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not renewing ip address will any one help
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Maybe 8 phase for Conroe.?
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BIOS Upgrade
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IC7-G MaxII Vcore question. set at 1.4125 runs at 1.34-36
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Woodcrest – Any DP motherboards announced yet?
IL8 with 930
P4P800-X + 3.0E->3.75 slow/fast/slow varying
Which motherboard should I buy???
Which motherboard should I buy???
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n18 sli gr freezing up
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Dual Processsor Board Project
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P5Wd2-e Prem MB temp sensor??
Help with the RMA of a P5P800SE
msi 865PE Neo 2-LS? sock 478
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"slot power" setting on P5gw2-e or other
asus board upgrade cpu?
abit bh7 / ddr ?
I need a motherboard that undervolts
P5N32-SLI Deluxe and Conroe?
P5WD2-E Premium
P5WD2-E Marvell driver install
Motherboard replacement
Foxconn nForce4SLI IE & Kinston HyperX Boot problem
sil raid to nv raid question
Change to a New PC or Stay with this ?
Someone with P5WDG2-WS please update for Marvel support
Motherboard with PCI-X for SCSI and PCI-E for video
Big trouble with EliteGroup P4 M800-M7
P5WD2 Premium ... Issues, Need Help !!!
newegg/motherboard question
P4C800-e Deluxe Command Rate
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Different BIOS for P4P800SE
P5WD2-E premium set up help !!
Ai-Booster -- Any way to select Presets w/out re-booting ?
best skt 478 mobo?
do i need the backplate?
Help with p5WD2 MoBo?
AW8-Max (or Aw8) and DDR2-800
P5WD2-E Premium no video out
Flash P5LD2 with different bios?
POST problems with P5WD2 Premium board
P5LD2 - Bios Settings
P4P800-E Deluxe
sick of waiting, had to upgrade
Mobo Recommendation for OC'ing, Looking at P5ND2
what do peeps think of AI7 guru?
Need Advice
Asus P4P800 Promise Fasttrack wont start!
P4P800 with Prescott 3.4ghz
Pin lables on board
Foxconn 975X7AA reviewed by me!
abit ram divider help help help.
Onboard sound on GA-G1975X
p5wd2-e red connector cdrom issues
Does the P4C800 DLX nonE work with the CT-479?
Which board would be better?
Help with a P5LD2 and 805 chip
Help Understanding Intel Chipsets
up to date vdroop mod for p4p800 series?
How to rid of bios checksum error?
Better than AW8 for $100 shipped?
P5WD2-E FSB Performance Test Results
Semi New bios for p5ad2-e Premium
P5WD2 Premium Bios 0709 Released
Dual socket Pentium D
Maxed out IS7 on air cooling...
Asus p4gd1
Need a Mb with DDR/AGP/PentiumD, Suggestions?
I need a good O/C board for a 530J
Old Abit IS7 Sata controller fails on overclocking, what 478 mb has sata that works?
Abit EQ showing OTES fan as Off?
Cheapest Upgrade for current rig ?
Switched mobo - temps out of control
ECS boards
Getting the most outta a P5WD2-P
Howcome some motherboards support only certain OS?
GA-PIE1000 Rev.4 - bios on HD problem
P4C800 VDIMM MOD! Can't find it anywhere!
marvell x614 install on p5wd2-e
old epox motherboard and p3 overclocking.. please help!!
P5WD2 7B error
Question about ASUS P4S333
Recommendation for mobo
First time OC
p5wd2-e post problems
Conroe Boards
New Asus p5wdg2-ws Beta Bios Out
Aopen's i975xa-YDG MODT
Reasonable yet OCable mobo for Presler 920?
Anyone know anything about ECS boards
Abit IS7 won't OC
p5wd2-e NB coolers
P5WD2-E questions
Time for a new motherboard
P4P800-E DELUXE and core duo
p5wd2-e windows install
Dothan boards...only asus?
IS-10 bios mod
Need to find new BIOS
AGP aperture setting on P4SD VX?
Latest P5WD2-E bios 0405
Very odd P4C800-E Deluxe RAM detecting issue.
Upgrading from P5ND2-SLI Deluxe
Need a board
DDRI board for an 805 that is the best overclocker
Need recommendation for a p4 pressy board.
MSI 865PE Neo 2-v
p5wd2 premium problems
Motherboard's BIOS wont allow voltage increase.
Raid!(mirror) on P5WD2-E Marvell controller
Abit AW8-MAX
Budget P4 Prescott Board (Help)
P5WD2 Premium VCore
p5wd2 premium quick question and simple:)
Boards only detects CD-Rom sometimes
Help! Motherboard won't boot!
Abit AW8D to support Conroe
Bios Needed !!!! Please Help
INTEL 945P S775
P4C800E-Deluxe Where are the 3:4, 4:5 ratios???
RJ45 port, started acting weird a couple of days ago, & sometimes don't detect cable
P5WD2 Premium or P5WD2-E Premium?
SOCKET 478 Motherboards
Problems with p5nd2-sli deluxe?
Need some help with some dimentions of mosfets
975XBX.. Bad Axe..
AOpen ax63 pro overclocking questions
Need info running dual vid cards on P5WD2
Meet the ASUS P965 Conroe board
best asus mother board for overclocking
P5VDC-MX, Voltage?
computer shutting down
where can i get drivers for...................
P5ND2-SLI problems...any help?
Scratched Motherboard, P5WD2.
Friend looking to build a new rig
Looking for a cooler running CPU for an AS8.
overcloking p5s800-vm
PCI Express Frequency & OCing
Anyone have a ZALMAN CNPS7700-CU on their P5WD2?
FSB Termination/MCH Chipset/ICH Chipset Voltages
Why does hibernation take longer on newer systems?
p5wd2-e premium raid question
P5WD2-E Can't pass "Grammar Check" test in PCMark04
Is this a good upgrade?
asus p5p800se latest bios
How do I turn off IDE Detect at bootup?
Abit GD8 Thoughts
MSi 848p neo2 - V
Is there such a beast?
Any ASUS P5LD2 users in here? qxn about RAM and scythe seating ...
Overclocking D865PERL possible
Which Mobo?
Device manager shows one to many IDE controllers!
IC7 Max3 AGP and PCI slots died
chipset unrecognized!~
What's the highest FSB for abit IC7-G?
at wits end with this board
DDR 400 Problems - P4P800-ED
PC Power & Cooling with ESP12V
Asus m-atx core duo card.. N4L-VM DH
D955xbk with new Bios has Over Clocking?
P5 Series MOSFET waterblock
Gigabyte GA-8I945GMF
AI Booster Vcore, is it listening?
P5WD2-E Prem & EZ_Plug
Broken Port???/??
New Motherboard?
Good Results Cooling AI7 MOSFETs
Hard Drive problem P5WD2-E
Help with IDE Problem Please!
Which is a good budget 478 pin mobo
mobo recommendation
Best CPU for OC on P4C800-E Deluxe
Which is a good budget 478 pin mobo
P5LD2 poor benchmarks
ATX12V on P5WD2-E Prem
Need help deciding on ATX12V PSU for P5WD2-E Prem
bh7 + ct-479?
Local Stores for Asus P5WD2?
HELP, best DDR RAM for P4C800-E Deluxe ??
Which MOSFET's to cool on a WD2-P???
p4p800e deluxe mosfet help!!!!!!!!
P5LD2 or P5WD2?
LGA 775 socket replacement.?
EMERGENCY! Please Help!
Intel D945PSN IDE situation. We are at Defcon 2.
P5WD2 cpu over-voltage
MOSFET cooling - Testing shows it helps
bios flashing
Question about the P5WD2 Premium
OC IS-7 P4 3.2
P5WD2-E & Bios 401 needs high MCH / NB Voltage
Think my DFI 875P-T died
For those with Heat Sinks on their mosfets
Overclocking Help - P5S800-VM
Advice for Asus P5N31-SLI...
Resume from S3 Standby - Impossible on P5WD2-E @ High OCs
8IK1100 FJ can not detect 3GB Ram
Albatron: The new PWNer in Intel?
new mobo for p4
P5WD2-E Premium Issues...any ideas?
P5WD2E-P PEG stuff
Asus P5WD2: Boot Problems
P2B-F and S370 card
Asus P5WD2-E Premium hardware monitor, is it accurate?
P4P800E DLX. The third, temperature sensor.
P4P800E DLX… Board Revision VS amount of regulators
msi vs via board
FireWire on P4P800-E Deluxe
P5N32-Sli Deluxe
Need a low end Mobo that supports PC3200, dual core intel processor and PCI-E
msi socket 775 board vs my old via socket 478
Asus Update failed to install
ASUS finally gets it right
I have an Intel 820, and can't decide on a MB
aopen pentium m sli board
AIbooster fail to install
Broken memory divider?
need advice
Asus P5VD1-X
MB help?
AW8 Bios
Does a P4P800-SE Support 160 gig HD's?
Quick Question about OC'ing on an AL8-V
P5WD2-E - New Bios
Cant adjust the FSB in Bios with Asus P5P800 MX
worth repairing
MB Advice Plz
PCI-E Mobo question
P5WD2-P Sinking
Is there a board which supports Intel 65nm and AGP?
What network port should I use?
Weird problem
AI7 won't recognize 80 gig HD
AI7 won't recognize 80gig HD
Looked on Asus website...cannot find CPU speed for P4P800...
Raid issues on P5LD2
Need some RAID help p4p800
This should be simple, but it's rediculous
P5WD2-e weirdness @ high FSB rates
PCChips sensor help
HSF PWM connector
Asus P5P800 problems
Memory and the P5WD2 Premium (955X)
Another best bang for the budget question.
Best 478 OCing MB for 478
RAID controllers on P4C800-E Dlx
Asus P4P800SE Sata drivers?
SLI on P5WD2 (np, p, e) Now possible??!!
ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe - Mainboard - ATX - i945P SLI?
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe/ Pentium 4 3.2 Ghz
strange problems
I also posted ythis in the CPU area. Please help with P5WD2 P!!!
P4P800 SE or Deluxe
trouble POSTing on P4P800-E Deluxe
Best motherboard on the market!!!!
Finally I got my pc running now oc?
What board will work best for this intel processor?
p5wd2 and linux
P4p800-ed - Ich5r
D945GNT bios settings
Asus p5wd2 bios upgrade
P5WD2-E memory voltage defaults..
P5WD2-E premium Bios help/question
Help me with Motherbord Uprade.
Do you own an ASUS TUSL2-C ??? (working or not)
help with my p5wd2 premium
P5WD2-E - The CLOCK gen chip might be holding you back - sink it
Finally figured out how to OC at x14 multi on P5WD2-E Prem using Intel 660
LAN problems with P5LD2
Problems installinf 975 drivers
p5wd2 ide question
P3b-f Problems - Panel LED connections
Help Me P5nd2?
Exp with Sapphire PC-I7RD400?
l44ogx+ server board
looking for a better mobo
poor board performance???
poor board performance
AW8 Max -- Multiplyer
P4P800...do I need to upgrade the BIOS...
Any 975x Boards besides ASUS or Gigabyte?
Do these support Northwood??
Upgrade advice please
Is this Normal p5wd2 premium
Intel 82865GLC Board
IC7-G NB clips removeable?
P5VDC-MX, no voltage settings?
how to flash bios?
Only one CPU in task manager
Looking for a DFI board
installing chipset drvier d875pbz
ASUS p5wd2 EIDE scan
P5WD2-E and booting Memtest - Reboots
P5WD2 Premium. This board is really ****ing me off
ASUS P5LD2-VM owners plz.
Asus p4p800 deluxe noise in the sound
AI7 Owners UNITE!
NI8-SLI GR Tips and Tricks?
ASUS TUSL2-C x86-secret bios, need please
RAID0 not cooperating
P5WD2-E Premium Windows Load Prob
New Marvel Drivers for P5WD2-E
How to Turn off AGP Fast Write on P4P800-VM
AbitEQ and probe readouts
P5WD2 Premium fan room
Stability issues + power connectors
What is the beep code ?
865gv sata support
Asus P5WD2-E Premium compared to P5WDG2-WS
dead msi neo 875p?
Dead p4p800se?
p5n32 with 955xe (reboots and no post) help plz
Abit AW8 BIOS version 16 available
A reason for Vdroop? (Fundamentals)
Help me build a server
IC7-MAX3 northbridge fan
P4P800S SE error at bootup
Dfi 915p-t12
2 Socket 370 Celeron's not reading ram.
P4P800-SE Help Needed Please!
p4p800-e deluxe to p4p800-se bios flash
Lock AGP/PCI with Phoenix Bios
AS8 and 506 no Post, Code 18
impossible to have HW RAID0 on Marvel controller on P5wd2-E Premium?
IC7-MAX3 Keyboard and Mouse Problems
which one to buy, only have 16 hours to decide
Question on GiG GA-8IPE1000-G
Another Person with Problems with the P5WD2-E Prem
Please save my baby... (TUSL2-C)
G1975X BIOS/overclocking
bios flash
Computer Died, Wont Boot into Windows
Asus P4C800 Deluxe compared to the Asus P4C800-E Deluxe
Whats so different between the 955X vs the 975x?
Ol' Socket Intel 423 Socket
AI7 postcode 20?
Abit ati compability problem?
Random stability problems with OEM IC7
Asus P4PE and P4/3.0-800E?? Won't even POST?
p5wd2 temps
Problems with P5WD2-E P
PCi slot extention cord???
ABIT IS7-V2 w/p4 3.0 won't POST
replacing ram in a Abit IS7
Mosfets on P5WD2-Prem
560j lga 775 board
EVGA Mobo???
Nf4 for intel any good for ocing?
Way of determining true pcie freq?
Gigabyte temperatures/fans
P5WD2 Premium and odd temp readings with Pentium D 9xx cpus
Epox EP-BX3 ram trouble.
Looking for advice on a new machine
Asus P4C800E and ram
Asus 9xx owners: Is your chipset up to date???
Difference P5WD2 & P5WD2-P
Locking PCI/S-ATA Frenquecy; P5WD2-E Premium
P5WD2-E won't wake from S3 Standby when OC'd
Installed P5WD2-E; Cannot boot into Windows!
P5WD2 PREMIUM again?
Is7 Nic, Or Pci Nic
p4-478 pci-e+agp motherboard
p4-478 pci-e+agp motherboard
Need Help ASAP!
NI8-SLi GR and pentium D 920
recommended Intel SLI mobo?
Abit AS8 Power Cycle Stats
cant get asus p5wd2 to show video...
Asus P5LD2 deluxe recomendations.
P5WD2-E Vdroop mod
P5WD2-E Long pause after POST / USB Keyboard Wakeup
875p Replacement?
Would this cause any problems?
Whats the difference between 955X vs 975X?
Best DD2800 memory for Asus P5WD?
Best Presler 920 Motherboard?
nVidia discontinuing current SLI 8x chipset to be replaced with a worse one?
RAID controller dissapeared on P5AD2 Premium
PS/2 Keyboard with a USB Mouse, will this cause hardware conflicts?
p5wd2-p no post HELP!
GA-8IK1100 REV 2 Memory speed??
Is this the limit for my P5WD2-e ?
AW8-Max won't boot :(
p4c800-e deluxe owners running faster 2GB RAM?
qdi dvance 10t probs
Grounding Problem P5WD2-P
Quest for 1400 FSB on P5WD2-e
ICH Chipset Voltage - what does it do?