
P5B SATA Cable Length
Asus P5B Deluxe beep codes
DQ6 ? Intel raid or Gigabyte
P5B-D, can't flash back to old bios
EVGA 680i
Help a friend in desperate need
SLI mobo or no?
asus p5b dlx or commando
Pls Help, running into a wall with only mild FSB OC, Core 2 Duo E6300
Getting AB9 Pro above 300 mhz
Which Motherboard should I get?
New bios for asus p5b dlx/wifi 1004
Thoughts on Intel 975Xbx2
Intel D975BX with its 3 BEEPS memory problem. SOLVED
PCI & Sound driver issues Gigabyte 81945GZ
evga 680i - which vcore reading is true?
AB9 Fresh Install Help Please
EPoX EP-5P965+GLI FSB MaxFSB, Bios Options???
Vry's Official OMG 'What Do I Buy?' Thread!
ASUS P5B Premium and P5B Plus
Need help fast: ASUS Vintage-PE1 barebones no power
Noobe Question regarding P5B and PCI Video Card
Should I RMA my P5B Deluxe?
Asus Commando
P5W-DL, controlling the overclock
Board Recommendation
Attn: 680i and tuniq tower users
P5B Dx Shut Down Temp?
ABIT AW9D-MAX For My New Build???
Gigabye 965 S3 cant get higher then 3.2ghz
Anyone have the AB9 QuadGT??
Re-Paste 680i Chipset?
Asus P5B or Abit AB9 Pro 775 965P
Update Problem P5B-E
NB Cooling Options on P5B-D
evga 680i
P5b-E Chipset going crazy
ABIT IN932 MAX Review and MOD guide
P5B Deluxe Wifi BIOS 0901
Dark Side Woes (P5B-D)
680i or other- PLEASE read, really would like your help
monitor no respond after stand by
Problem with p5b-dlx
MSI 945P Neo3-F for e4300?
New Mobo Help
best gigabyte board
P5W DH Deluxe max RAM speed?
Is the 680i worthy?
Warning, the MSI 845E Max MS-6566E gives a bad +3.3V reading!
i think my motherboard has died
Which Mobo
p5b Deluxe, How to?
P5B-E booting problems
ASUS P5B Deluxe & EATX12V connector
Asus P5B Deluxe Interesting Settings Result
need a good but cheap Socket 474 MB
Can't bios/continue/boot options/anything :P
Should I be increasing DIMM voltage?
ASUS Striker vs. eVGA nforce
fsb term...msc voltages etc
best OC memory for Asus P5n32-E SLI mobo
What to do if Mobo doesnt support vcore adjustment??
Gigabyte 965P-DS3P rev 2.0
Is there any modded BIOS for a P4P800SE?
Looking for a guide for volt modding ram on P4P800se
How to OC AW8's fsb over 240?
P5B-dex with DDR2 400 Mem?
Does your 680i mobo work?
P5B-D Jmicron boot screen
Any AGP/DDR2 boards worthwhile???
P5WDH Problems
Asus P5B + Thermalright HR-01 = boot error
Best Overall board for E6600
Just ordered Icfx3200
DS3: Max overclock
Got my p5b up and running but..
OC Noob Alert!!!!!
Asus P5B deluxe and OC problems
Motherboard for a e6700 and gaming
Error code on 680i mobo
MSI MS-6566E PCI and AGP frequencies?
Asus P5N32-E Overclocking issue.
P5B Deluxe power supply connections
P5B Deluxe and chipset driver
P5B Deluxe just doesn't want to boot up
budget conroe oc'ing
P5B DLX prep?
RAM and P5B-E
Quad SLi??? (GA-N680SLI-DQ6)
How to keep my P5B from hurting things?
What motehrboard would go best?
Abit BD7II Checksum Error
DFI LANPARTY UT ICFX3200-T2R/G in stock at Newegg
512MB leadtek 7950 on gigabyte 965p-s3
How can I check the NB and SB temps and what are average readings?
Please help to pass bus speed 325
ASUS Commando @ NewEgg
mobo for core2 duo plus IDE?
need help please
P5B deluxe temperature throttling
ASUS P5B Deluxe installation Q's
IN9 32x-Max updates
Asus L1N64-SLI WS Socket F Support Dual Processors Dual
P5B-Deluxe heat pipe question.
E6300 on MSI 975X crossfire
Core 2 duo motherboard with 4x DDR and PCIx16?
Bent socket pins.
I need a hybrid agp/ddr C2D mobo, best one?
ASUS P5B deluxe vs. P5W dh deluxe
Building a New Game System, need suggestion
Asus p5nd2-sli mbm5 recognization problems
eVGA's 680i
Installing a Seagate 7200.10 Sata II
x1 PCI-E Link Width Problem? Possible solution.
dfi infinity 975x
P5B Stress Test
Having trouble overclocking need advice.
680i P24 BIOS
P5N32-E Lan issues
New Motherboard release?
P5W-DH on air, overclocking advice sought
P5B Deluxe memory timings
Evga nForce 680i Tweaking help
Motherboard Temperatures
DFI LanParty ICFX3200 or Asus P5W DH Dlx
Asus Striker - Safe bet?
Asus P5B Premium - CES 2007
CMOS and 8800's in SLI Mod.
USB Bandwidth being used by CD-Rom Drive? Abit AB9 Pro...
P5b deluxe erratic core voltage
P5N32-SLI Deluxe problem...
IB9 Looking good !
P5B Cold-Boot
P5N-SLI, how do I overclock this board?
Acronis not quite ready for P5B's (965's actually)
Boot problems on AB9 mobo
nic on Biostar TForce965PT not working
Gigabyte s3 ram timings question
Installing Intel Chipset Drivers causes USB to stop working (Abit AB9 Pro)
SpeedFan won't work on AB9 Pro?
Asus P5W DH Deluxe Vs Evga 680i SLI
eVGA 680i runing HOT?
680I Front Audio connections
P5B Deluxe Owners Please Respond!
AB9 QuadGT is out!
Gigabyte S3 and OCZ ram Trouble or not
backplate rubber!
p5b deluxe wont start!
Need new mobo...opinions purdy please
which board for me and my proc
P5W DH Overclocking - Am I doing something wrong???
DQ6 Can not resolve TCP/IP connection
HELP!! Weird Display / MB issue after messing with Overclocking
P5B + Tuniq 120 = optional fan?
Best 680i Mobo
680i problems?
How will it fair?
Epox 4BDAE oc
What board for QX6700 and dual 8800GTX's
Wrong I/O plate on DS3 Rev 1.0?
ASUS P5B: New BIOS Adds Unlocking multi?
Hello all
680i vcore overclocking help
PW5 Deluxe Internet Problems
Recomend me a Motherboard please 975x
Asus P5N-E-SLI with After Market Cooler
Question to P5B-Deluxe WiFi AP owners
Conroe motherboard reccomendations?
Yet another P5WDH thread! [Temp prob]
P5WDH memory problem
Best bios for overclocking on P4C800 deluxe
Speaking of Socket 478…
Intel D975XBX2 ATI X1900 XT
Please Help URGENT mobo Problem or PSU
Quiet, long lasting, high performance... what board?
blast from the past
P5W-DH won't post with 930cpu
New Board, What does everyone think?
EVGA 680i *DOA?*
Nvidia nForce 680i SLI Performance Review
fastest cpu for p4b266?
MSI P6N nForce 680i @ OcUK
HELP!! my GA-8IGX will NOT post
EVGA 680i trying to update BIOS with USB drive???
Recovering from bad flash [Biostar 965pt]
P5LD2 Rev.2 OC's like mud
p5wdg2 ws pro and esata port
P4P800 Vmem mod pics
p5w dh. I/0 device error.
DQ6 F8 bios update resulting in ICH8 RAID Headache
overheating problem
Overclocking a Dell Dimension 3000-
no boot
SLI skt775 c2d mobo
Asus p5b dlx heatsinks
E6400 at 3.4 GHZ on a Abit AB9
P4C800-E Deluxe wierd error
What can I do with my P5GD2?
Can u help with my homework please
P5B-E vs P5B-Deluxe Continued
P5B-Dlx Voltage adjustments...
Lost CD/DVD roms after installing SP2 (MS-7053)
my 965P-DS3 rev 2 DOA
P5WD2EP and the fanless design
swapping XP-installs between P5B-Del & P5W-DH
Best Board to OC E6300
P5B-D Fried???
My new setup
RTC Chip bad?
P5B or Bad Axe for 6600?
ASUS P5B Deluxe
New Mother Board and chip set line from Intel coming soon.
Problem with asrock IDE controller???
DQ6 onboard sound vs X-fi sound card??
Which motherboard for my needs?
Best motherboard
DS3 + Socket Pins ...
Which motherboard for my needs?
Best single vid card c2d motherboard ?
P5W-DH MCH Overheating
Ram speed for P5B
Can't decide, P5B or P5W
AW8 OC..??
GA-965P-DS3 Rev 2
P4C800 dlx SATA port question
please some one help me(DQ6)
AW9D MAX and RAID 0 problems
cheaper striker
P5W-DH stability problems
P4C800-E Deluxe optimum BIOS setting (tweaks)
IC7 won't post
p5p800se died need replacement
DS3 bios "F9"
AW9D 1333fsb strap now in new beta bios
Temperature Sensor Problem on P5B-Deluxe?
Need helip identifying a motherboard
Moved from AMD - Have Questions!
ASUS P5WDH OnBoard Wi-Fi keeps dropping?
p5wd2 won't do over 270fsb.
Intel Motherbaords
Overclocking Gigabyte 8VM800M Socket LGA 775
New P5B-D setup...some setup detail questions
P4C800-E Deluxe SATA ports disappeared
CUW-AM RAM limit?
New 965P-DS3 and E6300 Overclock Attempt
can the P5B clock higher than evga 680i ?
P5B Problem /Confusion
p4800e wont boot after power surge?!
Need help with choosing a mobo
Where to buy Nvidia Motherboards
Motherboard question for a friend
need a new motherboard, I have been reading all threads and am completly confused!!!
Calling All P5B Deluxe + Tuniq Tower Owners!
how to tell which bios on evga 680i
Another horrifying problem with 680i?
What is HT voltage?
Striker Extreme squeak
E6400 stuck at 3.6Ghz - HELP
P5B-E over P5B-dlx
965-ds3 vs s3
Motherboard Upgrade Question
P5AD2-E and Intel Core Duo 2
P5B DLX & Thermalright XP-120
RMAing my Gigabyte 965p-S3, going for the ASUS P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP instead
Top Performance feature killed my PC! Help!
Overclock/upgrade help please
Gigabyte 965P-DQ6
DMA in P5B deluxe?
Which Mobo
Asus Striker not booting
Need help unlocking D975XBX to OC a E6300
Horrible Problems with INFINITY 975X/G
Anyone gone from DH to P5B and then back to DH?
P5W DH Dlx BIOS freezes
Which motherboard
Mothboard Confusion
DS3 USB problems
What does this mean on Asus P5W DH?
DFI LANParty UT ICFX3200 T2R/G First Look
Ahh the smell of burnt transistors...
Need NB cooling tips for my 965P-DS3
Best Budget E6300 setup ?
OC help Pls.
mb 3 pin fan connectors
AW9 Max Bios 13 Final...Maybe..
Upgrading a P2
P4C800-E Deluxe - Bottleneck?
How tall is the P5B DLX NB Cooler?
680i problem
P5B-D Optional Fan???
biostar 965pt in need of HELP!
evga 680i and 4x1gb
DS3 Problems
Memory for a P5AD2-E
mobo on budget
P5WD2-Prem won't see SATA
ABIT AW9D Owners... Hows it running? :)
ASUS P5B DLX - CrossFire ?
P5B Deluxe - Stand By in Windows XP Pro
965P DS3 Questions
BCM 875P
D3S BOARD not booting.
Biostar TForce 965PT
SATA drivers for P5B Deluxe?
The masterwork of 965 motherboard - ASUS P5B Deluxe review
P5B Deluxe Memory Frequency Selection
evga i680 SATA issue.
motherboard help.
bfg 680i board
i need some help, building a computer
New Bios update EVGA 680i P23 BETA
PC wont Post and No monitor Display
Missing pin on motherboard
P5WDH Q fan.... help
another p5b vs wdh question..crossfire?
looking for 946 overclocking results
Need help for an Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3??
Ocing ni8
My EVGA 680i
Help me set up raid with raptors on a P5B-D.
Is my p5nsli mobo bad?
ok after cooling down
Stiker Extreme Round2
975xbx problem
WAIT dont buy it
P5WD2-E Video card question
looking to upgrade.
I have the eVGA 680i SATA bug badly!
Intel Duo Conroe-Doesn't anybody make a motherboard with AGP & DDR2
P5B-D/E6600/Temp Question
P5WDG2-WS Pro vs P5W DH Deluxe
Question about Asus P5B Deluxe
P5B Deluxe - Can not select 2.2 Vdimm?
Help Striker Extreme not posting
NB cooling on a P5B
ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP - newbie needs help
Triple Boot PVR Recommendations
The best Overclock Motherboard for Intel E6600 CPU.
DS3 with windows vista?
P5N32-E 680i
overclocking Asus P5N32SLI-DELUX
Big problem...XP won't boot anymore on eVGA 680i
Dead Intel Bad Axe II (D975XBX2KR)
Crossfire R600, Intel Board?
SLI/Crossfire chipset support
***Quick question on Vanilla P5B (RAID)***
ASUS 650i @ Zipzoomfly.com
What do you guys think of this?
Aw9D Max Memory & overclocking
Windows XP clock and date malfunction
ASRock 775DUAL-VSTA Questions
DS3 Rev 2
Got a new board today
P5ND2-SLI Deluxe OC/BIOS Problem
AA8 Duramax BIOS
a good motherboard for 1 nividia 8800 gts .
P5W ICH7R install woes, please help
Random Problems on a P5B-E w/ e6300 @2500
P5W DH Deluxe BIOS will not recognize more than 1 SATA II drive
EVGA 680I fan headers don't work
Are all (most of) the current 680i boards identical?
Needing help choosing a motherboard
Abit AW8 overclocking questions
p5b-e cpu fan speed
P5B-E and D930. Getting angry!
Good Overclock Settings for 6300 on a 965P-DS3
P5B Deluxe - Motherboard Monitor
P5B Deluxe - Logitech Cordless Mouse Problem
Gigabyte DS3 Microphone Settings
P5WDH Delux and Vista
Extremely poor optical drive performance with new Conroe build: Biostar TForce 965PT.
P5WD2 Premium OC crash...Help please!
where can i monitor my Vcore?
Ram ?
P5B and P5B DH using sata 1
Can't install OS on P5WDH??
Thermal throttling on p5b?
Zalman cooler for Gigabyte 965P-DS3
Discolored P5P800-SE
P5NSLI PCI-E x8 SLI & BFG nVidia 7900 GT/OC
Which motherboard is better for E6300?
DQ6 and Micron Memory
What other 975x are there besides the P5WDH?
To ds3 or not to ds3: that is the question
Help!!!!!!! Computer Reboots Before POST
Capacitors burned out?
Gigabyte S3. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
*NEW* 1705 Beta Bios for P5W DH
Asus P5B D on a e6600?
eVGA NF68 (680i) works for me
AA8 Duramax NB chipset fan
How is the onboard video for the DS3?
Bios error advice required
Volts to Video Card
Mobo recs for potential SLI--680i only option?
DQ6 having trouble sustaining power
MB for E6600 quasi-high-end-gaming-rig
ASUS Intel 915/925/945/955 chipset overclocking
P5B Deluxe vs. P5W DH
P5B-Delux memory voltage issue
P5WD2 Premium PD 945 game freezes BF2
P5B Deluxe sound
Site still good
P5W DH Wake on Lan (WOL), How to enable?
p5w temp control, what temps?
Which Motherboard
big temp increase after OCing eVGA 680i past 333Mz FSB?
Can anyone suggest a decent Socket 479 Pentium M mobo
P5WD2 Premium crash!
AB9 Not seeing scsi card?
Koolance CPU-305-V10 Compatibility
Looking for best mobo choice
Cheapest p5b deluxe?
Compatible SATA DVD Writer for P5BDX?
Help OCing C2D on a PC Chips P23G V3.0
just some questions about older mobo's
System fan?
NB cooler for 965p-ds3?
DS3, entering bios problem with SCSI controller
ab9, ab9pro,ab9max
So, I need a p5w????
New Motherboard for DirectX10??
Intel 640 not working on Ag8
Intel BOXD975XBX2KR - E6600 - CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-6400C4D
P5NSLI - Driver Hell Anyone?
need bios resetting procedure for gigabyte ds3/ s3 board
P5B Deluxe - PCI-E Slots
Haveing trouble flashing the GA-965P-DS3?
Missing a pin on mobo cpu socket..
Unstable P4P800 Deluxe
Abit 3-Pin fan header amp/wattage max.
P5B-D USB , show me yours.
DG965SS with E6300 Overclock?
DG965SS with E6300 Overclock?
ASUS & X-Fi "issue"?
P5W DH Processoror Pins
need help ocing p5n32sli deluxe
aftermarket nb hsf for evga 680i?
p965 mobo questions
Max FSB on AB9 Pro?
My DQ6 OC w e6600