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P5B Deluxe Memory Frequency Selection
evga i680 SATA issue.
motherboard help.
bfg 680i board
i need some help, building a computer
New Bios update EVGA 680i P23 BETA
PC wont Post and No monitor Display
Missing pin on motherboard
P5WDH Q fan.... help
another p5b vs wdh question..crossfire?
looking for 946 overclocking results
Need help for an Gigabyte GA-965G-DS3??
Ocing ni8
My EVGA 680i
Help me set up raid with raptors on a P5B-D.
Is my p5nsli mobo bad?
ok after cooling down
Stiker Extreme Round2
975xbx problem
WAIT dont buy it
P5WD2-E Video card question
looking to upgrade.
I have the eVGA 680i SATA bug badly!
Intel Duo Conroe-Doesn't anybody make a motherboard with AGP & DDR2
P5B-D/E6600/Temp Question
P5WDG2-WS Pro vs P5W DH Deluxe
Question about Asus P5B Deluxe
P5B Deluxe - Can not select 2.2 Vdimm?
Help Striker Extreme not posting
NB cooling on a P5B
ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium/WiFi-AP - newbie needs help
Triple Boot PVR Recommendations
The best Overclock Motherboard for Intel E6600 CPU.
DS3 with windows vista?
P5N32-E 680i
overclocking Asus P5N32SLI-DELUX
Big problem...XP won't boot anymore on eVGA 680i
Dead Intel Bad Axe II (D975XBX2KR)
Crossfire R600, Intel Board?
SLI/Crossfire chipset support
***Quick question on Vanilla P5B (RAID)***
ASUS 650i @ Zipzoomfly.com
What do you guys think of this?
Aw9D Max Memory & overclocking
Windows XP clock and date malfunction
ASRock 775DUAL-VSTA Questions
DS3 Rev 2
Got a new board today
P5ND2-SLI Deluxe OC/BIOS Problem
AA8 Duramax BIOS
a good motherboard for 1 nividia 8800 gts .
P5W ICH7R install woes, please help
Random Problems on a P5B-E w/ e6300 @2500
P5W DH Deluxe BIOS will not recognize more than 1 SATA II drive
EVGA 680I fan headers don't work
Are all (most of) the current 680i boards identical?
Needing help choosing a motherboard
Abit AW8 overclocking questions
p5b-e cpu fan speed
P5B-E and D930. Getting angry!
Good Overclock Settings for 6300 on a 965P-DS3
P5B Deluxe - Motherboard Monitor
P5B Deluxe - Logitech Cordless Mouse Problem
Gigabyte DS3 Microphone Settings
P5WDH Delux and Vista
Extremely poor optical drive performance with new Conroe build: Biostar TForce 965PT.
P5WD2 Premium OC crash...Help please!
where can i monitor my Vcore?
Ram ?
P5B and P5B DH using sata 1
Can't install OS on P5WDH??
Thermal throttling on p5b?
Zalman cooler for Gigabyte 965P-DS3
Discolored P5P800-SE
P5NSLI PCI-E x8 SLI & BFG nVidia 7900 GT/OC
Which motherboard is better for E6300?
DQ6 and Micron Memory
What other 975x are there besides the P5WDH?
To ds3 or not to ds3: that is the question
Help!!!!!!! Computer Reboots Before POST
Capacitors burned out?
Gigabyte S3. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
*NEW* 1705 Beta Bios for P5W DH
Asus P5B D on a e6600?
eVGA NF68 (680i) works for me
AA8 Duramax NB chipset fan
How is the onboard video for the DS3?
Bios error advice required
Volts to Video Card
Mobo recs for potential SLI--680i only option?
DQ6 having trouble sustaining power
MB for E6600 quasi-high-end-gaming-rig
ASUS Intel 915/925/945/955 chipset overclocking
P5B Deluxe vs. P5W DH
P5B-Delux memory voltage issue
P5WD2 Premium PD 945 game freezes BF2
P5B Deluxe sound
Site still good
P5W DH Wake on Lan (WOL), How to enable?
p5w temp control, what temps?
Which Motherboard
big temp increase after OCing eVGA 680i past 333Mz FSB?
Can anyone suggest a decent Socket 479 Pentium M mobo
P5WD2 Premium crash!
AB9 Not seeing scsi card?
Koolance CPU-305-V10 Compatibility
Looking for best mobo choice
Cheapest p5b deluxe?
Compatible SATA DVD Writer for P5BDX?
Help OCing C2D on a PC Chips P23G V3.0
just some questions about older mobo's
System fan?
NB cooler for 965p-ds3?
DS3, entering bios problem with SCSI controller
ab9, ab9pro,ab9max
So, I need a p5w????
New Motherboard for DirectX10??
Intel 640 not working on Ag8
Intel BOXD975XBX2KR - E6600 - CORSAIR TWIN2X2048-6400C4D
P5NSLI - Driver Hell Anyone?
need bios resetting procedure for gigabyte ds3/ s3 board
P5B Deluxe - PCI-E Slots
Haveing trouble flashing the GA-965P-DS3?
Missing a pin on mobo cpu socket..
Unstable P4P800 Deluxe
Abit 3-Pin fan header amp/wattage max.
P5B-D USB , show me yours.
DG965SS with E6300 Overclock?
DG965SS with E6300 Overclock?
ASUS & X-Fi "issue"?
P5W DH Processoror Pins
need help ocing p5n32sli deluxe
aftermarket nb hsf for evga 680i?
p965 mobo questions
Max FSB on AB9 Pro?
My DQ6 OC w e6600
Corsair 2x1Gb PC2-8500 + Asus P5W64-WS Expert help needed please.
any way so save uGuru settings?
P5B-E or P5B Deluxe support D9 memory?
P5P800 SE HD Question
cpu tm function
P5B Deluxe features
Mobo blew - will it affect my other components?
Guide to the ASUS P5W DH Deluxe
P5W DH Dlx / E6700 Overclock Intended
p5wdh - Remove WIFI and add 2 USB connections
P5B and External SATA Port
afudos command prompt ?
How do I tell which P5WDH is newer based on serial?
P5WD2-E Premium vs new Core 2 Duo setups
P5B Deluxe power up
P5B-E (1.02g) vs. P5B Deluxe
uGuru not recognising conroe?!
Fry's Deal good or a waste of time?
P5b- deluxe can't set manual memory timings
More p5w dh problems
In need of Motherboard
Asus striker or EVGA 680i?
Overvolting leads to no boot. Help plz.
Asus P5B delux - quest regarding system standby
p5w dh deluxe ocing for a newb
Asus P5W DH Deluxe Intel E6400
P5B Deluxe Motherboard Temp 124C!?
DQ6 system warning
Need some help before I RMA
AB9 won't start unless I clear CMOS before every boot
D975XBX temp
is this possible?
Asus PC Probe - CPU temp hits 256c?
680I Vs P965
Asus P5W DH/x6600/GSkill PC8000 (1GB) overclock probs
Getting black screen
sli wont work
P4C800 will not boot.
Any 965 boards have 5:4 ram option? :(
Removing heatsinks on evga 680i?
Help with mobo selection
I'm old tired frusrated and need some help
Speedfan readings? P5WDH
P5WD2 prem + D 925 is it OK?
what is the difference?
P5B-Deluxe - Why does it power on twice?
P5WD2-E premium 2nd video card help
Which Core2Duo board do you use? Did you like it?
P5W DH Deluxe - What am I doing wrong?
PC Chips mobo help plz
Starter's Guide to the Overclocking the AW9 Series Motherboard
975x vs. P965
Which one?
Bought E6400 not sure if i will go Sli or xfire though need suggestions
*NEW* 1602 BIOS P5W DH -Official
Question on baby step upgrade.
P5B-Dlx Random Volt Mods @ XS
which board to choose, Opinions PLEase
IS7 troubles...
1066Mhz max memory speed on P5B-E?
Swapping Mobo in my Girls HP HTPC Prescott..
97TIDC.bin Beta bios released...
Read the Vcore with multimeter?
AS8 Temperature Reporting
S3 not working on P5B-Deluxe WiFi
Coming better late than never
Asus Striker Extreme
IS7 sata /ide boot problems
Asus P5WD2-E HElp
Which Mobo? for E6300
How to tell New vs Refurbished.
Needed monitor to p5b-deluxe
D845PEBT2 bord, questions
Front panel USB doesn't work w/some devices
Planning to get a DS3
Tips for an AW9D-Max Build???
P5B-E Question
How is the 0805 bios for P5B-Deluxe?
GA-965-DS3 Ram recommendation?
Aftermarket Chipset Cooler for P5W DH?
Looking for a good thread on Memory Timings
how not to buy a c2d mobo
Disappointing Toms Hardware review of DQ6
Default vMCH and FSBv on DQ6
975xbx sli ready?
EATX12V Connector Confusion
Which DS3??
p5b deluxe issues with sata dvd drive
Need mobo with 2 Ata slots
Can someone tell me what MB this is
General Intel mobo needed...
P4P800 NortBridge Heatsink
Stability Question with my P5B-D
which intel board?
im torn...
Newb..building top end computer - need mobo selection
*NEW* P5W DH Bios 1506
Is Asus P5B-VM uATX any good??
MSI 975x Platinum
Latest Intel Matrix Raid Drivers for P5B-D?
WARNING! Important information about eVGA 680i board.
ASUS P5B Deluxe Guide
the new evga mb
P5B-E Stock Temps at 48*c ?? Help?
Ram Recommendations for AW9D-Max Build
DS3 965P How Hot Is Your Southbridge?
ASUS P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP and memory?
good e6400 mobo?
P5LD2 Deluxe-auto reboot
New Nvidia 680i boards..
New guy needs help picking a 478 mobo
Running back to Intel, but I need some advice
Changing the pci-e lanes on a p5b deluxe wifi...
P5b Deluxe IDE issues
Sata Drive not detected above 360FSB on P5LD2-SE
DQ6 and aftermarket cpu cooler and other questions
ASUS 680i Striker Extreme
*NEW* P5W DH Beta bios 1601
P5B HSF Options
EVGA 680i
New Asus 680i Board?
P5B-E Plus
Removing tops from heatsinks on p5w dh
525 FSB on AIR !! WEEEEE!
Which motherboard? Don't need CF/SLI
Intel D975XBX2 worth waiting for???
D975XBX2 Is it worth the wait???
PWH DH FSB limit
nForce 680i boards are out!
Back to the big "I" again...
P5B-Delux and E6400 - What's up with the VOLTS?
805 D and SLI
Asus Probe on P5W64-Pro
Is it worth removing stock northbridge HS on P5B-E to apply AS5?
p5b-e vs p5b-dlx (overclocking)
Overclocking P5B Guide
Help me with P5W DH!!
P5LD2 Rev 2
Need mobo advice for system
P5W DH Audio Problem
low voltage on IC7 MAX 3
Has anyone got a P5B-E revision 1.02g??
Conroe e6300 build advice
P5B-Dlx Sleep mode
IC7-G Onboard lan, file transfer seems to trigger reboots predictably
any P965 boards with IEEE1394b/Firewire 800 as standard?
Help with Ga-965g-ds3
Mobo, System, Overclocking Advice.
p5b Dl wifi - AP problems
Where to find bios chip on P5B
Where to find bios chip on P5B
ASUS or 680i?
Intel mobos with P965 chipset capable of SLI
Having trouble installing P5W DH in TT Full Tower Armor
DS3 and EasyTune5
BX rev304
P5 W DH DEluxe cannot get past 333 fsb.
pb5 deluxe wifi stuck at 430FSB
overly complicated BiOS on P5W DH DELUXE
Help with P5B! $10 to whoever does!
GA-965P-DS3 with E6600: NB too hot to touch
DS3, MemSet, and CPU-Z
P5B-D and JMicron JMB36X controller - Slow CD Burning
ASUS ROG Intel Edition Striker Extreme Mainboard
Ds3 mch temps
mobo with usb2 insists they're not usb 2 ports
FoxConn 945GZ7MC Problems
? with P5B-WM
DS3 vs S3
No sound on Abit AB9
Onboard sound died, cooling related?
P5B-E -- how to make sure I get revision 1.02g?
P5B-Dlx - What's up with the two vid card slots?
Any suggestions on a motherboard to fit this list?
Do any1 have this problem for lower vcore on P5W-DH?
Asus p4c800 owners, help? ;)
Scythe Ninja Plus Rev. 2 on GA-965P-DS3: does it fit?
Abit AB9 - Changing RAM timings
ABit AB9 - Installing WinXP
DQ6 and SLI
Flash Bios from USB Drive or CD-R ?
SY-P4I865PE issues
Overclocking with a P5n32-SLI SE Deluxe
yes, another p5b-d vs. p5w DH
Any word on ds3 bios update?
intel DG965WH Overclockable?
P5W DH n00b Circling the Drain
Problems with P5W LAN ports
*Confused* Help me choose a Mobo
P5W DH SMBus Controler problem.
Adjusting the multiplier on the P5W-DH?
Gigabyte Core 2 Duo MoBo Bios Update Thread
Official Asus P5B-Deluxe Wifi BIOS 0804 & no change log yet !
Bios overclock vs uGuru Windows APP overclock
AW9D-Max // Bios-Profiles // Delete
Setting MCH voltage...
best current mobos
Quick question on flashing DS3 bios
Asus P4 C800E Shutting down
Intel D945GTP memory problem
Help I Broke my Computer!
Memory Incompatiblities?
My 1st Intel system build(thoughts on gear)
965P-DS3 temp readings?
Best board for me.
P5B NOT watercooling friendly
965g-ds3 warm boot issues
[H] getting typical results with 965P-DS3?
P5B-E plus ?
DFI Infinity 975x New Record
P5B-D or P5W64 WS for max FSB.
P5W DH PCIE Question
ram and mobo
Weird intermittent Problem
Question about P5W DH...dump it for a P5b?
List some good RAM for OC'ing P5B-E
PSP + Asus P5b Wifi AP
Scythe Ninja on P5B-E: does it fit?
dfi lan party pro875
I wish I knew what I was doing! P5W-DH Delux
more than 1.825v+ vcore P4 2.4b on P4B533-V
Benefit of 2x PCI-E x16 slots?
What P965 for me?
P5B Deluxe/WiFi-AP (Q-Fan 2)
P5B Deluxe or P5NSLI
P5W DH New Beta BIOS 1502 and 1503
Specs for new rig. What do you think?
BIOSTAR TForce P965 Deluxe
Asus P5W-Dh Deluxe Wifi Firewire drivers?!?!
P5LD2-VM or P5L-MX
SCSI on a c2duo mobo?
P5W DH mods, probs & OC thread
Kicking A OLD DOG
Installing motherboard drivers w/o a CD
100mhz bump-up causes dualprime error?
P5B Deluxe Question
Asus Warrenty Sucks
First Build Questions
MSI P965 Platinum...a good review <link>
P4P800 onboard audio looses sound
E64000/P5B_Dlx overclock - How to Improve?
is it true?
Best program to overclock with?
Problems setting my Bad Axe
P5W DH Temp question.
GA965P-S3 no cd/dvd drives in windows
It is finally here!!!!!
Hows this look?
ZalMAN9500_HaCK - fan mod cuts 5-9 degrees!
Which board for an e6700 ES?
nForce 690i - Post Kinda Boring.
Default P5B-D voltages?
DS3-Opps on BIOS settings, how to reset
P5B-Deluxe owner, please try how low can you go for VCore at stock speed ?
The nForce 590 for Intel
MSI P965 Platinum...a good review
Anyone solved the P5B vanilla issues?
CPU Usage 25%+ After Installing P5-B
P5B Deluxe - Unknown Devices?
Help with boot-up problem on DS3!!!
Help me choose a motherboard
GA-81945P-G bios settings
Clocking P5B and Conroe 6400 - getting started
Abit AW9D
What is a safe NB Temp?
Whats holding me back.
I need a second opinion on an ill P4P800E DLX
965p-dq6 vs 965p-ds3
P5W-DH - Refuses to run Dual Channel?
P5W DH Deluxe Chipset issues and fix
asus p5b deluxe bios 711 bug
A few questions for Abit AW9 Max users, and others.
Best Intel bases mobo curently
intel P4 530 lga775
Motherboard for socket 478
Asrock Conroe945G-DVI OC question?
Which SLi mobo to overclock
ps/2 keyboard won't work how to acces bios?
Questions on C2D motherboard that suits me...
Good news for P5B-Deluxe owners, SpeedFan 4.31 released !
P5B WIFI issues
DS3 compatible memory list...
ZipZoomFly.com 590SLI
How high can your C2D mobo's FSB go?
Missing Fan Temp. Info in Speedfan on P5B-Dlx
DS3 and XP64 question , unknown device/hardware
ECS P4M800PRO-M + Core 2 Duo + Corsair PC3200 ?
Asus P4800-SE value ??
Asus P5W DH DELUXE/WIFI-AP Green?!?!?
Unlocked multiplier.... then gone :-(
Intel D945PVS HELP!!!
ATi & Conroe builds
One More Which Mobo Question
Core 2 duo new build which motherboard?
abit il8 pwm temps (mosfets)
I've decided on the CPU, I need help choosing the mobo
So which C2D board should I get?
Selection is Dwendeling: Need a 478 P4 MoBo!
Yet another.. Should I get the PB5-D or P5W-D thread
What is the Default MCH and FSB Voltage on D975XBX?
What is this serial number?
Any Boards Built for Conroe from the Ground Up?
Quick Poll - Easiest Conroe Board to O/C?
abit aw9d-max in hipro's hands
Different BIOS type - FIC VI13L
P5B Deluxe - AHCI install?
P5B Deluxe - USB drivers not working?
AI suite question
0x0000007B - Asus PB5-Deluxe Urgent!
Completely new to overlocking...how to on a DS3?
Monitoring software recommendations
A little Gigabyte DS3 help please. Windows won't install.
Yet another "I'm building a rig and need advice" thread
socket 478 w/pll suggestions
P5B Dlx: PCI-E Link Width Goes from 16x to 1x. Why?
motherboard for E6600?
4-pin or 8-pin EATX on P5B-D and E6400?
Problem With 8KNXP Setup
Memory recommendations for AB9 pro
intel badaxe II
How to get more HDD speed and other things
i need 10 more fsb on my P5W DH
How to get 401fsb on P5B-Deluxe Please
IC7 pci's not working!
Beginner overclocking a D975XBX w/ 6600
New P5B Dlx BIOS - 711
Differences B/T P5WDH dlx and P5B dlx
Best nVidia SLI chipset for Core2Duo as of right now?
Help with low FSB O/C on P5b
mobo recommendations
P5B Deluxe Guide??
Reccomend Best board for my setup
P5W DH, does it matter which PCIe to use?
(ASUS P5B Deluxe) really the best Conroe MoBo for overclocking?
P4S800D-X Boot Problems
Overclocking a Celeron D 326 2.53
Introducing Asus P5B-E Plus!
RAID on P5B Deluxe
Help me pick a motherboard
Setting lower multiplier on P5w DH
problem with p5nsli help please
E6600 Voltage Droop with P5W
Cant Install Xp DVD won't work
Hard Disk Setup on mobo
Average Limit for DS3???
Building a conroe rig
P5N32-SLI Premium Wifi-AP any good?
Serial number on p5b-dlx wifi
p5b deluxe
P5W dh deluxe & Logitech LX710
What Am I Missing Here? P5B Deluxe Woes
P5B-Delux SLI x4 please help.